Joe Biden

The Democratic Convention Was a Brief for Biden's Character. Policy Got Left Behind.

The focus on personality over policy obscures as much as it reveals.


Just before the Democratic National Convention, the Pew Research Center released a poll finding that the single biggest reason Joe Biden supporters preferred him to President Donald Trump was that he wasn't Trump.

Looked at one way, this was less a reason than a tautological statement of fact: Biden is Biden and Trump is Trump, and never the twain shall meet. But it was also an electoral strategy in waiting, a readymade narrative for a campaign that needed a story to tell. In this result you can understand why the convention took the shape it did. Over four nights this week, Democrats went about making the case for Biden's campaign by pointing out, over and over, that he is very much not Donald Trump. 

Trump, in this telling, is a man of low character, devoid of empathy or decency, unable to care about anyone but himself. He is not just a bad president but a bad person, a soulless and addled narcissist who cannot be redeemed or trusted. Biden, the speakers implored viewers to understand, was the precise opposite of this: a man of decency, integrity, and empathy, someone who has known personal tragedy and can feel others' pain. 

Sometimes this contrast was implicit, as in the repeated, heartbreaking invocations of Biden's personal losses: his wife and daughter as a young man, his son as an elder statesman. The convention gave viewers a Biden haunted by personal tragedy who had the personal will—the strength of character—to carry forward anyway. 

At other times the contrast was explicit. "Character is on the ballot," Biden said in last night's acceptance speech. "Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy. They are all on the ballot. Who we are as a nation. What we stand for. And, most importantly, who we want to be." It wasn't just Biden's character that was at stake. It was the character of the entire country. The election, as Biden has said before, would be "a battle for the soul of this nation." 

The appeal of this pitch is clear. Even among those who support the president, many grumble about his tweets and offhanded offenses, his coarseness and lack of focus. Trump's counterpunching style has its fans, of course, but it has always been polarizing, to say the least. And it sidesteps more prosaic political disagreements over, say, trade policy or taxes. To focus on Trump's character, and how Biden departs from it, is in many ways the safe and obvious choice. 

Yet this approach also has drawbacks, and it served to obscure as much as it revealed, minimizing Biden's actual plans for the presidency. The convention told us plenty about who Biden was. But it said much less about what exactly he would do. 

Yes, Biden sketched out a plan to fight the coronavirus—produce medical supplies, make sure schools have resources, develop rapid tests, impose a national mask mandate—but the sketch was brief to point of seeming almost pro forma. Early in the week, a segment on health care promised to build on Obamacare but spent far more time on stories of personal tragedy than on the particulars of Biden's plan. A determined viewer could find an agenda for a Biden presidency, but it was the kind you could fit in a tweet

Biden's defenders might offer any number of excuses for the decision to relegate policy to a glossy, emotionally laden skim: the compressed nature of the convention, the need to hook viewers with individual stories rather than boring policy explainers, the availability of more detail online, the widespread sense that personal decency is actually the most urgent issue in this election. All of these reasons have at least some degree of validity. 

And yet there remains a certain disconnect with the liberal project that rose up during the Bush presidency and dominated through the Obama years, a project that insisted that policy, and policy detail, mattered more than the personalities on stage. There were variations to this approach, but the underlying idea was that for too long politics had been covered as a personality contest, a sweeping drama of presidential wills and colorful characters, rather than a technocratic discussion of policy merits built around white papers and expert legislative analysis. Mainstream journalism outlets put together special teams and sections just to cover policy, and policy journalists—often with good reason—criticized Republicans for being too vague, too unconcerned about policy particulars. 

Biden's campaign isn't substanceless. Since he started running, he's put forth any number of policy proposals, and a group of Biden affiliates recently released an extensive list of policy recommendations negotiated with Biden's primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (IVt.). But aside from a brief appearance by Sanders himself, the convention mostly left this aside, focusing on what Pew found to be his primary advantage, and what has arguably become his signature issue: not being Trump. 

Character may well be the deciding factor in the election. Trump is no policy savant, and throughout his political career has defined himself largely via his performance in culture war skirmishes, moments in which he demonstrated his character, almost always to his detriment. And it certainly true that in the Oval Office, character influences policy, which Trump has shown time and time again, particularly (but not only) when it comes to trade and immigration

Yet as important as character is, it only tells you so much about how a political candidate will act in office. And the DNC, for the most part, was a brief for character, not policy, for decency, not ideology. That's not nothing, especially when you're deciding who will occupy the White House, and it may well be enough to win in November. But it won't be enough to govern in the years that follow. 

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  1. He is the authoritarian that Trump is accused of being.

    1. Alinsky 101 accuse your opponent of what you’re doing.

      1. Which is what the de Croats have been doing to Trump.

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  2. Biden is a known plagiarist, is guilty of any number of instances of seriously strange and creepy behavior towards women, bragged about putting US policy in Ukraine up for sale, used his position as VP to get his deadbeat son rich from running Chinese government sponsored investments, and very well may have sexually assaulted a woman in the 1990s.

    The fact that the Democrats decided to go with Joe’s character, tells you all you need to know about how bad and unpopular their actual policies are.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’re intentionally trying to lose so they can riot for the next four years.

      1. But once they lose, the riots will be immediately and exclusively confined to cities run by democrats, so who cares?

        1. Agreed.

          If the people who live in big cities don’t care that their communities get destroyed, who am I to care for them?

          As long as they keep their shit in their cities, I’m good.

          1. Except that the Democrats love to use the criminal behaviors going on in their cities to push one-size-fits-all policies on the entire country, especially gun control.

            They lump in the gun murders committed by inner city black and Latino drug cartel repeat-offender gang members into the national or statewide stats, then promptly proceed to strip innocent gun owners of their rights for crimes they never committed.

            So we can either do one of two things: stop the Democrat activists from forcing one-size-fits-all policies onto us, or make sure they die trapped in their cities.

            1. Build walls.

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        2. Maybe we can use this as a legitimate opportunity to thin their ranks down to a more manageable number.

        3. But that’s kind of self-reenforcing: You arrange for riots to destroy the cities, the economy there tanks, the tanking economy produces more hopeless people willing to riot…

          They’re manufacturing shock troops. Happy people don’t make good shock troops.

    2. On campaign in 2012 told black people that Mitt Romney, of all people, was going to put them back in chains

      I am really at a loss at how anyone can tout Biden as an example of good character and civil politics. I suppose his style of lack of integrity and honor is accepted in a member of the political establishment in good standing, but I don’t consider that clique to exemplars of virtue.

      1. I remember hearing that and cringing. Romney was a solid candidate, and there is nothing in his record that would suggest reinstatement of Jim Crow laws. The Democrats take the Black vote for granted, and Biden has shown that time and again.

        In general, I am puzzled by critiques of Romney’s character. Maybe you don’t like his policies, but by all accounts, he really is a good person. He voted to impeach Trump. He’s a man of principle.

        Finally, the other big cringer in that race was when Romney said we needed to be concerned about Russia and Obama said that the 80’s called and wanted their foreign policy back. 1) Um, how much have we been talking about Russia in the last, oh, 5 years? 2) Childish sniping like that made Obama look small.

        1. Romney appears to be a decent individual on a personal level, up he’s, his politics are atrocious and not good for this country.

        2. Romney was a solid candidate,

          Nah, Mitt was a piece of shit. Don’t forget the dirty tricks he pulled against Ron Paul.


    3. All, or at least, many of the things you said about Biden are true. Are you concerned about similar skeletons in Trump’s past?

      1. There are none like what was listed. Trump’s entire adult life has played out in the news and the tabloids. Whereas Biden has a demonstrably vile history largely downplayed by a compliant progressive media.

        Do you really think that if there was something truly damning about Trump out there that the entire establishment media wouldn’t go to any lengths to get there claws on it?

      2. “All, or at least, many of the things you said about Biden are true. Are you concerned about similar skeletons in Trump’s past?”

        As always, the sock WK offers claims and no data.
        Is this the reason you’re hiding from your past handle?

    4. I am not gonna defend Biden, but in any character comparisons between Trump and Biden, Biden wins hands down. It’s not even a contest.

      1. You defended Biden.

        1. If I say you are not as much of a shithead as someone else, does that mean I am defending you?

          1. If you interject yourself to do so, yes.

            1. Well, then you can’t complain when I say you are not quite as much of a piece of shit as Tulpa. After all, I am defending you.

        2. I’m not going to make generalizations but most statements that start off with “I’m not going to do X” end up doing X

      2. By the way. Weird hearing an anarchist take the side of someone who spent 45 years in government enriching his family as of better character.

        Guess character is simply not being mean.

        Biden has done far more that effects you and your freedoms. Weird you defend that.

        1. Why is that weird? Are you claiming that just because you work for the government, you don’t have good character? John is gonna be hurt.

          1. I was explicit in what I said, you ignored it as you always do.

            Biden has done far more that effects you and your freedoms

            Was 4 sentences too much for you?

            See unlike you, I judge character based on actions and not on words.

            1. We were talking about personal character, not what policies Biden has voted for. You can have good personal character and mistaken views, and vote for bad policies in good faith.

              1. That is insane. A “nice” guy who votes for abysmal policies is not a nice guy.

                1. It depends on whether you are judging “nice” by intentions or results. Looks like Chipper is doing the former, and you are doing the latter, so the two of you don’t really have a disagreement.

          2. Yeah man, Trump is a shit head who has done all sorts of damage at the border (but not in the border of foreign countries). But there is absolutely ZERO other area that actually matters where Biden is better.

            Let’s see:
            1) Criminal Justice: Trump wins, just by trying to undo some of the laws Biden put in place.
            2) Corruption of Government: Let’s just assume Trump really did *try* to get the Ukrainian government to investigate his opponent. Biden and the Obama administration obviously did that (working with Australian and British intelligence). On top of that, Biden’s family was getting stinking rich off of areas he was directly involved in policy.
            3) Drug war? Biden all the way. And let’s not forget lock-em-up Harris.
            4) Taxes? Trump wins.
            5) Spending? Biden has a record of spending more, more more. And while Trump is no deficit hawk, Biden is on the record for saying he’ll spend even more.

            I thought it was stupid when the GOP picked Romney, architect of Romneycare to go against Obama in an election where Obamacare was a weakness. But for some stupid reason, they did it. Biden is in the same bucket. For all the areas they want to complain about Trump, Biden has a proven record of being worse.

            1. Some of Trump’s policies are better than Biden’s, some are a lot worse. Trump is responsible for the biggest bailout in the history of the world. That’s gonna be hard to beat.

              1. Trump was – or Obama was?

              2. “…Trump is responsible for the biggest bailout in the history of the world…”

                It’s spelled P-E-L-O-S-I; you might make a note of it.

                1. Perhaps, but it has always been the unwritten rule in Presidential politics that if it happens on your watch, you get the credit or blame. In Trump’s case, it’s not an unwritten rule:


                  1. Nice, a ‘buck stops here’ quote.
                    Now try to grow up:
                    “House Speaker Pelosi unveils $2.5 trillion Democrat coronavirus stimulus plan as Senate bill stagnates”

            2. “I thought it was stupid when the GOP picked Romney, architect of Romneycare to go against Obama in an election where Obamacare was a weakness.”

              Both parties, for the huge nation-wide organizations they are, have a surprisingly shallow bench, or they have very heavy-handed gatekeepers in their central committees. I suspect it is the latter more than the former.

              1. I wish he would have made the commerce clause argument and stopped there. States can experiment with things like that; the feds should not. End of conversation.

              2. “…Both parties…”
                To be sure…

      3. I would be interested in understanding how you think a man who’s spent 48 years in politics pushing for ever more draconian laws and state control, has a long history of inappropriateness with women *and* girls, has a son who very obviously sits on boards solely because of his access to a politician with influence (aka Joe Biden), and is currently telling everyone that he’s for the sorts of policies (like Defund the Police) that he’s spent a career – and the running mate he’s chosen has spent her career – opposing.

        Compare that to a brash, unpleasant New York real estate mogul who certainly has his own problems with women and corruption.

        I don’t get how you can come to the conclusion that Biden ‘wins hands down’. They’re both pretty scummy characters.

        IMO, the difference is that Trump hasn’t spent 48 years trying to fuck up my life.

      4. It depends on your definition of character, Biden is the consummate politician and lifetime second fiddle just like John Kerry. He will say whatever is necessary to keep himself in good standing with the powerful elite. He will promise anything to anyone that can keep him in power and then when the time comes will renege on every promise just like John McCain. He has made himself very rich doing it.

        Trump on the other hand is not a smooth talker and if you follow twitter maybe is a bit rude or obtuse (I don’t so that matters less to me) but he could care less about what the powerful elite think about him and he has tried to keep every promise he has made. The only thing holding him back has been the bureaucrats and the Dems with their frivolous lawsuits and Obama judges. He promised a wall and whether you think it is a good idea or not he has fought tirelessly to fulfill that promise. He promised to lower taxes and he got that done. He promised to get us out of the endless wars in the Middle East and again the congress and bureaucrats have stepped in to thwart him. If they gave him half the support they gave Obama we probably would have a real peace deal with Iran and North Korea but when you see half the government saying “we will reverse anything he does as soon as he is out” why would they?

        So go on believing Biden has more character because the Hollywood elite tell you he does, that is your right. Personally I believe he is just another professional politician that will smile to your face while they pick your pocket and make your life harder to please the elites he wants to hang out in Martha’s Vineyard with.

      5. Are you worried about character or policy? Trump is not a good person, but Biden might usher in massive executive power, single-payer health care, allow the collapse of our cities, cave to the demands of the radical left… when all that happens, will you be able to say, “Yeah, but he’s a better guy than Trump?”

        I don’t give a shit if the person in charge is a nice person. I care about what they do. And I am really concerned about what is happening in Portland and Seattle and Chicago and NYC. I am 100% against a federal mask mandate. That would be a HUGE mess. They’ll have to create a mask division of the FBI to go out and enforce that shit.

        I don’t like Trump. I believe he is unqualified. However, I fear the direction that the left seems to want to take us. I fear that more than I fear Trump’s tweets. Would I prefer a different Republican candidate? Fuck yes. But given the state of our Democrat-governed cities and states, I can’t get on board and think this is the direction I’d like to go.

        1. Exactly Lady Dada! Im seriously concerned about the policies a Biden administration will bring. He and Harris have proven a willingness to bend in whichever way the political winds blow to advance their personal ambitions. Biden was a failure as a Obama. His experience and relationships were supposed to compensate for Obamas lack thereof. That didn’t happen. Now they demand voters should pin all their hopes for the future on the ‘Bidens a real nice guy’ con. Um no. Hard pass.

      6. No, it’s not a contest. Biden is a violent rapist and sexual predator. Biden has sold out this country to China, Russia, and Iran, among others over and over.

        Seriously Chip, how can even you be this obtuse?

      7. Trump is a rude, insufferable jerk and a compulsive liar and braggart.

        However, Biden is flat-out corrupt. There is no explanation for the Hunter Biden situation. None whatsoever.
        He is a serial assaulter of women. There have been multiple recorded instances, and several accusations of groping that were swiftly retracted. Reade was the only one brave enough to actually stand up to the man, and she was fired for it.

        As a finale, Trump is an angry man, but he has consistently worked towards peace far more than any predecessor in my lifetime. Certainly more than Bush or Obama. It’s the character of what you do that matters more than what you say. I think blowing people up is a far bigger issue than being a meanie on social media.

      8. “… Biden wins hands down.”

        Are you fucking kidding me? He has been documented acting very inappropriately with children and it’s borderline pedophiliac behavior. That alone is magnitudes worse than anything Trump has done. The old fucking creep deserves to get his mushy skull kicked in by one of those children’s fathers. Then again everybody knows he’s a devout Catholic, lol.

        1. Trump is a dick, and nothing hurts a eunuch’s feelz as bad as a dick

    5. The worst thing we know with certainty about Biden’s character is that he knowingly and repeatedly lied about the tragic auto crash which killed his first wife and severely injured his children by falsely implicating Curtis Dunn of being intoxicated.

    6. I know! WTF is this character BS with his record?! The man did plagiarize (Kinnock), has no notable legislative accomplishment (the crime bill doesn’t count). A total non-entity.

      Yeah, let’s see those Team D voters get fired up for Slow Mo Joe. I can’t find Biden signs on lawns here in the People’s Republic of NJ, the bluest of the blue states.

      1. There is one Biden 2020 sign down the street from me. This is the only one that I have seen in the metro area of 350,000 that I can find. Actually the only one I have seen in this state. The signs do exist. I actually helped chainsaw up some of this guys branches last week as he lives right across the street from a friend of mine.

        1. I’m in SF; I’ve seen none.
          I’ve also seen no Trump signs, but even SF people don’t want to clean graffiti off their houses.

    7. He also repeatedly smeared the man who killed his wife and daughter in a tragic accident as a drunk driver.

    8. I agree, and it’s even worse IMHO.

      Think about Trump revealing his potential SCOTUS nominee pool before the election – that’s unprecedented transparency to the public (something Biden hasn’t done nor has any reporter brought it up AFAIK). Then remember “You can keep your plan, your doctor and you’ll save money”.

      Democrats don’t tell you what they’re going to do, and when they do tell you, they’re lying. Yeah, their actual policies are “bad and unpopular”. Their policies are good for them, and bad for the public.

  3. It’s kind of karmic, considering Trump won in 2016 on the strength of not being Hillary Clinton.

    1. That’s not what happened.

      1. In your view, what happened?

        1. I agree. Can you answer WK’s question and tell us what you think really happened.

          1. A large portion of Trump’s votes were first time voters or Obama voters. They weren’t hillary hating standard republicans.

            But facts are pesky things against a narrative.

            1. You know, just because somebody was a first time voter, or an Obama voter, doesn’t mean they didn’t hate/loathe Hillary Clinton. She’s one of a kind, a remarkable combination of sheer Machiavellian political competence and negative charisma/horrifying record or corruption.

              Without the competence nobody would have heard of her outside Arkansas. Without the loathsomeness, she might have achieved President for Life.

              1. I don’t believe she’s actually all that competent. She’s just an uncharismatic sociopath whose sole success was hitching her wagon to a husband who was a spectacularly charismatic sociopath. Her career path sprang from being First Lady, proceeded to an anointment into the Senate that was not earned, a failed presidential bid that won her the consolation prize of a cabinet appointment, then another failed presidential bid. There may be no justice in the world (she’s not in jail after all), but all the many embarrassments Hillary has suffered almost look like karma.

              2. Sorry, I can’t buy any claim of competence on Hillary’s part. She got as far as she did on Bubba’s coattails, and then she blew the election by not following Bubba’s advice. She’s an arrogant bitch who believed she was entitled to rule us just because she has female body parts.


        2. What happened is that the Democrats couldn’t put up a credible candidate. You could just as well say that he won because he wasn’t Bernie Sanders either – because he would have won if the Sandman had gotten the nod.

          1. Maybe so. I have a feeling Sanders appeals to more people than Hillary, but I don’t have any hard data on that.

            1. It is worth noting that Clinton appealed to more people than Trump. It is just that that distribution was not in right states.

              1. It’s hardly worth noting: The “right” got more votes in that election than the “left”, so I think we can say that Hillary was near her hard ceiling, while in a real two way race Trump *might* have pulled off a majority. Or maybe not, he has a hard ceiling, too.

                But there are few things stupider than attributing significance to the popular vote in an election where the candidates are trying to win in the Electoral College, not win the popular vote. If the popular vote actually mattered, they would have run rather different campaigns, and the voters would have reacted differently. There’s no telling how things would have turned out in an alternate election where the rules were different.

              2. I also would like to state that people in California are far more likely to either not vote or vote third party rather than bother voting Republican. There’s just no point due to the state’s demographics.

                I think that if we didn’t have the electoral colleges, many states would be far closer, as people think that their votes did count. I know I wouldn’t have written in “Ted Cruz” if I thought my vote would change anything.

    2. If the rest of the country’s primary concern was being liked by their white liberal neighbors than Clinton would have won by double digits. In reality, this election is going to be just as close, because the problem for Democrats is that their brand is virtually poison outside of affluent metro areas.

      1. Don’t disagree with you. Hillary Clinton lost the last election by being arrogant and condescending toward huge chunks of the voting public.

        1. It’s the nature of the Democratic Party, because, like Republicans they are moved by their base. I agree that Hillary was roundly disliked by the public and that benefited Trump, but to a larger extent the animosity that urbanites have toward the rest of the country is really what has regulated the Democratic Party to regional party status.

          1. Maybe you are right. In the last election, dislike of Hillary was such a strong factor that it is hard to know how it would have gone if the Democrats had a more personable candidate.

            1. You’re right too, though. Biden definitely has a much much much better chance at defeating Trump than Clinton did.

              Two stupid crotchety old men arguing about who’s the bigger racist and who shat his pants more during a debate is the fate that this country deserves good and hard.

              1. “Two stupid crotchety old men arguing about who’s the bigger racist and who shat his pants more during a debate is the fate that this country deserves good and hard.”

                Sigh, it is so.

              2. Part of that is the media environment: The only way the media could become more hostile to Trump is if they wore explosive vests to his next press conference.

          2. As an ex-native NYer I dont think its animosity so much as indifference and ignorance. So many people in large cities have never really been exposed to life outside of where they live. I’ve moved from the Bronx to a small town in Delaware back to the Bronx. Then to Queens. Then to.Philly. Now to the Pittsburgh area. Most of rhe people I know from NY have never lived or hardly visited anywhere else. They believe they are so much more worldly and sophisticated because that’s part of the con that small cities and towns are full of close minded racist people. Im black and I find people are nicer and more genuine and welcoming in smaller cities or towns. But they’ve been indoctrinated to fear going outside of their comfort zone how would they know. The news plasters stories of individual racist or discriminatory attitudes or actions and entire regions are characterized as intolerant and closeminded.

      2. Yes, and the GOP brand is poison in mot urban and suburban areas.

        1. I’ll give you that to an extent. The GOP does a terrible job of marketing itself to the black community. That needs to change.

          The good news is that there are a lot of fresh GOP faces in congressional races going into the general election. Blacks Latinos. Woken, etc.. Some of them are pretty solid candidates. Not that anyone would ever know, given that the leftist media intentionally ignores them..

          Can’t have those folks wandering off the democrat plantation.

          1. Because conservative blacks are treated like mythical creatures. Like unicorns. When the Dems call me to ‘confirm’ that I support Biden, they are shocked! Shocked! When I tell them I feel the party is taking my vote for granted and I’m undecided. But those volunteers never waver from party script. Like Stockholm syndrome. At least the GOP lets their people speak off the cuff.

  4. “And yet there remains a certain disconnect with the liberal project that rose up during the Bush presidency and dominated through the Obama years, a project that insisted that policy, and policy detail, mattered more than the personalities on stage. There were variations to this approach, but the underlying idea was that for too long politics had been covered as a personality contest, a sweeping drama of presidential wills and colorful characters, rather than a technocratic discussion of policy merits built around white papers and expert legislative analysis. Mainstream journalism outlets put together special teams and sections just to cover policy, and policy journalists—often with good reason—criticized Republicans for being too vague, too unconcerned about policy particulars. ”

    When was this? Did you imagine this or are we just making shit up now to appease our white liberal friends?

    1. Remember all the “thorough policy” about “rape culture” and “the wage gap”? Or remember the intellectual thought that underpinned the logic of nearly the entirety of the Democratic caucus voting along with Republicans in support of the Iraq War (you should remember that Suderman, you were an Iraq War booster)? Or remember the deep thinking involved in forcing nuns to buy birth control?

    2. I don’t see where Suderman is getting this. One of the defining characteristics of the Obama presidency was a major cult of worship of Obama’s persona.

      1. Suderman was one of those worshipers, so don’t expect him to call that out.

        1. Maybe Suderman can write another masturbatory piece praising Mitch Daniels? Or write another article about how Kavanaugh is unfit to sit on the court because he got upset when people accused him of being a gang rapist? Or maybe just an advice column on how best to pee sitting down?

        2. And a bunch more criticism of Obamacare from Suderman:

          I’ve just listed three, but there are many more.

          1. I respect Just Say’n, but he has a certain blind spot when it comes to hating Reason and misremembering how far they stray from libertarian ideals. It’s probably an unavoidable side effect of reading LRC for so many years.

            1. Question: What’s LRC?

          2. Ummm.. where is the criticism of Obama in that article?

            1. “But as the law settles into place, Peter Suderman notes, the pretense that the Affordable Care Act actually makes health care more affordable is increasingly difficult to sustain.”

  5. Nobody ever wins the “I’m not him” election.

    1. Trump won with “I’m not her.”

      1. T won with “Drain the Swamp” and MAGA and “Lock Her Up”

        1. He did not too much draining most of his own people were corrupt. He spent more energy bailing out his buddies with pardons than in draining any swamps.

          1. after he won.

        2. “Lock her up: was just a dickish way of saying “I’m not her.” It’s not like he had any plans to actually prosecute.

        3. I won with “I noticed that dress you are wearing today. Looks great on you. Hey great presentation today. Want to stop for a cup of coffee after work ?”

          What were we talking about again? Lost my train of thought there.

          1. Umm, congrats?

        4. And ‘Build the Wall’.

      2. Actually it was more of with a “fuck you”.

        1. Fuck You should be a choice on the ballot.

      3. Romney votes were “Not O” votes for a comparison. Nobody wanted anything to do with Romney

  6. It’s funny to watch the Democrats go from “We’re stuck with this guy?” to “OMG he’s the dreamiest!”

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  8. “Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy. They are all on the ballot. Who we are as a nation. What we stand for. And, most importantly, who we want to be.”

    Killing babies is compassion.
    Allowing the burning of cities is decency.
    Canceling scientists is science.
    Presidential national mask mandates is democracy.
    We as a nation of fascists is our goal.

    Oh, yeah. ol’ Joe is going to lead Kween Kamala to the throne in a landslide.

    1. You are aware that Trump is pretty darn close to meeting the dictionary definition of “facist”.

        1. Agreed, Trump is actually the most law abiding president we have ever had – and to a fault at that – complying with BS court decisions that he constitutionally doesn’t have to.

      1. Please provide the dictionary definition of fascist.

        1. Etymology:
          1922, from Italian fascismo (from fascio (“bundle, fasces”), from Latin fasces ultimately with reference to the fasces or bundles of axes and rods carried before the magistrates of ancient Rome in token of their power of life and death). Originally only applied (usually capitalized) to Benito Mussolini’s Italy which used a representation of the ancient fasces as its emblem.
          Any system of strong autocracy or oligarchy usually to the extent of bending and breaking the law, race-baiting, and/or violence against largely unarmed populations.

          (That sound like certain high tech companies and Hollywood studios combining with a Presidential candidate promining unconstitutional mask mandates, cabinet level departments of racism, and a nation-wide unconstitutional gun confiscation?)

      2. MollyGodiva
        August.21.2020 at 4:24 pm

        We are aware that MG is a fucking lefty ignoramus.

    2. Do you actually think abortion is killing babies, are you using dead babies as a political zinger instead of a massive global crisis, or both?

      1. Tony, do you need science explained to you AGAIN?


        1. Science is not the proper domain to consult when deciding whether something has personhood rights.

          1. Actually it is. However, as a progressive, the concept is obviously beyond your limited comprehension.

            1. No, it really isn’t. But I’ll humor you. What’s a person?

              1. Human Life

                1. Does that include all the bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mites that comprise our bodies along with the “human” cells?


                  1. Wow. That is Chemjeff levels of sophistry right there.

                  2. Is someone with a transplanted organ one person or two?

                2. See Vernon, and I think we’re circling back to “it is what I say it is and that includes fetuses.” I’m asking what science says a person is.

                  1. As you already pointed out, science has nothing to say about that. It’s a philosophical question.

              2. I’ll turn the question back on you Tony. What about a human fetus does NOT constitute human life?

                1. What about a pregnant woman does not constitute a person?

                2. Maybe it does constitute human life. These are just words, and they mean what we say they mean. Maybe a skin cell constitutes human life.

                  The question for this context is what constitutes a legal person. You can say we should confer the rights an adult enjoys on a fetus, and that’s a not-illogical normative claim. And you can make it even while understanding that doing so necessarily reduces the number of rights available to adult women and makes society a worse place to live for adult humans.

                  That last bit is the stuff you have to sell, because I can just as logically say a fetus isn’t a person anymore than a skin cell is.

                  1. “These are just words, and they mean what we say they mean.”

                    And thereby Tony writes off the Rights of Man as a moral principle It is only about what definitions a faction has the strength of will to impose on the body politic.

  9. Suderman the only policy we needed was for Trump to have mandated a national mask edict and all our problems would be solved. He would have saved probably every life in this country from the rona with that act alone based on my computer model I developed. Joe would have compassioned the virus so much it would have felt to bad to infect us.

    1. Funny thing though; he never once mentions who was in the administration that did not replenish the national stockpile of PPE for emergencies.

  10. The best thing about this year’s DNC convention is that they didn’t preempt my favorite telenovela.

    1. Which is?

      1. que culpa tiene Fatmagul

        1. Los Yasaran violan a la inocente Fatmagul en la noche de la fiesta de soltero de uno de ellos y ella los denuncia. Siendo ricos, usan su dinero y su influencia tratando de evitir el castigo.

          1. So it kind of fits in with the sexual predators of the DNC using their wealth and influence to avoid justice.

      2. Sorry didn’t mean to flag this. Trying to close another damn pop up ad.

        1. Chrome and adblocker; not an ad in sight.

  11. If we are talking “character”, both Biden and Trump are sadly lacking. Ultimately, this election will be a battle of ideology. The Radical Right, despite their claims, has never been the puppetmasters of Trump. You can bet the Radical Left will definitely be the puppetmasters of demented Biden with his socialist mistress, Harris. As a Libertarian, I have my beefs with the statist policies of the Republican party, but I will take their preference for market based solutions and emphasis on free speech any day of this new authoritarian Leftism that we will endure under stooge President Biden. Vote for clown Biden at your own peril, but don’t call yourself a defender of liberty ever again.

    1. Which statist policy offends you more; lower taxes or less regulation?

  12. I don’t think uncle Joe is a bad guy. He is kind of a klutz and probably not the sharpest crayon in the box.

    Trump. Right now I am seething about him wanting a boycott of Goodyear. I am a rust belt guy. Goodyear still has its HQ in Akron. 160 year old American company has kept us rolling through good times and bad. The policy applied to all political gear. I just can’t go on about what I really think about him any further. Well at least that might piss off some people in a swing state.

    The other candidate, Jo Jorgensen on the other hand, is intelligent, articulate, and seems to have excellent character. Which probably disqualifies her. I am going to support her anyway.

    1. If GY’s policy applied to “all political gear” then BLM and LBGTQ support would be impermissible.

      “Social justice” bullshit IS political Marxism.

      1. I don’t know about BLM but I assume gay is not a political party.

        1. Gay us not, but he didn’t say that. He said LGBTQ, an agglomeration of interests. Which most surely makes it political.

          1. Yes. The idea that Ls, Gs, Bs, Ts, and Qs even HAVE significant common interests is a political ideology.

    2. He is a bad guy. Don’t let the homesy facade fool you. This is a man who spent nearly 5 decades trying to destroy the Black community. This is a man who wants to remove the only thing that stands between you and his tyranny. This is a man who *picked one of the most vicious cops in the country to be his running mate*.

      C’mon man!

      I am a rust belt guy. Goodyear still has its HQ in Akron. 160 year old American company has kept us rolling through good times and bad. The policy applied to all political gear.

      Well, it does *now*. It didn’t initially. Until the national outcry forced them to back down. At first it was ‘BLM and Progressive causes OK – MAGA hats get you fired’.

      1. I don’t think they fired anyone. If you wore a Biden hat it would be no different though. I wonder if I could get away with my libertarian porcupine shirt. They probably wouldn’t know what it was.

        I don’t think any of that stuff belongs at work.

        1. You might not think any of that stuff belongs at work – Goodyear certainly thought that only *some* of that stuff didn’t belong at work.

          1. Well if you want to buy other tires, or if some media person promotes a boycott, that is your right.

            I am not a fan of boycotts myself because they only hurt the workers and shareholders, not the people who make policy in the company. Most of them are ineffective anyway. Remember the Target bathroom boycott? Target is a high flying company right now.

            My problem is when the President suggests such things. It is not his place. More so because this is an iconic American company and an anchor in a part of the country which has fought hard to come back from hard times. Agree with the dress code or not.

            The people in Akron, Youngstown, Canton supported him. There were Trump signs all over the place last election. They won him a key swing state. This is a stab in the back and there is no excuse for it.

      2. He is a bad guy. Don’t let the homesy facade fool you. This is a man who spent nearly 5 decades trying to destroy the Black community.

        He’s a party man. I’m trying to take the higher ground these days and not accuse everyone of evil intent. But he does support policies whose result is the destruction of the black community– and America’s inner cities writ large.

        1. I don’t see why we should not accuse people who do evil things of having evil intent.

          ‘But, I didn’t *knooooooooooow*’ isn’t an excuse people who insist they’re smarter than you and therefore should be allowed to run your life for you get to use.

          1. Well, because creating the welfare state for a generation of people wasn’t objectively evil. It just had disastrous results. That doesn’t make people evil as much as it does make them stupid.

            I’m not prepared to argue whether or not someone who persists in these endeavors in the face of the evidence isn’t evil– or just really stupid.

            1. There’s actually a book about the Great Society agenda that argues the architects were not evil. They were mostly decent guys trying to do what they believed was right. But unfortunately they were wrong. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

              1. That book is as accurate as the 1619 project.

            2. Yes, yes it was objectively evil. How evil it was was pointed out at the start and constantly throughout even unto today.

    3. There’s one thing I’m not clear on from all the Goodyear stories. Are the policies allegedly taught to the employees just for people who work in the corporate offices, or was the attire policy supposedly also for employees who work in the tire stores and interact with the public?

      1. It was training provided at an ‘other than corporate’ site.
        Based on the weasel words coming out of the corporate chief weasels, I suspect it was training outsourced solely to provide this type of cover. But even the ‘official’ clarification was worded to allow political discrimination after the fact. specifically the phrase “as well as similar forms of advocacy that fall outside the scope of racial justice and equity issues”
        So they can later say BLM is racial justice, and alphabet people are equity issues, but simple MAGA is pure politics.
        I call bullshit.
        It makes me sad that every time there is a good reason to boycott a company, I have already stopped doing business with them for other reasons. Almost like stupid management eventually comes around to publically going socialist.

      2. We have the audio on a secret recording.
        The issue is that some political messages were acceptable and supported.
        Other political messages would be met with a zero tolerance policy. This included “MAGA”.

        In short, they stated fairly explicitly that they would punish or even fire employees who stated that they were voting for Trump. I don’t know how strict they would be, but the concept that they would do that is anathema to free discourse.

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  13. In fairness to the Democrats, if you have to pick an attack vector, character is a hell of a lot better choice than policy.

    1. Because it promises absolutely nothing to anyone, and has zero chance of diminishing support or creating division within your own faction.

  14. So what? The policy of each party is well understood and has been on display for years. And also the RNC con will be even lighter on policy.

  15. Who cares about character? I want American workers and jobs and the economy put first. Biden and his handlers will fuck all that up in favor of bullshit leftie policies that fail every time they are tried. A vote for Biden is a vote for far left Marxist assholes running the country into the ground. Period.

    1. I am one who does. Politicians rarely deliver on policy. When the shit hits the fan as it does on a regular basis you want a steady hand at the wheel.

      Sure ideology matters but face it, these people don’t really care about that, they care about power and they care about themselves.

      1. Echospinner….If it is about character, then Jo Jorgensen wins that contest, hands down. But it isn’t about character. She represents the Libertarian ticket, and she gets my vote. I cast that vote guiltfree because POTUS Trump has almost no chance of winning The People’s Republic of NJ.

        1. Promoting marxist ideology is about as low character as it gets

  16. I don’t follow Tucker Carlson much, but this came into my feed today.

    People complaining that Trump is the first president in 40 years that hasn’t started a war.

    1. FYI, Featuring Jimmy Dore. If this isn’t some serious through-the-looking-glass shit, I don’t know what is.

    2. A friend of mine pointed out something that seems so obvious, I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it:

      You want someone who has a real shot of winning, nominate someone that both Jimmy Dore and Tucker Carlson can agree on.

      I’ll let you guys figure out who that is.

    3. I’m not sure the Lafayette park protesters would agree with your last assertion.

      1. I’m not sure the people rioting on H Street would agree with your last assertion.

        Fixed it for you.

    4. the first president in 40 years that hasn’t started a war.

      There’s still time.

  17. I don’t think conventions are the place for policy discussions, they’re a place to celebrate and have a good time. Unfortunately, with the 24-hour soundbite news media, there’s no place for policy discussions. Remember Elizabeth Warren and how she had a plan for everything? Yeah, nobody wants to hear about your plans, they want to hear “You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier”.

  18. I thought when there was a possibility of John Edwards v. Newt Gingrich and a possible presidential race between guys who cheated on their wives dying of cancer that would have been the lowest combined ethical character in the POTUS election. But I think Trump v. Biden has them beat.

    1. It’s a bit better than Hillary v. Trump.

  19. The character argument is the weakest one possible because it spits in the face of the most American statement possible about character: actions speak louder than words.

    People get offended by Trump. The phrasing matters because Trump himself is not offensive. His ideology doesn’t fix it in a box. He upsets the balance of power, but that’s not the same as deliberately insensitivity. Trump has tried to limit intrusions of government into our daily lives while also using the levers of government as Constitutionally defined to defend American interests aggressively. He reminds me of 19th century American Presidents in this regard because he is unapologetically assertive. Lots of cucks conflate assertiveness with aggression, but that’s their own fault for being weak.

    By contrast, Biden’s actions and policies are actually offensive. It is offensive and un-American to attempt to nullify 2A without addressing it as the Constitution requires, which is to remove it via Amendment. It is complete insanity and actual theft that a Biden administration will sign off on a wealth tax, provided the Ds win both houses. America First will become nothing more than lip service directed towards people that Ds call flyover country in broad daylight. Government “solutions” that were not Constitutionally authorized will be back on the menu and that should offend any liberal or freedom-minded individual.

    I’m better off than I was four years ago and I feel like we’re finally on a path that both preserves American identity and reinvents it for the future. We have a lot of metaphorical ass kicking to do in order to dismantle 2 generations of Marxist indoctrination, but freedom is the new counter culture.

    1. His divisiveness is a big problem. This country is degenerating into a stupid Red vs. Blue Team culture war. Many of us are on the sidelines of that war, not a supporters of either side, and watching it grow and try to suck us all into choosing a side.

      None of it serves what I want for America, which is good governance, liberty, and a civil society where people more or less get along with each other.

      1. Its not *his* divisiveness – its yours.

        1. ^

          White knight, typical of those with personality disorders, blames others for his own behavior

      2. This country is degenerating into a stupid Red vs. Blue Team culture war.

        Welcome to 1980.

      3. Surrender to team blue and they’ll have you under the lash.

        That ain’t peace, or least peace worth having.

        1. +1000000000

      4. His divisiveness is a big problem. This country is degenerating into a stupid Red vs. Blue Team culture war.

        This strikes me as so disingenuous. Trumps policies can be seen a number of ways but they are REPORTED only one way… one that creates the most division. If he tries to solve a problem that affects people who might be on both red and blue sides – employment , wu-flu…etc. it only gets reported as the worst kind of misogynistic, racist, corrupt, (pick a word from the media’s go to book of adjectives for articles on republican politicians) actions any human could take.
        If people only get their news from legacy media then this is the outrage media-take they get spoon-fed. Unless you seek out another take on the subject you would just be left with your critical thinking skills which are in short supply amongst most people. Do regular facebook news consumers recognize when an obvious followup question isnt asked… or if there was a lack of pushback on a particular view? Do they look for more info than is presented in a heavily slanted article? And how does one learn to look for alternative viewpoint – or even harder – stories that are not being reported because it might reflect poorly on the dems…. they have to be exposed to them at some point – and this is where the censorious disposition of the tech oligarchs are increasingly smothering actual dialogue.

  20. Biden probably wins running on the basis of “I’m fairly normal, I promise to behave myself, I’ll give a bit of respite after four years of Trump, and I won’t hurt you”.

    However, it appears the Dems want to go down the rat hole of “we’ll transform society”, which many will interpret as meaning “we’ll hurt you”.

    1. Emphasizing the former would be the best campaign strategy, but the Democrats have a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    2. You can’t transform society without hurting people.

      1. Yup. Your risk is that the people you plan on hurting figure it out and vote against you.

      2. Few would harm so many in their transformation as libertarians, I’m sure you’d agree.

        1. As usual, you’d be wrong.

        2. Free markets, free movement of goods, services and people. Civil liberty. Respect for individual rights. Peaceful relationships and trade with other countries. Smaller government. Non aggression between individuals.

          Sounds awful.

          1. Removal of workplace rights, minimum wage, social safety net, public transportation, publicly funded basic research, public education… but you’ll have the same individual rights you had before and, uh… peace is inevitable, somehow?

            Sounds fantastic.

            1. It is fantastic. You just can’t countenance a world where your progressive masters don’t have everyone under their yolk.

              You also have the delusion that you will somehow have a seat at the table.

              1. It’s just they the alternative is being under the “yolk” of some private feudal lord. No seat at the table is what you’re explicitly offering. At least with government I get a vote, and my vote doesn’t count less than a rich person’s.

            2. For a few decades now people, particularly the working class and blacks, have been moving away from many states where the Democrats are in control. It seems they find that all the stuff the Dems are doing is hurting them. Your challenge, before trying to convince them of all the wonderful things you will do, is to first convince them you’re not going to put them out of work and bankrupt them. In my own cynical view, the lawyers, financiers, academics, media types and technologists are delighted with this outmigration and intend to keep up the policies that drive away the people that aren’t in their industries.

          2. And every bit of it is anathema to progressives like Tony.

    3. “I’m fairly normal…”

      That’s an odd way to describe someone who molests little girls on camera. Maybe I’m just naïve and that’s more normal than I’d like to think.

      1. I suspect that in places such as Washington or Hollywood, molesting the little girls is considered a perk and Biden is fairly normal.

    4. Dems standing around with their thumbs up their asses for a couple of months of nightly Kristallnacht rampages in several large cities by their overgrown infant auxiliary would tend to make voters question their ability to protect the public.


  21. Sure, Mr. hair-sniffer and alleged sexual abuser is going to win on being a better guy. Compare what happened to Kavanaugh to what happened to Biden, and the whole ruse falls apart. Believe all women except Tara Reed. (Reid?) Kamala Harris, who was leading the charge against Kavanaugh and accusing him of facilitating gang rape, who said she believed Tara Reid (Reed?), is now the running mate.

    I’m going to put my tin-foil hat on and propose that the Democrats thought this was the only way – or at least the easiest and fastest day – to put a person with a cervix of color in the oval office. Does anyone actually think Biden will serve even one full term?

    1. I doubt it went down that way.

      The DNC didn’t choose Biden; he won the primaries. He seems to have won on name recognition, and being middle-of-the-road (relatively).

      Then they chose Harris, despite her poor showing in the primaries and her criticism of Biden. Both parties, but especially the Democrats, have been trying for a few decades now to be the first to put a woman in the White House, so she was chosen partially just because she is a woman. And the Democrats were also under pressure to choose a black person for the Vice President slot because of current racial tensions.

      1. Don’t disagree, and joked about the tin foil hat. I just think we all need to consider that this race may very well be Trump v. Harris, not Trump v. Biden.

        1. It is easy to get the feeling that the Dems are trying to make an argument that Biden will be the transition to Harris, and maybe sooner than 2024. They might win in spite of that, but it doesn’t seem the best play.

        2. To be fair…It is POTUS Trump versus Biden (Jill Biden, that is).

      2. “The DNC didn’t choose Biden; he won the primaries”

        Because the candidates who were beating all of a sudden dropped out at the exact same moment…

  22. Fastest *way* not fastest day.

  23. If the left didn’t have Trumps imperfect character to castigate they would simply focus on something else…except policy of course. Virtue signaling is stupendously convenient.

    1. Hot take, did you get that from paying a lot of attention to what Democrats are saying?

  24. Whether by luck or design, the Dem ticket is set up to evade as much as possible accusations of being radical Marxists on policy. Both candidates are considered moderates. They don’t offer policy specifics for the standard reason, even if Republicans were inclined to actually parse policy specifics for which ones are reasonable and which ones were Marxism. That standard reason is that it’s stupid to promise policy results when we have no idea what Congress will look like.

    Policy getting achieved depends not on the words coming out of the candidate’s mouth (Bernie bros, looking at you), but whether the Senate is in Republican or Democratic hands. Then all we get to do is decide whether to blame Biden or Morla the Ancient Kentuckian for why everything’s still going to shit.

    Perhaps it’s lucky that in a pandemic crisis, Trump has set all sorts of new precedents for unilateral presidential action.

    1. Tony
      August.21.2020 at 9:38 pm
      “Whether by luck or design, the Dem ticket is set up to evade as much as possible accusations of being radical Marxists on policy. Both candidates are considered moderates…”

      By low-watt-bulbs like you.

    2. (Bernie bros, looking at you)

      I’m guessing >1 Bernie bro has / will ever seen this statement.

      1. They’re in a dejected state right now, what with their man never having accomplished anything or won an election outside of the hamlet of Vermont, being forced to vote for the most unrevolutionary of Democrats imaginable out of sheer panicked necessity. A few might find shelter in the comforting home of another utopian political philosophy built on slogans.

        1. If you think libertarians are you utopians Tony you have a profound misunderstanding. People are often selfish, venal, deceitful, and lacking in moral character. Liberty and individual responsibility is hard which is why few people want it. “We promise you nothing” is not going to get many votes.

          Government and the politicians who control have all of those traits. More so than most people. The reason to limit the power of government is exactly that fact. If I give 1/4 of my labor in taxes they will seek 1/3. If I allow for regulations in my line of work they will multiply those.

          For me this left right blue red stuff is just background noise. Always focus on the individual. Only individuals have rights. They are not granted by government or anyone else.

          1. Take away government power and some entity that isn’t democratically elected will fill the void. Libertarianism only works by hand-waving away all sorts of private abuses of power. Liberals understand that the whole point of government is to deposit that power in the hands of all the people. Human nature is checked in government, in a way it definitely isn’t checked in the private sector, by mechanisms of democracy and checks & balances.

            As for utopian, I think it qualifies because it assumes that in a perfect free market we will have the best of possible worlds. Maybe you’re right, though, and you’re merely promising a free market, damn the consequences. Which indeed sounds rather dystopian.

            All this cult of the individual stuff, yeah whatever. Rights aren’t magical totems from the universe. Anything the acts can have rights. African elephants have rights. Countries have rights. And every single one of them is secured by governments.

            Otherwise what’s the thing stopping me from declaring myself a right to be lord emperor of the independent duchy of Albuquerque? I think it’s there somewhere in the cosmos, so it’s just as legitimized as any “natural” rights you claim.

            1. Aha but you see that you have already declared you or someone else as emperor. Go with that.
              Classical liberals would not agree.

              Liberals, and conservatives today simply want to take power and control. All for good ends.

    3. Both candidates are considered moderates.

      You misspelled “power-hungry narcissistic scumbags”


  25. Biden is an empty suit and a windbag; he doesn’t have any character. He simply has learned (slowly) to present an avuncular facade.

    Of course, underneath that facade, he’s not a nice person, as you can see when he loses his temper or talks about minorities.

    1. Okay so let’s make this a character election.

      1. For Biden’s own sake, let’s not: Biden harasses women, uses racist language, has engaged in massive corruption, is a war monger, home wrecker, and a liar. And unlike Trump, Biden doesn’t even pay his women.

        For everybody’s sake why don’t we make it about substance and policy: Biden’s record of failed domestic and foreign policies, his inability to articulate any coherent strategy on COVID, his participation in an administration that trampled all over the Constitution, and his embrace of destructive socialist policies?

        1. Make it character, make it policy, I’m pretty sure Biden is always going to be better than one of the worst men ever to walk the earth and one of the dumbest to ever be head of state.

          Do you think Trump, whose responsibility it actually is, has articulated a coherent covid strategy? I honestly don’t know if it would be better for him if he had. It’s a failure either way.

    2. He may have learned it slowly, but he had that avuncular, or at least oleaginous, facade in the 1980s.

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  27. Of course it’s all about facade, bullshit, and appearances, devoid of any substance. It makes sense, since the electoral fight is over the female vote.
    Although the cynic in me thinks the vote casting and counting methodology is an even bigger electoral fight.

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  29. “the liberal project that rose up during the Bush presidency and dominated through the Obama years”

    And just how closely does the time frame of this ‘project’ align with the development and career of the author?

    Man, you twerps really need an actual editor.

  30. I’m not sure this is very relevant. A question: when was the last time you remember politicians actually debating policy? When do you hear policy being debated in the media? I would suggest that it’s been some time. Possibly about 4 years in fact. Both the politicians and those covering them have stuck pretty exclusively to debating behavior/character of individuals. This is the case on all sides. Do you envision the RNC suddenly changing this trend? Or do you anticipate a parade of people decrying the potential horrors of putting the “wrong people” in charge? Do you really think that Trump is going to suddenly transform into a policy wonk in time for his acceptance speech? Please.

    1. He doesn’t talk about it very much, but the fact is that he’s requiring the Apparatchiki to abandon regulations at a higher rate than they’re adding new ones is a major reason why the economy is doing so well despite the pandemic.


  31. Lmao.
    We spent the last 4 damn years whining about character over policy.

    Why the hell stop now?

  32. “Character”: using your power to strong-arm Ukraine into giving your worthless, cocaine-addled shithead son a fake job paying a million dollars a year.

    Did they think we’ve forgotten all about that? We haven’t.

  33. Well, after all, on the other hand, to be sure, the democrats did actually approve a party platform, and that is the policy ol’ Joe will run on. Period.
    Joe opposes right to work.
    Joe approves of executive action to create $15.00 minimum wage.
    Joe approves forced arbitration in all employment and service contracts.
    Joe supports national overrides in housing and zoning.
    Joe supports federal bailouts of underfunded public employee union retirement plans.
    Joe believes in doomed high speed rail projects funded by the feds.
    Joe believes in higher taxes.
    Joe believes in racial distinctions, and distinctions based on perceived sex/gender enforced by federal laws, regulations, and edicts, instead of equal treatment under the law.
    Joe supports citizenship for the 11 illegal immigrants in the country.
    Joe condemns “hate speech” without defining it.
    Joe rejects freedom of religion if it interferes with his version of ‘rights for sexual minorities’.
    Joe advocates for ‘national service’ with education benefits for everyone who wants it.
    Joe is in favor of mass ballot mail outs and universal registration.
    Joe believes in federal campaign funding.
    Joe accepts a litmus test for all judges based on approving abortion.
    Joe wants statehood for D.C.
    Joe supports the green new deal, or at least as much as the democrats can slip past the legislature.
    Joe wants to forgive existing student debt, and make at least community college “free”. He does not believe in racial discrimination unless it is a ‘historically black’ college. He does not support private (for profit) schools.
    Joe wants universal health care.
    Joe supports unrestricted abortion.
    Joe supports ignoring the second amendment.
    I’ll stop here, the gory details are here:

    1. The social engineering offers are interesting..
      My favorite specific proposal is to mandate the federal reserve to base employment data on 13% of the population (Black communities). What could possibly go wrong there?

      Its complete central planning and social engineering . Mandates, Bans, Taxes, Fees, Rations (rolling blackouts, cutting off water service, green inflation), with endless wars thrown in for good measure.

    2. That all sounds great but I’m afraid the vast majority of voters will be deciding based on how much they hate Trump.

      1. So you’re betting they majority of voters are as abysmally stupid as you.

        1. Call it that if you like. The abysmally stupid need the sweet sustenance of our enemy’s tears same as anyone else.

  34. Speaking in Pennsylvania few days ago Donald Trump said about the fires in California. “They’re starting again in California. I said, you gotta clean your floors, you gotta clean your forests — there are many, many years of leaves and broken trees and they’re like, like, so flammable, you touch them and it goes up.”

    Aha forest sweeping again. Leaves, broken trees. Pennsylvania is about 60% forest. When I have been there they were a mess. I am sure the people are out cleaning them now. All those messy leaves and branches. We need clean forests. Like in Finland.

    Goats actually work. If you want to clear out brush and grasses around your building or town get some goats. Seriously it works.

    1. Trump is correct, besides which CA forests are nothing like back east.
      CA government, driven by watermelons, ran the logging industry out of the state; the forests are now near ‘pristine’ packed with windfall and dead undergrowth, AKA “kindling”, and then CA doesn’t get rain for nearly six months each year.
      Plus the forests, especially in the Sierra foothills can be contiguous for a hundred miles at a time; the *protected* mountain lions, coyotes, and bears would find the goats quite tasty in those huge forests.

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  36. Again with the “testing mandate.” When you ask a Trump-hater exactly what the President should have done differently, they usually just sputter some nonsense about more testing. Testing doesn’t advance a cure. Testing negative today doesn’t mean you won’t contract COVID tomorrow. How often are we supposed to line up for retesting exactly? All 350,000,000-ish of us?

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