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Mariska Hargitay Is Wrong About the Rape Kit Backlog

Untested rape kits are a national scandal, but more funding isn't the answer.


In 2016, then–Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. He was there to talk about the "rape kit backlog," the untested rape kits languishing indefinitely across the U.S.—an issue he'd been working on alongside Mariska Hargitay, one of the show's stars.

The scenario was reversed Wednesday night, with Hargitay getting a spot at the Democratic National Convention to make her pitch for a President Joe Biden. But the subject was the same: ending the "rape kit backlog."

"I created the Joyful Heart Foundation to help survivors heal and to change the way society responds to sexual violence," she said. Biden "will end the backlog of hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits….Testing kits not only makes our country safer, but it sends a vital message to survivors that what happened to them mattered."

It's a real problem. Rape kits—which contain DNA evidence from rape victims' bodies that can be used to locate the alleged offender—too often remain untouched. It goes without saying that testing such kits can help find rapists, and yet hundreds of thousands of them have collected dust in police stations over the years.

But this "backlog" isn't really a backlog: Law enforcement agencies shoved those kits aside without ever sending them to a lab. That's called negligence. And it's not something that should be rewarded by throwing more money at the responsible parties, which is precisely what Hargitay would like to do.

First off, police departments already receive a hefty amount of funding to test rape kits. The entire purpose of the Debbie Smith Act of 2004 is to send cash to state and local law enforcement agencies so they are able to do just that. The legislation has been reauthorized multiple times over the last 15 years, and it has funneled more than a billion dollars toward the cause.

Even so, Biden and Hargitay successfully lobbied for the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, launched in 2015, which has given federal money to police departments that already had the money to test such rape kits but opted not to. Worse yet: That same year, when the Manhattan District Attorney's Office announced it would kick in $38 million to the cause, those funds came from civil asset forfeiture seizures, the program that allows police officers to take possessions from people merely suspected of committing crimes.

By and large, police budgets have grown over the years, with staffs increasing and DNA technology continuing to advance. Yet Meaghan Ybos, founder and executive director of People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws, has documented an incredible level of rape-kit negligence:

In 2009, a Human Rights Watch report exposed over 12,000 untested rape kits in law enforcement storage throughout Los Angeles County. That same year, inquiries by the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the failure of law enforcement to stop serial rapist and mass murderer Anthony Sowell spurred the city's police department to announce plans to process over 4,000 untested rape kits of its own. Also in 2009, after the FBI took control of the Detroit Police Department property room, officials revealed over 8,000 rape kits in police storage had never been submitted to a lab. In 2013, the Memphis Police Department admitted it had failed to test over 12,000 rape kits. In 2014, a New Orleans Police Commander who had been lauded in 2011 for testing at least 800 unprocessed rape kits revealed the department had failed to submit more than 400 rape kits collected since 2011. In 2017, the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's office admitted at least 555 rape kits collected by Detroit Police since the 2009 public outcry weren't tested until 2015, a fact that was never announced to the public.

Hargitay partially explains that by saying sex crimes departments are scantily resourced and understaffed. But it is the police departments themselves that allocate staffing and other resources. When violent crime gets the short end of the stick, that's not a funding issue; it's a priorities issue.

Given all that, law enforcement's apathy toward rape kits and the ensuing investigations can't be explained by a dollar amount. Nor can it be solved by one.

"If we are to try to imagine any solutions to this, it's not going to be 'Believe women,' or more training for the police, or trauma-informed training," says Ybos, who was raped in 2003 and had her own kit sit untouched for nine years in Memphis, Tennessee. "People bring things up like, 'We need more female police officers.' No. No. Solutions like that, that compartmentalize this and don't address the policing issues overall—this is just going to be a perpetuation of the problem that caused this situation."

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  1. “When violent crime gets the short end of the stick, that’s not a funding issue; it’s a priorities issue”

    Oh but now it is a funding issue. A DEfunding issue. That Reason has perpetrated now incessantly.

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  2. In 2012 Alaska built the 2nd largest crime lab in the country (behind Quantico) and they still had to send out about 2600 rape kits to be processed.

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  3. “to change the way society responds to sexual violence”

    “Society” supports cops not doing their jobs? Maybe certain subsets of society – criminals and Democrats, for example.

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  5. I for one am amazed to find out a Hollywood celebrity doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about when she speaks out on social issues – I thought Hollywood celebrities knew everything!

    1. Celebrities are well known for their common sense and strong moral fiber. Always a great source for life advice and social policies.

      1. Plus, it looks like she packed on a few pounds.

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  6. Wtf did I just read?

  7. So condition all federal law enforcement grants on the cops sending every rape kit to a lab within 24 hours.

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    1. Damn, I almost flagged you until I read it a second time.

      1. The line between sarcasm and comment is getting smaller than the line between democrat spending and republican spending.

    2. Yeah, but did you get a new Range Rover?

      1. No, I’m not a suburban white chick with a rich daddy

  9. A lot of kits don’t get tested because the result wouldn’t help the case. The suspect is already known so there’s no need to identify them or other evidence problems. If a kit is important to a case, it’s likely going to get tested. Testing every kit whether or not it’s relevant is a waste of resources.

    1. This occurred to me too. The whole premise seems pretty fucked up. You can almost see the Police Academy movies playing in their heads where the meek Officer Hooks goes into the chief’s office where he and other male officers are laughing, smoking cigars, and looking at porn, “Excuse me, Chief. Chief! Yes, excuse me sir! These rape kits have been on the shelf for weeks. Shouldn’t we do something about them.” “Hooks! Can’t you see we’re busy?!”

      Like there are no female police chiefs or review board comissioners or criminology lab managers or whatever let alone females who were themselves the victims of rape or assaulted (or men who were raped or assaulted or men who are related to women who were raped or assaulted or…) in such positions anywhere in the US.

      Chicago’s murder clearance rate topped 30% for the first time in over a decade. It rose to 53%. They did it by clearing more murder cases without an arrest. Yeah, the rape kits can wait.

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  11. Another TV star who supports the Violence, Looting, and Rape mobs of today’s street thugs, and got rich and famous acting as police officer on a show that that glorifies door-busting warrantless searches and the consequence-free roughing up of “perps” and “dirtbags,” as long as there is consensus between her and her partner that they are in fact dirtbags and dirtbags deserve cop-administered violence. Oh, and since it usually results in the arrest of a Typical New York Rapist, it somehow is worth it.

  12. There is a way to solve the issue with a dollar amount. It’s just that the dollar amount is negative. i.e. “Do your jobs or we will stop paying you.” If police departments everywhere believed that their next year’s funding was on the line for kits that were not tested, that problem would go right away. What we’re doing now is the opposite of that – they get more funding for being inept.

    1. Not necessarily that I disagree that they’re not inept, but if the local PD is going to get defunded for kits on the shelf, they’ll simply get rid of kits on the shelf. They’ll run rape kits where the perpetrator is caught in the act or throw them in the trash, as long as they aren’t sitting on the shelf. If a rape kit comes back inconclusive or with multiple suspects, case closed. If a victim accuses one person and the kit points to someone else, case closed. No need to make an arrest or bother with a messy investigation and trial. As long as there isn’t an untested kit on the shelf, the job’s done.

  13. This isn’t a national problem; it’s a State and local one.

  14. In 2016, then–Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

    Huh, I didn’t know about this. Who would have thought that democratic politicians are benefiting from mainstream television dramas?

  15. I wonder what her position is on the 2020 hotness of defunding police departments.

  16. How are the feds supposed to solve every problem at the state and local level????

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