Colorado Cop Says He Didn't Mean 'KILL THEM ALL' Literally

Colorado Springs Police Sergeant Keith Wrede insists he was just "going crazy" to Metallica and doesn't want protesters to die.


A Colorado police officer who has been on the force for 20 years was suspended after posting "KILL THEM ALL" on a June Facebook live stream showing protesters blocking an Interstate 25 exit in Colorado Springs.

On June 30, a group of 20 protesters used the interstate to march downtown as part of the nationwide anti-police brutality protests happening in the wake of George Floyd's death. Colorado Springs Police (CSPD) Sergeant Keith Wrede posted "KILL THEM ALL" and "KILL 'EM ALL" on a live stream of the protests while logged on to his now-deleted Facebook account.

Wrede was interviewed by the CSPD's internal affairs division about the comments on July 15. According to a transcript from the exchange, Wrede said he posted the comments via a personal Facebook account that he created under the name "Steven Eric," which Wrede told investigators was a mixture of his late brother's first name and his own middle name.

"My only understanding was that they were blocking I-25," he told investigators when asked about the nature of the protest. Wrede also said the protesters were part of the Black Lives Matter movement and that he "understood what they were trying to accomplish in the street that day," which he says included issues such as "the murder of George Floyd, police reform, killing cops, trying to kill cops."

Wrede also created a post on his account that night likening the Black Lives Matter movement to a "terrorist" organization. "Calling for violence, outwardly calling for violence, outwardly making it okay to kill the police is, to me, a terrorist act," Wrede told investigators.

Wrede said his comments were not actually a call to kill protesters. Rather, Wrede said he was "going crazy" listening to Metallica's Kill 'Em All album leading up to the incident. Wrede added that he understood that someone could be inspired to commit violence based on his comments and also understood that his comments could damage already sensitive relations between the police and the community. He said the comments were a "momentary lapse of judgment" and were the result of his own anxiety being released "in a very unprofessional manner."

In a Monday letter to the community, CSPD Chief Vince Niski said that Wrede was suspended for 40 hours, removed from his specialized unit, and will be reassigned.

"It was determined that the comments were made off-duty out of frustration and there was no indication of any physical action or intent to cause harm," Niski wrote. "I am in no way minimizing Sergeant Wrede's words. His comments were unacceptable, have damaged our relationship with members of our community, and fell short of our standards."

As for the decision to keep Wrede on the force, Niski said that he could not "deprive the community of a good police officer and his services because of an isolated incident of an error in judgment."

KRDO, which captured the Facebook live stream where Wrede made his comments, reported that Wrede was "involved" in the June 1 arrest of protester Justin Salmons. Officers can be seen in a bystander video punching Salmons in the torso and back while holding him down. Reason contacted CSPD to verify the nature of Wrede's alleged involvement in that incident, but did not receive a timely response.

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92 responses to “Colorado Cop Says He Didn't Mean 'KILL THEM ALL' Literally

  1. Get off of social media.

    1. Or stop being an authoritarian right-wing bigot?

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  2. So… when you post on a facebook livestream, ANYONE can see it?

    1. Giggle…

  3. Cop admits his desire to kill the all, Reason Commentariat steps up to defend him.

    1. No one has defended him. But reason defends people who want to attack and kill this guy and every other LEO by lying and pretending they are peaceful.

      1. I will, guy saying something stupid on the internet doesn’t matter one bit. Unless theirs evidence he’s actually a violent psychopath then I’ll just take it as someone venting. Venting is healthy (in moderation); when I was in high school and got my beer stolen by cops, I’d pop in grand theft auto and kill all those pig motherfuckers.

        1. It’s not… optimal to have someone who’s positively identified as being an agent of and representative of the city’s police department making bombastic statements as he* did. I don’t believe for a minute it was a legal ‘true threat’ any more than an ESPN reporter’s “burn it all down” was a true threat. However, a suspension may be in order.

          I think it’s more important to focus on the real threats, like someone trying to burn down a building with people still inside.

          *By gendering him, I may have committed the worst offense imaaginable.

          1. However, a suspension may be in order.

            At the very least, a threat to his pay followed by a word of advice, “Stay the *fuck* off Twitter.”

          2. And then, when he corrects you to say it was a Facebook Live stream, ask him if he really wants his paycheck or not.

          3. Sure a suspension might be due (depends on what else is in his file*) and definitely a sit down to have the “internet talk” and how you need to conduct yourself. But I’ll leave that up to his bosses. Point being, people say all kinds of stupid shit online and don’t act on it and leave it in the realm of fantasy.

            *of course if there are other “stuff” maybe he should just be fired.

    2. Typical type of post from the TDS crew here.

      1. TDS…..on nothing to do with Trump.

        Projection much?

        1. And the crew rushes in to defend Brandy throwing a strawman argument out of no substance.


      2. The whole concept of TDS is just another example of projection. The real TDS is the cult-like worship of Trump and a knee-jerk reaction to defend every single thing Trump does.

        1. Said the TDS crew who couldn’t let one of their own seem stupid for throwing out a strawman argument in a thread nobody even came close to the posited argument.

        2. That’s the wonder of TDS: it works both ways. Heck, it even works on some otherwise sensible people who bend so far over backwards to be “fair” that they end up with their head up their ass.

    3. Kill all the terrorists?


      Why is that a problem? Wanting to kill the people who have taken actions to kill, maim and terrorize you to advance their political agenda is not an irrational response.

      If you have a different opinion and are willing to work peacefully towards it while adopting a position of ‘live and let live’ while you do so, great.

      If you have a different opinion and are willing to destroy everything and everyone in your path to get it or to scare people into doing what you say then you get whatever response your victims decide your actions merit.

      And sometimes, that response can be ‘kill ’em all’.

  4. CSPD also issued a “stay at home” order for residents of a neighborhood here when the BLM “protests” here “intensified”. The order basically said it was too dangerous to be in that neighborhood and that CSPD was going to do fuckall about it, so all the law abiding people who live there should just hide in their basements until this blows over.

    That happened just a week or two ago, so it seems they went from “KILL EM ALL” to “just let them burn the place down” in the span of about a month.

  5. Colorado Cop

    Like VP Kamala Harris?

    1. I just went from “probably not voting” to “definitely voting for Trump”.

      1. I’m still ‘still kicking Unicorn Abattoir’s whimpering ass in the culture war.’

    2. I just saw. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. This will be looked back on in 15 years as Biden’s “Palin moment.”

      1. I hope so.

        1. Your hopes do not matter much in modern America.

      2. He didn’t want to win. I don’t even think he wants to run anymore. I’m waiting for him to drop out at the last minute.

        1. Deja vu didn’t people say that about Trump

        2. California Senator. Biden showing his political savvy, ensuring that California electors don’t go to Trump in November.

        3. As horrible as Kamala Harris is, I don’t see people choosing to vote for Trump instead of Biden only because of Harris. And yes, she is horrible. But if we were to look for a silver lining, it would be that she is not an ideologue and just craves power. So she will be unlikely to engage is some kind of effort to restructure the whole system towards some progressive utopia, like Warren would be tempted to do. On the other hand, she might be more likely to get the U.S. into a couple of new military conflicts. Who the fuck knows. All these people suck.

          1. She’ll just use the power of the state to imprison her political opponents? But it won’t be for ideological reasons?

            1. Has she been chanting ‘lock ’em up,’ you bigoted, inconsequential rube?

          2. I am. Supposedly Unicorn Abattoir feels the same way. Harris is THAT terrible.

    3. Aw fuck. Why did I read Colorado as California? Oh well.

      1. was very confusing lol

    4. Well, that decision just got easier. There’s no way in hell I want Harris “a heartbeat away” from becoming President. Her record as a prosecutor shows her as an authoritarian tyrant.

      1. This is the most jaw-droppingly tone deaf pick he could have made. It’s spitting in the face of the entire BLM movement (assuming there’s still some people in there that care about criminal justice reform instead of just trying to burn shit or enact socialism.)

        1. It could be seen as a ‘fuck you, but what are you gonna do, vote for Trump” stance from Biden, if Biden even put that much thought into it. I doubt it. What it could do is push some people towards a third party. Maybe even dozens of them.

        2. Nah, they’ve read their internals.

          It’s a wash and they know it.

          Trump is actively campaigning in Jersey and California. And no one’s making fun of him for doing it.

  6. Colorado Cop Says He Didn’t Mean ‘KILL THEM ALL’ Literally

    Are you saying he did?

    1. Kill them all literally! Throw the book at them!

  7. One cop rhetorically saying “kill them all” on bottomless cesspool of social media = worthy of scorn and a full editorial. Anti-fa burning down building occupied by actual living people = shrug and keep it hush hush.

    Cops are people that are prone to hyperbole like anyone else. Same take I have on university admins saying all white people are the devil. Let me know when actual rights are violated. By the way, I know it doesn’t seem like it because no one is saying it at DC cocktail parties, but everyone who doesn’t live in the super hip gentrified communities on the coasts is getting really tired of the rioter’s bullshit and the media’s gaslighting. This guy’s frustration (as over the top as it is) is unfortunately starting to become more sympathetic than you think.

    1. Ehh. It’s not a good idea for a police officer to get on social media and start letting his bias flag fly. It looks bad, among other things, when he has to explain such conduct during other testimony.

      I blame his training and trainers, for not sufficiently beating into his skull that he needed to not use Facebook, Twitter, et al, for more than checking up on friends and family.

      LOL at Biden picking Harris. Because he was going to lose California if he didn’t? Because Harris is uniquely suited to bring America together? Just amazing. Thank God he didn’t pick Obama, Demings, or someone else with half Harris’s baggage.

      1. I’m not saying it’s good or that I like what he said or that he should have said it. He sounds like a dipshit. There’s 500 posts a day on Twitter that rival this sort of hate and vitriol from all sorts of people that have power and influence that they can lord over people and we don’t have articles about each one of them.

        I’d rather it be crystal clear to the community that he’s policing that he’s an asshole and willing to be vocal about it than to be able to hide it with complacency from the media. Speaking of VP Harris…..

      2. How about he not be a genocidal racist? Is that on the table?

        Yeah you don’t get to talk about anyone’s baggage anymore. We let you have Trump and now you don’t get to demand anything of anyone else ever again.

        1. Haha. “You don’t get to…..” “we let you….”

          Jesus fucking Christ what a moron.

      3. “Ehh. It’s not a good idea for a police officer to get on social media and start letting his bias flag fly.”

        Yeah, so we can pretend there is no bias flag. One could also argue that as a cop uttering “kill them all” that anything he said would implicitly include “after due process.” Terrorism is an executable offense.

        As someone that is ultra-critical of cops, this issue is just plain stupid and dangerous to free speech.

        1. “Yeah, so we can pretend there is no bias flag.”

          Yes, there is a lot of pretending in adult life. Is this news to you?

          Thought exercise: is it easier or harder to impeach the testimony of a cop accused of, oh I dunno, excessive use of force or unlawful deprivation of civil rights, if the cop has previous public statements about ‘killing them all’ or if he doesn’t?

          You don’t get the full freedom of speech that Joe Blow does, when you’re in a public safety job like police officer. For reasons which should be obvious.

          1. So, you endorse the pretending so cops can have an easier time engaging in excessive force or unlawful deprivation of rights without having their testimony impeached, amirite.

            FFS to equate “killing them all” with excessive use of force or unlawful deprivation of rights is downright idiotic. Now, if the cop is accused of murder and the context is relevant than ok. Outside of that your reaching and it’s pathetic.

            Oh, and fuck off you condescending doozhbag.

            If “killing them all” is the major strength of the case then that is not much of a case.

            Do you hear yourself saying that someone does not get full freedom of speech. Have you not heard the threats of violence cops say to suspects. Obviously not. Stick with your idiocy of attempting to legitimize the necessity of adult pretending.

  8. Anti-fa burning down building occupied by actual living people

    You mean peaceful protesters roasting mostly peaceful marshmallows in a building.

    1. placement fail. Move it to Compelled’s.

  9. What’s your definition of a “good” cop?

    In my opinion they should barely exist. We don’t need 75% of them. Just to give a recent example of their worthlessness. Someone I know called the cop to report the theft of a dog. It was all on video so there was hardly any question about the facts. Do you know how those cops responded? They wanted to give the guy a ticket for not having his dog on fucking leash. The fucking dog was stolen from a fenced yard. This shit happened last week. Wake the fuck up. This ain’t liberals versus conservative. These cops prey on all us. They see us as the other. You want to talk to me about gang violence in Chicago? The cops are the biggest most violent gang in this country and there is no fucking comparison. Fire all of these mfers any chance you get.

    1. is NAP violation to imagine someone robbing this dude?

      1. The cops are robbing me this very second. I’m paying for these fucking losers to dress up and play god. Fuck these people. That profession attracts the worst kinds of people in our society. And then to make it even worse the cop culture reinforces a culture of violence. Thses cops fucking hate you by the way. Get in their way for one second and you’ll find out how sucking their dicks on the internet will get you.

        In addition, the other day I made some harsh statements condemning two cops to hell for killing the gamer guy who answered the door with a gun in his hand. But honesty I wouldn’t put those cops in hell if I had that power. I would forgive them. I just think they should be doing other jobs. Something useful. I know you fuckers on the right don’t want to hear it but the police culture in this country is beyond unsalvageable. Alot of it has to do with the fact that we used to have slavery in this country and then the Jim Crow and drug war. All of that negative shit poisoned the police culture. It’s cesspool of rightwingers. The ugly rightwingers. The ones none of us should like.

        1. *Beyond salvageable

          1. I think you might be.

        2. I genuinely wonder how some of you function without a keeper.

          It’s a free country…shrug.

        3. >> I’m paying for these fucking losers to dress up and play god.

          funny. the high-school-apex football players gotta job somewhere.

        4. Without cops your cushy middle class existence would be imperiled. Everybody understands you are a warrior of the keyboard only, and the moment someone walks on your grass you call the cops. You are a fraud and a poser.

      2. I guess Stazele is an AnCap now?

        So we don’t have to pay taxes anymore? If there’s no chance of a dude showing up to my house with a gun to make me pay, I ain’t paying.

        No more regulations, no more gun control, no more drug prohibition. I knew we’d get him on our side eventually!

    2. ^^ shit that didn’t happen

    3. So funny. Without cops all your stuff would be stolen and you would be miserable. So you and neighbors would hire someone to protect you and your property. You could call that someone a cop.

      1. It’s possible to need cops and to only have cops who are psychopathic assholes.

  10. Just like Fuck The Police doesn’t really mean fuck the police.

    1. Wholly unfuckable as a class.

  11. To my knowledge, no member of Cock Sparrer has ever murdered a record executive.

    1. put ’em up against the wall…

  12. Never apologize.

  13. Surely the type of guy you can trust to police the community…

  14. Damn, I was waiting for the “to be sure, free speech” thing at the end there.

    1. Don’t hold your breath.

    2. That was then, this is now.

  15. “Wrede added that he understood that someone could be inspired to commit violence based on his comments and also understood that his comments could damage already sensitive relations between the police and the community. He said the comments were a “momentary lapse of judgment” and were the result of his own anxiety being released “in a very unprofessional manner.”

    Remember when back when Reason was posting articles against cancel culture? Seems like yesterday. ‘

    It was actually last week.

    Now it looks like they’re cheering for cancel culture, doesn’t it? I mean, the people calling for this guy’s badge aren’t making any distinctions between him and someone in a private company, are they? I say fuck the intolerant if they can’t take a joke, and, yeah, a society that can’t tolerate people saying stupid shit is an intolerant society.

    Remember back when we all stood together as that jackass from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in southern New York came after commenters here for posting hyperbolic comments about woodchippers?

    I can remember when Reason held an Everybody Draw Mohammed contest?


    It’s hard to imagine them doing that anymore, isn’t it? It wouldn’t surprise me if half the staff here agreed that the First Amendment doesn’t protect bigotry.

    1. Law enforcement held to lower standards again.

    2. Calling his being held accountable (however likely) “cancel culture” is specious and stupid.

      His words are literally a call for violence.

  16. Next up, the satanic panic, and how to make sure your kids aren’t playing D&D

  17. Kill Em All isn’t even a lyric. It’s an album title.

    1. Which itself is cultural appropriation of a French Foreign Legion sergeant; “Kill ’em all and let God sort it out”.

        1. Well, at least tell me it was a French Foreign Legion sergeant who said “when you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”.

  18. Stay off the roads. Do your peaceful protesting at WalGreens and Macy’s and leave normal people to go about their daily lives.

  19. does his explanation really help?? seems like either way, he’s sorely lacking in the temperament that we should be seeking in police officers.

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  21. I am uncertain here.

    Do we want to not cancel this guy because of free speech or do we want to cancel him because he works for the government and said something stupidly offensive?

  22. So Reason seems to be suggesting he should be fired. Reason opposed cancel culture except when it applies to police? Hypocrites.

  23. So the “protestors” shouting “Kill the Cops” are all going to be suspended from protesting for 40 hours, and be demoted from rock thrower or laser shooter to chanting “Black lives matter”.


    1. Mostly peaceful protest procedures were mostly followed.

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  25. Chicago has always been run by gangsters. The CPD is not much different than the Disciples or the Latin Kings. They each have their own rules and methods of enforcing them.

    Richard Daley, Al Capone, whoever it is now. Gangsters in suites. Ya think any of them want an armed populace?

    Ya know what they really fear, and the Kings et al among them. People going into a gun store and buying a gun like they do here. The gangs don’t need permits. They outgun and outnumber the police.

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  27. The ARA, American Republican Army does not condone violence of any sort whatsoever. The splinter group or un-associated individuals calling themselves ARA and advocating violent action are not ARA members.

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