Brickbat: For the Lord Xi Is a Jealous God Among You


The Chinese government has ordered Christians to remove religious symbols and objects from their homes and replace them with portraits of Chairman Mao Zedong and President Xi Jinping. Those who refuse could be stripped of any government benefits. Some residents report that officials have forced their way into their homes and ripped down religious symbols, replacing them portraits of Mao and Xi.

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  1. Is it okay to show Mao or Xi nailed to a cross?

    Or, how about if you just hang up a painting of Winnie the Poo blessing some little children?

    Seriously, the CPC should die in a fire.

    1. How about a framed letter N?

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    2. Hang a picture of Xi upside down.

        1. Beautiful

    3. Why? Do you have a problem with Taiwan’s Chinese Petroleum Corporation?

  2. Is it okay to show Mao or Xi nailed to a cross?

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    1. Beggars is the new clingers.

      1. Don’t you mean clinggars?

        1. Klingons?

          1. Circling Uranus in search of…

            1. …the corpse of Leonard Nimoy

              1. It’s already orbiting the sun in Musk’s Tesla

                1. Yeah, but the light is better around Uranus.

  3. Hey, the Chicoms could write for the NY Times.

    1. They aren’t?

      1. Just giving “suggestions” at this point. But it’s coming.

        1. Lol, yeah.
          Pretty Sure the NYT would love to see a picture of Hillary or Nancy replace every cross and crucifix.

    2. They do under the byline “Thomas Friedman”.

    3. Wait, I thought the Times wrote for the CCP?

      1. this.

  4. I never liked the chain of command portraits in government offices. I can’t imagine having them in my house.

    1. I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but are you going to sit here and tell me that a portrait of Donald J. Trump doesn’t just complete a room but simply radiate the character and class of its owner throughout an entire house?

      You’re probably one of those lefist civil libertarian idiots who, if Trump did similarly here, would ‘protest’ and try to lay claim to the moral high ground by talking about good taste. Like he doesn’t just *belong* up on the wall between John Belushi and Michael Richards.

      1. a portrait of Donald J. Trump doesn’t just complete a room

        You could say “it really ties the room together.”

      2. I haven’t tried out a portrait of Trump. Maybe it will bring magical powers to my house. The couple portraits of famous people I do have don’t appear to work on the whole house.

        1. Tell Trump Tower Alexa to use the portrait as a lighting pattern for the West windows

      3. Relevance? I believe the point is, no one is telling you to take down a picture of Jesus [or Buddha, or Confucius, or Vishnu…] and telling you to put up a picture of Trump or anyone else. Under penalty of law and sanction.

        If you don’t want to be “that guy,” then don’t be.

        1. If you don’t want to be “that guy,” then don’t be.

          Can I put that on a plaque between my Bill Murray and Jonathan Cleese paintings?

      4. “those lefist civil libertarian idiots who, if Trump did similarly here, would ‘protest’ and try to lay claim to the moral high ground by talking about good taste. Like he doesn’t just *belong* up on the wall between John Belushi and Michael Richards.”

        Yet when you mention the AOC portrait up on their ofrenda between Bill Maher and John Oliver, they get touchy.

  5. “Those who refuse could be stripped of any government benefits.”

    Like jobs, housing, clothing, food?

    1. Like jobs, housing, clothing, food?

      As long as their universal human rights to healthcare and gay marriage aren’t infringed.

    2. The ability to live outside a slave camp or keep their organs, yeah, stuff like that.

    3. Not having your head forcibly shaved and your hair sold to western women as wigs is a privilege, not a right.

    4. Like breathing.

    5. This is why Universal Basic Income scares the fuck out of me. They’ll make the plebs dependent and then condition it to goodthink.

      1. So you’re saying there really is no free lunch? That if a plurality of citizens are completely dependent on the government they will expect something in return? Like compliance? Maybe a social credit score, lest they lose “government benefits?”

  6. This is bs obviously but I bet you didn’t realize our govt here forces people to put up signs attesting to faith in their God in public schools and I bet they’d fire you or put you in jail if you resisted.

    1. I’m required to go to government schools to put up these signs? Do I also have to go to other government buildings to do the same?

    2. I’m bet this seemed pretty coherent in your own head.

    3. The Proggie-bot has blown a circuit.

    4. Did you just blow in from Stupidville or something?

    5. public schools are closed.

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  8. something something no other gods before me

  9. America’s future when leftists take control.

    1. Portraits of Jesus may still be allowed, provided Jesus is a black, trans-gendered woman with a “real” body shape.

      1. At first reading of the term “Lord Xi” that’s what I thought this article was going to be about.

        1. Me too

        2. I thought it said Lord XI and I was like, what is Lord Eleven, I must find out.

      2. Obama?

        1. No tattered rags. Mom jeans.

          1. Open up your hymnal. We will start with hymn 1 “Mmm, mmm, mmm!”
            Mmm, mmm, mmm!
            Barack Hussein Obama

            He said that all must lend a hand
            To make this country strong again
            Mmm, mmm, mmm!
            Barack Hussein Obama

  10. “That’s just where I keep my darts.”

    1. “I have a roll of Xi portraits in the bathroom.”

  11. Is Xi the Antichrist? Americans have stupidly always assumed it was coming from here, but given all the fawning over the Chinese of late it seems plausible that his picture is the mark of the beast.

    Someone had to say it. Gotta give John something to rail about.

    1. And lo, I saw the beast! He was round and portly, and of a yellow tint, with eyes black as coals, and his hands were sticky with the sickly sweet taste of honey. And on his body he wore a shirt of red, stained with both the blood of his enemies and the twisted ideology of his creed. He took all that he could, and was without mercy.

    2. I always thought he would be a snotty nosed kid from Tadfield.

    3. You mean he’s not Trump?
      CNN has steered me wrong.

  12. Feinstein was right. Very respectable.

  13. Funny thing is in light of their recent ruling I could see the US Supreme Court upholding this rule. Roberts would write the majority opinion which could be summarized as “lol what First Amendment?”

    1. If you hang pictures in your home for any reason, not hanging pictures of Xi or Mao is discrimination against them. In accordance protections afforded to people of various classes, races, creeds, ethnicities, religions, orientations and genders, if you hang any pictures at all you should hang at least one picture of Xi and Mao and if you hang one picture, it should be either Xi or Mao.

  14. Fake news. I’m constantly told that Christians are not being persecuted anywhere in the world. In fact, sometimes it seems from these people telling me this that Christians have more global power than whites or men.

    1. You need to consult your intersectionality matrix. I can’t find mine right now. However, I can assure you that being Christian adds the most oppressor points of any religion.

      1. I’m sorry, do YOU secretly run the banking system???

        1. It wouldn’t be a secret if I answer.

      2. “You need to consult your intersectionality matrix.”

        I use the rap version, Alexander Hamiltonian

    2. Colonialist white Euro centric missionary positioned creed peddling bastards deserve what’s coming to them; and very very soon we will get ours. AmIright Rev?

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  17. Have his followers gotten around to burning people alive at the stake yet?

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