California Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders Dine-In Restaurants To Close Statewide

The Golden State has seen a rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.


California is closing down again in response to a rising number of reported COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

This afternoon, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) ordered restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, zoos, and museums to halt all indoor operations. Bars across the state must close down completely. Gyms, malls, churches, and salons in the 30 counties that have been on the state's Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days—including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties—must also close.*

The Los Angeles Times reports that the latter closures cover counties where 80 percent of Californians live.

"We're moving back into a modification mode of our original stay-at-home order, but doing so utilizing what commonly referred to as a dimmer switch," said Newsom when announcing the new closures today. "Not 'on' open economy or 'off' shut down but a dimmer switch."

The governor said that the state's number of new cases and its positivity rate (meaning the percentage of COVID-19 tests that are positive) were on the rise, as were hospitalizations.

The state reported 109,910 COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks, and an additional 1,104 deaths. Just over 7,000 people have died of COVID-19 in California.

Hospitalizations have increased 28 percent in the last two weeks. The number of patients in ICUs has grown by 19 percent over the same period. Nevertheless, 36 percent of ICU beds in the state are available as are 72 percent of the state's ventilators.

The new order comes one month after the state had announced that dine-in restaurants, retail stores, and gyms could open back up under certain physical distancing protocols.

The statewide closures are only the latest tightening of the state's lockdown order. In late June, Newsom ordered bars to close in seven counties, including Los Angeles County, reported the Times. San Francisco, which is not one of the counties listed in the governor's order today, has delayed its own plans to reopen dine-in restaurants and outdoor bar service.

California's closures come at a time of rising coronavirus caseloads across much of the country, and states like Texas and Florida are also reversing some of their prior reopenings of businesses.

Correction: The original version of this article said that gyms, malls, churches, and salons in counties on the state's Monitoring List must close for three days. 

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  1. He is a dumbass. One size never fits anyone. I’m sure places in Susanville and other smaller towns present a danger to LA.

    Of course, then all the hip people will just go to out of the way places to go out to eat. They won’t get any Haute Cuisine.

    1. Science!


  2. It’s time to start canceling some people’s existence

    1. Replacement has been occurring for decades. It will continue. Bye, Nardz.

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  3. You know, one might start thinking masks, social distance and OCD-style hand-washing doesn’t make any difference.

    1. It is also possible some have thought that since BC.
      (before covid)

      1. Let’s see, we’re finally allowing people back into the hospital, so hospitalizations are up? We’ve opened places back up and massively increased testing, so positive tests are up? And, certain Govenors and Mayors (and one dumbass Republican Senator) told all the young people to go out and have a block party protest against white people racism, and two weeks later there is a rise in the number of young people testing positive? I am shocked. See? This is my shocked face.
        Are actual deaths due to the WuFlu up? No. Do respiratory diseases spread much during warm weather? No. Is Newson a giant douche, or is he a turd sandwich? Yes.

        1. We’ve opened places back up and massively increased testing, so positive tests are up?

          I just listened to an interview with Peter Hitchens based on a recent piece he did in the Spectator. I haven’t read the piece, but he apparently did very diligent reporting, trying to pin down health officials on exactly what numbers were increasing and what they actually meant. He noted that the NHS reported a massive uptick in covid infections ~July 17th. He also found that 7 of the 8 testing stations opened up… ~July 17th.

          1. They are testing in the future?

            1. It is the only way to beat this cunning virus.

    2. So I go to the sink and wash my hands.
      1) Touch the taps to turn them on
      2) Touch the soap pump to get soap
      3) Wash hands
      4) Touch the taps (!) to turn them off

      1. There was a sign on the gas station pump encouraging people to go inside to wash their hands.
        Seemed rather counter productive to me.

      2. You are supposed to use the paper towel to turn off the water, or your elbow. I learned this when I was five years old.

        1. Commenters are supposed to contribute to the conversation in meaningful ways. Not tell us what we already know people are not doing.

        2. So you’re what seventeen now?

        3. Just wash the handle too!

    3. I asked what happens if numbers don’t go down with our mask mandate, and when’s the mandate review schedule here and got crickets.

      1. It’s also possible that your comments are exactly as popular as mine.

        1. your comments are very popular.

        2. Sorry Diane meant here as in my city. Lol didn’t mean to disparage the board folks.

      2. Mask my be the problem. Australia found many shipments infected dies the US test before accepting

        1. Ever since June 20th

    4. California never really re opened that much. They did have harmless protests though…

  4. Well, parts of it are certainly dim.

    I see it is now a 72 hour virus and no longer a two week virus.

    1. It’s known to the state of California that 3 days is the minimum amount of time before the serfs get uppity.

  5. Fascists gotta be fascists.

  6. I didn’t notice one mention of flattening the curve. Is that not what we’re doing anymore? Sorry, I just woke up from a long nap and the goalpost I fell asleep on is no where to be seen.

    1. Due to the increasing expense of constantly shifting goalposts, goalposts have been removed and will no longer be used.

      1. The goalposts were allowed at the protests but not the beach, but they went to the beach anyway so now they must stay home.

        1. The goalposts were torn down and lit on fire at the mostly peaceful protests.

          1. An out of work rocket scientist stole the goal posts and launched them into space for shits and giggles.

    2. Is it the goalpost that bends, or is it you.

  7. take that, Spago’s! Trump will totes lose now.

  8. I don’t care about other people’s restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. in California and what happens to them.
    As long as Nanny Newsom has HIS winery open, then all will be well.
    After all, we have ensure the ruling fascists in power don’t go into bankruptcy.
    Otherwise all the little people might start to think they have the same rights as our ruling elitist turds.

  9. If the assholes in Cali vote for this fucktard again you will definitely know (if you already did not) that some Americans are worthless sheep.

    Frankly I am hoping he is just so I can watch that crappy state and its arrogant citizens take it right up the ass.

    1. A lot of them deserve what’s coming to them, but not all of them. The ones who voted this handsome bastard in will reap what they sow.

  10. “Hospitalizations have increased 28 percent in the last two weeks. The number of patients in ICUs has grown by 19 percent over the same period. Nevertheless, 36 percent of ICU beds in the state are available as are 72 percent of the state’s ventilators.

    I maintain that there are two important statistics, and this is one of them. The governor should only be thinking about closing the economy down when the number of patients requiring ventilators is in danger of overwhelming the number of available ventilators.

    We’re nowhere near that number.

    The other important group of statistics has to do with the economy, especially the unemployment rate. The people of California are like the people of everywhere else–they will only suffer willfully destroying their economic livelihoods so long as they believe there is an imminent danger. As the availability of ICU beds shows, there is no such imminent danger of people dying for the lack of ventilators.

    The fact is that we will never be able to open up the economy without increasing the infection rate.

    The fact is that looting and arson (in the name of George Floyd, BLM, or anything else) is a function of unemployment and the economy. The longer these shuts downs last, the more likely we are to see another wave of protests, riots, looting, and arson.

    It’s just a matter of time.

    1. “The fact is that we will never be able to open up the economy without increasing the infection rate [at least not without a vaccine, which is still months away].”


      1. I strongly doubt we’ll have a working vaccine before the end of the year.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I understand, too.

          Until we have a vaccine–and hundreds of millions of doses of it, too–the infection rate will continue to climb every time they open the economy up. The infection rate increases when more people interact with each other, so trying to open the economy up without the infection rate increasing is like trying to go swimming without getting wet.

          Meanwhile, keeping the economy closed until the infection rate won’t go up again in response to reopening the economy is like trying to swim under water for months at a time without breathing. The American people will not stand for destitution, and the people who are losing their jobs by the millions as a results of these close downs are the same kinds of people we saw rioting in the streets a few weeks ago. These are the kinds of people who are working in service industries like restaurants.

          A conspiracy theorist might assume that they’re creating the perfect environment for social unrest ahead of the next election on purpose–assuming that the voters will blame the riots on Trump and the racists anyway. I think the American people’s patience with protests and rioting may already be at its limit. Just because the people on TV say that arson and looting are popular doesn’t make it so. It may just mean that the news people on TV are delusional.

        2. COVID is a variant of the common cold. The odds that we will have a working vaccine before the end of the decade are somewhere in the neighborhood of slim and none.

          1. On one level I agree with you however I read that a innovative vaccine, one that uses the body to generate the rods that the virus uses to attach itself to the cells instead of dead or weakened virus themselves. It has just been approved for testing and if it does work, and the big question continue to be effective against the virus as it mutates, it will be a real game changer. The issue in the past, and the reason we have never had a Cold vaccine, the viruses mutated too fast for them to be feasible.

        3. I strongly doubt we’ll have a useful vaccine for this, ever.

          1. That’s my opinion too. A vaccine that provides robust protection to the majority of the population will never be a thing. But that does not mean we will not see a product or two sometime next year.

            1. It will not be sufficient for the tin-pot-dictators.

            2. What we (or rather what everyone else in the world) will certainly see is better treatment options. Stuff that can cycle patients through different parts of hospital faster and with slightly/much better outcomes. That can transition serious patients from an intensive treatment setting to maybe a monitoring/recovery/rehab setting or maybe even a home setting. That is the main way capacity problems usually get fixed.

              I am no longer sure we will see as much of this in the US as I assumed a few months ago. I’m confident our front-line people will figure out better ways of doing things. To the degree that they can and still get some sleep themselves. But we are clearly spitting on everything that everyone else in the world is learning about this and creating hurdles to that learning that are purely political. So we are putting a bigger hurdle in front of those front-line people.

        4. I doubt we’ll ever have one.

    2. The longer these shuts downs last, the more likely we are to see another wave of protests, riots, looting, and arson.
      The mob can be a powerful force if you direct it toward your enemies. At some point they can offer to end the chaos if you just give them temporary powers.

    3. I agree with much of that comment.

      Ventilators aren’t necessarily THE capacity bottleneck everywhere. In some places it may be ICU beds. Or ER beds. It may be respiratory therapists or nurses or other staff. It may be on the disposal/autopsy side – that all slows down a lot and requires a lot more PPE when some bodies are contagious and no one really can know which and a new disease means you are trying to find out a lot more about how/why people are actually dying. Obviously we here in the US don’t do contact tracing/testing/isolate but countries that actually want to focus the negative impact of ‘lockdown’ only to those who are sick find that can be a capacity bottleneck too.

      Another way of dealing with the capacity issues is to recognize that they aren’t necessarily fixed. Some can be expanded, some can have ad-hoc solutions, some bypassed. Once upon a time the US was really good at this. Really really good. Because mobilizing ‘militia’ is also a form of pre-Internet crowdsourcing. Course we don’t do that either now because we can’t imagine a world other than government by careerist condottori mercenary where our only personal OPTION for involvement is to pay taxes and vote periodically.

      And golly, a society faced with some emergency also faces economic disruptions that inevitably create a big short-term surplus of labor. I can’t imagine how tiny little frontier towns dealt with Indian raids and hurricanes and such while simultaneously ensuring that the bars, brothels, and banks remained open for business as usual. Can anyone help me figure out how they did this? It’s a real fucking puzzle. Did they just have a better unemployment program where they sent everyone home to watch TV and chow down on ding dongs while they hired mercenaries from somewhere else?

    4. The politicians you have spent all of your credibility defending are fomenting conspiracy theories and extending the pandemic through sheer stupidity and desperation. You’re worried about a couple instances of looting because that’s what right-wing media wants you to focus on. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands have died from this other thing.

      But you can’t blame black people for Covid, can you? Well I suppose that’s what the Chinese are for. Nothing if not predictable.

      1. New daily infections have increased over 300% in the past month. New daily hospitalizations have not increased by any statistically significant amount. New daily death have increased by between 10% and 30%. Many more people are getting the disease, but not many more are becoming severely ill or dying. That’s not prolonging the pandemic. It’s shortening it. If more people get the disease quickly, herd immunity is achieved more quickly. At some point, massive numbers will get this. Your lockdowns only prolong the inevitable.

  11. Of course, Progressives will shut down churches. They almost always go for that first.

    1. Of course, it’s where all the icky clingers spend their time. -Rev Kirkland

    2. Why bring VooDoo into this?

  12. Another study out of India showing HCQ as a good form of prophylactic.

    Those given HCQ developed almost no symptoms and much lower death rates.

    And the anti Lancet HCQ study wss quietly retracted.

    1. If Trump said “HCQ is yugely bad for you, do not take it” countless lives might have been saved.

      1. I wish he’d say, “Please don’t blow your brains out, it’s dangerous,” just so these fuckheads would commit mass seppuku.

      2. What are Trump’s medical credentials? What are any of his credentials?

  13. How much of this increase is a backlog? Florida says almost 30% of new cases were from months ago.

    Likewise the increase in cases for border states is coming from counties near the border. The rise correlates with the increase in Mexico.

    1. Good point i haven’t been able or had time to verify but heard Newsom is bringing in covid patients from Mexico. Just like letting out more criminals to raise the rate of crime to enforce gunnlaws. As i recall Hitler did something similar

    2. It’s one reason that I’ve sort of stopped following all this. It’s not a great thing, but the data is all over the place, I’m not honestly going to do anything with the data, and I’m otherwise busy with other things.

      I’ve also made a point to stop listening to most news as well though, since it has proven to be something close to noise.

      Luckily, I’m kind of a shut-in in the best of times, and so the biggest inconvenience for me is that Walmart isn’t 24 hours anymore and so shopping is harder. Poor me.

    3. Duh. Any time you see a big jump in data like this, you can pretty safely assume that it is an artifact of how things are reported, not a real phenomenon. Nature doesn’t jump (at least not at biological scales). Number of infections will be a smooth curve.

  14. I guess Shutdown #1 apparently didn’t do enough damage to our economy for the lefty gutter vermin, so now they’re going for Round #2.

    I hope this time around Trump tells all these scumbags pulling this shit that they’re going to get nothing during the shutdown. No more unemployment assistance, no more education funding, no more highway funding, nothing.

    1. How is this the fault of lefties? I’ll wait.

      How is it not the fault of Trump urging the nation to reopen too early, and it following just as he asked?

      1. It is almost entirely those on the left end of the political spectrum who demand further shutdowns. Shutting down an economy causes severe economic damage. This is not hard.

  15. Why is nobody talking about New Mexico? We vie with California for the strictest lockdown in the country. Restaurants were shut again, starting today. Along with increasingly strict mask rules. No coincidence that our governor is being talked about as a possible VP candidate, largely on the strength of her super strict pandemic response.

    1. I don’t know maybe population size/audience so they cover cali new york area more?

      1. I’m sure that’s part of it. But there have been enough puff pieces on Lujan Grisham in places like The NY Times that the effect her policies are having on people should be discussed somewhere. She’s effectively killing already struggling restaurants with her new order.

  16. He’s trying like hell to drag this out until November.

  17. Child aged mortality is actually down under covid…

    But pro science liberals know better.

    1. MSNBC accidentally had pediatricians on who said to reopen schools.

      Torres said, “As schools struggle with reopening safely, NBC News reached out to five top pediatricians across the country. A random sampling of doctors to find out just how dangerous the coronavirus is for kids. Our experts agree most children don’t get as sick as adults and that serious complications are rare.”

      He added, “In fact, kids only account for 2% of all cases. doctors say they don’t expect that number to significantly increase when schools open because kids don’t appear to be good at spreading the virus.”

      1. Got a source on that?

        I still wonder what’s the best way to spread amongst low-risk populations to help protect high-risk populations. I know we have some number that needs to be met for herd immunity, but I imagine having more immune people helps lower spread in some way as well. It’s probably closer to an activation function or something, but still.

        1. Herd immunity is at something like 70%. No one has an exact number. Intentional spread among low-risk population is not great, because a small percentage of low-risk people still develop serious symptoms. Though it is a small number, healthy and young people have died from this.

          1. Healthy and young people also die from bathtubs.

            What is your point?

            1. A small percentage of low-risk people develop serious symptoms when the get a cold. You could say that about literally any infection.
              People accept similar risks all the time without even thinking about it.

        2. Source is msnbc. They have transcripts of most of their shows.

          1. MSNBC wrapped version with disappointment from the host.

    2. The most recent weeks always have under-counted totals because it takes weeks to months for all of the death certificates to trickle in and be counted

      This has continued to be a source of frustration for me, as much as the Federal Government should be doing anything here, being an efficient source of data collection is one of the highest goals in my mind.

      1. Holy shit, welcome back, man~

      2. … being an efficient source of…..
        Not possible.

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  18. The northern half of the state is mostly fine, which is why hospitalization rate and ICU bed for the entire state isn’t under strain at the moment. Riverside is a different story.

    Protests and proximity to Mexico doomed a state that appeared as if it had dodged a bullet as recently as mid May. Imperial became a spot in early June and protests hit Riverside and LA not long after.

    Barbara Ferrer very quietly and very sheepishly admitted that protests likely contributed to rises in new cases in CA. It was so quiet that it got drowned out by “FLORIDA is DOOMED!” daily headline by the media.

    1. Yep every part of the US close to Mexico and the Caribbean is getting slammed. Open borders. Thanks Reason.


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  24. But, strangely, California doesn’t get the media criticism of it’s spike in coronavirus cases, like Florida, Arizona, etc. do. Wonder why?

    Maybe the same reason that New York and New Jersey, with around ten times the coronavirus deaths per capita of Florida, never get criticized for their coronavirus response.

    1. What an armor-piercing question that is.

    2. Remember this anytime Suderman talks about Democrats “winning” the “healthcare debate.”

      Because it’s not about healthcare, and there certainly is no debate, not when the propagandists of the media (including Suderman) are involved.

      1. Say one criticism of Trump.

        1. Has horrible trade policy. Has horrible immigration policy. Reverses policy too often in a total unprincipled manner. Shoots his mouth off too much. Commentators here can see nuance. It’s really only you, Tony, who see everything through a purely blue/red dichotomy.

  25. Welcome to communism motherfuckers! All executive orders all the time. 100% management of the economy. Limited movement and freedoms of the common people.

    1. As a result of a flu which has yet to kill 1/2 of 1/10 of 1% of the population.
      How fragile our experiment was…

    2. What’s really terrifying is how many people are quick to give up real freedoms for the illusion of safety. The government has done a real bang up job over the last few decades of convincing the masses that it’s their job to protect people from almost every plausible harm. The government will let a chemical company dump toxic waste near your house, but will force you to rebuild a staircase because of an 1 1/2 inch difference between the old code and the new code. For your safety.

  26. In any other state they would be actively recalling this turkey, but the tighter he cracks down the more the voters love him. California is truly Bizarro Land.

    But I’m going to predict right now that the fallout from this is going to burn the Democrat Party hard. Not his November, but in 2022 and beyond. California rulership likes to pretend that the state is full of affluent white progressives and their college kids from border to border, but it’s not. Doesn’t mean they will be voting for the Republican turkeys, but they won’t be voting for the Democrats.

    As one Democrat once said, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

    1. Democrats in Maryland misunderstood their electorate and that is why a Republican governor is serving his second term.

    2. ” Doesn’t mean they will be voting for the Republican turkeys, but they won’t be voting for the Democrats.”

      Exactly what other choices will they have? The odd Green Party or occasional Constitutional Party candidate on some local election?

  27. Governor Newsom did not get the memo that the vrisu is not important anymore.

    However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders. Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives. Protests against systemic racism, which fosters the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on Black communities and also perpetuates police violence, must be supported.

  28. As I just recently read in a CNN on-line report, “A doctor said, Miami is the new hotspot.” Well, “a doctor said,” and that’s all I need to know. LOL! Who cares about who, what, when, and where, not to mention which organization is the alleged single doctor a member of. Is he a podiatrist, if he exists at all? A five-year-old could do a better job reporting the news than today’s “grownups.” What a disaster letting the MSM control our lives. Vote out every politician who caves to the media.

    1. One of my longtime Usenet allies had contempt for the media since 1994.

      Well I have to look that up for myself. I’m just going by what I see/read in the news media.

      – Darryl Hamilton

      That’s an interesting approach, kind of like trying to determine the actual
      intelligence and character of Black people by watching “Birth of a Nation”….

      – Christopher Charles Morton

      I have seen nothing in the past twenty-six years to imply that what Chris wrote back then was no longer true.

      1. At least he admitted that he would have to look it up!

    2. Yeah well, CNN probably has not heard about Sullivan County, TN. Where they have just had a 154.5% increase in confirmed positives.

      Ok, so it actually went from 11 to 28. But never mind that. The numbers are exploding!

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  30. There’s a definite theme to these comments, and it’s of a piece with decades of affirmative action for Republicans: Democrats are the only responsible ones doing anything, so they get blamed not only for the response, but for the crisis itself, despite the notable lack of partisanship among microbial organisms.

    Republicans run around like hysterical monkeys with no plan, having dismantled the plan because Obama, focusing entirely on how this disaster affects Trump’s poll numbers. Republicans get no blame for anything despite literally going around the country having rallies and encouraging people to treat having basic hygiene as a pussy move. What cunts.

    The hitch this time is Americans are actually smarter than Republicans need them to be. The economic contraction was not due to government-imposed shutdowns, but because of the quarantining that people would have done on their own. But few here gives a shit because their entire existence is about blaming brown people and Democrats for their fucking hangnails.

    1. “The economic contraction was not due to government-imposed shutdowns, but because of the quarantining that people would have done on their own.”

      Yeah those people who slammed the streets with protests and nightly illegal fireworks were all republicans. The rest of the nation reveres quarantine too much to pull stunts like that. White nationalists also took over control at Disney, which is the only explanation why they’re reopening their parks.

      Blue states account for more than 70% of all deaths, Tony. The recent protests spread the disease to Latino working force in states like CA. Quite literally, no one kills people of color more than those who favor democrat policies. That was true even before the pandemic.

    2. It’s a shame your parents weren’t pro abortion.

  31. So, he lets the restaurants and bars kinda open, they spend money to meet “safety” guidelines, buy a bunch of food and drink, etc. Then he slams them shut after they made all those financial commitments. Heh. If he wanted to utterly destroy the economy he could scarcely do better.

    1. Newsom is just like all the other perversely moral fools who have no real skin in the game but are quick to tell someone facing financial ruin that the costs of the lockdown don’t matter because how can one put a price on saving lives. I bet if it was their money they’d come up with a number real fast. Life is only priceless when other people get stuck with the bill. Apparently it’s okay to destroy the economy for a good cause just like social distancing and masks are not optional, unless you’re protesting social injustice.

  32. It’s partially due to all the people partying it up in Vegas. And immigration from Mexico. And all the Trump supporters yelling that this is fake news, refusing to wear masks, and generally acting like tools. And all the bored young people who are sick of lock down who were partying it up on bars and house parties.

    I think this kind of move is illegal, unethical or both. If I owned a restaurant, or bar, or gymn, I’d scream, and want Newsom’s head. I get why he is doing it, but that doesn’t mean he should. I am very safety conscience in my own choices, wear a mask, avoid places I view as risky, but think there are lines that should not be crossed by government.

    Northern Northern California has low numbers and really should be treated separately. I get why they are especially pissed. They get a raw deal, and generally are not happy with the rest of the state. Even arguing that this is necessary from a public health perspective, Governer Newsom really should have made a County by County order.

    However, it is what it is, and the sooner we start acting sensible, restore consumer confidence, and get our numbers under control, the better. California’s current infection rate is better than Florida. They are so fucked. Florida will soon be leading the USA in total infection rates and in daily death totals, just give it a month. How many of you think DisneyWorld will be open in August? Unless you live in a rural area, keep an eye on California, and Florida, and every other metropolitan place, because this is your future. All the other Governer’s are starting to do the same thing.

    If you do live in a rural area, and are not in a state with a shutdown, I hope you enjoy your diners, because I dearly miss a nice fat Sunday breakfast.

    Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Spock.
    The needs of the few sometimes must outweigh the needs of the many. Kirk.
    Cheesy, but still… You get what I mean.

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