Trump's Immigration Pause Is Pure Virtue Signaling to His Base

It will not protect American jobs or health during this pandemic.


President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis has cratered his approval rating. Meanwhile, Americans increasingly think the country is on the wrong track. So what is Trump doing to reverse his political slide? Turning to his old and tired formula of attacking immigration.

He announced during his press briefing yesterday that he will sign an executive order as soon as this evening suspending legal immigration to the country for 60 days. He is billing this move as necessary to protect American jobs and health in the face of the pandemic. But if the few available details of his plan are any indication, it seems that he himself does not believe that line. This is pure political theater that'll upend the lives of immigrants and their American loved ones just so that Trump can virtue signal to his anti-immigration hard-right base ahead of the November elections.

Trump launched his first presidential bid by denouncing Mexicans as "rapists" and "criminals" and pledged to build a "big, beautiful" wall on the southern border. But what began as a slam on unauthorized immigration morphed into an all-out assault on legal immigration as soon as he walked into the White House.

One of his first acts was to ban travel from several predominantly Muslim countries. He also slashed America's refugee program in less than half and is failing to admit even the number he allowed. But these and other moves were just baby steps toward a much more ambitious agenda to slash and radically revamp America's legal immigration program.

He demanded that Congress cut family-based immigration in half in exchange for reinstating the legal status of "Dreamers," which he himself had scrapped. (Dreamers are folks who were brought to this country without authorization as minors, who have grown up as Americans and often have little connection with their birthlands.) But when Congress demurred, he went to town to achieve through administrative means what he couldn't through legislative ones—the kind of thing that Republicans used to vociferously condemn when Trump's predecessor attempted it.

Trump scrapped the Obama-era program handing work authorization to the spouses of foreign techies enduring a decades long wait for their already approved green cards. His "Buy American and Hire American" executive order smothered the high-tech H-1B visa program in red tape, vastly increasing the processing time and doubling the rejection rate. As if that's not enough, he recently implemented something called the public charge rule, which makes it exceedingly difficult for immigrants to upgrade their immigration status—for example, guest worker visas to green cards and green cards to naturalization—if they or their American family members collect or are likely to collect even the smallest amount of some means-tested cash or non-cash public benefits. This, along with other measures, will result in a 30 percent reduction in legal immigration next year, according to a National Foundation for American Policy study.

The coronavirus crisis has been manna from heaven for Trump's restrictionist agenda.

The only visas that were still being entertained at all—albeit at an extremely scaled-back level—were long-term visas for jobs, visas for studying in the United States, and green cards sponsored either by American employers or American family. This long-term program is what Trump's unprecedented executive order is now purportedly going after.

Trump claims that the ban will last 60 days after which he may review and renew it for another 60 or so. But his travel ban was supposed to last 90 days. It is now on day 1,181 and covers even more countries.

It is unclear how far-reaching this new order will be. For example, will it be targeted at new applicants or also those already in the pipeline who may have already paid thousands of dollars in visa and legal fees? Will it apply primarily to those applying for visas overseas or also those who are already here in the United States? If it is the latter, then does that mean that, say, the foreign spouse of an American citizen awaiting a green card will have to return home? What about an H-1B foreign high-skilled immigrant awaiting renewal or a green card? Many of them have been in the country for decades and have American children who may be locked out of their parents' country. Will these families be forced to split, with the parents needing to quit their jobs and return while their children stay in the U.S.?

Trump knows that halting all legal immigration will decimate America's ability to fight the coronavirus. That's because immigrants are disproportionately represented in frontline professions. Immigrants are only 13.7 percent of America's population, but constitute 35.2 percent of the home health care aides, 28.2 percent of physicians, 20.9 percent of nursing assistants, 18.9 percent of health care diagnosing or treating practitioners, 18.5 percent of clinical lab technicians, 15.2 percent of medical assistants, 15 percent of registered nurses and 14.9 percent of health technicians, according to the Cato Institute's David Bier.

Meanwhile, without foreign farm labor, America's domestic food supply chains will come to a grinding halt given just how reliant American agriculture is on it. Indeed, even as Trump reduced every other visa program, last year he certified more than 250,000 H-2A agricultural worker visas—a 10 percent increase from the year before—because Republican lawmakers in red states that tend to be more rural demanded it.

So Trump realizes that undercutting foreign workers in health care and agriculture at this juncture with a full ban will massively undermine America's ability to cope with this pandemic, which is why he has hinted that these categories will be exempted from his executive order.

Meanwhile, given that nearly 40 percent of medical and life scientists and nearly 30 percent of chemists and material scientists are foreign-born—all fields that are racing to find a coronavirus cure or vaccine—Trump says that down the road he might pass a secondary order exempting some of them, too, so that they can keep their H-1Bs.

This will still create massive uncertainty for these folks in the interim. But it'll also leave many categories of immigrants unprotected, including (most likely) international students who cough up exorbitant out-of-state fees that universities will need even more badly given that the pandemic will almost certainly force state governments to cut funding. (Many universities have already announced hiring freezes.)

But the vast exemptions that Trump is planning to carve in the virtual wall he's constructing to seal off America from the world are a tacit admission that immigrants are indispensable for vital sectors of the American economy, not a threat to American jobs.

The purpose of Trump's executive order, then, must be to rally his restrictionist base and ensure that it makes the schlep to the polls this November. It's pure political posturing that'll do not an iota of good for America.

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  1. “old and tired”

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        Haha loser.

    2. It is clearly a sop to some of his base, especially since it doesn’t address H1Bs. But, if it is OK to tell someone they can’t travel between their apartment and lots of places they want to go, like their cabin, why is it OK to tell people they can travel thousands of miles to the US?
      I mean, isn’t travel just travel?

      1. Thinking I like the cut o’ your jib there matey.

        1. What about the cut of his dinkle, eh?

    3. He’s in the midst of a campaign with a large part of the establishment, the media and the government hacks out for his scalp. Of course he’s appealing to his base. Duh?

  2. article by Shikha I’m not even going to bother to read that crap

    1. Brown people oppressed, Trump = Hitler, his supporters are all bigots.

      Your welcome.

      1. Also, “President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has cratered his approval rating.”

        I’m looking at his approval rating at 538. Not ideal, (When has it been?) but a distinct absence of craters.

    2. “Open borders during a deadly pandemic is a human right, even though that is exactly how this deadly pandemic arrived at our shores and killed tens of thousands of Americans! Better they are dead than believe a country should have borders!”

      You cannot make this up.

      1. Shikha is a massive idiot.

  3. What an interesting and unexpected take from Shikha.

    1. Well, if anyone is an expert on virtue signals, it’s Shikha.

      1. At least she’s finally admitting that cutting immigration is virtuous.

  4. Enjoy your last gasp, bigots.

    The reckoning imposed by your betters will be severe.

    1. So inclusive and compassionate.

    2. Interesting that you choose the term bigot, as everything you post is bigoted, Arty. And as ignorant as the argument in this article.

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    4. Hallelujah! It’s about time these white bastards learned their place!

    5. Just who do you think is going to fight this war? Gay whites? Rachel Maddow? Chris Matthews? And with what? Their gun locked in the car, and the ammo in the ammo in their house?

      Remember, you cannot kill people with a soy latte.

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        Or not. Your comfort is no longer an important concern. What counts is your compliance, then your replacement.

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            It’s the aether in which he swims.

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        2. What are you asking us to open, precisely? Is is above or below the table?

      2. Yeah, the rev is a little vague on details. And timing. He’s a parody. Not to be taken seriously.

    6. I have found that the folks who casually throw out the accusation of BIGOTRY are usually active bigots themselves. Be careful on who you label, as the label will likely fit yourself.

    7. Given the virus symptoms, this was an incredibly crude comment, even by your low standard. You must be a parody actor. Last gasp? Seriously? I doubt a human would choose that phrase on purpose.

      Cylon? Maybe.

    8. ‘Betters’…… that’s cute. You do know that you are possessed of an inferior intellect, and it is most likely you are a physically weak inferior person, right? You must be projecting after the regular beatings you’ve received most of your life for being such an annoyance.

  5. Immigration bad. Protectionism good.

    Free trade bad. Self sufficiency good.

    Shikha bad. Trump good.

    1. The same people saying this is no worse than a bad flu, are encouraging shutting down immigration and trade with China as a response. That’s pretty irrational.

      Just like the same people who say they want limited, constitutional government are all for executive orders like these when their guy is in office.

      1. Principles are for pussies. You should judge what someone says and does by who they are and their politics.

        1. Ironically, that is literally what you’ve done for the last few months.

        2. Wow, no self-reflection in Sarcasmic’s world.

      2. Virtue Signaling = Politics
        If the liberal media is right about COVID-19 being the new black death, why not shut down immigration? If the media is wrong and COVID-19 isn’t that bad, then Trump is wrong to close to borders. This is how you play politics and make the other side look like hypocrites.

        1. If it were closing the borders, that would be a dubious but at least plausible thing, and might serve the point you make. But if you’re just stopping people from applying for permanent residency, and allowing other nonimmigrant visa classes, it’s obviously not about the spread of the virus.

        2. Trump’s order isn’t to close borders. It’s to delay giving green cards to long-term residents.

      3. The same people saying this is no worse than a bad flu, are encouraging shutting down immigration and trade with China as a response. That’s pretty irrational.

        Well, you can’t even construe these measures as a public health response, since they don’t seem to affect nonimmigrant visa categories, but only applications for permanent residence. Who knew that the virus discriminates based on visa category?

      4. You motherfuckers wanted your panic, now you got your panic.

        The problem that most lefties cannot come to terms with (or, alternatively, refuse to) is that Trump can play their game better than they can.

        If the simulated they want to create is going to be a dystopian nightmare, Trump is going to dive right and double down, and make them reverse themselves on every position, ever other day.

        This is a perfect example. Lefties were crying incessantly that Trump did not do enough to close the borders, and that “40,000 chinks are flying in every day, anyway” and that a “real” leader would do more. Naturally, Trump called their bluff. He did the thing they accused him of not doing, and now they look like idiots because now they have to oppose today something they supported yesterday.

        Sure, it’s red meat to the base; but the meat is embarrassing the idiots on the left and exposing them for dishonest pieces of shit that they are.

        Trump wins this game every time. And it’s entertaining to watch a carnival barker run circles around the “smartest people in the room.”

        1. Yeah, this is clearly a ploy to make the Democrats defend open borders during a pandemic. They can’t help it, when Trump does something they just HAVE to oppose it. Like the coyote getting outsmarted by the roadrunner.

          1. It’s not really, though. If he just closed the borders, it would be. Suspending GC processing while allowing other nonimmigrant classes doesn’t really expose any hypocrisy.

            1. It makes sense if you’re retarded. So like the headline says, virtue signalling to his base.

              1. It makes sense if you’re retarded.

                I’m so glad you were able to make sense of it for us. Thanks.

            2. But it looks like the Ds are stumping for open borders in the midst of calling for all Americans to stay under house arrest.
              Whether or not the details line up exactly, that’s the broad optics of the situation.

            3. I admit that he *is* signaling to his base, while doing something at least arguably in favor of an agenda of restricting immigration. And, technically, he is now doing “more.” You see the lefties were complaining he wasn’t doing “enough,” but none of those dishonest hacks were ever going to come out and say, CLOSE ALL BORDERS! They just wanted him to do something else; some undefined “more.”

              All this does is set up the next step, which is getting to the point of closing the borders. And Trump will get the lefties to contort themselves in arguments that his latest executive order is just worthless pandering and that if he was serious, he would CLOSE THE BORDERS.

              Give it time. Trump will get the lefties to argue that closing all borders to all immigration is what Trump should do (even if they don’t mean it, because they don’t think he will call their bluff). And that is exactly when Trump will close the borders, and then throw all of their analysis and arguments back in their face.

              They were for it, before they were against it.

              Trump plays this game very well.

              1. I just don’t understand how the lefties keep falling for this shit. Trump is spamming sweeps, Mortal Kombat 2 style, making no secret of his strategy, and they can’t get off their ass long enough to throw any meaningful counters. They just keep walking into, day after day after day after day.

                Flawless victory, is you ask me. Trump may be flawed, but he’s playing with retards, so it always looks easy.

            4. Yes, I’m sure the liberals are going to explain the nuances of the position to a rapt audience hungering for minutia. Or maybe they will crank the hyperbole up to 1000 and claim Trump is stopping immigration.

              1. Who cares? Nobody is trying to convince the liberals. The independents that are capable of changing their minds, will see the bullshit for what it is.

        2. I didn’t want a panic. I’m of the opinion that we probably don’t know exactly how bad COVID-19 is yet, but all signs point to it being much more like a bad flu than a global pandemic.

          Trump was right in limiting immigration in the short term when we really didn’t know how bad this would be. I’ll give him credit for that.

          This, however, is pretty clearly using a “crisis” to push an agenda that was established long before COVID-19 was a thing.

          1. And that just has never been done before by anybody’s.

            1. We’re just as right to denounce the left when they do it.

              1. I don’t see ‘closing the borders’ as the same sort of naked ideological power play as ‘banning abortions’, ‘closing gun stores’, ‘cancelling rent’, ‘restricting liquor sales’, etc.

                It seems like it might have at least a tangential relationship to public health.

              2. You should try it for a change.

      5. So even if it is just a bad flue ,no one knows, so the smart thing to do is close the borders in case it is worse. there is nothing irrational about that. it is not smart to shut down an entire economy because those results will be worse than the cure and there is documentation for that outcome

        1. If that’s the case, then at least put it to the Congress to debate. Why does Trump get to make all of these decisions unilaterally? It’s as absurd as Governor’s making decisions on controlling their state’s economies unilaterally.

          If any of this is necessary and proper roles of government (I’d argue it’s not) then at the very least it should be put to legislatures and debated as such.

          1. Leo, is Congress even in session? Thought they were all at home.

          2. Congress did debate it. Pelosi even introduced a bill to not allow the government to ban travel to China. Not sure why you think Congress didn’t have a voice. but the Executive gets certain emergency powers. He could also temporarily shut down borders in case of a war or other issue.

            1. Just remember that when a lefty is president. Something tells me you won’t be as likely to laud the Executive’s emergency powers when you don’t agree with the underlying goals.

              And I’m not talking about the China travel ban, which I’ve already stated was probably justified given the unknown concerns early in the process.

              1. And what did you say about DACA? Are those crickets I hear? You love executive power as long as it gives you what you want. Don’t pretend otherwise.

      6. “The same people saying this is no worse than a bad flu, are encouraging shutting down immigration and trade with China as a response. That’s pretty irrational.”

        We’re seeing about 17M unemployment claims in 3 weeks. Numerous Americans are hurting by government action.

        Meanwhile, people who insist it is wrong to leave your house feel it is peachy keen to cross many miles to enter the US. Where is that rationality?

        1. And that 17M is far too low. Many states just implemented self-employment/gig claims last week, and those people won’t show up until this week’s numbers (if those workers can even get through the site to claim benefits)

        2. Meanwhile, people who insist it is wrong to leave your house feel it is peachy keen to cross many miles to enter the US. Where is that rationality?

          Well you’re not talking about me. Stay at home orders are tyrannical.

        3. Nobody suggests shutting down trade with Hong Kong or Taiwan… just totalitarian looters.

      7. Are you intentionally misstating the argument Leo? Or was it an accident.

        There’s that little part of the lost jobs you seem to have completely ignored in the strawman you created for your opponents.

        1. What do you think immigration had to do with the lost jobs this time? Certainly you don’t think that immigration is the reason we went from 3% to 20% or whatever it is today.

      8. The same people saying this is no worse than a bad flu, are encouraging shutting down immigration and trade with China as a response. That’s pretty irrational.

        No it’s not. The calls for being tough on China got him elected years before COVID-19 was a thing. Being tough on China because of COVID or not is consistent with his claims/aims. The only inconsistency is your inability to rationalize why some people might think free trade with a communist dictatorship, especially one that spreads flu and panic and then blames the US for it, might not be such a good idea.

        I’d say you’re dumb but I’m pretty sure you’re actively aiming for dumb.

      9. @Leo Kovalensky II The same people saying this is no worse than a bad flu, are encouraging shutting down immigration and trade with China as a response. That’s pretty irrational.”

        The same people saying this is the Black Death and everyone has to be locked up in their houses, want to import millions of slaves from areas with little control over transmission. That’s pretty irrational.

        There are only two logical positions:
        This is a deadly disease that warrants unprecedented internal population controls and a temporary suspension of international travel and immigration to reduce transmission,
        This is a somewhat severe disease, however it does not warrant the current controls and international travel and immigration should be permitted.

        I actually lean towards the first position and disagree with those who liken it to the flu, but I can understand and respect their position.
        On the other hand I think you have arrived at your position through political tribalism rather than deliberation, and have no respect for you.

      10. Hey, wasn’t the Emancipation Proclamation essentially an executive order? And hey, hasn’t dependence on Chinese supply chains been shown recently to be a huge strategic error? And hey, hasn’t Trump’s trade war actually started the process of becoming less dependent on Chinese supply chains? There are plenty of reasons to limit Chinese exposure and unrestrained mass immigration without blaming the Wuhan flu.

  6. For example, will it be targeted at new applicants or also those already in the pipeline who may have already paid thousands of dollars in visa and legal fees?

    This is pretty important. For everyone who bleats about “enforcing the law,” do you continue to believe that now? Or do we just randomly change the law, leaving people who were following your shitty rules out thousands of dollars and years of time because our own government forced everyone out of work? What’s the point in even bothering to legally (as opposed to illegally) immigrate then, if sometime in the years-long process a demagogue decides to unilaterally change the rules?

    1. Immigrants don’t work. They don’t add anything to the economy. Migrant workers who work the farms and then go home don’t exist. All immigrants are lazy fucks who plop out anchor babies and then go on welfare. Immigrants don’t contribute anything to society. They are all leaches.

      1. I’m trying to be one of the cool kids by ignoring everything I know about libertarianism and economics.

        Did I get that one right?

        C’mon cool kids, let me know!

        Expecially Nardz. You are a paragon of sage wisdom.

        1. Oh, you’re still butthurt because I called you out for being a shallow bitch incapable of coming up with your own analysis.
          It’s in Basiat. Look it up

          1. Always about the feelz for sarc

            1. You still can’t tell the difference between me making a point and me mocking Trumptards like you.

              Can’t fix stupid.

              1. The problem here is that in general to mock someone you have to have the respect of some listener to care that you are mocking someobody. Nobody here except maybe Chipper and Kirkland actually respects you. Because you act in this manner and then cry when someone corrects your analysis.

                1. Waaaah! I’m crying because of your critical and thoughtful analysis! Wahh! Boo hooo!

                2. You do make a good point though. You and your fellow Trumpsters have made a point of driving libertarians out of this libertarian forum to the point where those who would get my jokes have gone elsewhere because they’re tired of your shit.

                  1. Lol, as if you give a shit about libertarianism.
                    Your comment history demonstrates your just another DNC tribalist, like Chipper and Jeff and all his socks.

                  2. sarcasmic, and others who care about the Reason commentariat and are tired of boorish behavior. Join me in writing to Reason management and asking for stronger moderation (all email addresses
                    – David Nott, President, Reason Foundation, davidnott
                    – Jennifer Kambara, Director of Supporter Relations, jennifer.kambara
                    – Nick Gillespie, nick
                    – Katherine Mangu-Ward, kmward
                    – Ronald Bailey, rbailey
                    Let’s stop putting up with it.

                    1. Censorship is totes libertarian!

                    2. Fuck off, Jeff.
                      Nobody gives a shit.

          2. I don’t know what you are talking about. Must have been one of the imaginary socks you guys think I’m posting with. This is the only handle I use.

          3. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for your eloquent response. I wish more people were as thoughtful as you.

            1. Yea, just a string of defensive posts several minutes apart.
              Totes not butthurt

              1. So thoughtful and intriguing. Please, share more of your wisdom.

        2. “by ignoring everything I know about libertarianism and economics.”

          That’s actually your natural state.

      2. Still can’t differentiate legal from illegal immigrants, huh? And, before you roll your socks out, I am being as polite as I can.

        1. So says the smeghead who accused me of having sex with my daughter. Please do the world a favor and go play in traffic.

          1. I never accused you of fucking your daughter. I set up a joke and you dove into it like fucking your daughter has been on your mind for quite some time now.

            You know how I know you don’t even have a daughter? Because you spend every last breathing second of you life on these comment boards, with fifty different accounts trolling people.

            Now whip out the socks! This is getting boring.

            1. Wow. You know so much about me. Fucking amazing. It’s like you have two crystal balls between your legs or something.

              1. I know, I know. You tried being a nice guy, but those days are OVER!

              2. In fairness, you’ve let people here know a shitload about your personal life

                1. Some was me and a lot has been by impersonators. Believe it or not I only post under this handle. Yeah, I reached out for help when my life was shit, and some really amazing people helped me out. I’m sure you’re sorry you weren’t there to encourage me to kill myself, since that would have made you feel like more of a man.

                  1. And yes, I do consider you to be juvenile pond scum who kicks people when they are down and never offers a helping hand.

                    1. Ok…
                      So everything i remember has been posted by you under the “sarcasmic” name.
                      I’ve been polite enough to not bring up specific details from your use of this site as your emotional therapy/support group, and you want to go there?
                      Think it through, dumbass

            2. Because you spend every last breathing second of you life on these comment boards, with fifty different accounts trolling people.

              You do realize that the person who started that rumor is a certified moron with a double-digit IQ who can’t conceive of people thinking alike, so they must be the same person.

              You’re small-minded, arrogant and pathetic if you think everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.


              How old are you anyway? Calling people fag and making incest jokes, I’d put you in your early 20s, synonymous with total ignoramus.

              1. Your denial is reaching the point of absurdity. You are protesting far too much.

                1. Whatever. Believe I’m a loser with 50 accounts who posts here incessantly if it makes you feel better. Just don’t be surprised when I have no idea of what you are taking about when you reference conversations with people other than sarcasmic. Because there is only one me.

                2. I’ll tell you what is absurd. The belief that everyone who says anything remotely libertarian is the same person. As if there is only one libertarian in the entire world and all he does is post on Reason with multiple accounts.

                  1. The problem is that the things you say are just that, remotely libertarian. That is, “barely fucking libertarian at all.”

                    And the reason you get called out for using sock accounts is because you dive into shitposting battles with commenters and then start spewing your moralistic troll game without realizing you didn’t switch accounts. You routinely forget which sock you’re supposed to be replying with, or simply don’t notice, because you get carried away and overly emotional.

                    So, it isn’t your perspective on things that you gets you ridiculed (although, it is also that). It is much more the fact that you take these threads personally, and then develop bizarre vendettas, and then spend an inordinate amount of time denying the situation instead of just ignoring it.

                    The fact that you bother to strenuously defend yourself against any and all sock accusations is proof, in itself, that you use socks.

                    Nobody sane would ever harp on this shit the way you do. Ipso facto, you’re the sock guy.

                    I hope this helped.

                    1. You can’t help the broken. But this was amusing to say the least.

                    2. I know you don’t believe this but I have no sock accounts. I can’t prove it, but then again neither can you.

                    3. The fact that you bother to strenuously defend yourself against any and all sock accusations is proof, in itself, that you use socks.

                      Damn straight! The fact that I’m tired of being accused of things I didn’t do is proof that I did those things I’ve been accused of doing!

                      Why don’t you accuse me of incest again? Will my denial solidify your sick fantasy of me having sex with my child?

                      As I said before, I hope you slip up and get all manly to another human being without the cowardly security of a monitor and keyboard.

                    4. So, so broken.
                      Because of an internet comment board…

                    5. The fact that you bother to strenuously defend yourself against any and all sock accusations is proof, in itself, that you use socks.

                      That’s a completely retarded argument and I think you know it. That being said, the constant accusations of socking have gone a long way towards ruining what used to be an interesting comment section. That’s a shame.

                    6. //That’s a completely retarded argument and I think you know it.//

                      People really have a hard time understanding the mechanics of trolling. It’s not that difficult.

                    7. For all the self conceit, some folks just aren’t that bright, garaje

                    8. And by “some” I mean “many”

      3. Woah there buddy, gonna create a global shortage on straw.

        1. Google up sarcasm and hyperbole.

      4. @sarcasmic
        “Migrant workers who work the farms”

        You can tell when idiot proggies have never left an urban core in their lives. They think farming is stuck in the 1950’s and Cesar Chavez still picks strawberries.

        Here’s how produce is harvested in 2020, you fucking idiot.

        1. They also haven’t been to an emergency room, nor a county clinic, nor a remedial English class in their local elementary school.

      5. We need all the poverty the third world can send us. There will be no negative repercussions. We must assuage our white guilt by patronizing brown peasants. We need new slaves. Who will clean our toilets? Plus, they work so cheap! Oh, and we should let all the criminals out of prison! I am so enlightened and progressive.

        > “cool kids”?

    2. Discouraging all immigration is the point.

      1. What a nightmare that would be! How are we ever going to run the country with only 320,000,000 people?

      2. They’re not nativists though, don’t you dare call them that. And don’t even hint that their might be a touch of racism in their heart of hearts. No, Vietnamese grannies needed to be deported and Mexican toddlers needed caging because the law is the law. Of course the law isn’t the law when the president and cult daddy decides it isn’t.

        Got it?

        1. //Mexican toddlers needed caging//

          How did you ever manage to escape?

          1. Fuck off, nutcase. You just admitted that trump is holding up people’s green cards for “optics”, and you support that. What a craven, misanthropic piece of shit you are.

            1. Why does it matter what I think? If Trump isn’t doing it, he isn’t doing it. If he is, he is. My opinion doesn’t change anything.

              You know what is actually crazy? Fomenting a panic and instituting nationwide lockdowns in order to give a dementia patient marginal electoral chances in November.

              1. Gasbag Blowhard,
                Please listen!
                You don’t know,
                What you’re missing!
                Donald’s ass, don’t be kissin’!
                Trump won’t love you,
                He’ll push and shove you!
                He’ll take your vote,
                Then call you a goat!
                He’ll tax your money,
                Then steal your Honey!
                Your pussy, He will grab,
                Your back, He will stab!
                His-victims-routines, He’s iterating,
                Shit about YOU, He’ll be Twitterating!

                1. Are they still giving out poetry awards to retards?

                  1. Oh Wow.
                    Do you actually think that?

                    1. It’s a perfect example of the “libertarian” things he constantly says.

              2. Crazy like a fox, them wily oriental gentlemen. The upside is instead of Dems whining the Rooskies elected the Don, we’ll hear God’s Own Prohibitionists howling that Red China used FATF and communivirus to elect the even older prohibitionist. Le plus c’est la même chose…

        2. “And don’t even hint……..”

          God, no! Why would you do that when you can scream it from the rooftops while patting yourself on the back?

          Hints are for pussies.

          1. Damn right

  7. Ms. Dalmia….Your thinking is completely twisted, and wrong. Normally I would attribute this to ignorance, but you’re a different case. You’re willfully distorting the truth. You should be ashamed to even write what you write.

    But truthfully, I don’t think you have the emotional capacity to feel shame.

    1. *Nobody* at Reason feels shame. They write what they write for money and status, the truth be damned.

      1. Just paid propaganda outlets. When they axe the comments section there won’t be any reason to come back.

        1. it is interesting how liberal news sites very rarely allow comments, while conservative and moderate sights are more willing to. It’s almost as if they want an echo chamber or something with no dissenting voices.

    1. I couldnt get past the first paragraph.

  8. How can a president possibly have the power to do this? Is this real?

    1. Trump has double secret emergency Presidential powers ever since the impeachment fell through.

    2. What part of “never let a crisis go to waste” do you not understand?

    3. I mean, no one seemed to care when Obama did whatever he liked sooooo when you make something legal/illegal, it can be used by both sides. Still surprised so many folks don’t get this (and I’m not talking about you, eyeroller, just in general)

      1. Pretty sure this one is actually in the Constitution though

        1. agreed. Wouldn’t necessarily agree it’s the best idea though I wouldn’t say it’s horrible and Trump is facist and blah blah blah either. There’s reasoning behind it, and he’s the guy who has to make the decisions and get judged in the long term.

          1. Well said

          2. New York claims they have over 250,000 cases because of people coming in from Europe. If that is not a good reason I am lost for a better one. We can either be nice and dead or ban them and survive.
            In 2009 when Obama failed to act during the swine flu pandemic the EU restricted travel from the US. I really don’t see any difference other then it is now the other way around.

  9. The coronavirus crisis has been manna from heaven for Trump’s restrictionist agenda.

    The virus has been manna from hell for all kinds of horror. 8-(

  10. Well Shikha if those shithole countries would stop sending shithole people….

  11. Extending these lockdowns into mid-May is virtue signaling.

  12. We should just require would-be immigrants to shelter in place in their home countries.

  13. I can’t go next door, the fuck are *they* supposed to go right now?

  14. The Democrats were saying he was too weak on the travel bans, and so now he’s doing what they asked and they’re bitching about it. It does make a certain degree of sense, we have a lot of people out of work right now who don’t need extra competition (and there’s no guarantee all those small businesses are just gonna pop open as fine as they were prior to Covid), and it doesn’t make sense why everyone else should be locked up but noncitizens should have the run of the town. Also part of the reason China had secondary infections were Chinese nationalists returning home and reinfecting people. I don’t agree with the lockup, or necessarily with banning all immigrants, but I can see where it’s coming from and it does have logic beyond just playing to his base.

    1. 1. We already have travel bans from other countries, so new immigrants are not coming over.
      2. Non-citizens do not have the run of the town, they are inside under the same rules as everyone else.
      3. A lot of these would be green card receivers are already in the country and working under other visas or married to citizens, preventing them from getting green cards makes zero sense.
      4. There are not many new green card holders anyhow compared to citizens and ones who already have it, so preventing them from working will do very little to help anyone.
      5. Lets not forget that these are law abiding people following the rules for years and now we are saying they can’t earn a living. That is just wrong.

  15. It’s scapegoating. Nothing more, nothing less.

  16. “Trump’s Immigration Pause Is Pure Virtue Signaling to His Base”

    Could be. Of course, Democrats have been virtue signaling much more frequently, and destructively.

  17. How can the author of this piece argue against an economic AXIOM that has been around since (at least) Adam Smith? Fewer workers = tighter labor market; increasing unskilled laborers saturates the labor market and lowers wages. NO ONE can argue those FACTS.

    1. What we are arguing is that the insignificant increase in workers, some of which are already working in the US, is not a good enough gain for being a dick to people who have spent years following our rules to get a green card.

  18. Americans are on lock down with stay at home and social distancing and this author believes we should freely allow immigrants from countries with active coronavirus spread to come to the US. Traveling between states is being discouraged as it Americans flying to foreign countries and trying to return.
    By all means we should simply allow foreigners to freely roan to our country with no restrictions.
    “In any age, the so-called progressives treat politics as their religion. Their holy mission is to use the coercive power of the state to remake man and society in their own image, according to an abstract ideal of perfection. Whatever means they use are therefore justified because, by definition, they are a virtuous people pursuing a deific end.”
    The insanity of the left never ends. I wonder what this author said when in 2009 during the swine flu pandemic travel from America to Europe was restricted by the EU? Where they virtue signaling to their base and racist? What a moron.

    1. I will say again:
      1. We already have travel bans from other countries, so new immigrants are not coming over.
      2. Non-citizens do not have the run of the town, they are inside under the same rules as everyone else.
      3. A lot of these would be green card receivers are already in the country and working under other visas or married to citizens, preventing them from getting green cards makes zero sense.
      4. There are not many new green card holders anyhow compared to citizens and ones who already have it, so preventing them from working will do very little to help anyone.
      5. Lets not forget that these are law abiding people following the rules for years and now we are saying they can’t earn a living. That is just wrong.

      1. I will say again:
        1. The ban targeted 26 countries that are part of a visa-free travel area known as the Schengen Area. There are actually a few more countries in the world then 26.
        2. For non-citizens to get to the US they have to mostly fly. That includes flying through countries that may have high number of cases of coronavirus. When they reach the US they have to travel to their destination possibly spreading Covid 19.
        3. The order temporarily prohibits people outside the U.S. as of its signing from getting green cards.
        Spouses and children under 21 of American citizens can still get green cards.
        Medical professionals, defined as “a physician, nurse, or other healthcare professional” working to combat COVID-19, are exempt, and may bring their spouses and unmarried kids under 21.
        People applying for a green card though the EB-5 program, which requires an investment of at least $900,000 that is expected to create jobs, are exempt from the ban.
        Members of the U.S. military are also excluded from the prohibition.
        4. The ban does not affect people in the country.
        5. Your post is propaganda and lies. Who ever is telling you what to think is lying to you.

    2. Where’s that quote from?
      It’s perfectly on point

  19. It never occurred to me back in 1972 that Libertarians were just Marxist faggots in disguise. If I had known the truth about Libertarians back then I would never have taken anything they said seriously. The only Libertarian worth a shit is Hans Herman Hoppe, and he happens to stick out like a sore thumb.

  20. Why is it every one of these Trump bad guy vs. 3rd world immigration good thing authored by pople who’s names sound like they’re former 3rd worlders?

  21. Oh yeah! Let’s bring in more people on H1B Visa’s right after 22 million Americans just lost their jobs. The fake libertarians here have just as much hatred and disdain for America and Americans as the Democrats. You’re a bunch of ideologue frauds. Reason should move it’s sorry organization to China since they seem to love that bastion of free trade and liberty so much.

  22. Simlarly, Nancy’s Impeachment Gamgit Was Pure Virtue Signaling to Her Base
    It never had a chance of removing the President from office. But Democratic congress folks got some swell commemorative pens out of the deal.

  23. People may have to say no to the destruction of the value of their money so that they can afford to pay for products and services that are provided by current “citizens” of the United States. The horror!

  24. Trump launched his first presidential bid by denouncing Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals” and pledged to build a “big, beautiful” wall on the southern border.
    President Trump has never implied that. He said some of those crossing our border illegally are rapist and criminals.
    They left screamed racist and hysterically denounced him saying such a thing.
    Obama said, my administration has deported over 6 million dangerous criminal illegal aliens to protect the American people. The left cheered and swooned.
    Can someone explain the difference? If there were that many dangerous criminal illegal aliens in the US doesn’t that prove what President Trump said? If not please explain why.

    1. “…Can someone explain the difference?..”

      I think it’s not difficult to understand:
      Trump, who is registered R, beat that hag, who had support of most all of the legacy media, and made them look like the presumptuous asses they are. They are not about to forgive him for making their bias and lies obvious for all to see; being bested by what they see (pace the asshole bigot) as their ‘lesser’ pisses them off.
      Various assholes here have also yet to grow up and admit their candidate lost a completely legal election; hence the “RUSSKIS!” investigation, the failed attempt at Impeachment and the continued whining regarding whatever Trump does.
      Briefly, the politics of resentment and envy are powerful drivers of the bullshitting class.

  25. Looky here. Shikha is back at her prophetic crystal ball. This time it says we’re all doomed unless half of Pakistan exercises the divine right of uninspected entry into These States… again. Surely Mother Jones could use these prediction skills.

  26. Ah, more crap from Reason’s worst writer.

  27. The codependent posture some assume towards immigration is confounding.
    Is immigration good? Yes and no (like everything). It is not an absolute.
    I get support for immigration – it is seen as both an economic benefit and human right.
    But this attitude gets perverted into a desperate sense that any opposition to immigration, any wish to decrease it (for whatever reason), is an existential threat. That the US cannot prosper and/or survive unless immigration is kept at a high level and further increased.
    Thats just silly.
    Immigration may on the whole benefit America, but we can do just fine on our own as well.
    Don’t be desperate

  28. Well, it is an election year and the Dems have been far more opportunistic and cynical in trying to capitalize on the pandemic. They kinda are forcing his hand.

    What a shit show. A depressing shit show of incompetence and stupidity all around – and that includes the medical bureaucrats who seem to be sad their apocalyptic warnings aren’t happening. In fact, it’s looking like more and more they’re no different than climate change doomsayers.

    I wish I could say this will pass but in just 10 weeks I fear much damage has been done not only to the economy but the general mental health of people.

    Speaking of mental health, Dalmia won’t need to get tested for Covid because she has something worse: TDS.

    This article screams Useful idiot. The Chinese read this crap and go ‘Yes, yes, Very good. Use her.’

    We should all be focused on the common enemy: CHINA. And the WHO. What they pulled is a crime against humanity in my view and they should have their asses hauled before The Hague or have to face a global inquiry.

    China doubles down? We should triple down and not let up.

    But Dalmia (and her ilk) shows we have to fight on two fronts.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Rufus the Monocled, but the fact that Trump is planning to cut funding to the World Health Organization, as well as the CDC, and the fact that Trump’s response to Covid-19, the fact that he got rid of experts who would’ve helped put Covid-19 under control and prevented it from turning into a pandemic, which he knew about in January, was far too little too late is why things have gotten so bad.

  29. Trump’s Immigration Pause Is Pure Virtue Signaling to His Base.

    What possible point would there be in “virtue signaling to his base”? By definition, “his base” is people who vote for him no matter what.

    It seems more like he is “virtue signalling” to swing voters, people who have lost their jobs and who are trying to decide between two futures. Future 1 promises to tax the rich and redistribute the money to the poor, while maintaining tariff free imports, allowing illegals to come into the US, and rejoicing over the time when racists like AOC and Shikha can take revenge on white males. Future 2 promises to restrict immigration, lower corporate and individual taxes, and impose tariffs to give working class Americans a fighting chance in global markets while at the same time telling people to get over their obsession with race and gender. One of these futures is a good one, the other one is the road to hell.

    President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has cratered his approval rating.

    Of course it has. No need for Democrats to vote then.

    1. Imposing tariffs generally hurt world markets.

      And as far as I can read from the article, Trumps executive orders don’t only affect illegal immigrants. They affect immigrants in the country who are following the legal procedures to become citizens. I don’t understand what about covid 19 would justify that.

      1. Imposing tariffs generally hurt world markets.

        It certainly does. But it is necessary to allow working class Americans to earn a living as long as the US imposes massive overhead costs on US businesses.

        They affect immigrants in the country who are following the legal procedures to become citizens. I don’t understand what about covid 19 would justify that.

        The purpose of immigration into the US is to benefit Americans, nothing more. In times of labor shortages, more immigration benefits Americans. In times of massive unemployment (like now), immigration makes no sense.

        Trumps executive orders don’t only affect illegal immigrants.

        Illegal “immigrants” are already illegal and subject to deportation. There is no separate executive order needed.

  30. If this article was filled with anymore half-truths, mis-statements and just flat out lies it could double as one of Obama’s acceptance speeches, although that would require the addition of many more “me s” and “I s”.
    Be that as it may, allow me to begin by stating I’m not sure if you got your statistics from CNN or MSNBC, like it would make a difference, but they boil down to pure fantasy, just like everything else the left is involved with. Take the Russia collusion scam, nothing but an attempted removal of a duly elected President based on hatred and self-loathing as you failed to steal the requisite number of votes in the 2016 election with the result that Hillary still lost (let it go, she was toast anyway, no one likes her and they like her policies less).
    Then your impeachment fiasco with the end result being that the democrat members were so self-absorbed and occupied congratulating themselves on a party line impeachment vote, that they failed to pay attention to their jobs which caused President Trump to takes steps on his own to halt the spread of this insidious Chinese virus. Then, as if the opening act of this democrat tragedy was not enough, the effective and timely step of halting air travel from the home of the virus, by the President, was stupidly opposed by the democrats led by that millionaire elitist Pelosi, who was at the time suicidally acting as a tour guide in Chinatown, shaking hands and advising all others to do same, while the rest of the stooges in her party basically killed hundreds of Americans by sabotaging and bad mouthing the very effective medicines the President was indicating as showing early promise in fighting the ‘Chi-rus’. The fact that many of the America hating morons on the left are still badmouthing those same effective treatments, 91% effective with no adverse results, is further evidence of the leftist lust for power at all costs. One must be aware of partisan polls with obvious biases such as those alluded to by the author of the piece at issue here, as with ‘Hillaries election’, you don’t always get what you want.
    Sadly, the seditious actions taken by the neo-crat crowd, (democrat party, so-called deep state bureaucrats and the Fifth Column media), have not only cost many American lives, with their purposely false information, they were necessitated by the left feeling it needed something to denigrate the President’s good work, as the impeachment fiasco never had a chance.
    Everyone knew the impeachment was a desperate action, an Alinski strategy taken right out of ‘Rules For Radicals’, specifically; blame your opponent for exactly what it is you are doing or have done, in this case for crimes that ‘Dopey’ Joe Biden committed, admitted and confessed to on video tape which was subsequently played to the entire country on a number of occasions. I am sure even the most able avoiders of reality among the neo-crats will recall the Ukrainian prosecutor being fired at ‘Dopey’ Joe’s request lest he withhold, as he put it, “The Billion” in approved aid. Hey I don’t blame the guy for sticking up for his crooked son, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree here, but this was an exceedingly poor choice of a forum in which to try, and to then demonstrate the arrogance of the left by trying to pawn it off on a sitting President! Even the slobbering, Pavlovian Fifth Column of latter-day Quislings that is the lefts’ ‘Ministry of Propaganda’, as Herr Goebbels formerly called them, couldn’t pull that off.
    But as they say, some good comes of everything, and the democrat party and the corporate media allowed their true selves to be exposed to the American people and that is going to carry a cost. As a matter of fact if you wish to continually quote polls, why not move away from the same sort which indicated Hillary would win in a landslide, and get a look at some that reflect reality and show the media rates about as highly as the democrat controlled House of Representatives, in roughly single digits.
    That is lower than things you have to scrape of your shoe before entering your home and now after the handling of the Chirus and the partisan sniping at the President, well, let’s just say you are lucky that negative numbers are not an option as this becomes a one tailed test as zero is approached, statistically speaking, as the lowest one can go is zero. I will however give you all an A for effort in trying to obtain that rather dubious rating. Listen, if anyone can do it, the narcissistic lefties can, so allow me to wish them good luck in that endeavor. You can do it there, you can do it.

  31. I feel it would be wrong for the US to delay legal immigration that is already in process unless it’s just a matter of government shutting down unessential services like Old Navy. It offers us no theoretical protection against covid like shutting down immigration that has not yet begun. If people are are here legally we they should ensure them that their hopes of citizenship are still legitimate. I wish both Biden and Trump weren’t turd sandwiches. Voting for Trump this fall is still going to be sad even if he is better than Biden. We really desperately need election reform with a process like ranked choice voting. The binarty factionalism our voting system causes may destroy our prosperity.

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  33. Dalmia’s rant is filled with strawmen or red herrings but her intent is very revealing when you focus on this aspect of her essay where she says:

    “One of his first acts was to ban travel from several predominantly Muslim countries. He also slashed America’s refugee program in less than half and is failing to admit even the number he allowed.”

    In reality what she is doing is championing Muslim immigrants regardless of the potential threat they may pose to the United States. Never mind the enclaves in places like Europe where Sharia is practiced and enforced along with the numerous instances of Muslim immigrants who have conducted acts of terrorism or even court cases like the Holy Land Foundation prosecutions where defendants in the case were imprisoned for funneling charitable donations to Islamic terrorist groups.

    Will all Muslims conduct terrorism? No. But if one understands how Islam is practiced in its fullest sense, then one realizes why Muslims become terrorists. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to not only predict the future or psychoanalyze people at any given moment.

    However, if one considers the examples of Muslim terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers, would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shazad, or even San Bernardino County mass shooter terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, then one realizes that it is not safe to allow people (regardless of their religious beliefs) in from Muslim-majority countries into the United States.

    Jimmy Carter also enacted a ban on people coming in from Iran citing national security reasons but none of this matters to Shika Dalmia because, to her, the rights of the immigrants come before the rights of Americans. National security be damned.

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