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Facebook Civil Rights Audit Signals Bad News for Free Speech

Plus: Controversy around "open debate and toleration" letter, grim economic forecasts, and more...


Facebook auditors find the company falling short on "civil rights." A report commissioned by the company and made public Wednesday morning says Facebook has been "too reactive and piecemeal" in its "approach to civil rights."

The report, two years in the making, might come as good news to those worried about Facebook's handling of hateful, dishonest, or otherwise objectionable content. But it's unlikely to mean good things for folks who value open expression, want to see fewer arbitrary crackdowns on political content, and worry about how more aggressive social media moderation might be weaponized.

"The report faulted Facebook for … inadequately policing political speech," notes the Wall Street Journal.

As always, advocates for greater policing of political speech invoke white nationalists and other widely reviled groups to call for Facebook to take more action. But it's not just hate groups that will suffer from speech crackdowns. Small communities fighting the good fightsor anyone with views deemed outside the majority, reallyalways get hit hard by these sorts of demands, too.

The report also runs into dangerous territory in urging Facebook to get more directly involved in partisan politics and to devote itself to vague, highly discretionary, feel-good goals like decreasing polarization.

It "calls out the company's choice not to take action against posts by President [Donald] Trump that allegedly threatened violence or were meant to suppress voting," the Journal reports:

[Facebook CEO] Mr. [Mark] Zuckerberg had said he didn't think private companies should regulate political speech unless it was likely to undermine democratic participation or produce real-world violence.

"The Auditors vigorously made known our disagreement, as we believed that these posts clearly violated Facebook's policies," the report said. More broadly, the auditors said Facebook "has failed to grasp the urgency" of the threat that voter suppression efforts on its platform pose as the 2020 election approaches.

The report also said that Facebook had been too quick to dismiss reporting by The Wall Street Journal in a May article that found the company had watered down or killed internal efforts to study and address ways in which its products encouraged divisiveness and polarization.

"The Auditors do not believe that Facebook is sufficiently attuned to the depth of concern on the issue of polarization and the way that the algorithms used by Facebook inadvertently fuel extreme and polarizing content," the report said.

Professional activists are already using the report to pressure Facebook to make their preferred changes. For instance, Farhana Khera, the executive director of Muslim Advocates, said in a statement that the "audit is illuminating but it is ultimately meaningless if Facebook does not agree to take dramatic and substantial steps."


Controversy around free speech letter proves its point. If anything, a letter in Harper's magazine promoting "open debate and toleration of differences" might deserve some gentle mocking over certain signatories who rarely stand for such values. Or perhaps it should just inspire sad awe over such basic liberal values being controversial in the first place. Instead, it's proven just how complicated and unreasonable the dynamics of the current discourse are.

The letterwhich was signed by a host of powerful writers and advocates for free speech, including Deirdre McCloskey, Nadine Strossen, and a number of other people who have written for Reason—has sparked scandal and indignation not because of its core message but because a few of the letter signers (particularly Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling) are on the wrong side of progressives' current cultural doctrine. Apparently, a lot of folks have decided that putting one's name on a letter now aligns signatories not only with the letter's message but with the opinions and past statements of every other signer of the letter. Sigh.


New reports from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission provide an even more grim economic forecast for Europe and the world. "The O.E.C.D. looked at jobs; the commission measured economic contraction … But both reached similarly brutal conclusions," write Liz Alderman and Matina Stevis-Gridneff at The New York Times. More:

The number of job losses has been 10 times greater than the hit inflicted during the first months of the 2008 global financial crisis, O.E.C.D. economists said, making it very unlikely that employment in Europe, the United States and other developed economies will return to pre-pandemic levels before 2022 at the earliest. […]

Joblessness in the 37 countries that are O.E.C.D. members is expected to reach 9.7 percent at the end of the year from 5.3 percent in 2019, and could march to more than 12 percent should a second wave of virus force countries to shut down parts of their economies again.


The European Commission, the bloc's administrative branch, said the E.U. economy would shrink 8.3 percent this year, a downgrade from predictions released in May that saw a 7.4 percent contraction. The subgroup of 19 nations that share the euro currency will have it even worse, shrinking 8.7 percent this year. […]

The data is especially grim for nations in the bloc's southern rim, some of which were particularly pummeled by the virus. Italy, the E.U.'s third-largest economy, is set to shrink 11.2 percent. Spain, the fourth largest, is facing a 10.9 percent recession. France, second after Germany, will shrink 10.6 percent.


  • Bloomberg questions the wisdom of Attorney General William Barr's antitrust crusade against Google. The pursuit is "likely to amount to a political attack with a belabored legal rationale attached," says the editorial board.
  • Some Republican senatorsincluding Mitt Romney and Chuck Grassleyare already pulling out of the Republican National Convention in Florida, planned for August.
  • Huh.

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  1. Controversy around free speech letter proves its point.

    The perfect responses to it were as if on cue.

    1. Hello.

      And yet, Australia, with 8800 total cases and facing a frightening 147 ‘surge’ in cases, went full CCP and imposed the most draconian measures seen thus far from ‘enlightened’ Western countries by locking 3000 people in apartment complexes enforced by 500 police.

      So much for ‘flattening the curve’.

      The way I see it? And it’s a simplistic approach for a simplistic mind. If you support lockdowns and masks you ARE sheep and have played your part in the economic destruction threatening economies as well as the psychological bullying and terror seen because of your fears.

      Weak, pathetic, sheep who don’t follow science but FOLLOW ORDERS.

      1. Melbourne is gonna need more cops, as they’ve dialed up the lockdown to the entire city now:
        “Five million Melbourne residents will be barred from leaving home for six weeks, except for essential reasons. Police say they are setting up a “ring of steel” around the city, with “checkpoints anytime and anywhere” to enforce the measures.

        1. Next step will be welding these people in their homes like the chinks did in Wuhan.

        2. Jesus H Jump-Roping Christ.

          All this over a country of 25 Million with.. wait for it..

          109 Deaths.


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        3. This is crazy!

        4. if only they hadn’t voluntarily given up their guns… YGWYFD

        5. Not a bad idea, if only we applied it to our news organizations.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth!

      1. I’m hoping it’ll pay off in the long run.

        1. Might get a sammich.

          1. Don’t get the tuna. It’s not fresh.

  3. The pursuit is “likely to amount to a political attack with a belabored legal rationale attached,” says the editorial board.

    Why else does one bother becoming AG?

  4. Safe to say the one group which will not be inconvenienced by any new Facebook moderation will be statists. Marxian academics, snowflake whiners, New Green Dealers, …

    1. Anti-semites, General, don’t forget the anti-semites.

  5. “calls out the company’s choice not to take action against posts … meant to suppress voting”

    With all due respect, what is an example of a post “meant to suppress voting”? “Don’t vote for Sleepy Joe”?

    1. Yes.

    2. They probably meant a post that threatens people into not voting or into voting a way they wouldn’t otherwise. But, yes, they’d probably count “Don’t vote for Sleepy Joe” in that category…

      1. Also saying things like polls are closed at 1pm or Trump will win in landslide, don’t waste your time voting against him.

    3. I had to look it up. One example: apparently, there were ads on facebook in 2016, targeted at black voters, urging them to boycott the election.

      Seems like free speech to me, a non-problem, and unlikely to influence anyone who wasn’t massively on the fence about voting in the first place, but that’s just me.

    4. Mostly saying that mail in ballots sent out in mass mailings to dead people might pose a threat to open and free elections.

    5. Gropey Joe. It’s “Gropey Joe”.

      “Vote for our sexual assaulter! He’s not orange!”

      I think it’s a winning campaign slogan, really.

  6. After passing the “Amazon Tax,” Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant went on this unhinged rant.

    She threatens to seize control of the Fortune 500 and overthrow the “racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism.”

    During the pandemic it should be illegal to pull one’s own mask off like that, paper-thin as it might have already been.

    1. I had no idea Seattle city council was so powerful.

      1. If you strike Kshama down, ….

        1. Kshama is an idiot Sawant.

        2. …it’s much easier to get her into the wood chipper.

      2. It isn’t, but that was actually her way of announcing her candidacy for congress.

        1. And The Squad grows (insert horror movie sound)

      3. Gotta love Seattle. Preferably, from a safe distance.

        1. Seattle is a hardcore conservative city run by Trump. Otherwise they wouldn’t have shut down Wokadishu,

        2. Seattle is a great city to visit. I’m pretty comfortable living in a big city and all that that entails, but I had to call it quits on Seattle a couple years ago. The tipping point was seeing a second junkie shooting up in the open air on a single dog walk.

          1. I had a job offer there, but turned it down because it rained the entire time I was there interviewing.

    2. its odd she thinks a socialist state that enforces her wishes upon everyone else is a more democratic state. vote her way or else how is that democratic

      1. It’s not socialism, it’s democratic socialism.

        1. National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Amerika

          1. No no no, I’ve been assured that’s a right wing party.

      2. It’s not really enforcing her wishes on anybody since you would wish the same if you were as enlightened as she. Literally everybody wants the same thing Sawant wants, people who say they don’t are mistaken or crazy or evil and can be safely ignored.

        1. Better yet, re-educated, comrade.

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  7. “As writers we need a culture that leaves us room for experimentation, risk taking, and even mistakes. We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences.”

    That’s what Hitler said.

    1. Fauci Downplays Lower Coronavirus Death Rate as ‘False Narrative’

      Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that taking comfort in news of declining coronavirus death rates is a”false narrative” encouraging “complacency.”

      Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci downplayed the apparent low death rate of the novel coronavirus pandemic in a press conference with Democrat Alabama Senator Doug Jones on Tuesday. He also emphasized that there was still a “window of opportunity” for the state to respond proactively to the outbreak.

      1. “…the apparent low death rate…”

        You mean the one which is shown by the data? That “apparent” one? Or the one you think it should be?

      2. If Fauci does not receive the ‘full Robespierre’ once the full extent of pants-shitting is revealed, I will be terribly disapointed.

        1. Sorry, he won’t. He’ll be a darling of the MSM no matter what. Even the sports talk assholes here have raised him to deity level. This whole episode has shown me that people are dumber than I thought.

          1. If you have any faith left in your fellow man at this point, you have only naive self to blame.

      3. a “window of opportunity”–kind of giving the game away there, isn’t he?

        Someone put a muzzle on this sperg before he does any more economic and social damage.

    2. I can’t keep up with the lies and spin anymore.

      Fauci is an asshole. I’m getting the feeling he smirks every time he’s done talking.

      1. He definitely has a very punch-able face.

    3. A Lower Covid-19 Death Rate Is Nothing to Celebrate

      They are backing up the tow truck to move those goalposts.

      A bunch of unfounded speculation from anecdotal studies about COVID leading to strokes, brain damage, etc. are being touted to scare the under-60 crowd into believing this is more dangerous than the flu to them. Because no other virus like colds or flu or herpes (1 out of 3, people) ever has lasting consequences. Which they will have to explain to my wife from the right side because she is deaf in her left ear from a viral infection she never even knew she had other than a little dizziness.

      Scare, scare, scare, scare, scare. Click, click, click, click, click. Vote for the person who will protect you! Pull! Repeat, ad infinitum.

      1. and send your money today

      2. Not dying is not a good thing even though you were a bad person for thinking of trade-offs when granny was dying.

        I can’t even try and put it perspective to someone who goes along with this because all they’ll say with a glazed look is gibberish along the lines of, ‘things change. We follow the science. Not dying is bad because cases are what matters and we need to wear masks’.

        Already I wasn’t a fan of people to begin with but these days?

        Oooo, nelly.

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  8. Authors of Study on Race and Police Killings Seek Retraction Because Conservatives Cite It

    1. “She threatens to seize control of the Fortune 500”

      How exactly? Start an “autonomous zone” in one of their warehouses?

      1. oops, that wasn’t meant to be a reply

    2. We take full responsibility for not being careful enough with the inferences made in our original article, as this directly led to the misunderstanding of our research.

      “We take full responsibility for not anticipating that reporting raw data could be construed as heretical to our Most Holy Race.”

  9. Brotherfucker and Immigration Fraudster Ilhan Omar Calls for “Dismantling” of American “Economy and Political Systems”

    1. When does that moron not call for dismantling America?

      1. Whenever her brother’s dick is in her mouth, but only because it’s hard to talk around a dick.

    2. She has the most amazing collection of jizz rags.

    Matt Yglesias has been reported to his employer by a colleague for signing an open letter which argues that a climate of conformity, fear, and mutual surveillance has descended upon public intellectual life.

      I did not know who else had signed that letter. I thought I was endorsing a well meaning, if vague, message against internet shaming. I did know Chomsky, Steinem, and Atwood were in, and I thought, good company.

      The consequences are mine to bear. I am so sorry.

      1. Sigh. Try to take a bold stance on safe ground (I love free speech!) one day, and then immediately backpedal and apologize. Do you know that if you keep backpedaling, eventually there’s nowhere left to go?

      It’s heartbreaking that Margaret Atwood and Noam Chomsky signed on to a letter railing against “cancel culture” just four days after President Trump gave a racist speech at Mount Rushmore railing against “cancel culture.”

        Yglesias is getting cancelled for signing a document that says we should stop cancelling people, because it’s offensive to insinuate that cancel culture exists, and for that he must be cancelled.

        1. Just like how the Sandinista Minister of the Interior justified her government’s shutdown of “La Prensa”: “They accused us of suppressing freedom of expression. That was a lie and we could not allow them to publish it.”

      2. “racist speech”–they can’t actually say what was racist about it, just that Trump made a speech, therefore it much be racist.

        Kind of like that lying shitsack Tammy Duckworth saying that Trump praised the Confederacy when he did no such thing.

        The Gen-X/Millennial left has gone completely off the cliff. Look at that fuck’s Twitter bio–“Everything is political.” Fuck you, asshole. If you don’t back off and start leaving people alone, you’re not going to end up with your Fully Automated Gay Space Luxury Communist utopia, you and your community are going to end up eating a tactical warhead for insurrection. His picture alone screams for someone to bullycide him into oblivion.

        1. It’s more work, but if we use small arms, or helicopters, or even just good old hemp twine rope, we get to keep the infrastructure.

      3. The nightmare that there might be an issue on which the left and right could concur.

    3. “Let them fight…”

    4. Fuck Sad Beard. That son of a bitch, like Bret Weinstein, helped to CREATE this atmosphere.

      But I guess we have to take allies wherever they come but screw him. They should be made to admit it before joining.

  11. Sawant went on this unhinged rant.

    In a spirit of “Solidarity”, Bezos should Tweet her a free trial of Amazon Prime.

    1. He should cut off all shipments from Amazon to her district.

      1. Beautiful.

      2. Will be interesting to see if they call her bluff and end up moving everything back to Bellevue, or knuckle under and deal with it because actually moving everything would be more of a pain in the ass than submitting to the tax.

  12. I did not know who else had signed that letter. I thought I was endorsing a well meaning, if vague, message against internet shaming. I did know Chomsky, Steinem, and Atwood were in, and I thought, good company.

    The consequences are mine to bear. I am so sorry.

    Maybe if she gets them canceled she can save her own hide.

    1. Adams continues: Expect MANY twists and surprises before Nov 3.

      “Oh, boy!”

    2. He is forgetting that Trump is the incumbent.

      1. If you’re commenting on Biden, he forgets a LOT of stuff.

    3. Funny thing about Adams, some recent tweets of his he seems baffled by the unhinged belief systems and irrationality that pervades a large segment of woke society. Someone should teach him about persuasion techniques.

      1. I’m curious as to what type of “future-oriented” campaign he’s supposedly running. Every time he’s made an on-camera statement in the last 4 months, he comes off like a clueless grandpa who’s looking for the Sunday brunch buffet.

        1. Or his grand-daughter’s tits.

          1. Nice

    4. I love the games people play with words. It’s like “people’s democratic republics.” Is “libertarians for biden” the same as Marxist libertarians??

    1. Let’s build more statues, ASAP!

      1. Not a bad idea. The Republicans could propose legislation mandating a 200′ statue of George Floyd in the center of every Dem-controlled city.

        1. Or the Detroit Fist of Etiquette everywhere.

  13. Kshama Sawant is a bit unhinged. First she says they are going to radically restructure society, end racism, classism, sexism, etc, then she says (if I heard her correctly, her accent gets in the way), that if “you, Jeff Bezos, get in the way of our modest demands ….”

    1. Rrrrracist!

    2. The demands are modest compared to what she would actually like to see happen. The Second Great Terror.

  14. Is Romney even a Republican anyway?


    1. No, the litmus test for whether you are a true Republican is loyalty to Donald Trump. For now…

      1. Damn dude do you do anything but cry.

        1. Not much.

          1. HAAHAHHHAAHHHHHHAHHAAA. You’ve got nothin’ real to say because you know it is true that Trump is not a true conservative nor following in the tradition of the Republican Party, and will leave the party in wreckage with a whole bunch of Senators trying to bury evidence of their cow-towing to him.

            1. “You’ve got nothin’ real to say because you know it is true that Trump is not a true conservative nor following in the tradition of the Republican Party,”

              I actually agree with this in part. Too bad that’s not what you said. Good try though.

  15. Boylan signs the letter, then gives in the instant things get kind of tough. How courageous! Why even sign the fucking letter? The Dark Triad, indeed.

    The number of hunting licenses sold annually in the United States is greater than the number of troops in the world’s 10 largest militaries combined.

    1. “We must close the hunting license loophole!”

    2. As much as I detested Western-state style deer hunting growing up—let’s combine a 15 mile hike in the mountains with intense scrutiny of bushes and shadows that a birdwatcher would envy—I don’t think we were the equals of soldiers. Though we did know how to shoot.

      1. thats the best type of hunting

      2. Deer generally don’t shoot back – – – – – – – –

        1. Nor have HE. We’d have been toast if they even had bows and arrows to shoot back with. Deer hide really, really well. Or I’m really, really at seeing them.

          I’m just adding my experience to explain why I think Massie’s little quip didn’t prove what I think he was trying to prove. Rifles behind every blade of grass or not.

      3. Not every gun owner goes hunting. There’s a saying about God being on the side of the largest battallions, and there are 100 million gun owners in the US.


    We have every right to fight to preserve our nation, heritage and culture. When vandals like Tammy Duckworth and Ilhan Omar tell us that we’re not allowed to question their patriotism, as they scream about how horrible this country is, we have every right to laugh in their faces.

    1. I question Tucker’s patriotism; notice the lack of an American flag pin.

    2. What’s funny is that Arabs in the Middle East have made these same arguments for decades–that they have an eternal claim to the lands they occupy due to “time and tradition.” I can’t remember where I saw it, but I believe Eugene Rogan mentioned it in “The Arabs” when talking about the anti-colonial movements of the early 20th century.

      The implicit argument by the left, which the Arabs have been parroting since the early 20th century, as they adopted early Marxist pretensions of the eternal struggle, is that only people of white European origin should not have the benefit of the Right of Conquest. Criticism of similar actions by Native American tribes against each other are avoided, as are incursions by non-white foreign elements into Europe itself. You don’t see the left wringing its hands over the Muslim conquest of Spain and the Balkans, for example–to the contrary, their loss of these lands in the 15th and late 19th-early 20th century, respectively, is seen as an unfortunate consequence of white European nationalism, even though the inhabitants are literally taking back control of what was once their claimed territory. It’s literally a philosophy of vengeance with racial animus at its core, pretending to be one of equality. This two-faced worldview is why the left never argues in good faith.

  18. More bad economic news.

    Jeff Bezos has made more money this year ($63.5 billion) than Charles Koch’s entire net worth ($51.6 billion).

    Completely unacceptable. Koch / Reason libertarianism isn’t about creating an economy in which only a few billionaires prosper. We strive to create an economy in which all billionaires prosper.


    1. The Trump administration is seriously considering a ban on TikTok.

      “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday the Trump administration is considering restricting United States’ users’ access to the Chinese social media application TikTok over concerns it is potentially being used by the Beijing government as a means to surveil and propagandize people.

      Pompeo told “The Ingraham Angle” that he and President Trump are taking the reports seriously after host Laura Ingraham said India had already banned the app and Australia is considering doing so.

      “We are taking this very seriously and we are certainly looking at it. We have worked on this very issue for a long time, whether its the problem of having Huawei technology in your infrastructure — we’ve gone all over the world and we are making real progress getting that out — we had declared ZTE a danger to American national security,” said Pompeo.

      Banning TikTok would be fucked up and wrong in so many ways.

      1. Wasn’t supposed to be a reply.

      2. TikTok is just a Chinese intelligence gathering operation for future blackmail purposes.

        1. “TikTok is just a Chinese intelligence gathering operation for future blackmail purposes.”

          Actually, it’s a video sharing service enjoyed by more than 30 million Americans, and to pretend otherwise or ignore the rights of Americans who want to enjoy the service regardless of whether the Chinese government is using it for nefarious purposes, is to be willfully obtuse. Neither TikTok users nor their rights exist for the benefit of the U.S. government.

          1. What info could China get about Americans doing stupid shit other than to decide the country is not worth the effort

          2. LOL! Exactly! Does anyone care if the Chicoms know that teenagers around the world are assholes who waste money on stupid shit?

            1. But those same assholes will be running things in a decade

          3. The Nazis should have just bought key munition plants during WWII to keep the US from building weapons. We can’t stop Hitler from making transactions with a willing seller.

            1. You’re going off the rails here would be funnier if you weren’t trying to rationalize away support for our First Amendment rights among others.

              You’re using the same logic as people who want shut down the gun manufacturers.

              There are words for people who imagine that our rights should only be respected so long as doing so doesn’t interfere with the interests of the state–and none of those words are nice. The nicest is one is probably “progressive”.

              1. There are words for people who imagine that our rights should only be respected so long as doing so doesn’t interfere with the interests of the state–and none of those words are nice. The nicest is one is probably “progressive”.

                This comment is genius on so many levels. Ken wins the internet today.

            2. Hyperbolic to say the least, but I like that you went full Hitler. It shows commitment.

              1. The CCP has killed more civilians than the Nazis did.

                1. The CCP has caused the death of more of their own citizens than everyone killed in WWII by as much as a factor of 4. And the Nazis had help.

      3. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday the Trump administration is considering restricting United States’ users’ access to the Chinese social media application TikTok over concerns it is potentially being used by the Beijing government as a means to surveil and propagandize people.

        I work for a defense contractor and we got a security bulletin a couple of months ago about that with a list of Chinese and Russian apps that collect and share user data with those governments and I remember TikTok was on the list. The bulletin didn’t say not to use the apps, just to be careful what people post and what data they’re sharing since anything shared could end up in Chinese/ Russian government hands. Although I’m not sure what useful intel the Chinese could get from stupid little short videos of people being idiots, but who knows what permissions the app uses (I don’t know because I don’t have TikTok since I’m not a millennial dipshit).

        But being careful about what apps you use, where they come from, and what permissions various apps use is probably a good idea in general but few people actually do it. That’s no reason for the government to step in and start banning specific apps though.

        1. For certain government workers, I can see it. What was that fitness app a few years ago, that had the side effect of revealing a couple of black sites, because the stupid fuckers working there just had to take their Fitbit thingy on their daily 5 mile run? And then post the geo tracking from said run to the Cloud.

        2. Apparently the problem with TikTok is that it can get anything off your phone, not just whats on the app

        3. TikTok is way more of a zoomer thing than a millennial thing.

          Remember most Millennials are in their late 20s early-mid 30s at this point. There’s a new generation at the truly insufferable ages. TikTok is huge with Teens as well.

        4. Or, just stay the fuck off of social media and stop using your phone as a one-stop shop for organizing your life.

          The chinks can’t hack a paper day planner.

      4. Supporting TikTok is the greatest test of commitment to free speech. It’s absolutely horrible 90% of the time.

        There’s a lot of weird/gross shit on that platform as well.

      5. It’s fucked up, yes. I think, if he’s concerned about the security risks, he needs to make it policy that employees of executive departments be banned from using it.

        The public at large should be advised that it’s basically malware for the Chinese government. Perhaps recommend some alternative video streaming services.

        1. Yeah, I understand why he wants to do it, and I won’t put TikTok on my phone.

          I understand why he’d keep it off the phones of government employees, too.

          Stuxnet. I mean, if we could ruin Iran’s nuclear program again through social media, we would absolutely do that. Why wouldn’t the CCP?

      6. Banning TikTok would be fucked up and wrong in so many ways.

        Yeah, it’s so much easier when the Chinese can gather data from willing participants rather than hack into systems and steal it like they normally do. We should definitely enable this to continue, I’m sure it won’t have any negative consequences whatsoever.

      7. Under what authority would the government ban an app anyway?

        1. National defense.

          1. I’m not saying I agree with that, but that would be the rationale.

    New memo from NBC News chief
    sets a goal for representation: “that 50% of our News organization employees be women and 50% of our total workforce be people of color.”

    1. “And of course, 50% must be children.”

    2. just tell half of the men that they have to transition if they want to keep their jobs

      1. I seriously anticipate that. Why not? The volunteers could then be paid more to show how great women have it.

        1. Or take a pay reduction to 72% of before?

      2. They can bring in that Rachel Dolezol, or whateverthefuck her name is to teach employees how to transition to minority status.

        1. I have a black belt in Taekwon-Do, can I self identify as Korean?

          1. Wait… shit, I forgot, Asians don’t count as “POCs” anymore. Dammit.

            1. They are only excluded from POC for college admissions where their culture gives them an advantage.

    3. they would probably have fewer people of color if they were to go by actual percentage of population.

    4. If you can promise the quota will be met by hiring 50% asian women, I’ll apply.

    5. So what happens to the 50% of Jews already there? (ducks).

    6. 2010 census:
      White 72.4%
      Black 12.6%
      Am. Ind/ AK native 0.9%
      Asian/HI/Pac. Is. 5%
      other 6.2$
      more than 1 race 2.9%

      Females 50.7%

      Good luck with those goals: by definition, NBC MUST become sexist and racist in their hiring and promotion practices.

    7. Just go into work next day and say you’re now a woman!
      Problem solved.

  20. They should have torn down a statue

    BREAKING: The #Martinez couple caught on video painting over the approved #BlackLivesMatter mural on #FourthofJuly are being charged with a hate crime, according to a release from the #ContraCostaCounty District Attorney’s office.

    1. “Martinez” sounds POC. They should be OK.

      1. Probably conservative Cuban which is same as white.

      2. It is the name of the city where it happened

    2. marxists are a protected class now? of course they are

    3. A felony hate crime. Buildings get burned down and robbed left and right in the Bay Area, cops don’t see shit.

      Some graffiti gets painted over? Holy shit! Get everyone on the case! No vacation till those fuckers are in jail!


      1. Some min wage employee at Gap gets his ass beat for being white, but that doesn’t count

  21. Harvard and MIT are suing the Trump administration over its new rule prohibiting foreign students from coming to or remaining in the United States if the schools they’re attending decide to close down classes on campus and only offer classes online.

    American students on the waiting list at their preferred universities might find themselves offered a slot that wasn’t available in the fall. There were probably plenty of Chinese students who were rethinking traveling to the United States because of the virus anyway.

    1. Considering the tuition difference those universities charge foreign students versus residents, they’ve a giant financial incentive for the litigation. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were US government grants helping pay their way too.

      1. If it weren’t Harvard or MIT, I might think the financial incentive were more of a driving factor. Harvard alone has an endowment of $40 billion.

        I think there may be some legitimate concerns about whether they can scramble and execute a new plan in two months–whichever way they go.

        There is also a legitimate question as to whether the government can or should rescind student visas for people who are already in the country. If you drop out of school, that’s one thing. If the school closes its campus down for an extra semester and you keep attending classes online, that’s another thing entirely.

        It should also be said that this rule isn’t only impacting Harvard and MIT. It’s impacting every school in the country. To get by on the rule, they might say that they’re only committed to doing lectures and tests online–and require all final exams to be held on campus just ahead of the Christmas break.

        1. “If it weren’t Harvard or MIT, I might think the financial incentive were more of a driving factor. Harvard alone has an endowment of $40 billion.”

          True, but how much of that can they readily liquidate, or borrow against, to meet cash flow requirements? Foreign student money comes in early, in full, and at a multiple of resident tuition.

          1. At 40 billion, their entire college should be running on dividends at this point.

    2. If classes are online then they don’t need to come to America anymore and classes could be almost limitless in size since Harvard doesn’t grade anyway.

      1. I ‘am curious though about all the classes that require lab time. Who wants a doctor or a scientist who’s never given someone a shot or poured dangerous liquids into beakers or even a contractor who never used a saw

        1. For doctors, a lot of the medical students have been pulled into actual service for COVID-19 patients. Their experience with COVID-19 patients isn’t likely to make them good surgeons like they might have been if they’d been working on cadavers in a lab, but they’re getting hands on experience alright.

          I don’t know what someone training to be a geotechnical engineer does without access to a lab. I suspect they’re watching videos of the data collection process and interpreting the data in reports for a grade. There are certain things everybody needs to learn in a lab that aren’t about data at all. Learning to solder a strain gauge to a specimen properly requires practice and repetition.

          Just like the medical schools not graduating as many surgeons to be for a couple of semesters, maybe the civil engineering programs graduate fewer geotech and structural engineers and more of them go into waste management and traffic engineering for a couple of semesters.

    3. While the Trump administration’s move seems vindictive, xenophobic, and anti-freedom of association, it also seems to have a big loophole: don’t hold purely online classes, have the students come in for some kind of personal interaction, with social distancing and masks and all that.

      1. It might be populist, but I’m not sure it’s vindictive.

        It’s consistent with the idea that American universities should be run for the benefit of American students–especially considering that so many of them are public institutions and even the private ones accept a tremendous amount of taxpayer money in various ways.

        This is an election year. Trying to get American kids into better schools than they would have been accepted to otherwise is a better explanation than vindictiveness. Does the term Occam’s razor mean anything to you? There’s a presidential election in four months, and that’s probably the simplest explanation.

        1. Fine, it’s populist pandering, xenobphobic, and anti-freedom of association.

          As a libertarian, I also challenge the idea that private American universities are run for the benefit of American students. They are private businesses, with whatever goal their owners want them to have.

          Also, as a practical American, I also acknowledge that welcoming talented foreign students into our universities is a first step in attracting talented immigrants to our country, making our economy stronger.

    Stand for National Anthem & Flag: Forced to release 3 apologies and crater to a national media onslaught.

    Knowingly quote Hitler and endorse Louis Farrakhan: “We pulled him aside and it’s all good now” Ignored by national media

    1. “Never apologize, Mister. It’s a sign of weakness.”

      Never truer than today. At least Rowling and Carlson saw the movie.


    The results are based on analysis of the survey responses from 5,126 out of 9,081 care homes for the over 65s in England. Care home staff were asked to report on the total number of confirmed cases among staff and residents since the start of the pandemic.

    80.9% of residents who tested positive were asymptomatic (5,455 out of 6,747)

    Delays to cancer diagnosis and treatment due to [the lockdowns that were a response to] coronavirus could cause thousands of excess deaths in the UK within a year, research suggests.

    1. “It is a good day to day”

      /Little Brit Man

  25. ‘What he being detained for?’ Mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protester punches black Trump supporter right in front of the cops

    1. Virginia Democrats propose lowering assault on police officer from felony to misdemeanor

    2. What exactly do these journalists mean by the phrase “a Black Lives Matter protestor”? Was he participating in a BLM-organized event, was he an official member of the organization? Or was it just that he was black while protesting?

      1. Or was it just that he was black while protesting?

        Your outrage over the injustice of lumping protesters together who are protesting the same thing at a protest is noted.

        1. Thank you. Wish everyone here would recognize the importance of treating people as individuals, not parts of a collective.

          1. So calling the guy who threw the punch a thug is fine as long as I am judging him based on what throwing a punch at someone says about his character and not the color of his skin?

            Just kidding! On Twitter it would get me banned for hate speech regardless.

            1. Pretty much.

      2. True BLM protesting has never been tried!!!

        1. Look, Black Lives Matter, is a specific organization. They either organized the event this person was at or they didn’t. There was nothing in the linked article that established any involvement of Black Lives Matter, yet it called the person “a Black Lives Matter protestor”. Was he or wasn’t he?

          1. None of them are anymore.

            That’s just the pretext.

  26. Anyone have Sawant’s number?

    1. Anyone who can read and think – – – – – – –

    Chinese-Style Social Credit Is Here: Gab Founder Says He’s Blocked From Using Visa Over Vague ‘Hate Speech’ Charge

    We were told this week that not only is Gab blacklisted by Visa as a business, but my personal name, phone number, address, and more are all also blacklisted by Visa. If I wanted to leave Gab tomorrow (something that isn’t going to happen) and start a lemonade stand I wouldn’t be able to obtain merchant processing for it.

    If my wife wants to start a business she won’t be able to obtain merchant processing because she lives at the same address as me and would be flagged by Visa.

    1. JuSt STarT YouR OwN CreDIt CaRD coMpANy, yOU STaTist!

      1. I suspect government regulations would make that impossible.

        Big business loves big government; they can afford the lawyers needed to comply to regulations and can afford lobbyists. Smaller upstarts cannot.

        This is socialism, but with heavily regulated big businesses ‘voluntarily’ cooperating – they know the ways govt has to help friends and punish enemies. Government gets an economy consisting of just a handful of big employers, Twitter mobs can get you fired from one of them and thus unhireable to the rest, and your life is over if you fail your “social credit” score.

        What is this branch of socialism called? The “third way” touted by Clinton and Blair in the 90s? Fascism. Literal fascism. Mussolini used the term “third way” also.

        1. Marquette University threatened to rescind student’s admission over pro-Trump TikTok video

          Can you get full government aid if your university isn’t accredited, by the government?

          1. Wait. Wouldn’t they want the chance to “educate” her?

  28. She was standing in the middle of the road, at night, wearing all black. Accidental death.
    A large mob of antifa black bloc confront police at tonight’s Portland protest to “avenge” their comrade, Summer Taylor, who was killed by a black driver during a Black Lives Matter protest on a freeway.

    1. A large mob of antifa black bloc confront police at tonight’s Portland protest to “avenge” their comrade, Summer Taylor

      Summer Taylor? That is the whitest sounding name I’ve ever seen.

      1. She was white. And the driver was black.

        But it’s definitely the Portland police’s fault. Because reasons.

        I’m pretty anti-police (or at least anti-modern-police-policy-and-culture which has rotten the entire institution to the core). Have been a long time. But these dumb motherfuckers are making me rethink my opinions.

    2. She was white. If I’m not misreading the BLM manifesto, the sooner she was deaded, the better.

    I dont know if the world has ever seen anything like this. A bunch of people who live lives of freedom and relative luxury choosing to destroy their country because they’ve convinced themselves that they are the victims of a completely imaginary oppression. This is unprecedented.

  30. In addition to the report that came out, civil rights leaders, from Color of Change, Anti-Defamation League, et. al, had a big meeting with Zuckerberg yesterday, and the civil rights leaders came out entirely frustrated. These are the groups that are leading the charge of major companies that are pausing or canceling advertising on Facebook–at least through the end of the year. Facebook’s market capitalization has dropped by a couple hundred billion dollars in response to these advertising cancellations.

    We tend to think of Facebook as being on the side of the civil rights groups in pretty much every way, but there are four areas of dispute between them where the civil rights groups are upset and won’t take no for an answer.

    1) They want Facebook to censor political advertising, but Zuckerberg refuses to do so. He just wants to flag it.

    2) “The civil-rights leaders have pushed Facebook to remove public and private groups that allow white nationalism to thrive . . . . the ADL had previously flagged the growth of these groups on Facebook to no avail.

    They want to restrict private groups in other words.

    3) “That Facebook create a C-suite-level executive position staffed by someone with civil-rights expertise to ensure greater attention to their concerns”

    That means the civil rights groups want to appoint someone or some people from their organizations as like a political officer or officers–to be like the company’s CEO, COO, CFO, and/or CIO.

    4) They want Facebook to “provide refunds to advertisers whose ads are shown next to content that is later removed for violations of its policies.

    The confounding fact behind all of this is that Mark Zuckerberg personally owns about 60% of Facebook’s voting shares.

    When Facebook’s market capitalization loses $200 billion in value, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t eating 60% of those losses because there are plenty of non-voting shares. When it comes time to take a shareholder vote, however, on who the board members should be, whether they should fire the CEO, etc., etc. the decision is entirely up to Mark Zuckerberg, and if he’s okay with the stock taking a $200 billion dollar hit to its market capitalization if the alternative is doing those four things that were listed, then the investors are free to sell their shares, but there isn’t much else they can do about it.

    I suppose it’s a sad, sorry state of affairs when the greatest champion of free speech with any power, at the moment, is Mark Zuckerberg, but at his very worst, we should see him as something like a Nancy Pelosi on the issue of free speech. Without changing her stance on anything, Nancy Pelosi has become a moderate on the issues vis a vis someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez–because the ground under Pelosi’s feet has shifted so far to the left. Zuckerberg is like that, too. If he’s wiling to take a big personal hit to his fortune for the sake of free speech (and there isn’t anything wrong with doing so for selfish reasons), then we might want to recalibrate our thinking about him. Right now, he’s fighting the good fight for free speech–whether we like it or not.

    1. Good to hear. But when the line is held then I’ll rethink what I think about him.

      For now, he and Dorsey are a pair of wealthy punks.

      1. He’s already held the line.

        I can think of people who would hold the line against social justice warriors, but I can’t think of many CEOs who would hole the line against social justice warriors after their stock lost $200 billion in market capitalization.

        If Zuckerberg and his inner circle controlled a proportionate amount of the voting shares, the company probably would have fired Zuckerberg and capitulated to the social justice warriors a long time ago.

    2. looks like these so called civil rights group are black mailing Zuckerberg for a job. which is what they often are blackmailers for positions, they don’t really care about civil rights once they are in

      1. Yeah, they actually want to run the place. The world would be a better place if we this company for the benefit of the downtrodden!

        This is life imitating Ayn Rand.

        1. This is life imitating Ayn Rand.

          She, like Orwell, was just writing about what she had seen in the USSR. This has happened before and it leads inexorably to the same place. Instill fear, incite revolution, demand collectivization, purge resistance.

  31. #cancelHamilton is awesome and hilarious.

    From now on, all shows and art must be about slavery. All shows of the past must be reworked to include slavery and how whites were actually laughing at blacks through their privilege.

    First up, Cats, Happy Days and Three’s Company.

    Chop, chop.

    1. But only “real” slavery, like the few decades on the east coast of America.
      Never about the Arabs who actually captured slaves, never about the tribal chieftains selling prisoners of war, excess daughters and unruly sons. Never about the entire history of Europe and Asia where slavery existed for hundreds of years, practiced by members of all races. Never about ‘American Indians’, who enslaved members of losing tribes that were not tortured and executed.

  32. If you’re stupid enough that an app on your phone can stop you from voting, then I’d prefer you not vote anyway.

    Under oath, Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting partner (ABR) states “we do a dissection” of babies, harvesting organs even while they have beating hearts

    “I can see hearts that are not in an intact [baby] that are beating independently”

    1. If that doesn’t make someone physically sick reading about it they have no conscience

    2. “I can see hearts that are not in an intact [baby] that are beating independently”

      Damn. The sick part is that what she actually said in place of “baby” was “POC” meaning “Product of Conception.” WTF. They can’t even bring themselves to use the word “fetus” anymore, they have to use even more de-humanizing language.

      When your job requires to use these kinds of euphemisms to keep from feeling a normal human reaction to the inhumane shit you’re doing it might be time to find a new line of work.

    3. What the fuck. This is Carthaginian, “sacrificing your children to Moloch”-type shit.

    4. looks like i picked the wrong week to give up arson.

  34. The report also runs into dangerous territory in urging Facebook to get more directly involved in partisan politics

    I’m betting the audit started with a conclusion and worked backwards.

  35. She threatens to seize control of the Fortune 500 and overthrow the “racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism.”

    Why not just wait? According to Berzhnev and Andropov, capitalism is moments away from collapse!

    1. Idiot Sawant : a person who knows little about anything else and is highly ignorant about the one subject they choose to blabber about.

      1. She’s AOC without the sex appeal.

        1. >>AOC without the sex appeal

          so some kind of black hole?

        2. Who’s AOC *with* sex appeal? ’cause that Mr. Ed lookalike ain’t got it.

          1. Agreed.

            She’s not hideous is about as far as I’m willing to go on that.

            1. You beat off to fake porn of Omar, her brother, and that Tlaib dude so who are you to comment?

  36. Facebook auditors find the company falling short on “civil rights.

    Facebook immediately bans auditors for hateful and divisive messages.

  37. >>Controversy around free speech letter proves its point.

    so *was* written to elicit response.

    1. The whole thing was a trick by Rowling to enlist the muggles in endorsing her without alerting them to the wizarding world where men can actually transform into dogs, cats, rats, or women, right down to the chromosomes.

  38. “The report faulted Facebook for … inadequately policing political speech,” notes the Wall Street Journal.“

    So the Left thinks that policing political speech is a good thing. I can think of several countries they could move to so they can experience that firsthand.

    1. The Left and the Right, too. Don’t forget Trump’s executive order on social media.

  39. Fascistbook has the right idea.
    Censor anything they don’t agree with to show the world what an open, tolerant and understanding site that is run by a bunch of Big Tech fascist pigs.
    Free speech is for the ruling elites only, and Fascistbook is only doing what any sane socialist turd would do.

    1. Isn’t the beef liberals have against Facebook that they are *not* doing this enough?

  40. I often reply to virtual signalers that it’s obious that their rapist racist is vastly superior to the other sides’ racist rapist. If that has the result of people deciding to staty home and vote for neither, am I violating the policy?

    Free Speech. The only antidote is more free speech.

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