Many COVID-19 Lockdown Rules Seem Like Arbitrary Nonsense

In a nation of edicts, we serve at the pleasure of the king.


During Alice's adventures in Wonderland, she found herself in the presence of the King of Hearts. He wanted her to go, so he cited Rule 42: "All persons more than a mile high to leave the court." Heads turned to Alice. "I'm not a mile high," she objected. "You are," said the King. The queen testified that Alice is nearly two miles tall. "Well, I shan't go, at any rate," Alice said, "besides, that's not a regular rule: you invented it just now."

Nearly seven weeks into our otherworldly adventures in COVID-related confinement—a home-prison sentence with occasional trips to the Save Mart—more of us are bristling at the irrational restrictions that our elected officials are placing on us. Americans gave them the benefit of the doubt for several weeks, acknowledging the unusual circumstances of a novel coronavirus that experts originally claimed could take millions of lives.

But now we're left stuck in the King of Hearts' court, amazed by the illogical and arbitrary nature of the newly imposed rules. In Michigan, you can go boating, but may get arrested if you use a motor. In California, selling marijuana is essential, but not giving a haircut. We can't know what the exact rules are because they change so quickly and without the usual vetting. Who knows if we'll be the next person handcuffed for playing in a park?

Our democratic system of sausage-making is odd enough and results in a crazy array of sometimes-oppressive laws. But there's a process for making them, a system of checks and balances, and court systems that keep it all in check. It's not perfect, but it's not arbitrary and capricious. In a world of executive orders, though, truth is whatever the king—or the governor or president—says it is.

Rules don't have to be logical, but we must obey. There's no room for local decision-making or thoughtful disagreement. It's all about power. As author Ayn Rand wrote, "The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws."

And that's where we are now. The government, under the auspices of addressing an admittedly serious health crisis, can criminalize virtually everything—from leaving your home for a stroll, to operating your business. Some states have begun loosening the restrictions, creating a path for the reopening of society so people can take care of themselves again. Have you noticed that Gov. Gavin Newsom keeps moving the goalposts?

The curve has been flattened and there's plenty of hospital capacity. In fact, hospitals throughout the state are laying off nurses given that there's little for them to do. People are avoiding the hospitals except for true emergencies, and in California there aren't that many COVID-19 patients.

The governor's roadmap for reopening offers six indicators before he rescinds the orders. It requires the state to have "the ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating and supporting those who are positive or exposed." It requires "the ability to develop therapeutics to meet the demand." But these are open-ended measures. Basically, California will reopen whenever it pleases the king.

Until his recent decision to allow some re-openings beginning May 8, Newsom had been tightening the reins. News reports showed crowded beaches in Orange County last weekend, which angered the King of Sacramento. I'm not sure why. The official statement by Newport Beach police and fire officials acknowledged that "the overwhelming majority" of beach-goers were "practicing social distancing."

Nevertheless, Newsom then announced a hard shut-down of Orange County beaches (but later decided that some could be open during limited morning hours). He wasn't pleased seeing Californians out enjoying fresh air and sunshine after many weeks of solitary confinement. It seems like an arbitrary response, but in a world of unchallenged power, who am I to object?

On its Twitter feed, the Office of the Governor posted a catchy statement: "The longer we go out, the longer we all stay in." That's something of a threat. State officials want us to more strictly follow Newsom's orders, or else they will punish us with them longer. Apparently, the beatings will continue until morale improves, even though there's scant evidence that these outings imperil public health.

Unfortunately, the nationwide rallies have seemed ineffective. Newsom said he wouldn't listen to them and California Highway Patrol has banned and cracked down on protests at the state Capitol. There's still a way for the out-of-work peons to proceed.

I went out for the first time in days and found the streets crowded, parking lots full and people following the social-distancing rules. Maybe our best approach is to begin to quietly live our lives as normally as possible. We won't question the sensible measures, but, as Alice noted, we shan't stay silent in the face of arbitrary nonsense.

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  1. We live somewhere deep down in the rabbit hole. It is the politicians who are gathering up the “smart pills” that the rabbit has dropped from its behind, though, and taking them, butt to no avail, since they’re clearly NOT getting any smarter!

    1. “the “smart pills” that the rabbit has dropped from its behind”

      Lol you CANNOT stop obsessing over shit lololol

      1. he probably skipped breakfast

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    2. one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. guess which one the peons are getting?

  2. The northern third of California, from Mendocino County east to Nevada County and north to Oregon, has an area about the size of the state of Virginia and only 1.2 million people. There have been 9 deaths attributed to coronavirus since this started and less than 300 cases. Four of the counties have never had even one case.
    Yet the rules considered appropriate for San Francisco are applied equally here. Small towns with only one barber or restaurant – there are many – are seeing the businesses bankrupt and can expect years to pass before they are replaced.
    Apparently the governor thinks the vast majority of voters who live in LA and the Bay Area will be jealous of any relaxation in a rural area. Those rural areas do not exist on any electoral map at the best of times, and are invisible now.

    1. That’s the thing that scares politicians the most — that people can take care of themselves. It’s not just that the rural counties don’t need the same rules as cities — it’s that cities don’t need rules either, and letting rural counties go uncontrolled would wake up city people to think they should be free too. It scares the pemmican right out of the politicians.

    2. What makes you think years will pass before such businesses are replaced (or reopened)? The assets are still there, the skills are still there, the demand is still there. What else are they going to do? Did the barber re-train as a health aide?

      1. My gut instinct is that this recession is going to be pretty short, or at least could be if the government gets out of the way. The worst thing government can do is try to micromanage releasing the lockdowns, trying to figure out which businesses are essential at each step of their fevered imaginations. Supply chains will take a while to get up to full speed, but the demand for non-essential (as defined by politicians) goods has only been delayed, not stopped.

        1. True.

          I imagined here what the world would be like if isolation became normal: Everybody changing careers to “essential” work, division of labor breaking down otherwise, families inbreeding (because you could date only your brother or sister).

      2. The people lost their capital. They can’t repay what they owe, either on the business or their home mortgage. If you think that people are lined up to start a business in a town of 800 separated by 40 miles from the next town over, you have not spent time in rural America.
        Towns die.

        1. With the tax/regulatory/litigation environment in CA, the idea of starting a business almost anywhere in the state is regarded as a punchline by a lot of people who have tried. If the exodus of existing businesses from the state is slowing at all, it’s likely more because an increasing portion of the remaining ones are basically unable to leave (agriculture, service industries and tech companies whose workers refuse to move away from the natural environment).

          A few years ago, CA was ranked as 51st in “quality of life” by a national survey after 2 decades of basically one-party governance. Apparently part of “progress” involves creating artificial misery sufficient to offset one of the best natural living environments on the continent.

        2. Those particular owners may have lost their capital, but it still exists. If your home is foreclosed on, it’s not demolished. If your barber shop or restaurant can’t pay its bills, it’s not demolished either.

          People move out of small towns, they move into them too.

          What’s the end result of any depression in the market? People picking up bargains!

          1. Have you even heard of the Broken Window Fallacy? Because your argument is a perfect example of it.

            Lives are being ruined. Businesses are going bankrupt and some will not recover. This isn’t a case of Schumpeter’s creative destruction where businesses get replaced by something better – this is simple, pointless destruction where the best case is eventual replacement with the same thing (and lots of lost opportunity costs along the way).

            1. you nailed it, broken window fallacy to a T… but you can’t blame anyone for attempting to use it… pretty much our entire corporate cronyist economy runs on it. Any government subsidized act from the military industrial complex to ethanol or wind-farm/solar subsidies are either some derivative or at least a near cousin. So naturally if an average person sees a problem.. they will use the “tools” they see government says “fix” other economic problems.

          2. “Those particular owners may have lost their capital, but it still exists.”

            No, it doesn’t.
            Capital is developed by human effort and creativity. Take those away and the capital is lost.
            Money =/+ capital or wealth.

        3. And that my friend is the idea

      3. when they fall behind on the mortgage, insurance, other fixed monthly costs just for having their name on the place, and those wanting their monthlies don’t decide to forclose, or whatever equivalent they choose, the space is now lost. The hired help often are forced to move on, so then the owner has to find replacements, train them, etc. reestablish supply chains, often at less favourable pricing……. if I had a cafe or smallish restaurant in such a place I’d let word spread around town, the door is open come on in. Odds are, in such towns, the local gendarmerie will simply forget to “investigate” such “violatioins”. Some will even openly declare The Gabbling Nuisance does NOT get his way HERE. Let him stay in Sackamenna and ruin folks’ lives down there.

    3. Washington is doing the same thing. My county is right across the river from Portland, OR, has 500,000 people, and we’ve had 22 deaths. 10 people in the entire county are in the hospital for this. Now the governor says NO NEW CASES for 14 days before we can open.

      We have 8,000 empty beds and roughly 300 people in the hospital with covid, all across the state. The longer this goes on, the clearer it gets that it isn’t about the virus at all.

      1. I’m an RN in Seattle. I could tell you what we are being asked to do to keep our numbers up. Our upper management is drinking the kool-aid from Skype at home. The narrative is a lie.

    4. We are doing pretty much the opposite in Missouri. ‘Large’ urban areas (St. Louis and Kansas City) shut down a few weeks before the statewide restrictions were put in place. Rural areas probably barely noticed – most of those counties have had only a handful of cases and 0 or 1 deaths. So, they lifted the statewide restrictions last week.

      The St. Louis area is talking about easing restrictions around May 18th or so and it will be a gradual phasing sort of process. It makes more sense to treat the densely populated areas differently than the rural ones. Of the 9,489 confirmed C-19 cases in Missouri, and 449 deaths (attributed), the St. Louis area had 6,019 cases and 373 deaths (63% and 83% of the state total). the KC area has experienced 1336 cases and 37 deaths (14% and 8%).


    5. This is not about logic or common sense,The CA. Governor like several other Lefty Pols have seized this moment to do all they can to destroy the economy & take Trump down! If the little people they claim to love so much get destroyed in the process, so be it , as they feel the sacrifice is valid for the greater greater cause! Satanic ideology to me!…Funny, but, if you feel like I do that there should have never been any lockdowns at all as 95% of the people dying from this are elderly or immuno-compromised and even if 500,000 of them die from it, the ruination of 25-50 million lives, including many young people and the added debt is not worth it, then the Leftys will call me a heartless Trump-loving POS!!!

      1. Plus they and seemingly a large percentage of cops just get their jollies with forcing people to OBEY.

  3. I’d love to see someone write an article about how the “models” we’ve kneecapped society over are hobbyist-grade simulation programs hacked together by an amateur programmer 10 years ago

    1. That’d be nice.
      Instead, we get a long ass article about two nobodies pushing a sex assault hoax that never made the news… because “orange man bad”

      1. All of the encyclopedic, exhaustive reams and reams full of knowledge about the scummishness of Dear Leader? Trumpistas say, “Do NOT study up on that! Don’t trouble your pretty little head about it! Stay ignorant of the details, and I will summarize ALL of that for you! It amounts to ‘Orange Man Bad’, is all!”

        What next? Don’t bother with the books and documentaries and museums about the Holocaust! Here, lemme “summarize” it all for you: Mustache Man Bad!

        Another summary then for you: Trumpistas Pro-Ignorance!

        1. Oh, fuck off already.

    2. Just saw the piece you describe.. seems a certain dewwb whose name I cannot recall, who worls at some bit Brit outfit (National Centre or some such) is the one that put together the original model to “prove’ how many will die from this.. his model was so whacked that even with the same date set for input it still produced results all over the place. He refuses to reveal his”code”, insists he is right, gets all chuffed when pressed about his model’s inaccuracy… and calls everyone berko for even daring to question him. And he will probably not only not get fired, he’ll retire in a few years with an yuge pension.

      1. I spent some time looking at this released code for this model lunch the other day and have a few comments myself.

        The code is labeled as C++, but is simply poorly written C being compiled by a C++ compiler. In fact, I’m pretty sure some of it was originally in fortran and has been converted to C using f2c (the tell-tales are there).

        If anyone on my software development team had produced code like this, I would beat them with a stick. The code looks like something from people who’ve found a C reference manual from the 1980s and kept pounding on code until it only crashes sometimes instead of every time.

        No coding standards from any reputable source (MISRA, etc.) are followed.

        No code formatting standards seem to be in place.

        A “most-telling” commit log comment exists on MANY files. It says “Squash history for public release” meaning that they erased the change logs for who knows how many bugs, changes, etc.? Cover-up much?

        Even the most recent change logs notices seem to admit errors, e.g., “Lots of changes to make CT more realistic. Buggy”

        An inordinate amount of code is used because clearly the authors do not understand how to use even the most basic standard library calls and wrote their own. E.g., several hundred lines to implement getopt() manually for each command-line parameter.

        I would not trust the people who wrote this code to properly write software to compute body-mass-index, let alone a complex model like this.

        And we stopped the world based on the output from this model.

        I am highly reminded here of the similar bad state of affairs in the Mann climate change model software, which had many of the same sorts of problems.

        I also have some exposure to other climate-study models. They all sucked, too.

        The common thread here is that the researchers who do the math then try to write the code. It’s not something they’re trained to do, and they do it poorly. Epidemiologists should not write software any more than they should perform open-heart surgery.

      2. The same guy who wrote the alarmist Imperial College report that said that 2M people in the US would die of COVID made similarly alarming projections in earlier pandemics and was way wrong those times.

        His fellow epidemiologists don’t think much of his models it seems…“In 2009, one of Ferguson’s models predicted 65,000 people could die from the Swine Flu outbreak in the UK — the final figure was below 500.” Business Insider also noted, “Michael Thrusfield, a professor of veterinary epidemiology at Edinburgh University, told the paper he had ‘déjà vu’ after reading the Imperial paper, saying Ferguson was responsible for excessive animal culling during the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak. Ferguson warned the government that 150,000 people could die. Six million animals were slaughtered as a precaution, costing the country billions in farming revenue. In the end, 200 people died.”

        But hey, if he keeps making these projections, maybe he’ll eventually be right, right? But it sure seems like his models are designed to get headlines than to be accurate. Maybe this is the one even. So far it doesn’t look like it.

  4. But now we’re left stuck in the King of Hearts’ court

    Did you ever move a file on a PC using Bill Gates’s Windows Explorer? Did you ever watch the time in the dialog box spasm from six weeks, to ten minutes, to three days, before settling on thirty seconds? XKCD did a bit on it.

    Here’s a little known fact. Bill Gates’s IHME uses the exact same algorithm to estimate deaths from Coronavirus. In April alone they went from 93,531 to 81,766 to 60,415 to 68,841 to 72,433 to 134,475.

    The King of Hearts Bill Gates and the Suicide King Neil Ferguson should never have had a voice in policy discussion.

    1. The “algorithm” is nothing more than taking the average over all known data points, even when there aren’t enough of them to make the make the data set statistically relevant

      1. Also, FWIW, the xkcd comic was about the old “algorithm” in XP and earlier OSes which was based solely on the current instantaneous speed. It would fluctuate wildly for the entire duration of the transfer, especially if you were doing something else on the compute that would affect the speed

  5. but it’s not arbitrary and capricious.

    Objection, facts not in evidence!

  6. In Ohio, the outside spaces of restaurants will open soon (no inside dining).

    The wait staff will be required to wear masks, but the cooks and back room staff will not. Customers, presumably at a restaurant to put things into their mouths, will be encouraged to wear masks.

    1. Be fun to walk in to a restaurant there with a little funnel sticking out of the top of your mask. Then order soup. Just soup. Maybe melted ice cream for dessert.

      1. Beautiful.

        “Is that a *single-use* funnel?”

    2. As long as the cooks can still spit in our food, I’m cool.

    3. I have also found it difficult to eat and drink with an N95 mask on.

  7. Where’s Kirkland? Too hung-over from celebrating his longed-for paradise of Betters shitting on the masses?

    1. The only people opposed to the covid 19 rules are clingers. You all need to learn to obey all of the laws passed down to you, because they really are for your own good. If you can’t see that then you need to suffer serious punishment. Your betters are winning the culture war and we will shove our rules down your neck

      1. Clinging bitterly to their jobs, or income, or financial security

        1. Try again.

      2. I appreciate the meta-parody, but…
        These decrees by mayors and governors and judges are NOT laws. And that is especially true of the clearly unconstitutional orders, like shutting down churches.

    2. Deceased. CoD, strangulation via autoerotic asphyxiation while gloating.

    3. His co-workers down at the local McDonald’s bet him he couldn’t deep fry his own head. Unfortunately he won that bet. The virtual memorial service will be from 10:00 until 10:05 this Sunday.

      1. I don’t think it will take that long.

  8. “Many COVID-19 Lockdown Rules Seem Like Arbitrary Nonsense”

    More great work from the University of No-Shit, Sherlock.

    1. Department of Where Were You March 15th?

  9. I think the masks are symbols of the peasants following the king’s order.

    Scratch that. It’s following the General Secretary of the People Democratic Socialist Party of America’s orders with snitching comrades carrying little red books telling us how to behave.

  10. What I wish this Mr. Greenhut had mentioned: Restrictions on the free exercise of religion. What we have happening now, is wrong. Our free exercise rights must be respected, and an accommodation found that balances safety (a must) with our free exercise of religion (i.e. gathering in-person for services). Of all the restrictions I have, this one hurts the most.

    It is Friday afternoon, and I am getting ready for Shabbat. These hours are a time of transition; a transition from work to rest and tranquility.This weekend, it will be chulent for dinner. I spent a little time with it because, well, I have a little more time to make it. Normally, I attend an uplifting and inspiring Kabbalat Shabbat service. Our Cantor is unusually gifted, her singing touches your soul. I cannot tell you how much I miss hearing the melodies of Yedid Nefesh, L’kha Dodi, and my particular favorite – Yigdal. I close my eyes, and listen for those songs of praise, but they are not heard. At least, not like she sings them. A major piece of my life has been missing for some time now. And it is an essential part of my life.

    A family member died recently, and I have no minyan to say Mourners Kaddish. Yes, I can go to a zoom service, but Mourners Kaddish is a community prayer. At it’s core, when you say Kaddish, you are being supported by a community of people who are standing right next to you, spiritually supporting you in your grief. The support is palpable; you feel it. This is missing, and the isolation and grief are much greater than they ordinarily would be. We’re on our own – separated from my community.

    Unfortunately, the restrictions will go on for a time. But of all the restrictions I am dealing with, this one is the hardest: not going to shul and praying quietly before God in a minyan.

    1. If your religion is as important to you as you say it is, it’s incumbent upon you and your companions to take a stand. As long as your synagogue meekly submits to government dictates, it gives lie to the sincerity and depth of your claimed convictions.

      1. What happened to the Jews who were willing to be slain by the sword rather than sacrifice pork on the altar, or who banded together to die at Masada rather than submit to the Romans?

        1. With this last comment, you lived up to your name.

          1. Your superstition is your own problem, but you seem more than willing to keep people locked out of making a living.
            And when someone points out more than a bit of hypocrisy, you get huffy?
            Forgive me for pointing out why you’re considered a JFree-class snow-flake.

        2. Probably the same thing that happened to the christians who would rather get fed to the lions than deny their savior? Christian churches have been notably compliant with being told to shutdown, with only a few exceptions making headlines.

    2. Our free exercise rights must be respected, and an accommodation found that balances safety (a must) with our free exercise of religion (i.e. gathering in-person for services)

      YES. And as to “accomodation t be found that balances safety and our free exercise or religion” there is only one answer that will serve. let each congregation decide for themselves what is appropriate. In a smal rural area where maybe 30 people might gather in a room designated for 300, and everyone knows each other well, and would certainly stay home if thought contagious or sick, the rules imposed on a huge magechurch in a city of millions, four services one after the last, 4000 people in one big room, might be right for the huge gathering but utterly insane for the itinu one. Yet these idiot governors impose one size fits all, and its mandated for all everywhere in their state. THIS is not “keeping people safe” it is keeping people SUBDUED, and COMPLIANT. Don’t forget.. NOWHERE in the Federal or an State constitution is there any mandage or charge to governent at any level to “keep people safe”. NOT in their job description. Yet they accrete this task to themelves, and impose that which they have NO RIGHT to impose. But WE THE PEOPLE shut upl sit down and accet it. Do we forget that government rules at the pleasure of the governed?

  11. “Maybe our best approach is to begin to quietly live our lives as normally as possible.” That works as long as you don’t run a business or incur the ire of the state. It’s the way capitalism at the margins operates in third world countries where there is no rule of law protecting commercial enterprises. It is a travesty that that is now the way we are forced to live in the United States.

  12. California has a population of 40 million people. As of today, we have just over 2600 Covid deaths. This is much lower than deaths from seasonal flu. It’s less than deaths from traffic accidents. Yet Newsom will only allow a few businesses to open curbside pick-up and we’re not supposed to go to the beach! When is the media going to ask him what his justification is for keeping the lock down going. We get no clear explanation of what this is about.

    1. Who brainwashed you, Fox or Breitbart?
      CA deaths were over 2500, three days ago.
      Seasonal flu deaths are for an entire year, this is less than three months, with many more months to come.

      Umm, the coronavirus deaths have been significantly reduced by the lockdowns, which is WHY California ranks among the best.

      We get no clear explanation of what this is about.

      YOU may not, but it’s quite simple — even obvious — to even the moderately-informed, as I’ve explained next.

      1. Fuck off, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.
        Stuff your PANIC!!! flag up your ass, stick first and sit on it.

      2. NolanLibertarian
        May.9.2020 at 3:27 am
        “Who brainwashed you, Fox or Breitbart?”
        Shitbag, I’m sure you can cite CNN, right?

        “CA deaths were over 2500, three days ago.
        Seasonal flu deaths are for an entire year, this is less than three months, with many more months to come.”
        Gee, imagining the death rate to continue automatically requires shit-bag lefty cowards to demand everyone be shutdown by the government, right shit-bag lefty coward?

        “Umm, the coronavirus deaths have been significantly reduced by the lockdowns, which is WHY California ranks among the best.”
        Your STOOOPID ate your cite, shit-bag lefty coward. Prove it or STFU.

        You’re not ‘informed’; you’re one more propaganda promoter. Imagine someone claiming to be libertarian, demanding that the government lock everyone *else* up in the hopes *he* doesn’t catch a cold!
        Ever hear of ‘personal responsibility’, you pathetic piece of lefty scum? Ever consider taking responsibility for your health rather than using the thuggery of the government to support your whiny cowardice?
        Seriously, please read this:
        Please get sick and die of something, I don’t care what. Your family will be proud and the world will be a better place.
        Fuck off and die. Now.

  13. No, goobers, you do NOT have an unalienable and/or God-Given right to run around infecting and/or killing innocent people … with a highly infectious disease you can have and not even know it! DUH

    Over 1/4 of all covid-19 infections never have symptoms. Of those with symptoms, they can take 14 days to appear.

    Fox will never seek to educate you. I just did.

    1. you do NOT have an unalienable and/or God-Given right to run around infecting and/or killing innocent people

      NO ONE is demanding that ‘right” goober….. get real.
      98% of positive tested folks get NO symptoms or very mild, often not even realising they are sick. 95% of deaths are above sixty years of age, AND nearly al l have other serious health issues…. obesity, diabetes, heart problems, cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis…. had been life long smokers. etc. The risk of death from this disease amongst those of reasonalble health and without the factors mentioneed above is far less than getting killed in a car crash. Yet no one is calling to shut down the nation because some of us MIHGT get killed in car crashes. Yet I got into two different cars today, and still made it home in one piece.

      1. you do NOT have an unalienable and/or God-Given right to run around infecting and/or killing innocent people

        That’s MY point!

        NO ONE is demanding that ‘right” goober

        You defend it here! With goobersh reasons!!

        98% of positive tested folks get NO symptoms or very mild, often not even realising they are sick

        Also MY point … then goes totally off the rails … and PROVES my point! (lol)
        Craziest of all from you people

        The risk of death from this disease amongst those of reasonalble health and without the factors mentioneed above is far less than getting killed in a car crash. Yet no one is calling to shut down the nation because some of us MIHGT get killed in car crashes.


        Yet I got into two different cars today, and still made it home in one piece.


        95% of deaths are above sixty years of age


        “Overall, 31% of cases, 45% of hospitalizations, 53% of ICU admissions, and 80%/B> of deaths associated with COVID-19 were among adults aged ≥65 years with the highest percentage of severe outcomes among persons aged ≥85 years,” the report said.

        TRANSLATION: They’re the most likely to die IF INFECTED … and you demand some right to infect more. Would you infect your own gramma?

        Disclaimer: I never meant to imply that everyone protesting lockdowns is a goober. But Tianico leaves NO doubt that HE is! MIGHT he believe geezers are infected only by other geezers? WHY ELSE MENTION THEM??

        1. Translation:
          Limy piece of cowardly lefty shit…

        2. So the lockdown is worht saving the lives of people who might possibly be killed by COVID, but the same measures and response are NOT warranted for people who might be killed by the flu?

          “you do NOT have an unalienable and/or God-Given right to run around infecting and/or killing innocent people”

          If you have ever had the flu and left your house in anything except a full hazmat suit, you may have killed someone.

          Right now the numbers are indicating that for every person the flu killed (despite herd immunity, flu vaccines, and flu-specific meds for treatment), COVID may kill 3 or 4, maybe 6, and largely from the same demographics (elderly, underlying comorbidities).

          So what people have been arguing seems to be that for 1 death from flu, we can ignore it, but 6 deaths from COVID we should shut down the world.

          Because many of the expletives spouted for COVID lockdowns, if people where really honest about “saving even one life”, they’d be demanding the same every flu season. They don’t because the lives of people killed by the flu don’t mean anything, only the lives of people killed by COVID mean anything.

      2. One thing they don’t usually reflect on is that flattening the curve doesn’t significantly change the area under the curve. If there are 200k at-risk people who would almost certainly die if exposed at any time to COVID-19, then there’s still 200k likely to die, they’ll just be spread out over more time. Some number may be saved because of the flatter curve allowing for better utilization of hospital beds and ventilators. But unless some miracle treatment comes about very soon or a vaccine is created followed vast immunization program, those most-at-risk people will eventually be exposed and will die anyway.

        It’s not really a matter of IF they get exposed (and subsequently die). It’s a matter of WHEN. The virus is in the wild, and these half-assed lockdowns aren’t fooling the virus one bit. The only way someone in the fated group doesn’t die of COVID eventually is that they die of something else first.

    2. People do it every flu season.

      1. Try again.

        1. Fuck off again, Hihn.

    3. NolanLibertarian
      May.9.2020 at 3:16 am
      “No, goobers, you do NOT have an unalienable and/or God-Given right to run around infecting and/or killing innocent people … with a highly infectious disease you can have and not even know it! DUH”

      Worried about getting sick, you pathetic piece of lefty shit? Lock YOUR ass away.
      You do not have the right to lock me up.
      Consider yourself taught, but I’m sure a fucking lefty ignoramus like you will not be educated.

  14. “You better stay home and do as you’re told!
    Get out of the road, if you wanna grow old!”

  15. Gee, no ALL CAPS RESPONSE!!!!
    Can we hope the cowardly lefty piece of shit Hihn has died?
    Hihn, if, unfortunately, you haven’t died, you may see my comment as rhetorical. It’s not. It is dead serious, pun intended.
    No, there is no presumption that a death of a particular individual is a loss to mankind absent evidence to the contrary. By all of the stinking piles of shit the lot of you post here, humanity would be far better off if you, JFree, Tony, commie-kid, pod and others were dead. Today. Now. Yesterday.
    I make no effort to cause your death, but I eagerly look forward to it in behalf of mankind.
    Make your families proud and the world a better place; all of you scumbag lefty thugs, fuck off and die.

  16. The mayor of LA is just another petty tyrant, making up inane rules just so his cops can have a reason to force people to OBEY. “We’ll never be completely open until we have a cure”

    “While beaches in Los Angeles County finally reopened, only certain activities are allowed. Walking and running on paths and the beach is allowed, but bike riding is not. “Ocean activities” such as swimming and surfboarding is allowed. Sitting or sunbathing on the beach is not allowed.

    WTF? You can walk or run, but not ride a bike? How is that rational with respect to COVID? You can swim or surf, but not sit quietly on the beach? How is that rational with respect to COVID?

    “Look, we have to tell the hard truths and protect our people. At the same time, we take steps forward. For instance, this past weekend we opened up our trails, we have retail for curbside pickup. We’ll see that expanded and even some active recreation on our beaches this coming weekend,” he continued. “Those are important. And we’ve never been fully closed. We’ll never be completely open until we have a cure, but I do believe that we can take steps. But monitor those numbers, listen to the scientists and the medical professionals, and make the tough calls even when there’s criticism.”

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