Brickbat: I See Your Picture


Minnesota State Patrol trooper Albert Kuehne has been charged with two counts of felony stalking. Prosecutors say Kuehne responded to a single-car wreck involving a woman detained as a possible drunk driver. They say Kuehne took the woman's phone and messaged nude photos the woman had of herself on her phone to his own phone while she was being treated by paramedics. Kuehne faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each charge.

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  1. His training told him he needed to seize her assets.

    1. Ok, you win damn you.

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    2. Hey now, I’m sure this precise thing has never come up before, how did he not get QI?

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  3. Prove it! Show us the pictures. FOIA!

  4. He was just preserving the evidence

  5. Face fuck him with a lead pipe. Pigs like this are why the general public doesn’t trust the bacon patrol.

  6. She was asking for it.

  7. This is why women shouldn’t drive.

    (note: same logic behind burqa)

  8. According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, 36-year-old Albert Kuehne of Dayton is charged by summons with two counts of stalking with bias, due to the fact the victim was a woman.

    Emphasis added. Charles, how could you miss this aspect of the story? In these days of modern time, that might allow ol’ Albert to walk.

  9. Lemme guess – he was blinded by her headlights.

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