Post-Pandemic Americans May Be Done With Taking Orders

Governments overplayed their hands with mandates that they are losing the ability to enforce.


On June 19, the mayor of Cottonwood, Arizona, unilaterally ordered city residents to wear face masks in public places. A week later, my family went downtown to grab some lunch at a favorite barbecue joint. The proclamation might as well have never been issued; we were among the very few people wearing masks on the street or in the stores.

The residents of Cottonwood aren't alone; compliance with orders from on-high is losing popularity across the country. One of the COVID-19 pandemic's legacies may well be an overwhelming public fatigue with being told what to do.

Truthfully, Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinski couldn't have handled the mask order any more poorly. His order came after he lost a vote on the issue—which he admitted after the fact that he had held only because he thought he would win. The end result, then, was predetermined; he just didn't get the cover he'd anticipated from the city council. That annoyed people as much as the mask mandate itself.

It didn't have to be that way. A few days later I watched a woman stop in front of a sign posted in front of the local Safeway. She reached into her purse, pulled out a mask, and then entered the supermarket with her face covered as requested. As I watched, a steady stream of people mostly did the same. Asking nicely proved more effective than government commands at getting people to don masks.

But governments aren't about asking; ordering is what they do. And they're getting a lot of pushback.

Even at the beginning of the pandemic, when fear and uncertainty were at their height, many Americans worried that they would lose more to economic stagnation and social isolation than they gained from society-wide lockdowns. Closing businesses and banning gatherings might slow the spread of disease, but it also chokes off commerce, kills jobs, and sends people to the brink of despair.

"We're trying our best to stay afloat," the owner of a hair salon in Placer County, California, said at the end of April as she prepared to defy the state lockdown. "We had to open the shop because our families are depending on us."

That salon owner was joined by many others across the country who defied rules in order to put food on the table. And they're often willing to forcefully tell authorities where to get off.

"Frustrated small-business owners have turned to heavily armed, militia-style protesters … to serve as reopening security squads" to deter government officials from enforcing closure orders, The New York Times reported in mid-May. Disobedience morphed into open rebellion as people chafed against draconian commands and the resulting dwindling bank accounts.

It isn't only a matter of dollars and cents, either. In New York City, parents sick of confinement at home and unable to legally let their children blow off steam in playgrounds "cut the locks and chains on gates that had kept them closed for months," according to the New York Daily News.

Likewise, Santa Cruz County, California, reopened its beaches last week because people ignored lockdown orders. "It's become impossible for law enforcement to continue to enforce the closures," admitted Santa Cruz's health officer, Gail Newel. "People are not willing to be governed anymore in that regard."

Americans' unwillingness to be governed any further by officials who responded to the pandemic with a series of botched policy initiatives, personal exemptions, and seemingly arbitrary commands to the public is understandable. Why would you take orders from people who seem to have no idea what they're doing and clearly don't intend to follow the rules themselves?

Besides, it's not at all clear that the myriad dictates from authorities helped slow the spread of COVID-19 as promised. That's not to say they were entirely ineffective—experts debate the impact of the orders. But "months of mixed messages have left many exhausted and wondering how much of what they did was worth it," as a report in The New York Times concedes.

That uncertainty comes at a high price. Economic activity in the U.S. is expected to drop by about 8 percent this year, with a decade to come of reduced prosperity. Research suggests that government efforts to offset this economic carnage did little to preserve employment or to help the businesses most affected by people's reactions to the pandemic —both government-mandated and voluntary.

Yes, voluntary! As exemplified by the mask-wearers I saw entering Safeway, people are capable of responding on their own to requests and to personal health concerns. Analysis of cellphone data shows that Americans not only resumed moving around well before lockdown orders were lifted, they had also curtailed their movements before being told to do so. Once again, asking nicely may work better than issuing orders.

Of course, voluntary curtailment of economic and social activity has costs, too. But costs that result from individual decisions are unlikely to spark the resentment and rebellion that we get in response to mandates.

Yet more mandates are what we're getting. With cases of COVID-19 up (though death rates are down), many states are tightening the screws again on economic and social activity. But with growing numbers of people fed up with the frustrations and costs of lockdowns, and pretty much over being told what to do, it's unlikely that we'll see even the incomplete compliance that the pre-fatigue early days of the pandemic brought us.

That's unfortunate, because some measures to combat the pandemic might well be good ideas despite the best efforts of officials to provoke us into defiance with ill-considered commands. Wearing masks, improving hygiene, emphasizing curb-side and delivery services, and increasing social-distancing could help to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that medical facilities aren't overwhelmed, at least until vaccines and better treatments become available. The unmasked shoppers and diners in downtown Cottonwood effectively demonstrated the mayor's impotence, but they may not have done themselves any favors.

But I suspect that the days of widespread compliance with do-it-or-else mandates meant to curb COVID-19 are over. Government officials will have to go against their instincts and learn that, instead of commanding, they have to be satisfied with the results of polite requests.

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  1. Shut up and do as you’re told. Why can’t all of you whiners just work from home?

    1. Weren’t you just mocking me for “whining” about all the dead AIDS victims? You’re just being asked to wear a mask so you don’t get disease on other people. Is it that you’re just a fan of disease and other people dying?

      1. You were being mocked because you inferred every life mattered so much even at the destruction of an economy.

        1. I hope you are being careful out there, Jesse. Arizona is not doing too well. I wouldn’t want you to get sick.

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      2. You are also mocked for denying what life consists of, a series of risks. If your fucking scared, retreat to a hermetically sealed bubble. What other risk lowering measures do you take? Do you drive over 25 mph? So you drink?

        Grow the fuck up. It is nobodies responsibility to reduce your self perceived risks from living a life.

        1. Sometimes people get laid off. Grow the fuck up life isn’t fair.

          You’re playing at a culture war that was already declared over by the people who started it. That would be embarrassing enough even without these blatantly desperate contradictions.

          1. Other people are their own problem, if you’re that worried keep hiding, you have no right to ask for anything from me.


            Also grab some hydroxychloroquine.

          2. You’re telling someone else to grow the fuck up? You the biggest man-child on these forums — always wanting your preciouuuuus govermentses to make life cushier for you. (DO NOT deny that — you’ve admitted it multiple times.)

            And take that “sometimes people get laid off. life isn’t fair” shit and jam it up your ass. You know what else happens? SOMETIMES PEOPLE DIE. Life really isn’t fair. You can’t shut down the fucking world because you’re personally shitting yourself about maybe getting sick. Grow the fuck up. Or keep hiding under your bed — just don’t ask the rest of us to join you.

            Happy Independence Day Tony. Just for the 4th, try acting like you have any clue as to what “independence” means.

            1. Okay if you want to adopt an attitude of life isn’t fair and shit happens, which is what I was responding to, then don’t come whining to me when the economy sucks. You forfeit any right to complain about anything if I’m not allowed to complain about the fucking body count.

              1. What has this comment board become, when Tony is the one making the most sense on here.

                1. Sarc or stupidity? Or both?

                2. Because the last of your three brain cells leaked out of your head?

              2. “…then don’t come whining to me when the economy sucks.”

                The economy sucks BECAUSE whiny shitbag chicken littles like you are scared.
                YOU are the reason the ‘economy sucks’.

                1. I think it’s because there is a pandemic. Don’t worry, Democrats will be In charge soon, so you won’t have to bend yourself in knots figuring out how to blame them anymore.

                  1. “I think it’s because there is a pandemic.”

                    That’s because your a whiny piece of lefty shit who had a hand in screwing the economy, and you’d rather blame the flu.
                    IOWS, you’re a lying sack of shit aside from being a whiny sack of shit.
                    As to your later bullshit, I’m guessing it’s a surprise to you that Newsom and Cuomo are Ds.

                    1. Well it seems like you’ve thought this through very carefully.

                    2. “Well it seems like you’ve thought this through very carefully.”

                      Far better than you, Cuomo or Newsom.

              3. You can certainly complain about the body count you little bitch. Complain about all of the suicides, all of the deaths from postponed medical procedures, the worldwide child starvation deaths from lost economic ground. While you’re at it, complain about an entire generation of emotionally stunted kids who’ve been locked up in their houses. All because you and your Karen friends are terrified of something that’s only lethal if you’re old.

                Or have AIDS.

            2. This is for you, Tony; a poem by Howard Nemerov

              Because I am drunk, this Independence Night,
              I watch the fireworks from far away,
              from a high hill, across the moony green
              Of lakes and other hills to the town harbor,
              Where stately illuminations are flung aloft,
              One light shattering in a hundred lights
              Minute by minute. The reason I am crying,
              Aside from only being country drunk,
              That is, may be that I have just remembered
              The sparklers, rockets, roman candles and
              so on, we used to be allowed to buy
              When I was a boy, and set off by ourselves
              At some peril to life and property.
              Our freedom to abuse our freedom thus
              Has since, I understand, been remedied
              By legislation. Now the authorities
              Arrange a perfectly safe public display
              To be watched at a distance; and now also
              The contribution of all the taxpayers
              Together makes a more spectacular
              Result than any could achieve alone
              (A few pale pinwheels, or a firecracker
              Fused at the dog’s tail). It is, indeed, splendid:
              Showers of roses in the sky, fountains
              Of emeralds, and those profusely scattered zircons
              Falling and falling, flowering as they fall
              And followed distantly by a noise of thunder.
              My eyes are half-afloat in happy tears.
              God bless our Nation on a night like this,
              And bless the careful and secure officials
              Who celebrate our independence now.

              1. Very apropos. And a damn fine poem.

                1. I feel bad for the dog, though.

            3. Goddamn that was fucking awesome. Tony go kill yourself.

          3. “Sometimes people get laid off. Grow the fuck up life isn’t fair.”

            This from a pathetic piece of cowardly shit who wants everyone ELSE to take responsibility for HIS health.
            Stuff it up your ass.

      3. Your whining would be more believable if you weren’t such an obvious bugchaser.

        1. I get a lot more action in you people’s imagination than I do in real life.

          1. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten AIDS so your pimp can still sell you.


            1. What do you suppose you are accomplishing with this? I am impervious to shame on a bad day. I have no respect for you, so I’m certainly not going to let your infantile gay jokes hurt my feelings.

              So are you trying to advertise your sad inability to engage in debate in any form other than AIDS jokes? Why would anyone want to be looked down on by libertarians for gods sake?

              1. Tony looks up when he wants to be exalted.
                And I look down, because I am exalted.

      4. In your case, hell yes. Please die already.

        1. Wishing for other people to die is never healthy, Mikey.

          1. Fuck off and die. Make your family proud and the world a better place.

            1. Sevo, it’s never too late to embrace kindness and walk into love. Even for you.

              1. Some people are worthy of that; not you.
                Fuck off and die. Make your family proud and the world a better place.

      5. Should we legally mandate gay men to wear condoms during sex? That would eliminate, what, 96% of all infections?

        1. No, No — You cannot do that… “Gay” people are but one category of the *special-people*. No one even DARE suggest mandates on the *special-people*.

      6. This attitude means masks and social distancing should be mandatory forever. Because after COVID, we’ll still have the flu. And we don’t want to spread disease and have other people dying, right?

        We have a vaccine for the flu, true, but only about 60% of people get vaccinated each year. And we also have flu-specific drugs like Tamiflu. But flu still kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. With no vaccine for COVID, with no COVID-specific treatments, with no herd immunity, COVID is not much of a virus, doing only about 2-3x more deaths than the flu? Flu fights through vaccines, mutating seemingly at will to break through the lines, it laughs at Tamiflu, and kills tens of thousands. COVID saunters around and barely does better than the flu when it should be running up death counts on a defenseless population like Georgia Tech scoring on Cumberland.

        My point is that people keep saying “we have a vaccination for the flu”, which they seem to think absolves them from responsibility for spreading the flu that kills so many annually. They never looked up and saw 20k, 30k, 60k people (2017/18 flu season killed between 60k and 90k, estimates vary because flu deaths are not required to be reported) and said “Gee, we need to social distance and wear masks all the time to save these people!”

        And if/when COVID is solved, I suspect they will go right back to ignoring flu deaths. If preventing one COVID death is worth everything we’ve been through, why is preventing one flu death not?

        To be clear, I am not saying COVID is the same as the flu. I am saying that while it is somewhat worse than the flu, it is not extraordinarily dangerous relative to the flu. It’s not like airborne Ebola (wait, isn’t that a racist name for a disease?!).

        The willingness of people to do trillions of dollars of economic damage for a disease that is asymptomatic in about half of those infected, and mostly kills people with co-morbities who are also over 75 years of age is puzzling to me. More people will be harmed long term by the economic impacts than COVID. Already seeing sharp upticks in domestic abuse, suicides. Bankruptcies of small businesses will be on the rise. Famine is being predicted in some places. We’ve seen increasing food shortages already. And then the willingess of people to bow down and OBEY unconstitutional and irrational government orders (like closing churches), while it saddens me, it no longer shocks me.

        1. Your argument has a small problem, its premise. All of this nonsense relies on the notion that the economy would be booming if only we had ignored the virus. How do economies do when hospitals are having to ration people’s lives, people are in a mass panic, and government is telling them to shut up and die?

          If you want the economy to come back then you should support the government leaders who are advocating doing what other countries did and whose economies are back to life. You’re acting like economic activity slowed down because people were acting irrationally. It was not irrational to quarantine and not take airplanes during an extremely contagious pandemic.

          1. “All of this nonsense relies on the notion that the economy would be booming if only we had ignored the virus.”

            His argument relies on the notion that whiny shits like you have made it far worse than it should have been.
            Your claim relies on bullshit.

          2. Quarantines are for the sick.
            Locking down healthy people is literally irrational

            1. That might be the case if only the sick were contagious.

              1. Or that you could prove one from the other.

              2. With this recent uptick in cases, but continued fall in fatalities, we have a better fatality rate of the WuFlu. That rate appears to be 0.2-0.5%. It is higher in the old, infirm, or both. We knew by April 1 that this was likely, but local pseudo-authorities continued to mandate shelter-in-place. We know that government and university-based health authorities are apolitical because 1300 of them signed a letter stating that the political importance of protesting about Mr. Floyd outweighs any increasing risk of spreading the WuFlu. Clearly they know better than our own eyes and brains. All together, the Democrats in the US organized themselves to tank the economy while protecting the Chinese, their remote handlers. I am leaving a lot out, but I’m tired.

          3. Whose “economies are back to life”?

            Sounds like more of the “we suck, other countries are so much better” kinda self loathing that is common with American progs.

          4. How do economies do when hospitals are having to ration people’s lives, people are in a mass panic, and government is telling them to shut up and die?

            Well, considering that’s how they operate on days that end in ‘y’ I’m guessing it works out alright, except the mass panic. That mass panic is pretty deadly. But you are aware that coronavirus didn’t cause the mass panic right? It was 100% the government’s SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING response. Government overreaction is the disease, and then they have the chutzpah to turn right around and sell you a “cure”.

          5. Where was the mass panic for the flu? So why would there be a mass panic for this? There wouldn’t. There may be an eyebrow raised, perhaps some activists calling for mayors to not send infected to nursing homes, but mass panic? This is all contrived political gaming. We all see it. All of us.

        2. Nice, rationale comment, mpercy. Totally agree. As for getting people to comply with current pleas to wear masks, the lack of concern by the media or government about wearing masks or social distancing during the recent protests/riots pretty much put a fork in the already waning willingness to comply.

          1. Liberals being hypocrites is worse than conservatives being consistently wrong. Same old affirmative action for conservatives.

          2. Most of the protesters were wearing masks. Interestingly, the recent surge of coronavirus cases is not where the major protests were, but rather where there is strong support for Trump.

            1. Yeah, CA is a real stronghold of Trump supporters, right you lying sack of shit?

              1. The highest growth rates in cases in CA are in the central valley, which is Trump country.

                1. No, idiot, the highest number of cases and deaths are now in Southern California, not the Central Valley. Damn, you’re dumb.

                2. “The highest growth rates in cases in CA are in the central valley, which is Trump country.”

                  Double-down on bullshit; it suits your stupidity.

            2. No, most of the surges are in the cities of these red states, which vote blue.

              You really think Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston is a hotbed of reactionary Republicans? Or the entire coast of California? Jesus fuck, but you’re ignorant.

              1. Eunuch will suck whatever dick leftists put in front of him

            3. “Most of the protesters were wearing masks.”


          3. We have all accepted we are gonna die. Fuck the masks and let’s see is this flu has any bite.

        3. And on the topic of the flu, remember that the vaccine is seldom more than 50% effective and has never been more than 70% effective.

          When or if, we get a Covid-19 vaccine (keeping in mind that the common cold is a corona virus and we have been working on a vaccine for that for at LEAST 50 years) it is not going to be 100% effective and for a variety of very good reasons no more than 70% of the population will accept it.

          We are not going to be able to stay shut down until we get an effective vaccine. Herd immunity from getting the virus is our only way forward and to do that we have to accept most people getting it.

          1. The vast majority of leftists operate on the premise that we do not want this to spread, which depends on whether we will have a vaccine by winter. We don’t know whether that will be the case. What we do know is that the virulence of COVID is not nearly as great as the “experts” originally predicted. They were off by 5x to 10x. It is as contagious as they originally thought, but not nearly so fatal.

        4. COVID-19 is only 10% of the normal flu. Most reports are totally lies because the medial staff and hospital were paid more for anything on that list.
          Under no circumstances will I accept any vaccination. I used to get the flu each year; when I stopped all vaccinations I NEVER got the flu in 50 years! (And yes I have been around people who had it.)

      7. My sin is, to my mind, thinking no more or less about the people dying of COVID than I think about the people dying of the flu.

        COVID deaths are not more tragic than flu deaths.

        The vast (VAST) majority of people who get the flu will survive and it seems the vast majority of people who get COVID will survive, albeit at a slightly higher risk of dying. COVID *is* more deadly than the flu. Some people who get the flu will die, despite medicine’s best efforts; a somewhat larger number of people who get COVID will die despite medicine’s best effort.

        Virtually no one has ever advocated that people wear masks in public to prevent spreading the flu, despite the flu killing 30-50k people in the US most years. I never remember hearing anyone advocating that we wear masks around town just in case we might infect someone else with the flu. I know I never did.

        No one cared about those flu deaths. I didn’t. I don’t. I don’t care much about COVID deaths. Deaths of strangers from car accidents, falling off ladders, cancer, alcoholism, drug overdoses, flu, COVID, are all pretty much the same to me–it’s too bad, and I feel some sadness for their loved ones but that’s about it. Death of a loved one from any cause is a personal tragedy, so if someone in my circle dies of COVID, does it affect me more or less than if they die from the flu or a car wreck? Do I stop driving my car in case today is the day I accidentally kill someone with my vehicle? Do I stop watching football games in case this game is the one in which a young man breaks his neck and dies?

        COVID is nothing special. It’s apparently slightly more lethal than the flu OVERALL, but largely because it is about 4-10x more lethal in the 85+ age group, and especially for people in that age group who are in nursing homes. I believe something north of 40% of all COVID deaths have been from 85+ age group in nursing homes.

        I’m really not willing to submit to the upheavals for COVID anymore than I would be willing to do so for the flu. Are we now willing to commit to this level of effort forever to save 30-50k people from the flu annually? Or is it just COVID?

        1. “COVID is nothing special”

          Citation needed for all this bullshit.

          1. Start with your own bullshit. Set an example.

          2. It is worse than the flu because it is a virus we have not encountered before and the prolonged suffering seems worse. The ‘one size fits all’ lockdowns are much more harmful. Wise people will wear masks in close encounter situations and try to stay separated for their own good. Let those who don’t want to make the effort suffer the consequences .

          3. His statements are absolutely correct. It is only your emotional reaction to the risks that is different.

      8. I have mocked you for many things, but dead people is not one of them. Perhaps it was your perception that you and others were victims of more than a disease that I was mocking.

      9. If you are so concerned about catching the virus, perhaps you should take protective action, wear a mask and practice safe distance, what ever that is. Don’t require others to keep you safe.

      10. Yes, but the unstated premise here is that an asymptomatic person can spread the disease. This premise, however, is bottomed on a dubious CDC report, involving subjects who were not in a controlled environment (i.e., studied without utilizing the scientific method). Based on this, the CDC (and those who conducted the studies) concluded *not* that asymptomatic persons can (or are likely to) spread the coronavirus, but that it might be possible for them to do so–such a weak conclusion hardly justifies mandating masks. What’s more, despite its unscientific nature, this info is being repeated in the media over and over again as if it’s an undisputed fact.

      11. MANDATING that I wear that useless mug nappie to “protect others” is nuts. Some questions..
        HOW LONG does that virus survive intact in open, temperate, sunlit air? How small are those virus particles? In microns. Now, what is the largest sixe particles those mug nappies pass with ease? So, how may virus cells can pass through ONE of those monster holes in that mug nappie? And what percentate of ordinarly follk “out and about” have been propery trained in how to FIT and USE those nappies? Now, one more for you: WHAT is the proper protocol for changing, cleaning, replacing those diaboloical devices you insist I wear to keep YOU safe?

        Extra credit question: what percentage of the population can correctly answer the foregoing questions?

        NOW you know why I refuse to wear those infernal useless mug nappies.

        MY defense against the Chinavirus is to stay active, eat a healthy well balanced diet, and supplement with a fw critical things that strengthen MY immune system to fight off the thing IF it does happen to entery MY body. If it can’t propagate insude ME, why do you want ME to wear that nappie to “protect” YOU? To protect YOU is not MY job, its yours.
        I have never taken any flu shot, never will. Nor have I ever gotten any of the flu bugs that come round each year. And I am solidly inside the “at risk” group per current “whiz dumb” from the medical “professionals”. If I’ve never gotten any of those annual flus, =what makes you so certainI will get this thing then give it to YOU because I don’t wear the mug nappie?

      12. No, it’s just that some people are finally realizing that this isn’t the plague, or anything more than a variation of the coronavirus – otherwise known as the common cold. Factoring in the wildly inflated fatality figures presented on panic porn – MSM – and you’ll realize that the state has used this “pandemic” to cover the destruction of our economy and our society. That’s why you’re being mocked – you drank the koolaid and apparently still won’t acknowledge the hoax.

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    2. You could base your opinion on whether wearing a mask is a good idea based on what some dumb politician says, or you could use your your own fucking brain and realize it’s common sense that masks reduce the spread of coronavirus with minimal personal inconvenience. If you use your brain, you would have realized this back in March, before the assholes at the CDC came around.

      1. “You could base your opinion on whether wearing a mask is a good idea based on what some dumb politician says, or you could use your your own fucking brain and realize it’s common sense that masks reduce the spread of coronavirus with minimal personal inconvenience.”

        You can stuff both your unsupported claims of ‘common sense’ and your assumption that YOU can choose a level of MY inconvenience up your ass, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

        1. Now Now, perhaps a nicer choice of words? Why ask others to keep you safe?

        2. It’s common sense that wearing a piece of cloth with pores thousands of times bigger than a virus particle will protect anyone?

          CDC said not to at first because mask wearing outside of a medical setting, by medically trained professionals, has not been shown to ever be effective, and can make things worse when done improperly. That’s the way that roughly 100% of the population will do it.

          CDC still says masks are not recommended for flu. WHO never said to wear masks at first, but then changed to the CDC’s original advice, which was to use them only if you are sick or caring for someone who is.

          The CDC’s original statement was the one that matched the conventional medical view (which was conventional for a reason). Not about COVID, as we didn’t know about that yet, but about viruses in general.

          Now we’re being told that a piece of a T-shirt is going to stop a virion so small you need an electron microscope to see it. Hold a T-shirt up to the light… you can see openings in the fabric that clearly don’t need an electron microscope to see.

          I’ve seen some of the so-called studies that “prove” that masks are effective. They take a clean, new surgical mask, test it to see if it stops droplets as big as those humans make when they talk, sneeze, or cough, and if they got stopped, they conclude that masks work to prevent infection by COVID, that is usually expelled in droplets from the respiratory systems of those infected.

          So what then? Does the virus in the droplet disappear? The droplet will evaporate quickly (it’s in the area of the mask with maximum airflow, after all, since that airflow is what carried the droplet there in the first place), and then you’re left with virus particles that are not confined to a droplet. Each new droplet that lands and evaporates adds to the amount of virus particles. With each breath, some invariably will be drawn back into the lungs for another shot at being exhaled, while during that exhalation, some will be pushed through the comparatively gargantuan pores in the mask and into the surrounding area.

          Now you have an aerosol virus, which can stay in the air for hours if there is any air current at all (like air conditioning, this being summer and all). The droplets would have fallen to the floor within a few seconds, the time it takes to travel about six feet, but the mask has stopped the droplets and effectively converted the virions to aerosols.

          Do you consider that an improvement?

          Masks are uncomfortable, and they make the air breathed horrendously hot and stuffy. It’s no wonder that people routinely pull the things down off their noses to get a breath of fresh air when the Karen density in the surrounding area is low, then back up when someone is watching. If they don’t do that, they’re scratching the itches they cause, or moving it back into place, as having it on your mouth when you talk moves it all around.

          All of this means people touch the things all the time. Medical professionals know not to touch the thing without washing hands, and to wash them again afterwards. Do regular people do this? In a word… no. Watch them and see… they constantly touch their masks, and they do not wash hands.

          Touching your face with dirty hands is always a good way to catch something, but without a mask, you’re not touching the face nearly as much. With the mask, you’re touching the fabric less than an inch from your nose, where you inhale, depositing whatever was on your hands right in that worst spot.

          You could try to tell people that hand-washing is, if anything, even more important while masked than without one, but they won’t listen. All of the other infection control measures are recommendations, but masks are the one thing that businesses and governments *demand* people use. The message people get is that masks are the most important, that they’re the main thing, and they will knowingly not do the other stuff (like wash their hands before each and every time they touch their mask), thinking the mask is doing the heavy lifting and it’s okay to be a little bad, like cheating on a diet if you exercised a bit extra today. I’ve even seen an RN doing it, and they should know better.

          It does not work like that, of course. If they are not going to completely stop touching the mask with unwashed hands, they are increasing their risk more than the silly thing would ever protect anyone, whether the wearer or the people around the wearer.

          The CDC gave the correct advice up front. Why they’ve turned to this mask fetishism is probably a function of people’s belief that the existence of any problem whatsoever means the goverment should do something, even though governments nearly universally cause problems or make them worse. They’re afraid, and they want the government to rough them up a little bit to make themselves think “top men” are on it.

          There’s nothing more to do for this virus. We can’t stay locked down forever, and the government can’t command researchers to research faster to find a vaccine. To the people who think government is a stand-in for their parents, something has to be done, and it doesn’t matter if it works.

          So, mask orders. That way, if the virus continues to spread (as it will), the Karens can blame their fellow citizens who don’t believe in good luck charms and talismans, which is all a mask is when you’re talking about a virus. Now the government’s off the hook; they’ve done something, even if it does not actually help at all, and if it doesn’t work, there’s someone to point the finger at who is not a part of the government.

          1. Nicely done.

            Factual, well reasoned, and to the point. Masks are worn to make some people feel better.

      2. Walking around with discomfort and impaired breathing is hardly “minimal personal inconvenience.”

        1. the one time I was FORCED to throw one of those infernal contraptions across my face I did so.. under protest. VERY uncomfortable. And I know they are NOT effectie at all. Double mad. Then, after about ten minutes I began to feel faint…. quickly realised it was the infernal mug nappie… it rode way up across the lower half of my eyes, nearly causing me to crash into a couple of BIG things (like a moving forkilft… I KNOW who would win) so I just dropped my jaw way down and began to breathe deeply through that when it was wide open. Near instantnly felt fine. After a while, otherw sere watching me so I closed it and again felt faint.

          Ya think I will wear that stupid thing again voluntarily?

      3. Your argument is based on the premise that we do not want this to spread, which is based on an unknown, whether we will have a vaccine by winter. If we will not, then herd immunity is the best way to beat this, and that is much more of a certainty than whether we will have a vaccine.

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    5. Absolutely not! NO person in our country has any right to force on us such stupid very wrong procedures. Even if the virus was near me, wearing a mask would only make it MORE effective on me than without.
      1. The covid-19 is NOT serious. Reports are lying. Dr. Rashid Buttar was in charge of this 3 years ago and reported it as made for pharmaceutical profits. Many other doctors and researchers proved the medical descriptionm and death certificates 90% were 90% wrong because they made more money with a lie than telling the truth.

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  2. many Americans worried that they would lose more to economic stagnation and social isolation than they gained from society-wide lockdowns.

    They were right.

  3. With cases of COVID-19 up (though death rates are down), many states are tightening the screws again on economic and social activity.

    Average length of stay is also down.

  4. So people behave like frightened hysterical children at the great oppression of being asked to take basic hygiene precautions… and it’s not their fault for being idiots. It’s never their fault. They voted for Trump, so you can’t expect any intellectual agency on their part. I mean I suppose it has some logic to it.

    Greg Abbott has not been hypnotized by the leftist conspiracy. Neither had Trump who is now calling for the precautions he personally turned into a culture war issue, because despite being horrible Republicans who destroy everything they touch, they got scared enough by the experts talking to them.

    1. Sometimes I think “Tony” is Tucker Carlson’s parody account.

      1. Rightwingers aren’t capable of parody, satire, or humor.

        1. Watch The Five, or Greg Gutfeld – they often make fun of themselves and Trump. Several of them are libertarians, a couple Republicans, and at least one Democrat, sometimes an actual progressive.
          What do you make of the Surgeon General and the CDC telling you not to wear masks, then admitting it was a lie to stop a run on them. So NOW they aren’t lying?

          1. Politicians who do that absolutely are doing it to keep people off their backs. They know the science is iffy on it.

            That’s why they didn’t think much of it initially. But in a weird case of ‘take care of us now’ people demanded politicians make it official.

            So with the mask thing, I think the people are retards.

          2. 1) I have and they aren’t funny, but whatever floats your boat.
            2) Fact: the CDC, based on one experiment, said masks didn’t help and may hurt. There was also a mask shortage and they were motivated by a desire to direct them to hospitals.

            Fact: They changed their tune when more experiments showed a significant benefit to wearing masks.

            Where do you feel this takes you? Are medical professionals spearheading a conspiracy to make you into sheeple by imposing the most unobtrusive form of tyranny that ever got called tyranny? Or is the virus itself a hoax? What assertions precisely do you want to derive permission to make from this series of events?

            1. So we can expect you to wear a mask at all times in public from now on? Forever?

              You’ll never know when you might be infected with some disease like COVID or the flu or you might even be an early case of infection by the next new disease that you might spread to others.

              1. I’m just listening to what the medical community is saying. Who are you listening to? You might want to update your list because even FOX News and Trump himself are advocating masks.

                It must suck so hard when you realize that you are so fucking dumb that you’ve lost Hannity.

                1. Sorry, but when the experts who exempted BLM protests lost their science cards.

                  1. Fine. So are you interested in facts right now?

                    1. I like facts. Do they still matter?

                    2. Yep, very interested in facts, not all all interested in “experts” opinions. I read studies constantly and evaluate them myself. From what I have seen, the “experts” are more interested in politics than they are in science and facts.

                    3. This country is so fucked because of people like you.

                      God dammit. To be an expert you have to know what the fuck you’re talking about. You’re not doing the research. You’re not writing the papers. You’re probably just reading and listening to very carefully selected sources.

                  2. Public health officials: ‘Social justice is more important than social distancing’.

                    I have no idea what the Surgeon-General is on about either.

                2. I’m just listening to what the medical community is saying. Who are you listening to?

                  It’s sad that this is how most people think.

                  “I’m a follower, so you must also be a follower following the wrong leader.

                  1. Ah so you’re an expert epidemiologist I take it. Not only that, but you’ve studied this particular crisis. And not only that, you’ve come to a conclusion that differs from the rest of the scientific community. And going by your premise, you’re an engaged expert on everything else. But what about people who aren’t you? Can we listen to reliable sources on stuff, or is that too pussified?

                    1. “…Can we listen to reliable sources on stuff, or is that too pussified?”

                      You’re certainly pusssified, but no one here is suggesting that you are to be prohibited from doing anything you please, so long as it causes harm to no one else.

                    2. So why do you get to harm other people by not wearing a mask because you have masculinity issues?

                    3. “So why do you get to harm other people by not wearing a mask…”

                      Why do you keep lying?

                    4. Tony, you do realize there exists epid. who don’t agree with you or the government stance, right?

                      Shit, just at my place there are two nurses, a doctor and two micro-biologists and they all think it’s a tad overblown.

                      There’s no damn consensus but to the sheep.

                      Tony Bahbah.

                3. Tony, you act like the medical community speak as one voice. Is there a 97% consensus I’m unaware of?

                  The literature I’ve read basically amount to ‘inconclusive’. And plenty doctors think this is correct.

                  People like you claim to follow science but in reality just follow orders.

                  And who gives a shit what they think? Can’t you think for YOURSELF?

                  1. Yeah, tony reallllly obsesses over what other people think. And yet, he clearly loves being told what to think.

            2. By imposing the most unobtrusive form of tyranny that ever got called tyranny

              After “No Right Turn On Red”, to be sure

            3. Fact: the CDC, based on one experiment, said masks didn’t help and may hurt

              Hahaha!! That’s why medical professionals have been wearing masks for decades during surgery etc.

              Too precious Tony.

            4. “2) Fact: the CDC, based on one experiment, said masks didn’t help and may hurt. There was also a mask shortage and they were motivated by a desire to direct them to hospitals. ”

              Was there a shortage of T-shirts and bandannas? Now they tell us that we should use improvised things. If it was all a lie to protect the mask supply for hospitals (because they totally go to Ace Hardware and buy N95 respirators in lots of two or three for $6 each like the rest of us!), why not just say to make your own then?

              If they knew then that masks work, why would Fauci knowingly poison the well and say they are not effective when it would be quite logical to think that at some point, the shortage is going to end, and you might want to change your tune?

              Why did WHO not recommend masks either? Why does the CDC still not recommend them for the flu?

              The reason is that masks are harmful when worn the way normal people wear them, and are not effective in stopping virus transmission. They changed their tune when people demanded that government do something to make them feel less scared, and so they did something. Making them feel less scared, and giving a bit of a thrill to petty tyrants across the nation, was always the point. If disease prevention was, they would have stuck to the conventional wisdom (which was conventional for a reason).

          3. Greg Gutfeld is an exception. The guy has a sense of humor. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, probably never told a joke in his life.

            1. And irf we ever get anything besides bullshit from you, we’ll hold a picnic.

              1. Only if you promise to practice social distancing .

                1. And if we ever get anything besides bullshit from you, we’ll hold a picnic.

                2. nobody said they were going to invite YOU!

        2. Yeah, because progressives are such bastions of self-awareness and personal defacement. I mean, comedians aren’t complaining about the death of comedy because conservatives can’t take a joke.

          1. Conservatives are capable of laughter, but only when the joke is at the expense of brown people or trannies.

            1. And fat gay internet trolls.

            2. Oh, I thought you were serious in your discussions. I didn’t realize you were just a bomb thrower.

              1. Fair enough on overemotional college students. They can’t take a joke and they protest too sincerely about stuff. They are absolutely like that. Unlike us who were sophisticated cynics at age 18.

                But if they get to stand in for the entire left, then the KKK gets to represent the entire right. That is fair, since we judge political teams by their most absurd and radical constituents.

                And if you don’t like that, then I don’t want to hear the sentence “Black people are poor because of fatherless homes” from a bog-standard conservative again. That is a KKK talking point, and I don’t think it matters who got it from whom.

                1. But wait, you were the one painting with a giant broad brush. Now you’re getting incensed that I did somewhat the same thing?

                  You kinda suck at staying on point. Seems like you just have personal issues with those you disagree with and get all weirdly ranting and non-sequitur. Bizarre.

                2. But if they get to stand in for the entire left, then the KKK represent the entire right. does too

                  1. No seriously if you ever listen to a KKK talk, I challenge you to find anything that couldn’t come out of the mouth of trump or one of his mainstream supporters.

                    1. Lame, lies and standard for asshole lefty.

                    2. I wouldn’t know where to find such a vile repository of their speeches so I will just presume you are mistaken and exaggerating.

                      Nothing personal. Love your sock puppets. Someone said you are also John and just like to argue with people on both sides

                3. The KKK are not members of the right, and never have been.
                  Left is about identity groups. Right is about individuals. The Democrats invented the KKK to be the terror arm of the Dem party, and their targets were Republicans and black people. They used to be taken seriously, like when Woodrow Wilson (D) screened one of their propaganda films in the White House, and heartily endorsed its message.

                  Now they’re a discredited bunch of nobodies that would fade to oblivion if the media and Democrats would stop throwing them lifelines because they need a Skeletor for their He-Man to fight against. They think they’re right wing because we’ve been fed this inane idea that fascism is right wing, and they know they’re fascists. Fascism is about as far from communism as an alligator is from a crocodile.

                  The idiots in “alt right” are so stupid that they don’t realize that those of us on the actual right have very little in common with their worldview, and we can’t stand them.

            3. Guilty as charged.

              The dirtier, the more racist, the better. The more it upsets little snowflakes like you, the funnier.

              So what do you think of Richard Pryor’s whitey jokes?

              Or does systemic racism in comedy flow one way in your world?

              1. It is unfathomable that you still don’t understand the difference between punching up and being funny and punching down and being a horrible dick.

            4. Oh yes! Trannies! I love laughing about trannies! Why just the other day I was laughing about the 6 speed tranny in my truck! What a hoot we all had just thinking about it.

              Wait, what were YOU talking about?

        3. On the wokeness spectrum, comedians without vaginas are the new deplorables.

          1. Comedians in their 40s and 50s whose brand is walking the line of good taste will occasionally slip over that line. And 18-22 year-old college students who want to represent the vanguard of hypersensitivity will occasionally overreact to a joke. One of these groups will grow out of it.

            1. Here’s Salon bashing Jerry Seinfeld.

              I’m sorry, but when your pants shitting over Jerry Seinfeld, you have multiple problems, and your lack of a sense of humor is only one of them.

            2. Here’s Salon bitching about Dave Chappelle.

              Here’s Salon feeling sorry for Kathy Griffin.

              One of these three comedians is not funny. Which one is it? I’ll give you a hint: she’s openly progressive and totally unfuckable.

    2. Pant-shitting Tony calling non-hysterical; non-pant shitters, pant-shitters. Only the left can drive us into an abyss and vortex of spinning stupidity.

    3. “So people behave like frightened hysterical children ”

      I’m surprised you were able to admit that about your mask wearing decision.

      1. You are so fucking stupid it’s painful, but even I didn’t think you’d beclown yourself this much. “Hey… hey guys, wearing masks makes me a pussy right? Is that the cool thing to believe now? We still on that? Hey guys wait up! Also we’re doing the man bun now too, right? Just accept me!!!”

        1. I hear there’s a mask exception if you’re protesting inequality.

          1. I thought the protests were a bad idea and said so at the time. Note that despite your wishes, this isn’t actually liberal hypocrisy. The protesters largely wore masks and stated clearly that they were sacrificing safety for protest. Whether they were in the right is debatable, but less debatable is whether conservatives were right when they called masks a nefarious conspiracy to enslave them and confused the public about whether the virus was even real.

            1. No, telling people they’re horrible for going out in big public gatherings unless they’re protesting is straight up liberal hypocrisy, and I’ll rightly give you a personal exception for realizing it was a bad idea.

              There’s a reason you said it was a bad idea, after all, and I bet it had something to do with science.

              1. It was a bad idea in my opinion. So were right-wing gatherings where the entire point was to flaunt their lack of safety precautions. That was even worse, arguably, even if they weren’t hypocrites at all.

                There’s an annoying habit in political debate where people think pointing out their opponent’s hypocrisy automatically makes them right.

                1. It doesn’t make them right, it just makes the progressives look like…dishonest hypocrites.

                  I’m sorry, but “Everyone needs stay inside right now except me and people like me” is utter BS.

                  1. So ignore them and do the right thing anyway.

                    1. It would be easier to ignore them if they weren’t setting so much on fire.

                    2. I feel the same way about the other side, except they’re not 18 years old and they’re in charge of the government.

                    3. I’m just glad they’re not Marxist sympathizers.

                    4. What if we all agree collectively to ignore Tony? It would cut the number of asinine comments in half.

                  2. “I feel the same way about the other side, except they’re not 18 years old and they’re in charge of the government.”

                    Agreed. Newsom and Cuomo should be in court defending themselves against takings.

            2. That is so cute Tony. Starting right off claiming that you think! LOL, you are sure right about humor! Nobody tells them like you do!

    4. Greg Abbott is governor because nominating Wendy Davis was the most retarded thing Texas Democrats ever did (and that’s saying a lot).

      1. But is he a secret progressive?

        1. Abbott is a dumbass, no secret about that. Of course, it goes without saying that Cuomo, et al, are dumbasses too (and are even worse).

    5. Like wearing a penis mask during unsafe butt sex?

      1. At least you are having fun, guy.

    6. being asked


    7. ” I suppose it has some logic to it”, Trump wasn’t Hillary. IF only some political party could find a viable candidate.

  5. “The proclamation might as well have never been issued; we were among the very few people wearing masks on the street or in the stores.”

    You are such a bad anarchist. Were you at least carrying a gun?

    1. It’s Arizona. We all carry guns. Don’t ya know?

      1. OF CONCERN: Received an email this am ad for a carry “certificate” allowing carry anywhere….I never heard about a “certificate” , yes a permit obtained from King County, WA every 5 years (I’m on my 6th) allowing concealed carry within state and others that have reciprocity.

        What out, a certificate is likely a scam.

  6. Employees are also fed up with having to wash their hands after using the restroom. If you don’t like feces in your food, tough.

    1. Thank you for the idiot take, but Tony had it covered.

      1. Fatty.

    2. “Employees are also fed up with having to wash their hands after using the restroom. If you don’t like feces in your food, tough.”

      Some of these strawmen are getting passed around enough to start showing wear. You should find a new one, chicken little.

  7. Leadership isn’t simply a matter of giving orders, you have to know what orders to give. When your “leaders” are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, issuing streams of contradictory and nonsensical orders, you know you’ve got somebody who’s been promoted beyond their competence and quite possibly beyond their competence to grasp the limits of their competence.

    1. The Dunning-Kruger effect.

    2. I agree that this is the real source of defiance at this point.

      It’s pretty clear that the initial set of stuff consisted of:
      A couple of things that were obvious and necessary at that point – like banning large gatherings at least temporarily to buy time

      A whole bunch of petty bureaucrat shit that no one could figure out but that was enforced by a bunch of Karens calling cops

      Absolutely ZERO public health education beyond ‘Wash Your Hands’. Nothing that might help inform individuals what to do themselves, to help businesses figure out what to do in a radically changed environment, etc. And they did none of the public health stuff that only they can do that at least demonstrates competence

      And then in a combo of panic, power, peer pressure, and probably access to federal money; shut everything down – and then again proceeded to do nothing productive.

      Tuccille is wrong that asking nicely would have helped. The US was screwed before we went into this because there is no social cohesion left. No real reason why we are still one country. And at least one early consequence of that is that the virus became politicized on day one.

      Now we get to watch a cycle of ignorance, stupidity, defiance, annoyed stupidity, angry defiance, etc play out. And see where that gets us. Should make for an entertaining show at least.

      On the bright side, even though Americans have no clue what irony is, we are apparently getting real good at it – For the 4th of July, Officials Say Celebrate Freedom by Staying at Home

      1. Stuff your PANIC!!! flag up your ass, stick first and sit on it, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.

      2. “…Now we get to watch a cycle of ignorance, stupidity, defiance, annoyed stupidity, angry defiance, etc play out. And see where that gets us. Should make for an entertaining show at least…”

        You should be thrilled: You’ve been pitching ignorance and stupidity from day one; “defiance” doesn’t sit well with lefty authoritarian shits like you.

        1. Obsequious compliance with the preferences of your betters — for the entirety of your disaffected, bigoted, inconsequential life — has made you cranky, Sevo.

          Whining and ranting are free, though . . . so long as you continue to toe that line, clinger. You can even send a strongly worded letter to Joe Biden, asking him to take your feelings into account next year, if that would make you feel better.

          Thank you for your continuing compliance.

          1. Oh, look! Asshole bigot shows up carrying his standard pile of shit.

          2. Of all the things going on here, I wouldn’t say “compliance” is one of them.

      3. I have been puzzled all through this. It is proven that hard UV (B and C) pretty much destroys ALL virus’ and bacteria in air immediately. Why aren’t UV lamps being incorporated into commercial AC systems? The lamps aren’t THAT expensive and if you have a restaurant or bar it would seem to pay for itself quickly. Any ideas?

    3. Dear God I hope you’re talking about trump. Allegedly in a leadership position. Completely unqualified for it and terrible at it. Throwing firebombs of insanity into the crisis for no reason whatsoever. Ordering his administration’s experts to stay off all domestic news…

      1. “Dear God I hope you’re talking about trump….”

        Of course you do; the lefty shits who knee-capped the economy or just fine, since they’re D, right, you lying piece of lefty shit?

      2. And the sad thing is that he was still the lesser of two evils, and will be again in November.

        1. It is sad that you think that. A grown ass adult having his brain scrambled by propaganda such that he can seriously believe the “leftists” are responsible for all the bad things despite rightists being the ones in charge is very sad indeed. I can’t think of much sadder than having one’s mental agency ripped from oneself like that.

    4. That circumstance is epidemic, among the electorate as well as those elected.

    5. The problem is we have allowed the MSM to be in charge. A man named Dr. Dean Edell wrote about this back when Oprah was a big personality on TV, and could influence housewives to leap off buildings if she wanted. He showed how the chain reaction works: first the media says something inflammatory (the sky is falling!); then the viewers scream for something to be done (I’m real sceared, I seen it on TV!); then the government enacts all kinds of edicts, rules, regulations and even bills that are difficult if not impossible to rescind to avoid being crucified by the MSM matriarchy. If we all just stop watching TV, all of this will go away, including “the DNA of American racism.”

  8. Human nature is simple. People respond to voluntary requests and incentives of various degrees.

    Make it mandatory and they don’t like that. THAT’S a good thing. It means we’re alive and still have personal agency.

    Premiers, Governors and Mayors can’t grasp this simple fact of human nature. They think shaming and coercive action for your own good while using stupid, empty slogans only Tony could like, is the way to go.

    Look. The second they didn’t heed their own protocols was the second they lost the plot. Among other things like allowing protests to go on but shutting down parks and the 4th of July.

    I hope Americans celebrate the 4th.

    They should go to Gavin Newsom’s house and let out a huge fart in a megaphone and spark some fireworks and sing the anthem. And when done tell him to eat shit.

    1. Or they can all visit Newsom’s vineyard, which wasn’t required to close like the rest of the state’s vineyards. Rules for thee, not for me.

      1. What a piece of shit.

        People shouldn’t go to it. If there’s justice his goes out of business when things open up. They should all go to the vineyards forced to close.

      2. Are the grapes ripe yet?

        1. Burn it down like Victor Hanson’s was?

          What a hypocritical asshole Newsome is.

  9. Look what the “contact tracers” are doing just north of New York City in Rockland County:

    “My staff has been told that a person does not wish to, or have to, speak to my disease investigators. They hang up. They deny being at the party even though we have found their name from another party attendee or a parent provides us with the information. Many do not answer their cell phones and do not call back. Sometimes parents answer for their adult children and promise that they have been home consistently when they have not been.

    This must stop.

    In response, Ruppert announced that the county will issue subpoenas to anyone who refuses to cooperate with contact tracing. So far, the county is processing eight subpoenas. In addition, those who do not comply will face civil fines of around $2,000 every day they are out of compliance.

    —-Ars Technica

    I am not a lawyer, but it’s not clear to me that it’s constitutional to fine people $2,000 a day for invoking their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent–subpoena or no subpoena, pandemic or no pandemic.

    1. “Many do not answer their cell phones and do not call back.”

      How many people without kids bother to answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number anymore?

      And why bother to leave a voice message? The only reason people leave a voice message is because they know you wouldn’t respond to a text message if you knew who they were.

      1. I never answer my cell phone, nor do I ever read a text message or get any of the voice mail messages. That’s not what I keep it around for.

      2. I only answer to confirm that it’s a number I want to block.

    2. This is precisely where a restored idea of militia can achieve something that no amount of standing army bureaucrat can do. At a fraction of the cost. When it is your 19 year old neighbor who you already know knocking on your door doing the public health stuff in and for your neighborhood – and also able to answer the questions you have about the disease in your neighborhood – well that ain’t at all the same thing as what is happening.

      1. “…doing the public health stuff…”

        You misspelled “snitching”.

        1. Shhhhhh… maybe he doesn’t know he’s suggesting an American Stazi

          1. Hey, if it saves just one life, JFree is willing to tell you and everyone else what to do!

            1. At gunpoint….

      2. Your bad assumption about how I view the 19 year olds in my neighborhood and whether I’m likely to tell them who I’ve hung out with and for how long isn’t the only problem with that post, JFree.

        Did I misunderstand this? Where do you get these ideas?

        When I was 19, if somebody asked me who I’d hung out with and for how long, I’d have told them to go fuck themselves. Now that I’m older and more mature, I wouldn’t treat them like that. I’d cut them off and tell them to go fuck themselves before they asked me anything.

        1. You don’t understand how contact tracing works do you. In countries that actually DO contact tracing rather than just apparently call people up and ask them where they party. Which is utterly fucking useless in contact tracing because the SOLE point of the trace is to get their consent to stick a swab up their nose and test – not try to convince people they aren’t some fucking roboscam caller. That requires a very different approach. It is only when they test POSITIVE – when they have the disease and presumably give a shit about who they might have infected – that the tracer then tries to figure out who they might have infected.

          We have not a fucking clue what we are doing in this country. Not at the local – the state – or federal level. And not among ‘voters’ who are even more stupid and lazy in holding anyone accountable.

          We truly do deserve the highest death rate in the world. We won’t get what we deserve but we do deserve it.

          Where do you get these ideas?

          Singapore for one. Taiwan another. South Korea another. Germany has 400 different public health depts. All acting completely independently of their federal level and only broadly coordinating with their state/lander level. Making their interactions extremely local (though not via a ‘militia’ form of service anymore)

          What do these countries have in common that the US doesn’t have? Oh yeah – they know what they’re fucking doing. And the results prove it. They already solved the first wave and are now only dealing with localized outbreaks until this fall. Which means they have a few months to figure out how to deal with fall. A second window we’ve also already closed. We’ll enter fall blind as an ostrich with its head up its ass.

          1. Contact tracing works like STD tracing. When I worked in a medical records department, the county used to call us up to find records for people so that they could contact their next of kin, etc. all the time.


          2. Singapore is highly capitalistic but authoritarian state.


            To suggest we should emulate them and their practices is absurd on a libertarian website.

            1. Unfortunately Somalia wouldn’t return my phone calls asking how libertarian countries handle such things.

              1. “Unfortunately Somalia wouldn’t return my phone calls asking how libertarian countries handle such things.”

                Unfortunately, cowardly pieces of lefty shit have worn that strawman to pieces.

          3. JFree
            July.4.2020 at 1:23 am

            “…We have not a fucking clue what we are doing in this country. Not at the local – the state – or federal level. And not among ‘voters’ who are even more stupid and lazy in holding anyone accountable…”

            Our fucking tin-pot-dictator wannabe won’t be satisfied until those who aren’t scared shitless like he is are carted off to the re-education camps.

    3. Crazy, creepy ass shit.

      25 million might be infected according to the CDC. 130 000 deaths.

      Do the math on the death rate.

      Do they really want to die on this hill?

      1. You’ll understand if normal people don’t accept the utilitarian body count judgments of rightwing sociopaths. Out of curiosity, how many hundreds of thousand of Americans have to die before it becomes a problem?

        1. “You’ll understand if normal people…”

          As a lying piece of lefty shit, how would you know what ‘normal people’ think?

        2. Out of curiousity, what is your minimum number of deaths before it becomes a problem?

          Several times you have been asked your opinion regarding mask wearing post-Covid pandemic. You have tap danced around it several times. Care to answer?

        3. The death rate has dropped 90%. It may not go much higher from where it is today. And those numbers are likely over stated.

          There a c. 500 000 in the world.

          I bet it’s at least half of that directly relating to Covid-19.

          Drop the co-morbidities from the cases and let’s see what the numbers really are. Autopsies should be performed.

          1. “…And those numbers are likely over stated…”
            The claims of covid, as a cause of death has been, was given massive financial incentives.
            Much as ‘masks are not needed’ – ‘masks are needed’, the government, starting at the federal level, but more importantly at the state level which knee-capped the economy, have shown themselves to be bullshit artists

          2. It seems obvious now that this coronavirus overwhelmingly hit the low-hanging fruit first.

        4. Ever heard of the 1968 flu pandemic?

        5. 330,000,000

      2. Having spent the first 3 decades of my life in NYC I believe all 130k could have dropped dead in the 5 boroughs on the same day, and it would still be too crowded. I’m not saying no one would have noticed, but except for the loved ones of the dearly departed, no one would have complained. Most of us notice the death of another person if it’s someone we personally know or someone who’s death is reported in the news because they are famous or important or died tragically. The other day the news ran a story about an overweight man in his early 50s with diabetes who died after catching covid at a BBQ. No one was wearing masks and the guest that had COVID-19 knew he had it but didnt think he was contagious because he was asymptomatic. It’s sad, but if he had died from a heart attack or went into a diabetic coma, car accident, ect no one except his family and friends would care. Hes a useful Martyr for the cause. Apparently the day before he died he sent out messages to everyone he knew warning them of the dangers of ignoring social distancing rules. My takeaway is that I’m awful for being jealous of a dead man because he got to go to a bbq.

        1. Now do Benghazi.

  10. Post-Pandemic Americans May Be Done With Taking Orders

    Have you ever even been to the East Coast?

    1. California is even more compliant. Oregon, WA as well.

    2. My leftist New England friends are loving this.

  11. Shitty laws + shitty law enforcement = contempt for the rule of law

    1. Which is a good thing right? Or do libertarians expect to spend their lives talking about how bad government is at doing anything and then be shocked when people disrespect the rule of law?

      1. For rule of law to be effective, there has to be not very much rule and not very much law. The banning of nearly everything and sweeping rules that give governors dictatorial powers if the flu’s going around is not rule of law.

        1. And while JD may be a bit of a polyanna, the flaunting of the rules IS becoming more evident and even reported.
          I got a black-market haircut yesterday; gal’s from Vietnam and is well familiar with thumbing her nose at the government without getting caught. Dinner out last night; some masks, but far from universal. More fireworks tonight.
          Tony would be in full PANIC!!!

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  12. JDT, I certainly hope you’re right, but as you can see from the pathetic collection of knee-walking face-diaper-wearing piles of shit above, I think there’s a whole lot of ‘following orders’ yet to happen.

    1. Yeh. That’s my concern.

      This is not done.

  13. The masses must take orders from our obvious betters.
    Even the preposterous orders of wearing a face diaper needs to be complied with for no other reason just for the practice of taking orders without question.
    Obedience by the masses is a necessary commandment if we are to continue down the path of socialist glory.
    To disobey our obvious betters would be a fatal spark that would only ignite the ignorant passions of fools who refuse to see the joys and wonders of being oppressed.

    1. Sounds like you just don’t know what the purpose of the masks are. I assume you’re up to speed on hand washing after taking a shit, but perhaps we should make fewer assumptions.

      1. “Sounds like you just don’t know what the purpose of the masks are.”

        We’re well aware that you hope they protect you. We don’t care.
        Your health is YOUR responsibility, not mine.
        I do not care to wear a mask.

        1. That’s not what the masks are for.

          1. I don’t care. I do not care to wear a mask.

            1. So brave.

              1. “So brave.”

                Stay on your knees; I don’t care about that either.

            2. Then how do your take out orders get garbled and come out wrong?

          2. You know what a mask is like?

            It’s like building a fence to keep the flies out.

            The virus is so small the mask is not woven tight enough to keep it out. That’s why N95 is recommended and maybe KF94. And the N95 is really a mask for construction workers and not a medical device. So it’s very uncomfortable for a long duration.

            People wear it thinking somehow it will protect them. That’s why so many wear it in the damn car…alone. The idea it’s to keep droplets from mugging people from asymptomatic people may have a little more validity but even there, there’s no EVIDENCE of this. It’s beneficial probably but there’s no hard data to suggest making it mandatory is necessary or valid.

            It’s theatre and you’re an actor in this sad production.

            You’re not getting it.

            1. On the other hand you’re wrong, I’m sorry you’re confused about what the mask is for, if other people are confused maybe a little social pressure is a good thing, and wearing it doesn’t meaningfully alter your freedom in any way except to probably contribute to ending the pandemic sooner and thus enhancing it.

              You can yell sheeple! all day long, but the fact is other countries got this under control via shutdowns and social distancing and masks, and we are blowing everything up because we chose to stop doing that early thanks to pressure from people talking like you. At some point you have to admit failure.

              1. Noted, continual, lair makes this claim:
                “On the other hand you’re wrong,”
                With this cite:
                Fuck off and die.

              2. “a little social pressure is a good thing,”

                Nice way of saying social bullying or ostracizing.

                Well, here in Canada masks aren’t mandated expect for Toronto and that went into effect AFTER the cases dropped. So it’s literally just a ‘keep it up sheep! Let’s not be like the USA!’ measure with no basis in facts or science to do so.

                And to be frank, we were so late in North America with the other measures, I’m wondering if it’s coincidental. Again, you claim to follow evidence, but where is it?

                Then came the lockdowns. Tell you what about that. The cure is way worse than the disease for several reasons we’ve gone over in other threads. For every life possibly saved, we probably lost at least 1.5 to deaths and still more maybe three people due to loss of employment.

                Not much of a trade-off.

                Life is bur about trade-offs. I know you’re gonna pearl clutch but this is how it is.

              3. There are two ways this pandemic will end, vaccine or herd immunity. I’m certain that without the first, COVID will reemerge in those countries you reference. I’ll bet Sweden looks much better after next winter.

  14. Good I am happy to see citizens using civil disobedience in a practical way. Government should be afraid of us, not the other way around.

    1. The government can kill you with a drone from a desk 10,000 miles away.

      1. But can’t win a war against disorganized hill people in Afganistan with 30 year old weapons after 20 fucking years. Mass disobedience is more effective than you’re willing to admit.

        1. It could if it didn’t care about collateral damage and if there maybe was an actual goal that could be achieved.

          1. IOWs, his comment is correct.

      2. Killing people is easy. Ruling them is much harder. Can’t be much of a king with no subjects.

  15. The problem wasn’t the stay at home orders. Many governments around the world have them and they are doing much better now. The problem is it is a HUGE ask to ask your citizens to stay home and businesses to close. Other governments were much more aggressive with testing and brought the virus under control. The US wasn’t willing to do what needed to be done and wasted the citizens time by not ramping up testing. So now we are a pariah state and we will suffer much longer than countries will to be strict for a couple of months.

    1. The protests didn’t help. People from all over the country congregated to protest, and then they went back to their home cities and took the virus with them. This isn’t rocket science.

      1. Half the Republican Party and its staff have COVID because of Trump rallies.

        1. Lame, lies and standard for asshole lefty.

        2. /face palm.

      2. So you’re saying the protestors lived mostly in Florida, Texas and Arizona?

        1. 60,000 protesters showing up in Houston for the Floyd funeral didn’t help Texas any, and those people dispersing back to their home cities in Texas and elsewhere didn’t help, no.

          What’s happening in Arizona and Texas also appears to be related to what’s happening in Mexico. A study came out yesterday suggesting that Mexico’s death toll his twice as high as advertised by the government, and those numbers were already really bad.

          Are you saying that the issue was a lack of testing? Because that’s what the person I was responding to wrote. The other governments he was talking about are presumably governments like the UK and Germany, that 1) didn’t have massive protests like we did and 2) don’t share a border with a country in the developing world.

          1. Was doing my Cathy Newman impression.

            But you answered the question about if in fact the protests did impact those places.

            The Guardian argued the protests didn’t. You can’t make this stuff up anymore.

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  16. My county just instituted a mandatory mask order.
    I am not happy about it, and it seems most around here aren’t either

  17. Who is worse now? A non mask wearer or a smoker?

    1. Mask wearer.

  18. Wife has TV news on:
    PANIC! Trump goes to Mt Rushmore without a mask!

    1. Maybe you should panic more that your role model for masculinity is a painted fat whore with a combover.

      1. You offer nothing here other than whining that your health really should be the concern of everyone else, even it they don’t give a shit about whiners.
        Maybe you should make the world a better place; fuck off and die, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

      2. Oh, and your fantasies about my masculinity say far more about you than they do about me, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.
        Grow up; your mommy isn’t here to pat you on the head.

  19. You’re an absolute idiot, J.D. Can’t believe your wife is a pediatrician. I feel so sorry for her. Bless her for treating children at work and then coming home to take care of another child. A big man-baby that won’t eat his vegetables or wear his mask.

    1. “…A big man-baby that won’t eat his vegetables or wear his mask.”

      Oh, look! One more adolescent whiner!
      Scared of getting sick LBA? Crawl in a hole and stay there. Your health is YOUR responsibility, not mine or that of anyone else.

    2. Do you have a point?

  20. Fireworks, ‘outlawed’ by Newsom’s “Regent’s Decree”!
    What is that I hear in the distance?


      1. I heard more fireworks this 4th than I ever have in my life.

  21. Lost from this discussion is that, in most environments, the people who have died from covid were most likely to die from something in the next year. For the rest of us, it’s anywhere from harmless to really bad. The Black Death it is not.

    1. Its being discussed but the people talking (including quite a few scientists and doctors) are getting little to no coverage compared to the Ministers of Doom and Gloom who are getting constant coverage with their panic propaganda. It’s all about messaging. The message is be afraid, be very afraid. It simply wouldn’t do to confuse the masses with alternative viewpoints using facts to support their position. That might encourage the proletariat to think for themselves. The only thing more dangerous than COVID-19 is critical thinking skills.

      1. That was clear since March

        1. In March a friend sent an email out: I want you to pant shit. This is bad.

          He thinks Greta is a hero.

          That’s when I knew it was going to be a series of clusterfuck responses and over reactions.

  22. I’m I’m the unfortunate position of having to be mask cop at work. Whatever your opinion, don’t be a dick to workers who have to ask you to wear one. If I can wear one for 8 hours you can wear one for 8 minutes. This isn’t exactly Nazi Germany

    1. I’ve worn masks- real ones, and respirators, the whole bit- for work when it was actually neccessary. They are uncomfortable for any extended length of time. The other masks, that everyone is wearing, are much more comfortable. They are also worthless.

    2. That’s unfortunate that you have to go around scolding everyone, but even the most generous studies have indicated that you’re just as likely to get sick from bacterial concentration from wearing a mask all day as you are to catch the coof if you don’t wear one, because very few people are conscientious about even keeping them clean. It’s fine for healthcare workers to wear them because they’re literally around sick people all day, but the average person is probably not going to catch it unless they’re around someone who’s sick for an extended length of time.

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  25. I’m only concerned that failing to comply with government mandates and lockdowns may offend black people and the transgendered.

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  27. According to the public health establishment, the virus does not matter anymore.

    However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders. Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives. Protests against systemic racism, which fosters the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on Black communities and also perpetuates police violence, must be supported.

  28. Loved your article! Thank you for your voice of reason and a glimmer of hope. I will not wear a mask. It harms me and studies show it does not help others. By being healthy and working to have good health habits I do more to help others to stay infection-free, plus, masks reduce immunity and make people more susceptible to COVID-19.

  29. The comment thread has probably seen most of its traffic already, but I could stomach the requirements more easily if someone could articulate the goal. I am not trying to wear a face mask everywhere until there is a vaccine, politely or otherwise. The indefinite nature of these countermeasures is a large part of the social and emotional toll they cause. It’s what makes this feel like a bad dystopian movie.

    Every time we remove the masks, cases will rise. Then we put them on and cases go down, so we can take them off until cases rise again on and on and on and on. We cannot conquer or outsmart nature. We cannot eradicate a virus without near-universal vaccination anymore than we can “save” the planet.

    I continue to be surprised that no one on the staff at reason suggests that, eventually, we’re going to have to deal with the virus. We can’t wear masks and social distance for eternity. At least in the last roundtable podcasts, some of the editors acknowledged that the masks are at least in part a kind of public health theatre.

    When you add all this to the vibrant and motivated movement to destroy free speech, to claim that this is an irredeemably racist country, to genuflect and prove your anti-racism – all while wearing a stupid mask – and it is hard to have any hope for the future at all. I already have to deal with people in power telling me silence is violence. When you put everything in context, the mask starts to feel like a muzzle.

    1. We are a redeemable racist country. People just have to stop perpetuating racism. And don’t say they have or you’d have to explain Trump, who was elected on a nationalist anti-immigrant platform and who increasingly plays footsie with white power groups. I don’t understand why anti-racists are always expected to be perfectly decorous while the racists themselves are essentially given a pass. They’re just stupid, bless their hearts.

      You don’t have to feel the mask is a muzzle if you treat it as a commonsense hygiene measure. Don’t make it political. People are dying because this was made political. And if it feels like we’re in a dumb dystopian movie, it’s because we are. Because of the virus and the horrendously insane response to it by our government, not the masks.

      1. “…And don’t say they have or you’d have to explain Trump, who was elected on a nationalist anti-immigrant platform and who increasingly plays footsie with white power groups…”

        Stuff your TDS up your ass so your head has some company.

      2. If it’s a common sense hygiene measure, then it always is. Address what she said. When do we stop? Just keep wearing masks forever (unless there is a vaccine and everyone takes it)? Fuck no. Wearing masks in public is fucking weird. And mostly symbolic. How many people do you see who wear masks properly? If it isn’t well fit or you are constantly adjusting it and scratching your nose or taking a breath because you feel like you are suffocating, it’s not doing shit. And if you aren’t cleaning and disinfecting at least daily, you are more likely to get some respiratory infection.

      3. I voted for Trump, and I’ll vote for him in November, but I’m not certain it’s because I’m a white supremacist. I’m gay, if that matters much to idiots like yourself. I voted for Trump because I’ve always believed a person in business is better suited for the job than a lawyer. I also believe the Democrats have destroyed pretty much everything they’ve ever touched. I lived in Chicago for nearly 15 years and saw it firsthand. I saw what they do to nice neighborhoods, both white and black, and how they literally unleash criminals onto innocent citizens. The corruption is just the sidebar.

  30. I’m hoping this peaceful protesting puts perspective into the minds of people that believe they can disarm the citizens. A few “peaceful protesters” with lighters and spray paint ran off several police precincts. I hope they can see how millions of pissed off well armed people would be a fools folly to even think about. I know I’m wrong they’ll still try they are unable to comprehend what that would do.

  31. So Newsom outlawed fireworks ‘to avoid the spread of the ‘rona!’
    As a result, we have hundreds of fireworks displays spread around the city Instead of one gathering at the waterfront.
    I’m sure the grease-ball was careful in his calculations regarding this sort of trade-off, as he was equally when he shut down the economy.

    1. Fireworks have been going off for weeks here in Silicon Valley. Going off from every direction right now, and not just from local shows.

  32. The protests were the last straw for people growing weary of stay at home orders over a virus with a 0.3% fatality rate that mostly doesn’t affect working people. You can’t open your store or restaurant for business, you can’t have more than 10 people attend a family funeral, and you can’t go to the beach or a park, but ten thousand people can burn stuff down in the city with no police response?

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  36. Just goes to show that American’s are tired of being dictated and I’d imagine that even includes the very Registered Democrats who would compulsively vote and absolutely LOVE the idea of dictating those “other” peoples lives.

  37. Coronavirus has affected every marketing stream whether it is Digital, Virtual, or real. So many people start thinking that, it will affect bitcoin also. My many friends are saying that there will be decrease in price of Bitcoin. So will it really happen?
    I hope you will answer me

    1. It’s not the “Coronavirus” its the “Gov-Socialism-Virus”.

      The price (USD) of everything will go up every-time the fiat government stuffs (by print or borrow) it’s USD’s because they still believe they can “print” slave labor (even when no labor is being done i.e. *unearned*/*free*). It wasn’t that long ago gas was $0.76/gal, candy bar $0.10… The USD has lost 92% of it’s value in 50-years.

  38. We failed because Americans are arrogant and self-centered. Now we will see the upper estimate of deaths, 1-2 million, and all the other comorbidities whatever they may be.

    Of course just like this article, Americans will take their example from our failure, while ignoring the success of so many other nations.

    South Korea, deaths 283. Multiple that out to our population we’d have only 1,800 deaths right now.

    1. If “We failed” then WHY in the heck do we have such a problem with immigration???? Shouldn’t we be having a problem with emigrants?

      You should emigrant and write a book on your hardships and title it, “How I escaped the the draconian system of the USA.”

      1. It is possible to be a more desirable place to live than other countries for reasons besides how well we managed an epidemic. I bet infectious disease management pretty low on the list of why people immigrate to the US.

      2. probably because even the immigrants know the MSM is full of shit.

    2. Time will tell. South Korea is still vulnerable. We may well do better in the long run because we will have better herd immunity. The virus isn’t going to be contained at this point and will probably just become part of the normal background of cold and flu viruses that we always deal with without fucking up the economy and everyone’s lives. Our biggest fuckup in my opinion was trying to protect everyone and in so doing utterly failing to protect people who needed protecting.

    3. Given the absence of an effective vaccine, countries like South Korea will never achieve herd immunity, and will eventually have to fight this every time it resurges, ad infinitum. It all depends on the future development of a vaccine, which is far from given.

  39. I would have ordered the “experts” off the news from the onset.

    Have you noticed how completely the CDC screwed the pooch on the tests? How about Fauci’s long term reliability in recommendations (you might look at his advise on AIDS back in the day).
    The FDA restricting Hydroxochloroquine (check out the new study from Henry Ford Hospital System) while pushing Redemsivr (effectiveness barely enough to be statistically significant).

    The truth is that all of these agencies need complete overhaul with mostly new employees. And this is one thing Trump can’t do without legislation from Congress that he can’t get. Telling them to shut up and stay home is about the best he can do.

    1. Government experts have a tremendous incentive to toe the line and back up their bosses. Never trust government experts. Or government funded experts if you can help it.

    2. Fauci has risen to the position he is in now because he’s hung around in unaccountable government his entire adult life, not because of his record of competency.

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  41. It would not be bad at all to accept some wisdom of the anti-immigration ethno-state called Wakanda. The basic wisdom consists of knowledge that migrants brought their problems with them. No hatred was left behind. No wrong was forgiven or even forgotten.HERE?Click For Full Details.

  42. As if the US needed another reason, than Trump, to be the worlds laughing stock.

    The completely disorganized, disjointed mishandling of a pandemic resulting in the most deaths is something that will probably never be lived down.

    1. Neither will the stupidity of the believers of the MSM, despite gaping holes in the coverage. I have yet to speak to an actual health care practitioner who think the virus requires shutting down the country. Only the media and bureaucrats seem to be pushing for it. You think reporters would be crying on cue about “overwhelmed” hospitals if a Democrat was in office? Not that the Democrat would miraculously save us from the boogeyman, but that they wouldn’t be dishing out flat out fake news. Even here in Europe they recognize something is off with the facts.

      1. Are 130,000 deaths in the US IN 4 months fake news?

        In a couple of weeks, when the capacity of hospitals to save lives has been exceeded, will that be fake news?

        What kind of uncivilized shithole nation would knowingly let that happen?

        1. Yes to some extent.

          The whole if you died with Covid you died of Covid.

          Are you that fucking stupid?

          1. Are you suggesting that people With Covid who die in a car accident Are listed as a Covid death?

            How stupid are you.

            In fact the number of Covid deaths might be much higher.


        2. 650,000 Americans die every year of heart disease. Add in all the other causes of deaths and its in the millions per year.

          Death while kungflu infected does NOT equate to death BY kungflu.

  43. I like Tucille’s optimism, but I’m afraid that an awful lot of Americans have shown great willingness and enthusiasm for following orders throughout all of this bullshit.

    1. The MSM refuses to show most of America. Most of America is bot wearing masks and not buying the propaganda. Lefties are.

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  45. I’m still stuck in Europe and believe it or not the news here isn’t covering the American hysterics that acutely, sometimes as a tag at the end of the news hour. Life is basically normal here, with the media warning of surges, but no one, like in the US, is listening anymore. This is more case of the boy who cried wolf than anything else. While CNN reporters cry over hospital in Texas being overwhelmed, behind them are empty beds. I realize they can’t actually show patients, but empty beds? The beds are empty, the staff are standing around. This kind of reporting has been going on since March. I can’t believe that the fake news syndicate is still pumping out this garbage into July. What blood-thirsty maniacs.

    1. So it’s a conspiracy…

  46. “Post-pandemic?” Is that what it’s called when 40 states currently have spiking Covid cases? Or have we just arbitrarily decided “it’s over,” regardless of the data?

  47. The problem with the masks is that we have people who know nothing about health, disease transmission, natural selection and mutation in terms of usual virus transmission, the usual reason for masking and are unfamiliar with the pre-Covid research on what masking can and cannot prevent or do. This is in drastic contrast to what those of us who work as clinicians understand and we are all silenced by a controlled media. The masks are WORTHLESS and there is no reason to wear then Reason and I don’t care what you THINK or what your FEELINGS are- your OPINION doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in scientism and the real science says this is crap.

  48. America’s sheeple will obey like good sheeple…

    1. There is no way some modern American city pussies could have possibly defeated the Axis Socialists of WWII.

  49. Please use your seatbelt. Please don’t drive while intoxicated. Please drive in the right lane. Please don’t commit murder.

  50. Does anyone work around here? Like at a real job?


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  52. In Illinois, I’ve been ignoring fat boy Pritzker and his ass-face “orders” – which he has no authority to issue – from the beginning. With as much information available from reliable sources, NOT MSM, how is it that such a huge segment of the population is stupid enough to buy into the hoax? Easy: public “education”, which is all about compliance and submission, not about acquiring knowledge or critical thinking ability.

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  54. Tyranny needs its useful idiots and sympathizers.

    J.D. most of Georgians are not wearing masks. We have been “open”for months.

  55. it would not be bad at all to accept some wisdom of the anti-immigration ethno-state called Wakanda. The basic wisdom consists of knowledge that migrants brought their problems with them. No hatred was left behind. No wrong was forgiven or even forgotten.HEREClick For Full Details.

  56. If you are rioting and looting you are exempted from the lockdown “orders” of government tyranny.
    I’ll just take my exemption and not riot unless you try and stop me.

  57. It’s the fascist salute we have to give after putting on our masks that bothers me.

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  59. Now if only people would do this with about 342,658 other laws that shouldn’t exist…

  60. 90 percent of congress could be fed to a wood chipper and no noticeable degradation of government would occur, most likely it would begin to whir like a well balanced watch. Likewise a sizable chunk of government think tanks, orgs and edifices could be sent to the wrecking ball and only improvements would be noticed.
    We are tired of these leeches reinterpreting the constitution to tell us how much freedom we are entitled to.

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