Trump Wanted To 'Throw Massie Out of Republican Party!' but the Libertarian-Leaning Congressman Just Won His Primary Anyway

The 24-year-old real estate investor Madison Cawthorn also won his primary over Trump-backed businesswoman Lynda Bennett.


Libertarian-leaning Rep. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) has crushed his opponent in the Republican primary for the Northern Kentucky seat he's represented since 2012. It was one of two notable victories for GOP primary candidates against more overtly Trump-aligned challengers.

By early evening, Massie had racked up 88 percent of the unofficial vote against Todd McMurtry, a lawyer who represented Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann in his lawsuit against media outlets. The official results won't be released until June 30, when election officials have had enough time to count mail-in ballots.

Massie's libertarian streak and willingness to buck Republican leadership have earned him explicit rebukes from President Donald Trump in recent months, something McMurtry did his best to capitalize on.

When Massie held up the passage of the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in March—insisting that the pricey legislation receive a roll call vote—Trump called him a "disaster for America" on Twitter, and demanded his expulsion from the Republican Party.

Massie, in turn, made much of McMurtry's own social media activity. The lawyer had made several comments that were critical Trump. He'd also approvingly tweeted out a blog post primer on the alt-right and called for resistance to the "demonization of white people."

Those posts saw several Republican House members withdraw their endorsement of McMurtry, and cleared the way for Massie's victory.

Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath is also leading in Kentucky's U.S. Senate Democratic primary against progressive challenger Charles Booker. Provided she maintains her lead once all the mail-in ballots are counted, she'll go on to face incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell (R–Ky), who also won his primary tonight.

Trump's endorsement of businesswoman Lynda Bennett also failed to prevent her stunning loss tonight to 24-year-old real estate investor and motivational speaker Madison Cawthorn in the Republican primary for North Carolina's 11th Congressional District.

That seat was vacated earlier this year when former Rep. Mark Meadows (R–N.C.), one-time head of the House Freedom Caucus, resigned to take up the position as Trump's chief of staff. Despite endorsements from Trump, Meadows, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), Bennett received 35 percent of the vote in the two-person run-off election.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Meadows' apparent manipulation of the process to make Bennett his handpicked successor angered local Republicans. Cawthorn re-framed Bennett's many high-profile endorsements as proof that Bennett would be beholden to Washington elites.

Provided he beats Democratic candidate Moe Davis in November, Cawthorn will become the youngest member of Congress.

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90 responses to “Trump Wanted To 'Throw Massie Out of Republican Party!' but the Libertarian-Leaning Congressman Just Won His Primary Anyway

  1. Didn’t bother to vote in the Virginia GOP primary today and couldn’t even tell you who is running. Somehow I ended up on an email list for Aliscia Andrews who just won the primary for the 10th district, which isn’t mine, and currently is represented by Jennifer Wexton, one of the worst anti-gun soccer mom type progs. All of Ms Andrews emails said how she is an unapologetic Trump supporter, so how this will help her flip the district back, I know not.

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  2. Hmm, Trump endorsements are losing their cachet.

    1. He’s had a pretty mixed record but somehow always manages to blame the candidate he endorsed for losing.

      1. You are correct here, the President never accepts blame. It always the other person’s fault.

    2. TDS assholes are not getting a lot of traction, either, TDS asshole.

      1. You sound mad

        1. Trump seems to be getting his ass kicked a lot. Fortunately, that flabby loser has plenty of ass for others to kick.

          Watching him collapse is going to be fun. That walk from the helicopter was just the start.

      2. Biden’s going to win a landslide, faggot. Have a nice day.

      3. Nobody came to Trump’s rally because nobody supports the asshole anymore.

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  4. I’m with Massie on many issues but his backing of the democrats impeachment based on illegal spying leads me to a HELL NO on him. What Libertarian can back an investigation and impeachment based on violation of constitutional rights?
    Trump may be the most unsympathetic victim ever but he and his campaign were in fact of victim of spying, conspiracy and abuse of power.

    1. Trump was no more a victim of spying then any other American. Remember all investigations were done by the book. You don’t want spying change the book.

    2. You don’t know who Massie is, do you?

    3. The fact you think it was illegal spying to conduct an investigation says all we need to know about you.

      And that wasn’t him anyway- it was Amash. Way to go.

      1. Maybe the Russians got to the inspector general to lie that it was illegal. Keep hope alive crazy person!

    4. Massie didn’t back the impeachment.

      He’s been an exceedingly vocal opponent of it, of the Dems blatantly unconstitutional methods and of the endless witch hunt against Trump.

      He also, unlike so many others, including the simpleton who wrote this piece, understands HOW Trump speaks.

      1. If Republicans had voted Trump out of office, they might have had a chance of winning the White House in 2020. Moron. Poetic justice at its finest.

    5. This dude just confused Massie with Amash. Which is an embarrassing mistake.

      As a rule of thumb, Massie is the one that isn’t desperate to appease white liberals who will never vote for him and was smart enough to not believe in Russia Fever Dreams.

    6. Massie didn’t support impeachment, retard. Also, there was nothing wrong with impeachment.

  5. If the election were held today Biden would win. Unless trends change this will be the case in November. Republicans need to start thinking about a post Trump Republican Party. Massie and Cawthorn will be part of that reborn party. Both have Libertarian leanings, this should be a signal to other Republicans on the way forward.

    1. If the election were held today Biden would win

      I don’t think so.

      Based on the number of republicans voting vs the number of democrats voting –not who they’re voting for, just how many are voting, it looks like twice or almost twice as many republicans are voting as democrats.

      1. Nope. The polls clearly show Biden beating Trump in a landslide. Keep fooling yourself, moron.

    2. Is that prediction based on the work of the same pollsters who said Hillary would win in a landslide?

      Trump’s unpopular and says a remarkable number of stupid things. But the Ds seem determined to put forward the most unwinnable candidates that they can find.

      1. The polls did not show Hillary winning in a landslide. At least not right before the election, and that was due to the Comey letter. The polls were accurate then, and they are accurate now.

    3. There’s not a broad demographic of people who hate both confederate statues and anti-slavery hero statues, but for the two or three people out there like that he’s got their votes in the bag!

      1. thats tottaly bad for people of amireca

    4. If the election were held today Biden would win. Unless trends change this will be the case in November.

      There is no “trend”. Polls only start telling you something after Biden picks his VP, faces the public, and faces Trump in debates. Even then, what people say and what they do are two entirely different things.

      1. Yes, there are trends. Biden has been going up in the polling and Trump has been going down. This isn’t one poll it is many over a period of months. As for the election, any election with an incumbent is typically a referendum on the incumbent. Biden is not required to be anything other than an alternative.

        1. Biden just needs to let Trump keep burying himself. Biden should run about as silent a campaign as possible.

      2. Trump has never won a debate in his life, except maybe against neocon Jeb Bush.

  6. The leftward pendulum swing after Trump is going to be brutal. I hope owning the libs for 4 years was worth it.

    1. It is going to be magnificent. The liberal-libertarian alliance is positioned to deliver the killing blow to the clingers.

      1. Absolutely! It’s Joe’s turn! There is nothing American voters want more than to be called racists and bigots, and have their money redirected from policing to welfare services by federal mandate!

        1. Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the George Floyd murder and the backlash.

      2. Liberals and libertarians are not the same, Rev. However, I will be voting for Biden because Trump is a criminal and a moron.

    2. You seriously believe that after the daily sh*tshow of riots, race baiting, and impeachment hoaxes, Americans are going to go running into the arms of the Democratic party and its senile placeholder presidential candidate?

      Trump may lose in 2020, but if he does, it’s because people despise him personally even more than the Democrats.

      1. That the point, in a less than 4 years Trump, lazy and incompetent as he is, has made himself the most disliked President. He will likely go down taking Republican who have failed to stand up to his bullying. Massie and Cawthorn, two libertarian leaning Republicans are the future for their party.

        1. You sure do spend a lot of time cheering about who will win the miss America pageant popularity contest.

          I’d take Massie over Trump but since we all know Massie isn’t going to be president Trump’s first few years of deregulation makes him the prime choice. I don’t think the USA could handle another communist Democrat as president – we’re already resembling the USSR way too much.

          1. America has gone from #1 to #10 most competitive economy due to Trump’s tariffs. He has FUCKED the economy.

            1. Never-mind the stock market increase and the lowest jobless rate since the 60’s or that it was a Democrat that launched us into the Great Depression as well as the recent Recession. Never-mind COVID-19 has caused many mayors to shut down their economy.

              No, no… Forget all that. It’s all Trumps fault… /s

              1. Every other country has Covid too.

              2. The markets and jobs were a continuation of the recovery started in the last administration. President Trump was handed a good economy and put it in the crapper. Yes it is his fault, he signed a unnecessary tax cut that increased national debt, he spend more money, he started trade wars he could not win, and he failed to address a world wide pandemic. By the way brush up on your history, Republican were in the WH at the start of the Great Depression (Hoover) and the Great Recession (Bush).

                1. lmao… So lets get this straight. You want to blame Hoover and Bush for being there before the great depression and recession and believe FDR and Obama recovered them but will pull a complete 180-judgement and blame Trump for today’s economy and void Obama any liability in the matter (being there previously).

                  I’d say you’ve got some serious unjustified biases going on. Especially when both economies just kept on failing during FDR and Obama. Obama took the debt from $11T to $20T (double) until Trump sees a $40T debt figure you are just lying.

                  FDR added $236B to the debt a 1,048% increase comparing to Wilsons $21B… You’re just packed full of sh*t.

                  1. Why should Obama have any liability for the economy tanking right now? The economy was good when Obama handed it over to Trump.

                    Increasing the debt during a poor economy is not as bad as when you do it during a good economy. Trump had no business signing the tax cut since he never gave a damn about cutting spending.

                    1. And yet; liberal media was crying fowl the whole time Trump was cutting budgets ( and Regulation ). 34% cut to the EPA alone, 24% cut on US AID, 16% cut to urban development, 12% cuts to HHS, Education and Energy…..

                      All of which are UN-Constitutional at the federal level.

                      I guess doubling and 10-timesing the debt while having compulsively “poor economy” (Great Depression and Recession) are sure factors that they, “giving a damn about cutting spending”.

                      Give me a break…. Is your left brain completely dead??

                    2. You are right on the money. President Obama had over a good economy and President Trump tossed it away. President Biden will have access to Obama’s advisors who helped bring the country back from the 2008 Recession. As a bonus we can expect Republicans to go back to being deficit hawks.

                    3. “President Obama had a good economy” — Wow, you lefties really see a heaven everywhere there is hell don’t you……. Just don’t use federal dictation to FORCE us all into your hell. Go start a lefty commune…

                    4. Heck, You wouldn’t even have to start one. Might I suggest playing your games in Detroit, Seattle, NYC or if you want a really big commune just move to Cuba. I would mention USSR but it’s already demolished, Detroit is pretty much gone… But wow!!! Your dream economy fully controlled by lefty ideology…. What are you doing pestering the very foundation of the USA (freedom) with so many ‘dream hell’ options?????? You DON’T HAVE to put up with the right; just decide to leave the right ALONE!!! The right wants you to have maximum freedom to live in you ‘dream hell’ just don’t force us to live there…

      2. Yes. Impeachment was not a hoax, you moron.

        The polls show Americans disapprove of how Trump has handled the Floyd issue. They want a uniter, not a divider. They want someone who’s not too chickenshit to say “Black lives matter.”

        1. Well crap… And here I was under the impression that ALL human life mattered. Apparently only black skinned humans matter and screw any idea that pre-born life matters at all. I guess the only life’s that matter are those selected by those few that took a poll somewhere in liberal land.

          1. You really think “Black Lives Matter” means other lives do not? Lol.

            1. So BLM is a misnomer? Seems a bit contrary to claim such an idea when all the rioting seems to be about black people only. Actually it seems to be quite a RACIST group!!!

      3. Trump is going to prison after he loses, and Barr probably will too or at least be disbarred.

  7. Why is Reason spending more words talking about republican primaries than their libertarian presidential candidate? I haven’t heard a thing from them about Jo Jorgensen since she got nominated. How’s that campaign going? Or have they already given up?

    1. If Amash had won the primary, we would be treated to daily articles about what an amazing libertarian he is.

      Jo Jorgensen is too sensible and not anti-Trump enough for Reason, so she gets ignored.

      1. There’s also the fact that hardly anyone will vote for her.

  8. Nothing more racist than saying white people shouldn’t be demonized!

    1. I know right-how dare a candidate speak up for 60+% of the population.

    2. Shouldn’t it be “no race should be demonized”?

      Why focus on just one race? Isn’t that racist… according to the people this statement is obviously catering to?

    3. Shouldn’t it be “no race should be demonized”? Why focus on just one race? Isn’t that racist… according to the people this statement is obviously catering to?

  9. What does Massie have to do to get upgraded from “libertarian-leaning” to full “libertarian” by Reason? Start a Twitter spat with Trump?

    1. Religious Republicans and Communist Anarchists are falling all over each other in ghastly efforts to cross-dress as hyphenated libertarians–where hyphenated, as usual, means fake, impostor, cross dresser, camouflaged parasite or fifth-column saboteur. But, you know what they say about imitation…
      Just remember that on election day…

    2. Well yes, NOYB2. Being a libertarian actually isn’t compatible with supporting Trump.

      And on your other comment about Jo Jorgensen vs. Justin Amash: one would hope the LP nominee would be someone who…you know…ran AGAINST the other party’s nominees. She doesn’t have to buy into every anti-Trump conspiracy but she needs to point out every time she’s in front of a camera or mike that he’s totally unfit to be POTUS, his program sucks, and he needs to be removed through any combination available of non-election, getting impeached, or getting 25th-ed.

  10. And the Bennett /Cawthorn thing that you’re trying to create–are you serious?

    One candidate is backed by the house Freedom Caucus and one isn’t.

    Trump’s pick.

    Trump’s pick is backed by the Freedom Caucus, you know, Massie and his buddies.

    Fail, Reason. But you’re all probably getting inured to it by this time.

  11. It’s only fair that honkies take their turn at being demonized. After the War Against the Tariff ended in 1865, both the Red Man in Comanche territory and the Black Man in Reconstructed States were widely held to be avatars of Satan. One of the reasons for ganging up on the Demon Rum was that the Demon Rum had no arrows to shoot back, and couldn’t very well vote for lack of hands. Today the Demon Dope is the plant leaf Avatar of Demonic Possession, but may soon be dislodged by the Cowardly Cop.

  12. I think Trump is going crazy

    1. This article is rather misleading – since his statement about Massie leaving the party was back during the CARES Act. Had nothing to do with his election.

  13. trumph is counting its last days very soon its time is over

  14. Provided he beats Democratic candidate Moe Davis in November, Cawthorn will become the youngest member of Congress.

    I assume Cawthorn turns 25 before the election or before swearing-in day?

    1. Turns 25 on August 1.

  15. Trump is acting as a litmus test for principles. If you turn orange when exposed, you haven’t any.

    Voters can no longer hold their noses and look away from those smelly orange stains.

  16. Thankfully, we are only months away from Trump being turned out of office.

    Then he and his gang can begin their lives as a criminal defendants and convicts.

    1. And what has Trump done that would make his white house administration criminal?

      1. Idiot.

  17. There’s something really special about Kentucky. I’m not sure what but someone should find out. Maybe they actually teach the Constitution still in school. Rand Paul and now Thomas Massie. These guys are by far the best politicians in DC.

  18. Lefties just continue to ignore history. Nixon won in a landslide in 1972 because of Lefty shenanigans and there are a bunch of lawless behavior happening today.

    Trump is the best President in US History.

    You can tell that Democrat leaders know Trump will be reelected. Look at what they say and the kind of lies the media whores are putting to print.

    1. I can’t wait to see you here after the election. Trust me; I won’t forget, ilovedicks1789. I suspect you’ll be a coward and log off for a while, though.

    2. Trump is FINISHED.

  19. I’m voting for Biden. There. I said it. Trump has drive me to that. First time I will have ever voted Dem.

    1. driven

    2. What has Trump done that was so horrible to make you want to vote for a commie?

      … oh wait, I know …. “Idiot”. lol… 🙂

      1. Better a “commie” than a criminal moron.

  20. What happened to all the morons saying this was just the flu? 120,000 deaths in three months, and that’s WITH social distancing laws. Imagine if we didn’t have them. Being a libertarian does not have to mean throwing science out the window.

  21. Trump tariffs have sunk America’s economy from most competitive to tenth most competitive. First time in three decades we’ve been out of the top five. See, this is why conservatives OPPOSE protectionism. Of course, Trump didn’t learn about Hoover in history class.

  22. Trump used tear gas on PEACEFUL protesters exercising their rights; that is fascism.

    Using tear gas without cause is actually a violation of international law.

  23. MORON Trump wants people arrested for flag burning. I guess he forgot SCOTUS ruled it’s free speech. Most libertarian president ever!

  24. When Trump is gone after November, libertarians, NOT NEOCONS, have to take back the mantle of the Republican Party. Rand Paul is going to have to abjure Trump quickly and unequivocally if he ever wants to be respected again.

  25. Now that Massie has survived his primary, there is no excuse for his silence on ending qualified immunity. Time to speak up.

  26. Is Amash running for re-election or not?

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