Rand Paul

Protesters Tell Rand Paul, Who Wrote the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, To Say Breonna Taylor's Name

Screaming "say her name" at the senator who sponsored a police accountability act named for Breonna Taylor


As President Donald Trump concluded his Republican National Convention acceptance speech Thursday night, the largely peaceful demonstrations outside the White House grew more tense and confrontational. Speech attendees leaving the area were heckled, and a crowd of protesters surrounded Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) and his wife, Kelley Paul.

The police prevented the protesters from getting close to the Pauls, but there was a great deal of shoving. Someone attempted to throw a bike at them, and the officer escorting the Pauls was briefly knocked off balance. Sen. Paul later told Fox News that he feared for their safety.

"I truly believe this with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us they would have gotten us to the ground, we might not have been killed, might just have been injured by being kicked in the head, or kicked in the stomach until we were senseless," he said.

Recall that Paul is no stranger to physical violence: He was brutally attacked by his next-door-neighbor in 2017, suffering injuries to his ribs and lungs. He was also present at the 2017 congressional baseball game shooting.

Here is footage of last night's encounter:

It's notable that the protesters repeatedly shouted at Paul to "say her name." The her in question is Breonna Taylor, a woman who police killed during a no-knock raid on her home in the middle of the night on March 13. Taylor is an unambiguous victim of police violence and of unnecessary Drug War tactics, and protesters are right to demand justice for her.

Paul, though, has done much more than just saying Taylor's name: He sponsored the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, which would prohibit no-knock raids.

"After talking with Breonna Taylor's family, I've come to the conclusion that it's long past time to get rid of no-knock warrants," said Paul back in June. "This bill will effectively end no-knock raids in the United States."

It would be wrong to physically intimidate the Pauls in any case. But the crowd also failed to recognize that their alleged foe is one of the most consistent voices for criminal justice reform in the U.S. Senate. To borrow a favorite phrase of the woke activist crowd: Educate yourself, street protesters.

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279 responses to “Protesters Tell Rand Paul, Who Wrote the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, To Say Breonna Taylor's Name

  1. Why does the writer think BLM has anything to do with police brutality? Their platform only has that they want to be in charge of who get brutalized

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    2. Not to mention that trying to find a black person at a BLM event is like an endless game of "Where's Waldo"

      1. Just sayn, Waldo is white.

        1. So is BLM.

          1. also, there's apparently a 33% chance that any Antifa member is a registered sex offender

            1. which is funny because there is 100% chance that any Antifa member has herpes

              1. haha, it's funny cause it's true.

              2. There is a 98% chance that any % chance found on the internet is made up.

              3. How did a bunch of virgins wind up with herpes?

                1. Kissing their whore mothers prolly

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            2. So there a 100% chance Buttplug is in BLM?

        2. So, where's Tayshaun

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    7. As admitted Marxists, should anyone be surprised at their behavior?
      Though it is ironic that they would target Senator Rand Paul and his wife in one sense, (that the author describes) in another sense since Senator Paul was dressed up, as was his wife, it was probably a foregone conclusion that he was with the RNC (and thus must be a target for the BLM crowd). I don't suspect DNC Presidential Candidate Joe Biden nor Senator Kamala Harris are in any danger of this happening to them, in spite of Senator Harris' record on criminal justice.

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  2. "Protestors uneducated, news at elev-- oh wait. That's not news."

    1. Guessing he was targeted because they thought he would be an easy mark. He'd say it and it would further their movement. Capitulation is catching.

  3. It is a mob, it runs on emotion rather than intellect. The knowledge of the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

    1. Agreed. Every one of those assholes in the mob is as stupid as Tony every day, and when they swarm, their intellect drops even below that of the kind of asshole who goes into six figures of debt to get a bullshit pseudo-academic degree.


      1. Ugh, imagine an entire mob of Tony's, pouring out of park washrooms, getting everything sticky...

      2. Nope. Tony has never stooped to that level of stupidity. Say what you want about his deodorant, but at least he's intelligent enough to be words in a semblance of meaningful order.

        1. "Say her name" also constitutes words in a semblance of meaningful order. But still essentially mindless.

        2. Uhmm. Did you read the exchange two nights ago when he continued to try and state the Covington kids were to blame, that they surrounded Phillips and that Sandman was a smug asshole who was responsible for everything that happened that day? And that the media didn't get anything wrong initially?

          1. That was the post that FINALLY convinced me he's trolling.

            1. That dude is just angry and bitter and convinced that everything is so terrible and unfair. It’s gotta suck to be him.

              Doubt he’s trolling, tho. He means what he says. The bitterness is consistent.

              1. Tony isn't nearly as bitter and unhappy as the chemjeffs and white knights of this site.
                He's just a passionate partisan (which, being a leftist, does mean he's psychotic).
                You've gotta think of him like a die hard Eagles fan, just for politics instead of football.
                Couldn't you see him pelting Santa with batteries?

                1. Well said. And yes I could absolutely see Tony doing something like that.

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        3. "but at least he’s intelligent enough to be words in a semblance of meaningful order."


        4. I'm not sure that qualifies as intelligence... at least on a human level. I had a cockatiel that could repeat phrases as well, but actual intelligence requires the acquisition and application of information and skills. Tony just repeats the same shit over and over.

    2. "The intelligence of a mob is found by dividing the I.Q. of the least intelligent member by the number of people in the mob."

  4. Kyle showed us how the left must be dealt with.
    Be like Kyle

    1. Seen Kyle?

      /couldn't resist

      1. St. Kyle of Kenosha.

        1. Kyle of Kenosha, Conqueror of Communists

          1. Killer Kyle of Kenosha. Don't get me wrong, I'm in the self-defense camp for sure, but coming up with that triggered a thought (finally). In my next post I will briefly summarize.

            1. Kenosha Kyle, Commie Killer

              Gotta watch out that you don't fall into a trap acronym there

          2. Given that the marxists will not stop rioting and raging, and that that they seek the complete subjugation of actual Americans, it will become necessary to ‘conquer’ a large number of them.

  5. BLM has more to do with spreading anti-Semitism than advocating police reforms.

    I mean, defunding the police and destroying the life of police officers doesn't really sound like a viable solution to me.

    1. That, and looting.


    2. Anti Semitism? So Misek is a member?

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  7. People sure do come up with stupid shit. “Say her name! It will change everything!”

    1. The great thing about demanding symbolic only gestures is if people refuse to do it you can criticize them for being against the thing and if they do not do it you can criticize them for doing empty actions instead of something substantial.

      1. I think it’s weird to see the intimidation that’s been going on with forcing people to say this, do that, in public by mobs of angry people, and then we think mailing every single person in the USA a ballot to mail in is a great way to do elections: no privacy in a voting booth, no security, just hope the mob doesn’t come to your door and start threatening you to hand over your ballot and keep quiet.

    2. making someone say a name is violence

        1. Don't care.

        2. >Her name is Breonna Taylor.

          You almost had me there lol. Love that movie.

    3. The only thing stopping Blacks in this society is not enough White people saying "Beonna Taylor".

    4. ... Her name is... Heisenberg!

      1. Her name is Inego Montoya. You killed her father. Prepare to die.

    5. I used to have a girlfriend who demanded I do the same thing. She was just as stupid, but at least I was getting something out of it at the moment.

    6. What if you say her name backwards? Will it change everything back to normal?

    7. Well, these are the same geniuses who claim to be defenders of people who are brutalized, while simultaneously declaring a convicted domestic abuser who tried to cave in the skull of a kid for defending himself against an angry mob...who tried to kill him for putting out a dumpster fire....a "hero".

    8. The left is now mad because Cameron, the black AG from Kentucky said her name during the RNC convention. Some had a point that he could order the arrests of the police involved while many others just attacked him for being a Republican and a race traitor.

  8. "Educate yourself, street protesters."

    They already did. But it turns out that a BA in gender studies and reading endless social media screeds make people stupider.

  9. Have Biden and Harris condemned this? If not, isn’t their silence an implicit endorsement of this attack? And isn’t this attack the result of Michelle Obama’s intemperate comments last week about the “highest level of government!”

    Because you know damn well that if it had been a Democrat who had been attacked this is exactly the type of thing the NYT and WaPo editorial pages would be saying.

    1. Silence is violence, we've been told.

      1. If my wife gives me the silent treatment , can I claim domestic abuse?

        1. Silent treatment is actually abuse. It causes IQ to lower and causes physiological brain damage, as well as psychological and emotional damage.

          1. I love the silent treatment. Gives me some peace once in a while.

  10. it's hard for some people to see nuance beyond "Republican bad". that's why cities with "systemic racism" and brutal police tactics remain under Democrat control for decades, despite obvious failures to improve anything.

    1. It's operated like a religious cult since Tammany Hall.

    2. Actually, among the emotionally dysregulated, WOR (whole object relations) is a very common symptom. They're unable to see someone as a fully integrated being, inherent with both good and bad traits. They see people as either all good or all bad. While those they know on a regular basis, including family, can go back and fourth regularly, which is known as splitting, it is likely that a politician or pundit would simply be cast permanently as all bad.

      Those with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder have this issue almost as a rule.

      I actually believe this and other emotional dysregulation symptoms are the main cause to much of what we are seeing today from the left. People throw around the term "triggered" and I wonder sometimes if they realize that is an actual thing - the limbic and nervous system getting activated. This in turn creates a threat response - fight, flight, or freeze.

      1. Yes, there's definitely a physiological reaction - mainly with a psychosomatic basis.

        Leftism is a personality disorder

        1. In the places Americans gather to publicly reason with each other via awkward two-sentence chunks and snide insults, a disturbingly large number of people are insisting we recapitulate the stark choices that Germany seemed to offer its citizens a century ago between the world wars: a controlling, decadent left out to destroy private property, and a right that embraces a harsh, violent authoritarianism suspicious of outsiders of all stripes.

          1. and a right that embraces a harsh, violent authoritarianism suspicious of outsiders of all stripes


      2. Those who've been traumatised will also have emotional dysregulation, but still maintain whole object relations. What makes these snowflakes so special is their maladaptivity, paired with entitled, raw selfishness (their desires ARE their rights, no matter at who's expense), sense of superiority, and lack of empathy.

        1. Snowflakes now chase people with guns. Fascinating.

        2. good summary, I think

  11. After attacking Paul, they made up for it by threatening to burn down St. John's church. So, they have got that going for them.

    Anyone who actually cares about police brutality and accountability should hate BLM. The have accomplished nothing except associate any support for police reform with rioting and chaos. The backlash that is resulting from this is going to set police reform efforts back 40 years.

    If rioting and looting were not enough, BLM picks victims to champion that are completely unsympathetic and guaranteed to divide people and do nothing to further their stated cause. If you cause is police reform, you don't champion cases of felons shot by police after violently resisting arrest. Even if it is true that the felon was unjustly shot, championing their case does nothing to further your cause since the circumstances make people less likely to be sympathetic and give those who are inclined to support the police plenty to argue that the shooting was justified.

    If BLM or any other movement actually wanted to accomplish real reform, they would have championed the case of the couple the police murdered in Houston. Those people were not criminals. Their murder was the result of a warrant obtained by fraud for reasons why still don't understand. There is no way to defend the police actions in that case. And the victims not being criminals means the case shows people that it can happen to them not just felons and sex offenders who were in the pubic's mind asking for it. It is more than a bit revealing that BLM on the one hand claims the whole country is racist and to also want police reform but then refuses to champion the cause of any white person murdered by the police. If you think the whole country is racist and you want them to support police reform, wouldn't championing white victims do more to further that than black ones?

    They don't do that. And they pick only the most unappealing victims because the people who run BLM are Marxists who have no interest in obtaining any police reform or doing anything other than tear the country apart in hopes doing so will allow them to take over. There are a lot of well meaning dumb white people who have been duped into supporting BLM. The reality is, however, the leadership and the purpose of the group was never to make anything better but only to divide people and create chaos and harm in hopes doing so will enable them to obtain political power.

    As someone on here has said before, that isn't how you get more Trump, it is how you get Pinochet. Thanks to these assholes and their retarded mob of followers we are going to end up with a much worse criminal justice system than we had and it will be a decade or more before we can even think about achieving any real reform. I hate these people. And everyone who cares about civil liberties should as well.

    1. No one should interfere with these rioters giving their supporters what they want. Let St. John's burn. They want that, so no one should interfere.

      1. The problem is that the backlash to this is going to be nasty. And anyone criticizing the police or pushing for reform is going to be associated with rioting and lawlessness. For that alone, these people should be considered the scum of the earth.

        1. Sure, but I know you recognise the truth because you said it: the goal isn't reform, it's political power.

          They want a Pinochet. They wanted Kyle Rittenhouse. They want militia firing into crowds of BLM supporters. They want to tear it all down and like the revolutionaries they model themselves on, they'll sacrifice anyone to win. Cry Havoc! id their creed.

          1. They THINK they want a Pinochet. They THINK they wanted Kyle Rittenhouse.

            They never expect that THEY will be the one sitting in the seat when Augusto fires up the engine on the JetRanger...they always believe the crocodile will never eat them...

        2. I can tolerate that for awhile if it gets this country into a McCarthyism 2.0 mode and we start destroying marxists.

    2. The couple in Houston does not fit the narrative that black people are being targeted by police and other government authority. The story they are pursuing is that of collective victimhood. Acknowledging that incident would acknowledge that trying to police recreational drug use has corrupted our law enforcement procedures from the police tactics to how judges issue warrants.

      1. Oops didn't see that someone had already basically said what I did in my post

      2. White couple killed by corrupt black cop.

        Libertarians care. BLM doesn't.

      3. Or, you know, Duncan Lemp...

    3. "If you think the whole country is racist and you want them to support police reform, wouldn’t championing white victims do more to further that than black ones?"

      Acknowledging the existence of white victims hurts the narrative

      1. Yes. And that shows that they have no interest in anything except using the cause of police reform as a way to gain power. Yet the useful idiots at reason keep making common cause with them

        1. Yeah like you mentioned before, it can't be sheer coincidence that they only care about justice for the least sympathetic people.

          It is almost comical, with George Floyd I even thought for a few days "oh wow, they finally have a victim who wasn't trying to kill someone or in the middle of robbing a convenience store" but even he turns out to have probably died from all of the drugs in his system

          Its all part of the brainwashing strategy. You have to make people turn off their ability to think for themselves so you can be sure they are 100% loyal to your stupid cause

          1. They intentionally choose people who likely deserved it because that will divide people. If they chose actual sympathetic victims, everyone would agree, the problem might get better, and they would be left without a means to try and obtain more power. It is so fucking obvious what they are doing.

            1. I think it's part of the "Big Lie" strategy - if you're loyal to us you're going to have to agree that even the most foul creature is an angel of heaven to prove that loyalty. It's the same way you're forced to say what you know to be untrue, what they know to be untrue, what they know you know to be untrue in order to shove your face in the fact that you're a lying piece of dogshit and that you've acknowledged and accepted that you're a lying piece of dogshit.

              1. Yes. That is also a good point. I think it is a combination of my explanation, Velvet Thunder's and yours. Which one is more dominant changes by the situation. But all three explanations are involved.

                1. "Nineteen Eighty-Four" ***IS*** BLM's playbook.

                  1. And Soros' endgame.

              2. "Power don't come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big and gettin' the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you've got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you've got 'em by the balls."
                -Powers Boothe playing Senator Roark in Sin City

                1. "Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

                  1. Hence... mask mandates

            2. That is why I've being calling them maoists. One strategy in maoism is divide and conquer. A cultural revolution based on identity politics..aka SYSTEMIC RACISM.

              1. Yep.
                Been going on for years, but they're going for the endgame now

            3. Ms. Taylor seems pretty sympathetic.

              1. Look a little deeper into her story. This Courier-Journal article goes into more detail: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/breonna-taylor/2020/08/25/report-details-why-louisville-police-decided-to-forcibly-search-breonna-taylor-home/5593502002/

                It still didn't mean she deserved to die, and the War on Some Drugs needs to end ASAP, but neither was she as innocent as the mob would have you believe. She was handling at least some of the drug proceeds of the other guy she had been screwing. He was dropping off packages at a trap house, while driving her car. Again, doesn't mean she deserved to die, or that the cops should have kicked in her door at that hour.

                It would have been a lot better if her boyfriend had just answered the damn door---which he admitted hearing the cops knock at, during a jail telephone call---or if he decided not to turn a search warrant service into a gunfight.

                I think we can rally around Atatiana Jefferson as another young black woman needlessly killed by the police. Fort Worth, in her case.

                1. Still remains plenty sympathetic to me.

            4. This is why they didn't riot over Walter Scott or Botham Jean...

          2. Its all part of the brainwashing strategy. You have to make people turn off their ability to think for themselves so you can be sure they are 100% loyal to your stupid cause

            ^This, 100%. I instinctively jumped to conclusions regarding Floyd because the visual was so dramatic. To all appearances, it is a murder. Yet, upon reflection, the guy was most definitely suffering from an overdose, the extended video shows that his breathing complaints began long before he was restrained, and that evidence that should have long ago been presented to the public may show that the officer's actions may actually have been an attempt to save Floyd's life based on his training.

            Critical thinking is hard. Admitting that a gut reaction was wrong is hard. Honest people swallow their pride and do it. Dishonest people cherry pick only the part that drives their narrative. Lazy and ignorant people get driven by the narrative.

            1. I wonder how many people have been driven from supporting real, actual police reform to thinking "fuck these people--they're bullies, thieves, liars, thugs, child molesters, and murderers, and they'd just as soon kill me and my family if they thought they could get away with it " thanks to all the rioting, burning, and looting that's gone on.

              Has to be in the thousands, if not millions.

        2. I think another aspect why they choose such complicated cases, especially when it pertains to the lower-level "foot soldiers" who are too dumb to have a sinister plan, is something Coleman Hughes brought up on 5th Column this week: A lot of these people are just trying to signal how virtuous they are. Calling out police abuse when it's obvious doesn't make you any MORE virtuous than everyone else, which is their goal. To do that you need to take a stand when the foundation is shakier.

          1. That is an interesting point. Part of why these people are so nuts and impossible to deal with is that they are such narciscists that there is no way to placate them. They don't have a goal as such. The struggle is the end. Unlike normal political movements, they don't have any Utopia or set of defined goals. They claim they do but really they don't. The whole point is to be a part of the struggle. Give into them on one thing and they will pick something else because protesting and being a part of the larger struggle is the entire point. The goal is incidental.

            Given that fact, yes, I think part of why they pick absurdly unsympathetic cases is that it creates division and disagreement which allows them to virtue signal and engage in the never ending "struggle".

            1. The goal is destruction of the U.S. and burning the constitution. Don't underestimate whoever is funding these idiots.

            2. LOL! They don't suffer from the cognitive dissonance created by trying to believe 'the end justifies the means' because the means are the end.

            3. they are such narciscists that there is no way to placate them

              And that's why we still need prisons for the looters and arsonists, and firing squads for the murderers.


        3. Don't forget Jojo and Spike! BLM lite 2020!

          1. Hard to support anyone foolish enough to believe they can advance a libertarian cause (police reform) by aligning with avowed Marxists. It really highlights the absurdity of believing 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Such a strategy ends with political dissenters in prison while criminal run the government.

    4. This is why it's impossible to live in a society that's compatible with leftist demands, even in cases where you agree with them. They'll take any concession you give and throw it back in your face, saying it's not enough, or they'll pretend you never did it to begin with. No matter how much you kiss their ass and tell them that you see them as individuals, they'll still spit in your face.

      These people are psychotic. There's literally no way decent people can co-exist with them. It's either going to be them or us, and they're the ones who set it up that way.

    5. If rioting and looting were not enough, BLM picks victims to champion that are completely unsympathetic and guaranteed to divide people and do nothing to further their stated cause.

      It's the nature of the Marxists. They don't want to make a case to people. They want to intimidate people into denying the obvious. They want to break people's integrity. A sympathetic or genuine victim would elicit genuine condemnation. Holding out a POS and demanding you pay homage to it forces you to deny your values and independent judgement. It's O’Brien asking Winston Smith how many fingers he's holding up.

      1. Jerryskids makes the same point above and it is a good one. I think it is that and the desire to divide and create chaos as well as the desire especially on woke white people's part to have something that people will reject and they can virtue signal with.

        1. The two points are really inseparable.
          You promote the lie because it's polarizing - as in, it creates two responses: obedience or resistance.
          You cement control over the obedient by crushing the resistant.
          And if there comes a point where resistance is eliminated, you find a new issue to divide the obedient, and repeat

          1. Here is the big question:

            What are we going to do about them?

            1. I think the bigger question is what do they intend to do with us? It took a 17 year old kid to have the guts to go into his surrounding community that's under siege from these ideologues and try to protect it. Something the adults from the governor to the mayor to the sheriff down to the local cops who are too afraid to intervene because of politics and the optics in this charged environment couldn't do. We need decent men and women who care about their country to stand up and fight for it. I wonder when the tipping point finally happens?

              1. The only real fix will take a violent revolution (of sorts) that would be very ugly. You've got to completely destroy the people responsible for this crazy, and that means mass culling - especially in academia and the corporate world.
                Don't think we have what it takes to really cure the cancer, unless something drastic happens.
                Best we can hope to do, while avoiding becoming monsters ourselves, is refuse to give another inch and fight everywhere battle is brought.
                But I really don't know how you destroy the corporate-media-academia-tech-state power apparatus without horrible bloodshed, and as long as it exists we will always be fighting a rear guard action because our morals are individualist, conservative, and liberal (in the enlightenment sense) - aka western values - while theirs are totalitarian progressive, and they control the means of production in the Information Age.

                1. I’m relieved to see other people acknowledging what will likely have to happen to fix things.

                  I can live without progressives. I won’t live without our constitutional republic.

      2. Holding out a POS and demanding you pay homage to it forces you to deny your values and independent judgement.

        It's holding up child murderer Che as a hero of the people.

      3. They don’t want to make a case to people. They want to intimidate people into denying the obvious.

        Bingo. That's the whole point of the tantrums and violence.


    6. Yes, I agree with your thoughtful comment.

    7. You're missing the point. It's not about whether the "victim" is sympathetic or not, and that hasn't been an attempted part of the narrative for a long time. At least not since it was found out that Trayvon Martin wasn't the 12 year old school boy they first depicted. That's also why they had to come up with the "gentle giant" regarding thief, Michael Brown in Ferguson MO.

      The single narrative is that black = victim, but only if shot by a cop. That's the powder keg that must be lit and explode with the violent dullards before they realize that the little piece of shit they are lionizing is a rapist with an active warrant and a weapon like in the latest situation. By the time that information comes out, they've already committed themselves.

    8. I just want to be clear... your chief complaint that proves that BLM doesn't actually care about police brutality is that BLM isn't louder then white communities in objecting to police brutality aimed at white people?

      I don't mean to sound blasé, but if white people can't be arsed to get outraged over violence against our community, why should we expect people outside our community to be outraged for us?

      1. "People are their race, nothing more"

      2. His point is that, strategically, if you ACTUALLY wanted to stop police brutality, you would at least ACT outraged when it happened to white people as well as black people, since you (supposedly) need the white peoples' support in making the change since they are the majority group. But, not only do they not GENUINELY care about police brutality when it happens to whites (or asians, or hispanics, etc.) they won't even FAKE caring about them to get their agenda pushed through.

      3. I just want to be clear…

        And yet you go out of your way to do nothing but sling bullshit.

        your chief complaint that proves that BLM doesn’t actually care about police brutality is that BLM isn’t louder then white communities in objecting to police brutality aimed at white people?

        "isn’t louder then [sic]" is not a synonym for "Is completely silent or dissmive of".

        I don’t mean to sound blasé, but if white people can’t be arsed to get outraged over violence against our community

        Uh...we are.

        , why should we expect people outside our community to be outraged for us?

        Not "for us", but "in addition to us". Nobody said they want BLM to take up a cause to benefit white people. Try reading what you responded to again. That is, assuming your alleged desire to "be clear" is more legit that BLM's claims that they're all about justice.

        1. A more marked examples is when the young five yo white kid was executed in his front yard while riding his bike. The media only minimally covered it, which pissed off a lot of people. So they began sharing the story on social media. The left quickly stated this was a racist move to distract from the more (factually incorrectly) killing of blacks by white police officers. Even some of our favorite progressive "libertarian" commenters on here parroted the same talking points.

    9. Well said

  12. Why are we still pretending like this has anything to do with police reform? These are the "vote blue no matter who" riots. Your publication had harsher words for people who protested lock downs then it ever did for riots.

    1. In my opinion, the best way to reform the police is by breaking the police unions, but the left is not suggesting that. Attacks on any public employees union is the left's line in the sand.

      1. The best and most immediate way to reform police (though I agree with the union position) is to not criminalize everything, but the Left doesn't want to do that. That would mean no "mask laws", no shut downs, no raiding churches, no criminalizing cake bakers, no more noise complaints in their posh neighborhoods, no more calling the police because someone used the wrong pronoun or said a mean word.

        They don't want police reform- they want submission

        1. And, spoiler: maybe one writer at Reason actually wants police reform in actuality, because the rest of them are down with keep all that shit criminal.

        2. +1000

        3. Truly reducing the role of the police in our society would require reducing the role of government in our society, and the Left will absolutely not have that.

      2. Quite a few protesters have suggested exactly that.

        It's something that most politicians, in a bipartisan display of unity, aren't touching with a ten foot pole.

  13. I see people on Twitter talking about Rand Paul like he's a neocon. It's ridiculous. Just clueless.

    1. Not clueless- purposeful

    2. "I see people on Twitter"

      I may have found the problem.

    3. I agree with the clueless part. I'm a Twitter member because once, long ago, I saw some informative tweets. I soon found out that informative tweets are about 1/1000.

    4. If you think twitter is bad, check out Quora. Far worse.

  14. "the largely peaceful demonstrations outside the White House grew more tense and confrontational"

    Yea like a pack of wolves surrounding their prey they are peaceful until they launch. get over this peaceful bullshit they were there in waiting like a pack of wolves.

    1. If you are shouting that you plan to burn down churches and accosting people, you are not being peaceful

      1. To be fair, St. John's is Christian In Name Only.

        1. When Trump waved a Bible they were confused about what the book was. Their vicar hadn't seen one before.

          1. My wife's side of family mostly attends, or at least attended, the United Church of Christ, which is the one Obama attended a branch of in Chicago after he started dating Michelle. I like to joke that the only time anyone in their church services ever mentions Jesus' name is when the maintenance guy falls off the ladder trying to change a light bulb.

            That church, like of a lot of other churches in the modern era, is the epitome of Mr. By-Ends from Pilgrim's Progress--"Tis true we somewhat differ in religion from those of the stricter sort, yet but in two small points: First, we never strive against wind or tide; secondly, we are always most zealous when religion goes in his silver slippers; we love much to walk with him in the street if the sun shines, and the people applaud him."

      2. So the folks in the comment section cheering on their hero "Kyle" aren't peaceful?

        Well, I suppose for once we agree.

        1. Nobody cares

        2. So the folks in the comment section cheering on their hero “Kyle” aren’t peaceful?

          Well, nobody who is defending Kyle is calling for burning anything or for anyone to be accosted, so I guess we can write off the above as just another in a long string of really, really stupid comments.

    2. Word

    3. Just remember, the Air Force operations over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 was mostly peaceful.

  15. >>But the crowd also failed to recognize

    this borg is stupid.

  16. What we're seeing on the streets isn't really about police brutality, racism, or any other issue. Ultimately, what we're seeing is a reaction to the biggest, swiftest economic collapse in American history. When people are scared and angry, they start looking for reasons to get stupid. If it hadn't been police brutality and racism, it would have been something else. There have been dozens of Breonna Taylors and George Floyds in recent years. Why didn't people go crazy like this over them? The answer is because they didn't happen against the background of a pandemic driven economic collapse.

    And there's a lesson here about how to talk to people--not just protesters but average people you meet who aren't sure about they're voting in November. Don't let people bait you into talking about racism and police brutality when those aren't really the issues on people's minds. The reason they're focusing on those issues is because they're anxious about their safety, the virus, and the economy. The correct answer to the question of what President Trump plans to do about racism and police brutality is to talk about what President Trump did to make the job market better for working Americans--before the pandemic--than it had ever been in their lifetimes.

    1. When people accidentally smash their finger with a hammer, they may yell, "Jesus Christ!" or "Fuck!".

      That isn't because they're thinking about religion or sex. It's because they smashed their finger with a hammer.

      1. No Ken. There is no evidence of that. I this were in response to the economic downturn, the people rioting would be people who lost their jobs and homes as a result of it. And there is no evidence or indication that is who these people are at all. They are the same group of professional leftist dirtbags who have been protesting and rioting for years. They are just more active because it is an election year and the Democrats convinced themselves that allowing riots would hurt Trump.

        1. Oh, I'm not talking about anti-fa by themselves. Of course there are professional shitheads out there. The question is why they've suddenly gained so much traction--when they never had this kind of traction before. And the answer is that this economic collapse isn't any different from all the other economic collapses in that regard.

          The same thing happened in the Los Angeles riots of '92. As the rest of the country had largely recovered from the recession, the unemployment rate continued to increase in southern California.

          It's just like a wildfire. There was plenty of rain two years ago, and the weeds grew six feet deep everywhere in California--and then there was a drought. The weeds dried up and turned into a million acres of kindling. You can say the wildfire was started by this or that campfire, but the real cause of the wildfire was the drought.

          That's what we're looking at here.

          P.S. The kids you see in the street are people who would be working in restaurants, as baristas, in tourism, and in various service industries--the industries that were hardest hit by the pandemic and the lockdowns. In other words, the demographic I see on the street are the young people most likely to be working in low paying service jobs--and our now most likely to be living in their mom's basement. Do you see otherwise?

          1. "You can say the wildfire was started by this or that campfire, but the real cause of the wildfire was the drought."

            If it hadn't been the campfire, it would have been something else.

            And that doesn't necessarily conflict with everything you're saying. These professional grievance people don't necessarily care what the grievance is--so long as you have a grievance and you're willing to do something stupid because of it.

            1. If you're looking to find an excuse for evil, you will always find one.

          2. But those kids would be rioting anyway and had been for years in Portland. And the Ferguson and Baltimore riots happened without the downturn. You can always get a riot going if you have a dedicated group of people willing to start one and a local government willing to allow it. The pandemic has nothing to do this. We could have not had the pandemic and still have 3% unemployment and would still be having these riots.

            1. Maybe but I don't think they'd be doing this to this extent. I agree there is a ton of astroturf going on but a lot of this is organic as well. It's one of the few things your allowed to do.

            2. I think there's a lot *more* of them, for longer, because of the pandemic.

          3. having out of work anxious 20 year olds is a fucking terrible idea and always leads to instability, chaos and probable regime change. The lockdowns accomplished this in spades.

            1. Especially when classes were cancelled at all the universities--and then it's the summer?

              And most of them have lost their jobs?

              That's how you get ants. That's how you start wildfires. if they were in the ghetto, they'd join a gang. If they were in the Middle East, they might become Al Qaeda. In the 80s, they might have become skinheads. Kids are fucking violent when they're scared, don't have anything to do--and have anything to complain about. Give them nothing to do for long enough, and they'll find something to complain about sooner or later, and they'll become violent.

              Yeah, there are people out there whose job it is to create and record anti-fa music. The question is why are so many people buying those records now when there weren't so many before, and the answer is that the economy went down the toilet--because of the pandemic and the lockdowns. The smoldering riots waiting to happen will evaporate when the economy starts humming again, but that probably won't be until after the upcoming election.

              The time to stock up on ammo, water, canned food, and to buy a generator probably isn't after President Trump is reelected.

        2. These people have nothing to do John. All these people are either unemployed or work for some department or nonprofit whose offices haven't and won't be open for months. They weren't really doing anything before but now they haven't been able to do anything socially except this since April. Gyms, Bars, restaurants, sporting events, church, fuck just getting out of your house is fucking essential to stability. We are nation of broken people and the one's trying to keep the lights, taking all the risks and incurring all the cost are still being castigated as villains wanting to kill grandma. I vacillate constantly but I don't think it's crazy to assume the worst is still ahead.

          1. That is true. But that would be true regardless of the economy.

        3. Don't be ridiculous.

          People who have jobs don't have time to attend protests every night. They have to get up in the morning and go to those jobs. They have a job to lose if their boss sees them on the news. They have lots of consequences to think about.

          People without jobs? Have a lot more freedom. And a lot less to lose.

          There's a reason high unemployment rates are always destabilizing influences.

      2. Ultimately, what we’re seeing is a reaction to the biggest, swiftest economic collapse in American history.

        Bullshit. You realize that these people don't have jobs, they've never had a job, they have no interest in getting a job? It's not like these people give a shit about the economy, that sort of thing has nothing to do with them.

        1. Again, try to separate the professional anti-fa in all season types from the sudden surge in support.

          The question isn't whether there are music labels whose job it is to record and distribute anti-fa music all the time. The question is why are there suddenly so many people willing to buy their records.

          If you can't tell the difference between anti-fa before the pandemic and the swell in support they've enjoyed since the pandemic, then there's a hole in your thinking.

          P.S. The suggestion that there isn't anything about economic collapses that makes people act like this would be absurdly stupid. People have been acting like this during economic collapses since the first recession in the land of Sumer. Why is it different this time--because kids today are different? That's bullshit.

          1. The bigger difference is because they are now better organized, the plan for "defeat Trump" is coming to a head, all hands on deck, the media is fully complicit, last ditch efforts, and damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead. It's do or die trying time.

            1. I'm good with them dying

      3. And because they're ill bred.

      4. A curse, or epithet or swear word is just a little bit above a grunt.

    2. >>The answer is because they didn’t happen against the background of a pandemic driven economic collapse.

      also being steered. "crowd" isn't made up of individuals who would singularly march

    3. we’re seeing is a reaction to the biggest, swiftest economic collapse in American history.

      Nah. Most of them were already dependent on the taxpayers. "antifa" and "blm" isn't made up of employable people for the most part.


      1. 30 million people lost their jobs over a period of six weeks. Never have so many Americans lost so many jobs over such a short period of time.

        If there weren't any social unrest under those circumstances, that would have been a miracle. When historians write about this period a hundred years from now, they won't be talking about the issues the economic casualties are screaming about. They'll be talking about the economic collapse and its predictable aftermath.

        This is what happens when the economy tanks--cross culturally and throughout history.

        When this happens in the US and there's a president from the left in charge, the social unrest may take more of the form of Ross Perot or the Tea Party. When this happens and there's a president from the right in charge, maybe it takes more of the form of anti-fa protests and riots. Regardless, when you have recessions like this, the scope and intensity of the backlash associated with these kinds of incidents increases.

        There were all sorts of George Floyds and Breonna Taylors before, but before, there wasn't an economic collapse. That's why we're talking about these incidents now and were mostly ignoring them before.

        1. 30 million people lost their jobs over a period of six weeks.

          30 million people didn't show up for the rioting.


          1. The assertion wasn't that everybody becomes a rioter when they lose their jobs.

            How much you wanna bet those that those who lost their jobs are overrepresented in the group that rioted?

            Not everyone who loses their jobs, is an alcoholic, or gets divorced commits suicide either, but those who are those things are overreprented among those who commit suicide.

            1. Never have people being paid to riot either. Yet damn... these people now are wearing some new clothes, have lots of food and water, can travel from state to state with this shit, stay in decent hotels, and their bail is getting paid. Anyone denying that this is the major instigator isn't paying attention.

              Also from a personal standpoint, I've seen a few of these assholes coming into check cashing places and cashing out up to $1500 checks. It's not coming from their mamma. Rand Paul is correct.... gotta dig into the finances of these assholes and it will be a simple paper trace to find out who is funding this.

              Agreed though that with this as a backdrop, there will also always be the ignorant dullards who are easy to enrage, they have nothing else to do, and are up for anything that tricks them into thinking they have a purpose. But they aren't the cause. They don't have the brain cells for this level of organization. Joseph Goebbels understood these folks as well as the more hidden leftist leaders today, but he didn't have the money and his biggest fault was that he had an ego that wouldn't let him fly under the radar.

    4. What you are seeing Ken is not about jobs but about using a situation to fundamentally change the nation to not just a socialist nation but socialist authoritarian nation for their own purposes. This has been going on for years starting with the indoctrination of our universities and school system. they Don't Want a Better U.S.A. they want a different country Ruled by them for them.

      1. No doubt, socialists have been exploiting these situations to achieve power since Lenin, and Marx wrote about socialists exploiting these situations extensively.

        This is not by accident.

        And if we're to counter the socialists' efforts, we should be serious and honest about what is happening and why. They're trying to exploit George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to institute socialism, partially because they think we'll take the bait and be goaded into pretending that racism and police brutality aren't real problems.

        If the truth is that the unrest we're seeing is really about the economy and the fact is that socialism by way of Biden's Green New Deal, etc. would hurt the economy, then the way we should respond to their obsessing over George Floyd and Breonna Taylor is to point out the truth to people we know--that this isn't really about police brutality or racism. Like Bill Clinton said, "It's about the economy, Stupid!". Incidentally, the solution to racism is economic, too.

        Wage growth for unskilled workers was growing at a higher rate than managers before the pandemic--because of Trump's tax cuts and deregulation. The labor participation rate was higher among blacks than it had ever been before because of Trump's tax cuts and deregulation. If someone can think of a solution to systemic racism that works better than blacks willingly joining the work force in record numbers because there are so many opportunities and unskilled blacks enjoying greater wage growth in real terms than their managers, I'd love to hear it.

        1. Just for the record . . .

          "The recent jump in paychecks has come with an unusual characteristic, as workers at the lower end of the pay scale are getting the greater benefit . . . . Average hourly earnings rose 3.4 percent in February from the same period a year ago, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report last week.

          What has set this rise apart is that it’s the first time during an economic recovery that began in mid-2009 that the bottom half of earners are benefiting more than the top half — in fact, about twice as much, according to calculations by Goldman Sachs. The trend began in 2018 and has continued into this year."


        2. Sure, try to teach economics to psychotics.
          That'll show em

    5. Ultimately, what we’re seeing is a reaction to the biggest, swiftest economic collapse in American history.

      I suppose that I've seen a worse sociological analysis before, but I really can't recall when.

  17. Some of them. But I think most of them are stereotypical dirtbag young people who will be high/hungover/in jail on election day. The real voters are the ones shaking their head at them

    1. blah this was supposed to be a reply to Fists "voters" comment

    2. "dirtbag young people"

      The term you are looking for is "trust fund trash babies".

      1. "rootyouth".

  18. To borrow a favorite phrase of the woke activist crowd: Educate yourself, street protesters.

    That would require them to be capable of educating themselves. They're not. These people are mindless lemmings and NPCs repeating the same slogans over and over again. They're incapable of original thought. This video fully supports that with the idiots repeatedly shouting "Her name is Breonna Taylor" just like the idiots in Fight Club repeating "His name is Robert Paulson." Literally the same amount of independent thinking going on here.

    1. It would also require them actually caring about the causes they claim to be protesting about. They don't care about police brutality. They care about protesting and inflicting as much damage and chaos as possible. The stated cause is just the current excuse.

  19. The media who cried "Sheep!"

  20. You know how you get Pinochet? This is how you get Pinochet. Also they are making it an easy choice.

  21. Speaking of BLM, it is hysterical the NBA went refused to play and canceled the playoffs clearing the air for Trump's acceptance speech. I doubt it makes any difference. It is not like the NBA was commanding decent ratings. But, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the unintentional symbolism of it.

    1. China telling the players to get the fuck back on the court 12 hours after Lebron cried havoc was cute.

      1. What is the back story for that? I keep hearing the joke but not the background. Is it just a joke or did China really tell them to get their asses back on the court?

        1. i'm being tongue-in-cheek i assume they have to ask Beijing for water breaks at practice

          1. They look like such clowns. If they really had canceled the season, you would have to respect their commitment even if you didn't agree with their position. What they did, however, was boycott and claim that they couldn't play only to turn around and show up to work after Micheal Jordan explained to them that if they didn't play no one was getting paid and baby mamas all over America would be missing the payments on their Range Rovers.

            I don't mind when people hold opinions I don't like. What I do mind however is when people give opinions that they really don't believe. If things are so bad in America that they can no longer play on Thursday, then what changed and made playing okay on Friday?

            Most annoying of all is the woke idiots in sports media screaming about how "black athletes don't owe America performing". No shit. They don't owe anyone anything. They are free men and are free to not show up to work just like anyone else is free to do so. No one is saying otherwise. Just like they are free to not show up for work, the owners are also free not to pay them for serves they refuse to render and America is free to not watch them play. That part seems to be lost on the players and their sycophants in the media. They think they have a right to do whatever they want and America somehow owes it to them to watch their games and agree with them. Ah, no, it doesn't work that way.

            1. what's fun is hurting the brains of the "LeBron wants to raise awareness for racism" crowd with "but it's okay his shoes and unis are made by Chinese slaves who pray to Allah?"

              1. We need to raise awareness about racism because no one ever talked about race or racism until LeBron told them they needed to. Honestly, I think James and the dingbat kids he has for fans actually believe that. They really have no idea that there was once this thing called the civil rights movement or that the country has been arguing about race and racism literally since it's founding. They are such narcissists and so ignorant, they think they are the first people ever to understand racism is a problem and the country needs to talk about it. I am not kidding. I think they really are that stupid.

                1. accidentally listened to 3 minutes of Max Kellerman drooling all over himself yesterday about how social justice *IS* the story behind sports. all sports. not the games but the justice. it's weird.

                  1. Well yeah, it IS the story, because these idiots won't stop drooling about it.

                    Most of the rest of the country is tuning out, though, as they watch violent mobs recreate the Nika riots night after night. Too bad we don't have a Belisarius handy to settle things down.

                    1. https://theundefeated.com/features/returning-to-the-court-gives-nba-players-more-leverage-not-less/

                      This article has to be read to be believed. This guy actually seems to think state legislatures and the country gives a shit if the NBA has a season. I am not kidding.

                      So what are the options for the players if there is another senseless shooting? Perhaps they could delay the start of a game to broadcast video of the last moments of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake. They could let the ref throw up the opening tip, then walk off the court and talk about the killing of Breonna Taylor. Maybe the Bucks, who began this movement, will reach Game 7 of the Finals against LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers – and both teams could decide to end the season right there, without a champion. Now that they’ve decided not to end the season yet, the possibilities are endless.

                      Holy shit. Read that. "Oh we need to defund the police because LeBron won't play game 7 of the NBA finals if we don't.". Yeah, that is going to happen.

                    2. LMAO--that guy is steeped in levels of delusion that shouldn't even be possible.

                      If they keep doing these reindeer games, even indulgent Nosferatu-looking ghoul Adam Silver is going to have to concede that cancelling the playoffs altogether might be in everyone's best interest. LeBron and the superstars won't give a shit because they're already sitting on piles of endorsement money. The bench players would be fucked, but I honestly don't think they understand that. Their future-time orientation is too low to think past the next 20 minutes, much less two months worth of playoffs.

                  2. Max is so disappointing.
                    Used to like him when he was just doing boxing.
                    He's trash now.

                    Similar, but to a greater extent, is Bill Simmons.
                    He was literally my favorite writer.
                    But when he moved to LA, started going downhill.
                    He's useless now.

                    1. all this. ^

                  3. Kellerman is a joke. I'd like him to argue with Dana White....that would be interesting. Total cultural marxist woke...is from NYC?

              2. They're not allowed to pray to Allah.

        2. but it was literally the morning after "CHANGE OR I'M NEVER DUNKING AGAIN!" and there was no change ... so there was *something*.

          1. Yep. China does not approve of protests against the police.

  22. These are useful idiots who don't even know what they are "against". They are ignorant children throwing a temper tantrum and they don't even know why, or what they want out of it.

    1. Yup. They seem incapable of growing up and realizing that they are in the real world now not the spoiled bubble their dingbat parents raised them in. If there is one thing all of these people have in common it is that they refuse to believe there will ever be any negative consequences to their actions. Three cases really stick out. Two lawyers in Manhattan are facing a minimum federal sentence for something like 30 years for fire bombing a cop car. They and their supporters are in total shock this could happen. Who other than a spoiled child could think you could throw a fire bomb at a cop car and not face major prison time if you were caught? Then there is the dipshit in Austin who was running around shoving a rifle in people's faces saying people were too big of pussies to do anything about it. Sure enough he shoved his rifle in the wrong car window and ended up dead. Along those lines, there is the guy in Wisconsin who was filmed standing in front of armed men screaming "shoot me nigga", only to get his head blown off later in the evening after charging someone with a rifle.

      The people in all three cases seemed to think that they could do anything without any consequences. I think all of them really didn't think that anything bad could ever happen to them. I am dumbfounded that any adult could be so immature and stupid that they think they could fire bomb cop cars, shove guns in people's faces or attack armed men and not understand the danger they were putting themselves in. Yet, that is exactly what happened and will happen again.

      1. "there is one thing all of these people have in common it is that they refuse to believe there will ever be any negative consequences to their actions"

        Really driving this point home are the idiots who charged someone who had a rifle - even after he'd already demonstrated his willingness to shoot someone.
        No concept of consequences or their own mortality.
        I did enjoy the scumbag with his glock hesitating mid charge when he shot the skater trash. Right answer is to not charge the guy who has a rifle, but if you do at least commit

    2. Again, when you compare this to the civil rights protests of yore, the message here is completely muddled. Even the anti-war protests of the Bush Era had a pretty coherent message with a set of established goals.

      Even when the goals are stated (by protesters on the street), they're poorly articulated and impossible.

      "stop killing black people".

      Ok. That's packed with 10,000 presumptions that are both difficult (or impossible) to prove or refute.

      Black people are killed by police officers: True
      Black people are killed at a higher rate than white people by police officers: Maybe true
      Black people are unjustly killed by police officers: True
      Black people are unjustly killed by police officers at a higher rate than white people: Maybe, maybe not.
      The Black People we're protesting about were unjustly killed: In some cases, true, in others, false.
      The United States and all of its policing institutions are currently executing a pogrom against people color: Undoubtedly false

      1. MSU did a study and found no significant difference per racial characteristics in people shot by police; however,

        "The researchers involved in the study, “Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings,” asked MSUToday editors to remove the news story detailing the findings after they issued a retraction request to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, or PNAS, the academic journal that published the research. The researchers asked for the retraction due to misinterpretation of the findings that resulted from language used in the paper. You can read the researchers’ full statement, which is also available on the PNAS websit

        So, black people are NOT killed at a higher rate, but don't be talking that shit man.

      2. To be fair, Louisville did pass Breonna’s Law, and I doubt it would have passed without insurrection. It's not like the city didn't have problems with no-knock warrants previously.

        Although the continuing "protest" are mostly grifters and racebaiters. It's not like those people go away after the problem has been solved.

        But specific to Rand, this has echos of how the Elder Paul was demonized by the left (good article by Glenn Greenwald written at the time), as bringing up any other facet of the anti-war movement made the hypocrisies on the left pretty damn glaring (same could be said of Occupy). See the same thing with the recent critiques of libertarians by so-called police reformers.

        So this seems to be less idiocy and more BLM wanting to be the face of the police reform (and if they can manage forgiveness of student loans or whatever on top of; that's just good value) by discrediting everyone else (and of course painting police brutality as a uniquely black issue).

        Of course much of the sting might have been removed if libertarians spent 1/3 as much time speaking to police reform as they do tax policy (weren't those people derided here as cosmotarians).

        Ain't no angels here either.

  23. When your entire political knowledge is encapsulated in single sentences of ten or fewer words, it's easy to not know who you're yelling at to comply.

    1. Also, Harry Potter. None of them seemed to have read a book other than Harry Potter and A People's History of the United States. Both fantasy novels

      1. They all have read Harry Potter but then model their lives and politics after Dolores Umbridge. They are so ignorant and misinformed, I am not sure how they can ever fix themselves.

        1. They all read Harry Potter and then canceled Rowlings, who is fairly progressive and a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community and voluntarily gave away a large portion of her money to charity because she didn't believe in being a billionaire, because she doesn't think kids should be govern puberty blockers and that biological males shouldn't be allowed to compete in female sports or be allowed in female locker rooms. She supports their position 99% of the time, and even verified Dumbledore was gay, despite it really not mattering, but that was not enough for them.

  24. Saw a stream of on-the-street video of the peaceful protests around the RNC last night. It seems that guttural screeching plays an important part in getting your message out.

    And that one where the peaceful protester punched the guy in blackface and the cops started chasing him? Holy shit that dude screamed like a tween girl as he ran away.

  25. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rand-paul-attack-police-arrest-investigation-white-house-rnc-protests

    Ron Paul had a different view of the events than reason. According to Paul, he would have been killed if not for the police when he and his wife were surrounded and attacked by a "mob" yelling threats and pushing police upon exiting the White House after President Trump's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) Thursday night.

    "It was horrific," the Republican senator -- who had part of his lung removed due to a complication from the 2017 assault by his neighbor -- told host Steve Doocy of the "unhinged" mob that continued to get bigger and bigger.

    Reason again underplays how violent leftists actually are. They didn't just yell and demand that Paul say the name. They were threatening to kill him.

  26. Thursday night, the largely peaceful demonstrations outside the White House grew more tense and confrontational.

    Why do you write this retarded shit Robby?

    1. It is frustrating beyond all reason (heh). They chased a sitting US senator down the street.

      By the way, Robby, dear, occasionally violent would be perfectly synonymous with what you wrote, but for some reason, even though you are a professional writer, you never vary from the standard.

      The difference between you and the 'fiery, but mostly peaceful' guys, is only in relative degree of absurdity.

      Similar phases also as acceptable as largely peaceful demonstration outside the White House would be:

      sporadically savage protests outside the White House

      approaching maniacal crowds gathered outside the White House

      brute-squad atmosphere outside the White House

      attempted senator-lynching mob outside the White House

      1. Oh, and:

        Typical block-party weekend in less affluent parts of DC outside the White House

      2. Consistently violent would be more accurate

    2. Why do you write this retarded shit Robby?


    3. Just remember the US Army Air Force's "largely peaceful" demonstration of the detonation of a nuclear weapon over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

  27. > Paul, though, has done much more than just saying Taylor's name: He sponsored the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, which would prohibit no-knock raids.

    They don't bother to keep up with the news, all they need to know is already inside their Social Media Bubble.

    And it's NOT just the Left, it's everyone. I'm not going to be like the Dems or Republicans and demand social media be regulated, but social media companies need to look for ways to pop those bubbles. As bad as it was, the Old Media at least pretended fealty to fair and balanced reporting. But we don't have Old Media anymore. Barely even a New Media. It's there, both old and new, but no one bothers with it because their bubble tells them everything they need to know.

    1. Yeah, the problem is that Republicans want to regulate social media not that these people are violent lunatics. That makes sense.

  28. Is Reason ever going to address largely excusing rioters and looters for most of the last 4 months and relatively silent on the largest most disgusting display of government stomping on our liberties since 9/11 during the next three months or no? if you type in Charlottesville 316 articles come up largely about the statues and the protest, if you type in blm 104 articles come up mostly about the Bureau of land management.

  29. I propose that we amend the Reason style guide to replace the well-worn phrase 'mostly peaceful protest(er)s' with 'occasionally nonviolent riot(er)s'.

    Like the difference between 'mostly sunny' and 'partly cloudy' that they use in meteorology.

    1. Reason has to hedge their bets; some of these woke jokers will be hosting cocktail parties in 10 years time, not just crashing them.

  30. https://twitter.com/Phil_Lewis_/status/1299375345397903360

    there has never been a more open display of the gov hostility towards it's tax base in my lifetime.

    1. The official count for the rally was 7,000. No kidding. That is it. MSNBC is saying "thousands". That is true but not exactly truthful.

  31. Justice for Breonna Taylor will never be gotten by the demonstrations that turn into riots with looting, killings, arson etc. All these thing do is make many more victims that need to have justice. Now let us that expand that justice to the other black young black mostly men and children which are killed by black men.
    Until the Black Lives Matters include all killings of black young men (and children) in their demonstrations I cannot beleive that they are serious. IN addition to change what the police do change the politicians that control the police. Hold the politicians responsible to do the job that they were elected for which includes supervising the police and get rid of officers who don't perform according to what is expected. These officers that are accused of crimes against black men are also officers that have had other disciplinary actions which should have resulted in termination still on the payroll. Change the politicians and change the police and that can ONLY be done by the local voters. Vote for a different party, vote for different politicians but vote for a change. Change will not be enacted by the same old politicians.

    1. Oh BLM is serious - about Marxism and hating the US

  32. Good job, Robby!

    Keep digging. There is actually a story somewhere along here if you keep pulling at this thread.

    Rand "the Libertarian Republican" Paul is pushing police reforms, and the democrats are employing the filibuster to block police reforms.

    How is this not an important story on the nightly news? Why would the democrats block criminal justice reform?

    Why would "reform" activist groups like BLM rail against republicans who are trying to pass criminal justice reform? Why would they support democrats who are blocking it?

    Or writ small: Van Jones is a staple of progressive TV. A reliable quote-machine guaranteed to stoke the fires of racism in any conversation. Van Jones was at the White House meeting with Kim Kardashian where the pitch for freeing Alice Johnson was made. Someone recently leaked an account of the meeting. Apparently, as soon as they apprised Trump of the situation in full, he immediately took decisive action, picked up the phone and said Let's put an end to this.

    Van Jones had kind words for the president after that meeting.

    Now he's shilling for team D. He has been on the air saying things about Trump that are incompatible with that experience. I wonder why? What would make an ideologue who is all-in on race issues choose the author of the crime bill over the man he watched free Alice Johnson and subsequently use the first step act to free more people than Obama ever even bothered to look at. (I've seen pardon numbers compared, but to really have any chance of a fair evaluation you'd have include the thousands freed under 1st step. )

  33. I have not had the privilege of anyone yelling "say her name" at me. But if I am ever so lucky, my stand-by retort is, "say THEIR name", the their being Rhogena Nichols and Dennis Tuttle (white couple in Houston murdered by police during no-knock raid), and then insist they explain to me how one of two identical cases is racial and the other not.

    1. Devil's advocate: because the cops primarily responsible for their deaths have been charged with murder?

  34. I’ll raise my fist and shove it up your ass

    I’ll say her name after I fuck your bitch and make you watch

    Oh by the way npr and reason it was a riot. It was not peaceful. They are looters and burners. They are criminals not worthy of respect just a boot on their throat. Your errors in reporting this are noted.

    1. Well said!

    2. A man at a MAGA car rally was executed.


      It was a matter of time these bullying criminals were going to take to murder.

  35. BLM = Brainless Lying Maniacs

  36. Someone, I don't care who, please explain or clarify something for me. Thanks in advance for your time.

    Regarding this "say her name" business, why or to what end.

    1. Low calorie demand which forces another into an act of submission, or the "pick up that can" model of authoritarianism.


  37. This is proggies going full retard.

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  39. It's a mob. They shout what they're told. If someone shouted "gumba gumba" they'd all be shouting "gumba gumba".

  40. I love it how the "media" doesn't provide the added facts that Rand Paul wrote the bill to stop this and called it the Breonna Taylor act...but not to get facts in the way of the narrative..after all they told the facts...the mob ..."protesters" screamed "say her name" He did more than that. Where is Nick Sarwark? Where is Matt Welch? Where are the cosmo libertarians coming to Rand's defense?

  41. The crowd is not interested in facts. The crowds just knows Rand Paul has an R after his name and therefore evil. They want to lynch him. For justice.

  42. Randal is not a bad sort, as mystical Republicans go. But Republicans, like the Dems, are cogs in the Kleptocracy that consistently votes for the initiation of force. Worse things can happen than for some of these politicians to get a closer look at it once in a while--or get a taste of spoiler votes more than covering the difference between winning and watching an opponent stick a hand in the till.

  43. This is awful on many levels. Reading the entire story told by Rand is just nuts. Some of the protesters were staying in the same hotel. I actually agree with some of the Rs on this one, there should be an investigation into where these rioters are coming from. Are some really being paid to do this and who is paying them? It is just a bit fishy.
    But the reality is that the more the violent protesting goes on, the more it guarantees Trump's reelection. Considering the competition, maybe that isn't the worst thing. But I work with democrats that have told me that they are done with the democrats. I really don't think Biden like all this, I just think he is being limited. The Ds are just too scared to stand up to the violence and stupidity.
    It really is ironic that Rand took all of this. His record on criminal justice reform is good.

    1. If he does win, and this was all orchestrated, he has to use the full force of the law and crush them.

      Time to take out the garbage.

  44. These individuals have nothing to do John. Every one of these individuals are either jobless or work for some office or philanthropic whose workplaces haven't and won't be open for a considerable length of time. They weren't generally doing anything previously however now they haven't had the option to do anything socially aside from this since April. Exercise centers, Bars, cafés, games, church, screw simply escaping your home is screwing basic. We are country of broken individuals and the one's attempting to keep the lights, taking all the dangers and acquiring all the expense are as yet being chastised as lowlifes needing to slaughter grandmother. I sway continually yet I don't believe it's insane to accept the most noticeably terrible is still ahead.

  45. Yes, I'll say her name, Breonna Taylor was an accomplice in her boyfriend's drug dealing operation. Yes, she was a Paramedic for a less than 4 months a couple years ago and was fired after failing a drug screening test. She was the "bank" for the operation, laundering money through her checking account and her address where the shooting took place was a "drop point" for dope. Did she deserve to die in the "no nock" raid? Probably not, but the police WERE AT THE CORRECT ADDRESS ! ! !

    1. "Taylor joined the city as an EMT recruit in January 2016, became a full EMT by June and left the Metro Government in November 2016.

      Local attorneys for Taylor's family have clarified that she was working as an ER technician at two area hospitals at the time of her March 13 death, with aspirations of becoming a nurse."

      I don't care if she took drugs and I don't care if she helped her ex boyfriend with his business. It is not relevant.

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  47. One of the reason I hate some of these protesters, they frequentou make more harm than good for their own causes.

    1. *frequently

  48. It should be called the "Donald Scott Act", for the filthy rich but innocent heir to the Scott Paper fortune who was killed decades ago by cops executing a no knock warrant, hoping to find drugs and a reason to take the property.

    No Knock warrants are evil, in peacetime, against civilians.

  49. But according to Reason these are all peaceful protesters. This must be fake news.

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  51. According to the BLM movement's founders, good post-modernist, critical race studies advocates that they are, there are no "facts," just stories. One story is just as good as another. The story that Rand Paul is a racist and is unable to say Breonna Taylor's name is just as valid as the story that he did more than merely say her name. Since the latter story is not helpful for the BLM movement, that story is invalid and should be disregarded. The only proper story is that Paul will never say her name or be able to say her name.

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  53. There have been lots of rallying cries over the decades...."Say Her (His) Name" is among the lamest.

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