Nixon May Be Trump's 'Law and Order' Model, but He Was Smarter on Crime

He did not overpromise, and he had the good sense to stop talking about a country beset by violence when he ran for a second term.


Donald Trump consciously modeled his 2016 presidential campaign on Richard Nixon's in 1968, presenting himself as "the law and order candidate" who would eliminate the "violence in our streets and the chaos in our communities," despite historically low crime rates. But while Nixon recognized that continuing to describe the country as unsafe and crime-ridden while seeking a second term would not reflect well on his own performance in office, Trump still sounds like a harsher, less eloquent, and less subtle version of the 1968 Nixon.

By 1972, Nixon had stopped talking about a country beset by violence, notwithstanding a substantial increase in crime during his first term. Trump, by contrast, is still hitting that theme, notwithstanding a decrease in crime.

In 2016, Trump promised that "the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end" and that "beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored." In his inaugural address six months later, he vowed, "This American carnage stops right here and stops right now." Now he is trying to get re-elected by decrying the "rioting, looting, arson and violence" happening on his watch.

Trump tries to gloss over the contradiction between his pledges and the chaotic situation he is still describing four years later by blaming the latter on bad governance in "Democrat-run cities." He thereby emphasizes that the president has no power over local policing, which makes both the extravagant promises he made in 2016 and the contrast he is trying to draw now with Joe Biden look pretty silly.

"Your vote will decide whether we protect law-abiding Americans, or whether we give free rein to violent anarchists, agitators, and criminals who threaten our citizens," Trump said while accepting his party's nomination last night. "If you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will defund police departments all across America. They will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. They will make every city look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon. No one will be safe in Biden's America."

Trump did not explain how Biden would "defund police departments," how Congress would "reduce law enforcement nationwide," or how either would turn "every city" into a Portland-esque hellscape. If Trump, by his own account, is powerless as president to stop the "violence and danger in the streets of many Democrat-run cities throughout America," how would Biden as president make the situation worse?

Nixon in 1968, like Trump in 2016, exaggerated the federal government's role in fighting crime, a perennial habit of national politicians. But during a year more turbulent than 2016 or even 2020, he was still careful not to make any commitments regarding public safety and order that would be impossible to keep.

"As we look at America, we see cities enveloped in smoke and flame," Nixon said in his acceptance speech. "We hear sirens in the night….We see Americans hating each other, fighting each other, killing each other."

What did Nixon propose to do about it? "Tonight I do not promise the millennium in the morning," Nixon said in a passage the Trump and his speechwriters must have missed. "I don't promise that we can eradicate poverty, and end discrimination, eliminate all danger of war in the space of four, or even eight, years. But I do promise action—a new policy for peace abroad; a new policy for peace and progress and justice at home."

Regarding domestic peace and justice, Nixon promised to appoint judges who would be friendlier to law enforcement. "Let us always respect, as I do, our courts and those who serve on them," he said, expressing a sentiment foreign to Trump. "But let us also recognize that some of our courts in their decisions have gone too far in weakening the peace forces as against the criminal forces in this country, and we must act to restore that balance."

Nixon also promised to appoint an attorney general who would "launch a war against organized crime in this country." That attorney general, he said, "will be an active belligerent against the loan sharks and the numbers racketeers that rob the urban poor in our cities." He would "open a new front against the filth peddlers and the narcotics peddlers who are corrupting the lives of the children of this country." Nixon's most extravagant promise was that "time is running out for the merchants of crime and corruption in American society."

In his acceptance speech four years later, Nixon said he had kept his pledge to appoint judges who "recognize that the first civil right of every American is to be free from domestic violence." He added, "I want the peace officers across America to know that they have the total backing of their president in their fight against crime." And that was pretty much it. Unlike Trump this year, Nixon was no longer depicting a country plagued by crime and violent unrest.

So far we have been talking about rhetoric. What about the corresponding realities?

In 1972, the violent crime rate in the United States was more than 25 percent higher than it was in 1968. The homicide rate had risen nearly as much. Unsurprisingly, Nixon did not mention those trends, let alone dwell on them.

From 2016 to 2018, the last year for which the FBI has released final numbers, the violent crime and homicide rates fell. While those numbers were higher than the record lows recorded in 2014, they were still down nearly 50 percent from their peaks in 1991. Preliminary FBI numbers for the first half of 2019 indicate that homicides fell again. Jeff Asher of AH Datalytics found that murders spiked in major cities during the first half of this year, although overall violent crime was down. Yet Trump is portraying a country where violence is spinning out of control, a trend he says will only get worse if Biden is elected.

On the face of it, that strategy makes little sense. But it fits with Trump's general approach to politics, which requires demonizing the opposition to scare people into voting for someone they otherwise might not find particularly appealing.

NEXT: The Republican Convention's Defense of Trump's Trade War Fell Flat

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      1. “fall for your scam”

        He was still more honest than Sullum.

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  2. Smarter than Trump? Like setting the bar on the floor.

    1. Since Trump lives in your head and owns you and every Prog’s sorry ass, what does that say about you?

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  3. Biden wouldn’t defund police departments. The far left at the local level will. And it is more than a bit ironic that a magazine that has been criticizing federal funding for local law enforcement for years can now wonder “how Congress could reduce law enforcement nationwide.” Sullumn should try reading his own magazine sometime. If he did, he wouldn’t make such a stupid statement.

    Trump tries to gloss over the contradiction between his pledges and the chaotic situation he is still describing four years later by blaming the latter on bad governance in “Democrat-run cities.”

    The problem is chaos in Democratic run cities. Sulumn knows that. His readers know it. So, who is Sulumn trying to fool here? Does he just lie because that is what he does?

    1. John….Sullum picked his side. It is pretty obvious. It is also pretty obvious that a bevy of Reason writers apparently worked for Pravda, because their writing style is identical to that commie rag.

      1. As I have said before, at least the editors at Pravda feared being arrested by Stalin. The NYT, and by quoting that shitpaper rag, Reason, have no such excuse other than stupidity and malice. Trump is by no stretch a libertarian, but Marxism is the enemy of everything libertarian. Less freedom, closed borders, and, inevitability, the criminalization of wrongthink.

        5 year plan, 4 year plan, whatever it takes.

        1. You might have a point, if the choice on the ballot was between Trump and Marxism. But last I checked, Marx isn’t running for election this year.

          1. “…But last I checked, Marx isn’t running for election this year.”

            No, but the charade known as Biden it a proxy for a large part of the D lefties and they make no secret of their love for Marxism.
            You, OTOH, seem more than willing to provide screen for them.

            1. Well by that argument, Trump is a proxy for right-wing fascism. So the choice is between Hitler and Marx, right? Wow, what a tough choice. Maybe I’ll vote third party instead.

              1. “Well by that argument, Trump is a proxy for right-wing fascism. So the choice is between Hitler and Marx, right? Wow, what a tough choice. Maybe I’ll vote third party instead.”

                Ignoring that you are a pathetic piece of lefty shit, we’ll take your statement at face value, which means you lose.
                Fascism is left-wing; it is socialist, and only dimbulb lefties like you have yet to understand that.
                Fuck off and die.

                1. The dummies on the left and all the academics and experts put facisim on the right. But keep telling yourself it’s “socialist.” It can be and it could also be super conservative. Why are you so inbred and stupid Sevo? I can’t wait to eat you.

                  1. You mean all the commie leftist academics? Fascism is only on the right because it is to the right of full blown socialism. This is like saying that 98 degrees Celcius water is cooler than 99 degrees Celcius water. Technically true, but a useless distinction to anyone trying to drink it right now.

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        2. I know, right? NYT is such a horrible rag. Reason should be quoting paragons of impartial journalism instead, such as The Federalist, Fox News, and Breitbart.

          1. Gee, got a hard problem admitting the NYT is full of shit? Maybe that’s because you are full of shit.

          2. I love that chemjeff doesn’t realize how stupid he looks

            1. I am thinking Jeff is starting to realize Trump has a very good shot at winning re-election. That Jorgenson has no real shot (no one ever really thought she did) and Biden is fading, may have peaked to early (polling is definitely shifting Trump’s direction and there is no evidence of a post convention bounce for Biden, in fact he continues his downward trend even during his convention). The stock market and S & P are above where they started this year (my retirement has added $7000 net since January, $4000 since June, and had made up all their losses from February to early May by the last week in May), consumer confidence is way up,consumer spending is also up. They can no longer use the peaceful protest line and the riots are hurting their cause. I’m still voting for Jorgenson because Trump isn’t what I want as President but he’s preferable to the Democrats party platform any day. The Republicans have a good strong young, diverse bench. So even if they lose this year, the progressive platform will likely spell trouble in 2 years and in 4 years. The RNC has been quietly building an outreach to women and minorities that very well may pay off in the future. The Republicans may loose the last of the NeoCons and Rockefeller Republicans, but most conservatives won’t bat an eye that they leave (and if they join the Democrats, it may well help pull the DNC back a little more to the center, which would be a good thing for everyone).

              1. Trump’s support has only grown since 2016.
                Just going by his record on paper – tax reform, judicial investment, sentencing reform, regulation reduction, defeat of IS, executions of al Baghdadi and Suleimani, Israel-UAE deal, reduced illegal immigration, right-to-try, peace deal in Afghanistan, and all the other things that haven’t come to my mind yet – he’s been an unmitigated success.
                The arguments against him boil down to disagreement with style and the psychosis of his haters.
                Then you have the DNC vs the RNC, and that couldn’t have been a greater contrast.
                The Left’s moral is, as one of our commenters likes to put it, “everything (America) is terrible and unfair”.
                Antifa-BLM has completely jumped the shark, and the covid (fake) crisis is just about of steam.
                Must be tough for those whose sense of well being depends on leftists growing their power

                1. Everything is SO terrible and unfair!

                  The acronym doesn’t work without the so. Just sayin’.

                  And yes, lefty ideology can be boiled down to six words. They are pathetic.

        3. It’s not just that, but also that Trump is the closest to the radical pole of libertarianism that we’ve had in the White House for…60 years?

      2. As you and John have pointed out, Sullum knows better but his TDS is now showing up in every article. Last time I checked, Sullum lived in Dallas, where in 2016 a BLM incited shooter killed 4 police officers. Pre-election, Obama was still in office, and he came down and politicized the entire thing. I don’t recall Sullum writing about the implications of the violence or the Presidents response…

      3. No, Jacob didn’t pick his side. A boss picked it for him.

        Isn’t that clear from the past few year of reading HyR? These bloggers are no longer their own mouthpiece, but someone else’s. Read the things they wrote a decade ago, and notice how they all fell into lockstep since then.

        1. Yup. They are saying what they are paid to say. Just parrots.

    2. The funniest part about it is that saying “It’s bad governance in Democrat-run cities” is being polite.

      It wouldn’t be outside the realm of politics (and not necessarily politically imprudent) to construe Wheeler et al.’s collusion/active support as broadly representative of the party.

      I mean, for decades GOPers have been portrayed as supporting murder because they got an A+ rating from the NRA, whether they were members or ever attended a meeting or not, whether or not the NRA supported a murderer or violence at all. Now, we have many politicians documented as having told police to stand down and even Trump is politely describing it as bad governance.

    3. He is a leftist so all he cares about is his programming.

    4. Maybe Nixon was smarter than Trump, but Nixon’s opponents were also smarter than Trump’s opponents.

    5. The point is that Trump portrayed himself as the guy who would bring peace, which is a lie. Four years later, he’s basically admitting that he didn’t manage to bring peace.

      You may say “reducing crime rates is primarily a local and state matter”. In which case, why promise to end the carnage? No, the question is, “Who do you think TRUMP is fooling?!” by promising the same crap he isn’t capable of he promised four years ago, or by saying Biden (who’d be equally powerless about it) would make it worse.

    6. The logical fallacy is using national statistics instead of those for specific cities. People see cities burning.

    7. “The problem is chaos in Democratic run cities.”

      Nonsense. There are plenty of chaos free Democratic run cities. This is America. The problem is black people. Always has been.

  4. Of course, a man who ‘s name is his business brand would never foolishly model his platform after the most reviled president of the last century, but since when did that stop a Reason contributor from quoting the openly partisan NYT to support such an outrageous claim?

    The NYT might as well have said he modeled his platform after Mao, who also wanted law and order.

    1. I forgot to say ‘fuck you, Sullum’. Not for dissing Trump, I know you can’t help yourself, but for basing an article off political analysis from the NYT.

    2. It’s the biden campaign that keeps quoting Mao.

  5. > But it fits with Trump’s general approach to politics, which requires demonizing the opposition to scare people into voting
    At least the Democrats do not demonize their opposition.

    1. Funny how they never call Dems out for their divisive rhetoric. Blind spots are bitch.

  6. Except he took over in 1969, when the country had already fallen into a low-grade civil war, and the riots during the DNC are listed among the reasons that he ended up winning the election. By 1972, he was more worried about trying to get the country out of Vietnam and getting China under our diplomatic umbrella than putting law and order front and center.

    The fact that McGovern got BTFO in 1972 was partly an indictment of the violent radicalism of the New Left, and is what forced them to finally switch gears and figure out how to inculcate themselves within the system so they could actually legislate what they wanted. Most of the Watergate Babies were former New Left activists and college campus organizers.

    Things are different now because a lot of commie/DSA radicals and their simps are already thick in governments throughout the country from the local level on up and, save for a few notable exceptions like Occupy and the early BLM iterations, the violence didn’t really kick off until AFTER they were elected. A lot of the tards you see as elected officials now got their start during those two specific early movements, and if Hillary had been elected, I HIGHLY doubt they’d be turning the country to shit right now.

  7. Well, it’s apparent that the RNC was a smashing success.

    The MSM bitchiness, as evidenced by Reason’s articles this week, is proof positive.

    Go fuck yourselves, leftists

    1. Go fuck yourselves, leftists

      With a dildo made of 40 grit sandpaper.

    2. Well said.

    3. Apart from the fact that 2–3 million fewer people watched it than the DNC. Aww.

      1. Less people watched the networks.

        Not remotely the same thing in this day, but you keep self soothing if it helps.

      2. I havent seen anyone propose this but I’ve been suspecting that less people watched the network broadcast of the RNC because – why would you watch them if you thought it would be like watching pravda report on news in America during the cold war? wouldn’t they rather go to online streaming or cspan or some place you were less likely to get poisoned and heavily biased ‘analysis’?

        1. It’s biased unless republicans win. Yeah, I’ve heard that one. You’re free to google.

          1. Telling you think of supposed news reporting in terms of “winning” and “losing” you slimy faggot fucking piece of shit.

            1. I was just disputing the characterization of “smashing success” by using facts. Perhaps next time I’ll call people faggots and see if that strengthens the point.

              1. “I was just disputing the characterization of “smashing success” by using facts.”

                ‘You can keep your doctor’
                Fuck off, scumbag.

                1. Why are you whining that Obamacare didn’t give you something you never wanted?

                  1. Why are you always posting lies?

                    1. Redpill yourself into science, son.

                    2. Science? Considering how much science that doesn’t agree with your agenda you reject that is funny coming from you.

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                    4. Science doesn’t take sides on political agendas. Just whether stuff is true or not.

          2. i think you misunderstood,… i wasn’t talking about winning or losing anything… just positing why there would be less broadcast views of the RNC. Obviously the audience would be more conservative and it is by now obvious that conservatives regard the mainstream media as corruptly biased. So why would they subject themselves to that kind of ‘propaganda’?
            Its a theory to explain viewer number discrepancy – that is all.

            1. I watched the conventions on the internet. Liberals and young socialists love the internet. Granny who votes Republican is still getting her FOX News. So maybe the audience gap was even bigger.

              1. “I watched the conventions on the internet. Liberals and young socialists love the internet.”

                You can’t ever post without lying.

                1. You literally can’t post without trying and failing to read my mind.

                  1. A first grader could read your mind.

                    1. Child abuse!

                    2. Could you imagine. All the psycopathic rage and hatred, coupled with bathhouse montages and group sex in filthy public washrooms.

                      The poor kid would hang themselves.

            2. People were also very upset that networks, including fox, kept cutting away to give their talking heads babbling time

      3. Republicans don’t watch the networks — they watched it on line.

    4. Since the sole purpose of the modern Team Red is to ‘pwn the libs’, then by that score, yes it was a ‘smashing success’.

      Of course a responsible political party might take it upon themselves to offer an agenda that is more broadly appealing, but that is too much to ask for Trump and his fanbois.

      1. what was the agenda
        doesn’t seem like much of a platform. of the DNC….? orange man bad?

        1. wow.. let me unscramble that last one…
          what was the agends of the DNC platform? Orange man bad? doesn’t seem like much of an agenda

          1. You forgot more control over the economy and higher taxes. The Green New Deal and a publicly funded public option and tax payer funded abortions.

            1. And infringement on the 2A and regulations on political speech.

              1. And arguably freedom of religion.

  8. Could be wrong here, but I suspect the crime the R’s are referring to is the unabated lawlessness that Democrats have allowed to go on for months now. Sullum’s being disingenuous here.

    What’s gone unsaid by Sullum and others is how the Dem pols have stabbed their police departments in the back. That’s going to lead to worse performance by the police and makes an already difficult job more difficult. No one is going want the job anymore. Blue live don’t matter to the writers at Reason. That much is clear.

    Job one for office holders is to maintain public order. The Democrats have failed spectacularly through all this. The writers at Reason have all but ignored it. It would seem that Sullum and the his ilk support the violence. DJT has broke everyone, including the once fair-minded Sullum. He’s just another TDS hack it seems.

    1. The real crime is that they, their policies, and their own people created the problem in the first place, presiding over the ongoing carnage is merely adding to the injury

      1. So what would have been different if Team Red had been in charge of all these cities for decades? Would police brutality have been avoided? Would poverty have been eliminated? What specifically is the problem here?

        1. Overregulations that stifle entrepreneurship, locking people into generational poverty. Overtaxation to pacify an out of control public service unions demands. Overrestictive building codes, rent control and development control that drives housing and building prices through the roof, so that what is considered median income in red areas is barely above the poverty line in most urban blue areas. Shall I continue? I mean it isn’t like Reason hasn’t addressed these very problems. And yes, most of the violence in urban police departments is because the Democrats for decades have played footsy with the police unions. Most conservatives I know think it should be a hell of a lot easier to discipline and fire bad police officers than it is (also bad teachers and any civil servant). Also, perpetual pandering to victimhood narratives rather than actually attempting to address the above problems. I don’t know if Republican leadership would have fixed most of these. We only have a few limited data points (Guilianni and arguably Bloomberg his first term, and their Republican credentials are arguable at best, but NYC did improve dramatically under the former crime and poverty both decreased dramatically, but he didn’t really address the problems I listed).
          You are asking us to prove a negative, since the number of cities with a Republican mayor and enough Republican commissioners to effect any meaningful change is miniscule, to the point of not even existing. This is an intellectually dishonest reply, because we have no data to draw from. Yes we can point to rural towns, but the question of scale and other variables makes these examples useless for a true estimation. However, we have a plethora of data on how decades of single party control by Democrats have impacted these urban areas. Ergo, it is reasonable to suggest a change in these conditions may improve these conditions.

          1. Sure, but all that stuff can be fixed by safe injection sites…

  9. Nixon May Be Trump’s ‘Law and Order’ Model, but He Was Smarter on Crime

    Is that why he resigned rather than face impeachment?

  10. Again with the peaceful riots being Trump’s America? This is going to play about as well as the riots themselves did. The vast majority of Trump’s America is doing just fine right now, and the only areas having trouble are Democrat-run shitholes. It’s actually a brilliant election strategy on Trump’s part to point to what Americans in not-shitholes can expect to see if they elect Democrats to their government at any level.

    1. Again with the peaceful riots being Trump’s America? This is going to play about as well as the riots themselves did.

      Especially after the 1-2 weeks of “ZOMG! Trump’s secret police are snatching up protesters and leaving them alone! See? We told you he was literally Hitler!” nonsense.

      1. That was an unforced error.

      2. This like no other. I can only surmise that the bulk of DNC leadership is made up of left ideologues to the point where they’re not capable of strategic thought. The fact that everyone, including the faux libertarian author, in is back-paddling hard on this with fresh talking points (“during Trumps watch”, “he’s not Nixon”,”he won’t stop the riots”) is just a glaring admission of this.

        One thing I don’t understand is how they can reasonably expect this new angle to work – in absence of 1984esque rewriting of the past, people will actually remember that last month they were all pretending Trump is sending Stasi to pick up mostly peaceful white che guevara arsonists.

        1. “he’s not Nixon”

          I’d like to think the fact that we’ve gone from ‘Literally Hitler’ to ‘Worse than Nixon’ demonstrates, slowly but surely, reality is beginning to penetrate their delirium.

    2. I know, right? It’s a brilliant strategy! “Fuck all of you who live in cities, I don’t give a fuck about you, I only give a fuck about Real Muricans in the Silent Majority, MAGA BITCHEZ”

      1. “Fuck your basket of deplorables! Why the fuck would I need to campaign in Ohio? MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE EVA!”

        The only difference is that Trump didn’t actually say the things you’ve ascribed to him, and the cities will never vote for a Republican.

        1. Because the cities won’t vote for a Republican, that relieves Trump from serving as their president, right? Do you realize what you are saying here?

          1. “Because the cities won’t vote for a Republican, that relieves Trump from serving as their president, right? Do you realize what you are saying here?”

            Yes, you pathetic piece of lefty shit we do.
            Cities thrive on the promise of ‘free shit’ from D scumbags, and it is not hard to understand why, even for fucking lefty ignoramuses like you:

          2. Since when is the President in charge of governing cities? Isn’t that the job of the mayor or, failing that, the governor?

            1. It was 4 years ago.

      2. “I know, right? It’s a brilliant strategy! “Fuck all of you who live in cities, I don’t give a fuck about you, I only give a fuck about Real Muricans in the Silent Majority, MAGA BITCHEZ””

        Need help with that strawman, you slimy piece of lefty shit? Tony’s just up-thread and every bit as stupid as you.

        1. Trump has demagogued the shit out of city-dwellers from his LAWN ORDER obsessions to his insane claim about “destroying the suburbs”. Even 90-year-old Boomers such as yourself should be able to recognize this.

          1. Gee, pointing out that rioters are not ‘peaceful demonstrators’ and shitbag here all upset.
            Fuck off and die, lefty asshole.

            1. Oh, and I assume your proud of being a 1st-grade imbecile?

    3. That’s right. Continue to declare other American cities as ‘shitholes’ and see how far that gets you. A lot of people are genuinely offended when you all attempt to extend your ‘shithole’ rhetoric from foreign countries to actual American cities. Fuck you for denouncing and insulting your own fellow citizens in that way. Is that any way for a patriot to act? To be throwing his own citizens under the bus?

      1. “UHNORITE?”

      2. And fuck you for trying to pretend that American cities aren’t shitholes.

      3. Like Pelosi calling all Republicans Domestic Enemies? Just like that? Or will you try and claim that did not happen either. Or that Republicans were assisting murderers for supporting a different justice reform bill than the one she wanted passed back in June? Or the bitter clingers remark? Or basket full of deplorable? Or calling the widow of a slain (black) police officer a prop? Selective outrage once again from our sainted “individualist”.

        1. “Stop being divisive, you racist who wants to murder grandma!!!”

    4. This is the kind of crap that demonstrates that “America First”-ism is fundamentally based on fascism. Because it does not mean literally “help every American lead better lives”. If so then so many of the MAGA crowd wouldn’t be so quick to throw *their own citizens* under the bus because they happen to live in Portland or Chicago or anywhere else. Instead what “America First” really means is “Redefine ‘America’ to be ‘right-wing ideology’ and everyone else is regarded as an enemy of the state”, at least on some level. It is not “America First”, it is “Team Red First”, stealing the iconography of patriotism to justify their fascism. This kind of crap can’t be allowed to continue. It is why I will never vote for Trump or Team Red in its current incarnation.

      1. Stop crying like a bitch, bitch.

      2. Whine, whine, whine…
        Did your mommy say you were smart?
        She lied, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

      3. And the left has been any better? Oh I know you claim any example is a few isolated incidents. That’s why for four decades the left has labeled the Republicans the party of old, white men and any opposition to Obama was labeled racism. And even if it were a fringe, the mainstream left never corrected them.

    5. Rather live in these “democratic shitholes” then Trump’s America. Lots of jobs in the cities, and the hillbillies in Trump country can keep fucking their sisters.

      1. chemjeff has a sock puppet. Where have you been this year? Covid and the riots have made mega cities irrelevant. People can work anywhere and guess where they’re moving.

      2. Lots of jobs? Have you checked the most recent economic news? People are fleeing the cities because of little job opportunities and little chance of economic growth.

      3. The middle class has given up on the cities, and now the wealthy are following suit. Entrepreneurs have given up on Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City. They are leaving and they are saying they aren’t coming back.

        1. “The middle class has given up on the cities”

          America’s most sacred institutions are falling one by one day by day. The election may be the final straw. It’s bound to be the most corrupt, violent and contested in history. I question whether it will yield any definite results.

          There is no shortage of cities outside America the middle class would feel comfortable in. Prepare for the move by getting a passport (while there are still functioning passport issuing offices) and some facility in a second language.

          1. Don’t let the door hit your ass as you leave. No one will miss you. And it will be a better place without your nihilism and leftism.

            1. “No one will miss you.”

              That’s fine by me.

              “And it will be a better place without your nihilism and leftism.”

              Ir won’t be any better, You’re deluding yourself if you think otherwise. More to the point, you’re deluding yourself if you think anything good will come out of this election.

  11. This website is a joke.

  12. Trump faced his impeachment without resigning. And won.

    1. JFK might be a better example for Trump’s fate. One shot in the hair and he’ll be wishing his impeachment went another way.

      1. Did you write that yourself? How droll.

        1. Not droll. Violence will always be the last resort, and Trump is a natural as a target. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if an American takes a pot shot at someone whose last name is Trump over the next couple of months.

  13. Vote Trump to kick the shit out of faggot lefties and their evil ideologies.

    1. Vote Biden to show the racist, bigoted, inbred righties that most people despise them.

      1. Isn’t Richard Spencer all on board with Biden?

        1. I wonder how many anti-racist leftist have compared their rhetoric of anti-racism to the rhetoric that was popular with the clan, pro-slavery antebellum southerners (and some northerners) and pro-segregation early to mid 20th century politicians?

          1. The arguments of George Fitzhugh in defense of slavery prior to the Civil War are pretty much identical to the Left’s arguments since the 60s

  14. Another thing that was admirable is Nixon resigned for spying on an opposition’s campaign.

    1. Because he would’ve gone to jail otherwise. Something that wasn’t going to happen (ever?) to the other guy.

    2. Johnson was spying on Nixon’s campaign back in 68 when Nixon was spoiling the peace deals abrew in Vietnam at the time by making secret pacts with the south Vietnam dictators. I believe spying on presidential campaigns is the norm in American politics. All those spy agencies have to do something to earn their keep, after all.

    3. “Nixon resigned for spying on an opposition’s campaign.”

      The so-called smoking gun was Nixon’s taped instructions to have the CIA put a stop to the watergate investigation. Everything else was OK as Nixon’s minions were ready to take the fall for him.

  15. >>good sense to stop talking about a country beset by violence

    you assholes keep calling it peaceful like we’re in church which is it?

    1. Churches are where grandmas get violently murdered, so it checks out.

    2. You can’t go to church! But maybe you could if the sermon was about the “health crisis of systemic racism.” Then the ‘rona won’t get you.

  16. Your vote will decide whether we protect law-abiding Americans, or whether we give free rein to violent anarchists, agitators, and criminals who threaten our citizens.

    People watch the news. People see all kinds of stories on the internet. The reporting is widespread, because the violence and mayhem are widespread. There is no denying what is happening in these cities. It is not a coincidence that the worst cities with the most violence and mayhem are the ones run by Team D.

    POTUS Trump is not forcing the issue. By and large, when Team D Mayors and governor decline federal assistance to deal with riots, he lets them reap the consequence of their idiotic policies. The violence and mayhem are state and city issues that they need to address. This looks like a very libertarian-oriented policy to me; much more libertarian than Joe Biden will ever be.

    Parallels to Nixon in 1968? No, not really. The context of the time then (1968) is very different than today (2020). Sullum needs to make a better case, if he can.

    1. I believe the latest memo is that Trump has exacerbated the violence because he’s steadfastly refused to crack down on it.

    2. But he can’t.

    3. “Parallels to Nixon in 1968? No, not really. The context of the time then (1968) is very different than today (2020). Sullum needs to make a better case, if he can.”

      He could try, if he were honest, to equate the lefty-driven spying on Trump with Nixon’s attempt to use the FBI to intimidate journalists.
      But he won’t.

      1. Sevo…If Sullum were intellectually honest, he would analyze the policies of POTUS Trump and Biden using a libertarian lens for interpretation. He doesn’t, and that is too bad.

        Because when you look at what POTUS Trump is doing, or more to the point – not doing, it is clear his policy is light years more libertarian than anything Biden has done, or will do.

    4. Well said!

  17. Only a potted plant could fail to make law and order an issue this year.

    1. So don’t expect much from Biden.

    2. Oh no doubt both Trump and Biden will have something to say on the topic of Law and Order. But only one of them will irresponsibly demagogue the shit out of it and use it as an excuse to drum up even more fear and anxiety in a transparent attempt to use human suffering as a vehicle to get re-elected.

      1. But only one of them will irresponsibly demagogue the shit out of it and use it as an excuse to drum up even more fear and anxiety in a transparent attempt to use human suffering as a vehicle to get re-elected.

        The one who wrote and passed the crime bill that the inner city peaceful chimpouts are blaming for the current problem of police brutality?

        1. How does Trump’s boots taste?

          1. How does Antifa’s asshole taste?

        2. Maybe the one who talks about the omnipotence of “systemic racism” and judges people by the color of their skin

      2. “Oh no doubt both Trump and Biden will have something to say on the topic of Law and Order. But only one of them will irresponsibly demagogue the shit out of it and use it as an excuse to drum up even more fear and anxiety in a transparent attempt to use human suffering as a vehicle to get re-elected.”

        You bet! The lying piece of shit from the same party as the mayors giving free pass to the rioters.
        I used to think you were just mistaken; it’s now obvious you’re a fucking liar.

        1. Go back to playing pinochle.

          1. Go back to stuffing your gullet with snack cakes, fatty.

          2. “Go back to playing pinochle.”
            Go back to stuffing your TDS up your ass, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.
            Never played pinochle in my life and brain-dead lefty shits like you think that whine means somthing.
            Go back to texting while you’re driving, lefty scum. Maybe you and Tony will meet in a head-on, and the world will gain by the death of both of you.
            Fuck off and die.

            1. I pray we find a cure for your TDIYB(Trump’s dildo in your brain) Sevo, I hope and pray.

              Redneck, inbred bootlicker.

              1. Where’s LoedSteazzle to condemn this rhetoric? Where’s our sainted “individualist” to condemn this demagoguery? Oh yeah, silly me, why ask?

          3. Jealous that pinochle is to difficult for you? Is Go-Fish or Slap Jack more you speed?

  18. Trump has chosen to pretend that he’s not the president of the parts of the country that don’t want to vote for him. Totally different approach. The fun question is how he is planning to deny them of their say in the election, though we have a partial answer of course.

    1. Do you even understand the basics of how our country’s government works?

      1. No grasshopper, he does not.

      2. If you think it’s that the president gets to ignore any voter who doesn’t vote for him, you’re the confused one.

        1. Like when Obama told the people who didn’t vote for him to get in the back of the bus?

          1. He told Republicans who want to join him that they can sit in back of the car because the concerns of middle class families will be riding shotgun.

            Oh no, I need my smelling salts. Trump would never say something so inflammatory.

            1. “He told Republicans who want to join him that they can sit in back of the car because the concerns of middle class families will be riding shotgun.”

              So he said exactly the same thing, and you are stupid enough to confirm it? Assuming you have a cite


            Obama really broke you. You just can’t admit that a majority of American citizens freely and openly voted for someone whom you believe to be a traitor and a terrorist at heart.

            1. “Obama really broke you.”
              No, Obo broke lefty shits like you. He promises and lied on an almost constant basis and assholes like like you bought it hook, line and sinker.
              Hey, lefty scumbag, tell us how we can ‘keep out doctor’.

              1. You bought Trump’s lies hook line and sinker(which are far far easier to tell or lies). What does that say about you inbred, bootlicker.
                I’ll let you get back to fucking your cousin.

                1. Did Rev change his handle? Oh look the only people back our sainted “individualist” is Tony and Rev.

      3. Of course!

        Trump is not really president over the people in Portland. As we all know, Democrat Mayors have absolute authority over their little fiefdoms and Trump has zero ability to do anything at all about that.

        1. It’s almost like we live in a federal republic or some shit. Of course since you’re a Marxist totalitarian who believes in an all-powerful central state, it’s easy for you to get confused. But actually, law enforcement outside of a handful of federal crimes falls on the states.

          1. Kellyanne Conway has twice let it slip that Trump wants more violence because he thinks it is good for his re-election. You know he does because he’s the one standing at a podium inciting violence. And you people are here parroting the same scaremongering bullshit. People are to blame for the things they do.

            1. “Kellyanne Conway has twice let it slip that Trump wants more violence because he thinks it is good for his re-election.”

              Your cite seems to have gone missing, you lying piece of lefty shit.

              1. Let the protesters dead at the hands of counter-protesters serve as your cite.

                1. Your cite seem to have gone missing, you lying piece of lefty shit.
                  We can assume you have none and are once again lying as you always do.

                2. Won’t someone think of the poor child molesters and thieves?

                3. Let the 13 people killed in the riots by supposedly peaceful protestors act as your citation.

            2. You mean like how Don Lemon announced out loud this week that they (the media and Democrats) need to change the narrative and end the rioting because it is hurting Biden?

          2. And “federal republic” is equivalent to “medieval feudalism”. Got it.

            1. “And “federal republic” is equivalent to “medieval feudalism”. Got it.”
              And Jeff’s bullshit is bullshit. Got it, bullshiter.

        2. Weren’t you bitching just last month about Trump ignoring federalism when he did send in federal police to assist with the rioters against the wishes of local politicians? Why yes you fucking were. You were screaming federalism and calling them a Gestapo. You are now a perfect example of the disingenuous of this pivot by the left. And why no one who has paid any attention buys it. You can’t condemn Trump for not doing what you complained about him doing just a couple of weeks ago. That is the height of hypocrisy. We argued Trump had the authority you argued he didn’t. He seems to have accepted your sides argument (albeit he has offered help and given it when it was accepted since then) and now you condemn him for accepting your argument. And yes, some who were supporting Trump now seem to accept federalism (albeit many others also stated that if Portland et al want to go it alone Trump should let them).
          I think Trump’s power was limited to protecting federal property (which was my argument and many others) unless he invoked the insurrection clause. So you are now trying to have it both ways. And you wonder why people “are mean to you”.

    2. “Trump has chosen to pretend that he’s not the president of the parts of the country that don’t want to vote for him.

      Trumps’s not the only one.

      1. Has any president really acres as if they were President of the whole country? At least not recently. They pay lip service to it but hardly govern like it.

        1. *Acted

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  20. Well, we know who stole The Jacket.

    Seems Sullum needed it to properly jump the shark

    1. Added here for effect

      “Now the Associated Press is reporting that Rand used the word “attack” to describe our ordeal “without evidence.” This is disgusting and utter proof of their bias.”

      Yet Grandpa Sullum wants to tell us all about good ‘ol Dick Nixon instead.

  21. A few democrats (very few) are calling the violence domestic terrorism (as Jared Polis in Colorado did last weekend– I know he has gone from one side to the other, but has the money to run as an independent–as he should and called it what it is).

    John J. DeBerry, a longtime democrat and civil rights icon who marched with MLK, (his Father was an original founder of the NAACP) is now denouncing the violence and destruction of property as embarrassing to the civil rights movement.

    Reason is a real fucking piece of shit. Worthless, unskilled, afraid of risk taking, hovering in the safe spacing of PRAVDA.

  22. Nixon’s anti-libertarian law, signed within a day of the LP forming, pays the media tax dollars to ignore the LP. Wallace Dixiecrat spoiler votes split the Dems, ending the solid South. Totalitarians seen their chances and took ’em and the result is what we see burning towns and looting stores. What racial collectivist spoiler votes ruined, individualist spoiler votes have been repairing for nearly 50 years. It’d be silly to quit with our vote clout tripling every four years and causing them to repeal bad laws.

    1. “Our vote numbers have tripled at the same time the population has quadrupled. We’re winning guys!”

  23. The the solution is clear: Trump should invoke his insurrection powers and use troops and federal agents to suppress the Leftist uprising that has occurred and that may even include arresting and prosecuting Democrats (like Kamala Harris and Alanna Pressley) who openly encouraged and refused to condemn it. Worst of all, news outlets (like CNN) are trying to downplay the violence saying there is “very little” of it.

    The Left is at war and you put down a violent enemy like this with overwhelming force in which we are seeing violence and looting at levels worse than the 1960’s. The Left has gone back to it’s French Jacobin roots in which this conflagration of violence is their Reign of Terror 2.0. Don’t believe me? They’re lauding the idea of using the guillotine again (see below).

    1. This seems hinged.

      1. What else should/could he do? That is his only power to deal with these riots. And we know if he did it, you would pivot again and label him as overreacting sand shutting down peaceful protests. You can’t continue to try and have it both ways, most Americans don’t appreciate that style of hypocrisy.

        1. I think it is bad for the president to unilaterally deploy troops to kill Americans for having opinions he doesn’t like.

          Sorry that’s a controversial idea to you.

          1. That isn’t what is being called for, sorry if you like to straw man. No one is calling to put down peaceful protests, but to stop the arsons, looting and other crimes. Sorry if stopping destruction of property, assault, harassment and even murders (13 people have been killed by rioters since June, compared to two by those who support the police and one wounded and the evidence seems to demonstrate that was in self defense) is a controversial idea to you.

            1. And just to head off your next argument, I will add the Austin incident, though there is no evidence that was right wing related, so it’s three vs thirteen. And a large percentage of that thirteen were minorities themselves.

            2. “That isn’t what is being called for,”

              Nobody called for the police to strangle unarmed black people to death in the streets while bystanders captured the whole scene on their smart phones, either, but, hey, shit happens. 🙂

              1. You act as if it a binary choice. One can be for ending police policies that lead to brutality while not supporting the sins of the current movement. Gee, nuance.

        2. “That is his only power to deal with these riots.”

          As president his powers are varied. His greatest power seems to lie in him personally, his showmanship and his resolve to strike a deal with anyone. Instead you think his only power is to set police dogs on black people while the cameras roll. Your sadistic side is showing.

          1. Siccing dogs on black men? Really? Considering the vast majority of the rioters are white, this is total bullshit for that reason alone. And I was referring to the fact that the Constitiuton and federal law limits the President’s ability to interfere with what is a local police matter.

            1. Siccing dogs on protestors wouldn’t be a first or even a second or third. I’ve seen videos of police strangling black men in the streets which were otherwise peaceful.

        3. He could, you know, actually listen to the protestors’ concerns and actually try to do something about it.

          1. The protestors, not the rioters. And what exactly power does the President have to do something about it?

          2. The President can’t pass laws. Congress only has limited powers to pass laws in relation to local police departments. Again, you oversimplify the issue because you want to blame the President first and secondly because you don’t seem to respect federalism (unless it is convenient to you) and you don’t understand Constitutional limits of power (except when it’s convenient to you).

    2. That’s actually what the left wanted him to do, so they could whine about “fascism comes to Trump’s AmeriKKKa!” and he didn’t take the bait. All they got was a few Antifart toadstools getting party-vanned in Portland.

      Now, if he gets re-elected, if he decides to invoke the Insurrection Act, then that won’t be a surprise. They’re definitely going to riot and he’ll have the leverage he needs at that point to put them down.

      With any luck, we get a recreation of the MOVE riot in Philly.

      1. Trust me the violence is more widespread than that. It’s much more than the Antifart toadstools you think of. Just a few days ago BLM activists on their way to DC stopped off in a rural area of Pennsylvania and engaged in gun fights with local residents (link to news story below).

        Tim Pool covered this in one of his videos on his YouTube channel. Like I said, Reign of Terror 2.0 and targeting the rural areas are the places that support Trump. They won’t always be successful, but it’s abundantly clear the Left isn’t going to limit their rioting, looting, and even killing to major and minor cities.

        Even Kamala Harris said the “protests” will continue even after the election and with the vast amounts of cash and nonprofits the Left has to launder money to finance this crap, rest assured their in this for the long haul. Trump either has to declare an insurrection and use federal troops or the national security apparatus has to be utilized to take these vile terrorists down.

        1. Everyone (almost) carries in my town from the little old lady driving her deceased husband’s pickup to church on Sunday from their ranch in the country, to the mayor, to the president of the Lions club, to the legion post commandant to the grocery store owner. Even our local Democrats carry. Mainly it’s to deal with coyotes, badgers, ground squirrels, raccoons etc but also because we have 12 deputies in a county 2300 sq miles in size. We are our law enforcement up here, we are our first line of protection. We also all shoot fairly regularly. We hunt, we fish, a large percentage of us are veterans (with about half of that population combat veterans). We help out our neighbors and we protect our own. As I write this, I am within 10 feet of a firearm. This is the reality of many rural Americans.

          1. You carry a pistol around with you to ‘deal with ground squirrels?’

            I was reading about Svarlbard, an archipelago half way between Norway and the north pole. The weather is a lot milder than Canadian or Russian counterparts due to the warm currents in the Atlantic, but everyone there carries a rifle to deal with polar bears, which are about a million times more dangerous than even a wounded ground squirrel. By the way half the inhabitants of the place are Norwegians and the other half come from all over the world thanks to open borders regulations that allow entry and residence to one and all, visa free.

            1. And, what is your point? When I lived in Alaska I carried a pistol to deal with grizzlies, and I still own it. But shooting a ground squirrel with a 425 gr hard cast, flat nose .44 magnum round seems a bit excessive. But a .22 magnum is perfect for most varmints. And a .22 magnum is enough to kill a human if need be. During deer season I carry a .270 want, which is enough to kill a moose or an elk, so I am not worried about it’s ability to stop a human if need be. My wife’s pistol is Springfield XD-40 loaded with 140 gr Remington Self defense rounds. Again, I am not concerned with it’s stopping power.
              I’m not quite sure what you were getting at with your non-sequitor about the Svalbard islands. Gee, people with different needs carry different styles of guns, who would have thunk it? Fuck, that was stupid even for you.

              1. Carrying a gun about with you to ‘deal with squirrels’ seems exessive to me. I would understand it better if you were facing a plague of polar bears as they are more dangerous as the tough minded and residents of Svarlbard do.

      2. So we agree that whoever wins the election gets to exterminate his political opponents?

        So glad there’s no fascism around.

        1. Who said exterminate except your side?

        2. Yes, we agree. And based on what happened to your allies at Kenosha, you’re in deep shit.

          1. So genocide is only bad when socialists do it. I think we’ve arrived at the crux of the debate here.

  24. Another CNN/Reason piece bizarrely not Libertarian.

    1. Reason is now a postmodernist libertarian TDS rag.

  25. These are different times and the left is now allowing widespread violence in the streets. This is not the protesting that helped stop the Vietnam war, this is criminals violently ruining cities. People on the left no longer care what is actually right, wrong, true or false. Trump will win in a landslide because of this violence and because the left forgetting about the middle.

    1. No, the left is now promoting violence.
      In 2016, the left said ‘if Trump is elected, there will be more violence’.
      Trump was elected and the left provided more violence.

  26. Chemjeff seems very upset.
    But we should cut the spaz some slack, since he did lose one of his child-raping heroes the other night

    1. I’ve seen comments from you advocating mass murder and praising a dictator Putin. You’re evil bro. You may not realize it but you’re the villain.

      1. I’m sure your opinion matters to him or any one else here.

        1. You’re hopelessly dumb. Fuck.

          1. Oh you hurt me so bad. What a whitty retort. It sure showed me. How will I ever live with myself now? Oh the humanity.

  27. Most people in these cities are doing just as fine(if not better than all the incest lovers in Trump Country). The Covid regulations is what is killing most the businesses. To be fair I feel bad for any business owner in downtown Portland, but shit happens.

    1. If they’re doing so well, why are they so mad? Why are they attacking their local governments? Why is the mayor of Portland’s home being occupied by rioters at this moment? Why are people running around setting their city on fire if everything is going so great?

      1. Because there’s 330 million in this country. It’s easy to find a few hundred here and there doing this or that.

        1. I see you condemn Nardz for his rhetoric but don’t condemn KillAllRednecks for his. I mean his very name, if you applied the same standard should be enough to condemn his rhetoric. Gee, maybe you’re just another partisan hypocrite.

          1. Bro, I’m fucking “redneck”. Of course I condemn people murdering me. I assume the guy is a rightwing agitator. If he’s not, once again, killing rednecks like me is very bad.

            1. Please, you are only redneck because you once watched a duck dynasty marathon and once entered a Cabalas or Bass Pro Shop (which are now the same company).

        2. Why are the few hundred only in the cities that have strong Blue cultures and have been run by the Democratic Party politicians for several generations?

          1. The President “runs the country” so by your logic that sack of shit is responsible for it all.

            1. Thanks for confirming that your kind has no self-control.

            2. Runs the country? Where does it say that in the Constitiuton? Pretty sure we have three seperate but equal branches of government with built in checks and balances and live in a federal republic. Do you know what any of that means? To summarize it means no one runs the country.

  28. . . . had the good sense to stop talking about a country beset by violence when he ran for a second term.

    C’mon man! Sullum, you’re better than this.

    Might there be some differences between the violence in the country leading into Nixon’s second term and the violence in the country leading into Trump’s?

    Like that the violence Nixon got elected on in his first term was mostly illusory and used as a scare tactic to get a ‘lawn order’ candidate into office while the current violence is openly and directly a result of Democratic policies – both in the methods of policing that sparked the *very real* violence going on right now and in the underwhelming response to that violence. Where the Democrats left innocent people at the mercy of rioters in order to appease their extremist Left base?

    You think that a Republican President might not want to point that out? Or that the *Red states* aren’t having these issues? You don’t think that that might change the response calculations a bit?

    1. Of course it’s real this time, you believe in it. It’s not like there are actual Nixon holdovers with their enormous white asses parked at the DOJ.

      There is real violence going on. Rightwingers need to calm the fuck down and stop shooting people. Rightwing terrorists were responsible for three-fourths of extremist-caused deaths last year. You are the problem. Round yourselves up.

      1. If you think rightwingers are not calm now, you better buckle up into your carseat because the ride will start getting interesting if the left keeps pushing their violent, fascist agenda.

        1. I have no illusions about the depths of your stupidity and gullibility.

          1. Says the person who still blames the Covington kids despite mountains of evidence to the contrary and always misrepresents what people are actually asking for in regards to using federal troops to stop rioting (not to stop protestors) and the person who condemns Trump for not ending the violence but when someone gives an example of the only way a president can stop the violence gets all worked up that that action would just be using force against opposition political views (btw when you said this, did you realize that you just confirmed that you consider the violence your sides legitimate views?).

            1. Anyone who even mentions that weasel-faced dork again is a fucking lunatic. That you can’t get over one single incident of bad manners in the park while BLM is protesting cops murdering people is itseld white privilege of the most ludicrously foppish sort. Jesus goddamn fuck, you people.

              I’m just asking you to judge things honestly without first sliding Trump’s cock down your throat, that’s all.

              1. Okay, how do peaceful protestors end up killing 14 unarmed people since the start of June? Is it unfair to judge based upon those results? Or the billions on dollars of property damage? The small business owners who have had their livelihoods destroyed?
                You create a false dichotomy. You focus first on only police brutality towards blacks, and secondly you state if you don’t support the current movement (and it’s tactics by extension) you must be a Trump supporting fascist. You don’t allow that people can be for police reform without supporting your party and it’s current tactics.

          2. For someone who calls people stupid so often, you say a lot of stupid shot.

      2. Nixon was president 50 years ago, and he’s dead. Exactly how old are these holdovers in the DOJ? Were they unpaid toddler interns in the 70’s?

      3. Nixon resigned before I was born.

      4. Nixon holdovers? Seriously? You thought this would pass without anyone noticing that Nixon was in office in the early 1970s and its not 2020? Who are these octogenarians then?

        There is real violence going on.

        Yeah, I said that. If you had read the post instead of spurging. That was central to my core thesis there that things today are not the same as they were when Nixon ran for his second term.

        Rightwingers need to calm the fuck down and stop shooting people.

        Fuck around. Find out.

        Don’t start shit, won’t be shit.

        Ever noticed how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn’t have fucked with?

        1. Notice he talks about the two people killed by one person, a single incident and not the 13 people the rioters have killed since June? Even if it wasn’t self defense (which the evidence strongly suggests that it was self defense) the body count is 13 for alleged left wing rioters and two for alleged right winger. One incident compared to thirteen seperate incidents. Oh, we can maybe include the Austin incident, so if we allow that, it is still three vs thirteen, and two incidents vs thirteen incidents. Where was he when an unarmed black Trump supporter was killed by the rioters, or an unarmed mother, married to a minority, was killed by rioters? Or a black police captain trying to maintain the calm?

          1. It is now 14 after the executed (yes executed two bullets to the head) an unarmed Trump supporter in Portland last night.

  29. Street violence is a fully owned product of the left and has been for decades here in the US. There is no organized street violence from the right.

    Regardless of the gaslighting by the media, all rational adults in the US realize who is the problem, and it is certainly not the right. No rational citizen wants their corner store burned down, yet that is what is happening across deep blue urban centers. It is alienating the working class and imho, the dems made a grievous error in facilitating this. They thought like Ferguson before, the violence would abate as people tired and went back to work. But too many dont have work right now and it has not abated, only escalated.
    It is an election year, and Trump administration isnt dumb enough to send in armed troops to quell the violence. But it is difficult to imagine private citizens tolerating this as it continues to escalate towards the election. americans are slow to anger and a highly tolerant people. But i fear that limit is quickly being reached and the idiots ‘protesting’ may be looking at a very rude awakening if they dont back off.

    1. Mikep2,
      I agree with every word you said.
      Every normal person in America is looking at the riots in Portland, Seattle and Kenosha and saying I sure hope that doesn’t happen here.
      This street violence is not playing well in most of America.
      I am wondering how the store owners and store employees of Portland, Seattle, and Kenosha are going to vote in the next election.

    2. Totally agree = Regardless of the gaslighting by the media, all rational adults in the US realize who is the problem, and it is certainly not the right. No rational citizen wants their corner store burned down, yet that is what is happening across deep blue urban centers.

      They are doing it to themselves = Deep Blue urban centers

  30. “Smarter on crime” sounds like a compliment. Hitler was “smart on crime” too.

    1. And you call out Nardz for his rhetoric and then offer this? Self reflection and awareness isn’t something you work very hard at is it?

      1. The black market sure seems like it thrived under him. Political violence and crimes against humanity. Maybe he meant Hitler supported crime?

        1. Allied crime went down during WWII because everyone was busy fighting a war, most notably young men who tend to commit the most crimes. Maybe he meant if we had another world war the crime in the cities would go down?

          1. Juvenile crime shot up in London during the blitz and there was a general slackening in morals. Extramarital affairs and black marketeering etc.

      2. Exploiting the chaos and street gang violence in Germany to become a dictator. Y’all aren’t on my level apparently.

        1. “Bro the communists are getting shot bro what about freedom bro who’s going to get you fired for your tweets and scream at you while you’re trying to eat your meal bro like come on man.”

        2. Yeah we surpassed your level when we didn’t get held back in 3rd grade.

  31. Trump doesn’t have to be “smarter” on law and order because the Biden-Harris team are being retarded about it!

  32. “Law and order”

    You fascist fucks are going to love the new Sheriff in town come Jan 2021. You gonna get all kinds law. We’ll see how much that empty slogan “law and order’ appeals to you once we come to power.

    1. The left are the fascist wannabes. Is that even in any doubt anymore?

    2. So you answer to supposed fascism is to double down on fascism? Do you even stop to think before you post shit like this? I mean it is so self evident that this actually makes your side look vindictive and totalitarian.

    3. You deride us a ‘fascist fucks’ while gloating about ‘coming into power’ – the language of a fascist.

      1. It’s like the Smithsonian being anti-racist by posting something that was almost word for word arguments the Klan used to support segregation.

        1. And Antebellum slave owners used to support slavery.

      2. Fighting monster is perilous shit. I know how to turn back from the abyss.

        1. You asked for this, hicklib, and now that you’re getting it, you don’t want it. Fuck you, there ain’t no “return to sender” once you open that box.

        2. Said every human rights abuser in history.

    4. Leftists: “40 more years! Twitter do yo thang! We want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and we think it’s funny!”

      Human Beings: “Well, fuck you, then, prepare to be violently resisted.”

      Leftists: ::surprised Pikachu face::

  33. When Nixon ran in 1972 the riots of 1968 were long over. The riots RIGHT NOW should be ignored, because he’s running a second time?

    This isn’t 1968, or 1972. It isn’t Trump who did illegal surveillance of the DNC, and used the IRS as a weapon on the “Enemies List”, it was Democrats who used FISA/FBI to sureil the Trump, and the IRS (Via Obama) on conservative groups.

    I don’t remember the 2016 that crime and disorder was anything but a side show (With little fanfare) on the Trump Campaign trail. Immigration was the main talk (The Wall, another ring in that circus.) and that has taken a backseat now to disorder and far Left Wing politics using Biden as a marionette for their plans till AFTER Biden takes over.

    So excoriating Trump for going after crime and disorder, when all are increasing exponentially in Democrat run areas, is kind of stupid.

    Too bad Breonna Taylor and the militarization of the “Drug War” is only a side show when a felon who shoved a loaded gun in a pregnant women’s belly (Previous crime) and was overdosing on Fentanyl and Methamphetamines (Floyd) and a domestic abuser (Who had or was reaching for a knife) getting shot by police are the focus.

    I dislike Trump, but just like last time, are you going to vote for Mumblin’, Bumblin’ Stumblin’ “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden instead. I wasted my vote on a Third Party candidate last time, but I was NEVER voting for Hillary Clinton, ever. For anything.

    1. Voting for Biden is voting for fascism and the end of freedom

      The left isnt even being shy about it anymore, fully endorsing the fringe and backing blatantly fascist groups like antifa and BLM. Love how they are running around deep blue cities demanding citizens demonstrate fealty to the cause. Anyone with one iota of knowledge of history knows where this goes.

      Trump isnt a fascist, he’s a nationalist/populist, regardless of the projection issues of the left. Disagree with trump and right and nothing happens to you. Disagree with the left and their orthodoxy, expect to be outed, fired, ostracized. voting for biden is asking for orwellian fascism.

      1. I’m a fan of neither but it’s pretty clear the left and the DNC espouse unhinged and incoherent policies and views.

        Who’s the equivalent of the illiberal Squad in the GOP?

        The DNC is in a full blown civil war and it has spilled over into the streets.

        Reason should offer up some solutions. Just calling Trump names and law enforcement ‘federal agent goons’ is sophomorically pointless.

        There are riots. People’s property, businesses and lives are being ruined. People are being pulled out of their cars and beaten, people protecting their businesses are being walloped as the cost due to obscene damages rises. Worse, the ‘protests’ don’t even seem to be about anything principled but just nihilism for its own sake. There’s no ‘there, there’ to any of it. They can ‘say’ whatever they want about why they ‘protest’ but I think there’s more at play here.

        If this isn’t a case of Mayors and Governors failing to uphold their oath and duty to protect the people, I don’t know what is.

        There’s no question a lot of it is politics and specifically designed to hurt Trump.

        The Big Ten cancelled its season. But then decided it will play AFTER the election. Biden is out there saying there’s no college football because of Trump which is an absolute BALD FACED LIE. I heard Trump on Outkick. He’s been calling for the opening for the economy for months and wants to see College Football.

        So, to me, Keven Warren cynically and disgustingly shut down football because of Trump. That’s my take. His kid can play at Miss. St. but he will ruin the lives of kids in the Big Ten with a shot at the pros?

        At this point, it’s not about Covid and protecting the kids and people. It’s just a malevolent political game.

        And people like Cuomo, Biden and Whitmore are the faces of this cruel game.

        Not Trump.

        1. Not to mention the thirteen killed. The mention the three rioters killed, but not the thirteen, unarmed, many who were minorities, who have been killed by the rioters.

        2. So, to me, Keven Warren cynically and disgustingly shut down football because of Trump.

          Rufus, that is your own version of TDS. That anyone making any decision that you don’t like must be because they hate Trump, not based on other considerations.

          An overwhelming majority of the Big Ten schools voted to postpone college football to the spring.

          I don’t like the decision, myself. I think football can be played safely this fall. But I also fully admit that I am not a university president nor a football coach and I don’t have all the details. And I’m pretty sure these university presidents and football coaches are far more concerned about the welfare of their own students and athletes, FAR more than whether Trump is re-elected or not.

          1. He said in June he was going to make it about politics.

            1. What is the “it” in your statement? Kevin Warren said in June that he was going to base the decision on whether to play football on presidential politics? Do you have a source for that?

              All I could find from what he said in June is that he was starting a voter registration initiative. Hardly the controversial thing.

      2. “voting for biden is asking for orwellian fascism.”

        Voting for Trump isn’t going to make anything better. For Trump and his family, sure but it’s downhill to badness for the rest of us schlubs.

        The election is shaping up to be an even bigger travesty than usual. And you’re completely taken in by it.

        1. Biden said he would use the military to remove Trump. No idea how or what that means.

          Pelosi said she would go after his taxes even if he loses.

          This on top of all the legit insane things the cretins in the party have said these past four years which are ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY Orwellian and fascistic in rhetoric.

          The RNC is not in Arkham. The DNC is.

          1. You’re in denial. You haven’t seen nothing yet. It’s only going to get worse and voting for Trump isn’t going to change that.

    2. “I dislike Trump, but just like last time, are you going to vote for Mumblin’, Bumblin’ Stumblin’ “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden instead.”

      You’ve got more important things to worry about than who to vote for. You may get to vote for someone but the chances of it getting counted in a judicious, timely, and meaningful way seem to diminish daily. You should be looking beyond this punch and judy show and tend to your own garden.

  34. Why is ‘democratic run-cities’ in quotes?

    Isn’t it a FACT?

    1. “so called” Democratic run cities?

    2. Reason’s #1 core belief is that the democrats aren’t responsible for anything bad at all that happens anywhere, at any time.

  35. Nixon was smarter on most stuff than the last several presidents put together.

    1. Also, while crooked, demonstrably less evil than the previous 3.

  36. By the way, here’s a shining example of some of the “peaceful”, wonderful BLMers that Reason loves so God damn much:

    1. They looked like regular run of the mill black guys. How can you tell they are BLM cadres?

  37. BTW did anyone else see that the Judge in Illinois postponed the extradition hearing for Kyle so she can review the video evidence at the request of his lawyers and the Kenosha DA didn’t counter file. This is just speculation on my part but could it be because the Kenosha DA knows he can’t prove homicide of manslaughter because the evidence supports self defense?

  38. Thump’s trope of “violent anarchists” is a most effective response to the LP having let itself be infiltrated and gulled by the nationalsocialist Mises Caucus into putting a communist anarchist on the ticket to sabotage Jo’s campaign. A year before that election a goggle-eyed whack job injured and murdered a bunch of folks in Colorado as an Army of God “warrior for the babies.” Results indicate that was the call to get out the Comstock Law vote to elect God’s Own Prohibitionists. Zippy Spikehead was made-to-order to make the lot of us out as incendiary communist anarchists. Will it work?

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  41. more TDS from unReason.
    2020 is the year of the stupid.

  42. So, it’s official, ‘Law and Order’ isn’t he basis of Maslow’s needs nor is it a TV show, it’s a nefarious strategy to usurp mankind!

    In spite of the displays in Portland and elsewhere, common sense still rules mankind.

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