Campus Free Speech

Students Demand Skidmore College Fire an Art Professor for Observing a Pro-Cop Rally

David and Andrea Peterson didn't even participate in the rally—they just watched it. The students don't care.


David Peterson is an art professor at Skidmore College, a private liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, New York. In late July, the professor and his wife, Andrea Peterson, attended a "Back the Blue" rally—not as supporters of the cause, they say, but as curious spectators.

"Given the painful events that continue to unfold across this nation, I guess we just felt compelled to see first-hand how all of this was playing out in our own community," he later told the student newspaper.

They stood on the edges of event, watching pro- and anti-law enforcement demonstrators argue with each other. After 20 minutes, the Petersons left to eat dinner.

But unbeknownst to Peterson, the couple's attendance at the rally was noticed. Now Skidmore students are demanding that both Peterson be fired for "engaging in hateful conduct that threatens Black Skidmore students," according to Times-Union columnist Chris Churchill, who wrote about the controversy.

Andrea Peterson is not an employee of the college, according to Churchill.

"The Petersons weren't wearing pro-police T-shirts," notes Churchill. "They weren't carrying a banner, holding a sign or waving a black-and-blue flag. They appear to just be listening. But merely listening to an opinion that some Skidmore students find objectionable is apparently enough to get a professor in hot water."

Students have circulated their demands on social media, and even taped a note to the door of Peterson's classroom advising his students that they are "crossing a campus-wide picket line and breaking the boycott against Professor David Peterson." Peterson has attempted to make it clear that his presence at the rally did not constitute an endorsement of it; this matters very little to the students. An opinion piece in the student newspaper included his explanation, but still accused him of failing to "reconcile with his behavior." That piece also claimed that "there have been many claims of Mr. Peterson making students of color and queer students feel uncomfortable and unheard in his art classes prior to this," but did not elaborate.

"I still have no indication of how [David and Andrea Peterson] plan to take accountability for their actions and make their classrooms a safe space for our communities of color," wrote the student.

In any case, the boycott is evidently succeeding: Peterson said that most of his students have dropped his classes: Those who think the boycott is ridiculous are afraid to speak up, one student told Churchill. Skidmore's administration defended his free speech rights in a statement, but is nevertheless investigating the accusations of bias in the classroom.

If this is how they treat a professor who is insufficiently committed to their causes, one wonders how progressive students would treat a professor who holds ardently conservative views—or whether they could peacefully engage with another student, administrator, or any human being who disagrees with them. One gets the sense that a certain kind of liberal arts education is, for some extremely sensitive far-left students, no longer preparing them for the real world, or at least not in the sense this was traditionally intended. Indeed, the real world had better be prepared for them.

NEXT: Appeals Court Upholds Florida Law Requiring Felony Offenders To Pay Off Fines Before Regaining Voting Rights

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  2. “…accused him of failing to “reconcile with his behavior.”

    Now that’s just straight up Mao.

    1. Most of BLM is.

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    2. Fucking woodchipper bait, the lot of them.

    3. The silly part is that Peterson had a perfect out.
      They stood on the edges of event, watching pro- and anti-law enforcement demonstrators argue with each other.
      “I was observing only the anti-law enforcement side. Aren’t I the hero now?”

    4. Well, BLM is a self-declared Marxist organization, so what do you expect?

  3. I …. neige … am … neige … at … neige … a … neige … loss … neige … for … neige … words.

  4. The students might have a point – does Peterson support qualified immunity?

    1. Hilarious.

  5. Skidmore students are demanding that both Peterson be fired for “engaging in hateful conduct that threatens Black Skidmore students

    Surprised there are any blacks at Skidmore. You have to be able to read and write English to be admitted, right?

    1. Don’t follow them down the rabbit hole of conflating racism and meritocracy.

    2. Fuck off with that shit, dude.

      1. “Fuck off with that shit, dude.”

        What shit? Facts?

        With COVID-19, The African-American Literacy Crisis Will Get Much Worse
        April 26, 2020


        By Colette Coleman

        As a former Los Angeles middle school teacher, I know firsthand what statistics show: schools are failing to prepare the majority of African-American students for success. Our Black teenagers are in a learning crisis. Covid-19 is about to make it much worse.

        “A 2017 report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that just 18 percent of Black eighth-graders reach reading “proficiency.” And in 2015 NAEP found that only 17 percent of Black 12th graders were proficient at reading. This means that during normal times, fewer than two out of every ten African-American high school graduates have the baseline skills they need to succeed.”

        1. English was invented by evil white slave owning tyrants. And forcing people to read it is racist.

          1. That is not on fleek.

        2. schools are failing?

          stupid ol me …sitting here thinking its my responsibility that my kids learn how to read

        3. Left unsaid is which political party has ruled both the academic system and the teacher’s unions for generations, so I guess it’s Trump’s fault.

        4. With parents being as litigious and as feral as many of their children how can many black kids ever hope to get ahead? They are taught welfare dependency, out of wedlock children show how big of a “man” you are and being in a gang is considered smart. Public schools have given in with no discipline and no rules. How can ANYONE learn in that atmosphere. Ifblack kids don’t make the grades they are promoted anyway because iot would be “racist” to not promote them. What is actually happening is condemning them to a life of ignorance and welfare dependency. 60 years ago the black family unit was the strongest in the country. Low rate of out of wedlock children, low rate of single parent homes and a change in the world. What happened? LBJ (Democrats) and their “great society” that did nothing but make it easier to sit ad home and have one child after another and the more you have, the more welfare you get. Where are the fathers? Hanging out on the corner comparing ho has the most out of wedlock kids and who has the biggest caliber weapon. When oral contraceptives became the norm, more and more women entered the workforce. This left more kids to raise themselves. After work mom & dad were too tired to help with homework. It takes a couple, a man and a woman to raise children in the best way. I can go on with more but what is the point. Too many kids have been raised thinking that “free healthcare” or “free college” is really free. They don’t ask where the teachers and “professors” pay comes from, everything is “free”. They are ignorant to truth because it has been denied by schools.They don’t believe in the dangers of socialism because they have been brought up in an educational system that preaches “free stuff” since the were three years old. They will be the leaders of this country in a few short years. God help us all.

    3. I’ll bet there definitely are some students who identify as Black, like the GW prof and Rachel Dolezal

    4. Why am I not surprised that one of our more recent commenters here is an unrepentant racist asshole.

      1. Asshole?




        I don’t believe that any race is superior to any other race nor do I believe any race should rule another.

        Just reporting the facts: The vast majority of blacks are illiterate and unqualified for university admission.

        Let’s talk about that, shall we, Jeff?

        Or perhaps you would like to call me racist again?

        Feel free to take the easy way out. That seems to be your default.

        1. Oh, right. So this is more of the “scientific racism” crap.
          At least the Rob Miseks are honest about their racist nonsense.
          “I’m not a racist, I’m just going to make disparaging comments about entire racial groups and cite one news article as a controlling authority on the subject”

          1. Oh, right. So this is more of the “scientific racism” crap.

            Nope, it’s not that. They’re called facts, Jeff, which you refuse to discuss.

            I stated my position, and you chose the easy way, just like I knew you would.

            1. What you did is mendacious.
              They are “facts” that you pulled out of one article and decide to take it as gospel truth without any further study or analysis of a very complex subject. That is the tell. That you do not even pretend to treat this subject with the seriousness that it deserves, for someone who is supposedly devoted to the search for “truth” and “facts”. Instead you present the first article after a 5-second google search that confirms your biases, not to mention, your initial comment that makes blanket disparaging comments about an entire racial group without allusion to any of these “facts”. You’re a racist who cherry-picks articles that agrees with your biases and pretends to hide behind this bogus mantle of “just finding facts”.

              1. Ooooh, mendacious! Polysyllabic words from trolls make me so wet.

                1. jeff sounds black

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          2. Chemjeff, he’s using the EXACT SAME logic you do

            1. Oh this should be good.

              Like what?

              1. “Systemic racism”

          3. Jeff, it’s a troll, throwing out racist shit in an attempt to get people to bite on it. I suspect the goal to get people to agree as some sort of proof that libertarians are all just racists. It’s happening because the comments are unmoderated.

            If you give it attention, it will keep coming back.

            1. Presenting the fact that the majority of blacks can’t read or write well is racist and trolling? Strange definitions you have.

          4. Have you ever bothered to read REAL history and learn facts or do you go around in willful ignorance and enjoying calling others racist?

        2. If illiteracy applies only to blacks then you are “stating the facts”. If illiteracy applies to a group which INCLUDES some blacks (ie, the poor, the people sampled, etc.) then your statement is either functionally racist, ignorant, or juvenile trolling. Yawn.

      2. Is he a bigger asshole than the one who feigned sympathy for a guy who lost his job and couldn’t get unemployment? Based on the 2 policies you supported in the thread?

        1. Jesse, you are just a mendacious asshole. Does your mother know that you are such a dishonest jerk?

          1. word of the day?

            1. He gets labeled it so often he finally learned how to spell it so now he is using it.

        2. You are actually going with the “feigned sympathy” tack aren’t you? You are a fucking asshole. You are a disgusting piece of human trash for trying to LIE about a sincere statement of condolences and trying to turn it into something it is not. You are garbage human trash.

          1. irrationally angry over an internet comment is a good look

      3. Why am I not surprised that one of our more recent commenters here is an unrepentant racist asshole.

        Yes, Chemjeff, that describes you..

      4. Are you intellectually capable of anything other than calling others names? Seem like an overgrown case willful ignorance which translates to stupidity, whcih can not be fixed.

    5. The prof’s conduct was neither hateful nor threatening, to anyone.
      The students’ conduct is both hateful and threatening, to a university employee. They should be expelled forthwith.

      1. Your logic is flawed, Citizen. Students pay the college to allow them to be obnoxious. Professors cost the college salaries to educate little Black Shirts who already know everything.

        Revenue or Cost. Which is cheaper to dispose of?

        1. The professor provides the means for earning the revenue. The students, who are also trying to have the professor’s wife, who does not work at the college, fired, cost more in poor optics than their payments in. Additionally, their behavior indicates the quality of education is poor, further reducing revenue. The complaining students’ best feature is their biodegradability.

      2. Best thing the prof can do is immediately file complaints against the students. Play their own game against them.

        1. Yes, the students are making him feel “unsafe”. Using that word seems to move academia.

    6. Have you met Rob Misek? Sounds like you too are soulmates.

  6. Some one needs to tell these kids to shove it and get back to class or else they forfeight their tuition and grades.

    1. What difference would that make to them? There going to live in their parents’ basements until their 50 and finally complete their PhDs in social justice studies.

      1. Yeah that seems to be the plan. But someday their parents will be dead and they’ll have to sell the basement and buy a single wide. Or a van by the river.

        1. Hopefully on the floodplain.

      2. Not at these kind of colleges. They’ll inherit the business from mommie and daddy and be rich for awhile before running it into the ground.

      3. I disagree. Our New Blackshirts are already taking over businesses across America.

        If you doubt that, Google ‘James Damore’.

        The New Blackshirts are highly employable and have ALREADY taken over.

        I suspect we are on the verge of economic collapse AND civil war. There is no upside whatsoever to what is likely not merely coming, but already here.

      4. I favor sending Pinkerton in to breath dirty little hippies until they learn their place. Or maybe some bikers.

  7. taped a note to the door of Peterson’s classroom advising his students that they are “crossing a campus-wide picket line and breaking the boycott against Professor David Peterson

    Universities need to treat this kind of behavior as the very real threat that it is and expel the students that behave this way. Nobody has the right to establish a picket on private property.

    1. If they did their app would move to the top of the pile at my house

    2. Also, nightsticks can also be used in the daytime.

  8. Stopped reading at “private liberal arts college”

    They have always been worthless. The one time we hired some dope from one of those he was full of shit and didn’t work that hard.

    You work there, you get what you get.

    1. They do still give out business degrees. And still have some honest professors even in the social sciences. I had a history teacher at Linfield College who taught the truth about the Soviets and the Cold War. The amount of evil that Stalin was able to perpetrate was stunning. Shame to see the same organizations that brought about the USSR make so much headway 100 years later.

    2. No, not really. Many parts of many of them have become useless. But real academic subjects are not useless. Way too many people get degrees in certain subjects, but that’s a different problem.

    3. Stopped reading at “private liberal arts college”

      They are also not very “private”, since most of the funding comes from student loans, government grants, or tax-exempt donations.

      1. Need to start eliminating any subsidies or scholarships for all the worthless degrees like women’s studies, ethnic studies, etc..

    4. Fuck off. I graduated from a private liberal arts college that also happens to be one of the three all-male schools left in the country, so you can imagine the low tolerance of PC bullshit there.

      My college has a rule on the books that states that if any professor finds any student’s command of the English language to be insufficient, they can recommend that the student retake Freshman English; in which case the English department tests them and responds appropriately. I never saw it happen while I was there but everyone knew the rule was there.

      1. define “liberal arts” for everyone. It would be interested to see what a student educated under such a system really thinks it is.

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  10. Remember, about ten years ago a bunch of people with their heads in the sand kept saying, “Don’t sweat this, it’s just a bunch of squeaky wheels! Most of the student body doesn’t care about this and these idiots will get smacked down hard once they have to live in the real world!”

    Fast forward to today, and the indifferent/indulgent parenting styles of the Boomers and Gen-Xers have come home to roost.

    You want to stop this shit? Then you better confront them, tell them to fuck off, and make sure they feel pain when they try to bully you.

    1. I’m sure that telling them to “fuck off” will go over greatly.

      Make sure they feel pain? Are you advocating for calling names or throwing sticks and stones?

      1. Why not both?

        1. Well, you only have a few seconds before security gets called, so best to stick with one strategy.

          1. C’mon
            Walk and chew gum at the same time

            1. Haha

      2. I’m sure that telling them to “fuck off” will go over greatly.

        Sure, they’ll reeeeeeeeeeee about it, but punching them in the mouth will reduce them to pudding soon enough.

        1. Have you ever spent a night in jail for assault?

          1. Ironically, only for beating up actual neo-nazi skinheads.

            The BLM freaks don’t scare me even in the slightest.

            1. I even tried to warn the stupid cocksnorters that they were going to be really embarrassed after they got their ass kicked by a guy in a skirt.

          2. What, NLG won’t bail me out?

      3. No need for name-calling or physical discipline.
        Expulsion fits the crime.

        1. Expelling the professor would be the best for everybody.

    2. You want to stop this shit?

      Not at all. I think professors at left-wing colleges ought to reap what they sowed.

      What I want to stop is government funding for those institutions: no more government-backed student loans, no more government grants, no more tax exempt status.

      Let these people run their organizations privately with private money.

    3. Again, beatings are often in order.

  11. The Struggle Sessions continue.

  12. Oh my god. When are college administrations going to start telling these students to get lost? What are they trying to say? That if you don’t loudly condemn everything about police in every moment of your life you are endangering black people?
    I’m no police booster, but their narrative is becoming so divorced from reality that it is almost completely incoherent.

    This shit plus covid idiocy probably means a lot of schools are going to go out of business. About damn time.

    1. College administrators are on their side.

      See Camille Paglia’s comments on the ‘rise of the administrative mandarin class’ in American universities.

      1. But what does that even mean when they are making demands like this? They are on the side that says no one who observes a pro-police rally should be allowed to teach at Skidmore? I don’t know how they think this is all going to work out.

        1. It’s a long, winding subject. What Paglia was referring to was in response to a question about why the universities have become such breeding grounds for Cancel Culture. While admitting that yes, professors are a bunch of leftys, and always have been, most of them just want to be left alone and teach their classes. But over the last couple of decades, there’s been a dramatic rise in what she calls “the Administrative class” who are the ones who make internal policy, drive social-justice and inclusion programs. They’re no longer simply in the business of keeping the books and making sure the facilities are maintained.

          As a result, the Administrative Class has the power to sanction professors or other staff (or other students) whenever students screech about a rift in the social justice continuum. Essentially, the students figured out that if they screech, they have the power to get someone unpersoned, when 30 or 40 years ago, that wouldn’t have even computed.

          They’ve given the students a complaint box that actually has teeth, and so they use it. The fact that it occasionally gets used against the administrators themselves is merely a data point on the continuum of lefty socio-political activism of compartmentalization: They’ll never come after me.

          1. It’s all powered by a generic thread from Congress to pull funds if one violates nebulous regulatory state desires — “regulation by raised eyebrow”. That’s how you get around the First Amendment.”

            It seems like just yesterday people on the left and libertarians were standing up for a Florida professor who said America deserved 9/11 (how appropriate for today.)

            Now only the libertarians defend outrageous statements, showing the left was only in it for the laughs of irritating the right.

            I await being proven wrong, and no, a handful of those on the left saying they agree but are scared to say so won’t cut it.

            A thousand years under the heel of social ostracism, when they get control, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

          2. Nailed it, Paul.

          3. Which is why watching them eat their own is such a pleasure.

        2. Nothing *has to* work out. All that matters to the students is causing disruption and having fun doing so. All that matters to the admins is finding new ways to expand their bureaucracy and puffing up their self-importance.

          Stop thinking of schools as businesses. They are clubs for self-important people.

          Those who can, do. — real people
          Those who can’t, teach. — academia
          Those who can’t teach, administrate, critique, etc.

          There are some who can who also teach, and enjoy it. But far too many teachers do it to avoid the real world.

        3. The idea is, by observing a rally, even if you don’t agree with it or participate in it, it is “signal boosting” the rally, giving it more attention and prominence that it deserves. While that may be true on some level, the support for any rally, whether pro- or anti-police, is based on the message itself, not on how many people observed it.

          1. So you think people should be fired for giving credence to something you disagree with. Got it.

            1. chemjeff radical individualist
              September.11.2020 at 6:34 pm
              Yeah, this is insane. Just observing a protest should not be grounds for dismissal.

              1. Speaking at a protest (left or right) shouldn’t be grounds for dismissal either. It used to be a free country.

              2. So just a reprimand, short term job suspension, and forced to ale a public apology to the students then?

        4. I don’t know how they think this is all going to work out.

          I think the quickest way to end this is to give in to their demands: fire anybody who disagrees with left wing student orthodoxy, hire and admit based on race and intersectionality, etc. Their degrees will be worthless, they will be drowning in student debt after graduation, problem solved.

          The fired professors can find better employment elsewhere.

          Everybody wins.

          1. Ahh, malicious compliance. One of my favorite passive-aggressive techniques for dealing with know-it-alls making demands. Once had a project lead who treated the rest of the team as little more than herd animals, who more than once cursed out people who strayed from his orders despite his orders being stupid. Eventually, I was the only one left and he issued a set of code changes “do exactly this”. I wrote a 20-page document (a lot of it was code listings) explaining exactly why his code was broken and how to fix it. Then I did *exactly* what he demanded. When it failed all the tests, he tried to light me up telling me I screwed up even though he told me exactly what to do. I handed him the document and said I have the email where he told me exactly what to do, showed that I had done *exactly* what he said to do, and that I have my own implementation per the document, why has already passed all the tests but that he should feel free to report me to management for my poor job performance. He didn’t work there much longer.

            1. Ahh, malicious compliance.

              No, I’m not suggesting malicious compliance, since none of us is asked to comply with anything.

              I’m suggesting that libertarians and conservatives simply stop trying to protect these people from themselves through rational arguments or other interventions. Ignore them. The professors are getting what they deserve, and so are the students.

      2. It’s the progtard faculty I blame, who conceived the first wave of political correctness when they were in college 30 years ago. I’ll bet lots of these kids they suckered in will regret they were ever involved in their leftist cult.

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  14. “Peterson has attempted to make it clear that his presence at the rally did not constitute an endorsement of it”

    Lord forbid!

    I don’t think his cuckery is going to save him.

    1. But he might be changing his mind…

  15. Instead of swearing up and down that he’s not pro-cop, the professor should consider getting some legal advice – go through the faculty handbook, etc., with a fine-toothed comb and make sure his treatment is by the book. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

    Or I suppose he could content himself with the of-course-we-support-academic-freedom assurances of the administrators.

    1. Fortunately, the Faculty Handbook is crystal-clear in what it allows and doesn’t allow. /sarc

      “Faculty are members of the community, members of learned professions, and professional representatives of an educational
      institution. When they speak as members of the community, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline,
      but their special position in the community imposes obligations. As persons of learning and as educational officers, they should remember that the public may judge their profession and the College by their utterances. Hence they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not institutional spokespersons. The College recognizes the right and the responsibility of faculty members to speak as members of the community on issues of public concern….

      “the policy against harassment shall not be applied in a manner that contradicts the principle of academic freedom: faculty and other members of the community are entitled to freedom in research, and faculty members are entitled to freedom in the classroom to pursue controversial matters related to their disciplines. However, this right to teach controversial material entails the responsibility that it be carried out in a way that would be judged by peers as not violating the College’s Policy on Diversity and Anti-Harassment Policy. (For the College’s complete statement on Academic Freedom, see Part One, Article III of this Handbook.)”

      1. So “I need some muscle here” is frowned upon?

    2. Instead of swearing up and down that he’s not pro-cop, the professor should consider getting some legal advice – go through the faculty handbook, etc., with a fine-toothed comb and make sure his treatment is by the book.

      Why would anybody want to teach at such an institution in the first place?

      1. I don’t know for sure, but it’s in Saratoga Springs, supposedly it’s rich kids going there…maybe they have a good benefits package.

        1. Yes, of course, it’s a good sinecure. What I meant is “why would any competent professional want to teach at such an institution”?

          And why would any responsible parent want to send their kids to such an institution?

  16. Stupid, fucking snowflakes.

    And equally stupid, fucking college administrators.

    As a retired scientist I hold adjunct professorships at both a big university and a small college, both state funded. The university does not worry much about enrollment, since they are a Tier 1 research institute with big funding, plus have a fairly predictable captive enrollment. The small college admins constantly wet their pants as student numbers go up and down. Mostly down.

    We have both over-promoted college as a viable path for most students, and over-built institutions. As a result, most colleges are forced to market themselves, and now consider students “customers”. As such they will pander to student desires, and never, never contradict them, let alone send them packing for being assholes.

    1. Well, to be fair, students are customers, they pay tuition. But professors are employees, and should be defended by the administration from lynch mobs.

      1. The standard customer model does not really apply. Students pay for the opportunity to attend classes, but, at least in the good old days, they also had to perform adequately in order to get a degree (and even to remain a student in good standing).

        As colleges now compete for enrollment dollars, they have made their own bed–and have to pander to student demands, from lazy rivers to lazy thinking.

    2. Forever to be known as Skidmark College.

      Or maybe they are lower than a fecal smear on one’s shorts.

  17. Yeah, this is insane. Just observing a protest should not be grounds for dismissal.

    1. What if, while observing, you stroke your beard and appear to be nodding in agreement?

      1. Do you get an intersectionality pass if you stroke your wife’s beard?

        1. That’s Title 9 rape right there.

    2. Bit if they joined in they should right?

      1. That would depend on the color of their tweed jackets and the quality of the brandy in their brandy snifters.

    3. Agreed.

      Nor should vigorously taking part in one be grounds for dismissal either.

  18. Students Demand

    Found your problem right there. Any time you’ve got students demanding, what they need is a clout upside the ear and a reminder that they’re little entitled shits who don’t know a goddamn thing and that’s the whole fucking reason they’re the students and the teachers are the teachers. Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, then whack ’em with a stick. Then go find their parents and whack them with a stick as well for raising such entitled little shits as kids. If mom and dad had ever whacked their goddamn brats and told them “no”, we wouldn’t have these sorts of problems.

    1. Well said.

    2. #DefundTheUniversities

    3. And while we’re whacking with sticks, most of the teachers suck too.

    4. Dirty hippies always need another beating.

  19. Now Skidmore students are demanding that both Peterson be fired for “engaging in hateful conduct that threatens Black Skidmore students,”

    Again we see the key objectionable element in cancel culture: the blatant lies. No one is threatened by this “conduct”. But the left needs to pretend this is true because their political posturing (opposition to Trump and Republicans generally) and other positions (such as their Title IX interpretation) are based on the same hyperbolic stupidity. Thus they cannot remedy this element of the problem until they are willing to give up the tactic against Trump supporters and Republicans. Essentially this means never.

    1. You know, you could at least pretend to understand the actual issue involved. It has very little to do with Trump. It is about police misconduct.

      1. It is about police misconduct.


        1. No you’re right. It’s about Trump, which is why protestors tried to burn down Ted Wheeler’s condo. This is just stupid.

          1. No you’re right.

            Of course I am. For you to be right the Peterson’s would have to be police.

            protestors tried to burn down Ted Wheeler’s condo. This is just stupid.

            In my framing those against Trump (Group A) cannot resist the far left (Group B) because it undermines their weapon against Trump (Group C). To rebut this CJ has to pretend what I say about Group A must be false because it doesn’t apply to Group B.

            The simple truth is that CJ is too stupid to keep up.

            1. No, you are just stupid and wrong.

              The anti-police-misconduct protestors are targeting “Democrat mayors” all over the place, not just Ted Wheeler. Dude this is a larger issue than just some “political posturing” regarding Trump. Please understand that there actually are some people out there who view issues and ideas in a way that is not Trump-centric.

              1. You’re an idiot. The conduct the students objected to is by the Petersons and consists of listening. You won’t address the subject because you know doing so is a losing issue, but you can’t shut up because your goals is to protect these idiots no matter what.

                Wheeler has nothing to do with anything, he’s just your sad effort to distract from the issue at hand.

              2. Haha. Yeah. Now do covid.

        2. This is your version of TDS, where you cannot view any protests through any lens other than “is it pro-Trump or anti-Trump”.

      2. it was actually about supporting first responders. Police do more than misconduct.

    2. Silence is violence, right? If I can just shut up hard enough, I can kill all the entitled little f*ers.

  20. Snowflakes in New York, and this early in the year.

    Who says the Earth is warming?

    1. Shit, we had snow in New Mexico this week.

      1. That was California smoke.

  21. Just how lone is the US and I guess I could say the world are going to be held hostage by these unstable people. A person who is so weak that their physci is damaged by someone attending as observers any political event?

    1. We are number one when it comes to coddling.

    2. We aren’t it’s a few liberal states. No one tries this crap around here.

  22. Were those students wearing red MAGA hats as they made the demands?

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  24. I think there’s a good chance they think this Peterson is somehow distantly related to Jordan Peterson and that’s why they want to cancel him.

    1. They may think he IS Jordan Peterson.

  25. The fact that they are students proves they lack the knowledge they’re there to learn and should be ignored or kicked out.

  26. Gordon, as i have stated elsewhere, i don’t understand why so many are still enamoured with modern football, perhaps you are to young to remember paying on the gate, terraces, an atmosphere that in some cases had the hairs on the back of your neck up, tinged with a bit of menace! Players who were paid well but still had roots in the community and clubs that while not perfect by any stretch still felt “owned” by the community HERE►Click here for detail.

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  28. This is like the Salem witch trials… if everyone in Salem was accused of being a witch.

  29. It used to be “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
    Now it’s “silence is violence.”
    It used to be “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Now it’s “if you say something someone somewhere may construe as offensive, the mob is coming for you”

    1. “Sticks and stones may be dodged when thrown, but words cut all the way through me.”

    2. The “sticks and stones” line was probably a Noble Lie to deter kids from getting violent over words and getting themselves in trouble.

      Insults can produce harmful physiological reactions unless (hopefully) you reprogram yourself (like with reassuring slogans) not to let insults get to you.

      The latter would be the best adaptation to many of the slings and arrows of life – not just insults. But like I say, it takes some reprogramming to override an impulsive reaction or change bad attitudes.

      1. The “higher truth” behind the sticks and stones line is that we can exercise control over our physiological reactions to an insult to the point that it doesn’t freak us out or tempt us into bad behavior.

        In fact, we can be trained to be calm even under physical assault – not to ignore the assault but to deal with the situation appropriately depending on circumstances.

  30. The solution is simple: expel the students! These children are too immature emotionally and psychologically to be allowed into an institution of higher learning. When they are able to demonstrate the ability to think critically, to consider other viewpoints, to respect the fact that others may hold differing opinions and beliefs, to understand that universities are intended to challenge young minds and teach them how to think, not what to think, then perhaps they should be allowed to reapply for admission. Until then, they should ensconce themselves in their safe rooms, shielded from all the triggering ideas and opinions that differ from what they believe they know to be true. My god, what would Socrates have thought if he were confronted by a mob like this?

    1. I am a university professor at a major research university, and after watching events like these unfold at Skidmore and other colleges and universities I have concluded that one of the problems here is that university administrators fail to act as the adults in the room. In too many cases they are too willing to cower in the face of unreasonable student demands, particularly relating to personnel matters and academic matters on which students are not qualified to comment. What university administrations need to do is act like adults and tell students that they demands are unreasonable and will not be considered.

      It is also clear to me that there are far too many students who lack the intellectual temperament to have been admitted to a college or university in the first place. For a group of students to criticize a professor for attending a rally with which they disagree reveals an intolerance and anti-intellectual approach that is incompatible with what colleges and universities are all about. I don’t know that colleges and universities can expel students in these instances, but administrators need to grow up and make clear that these immature demands will not receive a hearing at the administrative level.

  31. “The Petersons weren’t wearing pro-police T-shirts,” notes Churchill. “They weren’t carrying a banner, holding a sign or waving a black-and-blue flag.

    And so what if they were?

  32. If Skidmore is a serious college–I don’t know, is it?–it needs to come to the defense of Professor Peterson immediately and state in unequivocal terms that he has a free expression right that will be protected by the college. That students have dropped his class based on his actions should not matter–the college should not reward such unreasonable behavior with sanctions against Professor Peterson. Indeed, the college should make clear that students are not responsible for personnel decisions and that student demands will not be considered in personnel matters.

    What is amazing to me is that there is a debate about whether he can merely observe a pro-police rally. If they wanted to, he and his wife should be able to have attended, participated, and supported the rally without fear of reprisals by the brownshirt Nazis who are calling for his removal. It sounds like he and his wife were merely viewing the rally out of curiosity, which should be perfectly acceptable to any college or university. But if they were so inclined, they should be able to take a strong position in favor of the police and have that viewpoint protected by the college.

  33. Weird the higher education bubble hasn’t burst yet.

    And, frankly, they attended a rally but didn’t vocalize support for racial justice? That’s just inviting the COVID.

    1. It is leaking. College and university enrollments have been declining for years, with the exception of a few state universities that focus on academics and STEM. The last recession likely was one of the main reasons for this decline. Many students found that their degrees didn’t guarantee high paying jobs, while many blue collar trades remained mostly recession proof and resulted in higher salaries and lower debt. People have started questioning the “need” for everyone to attend university to get a good paying job. When you meet wait staff and baristas with advanced degrees, making minimum wage it starts to make you question the “everyone needs to go to university” mantra.

      1. Building is on an uptick. Labor and skilled tradesmen are in great demand and short supply.
        Lumber prices are so high steel can be a viable alternative for some projects.
        I’m 72 years old. A Retired contractor for 14 years and people are asking me to work again. Not likely!

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  35. The easy solution is for administrators to make his class(es) mandatory. Then the fucktards can’t graduate .

  36. The students emotions are valid. This is how they feel.
    The point they are making, however, is so completely irrational they should all be sent to therapy and suspended from any and all higher learning institutions.
    What they hell ever happened to beer pong.,

  37. I hate it when the white poors have their own opinions and those opinions are expressed in reasonable ways protected by the 1st Amendment:
    “In addition to many white professors ridiculing students of color, white staff that work in different departments, such as Facilities, Campus Safety, and the Dining Hall, work and drive around campus with Blue Lives Matter masks, “F***Cuomo!” car stickers, and Trump-supporting attire/bumper stickers”

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  39. Wouldn’t it be nice if Covid-19 killed millennials with weakened cognitive abilities?

  40. According to the students, of who the fuck knows what, protest and rally’s are only protected by 1a if they’re popular.

    Bigots for sure.

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  42. “I still have no indication of how [David and Andrea Peterson] plan to take accountability for their actions and make their classrooms a safe space for our communities of color,” wrote the student.

    Your parents have failed you in a big way.

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