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Trump Urges Floridians To Vote by Mail While Suing Over Remote Voting in Nevada

Plus: Tuesday primary results, TikTok may move to London, polls show growing distrust in media, and more...


After months of casting suspicion on the whole concept of mail-in voting, the president is suddenly behind it… for states where he has a stronghold. "In Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot & Vote by Mail!" Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. "Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True," the president opined on social media. 

Meanwhile, his campaign is suing to stop the state of Nevada from expanding its mail-in voting protocol.

The lawsuit was filed late yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada on behalf of Donald J. Trump for President Inc., the Republican Party of Nevada, and the Republican National Committee. It comes in response to Nevada's AB4, which was signed into state law on Monday.

AB4 says registered voters will automatically be sent a mail-in ballot for the upcoming general election and any subsequent election that takes place during an official "state of emergency or declaration of disaster." It also contains several minor, related provisions meant to makes this process easier.

Making it easier and safer for people to vote in November doesn't seem like it should be a controversial proposition. But the bill split Nevada legislators along party lines and has now riled up Trump's 2020 presidential campaign.

The campaign's lawsuit alleges that "major or hasty changes confuse voters, undermine confidence in the electoral process, and create [an] incentive to remain away from the polls." But the new law—which doesn't cancel in-person voting but simply expands voters' options—was passed with the exact opposite aim in mind, after June primaries in Nevada saw folks who wanted to vote being forced to wait in line for hours. Now, voters won't be forced to choose between risking their health or wasting hours in line to cast a vote.

The lawsuit also objects to AB4's stipulation that the number of in-person voting locations required in a given county is tied to the population of that county.

Trump told reporters on Monday that the U.S. Postal Service couldn't handle mail-in voting.

On Wednesday morning, Trump once again urged Florida residents to vote by mail while saying Nevada shouldn't do it. He has not specified what special postal tricks Florida mail carriers supposedly know that Nevada's do not.

But Nevada went for Clinton in 2016, and Florida went for Trump, so that might be one clue. The president has also criticized the prospect of expanding mail-in ballot access in California, a reliably blue state.


"There is a widening gulf between American aspirations for and assessments of the news media," reports the Knight Foundation in an introduction to its latest "Trust, Media and Democracy" report. Over the past several years, the foundation's studies have seen Americans offer "increasingly polarized judgments about the news media and how well it is fulfilling its role in our democracy."

While a lot of people say they see political bias in the media they consume, they're confident in their own ability to see through it while worrying (but of course) that others don't have the same powers of discernment:

Most Americans see bias in their go-to news source; 20% see "a great deal" and another 36% see "a fair amount" of bias in the news source they rely on most often.

Given the choice, however, more Americans say they are concerned about bias in the news other people are getting (69%) than say they worry about their own news being biased (29%).

Surveys for the report were conducted pre-pandemic (from last November through mid-February 2020) and involved more than 20,000 U.S. adults.


August 4 primary highlights. Results are still coming in from primary elections held yesterday in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington state. A few notable results so far:

• The fate of Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D–Mich.)—part of the far-left "squad" that has been making a big splash on Capitol Hill the past two years and one of two Muslim women in Congress—is still undetermined. "Tlaib, 44, was leading in early returns. But a large number of votes had still not been counted and the winner was not expected to be determined until later Wednesday," reports the Associated Press this morning.

• The fate of Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is (sigh, somehow) still up in the air, too. (Arpaio background here.)

• Cori Bush, a nurse and Black Lives Matter activist, looks to have defeated 10-term incumbent Rep. William Lacy Clay in Missouri's Democratic primary, with 72,812 votes so far to Clay's 68,201. Clay's "family has represented the District 1 House seat since the late '60s," says The St. Louis American.  The paper points out that "the seat is overwhelmingly Democratic, and normally the Democratic nominee is advanced as the winner in November." If so, that would make Bush Missouri's first black female representative in Congress.

• Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach lost in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat he was vying for. "In the past several weeks, the race tightened between the two after a super PAC with links to Democrats spent $5 million boosting Kobach and slamming [his opponent, Rep. Roger] Marshall," notes USA Today.


ByteDance, the Chinese company behind TikTok, says it may be moving its company headquarters to London, amid Trump's attempt to either ban the short-video app or force ByteDance to sell TikTok to Microsoft. "ByteDance is committed to being a global company," a spokesperson told Reuters. "In light of the current situation, ByteDance has been evaluating the possibility of establishing TikTok's headquarters outside of the U.S., to better serve our global users."


• At least 100 people are dead and thousands wounded after an explosion at the port in Beirut, say Lebanese authorities. "Lebanese President Michel Aoun said Tuesday's explosion was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate—used as a fertilizer in agriculture and as an explosive—that had been stored unsafely in a warehouse," reports CBS News.

• "India Johnson, 26, and Yasmeen Winston, 25, planned to take their infant sons to splash in the fountains at the World War II Memorial on Thursday afternoon. But before they could climb out of their car, which they'd parked on Constitution Avenue near the White House, a marked Secret Service cruiser drove into their left front bumper" and then agents swarmed and detained them, Winston told The Washington Post. "The women said they were told the vehicle had been reported stolen, but Johnson provided proof she was the owner and said she had never reported it stolen."

• Masks were contentious a century ago, too.

• Data from Yelp shows more than 2,800 New York City businesses have permanently shut down since March 1 of this year.

• A new HBO documentary called The Swamp looks at Republican Reps. Thomas Massie (Ky.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), and Ken Buck (Colo.).

• "The husband of Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey has been charged with multiple counts of assault in connection with a March incident recorded on video in which he waved a gun at protesters outside the couple's Granada Hills home," reports the Los Angeles Times.

• Conor Friedersdorf explains the latest free speech controversy in academia.

• New York legalizes liquor-infused ice cream.

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  1. After months of casting suspicion on the whole concept of mail-in voting, the president is suddenly behind it…

    The Post Office needs the work.

    1. Hello.

      A couple of things about the NYT mask article.

      1) Official capped it. It wasn't indefinite as it is today. The Spanish flu was far FAR deadlier and impacted more across all demographics. The Wuhan virus has a 99.8% survival rate and isn't anywhere near as deadly. There are treatments as well and while it does touch all demographics it's lethal to the compromised and elderly. And with effective treatments and COMPETENCE, that too can be under control now. Yet, the mask mandates are INDEFINITE. Guess what? You're an idiot if you accept it because coronaviruses NEVER go away and Covid-19 is always going to swirl. So what exactly is the end game here? What's the plan? Until they feel like lifting it? Officials are so clueless at this point they can't even convey a coherent message regarding masks or anything else including lockdowns.

      2) Research on masks until this year were focused on their effectiveness in regards to influenza. Years or research were focused on health workers and some for the public. More often than not, the results were inconclusive. The particles of Covid-19 are so small it's like vapour. So those cloth and medical masks are likely largely ineffective. There may be some benefits but not enough to justify mandates. Enough, perhaps, to encourage mass voluntary usage.

      3) Fuck off.

      1. Yeah, but what's with the mask wearing rate in Canada running at only about half the rate in the US? Do you want American progressives to stop idolizing you? Or do you want American Karens to swarm across the border?

        1. It's mandate in Quebec but only in stores.

          Doug Ford declared Ontario a national emergency through Bill 195 and effectively rules over the province like a tin pot dictator now and being an asshole about it too. He has kicked out four caucus members. The latest being a woman who took issue with him expanding powers without calling in Parliament.

          First order that Fathead Pumpkin does? Masks in schools. That to me is child abuse.

          1. Stores and work spaces. Though I imagine in work spaces there's a lot of non-compliance where possible. That is, if you're lucky enough to be in an environment where the majority of people are sane or there aren't many Karen and Ken types around.

          2. In Alberta you'd be hard pressed to find someone wearing a mask outside of the Calgary area.

        2. Widespread mask wearing is one of many things about this pandemic that progressives are just so sure everyone else in the world is doing wonderfully at and Americans are not. Almost to a person, from what I've seen, progressives (or just pro-mask, pro-panic people in general) are absolutely convinced that in every other first world country people are masked up all the time, everywhere, and would never even consider objecting to it as they are on average simply so much more intelligent and socially conscious than Americans. Whereas from what I see, in Western nations mask usage ranges from being actively discouraged by government (as in several Scandinavian countries) to perhaps officially being mandatory but in practice seeing compliance that is no greater than we see in the US, and very likely worse (UK, Canada, etc.). Some Asian countries might be a different story, but they are coming from much different place culturally than Europe and North America.

          It's along the lines of back several months ago, when in one of Trump's press conferences a reporter threw out the comment that testing in the US was so far behind other developed nations- they clearly had no real numbers to make that statement, but it was just so OBVIOUSLY TRUE that looking for evidence would have been a waste of time. Of course, as Trump shot back (and was later proven objectively correct) that was not the case at all- the US had in fact become a leader in testing relative to population. But any narrative that shows the US is stupid and incompetent relative to Europe, Canada, etc. is simply accepted as fact.

          1. "...But any narrative that shows the US is stupid and incompetent relative to Europe, Canada, etc. is simply accepted as fact..."

            This became absolutely obvious to any person along about November 2016, and will remain so until Trump is no longer POTUS.

            1. It’s not just trump. Back in the w days my prog friends would say that they told people they were Canadian when traveling abroad.

              They pretty much hate being white too, so there’s a pattern there.

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          2. And they're not superstitious because....???

          3. The last time I checked the stat site, we had tested twice as many people as the next closest country, Russia, and were miles ahead of every single European country.

            1. Right. And the fact that the US has SO MANY more cases- many asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic- couldn't have anything to do with that, could it? Maybe Trump was right- we have a lot of confirmed cases because we test a lot of people, most of whom never would have bothered getting tested had it not been so strongly encouraged and widely available? And if we just didn't test so many people, we would never have any idea that so many people had it, because it just isn't that big a deal for almost everyone? That's what Trump was getting at- he gets excoriated because the US has so many cases, but it's quite likely that the REASON we have so many more cases than Europe (or wherever else) is simply because we TEST so many more people, whether they feel sick or not. Which is also what the anti-Trumpers want. So he can't win- the only thing that will make people happy is if everyone in the country is tested and all those tests are negative, which just won't happen here or anywhere else.

          4. Californians have been wearing masks for 3 months.
            We had a surge just like the redneck states, 2 weeks after the mass protest super-spreader event.

          5. Great post. Progs project their self loathing out to the rest of the country. They probably feelz like they gotta balance out the obviously uneducated ‘murcans’ in flyover country who are happy.

      2. I should add about indefinite usage. In fact, I keep reading public health officials looking to EXPAND usage. You even have Luck Leprechaun Fauci babbling about goggles.

        So this thing is a little more retarded than we think at the moment. Hope it's all posturing but this is where we're at.

        At some point leaders - if we can call them that - have to tell the people it's time to learn to live with it. We accept all sorts of risks in life - including viruses - and this is no different now. It's just another thing to be aware of.

        This is the only play left. Everything else lacks wisdom and traverses into malice.

    2. This is why it doesn’t pay to line up behind Trump and defend his positions and policies. You take to social media and make all kinds of arguments about how Trump is right about mail-in voting — and then Trump will flip flop and undermine your defenses of him.

      1. what's the o/u on how many different people need to explain the difference to you?

        1. Every person who comments here -1. I’m taking the over.

        2. I’m guessing you are referring to the difference between mail-in voting in Nevada, where they are sending out ballots rather than ballot applications.

          I’m not even referring to Nevada. I’m referring to his flip-flops on Florida mail-in voting and wearing masks.

          1. Trump supporters, even when presented with Trump's blatant hypocrisy, will drop to their knees to caress his dick while looking up at him saying It's going to be ok, It's going to be ok!

            1. You seem to be an expert in the practice to describe it so lovingly.

              1. Nope, can't say that I am. I've just noticed the way your type are quick to say 'I'm next' every time someone calls out Trumps' actions so I can only imagine that's what it looks like.

      2. You really don’t get the difference between taking action to request a ballot and taking no action and hopefully getting one (and not several)?

        I still get mail for the people that rented my condo before me. I’ve lived here for 7 years.

        1. I get the yearly Harley Davidson Police Cycle issue for the cop who moved out of my house in 1998 ... it's pretty sweet

        2. As I explained to Dillinger directly above, I’m not even referring to Nevada.

          1. Jeff like walk backing of argument started....

            1. No, Dillinger and DesigNate started arguing with me about something I wasn’t referring to, and I don’t even disagree with their argument.

        3. I get the difference. It could lead to more miscounted ballots and more fraud. Not clear how much.

          I do know that either way, the signature on the ballot will be compared to the signature on the voter’s registration.

          1. If their lawsuits attempting to get that enjoined aren't successful, you mean?

        4. I get mail for the former residents at my house. I've lived here for 10 yrs.

          1. I think you mentioned this the other day, and chemjeff asked if you are getting ballots or applications or something else. I didn’t catch your answer.

            1. Why would he be getting ballots? The former residents didn't ask for one at that address after they moved.

              It's like you haven't paid any attention at all to what the argument was.

          2. While I accept that you are getting mail from a former resident, I have to wonder what that mail is like. It likely second class mail that most people including the sender don't care about. Its less important who see it than that someone see it. What more important is first class mail. Are you getting the former residents bills, payments, or birthday cards? Because ballots would be more like this.

      3. This has been a long time problem for the Trump administration, they lack message discipline. While it does not affect Trump supporter it is difficult for state and local officials, foreign governments, and businesses. All depend on consistency in understanding messaging.

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    5. New York a month after its primary is still counting the votes because they did not have a system setup to do so. People actually need to listen to what Trump says rather than how reporters with TDS report it. Trump never complained about Colorado, Washington and Oregon who do only mail in voting even though there probably is fraud. The year after I moved into my old house I did get ballots for the previous owners.

      We already have Democrat party claiming Trump is a dictator for life can you see the possible problems if the vote takes 1, 2, 3 even four months?

  2. Making it easier and safer for people to vote in November doesn't seem like it should be a controversial proposition.

    If you've never been anywhere near an actual election before.

    1. The worry is that voting becomes so easy that people don't even realize they voted.

      1. Party hacks are way ahead of you.

      2. It's like Robin Williams said about the 60s, if you remember it you weren't there.

    2. They are still counting the votes in primaries like NY.

      Hanlon's razor, "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" or incompetence.

      What should be easy and convenient normally isn't. Bureaucracies need well defined systems and then they barely function.

  3. He has not specified what special postal tricks Florida mail carriers supposedly know that Nevada's do not.

    Trade secrets.

    1. You can trust Florida Man to get the job done.

      1. 2020 - the year Florida Man became way less of a weirdo than most of the rest of the country

    2. Florida has a huge number of residents who move to other states but keep residences mostly for tax purposes and military personnel who have always used mail in voting. They have been handling about 33% of their voting by mail already for decades.

      NY in comparison is still counting votes in their primary a month out from the election.

  4. Over the past several years, the foundation's studies have seen Americans offer "increasingly polarized judgments about the news media and how well it is fulfilling its role in our democracy."

    This hot take sounds too click baity.

    1. Walter Cronkite hardest hit?

  5. You can

    A. oppose a law
    B. walk your people thru that law because, like it or not, its a law

    Typical socialist idiot trying to defend a double standard where socialists can vote in ways the rest of us cannot, because muh principlz.

  6. WaPo: Trump views China’s Communist Party as a threat. Young Chinese see it as a ticket to a better future.

    Chinese who were complaining in February about the party’s coronavirus coverup reflect more positively on their experience now that they can see, through the American example, how much worse it could have been.

    1. NYT Quietly Scrubs Chinese Propaganda
      U.S. newspapers collected millions from Beijing to publish propaganda

      The New York Times quietly deleted hundreds of advertorials that the Chinese Communist Party paid to publish on its website.

      A Times spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that the move is a reflection of a decision to stop accepting ads from state-run media. "We made the decision at the beginning of this year to stop accepting branded content ads from state run media, which includes China Daily," she said.

      The Times‘s decision to end its partnership with China Daily is part of a society-wide reckoning about the cozy relationships between the Chinese government and American institutions, from the NBA to Harvard University. While the paper is responsible for some of the most gut-wrenching stories about Chinese government oppression, it has also run more than 200 propaganda articles in the last decade, some of which sugar-coated China's human rights abuses. One 2019 video ad, for example, promoted Xinjiang tourism by depicting the oppressed Uyghur people as content under Chinese rule.

      1. So the Times at least claims it will stop sucking yellow dicks. But what about black dicks?

        1. What the hell, man.

          Chi-coms and BLM is valid, yellow and black is racist horseshit.

    2. Reposted this below with an archive link. That article was straight propaganda. Included even messaging like a better life for joining the ruling party. Straight communist shit.

      1. So, just like many US college classes?

        1. Like good capitalists, Skeptic, they're just catering to their best paying customers.

    3. "Chinese who were complaining in February about the party’s coronavirus coverup reflect more positively on their experience now that they can see, through the American example, how much worse it could have been."

      Jesus. At this point, just rename the Post to whatever 'Pravda' translates into in Mandarin. Did Global Times ghostwrite the article for them?

      1. Baizuo

        "white left"

        It's a term of derision

  7. "Tlaib, 44, was leading in early returns. But a large number of votes had still not been counted and the winner was not expected to be determined until later Wednesday..."

    Increasingly, post-election morning, with its delayed results, is like kissing your sister.

    1. Ask Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.


    It's amazing to watch people who've pitched a four-year long tantrum speculate about the peaceful transfer of power.


    Lockdown measures for the pandemic could result in an additional 6.3 million cases of T.B. and 1.4 million deaths.

    1. I'm curious to see how many additional cancer deaths we'll have in 2021, due to a lack of preventative screening and care.

      1. Probably not that many. Preventative screenings mostly lead to unnecessary operations and treatment, after which the doctors can say they saved the patient's life. (Sort of like the 2 million lives saved by the shutdowns.)

    2. on the plus side, deaths from traffic accidents and hospital mistakes (two of the most dangerous parts of life) will be down.

  10. Meanwhile, his campaign is suing to stop the state of Nevada from expanding its mail-in voting protocol.

    Huh. So Trump is a great federalist when it comes to coronavirus response, but when it comes to voting, Trump throws federalism aside and wants the courts to override their decisions.

    Why it's almost as if Trump has no principles at all, and his "federalism" with regards to coronavirus is shorthand for "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing so I will leave it up to everyone else and blame them when they screw up, making myself look good in the process".

    1. yes. He is the first campaign or politician to ever sue over a change in election law. No need to actually argue the merits of said lawsuit, just trump did it so it is abnormal.

      I'm sure you were this upset all the other times for election year changes.

      1. I didn't say he was the first. I am noting his complete hypocrisy (and that of all the usual right-wing suspects around here) when it comes to Trump's alleged federalism. At least Obama can plausibly claim he was never a big fan of federalism in the first place when his DOJ was suing states to change their voting laws. What is Trump's excuse? "I'm a federalist when it helps me, but I'm not when it doesn't"?

        1. And I am noting your hypocrisy as you seemingly haven't cared about prior court changes to elections in an election year. You've openly supported court changes to districting under the guise of being against gerrymandering even though the Constitution leaves means and manner to the legislative branch.

          So you're hypocritical as well.

        2. Yeah. That is a great counter argument. If he really thinks we should hold the election in November, he should wait until November. That way he can be consistent. And the Democrats should go ahead and keep holding the election now, without him between now and then.

          Yeah. That makes sense.

          I wish more people would put the fear of being labeled inconsistent ahead of acknowledging reality. American league managers who composed the designated hitter should never use a designated hitter. They should let their pitcher hit. That way they’ll be consistent!

          And football coaches who think that offensive line play allows too much holding today should instruct their players to keep their hands inside and their elbows out like it used to be back in the fifties. I mean, how are you supposed to argue that are offensive linemen get away with too much holding if you allow your own lineman to play that way?

    2. Or he is just talking about federal elections? Where he does have jurisdiction?
      And he is objecting to 'mail out' ballots, NOT mailing in ballots requested by a currently registered voter.
      Conflating absentee ballots with blast mail out of ballots to :occupant" is the new conflating legal immigration with illegal border crossing.
      Welcome to the revolution.

      1. Are you sure he has jurisdiction? Not just standing?

      2. Yes. This is correct. There are two separate issues here and Reason ignores the facts. I too am fine with most current absentee ballot laws. Mass mailing of ballots is what should not even be considered.

    3. Yeah, it's pretty obvious. But the cult will tell you why this time it's different. tm


    This may be my favorite quote of 2020.

    Masked Protestor: “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!”

    Resident: “That’s why you are peaceful.”

    1. By the way... video I looked at never showed a gun being pointed.

      1. But there was fear of gun pointing!

    2. They probably should've edited their video to cut out before the (seemingly) unarmed female resident says, "This is a private neighborhood, go protest at the courthouse or something." and gets, "We're looking for our friends, we don't care about you guys." from the protestors in response.

      1. Except it's not a private neighborhood. It's a public road. If they did brandish (can't tell from the video), they will likely be prosecuted.

        1. If they did brandish (can’t tell from the video)

          OK, seriously, my 7-yr.-old would understand that if you don't know if the brandishing did or did not occur, then you can't know where it did/didn't occur.

          Do you imagine a lot of retards and 4-yr.-olds perusing these forums and agreeing with you like some sort of soothsayer?

          1. Your logic doesn't hold up, and you should revisit that lesson with your 7 year old.

            I do know exactly where it occurred. This is Chief Best's street. I won't post her address on the internet, but it is public info. I live in the area, and used to live in Seattle until fairly recently.


    3. You guys keep defending people who point guns at other people exercising their 1a, and you keep getting shown how wrong you are. First the St Louis couple, who are being prosecuted, now the husband of a L.A. prosecutor: . Any bets on prosecution of the characters in that video? PS. that was a public road, not private as claimed. They had absolutely no legal right whatsoever to block people, threaten people, or brandish.

      This might be one of those times to step back, review the law, and come to grips with the fact that your gut feeling is not always or even often correct.

      1. Yes, political prosecutions against standing law occur.

        Yes, you are defending purely political prosecutions.

      2. PS. that was a public road, not private as claimed

        You can't even prove it on the internet, let alone convincingly in a court of law.

        This might be one of those times to step back, review the law, and come to grips with the fact that your gut feeling is not always or even often correct.

        Between Trump and Biden, Clinton, and even Obama, what does your gut tell you about who's best WRT criminal justice reform?

        1. They most certainly can prove it is a public road, dude.

          1. Apparently, you don't understand the difference between the words 'You' and 'They'.

            Please keep defending the protestors. Your defense keeps getting better and better.

  12. The fate of Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is (sigh, somehow) still up in the air, too.

    Make Arpaio's Maricopa Arizona Great Again


    Two Nashville arsonists have been charged for setting fire to the Metro Courthouse on May 30. Note the Antifa signs they spraypainted onto the walls.

    1. Good. I'm happy that my governor's not rolled over for these animals. We haven't had any issues in Nashville since the initial riots, unlike Louisville where the BLM bastards are apparently shaking down shop owners and shooting each other.

    2. But antifa doesn't exist.

      1. What about fear of antifa?

        Correct me if I do not understand modern Woke ethics, but isn't the fear of something equivalent to that thing?

        1. That's correct, but only if you feel that way AND believe in your heart that we need a socialist revolution. If you don't have the latter part, you're a white supremacist and anything you think or "feel" should be completely disregarded.

          1. it also protects you from catching SARS-CoV-2 when you congregate in large crowds and yell too

            1. Catching it OR spreading it. Complete faith in worker's paradise heals all wounds.

    3. Note the Antifa signs they spraypainted onto the walls.

      Based on my limited exposure to arson through Michael Bay films, this arson appears mostly peaceful to me. No interstellar robots duking it out, no asteroids threatening to destroy mankind, no Japanese zeroes kamikazeing into the courthouse... mostly peaceful. Pretty close to a standard backyard cookout, except using a Metropolitan Courthouse as a grill.

    4. True Story #1

      One of my clients is a car dealership about 4-5 miles from downtown. The night of the riot, 3 guys left downtown afterwards and went to this dealership, broke in, trashed and set fire to the Internet Sales bullpen, and somehow found a key to one of the low-end models in the showroom and drove it thru the glass doors on the side used for moving cars in. They then began looking for the keys to the other cars in the showroom and on the lot. They were then caught by the cleaning crew. Two of the vandals immediately ran off, another more chemically altered 23yo in dreads started claiming he was the owner and demanded to know where the keys were, thinking he had plenty of time, because most of the Nashville PD was downtown. Little did he know he wasn't in Nashville, he was in one of the few micropolitain jurisdictions inside Nashville, that has their own police force, that is a block and a half from the dealership.
      The guy arrested and his friends were from Chicago, in town specifically for the riot.

      Tru Story #2

      I have 3 kids in college, so I also Uber on the weekends. I picked up cHinese Nationals (I know they were canines Nationals because their names showed as Chinese characters rather than in the Roman-Phoenician alphabet) who went straight from the airport to the Legislative Plaza downtown which has been "occupied" for a month+ by BLM.

      The idea that the protests, riots and everything in between, isn't well coordinated and well funded, including by the Chinese and probably Russians, is laughable. It is as AstroTurf as it gets

      1. Oh, well, those two anecdotes proves everything. Antifa are ChiCom stooges!

        1. As are you, undoubtably, whether you realize it or not. You probably do your stooging for free, like a dumbass

      2. The idea that the protests, riots and everything in between, isn’t well coordinated and well funded, including by the Chinese and probably Russians, is laughable. It is as AstroTurf as it gets

        And even if it isn't it's not like it's anything otherwise legitimate. It's not like it's succeeding in advancing police reform or racial equality. It's not cratering Trump's approval ratings and bolstering Biden's. It's not like Zoomers are watching and saying, "I wish I could be like those heroes!" or anyone besides the already most zealously idiotic anarcho-socialists are saying "We should do another CHAZ!"

  14. "polls show growing distrust in media"

    I'm not sure why that would be the case. The American media — excluding Faux News, of course — has done an exceptional job covering the Drumpf Administration.

  15. 2 + 2 = 5 and other idiocy regarding objective facts as racist. This is the type of post modern bullshit infecting our college campuses and bleeding into k-12.

    1. Actually, 2 + 2 = 11.

      1. Jeff thinks being against post modernist bullshit is right wing. Lol.

        This completely explains your hatred of objective facts.

      2. Actually, 2 + 2 = 0100
        11 = 1011

        1. He was using base 3.

          1. Very good. Now maybe you can understand why 2 +2 is not always equal to 4, and it's not some horrible post-modernist plot to undermine all of mathematics.

            1. When you change base you're just changing which glyphs represent which whole numbers. Whatever glyph you use to represent them, adding ** and ** always results in **** and never results in *****.

            2. Jeffy: gonkak phar pon mowhack gootrapon

              Me: you are speaking gibberish Jeffy, what are you, a fucking idiot?

              Jeffy: That is a Swahili phase translated into Klingon

              Me: I don't speak Swahili or Klingon

              Jeffy: who is the idiot now?

              Me: still you, Jeffy. Communicating information in a way that deliberately obfuscates the meaning of the information is as unethical as it is unhelpful. It is a contrived way to be able to claim that whatever argument you were making was falsely refuted because that wasn't what you really said, the person refuting your statement just didn't understand you. It is the very essence of gaslighting. It is evil.

              1. Lying Jeffy in a nutshell.

              2. Well, you are starting to get it, but you're not quite there.

                Why should the base 10 system be considered a normative system? Who made that the standard upon which all numerical computations should be based?

                Why not use the base 3 system? Or the base 2 system? Or the base 5 system? True story, the ancient Sumerians used a base-60 system for counting. Why not base 60?

                You consider a calculation in the base 3 system to be one that "deliberately obfuscates". Not if the base 3 system was the standard. If base 3 was the standard, then "2 + 2 = 4" would not only be gibberish, but THAT would be a statement that "deliberately obfuscates".

                There are a lot of built-in assumptions about everything that we do, a lot of which are implicit and hard to spot. But they are there. There is nothing particularly evil about recognizing this. There is nothing "gaslighting" about choosing to perform computations in base 2 or base 3 or base 5 or base 60 or whatever. The arrogance here is those who claim that base 10 computations are the only ones that matter and trying to do anything else is some nefarious post-modernist plot to destroy America.

                1. Nobody is fighting over what base should be the norm fucking dumb ass.

                  What your are positing is not correct math so you are trying to change the subject.

                2. Why should the base 10 system be considered a normative system?

                  Because it is?

                  You are so consumed by the need to appear smarter than other people that you miss a simple truth. There are norms and standards. If you choose to use something other than the normal base 10 or the standard meaning of a word in presenting an argument, it is your responsibility to communicate that change prior to presenting your argument. To do otherwise is obfuscation.

                  When you present an argument that does not mean what your intended audience will think it means, you are behaving unethically.

                  Think of Clinton trying to weasel out of a definition of the word 'is'. That shit is evil.

            3. Chemtard now triggered by the "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina" line from Kindergarten Cop.

            4. Oh my god, you really are this stupid.

              If 2 + 2 = 5, then the lowest base system you have is a base 5, in which case 2 + 2 = 4.

              You are really really dumb. You should read to the linked to thread.

        2. There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary, and those that dont

    2. “ This is the type of post modern bullshit infecting our college campuses and bleeding into k-12.”

      I share your concern for post-modernist bullshit, but this is some weird tweet that has strong signs of being an intentional parody. There are a lot better examples.

      1. Except it isn't parody. This was started based off a tweet by James Lindsay stating the absurdity of post modernist thought, only to have many professors and leftists defend 2 + 2 = 5, with many then defending rigor and objective answers as racist.

        1. You guys really need to let the culture war out of your head. You realize this stuff is near universally mocked outside of college campuses, right? Even among the dreaded "leftists" of Seattle, no one would defend subjective math with a straight face. In super liberal silicon valley, which you also frequently rail against, you would be very hard pressed to find someone defending subjective math.

          You realize that blue states generate more economic activity than red states, yes? How do you think they would do that if they don't do math? How do "leftist" VC's evaluate investments with subjective math?

          And that account does look like it might be parody. This is so silly. Such a non issue to get yourself worked up over and get your daily rage fix.

          1. And yet the article above was about widespread argumentation FOR the 2 + 2 = 5 form of post modernism. And you literally have Jeff defending it here, and we all know he is too dumb to be a college professor.

            So your assertion is wrong.

            1. So one twitter post and Jeff is all you need to proclaim this a national issue? Ok then.

              1. My God you're just as dumb as Jeff (or his sock as we know).

                This argument isn't based off of one post fucktard.

                1. Oh? Do you have any examples of actual children (not college classes discussing theory) in classrooms being taught subjective math instead of objective math?

                  I think not.

                  But go ahead and hyperventilate.

            2. The Twitchy thing is a little hypertext-y and free-form to fit the description, “article”. Many details of the page don’t load in a mobile browser until you’ve let the page sit there a few seconds. It’s kind of hard to know what one is supposed to pay attention to, whom he is quoting, or what links to follow.

            3. Actually, he seems intelligent enough to be a college professor.

              So, do you, by the way. I don’t go for insults of people’s intelligence as you do pretty much every day.

              I have only seen one commenter here that has been posting truly dumb statements for the last couple of days, and I’m refraining from insulting him although it is tempting.

        2. Lindsay isn't mentioned in the Twitchy post you linked to. There must be someplace you are getting this additional context. Could you share it?

        3. There was one guy... Kareem something, or something Kareem - I think I linked to a tweet by him Saturday... who tried to defend the 2+2=5 in post composef of like 15 linked tweets. He used someone's argument (Goosen? WW something?) to defend his argument.
          Yesterday Lindsay retweeted him. Kareem (I think it's Carr) had to come out with a completely abject apology, because the other guy had once tweeted something about transgenders that was taken as incorrect/intolerant.
          I almost died laughing

      2. Then give one?

    3. 2 + 2 = ?

      1. Cannot be answered unless you state your entire symbolic logic system to provide context. Also, it’s 4.


    Oh good lord. They kept the explosive material (ammonium nitrate) out in the open and easily accessible. 2750 tons.

    1. What were they supposed to do with it? It's the Third World, and Lebanon is having a particularly bad economy, even before their port went Boom! Multiple different warehouses with sprinkler systems, Halon floods, and whatever else the West would use (though not West, Texas), isn't in the cards. Yet they still need to fertilize their fields.

      Though maybe not allowing hot work next to a fireworks magazine, or a giant warehouse filled with NaN or AN, (or a shitload of paint, right US Navy?) might have been a good idea.

      1. they were planning to auction it off, which is a scary idea in itself.
        and then they failed to auction it off for 6 years, showing their competence level.

        it was too dangerous to leave on a ship, so they put it downtown.

        1. government. 'nuff said

    2. Based on the panelling, they don't actually appear to be the same doors.

      Can you clarify the timeline? The blast and associated shockwave I saw, I'm not clear on how you get a picture like that of the place with the doors on and windows in tact. Also, based on the panelling, they don't actually appear to be the same doors.

      Not that any of it much matters much/conclusively.

      1. Not that any of it much matters much/conclusively.

        That is to say, they had documented that there was a shitload of explosive material on the property and an explosion happened. Whether the explosives were behind door number 1 or door number 2 is a bit moot. Whether the left photo is of a door number 1 at the specific warehouse or a door number 1 somewhere in India or wherever is also a bit moot.

    3. This is the perfect real life example AND metaphor for government in general.

  17. Anyone else buying the Lebonese excuse that the explosion was due to fertilizer they'd misplaced for several years?

    1. Sure, why not?
      The agricultural sector employs 12% of the total workforce. Agriculture contributed to 5.9% of the country's GDP in 2011. Lebanon's proportion of cultivable land is the highest in the Arab world. Major produce includes apples, peaches, oranges, and lemons.

      1. But what part of their GDP is explosions?

        1. The tourism industry accounts for about 10% of GDP.
          So this would include 'foreign freedom fighters' - - - - - - - -

      2. I was thinking more of the shape of the explosion. The news is saying that most of the blast went upward, whereas if you look at the 1947 Texas City disaster, which involved a similar amount of ammonium nitrate onboard a ship killing almost 600 people, the explosion spread out evenly and caused a lot more damage. Makes you think that maybe it wasn't so accidental.

        1. Texas City was a lot bigger. Much more AN. Plus, those concrete silos next to the wharf redirected a lot of the blast energy.

          The armscontrolwonk guys, through geolocation, looking at specific types of damage, and plotting that against overpressure curves, guestimated about 200-400 ton TNT equivalent. I buy it.

    2. and how many terrorists saw that and decided to start stock piling ammonium nitrate for less accidental purposes?

      1. I am pretty sure the 1st Twin Tower attack was a nitrate bomb. So they knew already and if not that one then Oklahoma city was certainly a fertilizer bomb.

        1. And McVeigh had help from terrorists already. Allegedly... Unless you think it coincidental that Ramzi Yousef's crew and Terry Nichols were in Cebu City at the same time.

          AN with Nitromethane, initiated with gelignite and shock tubes. Scale up often means screw up, especially in demolitions, but it didn't in McVeigh's case.

          1. >>in Cebu City at the same time

            top-notch adobo.

      2. Amonium nitrate is well known explosive ingredient across the world. We were finding anfo IED's in afghanistan with such frequency that AN was banned in the entire country.

    3. The AN definitely played a part. Whether the initial fire was accidental or else should be looked into. My guess is purely accidental at this time. Beirut being completely decimated doesn't really help any group politically, that I can think of.

  18. Clay's "family has represented the District 1 House seat since the late '60s..."

    Just not marginalized enough for our current times.

  19. Duranty is alive and moved from Russia to China. Courtesy of WaPo.

    1. If they could feel shame, they should be ashamed. Though, again it does answer the old question of 'what would we do if we saw the Holocaust going on today.'

      'Get filthy fucking rich of trade, while making excuses for their evil', wasn't an answer I ever heard in those classes.

  20. Republicans must be breathing a sigh of relief that Kobach lost in Kansas. The guy is a right-wing asshole who couldn't get elected governor in one of the reddest states in the country. He's the Roy Moore of Kansas but without the perviness. I have to hand it to Team Red Kansans that even they are fed up with Kobach's antics.

    1. Yeah they probably are because the Kansas GOP is not that conservative. Also, you cretin, Kansas has been going blue.

      1. Kansas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1933. That's a long time.

        1. Kansas has alternated between Republican and Democrat governors since the 1960's. Laura Kelly was in a favorable position to win the gubernatorial election even if Jeff Collyer had won the Republican primary.

          I don't vote in party primaries (unaffiliated), so I didn't really care who won. However, I don't buy all the white-nationalist mud-slinging at Kobach. I don't agree with his views on immigration, but he has a track record in public office of cutting spending... that's the real reason Roger Marshall won (and the reason he unseated Tim Huelskamp in the House). He's not about to upset the apple cart and risk the flow of those sweet federal dollars into the state.

  21. In the past several weeks, the race tightened between the two after a super PAC with links to Democrats spent $5 million boosting Kobach and slamming [his opponent, Rep. Roger] Marshall...

    Money well spent.


    “The erotic mind control community has a problem with racism.”

    1. As in they aren't portraying enough black people as "totally not rapists", they aren't portraying enough black people "totally not getting raped", or both?

      I think we can all agree that whatever the appropriate amount of "totally not raping" of black people is, that's not the amount that's taking place. No?

  23. Making it easier and safer for people to vote in November doesn't seem like it should be a controversial proposition.

    It's not. It's the part where making it easier and safer to vote also makes it easier to vote fraudulently and much harder to count the votes accurately that's the controversial part. But you knew that.

    1. Voter fraud is quite rare. How many tens of thousands of people do you want to disenfranchise to prevent one fraudulent vote?

      1. 20 tens of thousands if they are all fraudulent left wing fascists.

      2. Wrongful disenfranchisement is even rarer than fraud.

        1. That is a ridiculously false statement and you know it.

          1. No, what I said is true.
            What you said is false.


              It's a very simple thing to look back just at the last several years and find cases of obvious, targeted voter disenfranchisement. You guys are either lying or ignorant, again. I don't mean to get rude, but which is it?

              1. What party did the local election officials belong to dummy?

                1. The problem is statewide in Texas. Polling places are the responsibility of the secretary of state, a republican appointee.

                  I like your intimidate pivot from the existing debate of "not a real problem" to "it's the Dem's fault" though. Really lays your little partisan thinking bare.

              1. Same question.

                1. For every polling place in the southern US? That's not a real question.

              1. We get it. Democratic officials in various local areas are incompetent. Not sure why you think this is a conservative or when democrats were in charge.

                1. Another famous Jesse assertion without evidence.

                  Did you forget to comment on the one below, which lays out in black and white the GOP strategy for voter suppression by closing polling loactions? L o L

            2. Woops. Leaked the documents that explicitly lay out the GOP strategy of racially targeted voter suppression. From the horses mouth:

              1. Hey Jessie, You forgot this one.

                1. That story and almost all the links therein are a collection of insane ramblings of a self-professed anarchist who wants to smash the patriarchy, and was mad at her dad because he took her kids because she was a fucking nut bag with an abusive husband. So... Yeah.

                  Gerrymandering is not new, and it posting the brain droppings of a bat shit crazy feminist anarchist doesn't really address the real, documented problems with mass, mail in voting that have nothing to do with racism.

          2. It's really inconvenient having to step over the lifeless bodies of handicapped minorities, who had to trudge miles to vote only to be turned away at the door where they collapse with exhaustion and sadness. But I wouldn't call myself disenfranchised, I just bravely step over them and soldier on.

            1. This made me laugh out loud.

              There are a few people who comment here that I really wouldn't mind sitting down and having a beer with. It keeps me coming back when I really should just quit the news cycle altogether.

          3. Neither of the two is particular worrisome or widespread.

            How about instead of mailing ballots out en masse we just open the polls for 1 week. Maybe setup an app for appointments and a day for just for seniors to come in so they aren't infected by the yutes.

            Seems easier then mailing out ballots to millions of Americans and hope the postal service actually works correctly. I get so much mail that isn't even addressed to me it isn't even funny. Relying on the postal service is just insane and is a disaster waiting to happen.

            1. "a day for just for seniors to come in so they aren’t infected by the yutes."

              I think the app would be a disaster because we are talking government but I think this is a great idea. However it requires our betters to acknowledge that only a fraction of the population is at risk and they have too much riding on the panic they've built to do that

            2. So you're now skipping over GOP hostility to early voting and expanded hours?

  24. At least 100 people are dead and thousands wounded after an explosion at the port in Beirut, say Lebanese authorities.

    Video of that is crazy.

    1. That’s why we need common sense explosion control laws.

      1. If they had a brave leader like Trudeau who could just ban large explosions via executive order none of this would've happened.

        1. Stephen Harper could have learned a thing or two from Trudeau.

          Besides how to bottom.

  25. Teachers unions continue to demand the end of charter and private schools as they continue to shut down in person learning.

    1. We won't provide the service you depend on us for until our demands are met. Our first demand is the elimination of all competition so you are even more dependent on us.

      1. If kids' lives matter so damn much, I better not ever see a teacher out protesting and exposing them to ChiCom Lung Aids.
        This teachers union joined about 10 others - and the Democratic Socialists of America - in demanding:

        • Ban on new charter schools
        • Ban on private school choice
        • Ban standardized tests
        • Police-free schools
        • More federal funding

        1. No competition for the unionized public school staff, no accountability for them, and more money for them. Who could object?

        2. Also
          the "canceling [of] rents and mortgages," a "moratorium on evictions/foreclosures," and "direct cash assistance to those not able to work or who are unemployed."
          So they propose to not work, get paid, have free housing and get additional government cash whether they work or not.

      2. It is so fucking obvious at this point what their game is. My sister is a teacher who marched with the various red for ed protests and even she is over the union at this point. She moved to a charter school and saw how they focused on education and not politics.

      3. That is the tactical position of labor unions for a very long time.

    2. Once all learning is remote, the number of administrators can drop 80 or 90 percent, so property taxes can go down.

      Once all learning is remote, the number of teachers can go way down too. Why continue to learn from the mediocre local teachers when you can access world-class teachers from anywhere?


    This is a screenshot of people saying 2+2=5. You read that right...2+2=5.

    Among them are teachers, educators, and professors who plan on teaching this stuff to your children. So let's talk about what's going on here, why they're doing this, and how we can stop it.

    A thread:

    1. It's amazing how both you and Jesse link to the exact same article on the same day. Why it's almost as if both of you live in a right-wing media bubble and consume the same news sources.

      1. It is almost like the thread was from yesterday you ignorant shut.

        I like how you think criticism of post modernism is right wing. I can link to dozens of people who call themselves left leaning classical liberals who agree post modernism is a disease.

        But you have rolled around in the sophisticated ideals and thought patterns that define lost modernism so of course you rush to defend it.

        1. Sophist, not sophisticated. God damn new keyboard learning new words.

        2. Right, so not only are both of you in the same right-wing media news bubble, you're also a day late.

          And you don't even know what you're talking about.
          Did you know that 2 + 2 = 11?
          Or that sometimes 2 + 2 = 6?
          And that sometimes 2 + 2 = 4?
          And I'm sure there are other ways to compute 2 + 2 given the correct assumptions.

          And your view of science and math are seriously warped. Read up on Godel's Incompleteness Theorems. Formal mathematics cannot be proved to be self-consistent based only on the assumptions within mathematics itself. This is not "post modernism". This is actual math.

          1. Fuck off with the arguments about symbology and convention. That's not what the critique is focused on.

            Take an object. Put next to another object on your left. Now take another object, and put it next to one on your right. How many objects do you have?

            If you still claim the answer is indeterminate, or depends somehow on your personal "experience", mood, or political affiliation, then you are either an idiot or a modern progressive (but I repeat myself).

          2. And in what numerical base does 2+2=5?

          3. 2+2 can never equal 6 idiot. in Base 6 2 + 2 = 4.

            It is like you are an idiot.

        3. But as usual in the right-wing view of things, here is this guy on Twitter who took this academic paper, completely misrepresented and distorted it, attached a scary label to it like "post modernism", and then shouted HEY GUYS, THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT WING CRAZIES WANT TO DO TO YOUR SCHOOLS! BE VERY AFRAID!

          You can't have an honest conversation on the subject, it is always a part of some agenda or conspiracy to undermine civilization itself. A paper that has as its basic premise "things don't always appear to be what we think they are" gets turned into LEFT-WING CRAZIES ARE INDOCTRINATING STUDENTS WITH POST-MODERNIST BULLSHIT

          It's this paranoia which is so irritating among you all. Just put down the pitchfork for a moment and read the actual paper without the spin that was presented on it.

          1. I didn’t see an academic paper, but it’s a little hard to decipher what’s going on in the image attached to the tweet. It looks to me like it was all in reference to some guy drawing a cartoon, not an academic paper.

          2. Yes, we agree you are incapable of actual thought and you rush to defend Sophistry and post modernism. This has been going on for quite a few years. You are free to educate yourself instead of defending the idea objective thought doesn't exit.

            1. White Knight: “I share your concern for post-modernist bullshit...”

              I know you saw that I said that because you responded to the comment. Another example of JesseAz being disingenuous:


              1. Sorry. Never mind. You were responding to someone else.

      2. It is a pretty strong indicator that Jesse and Ra’s are both subscribed to the same concern feed somewhere.

        1. The same concern feed that James Lindsay, Tim Pool, and other self declared left of center classical libertarians subscribe to.

          But please keep thinking this is a right wing talking point. It just proves you and Jeff love your ignorance.

          1. I didn’t say it was a right wing talking point. You just put those words in my mouth.

    2. “ Among them are teachers, educators, and professors who plan on teaching this stuff to your children.”

      This is the second post of this same tweet here today. How has it been established that this is not just some parody post?

      1. This has been documented for a few years. The lady cited in the article is a PhD in education. There are literal classes in Schools of Education on how to insert race and non objectivity into math and science. There are dozens of papers submitted to journals arguing for it.

        It is like you and Jeff pride yourselves on abject ignorance.

        1. I’m ignorant because I don’t know the background of some twitter conversation that you posted. Got it.

          I’m aware that there are some people in academia pushing this stuff. Above, I said there are better examples. I know you saw that.

          I also just cannot get my blood pressure all worked up about it. Anyone who is trying to deny mathematics is not going to prevail.

    3. Apparently these people don't realize that by taking the bait with this particular example, they are literally assuming the position of The Party from 1984? It's funny, to a person they would probably say that Trump wants to be Big Brother and we are barreling toward a 1984 future with his administration, but when you read that book literally every measure the Party takes (encouraging fellow citizens- including/especially children- to snitch on one another, using ever-present technology that is purportedly for entertainment and information to constantly keep tabs on citizens' behavior, changing history and memory holing parts that make it more difficult for "society" to achieve its goals, etc. etc. etc.) short of murder and torture- so far- is essentially openly advocated by the current Democratic party. At what point do they realize that they either need to change course or just drop the ruse and say "ya know what, the guys in 1984 pretty much had it right and Winston was selfish and ungrateful and simply standing int he way of progress?"

      1. Chemtard now thinks we've always been at war with Eastasia.


    BIDEN: "No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? C'mon man. That's like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not, what do you think huh? Are you a junkie?"


      Biden responded to the question of whether he’s taken a cognitive test by asking the black journalist if he’s taken a test for cocaine, before then saying he’s “forward looking” to debating Trump

      1. The left putting Biden forward as a presidential candidate just shows their disrespect and utter contempt for the American people

        1. They are putting up the most unobjectionable, middle-of-the-road, has-name-recognition candidate they could because they know their main selling point is to put up someone who is not Trump.

          1. Well, that and some hope that people will imagine he was Obama's BFF.

            1. Which nominating Michelle as the VP will cement.

            2. Yes, true. That, too.

          2. So you're saying Joe's platform and self declared most progressive candidate in history aren't real.

            Speaking of non objectivity.

            1. It’s like the defund police movement. They don’t really mean defund the police. Except when they do. He doesn’t really support canceling student debt and making public universities tuition free, except when he does. He doesn’t really want to use the Federal Reserve bank to fight racism, except when he does. He doesn’t really want to spend billions of dollars creating new public sector union jobs, except when he does.


    Planned Parenthood sues pro-life Christians holding worship services outside abortion center

    1. But I've been told that a disorderly mob constitutes a riot and should be put down with force.

      1. praying is disorderly conduct in Jeff's ignorant and bigoted mind.

      2. Remember this everyone.
        Jeff equates praying with looting stores, burning courthouses and attacking passersby.

        This explains a lot.

        1. False equivalency is one of Jeffy's favorite fallacies, along with moving goal posts and strawmen. But I can actually believe that public prayer makes him uncomfortable enough to consider it disorderly.

          1. You'd think with how easily he abases himself to left-wing shibboleths, that getting down on his knees to pray would be an easy task.

          2. You didn't read the article. They are not standing in the street silently praying. They are making all kinds of noise with their prayers and their protests. They're breaking the law by "disturbing the peace". So please explain how this isn't a mob breaking the law.

            1. So you didn't read the article either? Services happen when the clinic is not open.

        2. Hey THE LAW'S THE LAW right? If the "church" constitutes a mob disturbing the peace, then the law should be strictly and rigidly enforced, with force if necessary, right?

      3. When they break the windows and throw in Molotov cocktails, I'll be right with you on that one, Jeff.

      4. and I've been told that protesting shoulder to shoulder outdoors for a cause you believe in protects you from the virus

    2. Ra’s, are you pro-life?

      1. I can't speak for Ra's, but my position is that I'm anti using the terms pro-life and pro-choice.

        1. What terms do you prefer?

          1. Pro-abortion or anti-abortion

            I'm pragmatic and value people based on my relationship to them, so I'm generally pro-abortion.
            But the "pro-choice" arguments are genetally hypocritical and idiotic

            The best argument I've heard was by someone here: essentially, the state doesn't have jurisdiction until the baby is born

          2. LOL. How come I ask someone a direct question a different person answers? I mean it’s OK, just kind of funny.

            1. Pro-abortion and anti-abortion are the most sensible. At least they're forthright about what they're selling. I hate when positions are manipulatively worded to make you seem like you're a monster if you're opposed to it. The reality is both terms come loaded with a bunch of other ideological baggage that you're expected to just march along with. Black Lives Matter, nationalism, feminism, and even federalism are just a small list of terms that all get used this way.

              You're not pro-life? You're a monster!!! No. I'm not a fundamentalist Christian. That's what you really mean.

              You don't support BLM? You're a monster. No. I'm a classical liberal that actually believes in individualism. Both intersectionalism, Marxism and all forms of collectivism (which is what they really mean) are bullshit.

              These terms are loaded and intentionally mask their true meaning and the full myriad of context that comes with them to try to rope in as many useful idiots as they can. Their originators are almost always keenly aware of what they're doing and take advantage of the fact that people respond more to passion or shame than reason. I will not participate in their language games. If you're not going to argue your position plainly, in good-faith and on the merits, we're not going to talk.

              1. Thanks for sharing that. Interesting viewpoint. I agree with a lot of what you said.

  29. The women said they were told the vehicle had been reported stolen, but Johnson provided proof she was the owner and said she had never reported it stolen.

    But if it had been stolen imagine how happy should would have felt knowing that the United States Secret Service pull no punches getting the thieves.

    1. why would the Secret Service be interested in a stolen car though? Isn't that something more the speed of Metro DC police? I feel like we're not being given all the details here.

      1. This may come as a surprise to you, but terrorists steal cars and trucks to fill with explosives.

        1. That’s a speculation not in the story, but OK.

          1. LOL! This didn't happen in a vacuum. The Secret Service were using cameras to scan traffic passing near the White House for stolen vehicles. What do you think placed that in their jurisdiction? A heightened threat of car bombs is the only plausible answer.

            1. Yeah, but it wasn’t in the story, so it shouldn’t be discussed. Get it?

              1. By all means, discuss it all you want...

    2. The women said they were told the vehicle had been reported stolen, but Johnson provided proof she was the owner and said she had never reported it stolen.
      So the cops left, they finished their outing and went home. And nothing else happened. Wait til SCOTUS gets their hands on this one.

    1. They tried to do the same to Seattle's chief of police, and were met by angry neighbors armed up and ready to go. The fuckers decided to run away while shrieking about how their right to riot was being oppressed.

      1. And you are sure that they invoked their “right to riot”, not their right to protest?

        1. Doesn't matter, it was private property and they were trespassing. Nor at this point does it matter to plenty of people, since certain democrat mayors and governors have made it clear that laws only work one way, and the police at best won't protect you and at worst will arrest you for trying to go about your business but give rioters a free pass.

          You and your friends have worn out your welcome, and people aren't gonna stand around anymore while you burn down their homes.

        2. Doesn't matter. Her neighbors didn't want them fucking around in the neighborhood, so they chased them out, mewling and crying the whole way.

        3. Considering that the prioters (or is proriotesters better? Still workshopping) themselves have been the ones to completely wipe away the line separating the two terms, I'm starting to see it as a semantic difference. You know the old saying, you tomato, I say arsonist.

          1. just go with "mostly peaceful protestors" like the media do.

          2. I like proriotesters.

          3. I've been using "proriot(er)s" but I think I like your "priot(er)s" better now

  30. "New York legalizes liquor-infused ice cream"

    Suddenly, distilleries start producing hand sanitizer ice cream.

  31. Data from Yelp shows more than 2,800 New York City businesses have permanently shut down since March 1 of this year.

    March 1st de Blasio was tweeting for people to get out there and mingle in droves so you can't blame him.

    1. Did you hear is announcement that restaurants will remain closed until next June?

      It was one of the more insane things you will ever hear. He kept saying that their wonderful restaurants would reopen and the people of New York could enjoy those wonderful establishments next June. He said this was a great thing because employees and business owners could look forward to that revenue.

      In a year. (Well ... 10 months)

      I get that he is trying to sell it, but how is that supposed to be comforting to anyone? And how is he making decisions on what needs to happen for the next 10 months? We have been in this for 6 months. And things have changed repeatedly over that 6 months. But he is going ahead and making a 10 month decision?

      1. If your restaurant can’t handle a ten month shutdown, well maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

        1. There should be insurance for that too!

      2. And every house on the market here in Pensacola rents in 2-4 days, houses sell in a week, often for 20-40% over asking price. People are fleeing the big cities. Co-incidence?

        1. Yeah, I've been watching the house market around here and every time there's a sale it's above the asking price. Every time.

          1. I live in podunk Northern Illinois and the market is insane. My son just bought a house at full list the day it went on the market. He then listed his old house a modest starter type home. 8 showings the day the listing came out and four more scheduled for the next day. Four offers came in the first night and they signed a contract next morning. 8k over asking price, cash deal, no inspection or contingency, 5 day close. This is for a 65,000 house. I was in real estate back in the mid 2000s and I've bought and sold a few of my own and I've never seen anything like it. We seem to have 2 parallel economies right now. Those that are working obviously have faith in the economy and are moving on with their lives. Those that aren't working are still fucked but it hasn't affected the real estate market yet.

        2. My brother's trying to buy a house. At most you’ve got two business days once a house has been on the market to make an offer.

      3. Deblasio can go die in a fire.

        1. As long as he succumbs to smoke inhalation. It would be poetic justice for these tin-pot dictators to die gasping for air like the elderly citizens they betrayed.

  32. The husband of Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey has been charged with multiple counts of assault in connection with a March incident recorded on video in which he waved a gun at protesters outside the couple's Granada Hills home...

    Well, they stonewalled as long as they could.

  33. New York legalizes liquor-infused ice cream.

    Someone's not thinking of the children.

    1. And someone's not tired of saying "Go the fuck to bed".

    2. Rum rum raisin

  34. The idea that Trump would try to stop vote-by-mail in states he will lose, and try to encourage it in states he will win, makes no sense -- it was Trump who understood in 2016 about electoral votes being winner-take-all and Hillary who didn't understand it.

    1. First he must think Nevada is in play. It nominally is, if you look at the polls.
      Second he's counting on loyalty. Florida has Team Red in charge and they will back him up without the need for lawsuits. Nevada has Team Blue in charge so he must launch the lawsuits.

      1. That and the minor detail that in Florida you have to request an absentee ballot to be sent to the address where you are registered to vote, or provide a temporary address at the time of the request, and Nevada is just going to blindly mail out ballots to whoever happens to be at the last address on record, no matter how old.
        In Florida, you have to confirm the voting address, and they use two factor authentication if you use the web. A whole lot different than dumping a gazillion ballots in the mail at once.

        1. A distinction the media does its best to obfuscate

          1. It would help the Republican cause if Trump would clearly articulate that argument. He has been a poor spokesman for legitimate concerns.

            1. It would help the media if they played full clips or used full quotes allowing people to explain themselves instead of just cutting things into the sound bites that sell whatever narrative fits them.

              I'm not saying Trump has bothered to (or is even able to) articulate the difference. I'm saying that even if he did, it would be either purposefully misconstrued or filtered out completely. They are every ounce as dishonest as him and that's why they hate him. He's the mirror that gets held up to show them what they truly are.

              1. I had in mind his tweets on the subject. The main point he should be trying to make is that massively scaling up the number of mail-in voters will lead to delays in getting election results and other problems.

                It distracts from the argument to talk about fraud, or to try to say that absentee ballots are different from mail-in. When he has said things about absentee vs. mail-in, he probably defines “mail-in ballots” as “a massive increase in scale of mail-in ballots”, but he isn’t articulate enough to clearly state that.

                One problem for him is if he accurately described the heart of the problem, a legitimate question to ask him would be, “So what are you going to do to help? You could make sure the Postal Service is prepared.”

                Seems like he doesn’t WANT the Postal Service to be prepared. Seems like he WANTS them to mess up in blue states.

              2. But, yes, the liberal media companies try to distort what he says. On the other hand, conservative media does their own distorting.

  35. So evidently, evangelicals who vote for Biden have sold their souls to the devil.

    Unlike all of those evangelicals who voted for a bankrupt fraudulent pussy-grabbing adulterer. They will be first in line to go to heaven I'm sure.

    1. They’re all bankrupt fraudulent pussy grabbing adulterers. Even Hillary.

      1. But the people Jeff defends have the right "facade" and seem honest per the media narrative he absorbs like a sponge.

        1. Haven’t seen chemjeff defend the left. Have seen him criticize the right, which isn’t the same thing.

          1. Wow. Then you haven't been paying attention.

            Besides, Jeff's just concern trolling. He hates evangelicals who vote for Biden with the same white hot intensity as those who vote for Trump.
            Just a few comments up he was comparing praying to arson and assault.

            1. Example of chemjeff defending the left?

            2. “ Just a few comments up he was comparing praying to arson and assault.”

              That’s a highly spun retelling of what he actually said.

          2. You're blind then.

            You also call everyone who doesn't attack the right a trumpista. So you honestly have no room to complain.

            1. No, I call those here who invariably, reflexively rush to defend Trump from criticism Trumpistas. I couldn’t care less whether you don’t engage in criticizing him; I only care that you are oddly committed to defending him.

              It’s President worship, which I cannot abide. And it’s supporting a cretinous person, which is also offensive.

      2. Whatever you may think of Obama or W. Bush, I'm pretty sure they aren't adulterers.

        1. Lol.

        2. Probably not adulterers. Unapologetic mass murderers of innocent brown children in sovereign countries by drone strikes? You bet, but at least they (probably) have the integrity to not diddle anyone but their wives (probably).

    2. Better the devil you know than the devil who doesn't know where he is.

      1. Why choose either devil?

        1. So we can have the incredible stability of a two party system. Aren't you aware of the evils of giving people more than a binary choice?

        2. Nobody knows who the devil is the libertarian candidate.

  36. "Trump Urges Floridians To Vote By Mail While Suing Over Remote Voting in Nevada"

    Just going by the headline, if President Trump urges people to vote for him even while he opposes universal vote by mail laws in other states, that isn't in any way unreasonable. If anything is unreasonable, it's expecting President Trump to stop urging people to vote for him because they're voting by mail.

    1. Except that he has been criticizing mail-in voting in general for months, so he just flip-flopped on it.

      Part of the problem, as I’ve said above, is he has done a poor job of putting forth legitimate concerns about expansions in the scale of mail-in voting. He just isn’t articulate enough to communicate any nuanced thought.

      1. >>so he just flip-flopped on it


        1. He did. Last night, he suddenly endorsed mail-in voting for people who live in Florida.

          1. >>"In Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot ...

            did he now?

        2. >>so he just flip-flopped on it

          President Trump is now in favor of people voting for him when he was against people voting for him before?

          We probably shouldn't respond to insanity.

          1. Whatever. Trump has been railing against mail-in ballots for months now, and now he just encouraged Florida voters to use them.

      2. Come to think of it, can anyone here come up with an example of Trump expressing a nuanced thought on any topic, ever?

          1. OK, that’s a good one. Especially since it is directly analogous to a point I’ve been making here about the Portland protestors.

          1. He was being thoughtful there. Not sure it is an example of nuanced thought. What makes it nuanced?

        1. The bigger challenge would be finding a topic on which YOU express a nuanced thought. Seriously man, just go back to VOX.

          1. I say something disparaging about Trump on a libertarian blog and it sets you off emotionally to the point you feel you need to personally attack me. What’s your loyalty to Trump?

            1. Projection bro, projection. You should get that TDS looked at.

  37. You are totally right! Trump does not want to change the election date and have universal vote by mail. So trump should wait until November.

    Since the democrats have decided that they are going to hold their half of the election now, they should go ahead and distribute ballots and get their votes counted now. That seems like a totally fair way of running the election. Since Trump wants to hold the election when it is scheduled, he should wait. And since the democrats think they should have the election over a period of 5 or 6 months, they should be able to go around and collect ballots and votes for 5 or 6 months.

    That way nobody is being a hypocrite. It seems totally fair.

    1. Since Trump objects, he is obligated to just pretend this isn't happening lest he be called a hypocrite or something.

    2. “ Since the democrats have decided that they are going to hold their half of the election now...”

      That is a tad inaccurate.

  38. No principled libertarian should tolerate this level of economic inequality.

    Jeff Bezos has accumulated more wealth this year ($71.2 billion) than Charles Koch has in his entire life ($54.2 billion).

    Fine, so Bezos apparently started a business that can thrive without open borders. Good for him. It's still unfair for his wealth to grow so fast while Mr. Koch's stagnates or even declines.


  39. "While a lot of people say they see political bias in the media they consume, they're confident in their own ability to see through it while worrying (but of course) that others don't have the same powers of discernment"

    And most Americans are also sure that while others are maniacs, they are very good drivers. What time does Wapner come on?

    Paging Dr. Dunning...paging Dr. Kruger...Dr. Dunning, Dr. Kruger...

  40. The vote my mail controversy is bizarre.

    Years ago it used to be a conservative thing. Can't trust voting by mail, don't know if they got tampered or even if they come from voters. Fraud all around. Then around the turn of the millennia the GOP started encouraging absentee voting. Absentee ballots get counted first if they voted and returned early. So the belief was that it would influence results over the course of the polling day.

    Now Trump hates mail ballots. So it's flipped again.

    But get this... many Democrats are not starting to freak out over mail ballots as well. I have a friend who doesn't want mail voting in his state because he firmly believes that Trump will have his operatives tamper with ballots. Because the myth goes, and this is identical to the old conservative myth, that nefarious people can coerce voters and check their voting before they seal the envelop, and only in person voting can prevent that. This is ludicrous. But it's coming from BOTH sides now!

    First off, there's no credible case of this kind of voter coercion happening in this country, no gangs of political operatives checking in mail-in votes. Second, even if it were true, absentee ballots are still legal (and identical) so these mythical mafiosos would just coerce their victims into registering for absentee ballots.

    I should also note that these same Democrats who fear Trump election shenanigans tend to be the same ones who think he will refuse to step down if he loses. And my guess the same one's who think it was Putin who pulled the strings in 2016. Conspiratards know no partisan boundaries.

    1. The funny thing is, if you actually read up a little bit on the history of voting in this country, it used to be the case that large corporations could coerce their employees into voting a "certain way". The employees lived in company towns and would be "helpfully" transported to the polling station in a company bus and "helpfully" offered help to fill out their ballots. There was also a time when, after voting, voters got a receipt of their vote that showed who the voter voted for; and union bosses would demand that their members would show them the receipts so as to determine their loyalty. The vote in this country has never been unimpeachably fair. But on the other hand we have moved so far beyond these blatant abuses that it's probably more fair now than it ever has been.

      And this is exactly the time when the state needs to step up and work overtime to guarantee the integrity of the vote no matter which system is used. If people don't believe the vote is fair, they will stop believing in the legitimacy of the state itself. That is bad news for the state.

      1. You raise excellent points.

        But such a scheme would never work if everyone got a mail-in ballot sent to them at home, so we are all good.

      2. Uh, that was the days of the slates. People could tell by who you were voting for by the color of your ballot. Modern elections don't have that. Modern elections are private.

        I still see NO EVIDENCE that union bosses are sitting around at their members' kitchen tables watching them vote. None at all.

    2. Sevo linked to a piece by Willie Brown (Democrat kingmaker in Sacramento since forever) claiming that Democrats have a big advantage with mail-in ballots because their grass roots organizations will go in the projects, where support for Democrats is high but the turn-out is usually low. The grassroots organizations go door to door twice--once to tell them to watch for the ballot in the mail and the second time to help make sure they fill out and mail in the ballot.

      Then there's another story from Reuters, a variation on a theme I've heard in every single election I can remember, which is that black voters simply don't mail in ballots as often as other voters. I'll post the link below, but they request mail-in ballots at about half the rate of white voters.

      The story says that blacks, for whatever reason, don't trust the mail-in ballot as much. This could be for all sorts of reasons. We know they're targeted disproportionately by the drug war, they're targeted disproportionately by the police with things like traffic stops, etc. I've read that when they do send in ballots, their ballots are often disqualified at higher rates. If they have outstanding warrants for traffic tickets, etc., they may be concerned about confirming their identity and their address to the government. They seem to be generally less trustful of government than suburban whites--and that may be why they're less likely to participate in mail-in elections.

      Regardless, they are historically less likely to participate.

      I think the real reason people are concerned that may not be the case now is because they think BLM may have changed the equation this election cycle.

      1. "During the most recent national elections, the 2018 congressional midterms, only about 11% of black voters cast their ballots by mail, according to Census figures. That’s the lowest percentage of any measured ethnic group, and it’s just under half the rate of white voters."

        . . . .

        A report released in April by researchers at the University of Florida and Dartmouth College found that mailed ballots cast in 2018 by blacks, Hispanics and other racial minorities were twice as likely to be rejected in Florida as those cast by white voters, often for missing or mismatched signatures.

        ----Reuters, May 29, 2020

        "Black voters don't trust mail ballots. That's a problem for Democrats"

      2. Here's a Black Jeopardy sketch on SNL, where Tom Hanks is playing a MAGA hat wearing Trump voter trying to compete on Black Jeopardy.

        Two of the questions/answers:

        1) They were reluctant to let their smartphone use their fingerprints for verification because that's how the government "gets you".

        2) They believed that voting didn't matter, and the Illuminati had decided the outcome of our elections long before the vote was taken.

        Is SNL an excellent source of data on the attitudes of African Americans nationally? Of course not. But regardless of whether this consensus gets their attitudes right, I think this is the prevailing consensus of where their opinions are. The big question is whether BLM changes things. Are they pissed off enough for it to make a big difference--compared to mail-in participation in the past?

        1. One of the best things SNL has done in the last 15 years. And it's sadly accurate how Doug and the black contestants are in complete agreement until the Final Jeopardy category is one that in effect forces them to choose a political side: Lives That Matter. "Well, it was fun while it lasted Doug..."

      3. Why has BLM changed the equation? I am not following that.

        1. Well, let's make sure we're talking the right equation.

          Part I: Historically, African-Americans voters have been far more reluctant to use mail-in voting.

          Part II: African-American voters' mail-in ballots have been historically disqualified at a much higher rate for lacking exact names, signatures, etc.

          Normally, these factors would favor the ballots of white voters. It may be the case, however, that black voters are so upset about George Floyd, police brutality, racism, etc. that this won't carry over to this election like it has in past elections.

          I'll give an example. NBA, NCAA, and NFL players are far more likely to kneel during the national anthem today than they were before George Floyd. If the summer Olympics were happening right now, I have little doubt but that there would have been gold-medal athletes kneeling on the podium while the national anthem was playing. It seems that things are different now than they were in the past--with the willingness of African-American athletes to protest publicly being just being one example.

          And there is an open question as to whether that will carry over into mail-in voting. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. If the situation is different, the results may be different, and IF IF IF African-Americans are sufficiently upset and wish to show their dissatisfaction by voting whomever is in office out of power, then that may mean that the way they vote with mail-in balloting will be different this time.

          1. It is fairly simple...

            BLM provides a large infusion of cash, organizers and volunteers, as well as a fired-up base motivated by racial animus. This has been the Democrat playbook since I have been alive, so it stands to reason that it would be their playbook now.

            They quite obviously believe that they can produce an extra few percentage points at the polls with their unions, race-based organizations and organizations. They'll be doing boots-on-the-ground vote gathering.

            They also obviously believe that this advantage is furthered by extending the time they have to conduct their ground game. So by giving themselves 5-6 months to go door-to-door collecting ballots, they think they can produce the extra votes needed to swing a few states at the federal level, and swing several states in more local elections.

            1. You can't sell something to a market that isn't buying. If the African-American vote is fired up, then that's what they are, and the Democrats may be able to capitalize on that and turn it into an election win.

              I don't know where that anger will be three months from now.

              I know that the campaigns don't really get started until the conventions, and I know that the undecided likely voters typically don't make a decision until after the debates. And I think that's probably where we are now.

              Right now the polls that show Trump trailing are polling an electorate that still thinks in terms of Trump vs. the virus and the economy. They don't like the way things are with the economy and the virus, and they're associating that with Trump--fairly or unfairly. Once we get into the conventions and the debates, it won't be that way. It'll be Trump vs. Biden.

              I think it was John the other week who said something about how Biden is like the newly drafted rookie backup quarterback on a losing football team. The crowd thinks changing quarterbacks is great, but sooner or later it will set in, that the bus is broken down regardless of who starts the game. The coronavirus and the economy would be in the same situation regardless of whether we put Biden in the White House. The question is whether you think Biden is likely to restore the economy with his big Green New Deal plan to cut us off of fossil fuels in 15 years. That's ridiculous. That's the last thing we need right now.

              The election will be close regardless of who wins.

              1. When I lived in Stone Mountain GA during the 2000 election, we were a biracial home in a majority-black district. So I got all of the stuff from the "pro-diversity" democrat machine.

                We got several pieces of very expensive direct mail every day. Flamingly racist stuff, every day. Stuff saying republicans want to lynch black people. One was an image of the tailgate of a pickup truck with rusty chains hanging from it.... a reference to a terrible murder in Texas. The NAACP sent us that one twice.

                It was multiple pieces per day, every day for about 3 months. We had stacks of the stuff on the kitchen counter.

                NAACP, SPLC, DNC, Cynthia McKinney, Al Gore, Nation of Islam... and a host of organizations I never heard of. Crazy racist stuff from all of them.

                If you are not in the target demographic, you don't see this stuff.

                The ground is fertile because they have a very large machine dedicated to protecting and fertilizing that soil 365 days a year.

              2. About black turnout.

                the key to a turnout campaign is provoking turnout from favored constituencies while avoiding doing so for unfavorable constituencies.

                The start of this new push by BLM did just that, because Democratic-leaning constituencies are more affected by these issues than Republican-leaning constituencies.

                As I explained in this Usenet post, the campaign has jumped multiple shivers of sharks.


                Attacking our nation and iys symbols will provoke Republican-leaning constituencies that outnumber blacks.

      4. Gosh, a political party going door to door to get out the vote? Won't wonders never cease?

        If the GOP has a problem with this then the GOP needs to be going door to door in their strong precincts as well!

        And they mostly do. One local councilmen got elected in a major California city because the county GOP got people out hitting every door in every neighborhood. The only candidate to hit every door in that election. In a different election in the Silicon Valley city I lived in, I helped get a libertarian elected to MAYOR because people managed to hit most doors in the city.

        You want to get your "side" elected? Get a good pair of walking shoes.

        1. You mean like these folks?

          Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone.
          Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocked on zero.

      5. "I think the real reason people are concerned that may not be the case now is because they think BLM may have changed the equation this election cycle."
        Or maybe not.
        "A Gallup poll released on Wednesday shows that 81 percent of black Americans want the police presence to remain the same or increase in their neighborhood or area."
        I've made this point before. Most black people are law abiding citizens not rioters and gang bangers. BLM and defunding the police is not going to win over very many blacks.

    3. >>controversy is bizarre

      not really.

    4. but results aren't reported until polls close in a state, so how can counting absentee ballots early help push the results? in three hour window from the East Coast to the West Coast closing? Oh no, Biden's winning New York, I guess I'll vote for Biden after all (said no one ever).

    5. It’s actually flipped one more time. Last night, Trump encouraged Florida voters to vote by mail.

  41. "Making it easier and safer for people to vote in November doesn't seem like it should be a controversial proposition"

    Political arguments are so much easier when you accept talking points from one side at face value and ignore the arguments from the other side.

  42. Turns out that both Facebook and Google were also in the bidding to acquire TikTok.

    IF IF IF I were looking at this from a Trump administration or antitrust perspective, I can't imagine why Facebook or Google would better from a tolerance for conservative viewpoints or competitive perspective. They're both under investigation for antitrust behavior now, with even some moderate critics calling for regulators to make Facebook spin off Instagram and Google to spin off YouTube. Why would regulators sign off on either one of them to acquire TikTok?

    . . . whether regulators should have that power is another question entirely.

    In related news, Instagram's knock-off of TikTok called "Reels" became available. It works exactly like TikTok but within the Instagram app. Downloads of TikTok alternatives are surging in terms of downloads, with Reels leading the pack. Part of it is that people who are making a living on TikTok videos are looking to establish themselves on alternative platforms in case Trump bans the app in the U.S. as promised on September 15th. Part of it is that Instagram is paying influencers hundreds of thousands of dollars to create content for Reels.

    No doubt, ByteDance wouldn't be looking to sell its U.S. assets if President Trump hadn't threatened to shut the out of the U.S. on September 15th, but by the time September 15th rolls around, TikTok's U.S. assets may not be worth as much as they were two weeks ago.

    1. Facebook needs to acquire whatever the hot new thing is, since Facebook's base grows older by the day.

      Google still doesn't have any significant competition.

      1. One of Google's biggest competitors--for their search engine--is Amazon. People who used to do Google searches just go straight to Amazon now and search for it there. Google can't make any money advertising to people on their search engine if they're searching at Amazon instead.

        YouTube does has competitors--with TikTok being a good example and now Reels. From a competition perspective, I think Microsoft taking TikTok could be a good thing--not that I can justify the hand of government here.

        I don't understand why Apple didn't try to acquire TikTok when Google, Facebook, and Microsoft were bidding on it. Microsoft is still more about business than consumer products, and Apple is still more of a consumer products company. TikTok should appeal to Apple's user base more than Microsoft's.

        My primary use of YouTube is through Roku now. There's no Roku implementation of TikTok yet that I can see. If Apple integrated TikTok into AppleTV, their digital media player, they might really gain a competitive edge on Roku and Amazon's Firestick. They weren't even interested?! I'm guessing that's about them not wanting to piss of Emperor Xi. Emperor Xi is taking this personally, and the CCP official organs were lashing out at Microsoft yesterday.

        Apple is more susceptible to retaliation because of its operations in China. They may have more exposure to China than Microsoft. Pure speculation on my part, but apart from that, off the top of my head, I can't imagine why they wouldn't see TikTok as being a more attractive addition to their existing businesses than Microsoft.

        1. Duckduckgo isn't bad. No idea of its market share though.

          1. Try Startpage.

  43. Sally Yates set to testify about Russiagate as the Media continues to memory hole their entire Pulitzer prize winning narrative the last 3 years.

    Has a story ever been memory holed this quickly after taking such a terrible turn as evidence was declassified and published? Wouldn't an honest media be discussing how bad their reliance on leaks, anonymous sources, and unverified material was? Nope. Memory hole it.

    1. Yates told the FBI, according to the official interview report, that the Comey FBI seemed cavalier and unwilling to follow protocol and "it was not always clear what exactly the FBI was doing to investigate Flynn."

    2. "Prior to inauguration, Yates recalled a conversation with Comey or Deputy Director Andy McCabe regarding notification, and recalled that the FBI was resistant to the idea. Yates recalled Corney's view was that no one really knew if the Vice President was aware of the calls. The DOJ response was that they shouldn't assume the Vice President was aware and had knowingly lied," the FBI interview report stated.

    3. It's Whitewater all over again.

      These kinds of scandals do terrible damage to top people's reputations, but the punishment will never be meted out in the courts--just the court of public opinion.

      These were the facts:

      1) Money from both the Chinese government and taxpayer money that was embezzled through Madison Guaranty ended up in Bill Clinton's campaign fund.

      2) 15 people were convicted of 40 crimes, including Jim Guy Tucker, the governor of Arkansas.

      None of this was denied by the Clintons. They both simply denied that they had any idea how the money ended up there, despite Hillary Clinton being the lawyer at Rose Law who put the Whitewater deal together. I believe every partner in that real estate deal went to jail--except for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

      It felt like they were getting away with murder at the time, especially once Hillary horse-traded her way into becoming Secretary of State in the Obama administration. She should have gone to jail.

      The consolation prize is this--one of the reasons she lost the nomination to Barack Obama was because she could never shake the stink of corruption. (Her enthusiastic support for Bush's Iraq War didn't help either). The other consolation prize is that one of the reasons Hillary lost to President Trump was likely also because the stink of corruption never left her.

      The reason Al Gore lost to Bush Jr. in Florida was not completely unrelated to his campaign fund raising embarrassments for the Clintons--appearing in person to accept campaign contributions from the Chinese Communist Party that he helped launder through a weirdo cult.

      Even if Biden wins and the Democrats take both the House and the Senate, this won't be over. There's almost always a huge swing to the opposition party in the midterms of a president's first term, and in the run up to Biden's reelection campaign, we'll see investigations again into all this stuff. The guilty won't go to jail, but they won't have the support they would have enjoyed otherwise if they hadn't used the FBI to go after their opponents' political campaigns.

      For goodness' sake, we have Joe Biden on video bragging about having quashed an investigation into his son by withholding foreign aid. We'll still have that video in 2022. If that stuff doesn't make a difference in the upcoming election, it still won't be forgotten.

      1. I am still amazed how people flatly claim Whitewater was a partisan fake investigation when a large number of people were actually convicted based on direct investments into the deal. You can point out all of these facts to certain people and they will call you a liar.

        1. These are the same people who still claim that the hag's private comm arrangements were 'just using her personal email for government activity'.

        2. It doesn't necessarily matter what they say--if you've had an influence on them.

          Joe Biden won over Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders is a socialist.

          Joe Biden won instead of Kamala Harris because Kamala Harris is a bootlicker.

          Joe Biden won instead of Elizabeth Warren because Elizabeth Warren is a social justice warrior (and a hypocritical one at that).

          The reasons these people lost to Joe Biden look an awful lot like the criticisms libertarians and people on the right leveled at them.

          People say shit.

          Then they vote for George W. Bush over Al Gore and nominate Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

          The influence you have far exceeds your ability to change what people say. They'll always say the same shit. So what if you can make some candidates lose because of your criticism?

          We all want the fantasy where we're not only proven right, but the people who are wrong admit they were wrong, and the courts send them to jail. I think that's supposed to happen on Judgement Day.

          Where do bad folks go when they die?
          They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
          They go to lake of fire and fry
          Won't see 'em again 'til the Fourth of July!

          Until then, we just have to work our way around their lying asses and do the best we can with our powers of persuasion. And it turns out, our powers of persuasion are extremely powerful. Emperor Xi is scared to death of what the Chinese people are saying to each other--for good reason. The lying, piece-of-shit socialist, progressives are scared of what we say to each other, too. They're afraid of what we say to each other on social media. They're afraid of what we say to each other--and to everyone else.

          1. "Emperor Xi is scared to death of what the Chinese people are saying to each other–for good reason."

            Emperor Xi should be scared that they're talking about the famine they're about to have. Their swine population got crushed last year, birds aren't doing well either, and anything the Yangtze touches is getting flooded and then some.

            Even assuming the Three Gorges Dam doesn't break---and the odds of that lately aren't pie-in-the-sky, despite deliberately breaching upstream levees to take the load off the dam---China is looking at some really hard times this year when it comes to food markets. Those breached levees were protecting lots of farmland from flooding. Not anymore.

            They'd better hope the US, and the Chinese owned farms in Africa and South/Latin America can make up the slack.

    4. And Reason embarrassingly fell for the entire crock of shit hook, line, and sinker, mostly because they desperately wanted it all to be true. Can you really blame them for wanting to forget it ever happened?

      In fact, Lipstick Lesbian hilariously spent months trying to dig up internet information on some mysterious Russian woman in the hopes that she would be the one to provide the proof that all the horseshit in the “Steele Dossier” was really true. It’s almost comical to think about some of the crap that got published around here back then.

  44. A major problem with mail-in votes which does not get attention is that way too may are thrown out because of errors filling out the ballot and envelope. The process should be easy and almost foolproof. People should not lose their vote because of confusing instructions or if an untrained poll worker thinks their signatures do not match. At least for in-person voting, it is kinda hard to have your ballot rejected.

    1. yeah, easing restrictions on signature matching will help prevent fraud....

    2. Here’s an idea: just go to the damn polls.


    Yeah this is dumb. He's trying to have it both ways. To be anti-Trump when it suits him, but then to be anti-illegal-immigration on another occasion when it suits him.

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  47. Real truth: there is close to zero chance of any of the Minneapolis cops getting convicted of anything after the release of those bodycam videos showing the entire encounter. No remotely rational, fair-minded person is going to watch those and conclude that they engaged in some sort of cold-blooded hate crime.

    The instant I watched them, I immediately understood why it is that the scum in the media tried to keep them hidden from the public for so long.

    1. which means Antifa & BLM will riot again, but this time I don't think people will be willing to just take it. There have been steadily more cases of people standing up to these animals, and if they try to do this shit again, they'll probably get it in the neck with some of the smaller towns.

    2. The neck kneeler might still face some problems. The video does show that Floyd was unruly and uncooperative, which does justify some use of force in affecting the arrest.

      I don't think after you have him successfully detained on the ground that you have any justification to kneel on his neck for 9 minutes. He didn't want to get in the cop car, but it isn't clear how kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes was going to solve that problem.

    3. maybe not a hate crime, but the murder is clear. no matter what Mr. Floyd did prior to being murdered doesn't excuse his murder. The only question is what degree to convict on, and what the other 3 cops are guilty of.

      1. ^ this. how do those videos exonerate the cops exactly? They killed him and he was unarmed. And they took 9 minutes to do it! End of story.

      2. It's not Murder if the accused didn't have the intent to kill. (In most jurisdictions; MN may be a little weird on this one.) It may be some other type of criminal homicide, but it won't be Murder. The video casts a lot of reasonable doubt as to whether any of the cops had the requisite mental state in order to be convicted for Murder.

        Minnesota, per the discussion in the Floyd thread last night, evidently allows a lesser included assault, so long as the assault is felonious, to serve as a predicate felony for a finding of Felony Murder. Which is strange, but seems to be what Prosecutor Ellison is hanging his hat on for charging at least Chauvin with Second Degree Murder.

  48. The left, since 2015:
    -rigged their primary against Bernie
    -invented conflict with the only nation that's a nuclear threat to the US so they could orchestrate a deep state coup against the rightly elected president
    -have dialed cancel culture up to 11
    -spread bad information about a "novel" virus that's no more contagious and deadly than seasonal flu, using it as an excuse for governors to seize totalitarian power, destroy tens of millions of people's lives and businesses, upend social interaction, and continue holding children hostage
    -orchestrated race/marxist riots to further destabilize American culture
    -and outright colluded with major media to manipulate the American people into dependency the whole time

    But no big deal, right?
    Now they're running a guy who clearly has dementia and not even hiding the fact that they will handpick (based on gender and skin color) the real choice to lead America without voter input.
    Fuck all yall for letting this happen, and giving liberty up without a fight.

    1. At least they haven't picked random teenage kids to make into national scapegoats with false stories of racist behavior.

      Or promulgated obvious lies about decent family men to destroy their career simply to further partisan objectives.

    2. +100000

    3. Now do the right!

  49. "Results are still coming in from" ... from NY primary held weeks ago.
    Get ready for the return of hanging chaz

  50. "Some newspaper readers who saw artist Bianca Xunise’s comic commenting on both the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic found it so offensive that they complained. As a result, some of the more than 120 publications around the U.S. that carry Six Chix, the strip that Xunise co-authors, decided to drop it altogether.

    Xunise, the second Black woman in comics history to be nationally syndicated and the first Black woman in the collective, according to NBC News, used her July 28 contribution to broach the biggest issues of the day. She depicted two women at the grocery store: one is Black, wearing a mask and a shirt that says, “I can’t breathe,” while the one standing beside her is white with blue eyes and without a mask. She says to the Black woman, “If you can’t breathe, then take that silly mask off!”

    That's funny. People complained? They need to relearn how to take a joke instead.

    1. What would have been really funny is if the races were reversed.

  51. >>Making it easier and safer for people to vote in November doesn't seem like it should be a controversial proposition.

    neither does honest authorship

  52. "• A new HBO documentary called The Swamp looks at Republican Reps. Thomas Massie (Ky.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), and Ken Buck (Colo.)."

    No thank you.

    1. I'm sure HBO will treat us to cringy episodes of POD save America, with hipsters pining for a Biden victory. Beto will be stuck outside the auditorium.

    2. Because when I think of the Swamp, my first thought is Tom Massie.

      Could these people be any more full of shit?

      1. I watched the trailer for this last night. It's actually Massie and co complaining about how the swamp works and why it can't be drained. Of course, 10 seconds of the trailer at the end is devoted to asking the question "Do you think that Trump will actually drain the swamp?" followed by a shot of each interviewee staring blankly into the camera.

        So, yeah, this is probably going to end up being exactly what you think it is. An implied defense of the status quo by making the case that Trump has a rhetorical opposition to it (he's a villain after all) and presumably ending with a message about how everything will return to swampy normality when we get a straight shooter like Uncle Joe in charge.

        1. OK, that's a lot better. I read the tagline (because to hell with actually watching the clip) and thought, "Massie? Massie's your pick as a Swamp Critter?!"

        2. The best documentary HBO ever made was 6 seasons long
          It was called "Veep"

    3. Massie should be a national hero for making Congress show up in person to vote. Too bad they illegally ignored his request for a roll call vote.

  53. "Lebanese President Michel Aoun said Tuesday's explosion was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate—used as a fertilizer in agriculture and as an explosive—that had been stored unsafely in a warehouse,"

    Who would have thought it was unsafe to store ammonium nitrate and commercial fireworks in the same warehouse?

    1. With a hookah lounge in the back.

    2. dude's definitely slinging some bullshit.

      1. Let's hope he doesn't get kidnapped

  54. Hidin w/ Biden
    SCOOP: Joe Biden is no longer traveling to Milwaukee to accept the Democratic nomination. His plans to travel to the convention have been scrapped because of coronavirus concerns.


      The fact that Biden is making a relatively small ad buy in Ohio and a tiny one in Texas and has to advertise at all in Virginia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and especially Colorado should tell you this race isn’t the blowout that the media is trying to convince you it is

      1. wait wot? tv says Biden is turning Texas blue and it's all over but the crying. don't even mail in those T ballots.

        1. If you truly believe the polls this time around, you have to be as retarded as Biden. The media is actively working for the democrats and supporting the riots.

          1. What?! +10 D is a perfectly valid sample!

          2. >>If you truly believe the polls

            in case the you meant me, I don't believe any poll.

    2. If SNL had even the slightest amount of balls anymore, Hidin' with Biden would be an incredible recurring sketch heading into the election.

      1. You did see SNL's serenade to Obama right?


    Those gosh darn white people and their...

    *spins roulette wheel*


    1. So if tell Love to go fuck herself, I'm being anti-racist?

  56. If you guys want a laugh, go to Trump's website, and then put in a bunch of random letters. You'll get a funny image of Biden along with the words "You must be as lost as me". Trump is trolling this dude

    1. Funny shit.

  57. But Nevada went for Clinton in 2016, and Florida went for Trump, so that might be one clue. The president has also criticized the prospect of expanding mail-in ballot access in California, a reliably blue state.

    I would REALLY like to see the Trump internals. He's fighting for Nevada and California?

    1. Nevada turning blue is about the influx of Californians into Las Vegas, I'm sure.

      1. Raiders fans ick.

      2. Illegals and the ex-illegals---who totally can't vote, no way, no how---flooding the service and hospitality industry, would be my guess.

        Track Hispanic demographic proportions in Nevada and its counties, and see how it compares to party voting splits.

    2. Fighting for California is likely just about popular vote optics. It doesn't matter at all, but I'll bet losing the popular vote really irks Trump.

    3. I view it as along the same lines as Disney suing a day care over a Mickey Mouse mural - if he wants to keep this from happening in actual swing states, he needs to fight it across the board the same way a company needs to be consistent to maintain their brand against infringement.

  58. Anybody see the video of Jorgensen saying a company firing an employee for posting "All Lives Matter" on Facebook is a good thing?

    1. And yet, she still cannot get any love on Don't want to give anybody ANY ideas about voting for somebody except Biden.

    2. I really don't think she said that it was a good thing.

    3. It'd be consistent with what Reason commentariant was saying about four years ago.

      This idea that companies shouldn't, and shouldn't be able to, fire folks for what they say online (or for being black, Jewish, pregnant, gay, etc. and so-on) only started up when someone decided that "cancel culture" was the new bogeyman for the right.

      But before that, y'all were dandy as candy with empowering employers to fire for any whim.

  59. Personally I have no problem with absentee voting, that is the kind you have to register for your ballot, proving you are of voting age and a US citizen.
    I do have a problem with mass mailing of ballots to everywhere and anywhere in the country, with no proof of age, residency or citizenship.
    Yet few if any of these articles mention the distinction between the two types of voting by mail.

    1. The second thing you described isn’t a real thing.

      1. Keep telling yourself that. Maybe if you believe a falsehood long enough, it'll come true.

        1. What state is doing “mass mailing of ballots to everywhere and anywhere in the country, with no proof of age, residency or citizenship.”?

          1. State of Denial.

  60. This guy just came up with a face-saving ploy Biden can use to not debate: “No tax returns, no debates!”

    At least the suggestion that Biden do this is new to me.

    1. ace-saving ploy

      The ploy is based on the assumption that Biden's tax returns are squeakier clean than Trump's and/or that the ploy can't otherwise be flipped.

      If Hunter Biden's job was secured by Biden's involvement as VP shouldn't we have more visibility into those tax documents as well? That would be a more clear and direct violation of the emoluments clause.

    2. You do know who Bill Kristol is don't you? I could give a shit what the face of the military industrial complex's propaganda wing thinks. If American Goebbels suggests it, you know it's some evil, manipulative bullshit.

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