The CDC's Eviction Moratorium Threatens Landlords With $100,000 Fines, a Year in Jail for Noncompliance

The Trump administration is pushing the envelope of its executive authority by issuing a new blanket eviction moratorium for all rental properties nationwide.


The Trump administration is again pushing the envelope of its executive authority by issuing a new blanket eviction moratorium that applies to all rental properties nationwide. The order, published Tuesday, is a dramatic expansion of the now-expired eviction moratorium passed by Congress in March, and could potentially impose heavy criminal penalties on landlords for attempting to remove non-paying tenants from their properties.

According to the order advanced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday, tenants earning up to $99,000 ($198,000 for joint filers) cannot be evicted for not paying their rent provided they tell their landlord in writing that they've made all efforts to obtain government assistance, have lost income or received extraordinary out-of-pocket medical bills, and that their eviction would force them into homelessness or into a crowded living situation.

Landlords could still be able to evict tenants who engage in criminal activity on the property, or who pose a risk to public health or safety. Property owners who do move to evict a tenant in violation of the CDC's order could be subject to fines of $100,000 and a year in jail.

The order will go into effect this Friday and is set to expire at the end of the year. It supersedes any less restrictive state or local limits on evictions but does not preclude jurisdictions from passing more sweeping moratoriums.

The CDC order goes far beyond the federal eviction mortarium passed as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in March. That congressionally authorized policy only covered the 28 percent of multifamily residential units with a federally backed mortgage. It expired at the end of July.

Housing advocates who've long pushed for a universal eviction moratorium in response to the COVID-19 pandemic cheered the CDC's emergency order as an encouraging first step.

"A uniform, national moratorium on evictions for nonpayment of rent is long overdue and badly needed," said Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition in a statement, while cautioning that "this action delays but does not prevent evictions"

That's because the CDC's order does nothing to forgive tenants of the obligation to pay rent, it only delays the ultimate remedy landlords can seek for nonpayment until January. Once this emergency eviction moratorium expires, tenants would be on the hook for all that back rent.

Yentel says that Congress needs to follow through with an additional $100 billion in rental assistance. House Democrats have passed multiple bills providing for that rent relief, but none have been taken up by the GOP-controlled Senate. So far, the Trump administration has only committed to redirecting existing housing funds toward preventing evictions and homelessness.

Landlord groups have also expressed opposition to a federal eviction moratorium that comes without any additional rental assistance.

"Without direct rental assistance, rents cannot be paid, and owners face a financial crisis of their own by not being able to maintain properties and pay their mortgages or property taxes," said Bob Pinnegar, president and CEO of the National Apartment Association, in a statement. "This action risks creating a cascade that will further harm the economy, amplify the housing affordability crisis, and destroy the rental housing industry."

The number of people paying their rent has stayed remarkably steady during the coronavirus pandemic. The National Multifamily Housing Council's (NMHC) rent payment tracker (which covers mostly higher-end properties) reports that 92 percent of tenants have paid at least some of their August rent, compared to 94 percent in August 2019.

Rent collection is down much more at lower-end units and in areas harder hit by the pandemic.

New York City's Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), which represents smaller landlords and owners of rent-stabilized units, reports that 17 percent of residential tenants at its members' buildings had not paid any August rent by the middle of the month.

The problem of higher non-payment rates is compounded by skyrocketing vacancy rates, says CHIP Executive Director Jay Martin. A late August survey of CHIP members reported a vacancy rate of nearly 11 percent, up from 3.4 percent in February.

"Moving companies are literally turning people away because they are too booked to move people out of the city," says Martin. "From a landlord's perspective, would you want more vacant units? What our owners are trying to do is work out payment plans with their current tenants. 'You can't pay a full month's [rent], I'll take a half month's [rent].'"

The fear of vacant units helps explain why eviction rates are below historical averages in most cities we have data for, even after the expiration of federal aid programs and state and local eviction moratoriums.

Evictions in Houston, whose moratorium expired in May, are 62 percent below the historic average this month, according to data from Princeton University's Eviction Lab. It's a similar story in Kansas City, Missouri, and Cincinnati, Ohio, where eviction filings are 46 percent below average. Moratoriums covering those cities expired at the end of May.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—which saw eviction filings surge to 17 percent above average after its moratorium expired in June—is now seeing eviction rates drop to about 42 percent below the historic average.

The CDC's order on Tuesday nevertheless points to the potential for mass evictions as a justification for its sweeping moratorium.

"In the absence of state and local protections, as many as 30–40 million people in America could be at risk of eviction. A wave of evictions on that scale would be unprecedented in modern times," reads the order, citing a higher-end estimate from the Colorado-based COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project. "A large portion of those who are evicted may move into close quarters in shared housing or…become homeless, thus contributing to the spread of COVID-19."

The absence of this wave/tsunami/avalanche of evictions draws into question the need for such a sweeping federal moratorium, says Salim Furth of George Mason University's Mercatus Center.

"Data so far show no indication of a heightened rate of evictions. By acting prematurely, the administration is putting a heavy financial burden on housing providers and setting an unwise precedent," Furth says. "Lighter-touch approaches, such as limiting the number of evictions, could prevent an (unlikely) homelessness emergency without impinging so drastically on private contracts."

The lack of a mass evictions wave could undermine the already shaky legal justification for Tuesday's emergency order.

The CDC is resting the legal authority for its temporary eviction moratorium on a section of the Public Health Service Act and related federal regulations which give the agency's director the power to take any measures he or she deems "reasonably necessary" to prevent the interstate spread of communicable disease, including "inspection, fumigation, disinfection, sanitation, pest extermination, and destruction of animals or articles believed to be sources of infection."

Those specific actions, Josh Blackman notes at the Volokh Conspiracy, "are localized, and limited to prevent the spread of an infection in a single building or location. None of these examples are even remotely close to a nationwide moratorium on evictions." The CDC's eviction moratorium, he concludes, "is far beyond the scope of delegated authority."

Even if one were to read federal regulations so broadly as to give the CDC director the potential power to issue a nationwide eviction moratorium, the fact that evictions are below historic averages could undermine the argument that the policy is "reasonably necessary" to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Legal or not, the CDC's eviction moratorium is an excellent example of how a patchwork of extreme, temporary policy interventions intended to stem the coronavirus pandemic has created a self-perpetuating justification for expanding government power across the board.

Just as lockdown orders morphed from extreme, temporary expediencies to the government's main tool for suppressing the pandemic, so too have emergency halts on evictions become the government's primary, increasingly permanent means of keeping people housed.

Over time, the economic damage and mass unemployed caused by a prolonged pandemic and continually extended shelter-in-place orders have fueled justifications for extending and expanding eviction moratoriums. After all, how can someone be expected to pay the rent if they aren't legally allowed to work?

Now a federal eviction moratorium covering all rental properties is being justified as necessary to ensure compliance with shelter-in-place orders. Eviction moratoriums "allow State and local authorities to more easily implement stay-at-home and social distancing directives to mitigate the community spread of COVID-19," reads the CDC's order.

This new eviction moratorium will almost certainly attract legal challenges. A successful challenge will likely spur calls for a more permanent federal policy.

Tuesday's order ratchets up the government's power in a way that won't be easily undone.

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  1. Wait, why is the CDC involved in evictions?

    1. I think the logic goes, CDC says you should stay at home to avoid spreading CoVid, so that means you need a home to stay at, so the CDC says you can’t be evicted.

      Too bad theirs no relief for the landlord who rely on the rental income

      1. Don’t worry, California will put you up in a nice hotel if you become homeless.

        1. San Francisco (not California) punted on that ingenious plan about a month ago.

          1. It was a joke. Like you.

            1. Most jokes go over Dee’s head.

                1. So you told a joke that wasn’t funny, then argued for half a dozen comments about your not funny joke, in a not funny way? Maybe I didn’t get your joke because you don’t know how to make one Dee?

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          2. “San Francisco (not California) punted on that ingenious plan about a month ago.”

            Cite missing.
            Here’s one on the cost of settling a lawsuit where the bums got free hotel rooms:
            “Tenderloin tent cleanup sees some success — what about the rest of SF?”
            “…But it has not come cheap.
            The city has leased 2,054 hotel rooms for homeless people citywide. When the cost of support staff, security, and meal and medical expenses are added in, the bill comes to about $200 per room — that’s an overall total of about $410,800 a night.
            The city expects the federal government to reimburse about 75% of the program’s cost as part of nationwide emergency pandemic support. But that still leaves the city with a tab of about $102,700 a day, or $718,900 a week…”

            That hasn’t ended and no local sources are claiming the bums have been kicked out of the rooms.

            1. You are right. They actually decided not to lease any more hotel rooms, but they are continuing the program until June 2021.

      2. “Too bad theirs no relief for the landlord who rely on the rental income.”

        It’s okay, because, as you know, all landowners are rich, white, and deserve to lose everything. You know, just like me. Oh… wait…..

        1. Kulaks

          1. Two homes, two cows, same difference. If you have enough, you have too much. Equality under socialism is equally miserable.

            1. Give the people what they need when they need
              And the need is yours and mine

              Give the people what they want when they want
              And they wants it all the time

    2. Yeah, if this doesn’t make people question the seemingly limitless authority of executive agencies, then I’m not sure what will.

      Even putting the ‘how’ aside, it boggles my mind that anybody, much less a large swath of the population, thinks that eviction moratoriums are a good idea. Crazy world we’re living in.

      1. The Bernie Bros think landlords are rich, because some are.

        1. True, public sympathy for landlords is probably slightly higher than it is for real-estate developers and slightly lower than it is for convicted rapists.

        2. Interesting thing to note here is that this isn’t Bernie Sanders or “The Squad”. This is the Trump Administration.

          1. This is the Trump Administration. CDC

            1. How is the CDC not under the auspices of the Trump Administration. And why is the White House making announcements about it:

              “President Trump is committed to helping hard-working Americans stay in their homes and combating the spread of the coronavirus,” White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern told reporters Tuesday.

              1. “How is the CDC not under the auspices of the Trump Administration.”

                And here we see “is the Trump Administration” morph into “under the auspices of” because you know you’re wrong.

                1. Read on…

                  1. It didn’t change anything.

                  2. Don’t respond to Tulpa. He is not interested in the facts or logic. He just wants a response out of you, because that’s the only way anyone pays attention to him.

                    1. Thanks. Good advice. I gotta admit I didn’t realize this one was Tulpa.

                    2. It isn’t Chipper was jist feeling left out

                    3. Chipper has been floundering since his buddies left. He isn’t smart enough to discuss anything so he just decides to troll.

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              2. You’re under the auspices of The Trump administration.

                Are you the Trump administration?

                See how stupid your weak effort sounded?

                1. Read on…

                  1. No need I had already read it all

                    Now back to my questions that you tried to dodge.

                    You’re under the auspices of the Trump admin. Are you the Trump admin or not?

                    1. You need to look up in a dictionary what “under the auspices” means.


              “I want to make it unmistakably clear that I’m protecting people from evictions.” — President Donald J. Trump

              1. “Following an Executive Order by President Trump, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority to temporarily halt evictions through the end of 2020 in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

                1. Um, that quote proves me right bud. You seem frazzled.

                  1. “Following an Executive Order by President Trump, …” How in the world does that prove you right?

                  2. “I want to make it unmistakably clear that I’m protecting people from evictions.” — President Donald J. Trump

                  3. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority

                    Your quote.

                    1. Oh damn you out-pedanted him that’s no mean feat.

                    2. You can smell the smoke from his tiny little mind burning up trying to figure out how to spin this so his quote doesn’t make him wrong

                    3. Simple: Trump used his authority to order the CDC to use their authority, as his quote plainly states

                    4. We are in Trump apologist bizarro world here. Is this clear enough:


                      “Accordingly, my Administration, to the extent reasonably necessary to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, will take all lawful measures to prevent residential evictions and foreclosures resulting from financial hardships caused by COVID-19.”

                      — Signed by Donald J. Trump

                    5. blockquote>the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority

                      Try again Mike.

                    6. “Accordingly, my Administration, to the extent reasonably necessary to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, will take all lawful measures to prevent residential evictions and foreclosures resulting from financial hardships caused by COVID-19.”

                      Dont see CDC anywhere in there

                      Oh right you addressed the CDC already

                      the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority

                      Your quote

                    7. Reading down two more paragraph’s in Trump’s executive order:

                      “Sec. 3. Response to Public Health Risks of Evictions and Foreclosures. (a) The Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of CDC shall consider whether any measures temporarily halting residential evictions of any tenants for failure to pay rent are reasonably necessary to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 from one State or possession into any other State or possession.”

                    8. Is this clear enough

                      Yes it is very clear actually.

                      You know you’re wrong and think spamming quotes will cause everyone to ignore the thread.

                    9. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using its authority

                      Your quote Mike.

                    10. This is gold you cant stop posting quotes that prove me right

                      The Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of CDC shall consider

                      You keep proving its the CDC for me thank you.

                    11. Thank you so much for shutting that idiot down.

                    12. Randy Savage has savaged its own mind and can no longer think or reason at ALL! If it ***EVER*** did!

                      Randy Savage = Tulpa no doubt! Which is THE most brainless entity ANYWHERE in existence!

                    13. Aren’t you the crazy guy who eats his own shit?

                    14. Aren’t you the crazy indeterminate “they” who smears maggot-infested, yeast-laden twat juice all over theyself and all around those who are anywhere near theyself? And then tries to lick it ALL up, with great relish?

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                    17. Sad to say I am not your father either, however I was in the running.

                    18. Just when you thought Dee was the most pathetic poster here, the shit eater-in-chief shows up to remind us he’s the king of being pathetic.

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                      Congrats squirrel, you’re the champ of eating rabbit poop!

            3. Come on, Trump could stop this enormous stretch and twist of the USPHS’s statutory authority if he wanted to.

              I never thought everything Trump pushed would be a good thing, but he’s probably calculated that something like this could put some blue states into presidential play. Maybe he knows it’ll look good to many voters but will be struck down in court, so both sides can win.

              1. “Come on, Trump could stop this enormous stretch and twist of the USPHS’s statutory authority if he wanted to”

                After DACA I’ m not so sure.

              2. Not likely, since Trump ordered the CDC to do it.

        3. Well, I mean, Bernie is rich, and has three houses, so…

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  2. This is completely fucked up. The CDC simply does not have this authority.

    1. GOVERNMENT should not have this authority.

      Even in a majority-rules, democratic society, if voters decide that government should be ensuring housing for people, then funds should be appropriated to provide it (I disagree with doing that also, though not as vehemently).

      Coercing individual property owners to do the bidding of the public at their own expense, and in violation of private contracts, is just flat out wrong.

      1. Takings Clause?

    2. Technically, the supposed authority comes from a Federal public health act, passed in, like, 1944. Although, the order was issued by the CDC, the argument is that it’s within general Federal executive power.

      1. Is there nothing that FDR and his fellow fascists didn’t try to bring under federal control?

        1. That’s not how it came about. Federal health agencies grew during World War II (now, that’s where you may want to lay blame), and the act consolidated and organized them.

    3. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Covid scam we now know there are literally no limits on what government can do.

    4. It’s an abomination. It’s bad enough when states do it under the auspices of “emergency powers”, but this? And the CDC? I guess government’s gonna do what government’s gonna do, no matter how it gets it done. There are sure to be court challenges to this, and rightly so.

  3. The crazier these things get, the more I imagine our Matrix puppet masters just fucking with us to see how much their laboratory rats will put up with.

    I admit it: if I were running some Civilization MMLVI and could do things like this, I would in a heartbeat.

    1. And while your people were revolting, I’d take your holdings in Asia.

      1. I have little interest in winning any video games. The only interest they hold for me is looking for bugs, quirks, weird little corner cases, learning the hidden rules — like how much do you have to fuck with people to get them to stand on their hind legs and say “No!”.

        1. Sorry the correct answer was; Never fight a ground war in Asia.

          Seriously, yeah finding the little quirks in games is some of the best fun you can have with them.

  4. A blanket ban? Why screw the landlords?
    I’m picturing protesters chanting: “This is what socialism looks like”

  5. MAGA!

  6. Unemployed renters are already getting extra unemployment dollars. What are landlords getting? Fines if they try to evict deadbeat renters?

    1. We landlords get the anxiety of waiting for our tenants to find out about this new “Free Rent” scheme, bail out on paying rent, and then we take the financial hit.

      1. I’ve been wondering what happens when the moratorium ends. Will landlords be able to immediately evict? Probably they’ll have to jump through even more hoops than before.

        1. Depending on the state, but I imagine they could START the eviction process at that point. Which is its own level of Hell.

        2. I’ve read that once they plan to let the moratorium expire they will amend it to allow the renters up to 18 months to pay back rent or some such

        3. The Lesson here is this:

          Work hard, save money and put every extra dollar into your house, work on it every single weekend, leverage your way into another home, rent existing house and cash-in on that hard-earned sweat equity, only to get a proper Rogering when your tenants are told by our government “No need to pay your rent people! In the meantime, want another $300/week unemployment bonus and another stimulus check?”

          What do we, my wife and I and two children, as Landlords receive?

          I don’t want shit from my government, I don’t expect it and I don’t want it. I simply do not want this level of government overreach!

          1. This is a big reason why I never got into the whole “income property” crap–there’s no guarantee that you’ll be paid the rent you’re owed even in good times.

            What the fuck is a landlord going to do when the Government (broadly speaking) puts a bullet in the economy’s head due to a massive world-wide panic-fest over a coronavirus that mostly kills elderly fatasses, then tells renters “here’s $600 a week in UBI now that we’ve destroyed your job, oh and don’t worry about paying rent, a home is a human right”?

            Contract law–a principle so inherent in American society that its protection was enshrined in the Constitution–literally doesn’t mean anything anymore, especially if it might get in the way of a politician’s election chances. Fucking disgusting how soft and useless the country has become.

            If this goes through, whomever is running the country come January 21st is going to be absolutely fucked.

            1. There are some states where it can be OK, but yeah other states have such an onerous eviction process that by the time you can get the tenants out they’ve had 90+ days knowing they’re being kicked out to trash the place

              Those same states also tend to have a lot of “equal opportunity” laws that prevent you from properly vetting the new tenant as well

    2. As always, Bob Dylan saw this coming.
      “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”

      1. Shoulda kept his day job on Maggie’s farm.

        1. tangled up in blue barbed wire.

  7. We are doomed.

    1. “We are doomed.”

      Yeah. T$ really stomped on his own dick with this one. Commercial real estate is supposed to be the one thing he’s good at, too.

      1. Capitalism is effectively dead at this point. It has no defenders at any level of government.

      2. Oh he just maybe the greatest/slimyest developer ever.

        *Conspiracy Time* When all those small landlords are forced into foreclosure, he’ll be in a good position to buy up those properties on the cheap. Better and cheaper than using eminent domain.

  8. My wife and I worked hard fixing our homes, and would then turn them into rentals, move into another home, fix it up, rent out, and move into our current home.

    We have two rental homes. We rent one to a family with two small children, and have been charging them $900 a month instead of $1,400 (the market rate for our town). The wife is unemployed, has received the $600/week unemployment bonus on top of her $250/week for past 10 weeks, she received her stimulus check of nearly $3,000, and her ‘boyfriend’ (not official husband), has a full-time job.

    I fear they will not pay rent this month and if they don’t…what can we do?


    Rent-Free America Baby!

    And now with a $100,000 gun to the landlord’s head.

    1. Let me guess and see if there’s a property tax holiday on your rental properties….LOL.

      How truly awful for you. I’m sorry.

      1. There is a sweet spot in this economy where you pay little or no taxes, gain the child tax credit, and land firmly within the Obamacare subsidy system and pay little or nothing for health insurance.

        Once you begin to climb above the fray, you start to assume the financial burden used by the fray through higher taxes (property taxes, income taxes, and rental taxes), absence of healthcare subsidies, and so on.

        The sweet spot for a family of four is about $70,000-$80,000 a year.

        Past that, every dollar you make is hit harder and harder.

    2. There are things you can do; just don’t talk about it ahead of time (shows premeditation) and don’t let anyone else know (forms a conspiracy and brings in the feds).

      1. Oh, yeah; and get out of Colorado

        1. That can’t be said enough. Put those homes on the market while there’s still time and get the fuck out of there NOW. Hell, in Denver you might even make enough on the sale to give your renters enough money to get them through the rest of the year in an apartment.

          This is bad, bad, bad–it has the potential to wreck whatever is left of the economy as soon as next year.

          1. Tin foil hat on:

            Trump thinks he’s going to lose and is trying to step on Biden’s dick in the process.

            Tin foil hat off.

  9. “I’m hungry and I can’t afford food and my family is about to get evicted and we couldn’t get any help from the local government or charities.”

    If I saw thousands of messages like that on social media, I’d be inclined to think this policy was necessary. But the only reference to federal bailouts is people bragging about squandering their stimulus checks on video games, amazon and political campaigns. When I point this out, I am met with furious vitriol and lame excuses: “Poor people don’t have internet!” “You are completely out of touch!”

    But this actually exposes the core lie of socialism: they must have a restless and aggrieved lower class to threaten the rich. But the fact is, poor people just want to work and earn their way and don’t feel entitled. The lies about them are peddled by the socialists to extort the rich with fears of class division. The solution isn’t more handouts but to end the tyrannical economic restrictions.

    Anyway thank you for this article. This was a terrible policy. I hope it’s overturned.

    1. I don’t have any hard data to back this up, so this is only speculation. (I want to be really clear on that.)

      The type of jobs that are affected most by the lockdowns are not professional jobs, but things like waiting tables in restaurants, barista, hair stylist. Tending more toward jobs held by young people and people who may not be the sole breadwinners for their family, or even fully supporting themselves. This may be why the economy isn’t as hard hit as you might expect (or that certain political parties would like you to believe).

      1. The economy ain’t hit hard yet because we have borrowed $4 trillion from our children and doled out $600/week unemployment bonuses, plus thousands per citizen in stimulus checks.

        As these dry up, and they are now, the money will stop flowing and the crunch will begin in earnest.

        How long can we print money and spend into economy before the rest of the world looks at our U.S. Bonds as a bit too risky? That is the question we should all be asking ourselves.

        And the Fed is buying corporate bonds, this is a first in the history of this county. Yes, the Fed is printing money out of thin air, and using it to purchase stock in private corporations.

        How long you think this Echer painting can continue?

        1. Don’t disagree with you about the spending. I am not convinced the $4 trillion spent helped the economy much, though.

          1. $4 trillion not helping the economy much? A full 20% of our GDP in stimulus not helping?!

            Make no mistake, that $4 trillion provided massive liquidity to our consumer-driven economy (which is 75% consumer-driven), as well as to private corporations, which has kept stock prices up.

            Without that $4 trillion we would be in a very deep recession right now. Of course, we will pay the piper once the world looks at U.S. Bonds as even slightly risky.

            We are in absolutely uncharted territory with our Monetary Policy right now. Most of us don’t understand it to even begin to recognize what is going on, or to even know what questions to ask.

            Ignorance is, when it comes to our current Monetary Policy, absolute bliss…

            1. Oh, this monetary policy is hardly uncharted. It has a well storied history in places such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

            2. I don’t disagree, but I’ve been expecting investors to sour on treasuries for 10 years. This could go on for a long time.

        2. And the fed is buying muni bonds. That didn’t happen in 2008.

      2. “The type of jobs that are affected most by the lockdowns are not professional jobs, but things like waiting tables in restaurants, barista, hair stylist. Tending more toward jobs held by young people and people who may not be the sole breadwinners for their family, or even fully supporting themselves…”

        And the owners of those places who might well have the house mortgaged to finance it until emperor Newsom pulled the carpet out from under them.
        You don’t knee-cap “part” of the economy; that’s bullshit from those who believe they can ‘plan’ economy, in spite of every bit of historical evidence.
        Further, those sorts of imbeciles assume you can just re-start a business after being shut down of X months; you can’t

      3. BTW:
        Service providing […] 84%
        That’s 84% of the workforce.

    2. Socialism works really well for those who still see themselves as children who need Mommy and Daddy to pay for their Gerber, and is wonderful as long as it is society flushing money your way.

      The squawking begins in earnest once a self-proclaimed socialist gets a healthcare insurance premium hike, say, and Obamacare isn’t there to pick up the tab anymore.

      I hear so many people talk about getting “them” to pay for services, as if “them” are a bunch of Fat Cat bankers smoking big cigars. Sure, some are, but the vast majority are people like myself, 51 years old, Father and Husband, self-employed small-business owner since 2005, who has been flying without a social safety net for decades now.

      We make too much for Obamacare subsidies (above $98,000 a year), and our cheapest Obamacare plan is $2,500/month with a $12,000/year deductible. So, under Obamacare, we would pay $42,000 out of pocket every year for health insurance before Dollar No. 1 would be covered by insurance.

      Socialism is like an Echer painting, but water doesn’t actually flow uphill.

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    1. You give quarter blow jobs to hobos on skid row to scrape up for a fix of gutter smack and you know it.

  11. If people can make $90 per hour online from home, then this is nor needed.
    Anybody ever click on one of those links?

    1. No, YOU don’t get to make $90/hr, the person controlling all these bots makes $90/hr stealing the identities of people who click on the links lol

    2. “Anybody ever click on one of those links?”

      Yep, the same ones who replied to the Nigerian prince over the $5m he needs to get out of the country.
      And then they ask why everybody’s laughing…

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  13. Is this another Jared / Ivanka initiative? Maybe one or the other needs to be installed as an ambassador in a country far, far away.

  14. A doctor here in Ohio shut down the whole state ,I didn’t understand see any how she could do that. Then we have Michigan California and NY. And Bailey was all in on the shut downs. So , suck it up, butter cup.

    1. This really does feel like one of those ‘you reap what you sow’ type of moments. Although, I’m not sure what more anyone could do when SCOTUS chimed in and called those suing to stop the creeping authoritarianism a ‘suicide cult’.

      At this point, it is going to take some high profile assassinations to prevent going full Ingsoc. I will gladly volunteer to ‘accidentally’ trip Fauci as he walks by an operating woodchipper.

  15. *peers into the future*

    Damn, a whole lot of rental property went up in flames last quarter, even stuff not in the same county as the mostly peaceful protests.

    1. *peers into future*

      Police are baffled as unsolved home invasions and murders were up 1000% over the last 3 months. In related news, crime scene cleanup companies are booming.

  16. “”inspection, fumigation, disinfection, sanitation, pest extermination, and destruction of animals or articles believed to be sources of infection.””

    Nice list, probably appropriate to their basic task (if you accept a governmental role in controlling a pandemic).

    Too bad it doesn’t include any sort of direct economic interference.

  17. Complete overreach.

    My wife’s not-all-there friend (“Patsy”) took on a renter in her basement spare bedroom early this year. This older woman (60s) refused to pay rent and refused to leave. Patsy initiated eviction proceedings quickly; then COVID hit. A moratorium here meant this woman–who it turns out has done the same thing elsewhere; she knows all the ropes when it comes to scamming people like this–couldn’t be evicted.

    Then Patsy died on July 1 (poor health). Her two daughters, who don’t have much money and who would have sold their mother’s house immediately, are now stuck. They must continue to pay the mortgage, utilities, taxes, insurance, and upkeep (and Patsy didn’t leave any money) because this garbage leech of a woman refuses to leave and because this garbage idea of “not putting people on the streets.”

    So, in this case, third parties are forced to act as landlords. Thanks Trump.

    1. well in this case thanks bullshit laws that allow people to take advantage of landlords and people gracious enough to let such scum into their home in the first place

      1. I know a few people who have rental houses. The stories they’ve told me make me never ever ever want to be a landlord.

    2. Sounds like the tenant needs some rubber hose encouragement to move.

      1. That’s what I would want to do. Turns out it’s getting worse. I just found out the daughters are in court tomorrow, as the “tenant” has issued a lawsuit claiming some 60 violations, including shutting the power off on her (which they did not do).

        Obviously this woman has done this sort of thing before.

        I hold little hope for the outcome, given the sad bias of our “justice” system against “landlords” (these are unwilling landlords; inheritors of their dead mother’s house that an unwelcome resident refused to leave).

        Forcing people to house leeches like this is fundamentally immoral and unjust.

    3. Well-meaning but clueless bureaucrats pushed for these types of renter protection laws and policies to protect the less fortunate. But instead of helping, they contribute to the lack of low income housing available. It is pretty tempting sometimes when I read stories about local people or small families with no place to live, to let someone stay temporarily in my small backyard finished building until they get back on their feet. But thanks to these idiots, I know that I would never legally get control of my property again or even be able to collect any rent in the future. So its just a storage shed now.

  18. After Trump suspended the payroll tax and the main discussion was whether or not the Democrats could oppose it without looking bad to the voters rather than whether or not Trump could legally do it, it should be obvious that the only check on their power is whether or not the people will support it. Remember that come November 3, voting doesn’t matter, it only matters who can impose their will on the electorate.

    1. Then I’m definitely voting for JoJo. Libertarian will be done.

  19. Why have any income limit? If you still have the job you had before the rona and still live in the same place, what’s the problem? What does $99k have to do with anything?

  20. I live on welfare and the government pays my rent – can I not pay the rent and get a government check for the amount of my rent instead? I swear I’ll spend it all and help stimulate the economy. Indirectly, since my crack dealer will be getting all the money, but I’m sure he’ll spend it at the stores and shit so it’s the same thing.

  21. If I become a landlord in the future, I would be telling the CDC to pound so much sand up around their colon that it could sell for beach front property. I will do what I want with my property and you’ll like it. Now FOAD, deep state.

  22. This is the very socialism that we are trying to avoid…having the government extinguish debt. What’s gonna happen years from now if all those back rents suddenly come due? So, if we follow this train of idiocy we arrive at this: I don’t pay my landlord so now he has less money to pay his bills and the people depending on him to pay his bills now have less money and then those people will have less money and on and on down the line. I guess the Fed will just cover everybody’s butt, except for the working man who still has to pay his debts. So why work if you no longer are responsible for your debts? Tada!…we now have socialism and a living wage of $1,000 a month and then you are a slave to the government. You own nothing, you live with nothing, you become nothing. Now you are useless and non-productive and must be extinguished with Billy Gates murdering vaccine.

  23. I’ve seen various articles about this story that say something similar to: “Who’s going to want to be in the real estate rental and lease business now?”

    The answer is obvious from the history of communist states. After all, the solution worked out so well in the housing projects of The Soviet Union and Russia. Never fear; our tyrannical oligarchy here in the USA will similarly jump to rescue, once its free market capitalist competition is destroyed!

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  25. Let me review my Article I Section 8. Let’s see here…hmm…aha! “Congress shall have power to ban evictions.”

    There it is in black and white! All’s well!

  26. Clearly a “taking”. See ya in court!

  27. HERE► Brilliant article. I had wondered how future generations would view the mind boggling hysteria that is currently gripping the whole world, especially Europe and the USA. We look back at past centurhysteria can be – like a stampede. Thought the writer was a historian, his analysis is so sharpies and wonder how they could have been so stupid. I guess it shows how powerful mass . He has seen through the Emperor’s new clothes!Click here.

  28. No Democrat would propose such a ridiculous policy, just saying. They want to actually spend money to save people’s homes during this national crisis, not just paper over the problem until election day and then collect the bill later (same with the payroll tax holiday). I guess Trump thinks there are fewer votes to salvage among landlords.

    If we’re getting socialism either way, why not the version that doesn’t fuck people over?

    1. You are delusional if you think just printing trillions of dollars per year for politicians to give away is not leading up to problems that will be much much worse for everyone.

  29. The goal could be to be sued and finally get the courts to declare executive action unconstitutional. This would end all lockdowns and restrictions in one event.

  30. The CDC is attempting to move it’s border that constrains it’s power. In doing so, it is moving into the realm of a security force. No longer will people see it as a agency of caring helpful medical personnel, but instead, an agency of police. Some day, will we see CDC SWAT teams?

    1. Why not? The Department of Education has SWAT teams.

  31. I’m not some old codger blind to the deficiencies of the game in the “old days”, there were many, but compared to todays sparkling, corporately packaged premier league, aided and abetted by soulless identikit stadiums with compliant sat down supporters creating the atmospheric equivalent of a loud cough it was f*****g ace HERE…….USA JOBES

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