Will the Next Eric Garner Be Killed Over Black Market Fireworks?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating a task force to crackdown on the sale and use of illegal fireworks.


The past few years have seen many states and localities easing their restrictions on selling and using fireworks. Not so in New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has just announced the creation of a new task force to enforce the city's unchanged ban on all consumer fireworks.

"Illegal fireworks are both dangerous and a public nuisance," said de Blasio today. "We're cracking down on this activity at the source to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers and the ability of our neighbors to get some sleep."

The 42-member task force will be comprised of officers from the New York Police Department's (NYPD) Intelligence Bureau, members of the city's Fire Department (FDNY), and members of the city's Sheriff's Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The latter agency is responsible for investigating city tax and financial crimes, including the trade in untaxed cigarettes.

The fireworks task force, according to a city press release, will "target suppliers, distributors and possessors of large quantities of illegal fireworks by conducting investigations and sting operations within and outside of New York City to disrupt supply chains." The FDNY will be responsible for running educational campaigns on the dangers of fireworks.

Currently, all consumer fireworks are illegal in New York City. That includes everything from M-80s to sparklers.

The creation of this task force comes amid a surge in complaints about firework use. City officials said at a press conference that the city received 1,737 complaints about illegal fireworks in June 2020, up from just 21 this time last year.

The added noise from those fireworks has spawned both demonstrations and conspiracy theories. Last night, a crowd of motorists honked their horns outside de Blasio's home to protest the constant disruptions to their sleep.

"Our message tonight was simple: Mr. Mayor, if we can't sleep, you won't sleep," tweeted City Councilmember Chaim Deutch, who attended the protest.

In a viral tweet thread, author Robert Jones Jr. speculated that the fireworks were being sold by government officials in an effort to desensitize minority communities to loud explosions and disrupt the Black Lives Matter movement.

There's no evidence for that theory. Others have suggested that the mass cancellation of Fourth of July celebrations has seen vendors selling off their stock of more-powerful commercial fireworks to regular consumers.

Julie Heckman of the American Pyrotechnics Association dismisses this theory out of hand, given the serious legal consequences that would come with selling professional fireworks to consumers.

"If [professional firework display companies] diverted them or tried to sell them to someone who's unlicensed, that is a felony, they would go to prison, and they would lose their license with [the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives]," says Heckman. "No legitimate professional firework company is going to even entertain that idea."

Heckman says every video she's seen of fireworks popping off in New York City appears to be of the normal consumer variety. She theorizes that the spike in fireworks use is a result of lockdown orders that have left people inside with little to do for months now. What better way to blow off some steam than by blowing something up?

One licensed pyrotechnician interviewed by The Washington Post also threw cold water on the diversion theory, saying that commercial fireworks require special equipment to set off, and that consumer fireworks can be pretty loud all by themselves.

Creating a specialized police task force to crack down on consumer fireworks use raises a number of concerns.

Tensions between the NYPD and city residents are high right now after weeks of anti-police brutality protests and riots, which were often met with excessive force by the cops. Asking the police to step up their enforcement of yet another prohibition in this environment raises the potential for more citizen-police encounters to turn violent.

One of the worst examples of police violence in the city—the 2014 killing of Eric Garner—was committed by officers trying to crack down on the sale of black market cigarettes. That's an extreme example, to be sure, but also one to remember as the city embarks on a crackdown on black market fireworks.

The trend over the last few years has been for states and localities to ease their restrictions on consumer fireworks. This has coincided with a sharp increase in fireworks sales. Injuries related to fireworks have stayed pretty flat, however, hovering between 9,000 and 12,000 a year. That means the rate of fireworks injuries per million pounds sold has continued to fall.

Deaths related to fireworks are also mercifully rare. According to a 2019 government safety report, only five people died from fireworks-related injuries in 2018. That included a man who tried launching fireworks off of a football helmet he was wearing.

Heckman says that prohibitions on the use of fireworks in large cities remain commonplace, and make sense given the space constraints there. She says the American Pyrotechnic Association encourages everyone to know and follow their local fireworks regulations, and is therefore supportive of de Blasio's task force.

It's still important to remember that every government ban requires government force to maintain. The potential negative consequences of illegal fireworks use in a large, dense city like New York have to be weighed against the costs of enforcing the city's prohibition.

Given the NYPD's recent track record, it might be better to let people set off a few cherry bombs.

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  1. Up next, all auto horns are to be confiscated.

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  2. Betteridge’s Law violation, Christian.

    1. “Is this a stupid headline?”

  3. Should bring this up every time a new regulation or law is passed.

    I mean, it is a stupid fucking argument but since we live in a stupid fucking world we might as well sell that idea in the five minutes people are paying attention, even if they immediately forget it as soon as crime shoots back up.

    And make no mistake, as soon as police stop going into black neighborhoods they’ll be clamoring for their return to fight this or that epidemic. Crack, gangs, theft, etc. tend to go up when criminals know for a fact that the cops will not enter that neighborhood. It’s one reason why the mob sold protection: the cops wouldn’t. We already know this.

    How do I know this? Because it keeps happening over and over again but people keep expecting a different outcome.

    Regulating the minutiae of people’s daily lives will, as a matter of course, produce dead bodies. In a system of justice, we hope the majority of those lost lives will be crimes with victims as opposed to lost lives to…reduce our carbon footprint or whatever feels good with little thought to consequences.

    Pretty much everything the socialist crop of Democrats want leads to more Eric Garners, and they could not possibly care less about that because they are making omelettes and those require broken eggs. The end is just, therefore the actions taken to reach that end must also be just.

    1. And unlike the police, the mob delivers their end of the bargain.

  4. no fireworks unless you are protesting for BLM of lgbqtuv or whatever todays cause is

    1. Those aren’t fireworks, those are expressions of virtue and righteousness against racist, homophobic unbelievers.

  5. Currently, all consumer fireworks are illegal in New York City. That includes everything from M-80s to sparklers.

    Anyone using a brick of C-4 to blow up a Columbus statue will not be prosecuted.

    1. FFS Unicorn are you that brainwashed? All the sudden Christopher god damn Columbus is your lord and savior and he must be protected from those dirty blacks at all costs. Jesus you people are truly insane. It’s pathetic watching you guys flounder day after day trying to grasp on to something resembling a coherent ideology. Sorry, I forgot you are a ‘scientist’, which I guess means your brain is huge and you’re unable to have ridiculous racist world views.

      1. Its not about Columbus or Jackson or any particular statue, its about the notion that people think they have the right to destroy anything they find the least bit offensive

        1. Palin is plainly ignorant of history, so he likes the destruction. He also is ignorant that cultural and historical destruction is often the first step to authoritarian governments.

          1. No, he is quite aware. He just mistakingly thinks he will be the authorities rather than the useful patsy he and his compatriots really are based upon history. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, the Kims, Castro etc all did one thing once they got to power, elimanted the lackeys that helped them gain power. Buttplug will be standing against the wall wondering how the fuck he got there.

            1. I agree. Nuttplug knows what he’s saying, and he wants to destroy the West. He’s a violence-loving misanthrope.
              And you’re also right that as soon as he’s no longer useful his ‘friends’ will have him up against the wall.

          2. Don’t worry he will only get pissed off if they delegate the kiddie porn

      2. If it wasn’t for double standards you progressives wouldn’t have any standards. And what exactly does destroying a statue accomplish, other than polarization and whitewashing history?

        1. Watch his head explode if somebody defaces the Lenin statue in Seattle. Then again what do you expect from a perverted piece of shit child predator who likes to fuck little children?

        2. Double standards are the best standards for the left, because then they get to have twice as many as less principled people.

      3. Hey shreek, why don’t you go fuck some more little kids and welch on another bet you pedophile piece of subhuman shit? Remember that time you posted kiddie porn? Because you’re a kiddie fucking pedophile? And welched on your bet?

        1. The list of shit against him gets longer by the year, doesn’t it?

          1. He’s more despicable than Lying Jeffy, and that’s quite a feat.

      4. Also, if it was just Columbus and Confederates that were being removed your side almost would have a point, but it also includes President Grant, a man who fought for civil rights as President for freed slaves, who was a lifelong abolitionist, whose family hosted John Brown in their home and dined with him, and who used federal troops to combat the KKK. It is Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington etc that are being removed. It is anyone that even remotely stated or did anything the current woke crowd disagrees with, even if they ignore the actual facts. Because Narrative matters more than facts for your side.

        1. I believe Mr. Brown was the first black man, American or otherwise, to ever be invited to dine with the president.

        2. President Grant, a man who fought for civil rights as President for freed slaves, who was a lifelong abolitionist, whose family hosted John Brown in their home and dined with him, and who used federal troops to combat the KKK.

          Also, a man with an atrocious history of suppression of Native Americans.

          Everyone is a target because everyone has injured *someone*, *somehow*.

          So, Blacks might not care about Grant – they might even choose to keep the statue. But other groups are now emboldened. Its why it never stops where people insist it will. ‘Oh, just let us have this and we’ll be satisfied’. Sure, but then someone else will demand *their* reparations. And then someone else and someone else and someone else.

        3. Teddy Roosevelt, actual fucking freed slaves like Cervante, and the Emancipation memorial. Now Pedoplug’s friends are coming after regular churches. This shit would stop real quick if you had one instance of these crazies being made into examples.

        4. USA Today:

          Fury exploded outside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Tuesday night as protesters smashed windows, attacked a state senator, and tore down two statues – including one of an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery during the Civil War.

          The unrest began earlier Tuesday in Madison after a Black man was arrested after bringing a megaphone and a baseball bat into a Capitol square restaurant.

          During the melee Tuesday, Democratic state Sen. Tim Carpenter was assaulted after taking a photo of protesters. “I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five, six punches, getting kicked in the head,” Carpenter said.

          Statues of Lady Forward and Col. Christian Heg were also dragged away from their spots guarding the statehouse. Heg fought and died for the Union during the U.S. Civil War; his sculpture was thrown into a lake by protesters.

          The original Forward statue was first placed in front of the Capitol in 1895. Forward is “an allegory of devotion and progress,” according to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

          1. Yeah Christian Heg was a lifelong abolitionist, an immigrant and a respected military leader. He was the first foreign born politician to hold state office in Minnesota and the first foreign born citizen to be elected as an officer in the Wisconsin militia. He commanded the only all Scandinavian Regiment in the civil War, most of his recruits were Scandinavian (mainly Norwegian) immigrants, many of who didn’t speak English. He was killed leading the 3rs Brigade at the Battle of Chickamagua (his prowess as a leader had earned him a promotion from regimental commander to brigade commander, and his commanding officer was going to promote him to Brigadier General if he hadn’t been killed). The 15th Wisconsin Volunteers, the Scandinavian Regiment he founded, had a distinguished service records in the Western Theater, especially in Eastern Tennessee.

      5. It was an obvious joke about how DeBlasio turns a blind eye to property destruction and violence, if it’s for a cause he approves of. But you knew that. I also didn’t say anything racist, you inferred that through your own transference.

        Again, you’re an ass with feet.

        1. Wow get a load of James Lovelock over here. Cool your jets braniac, I remember when you used to have a sense of humor… Or did your temporal lobe swell up from so much sheer brainpower that you forgot how to laugh at anything besides old Jeff Dunham routines?

      6. I forgot you are a ‘scientist’, which I guess means your brain is huge and you’re unable to have ridiculous racist world views

        Engineer (without the need for figurative quotes). And it’s more than my brain that’s huge.

        1. But enough about your ego amirite?


          1. In some fairness, as someone that watched over 50% of engineering students wash out before the end of the first year, there is at least a little reason to be smug about graduating with a degree in ‘real no shit engineering’.

            1. Is environmental engineering like environmental science? Not really engineering but has a nice title? Just curious about what an engineer thinks. I know my “environmental scientist” ex brother in law didn’t have to take any biology, carbon or organic chemistry and most of his actual science class requirements were 100 level.

              1. Environmental engineering is generally a sub-discipline of Chemical engineering.

                1. Okay because in my experience environmental science is not really science except in the sense that social sciences are science (in other words in name only).

                  1. Sounds like it requires more poli-sci coursework than real-sci.

                    Kind of like Industrial Engineering is treated with derision by real engineers (we call it Imaginary Engineering).

                    1. I thought that was software “engineering.”

                  2. It changes program to program. Just like biomedical engineering. Some programs it’s the easiest because there really isn’t a requirement above basic level cource.

              2. I’m not an engineer, I was a testing proctor.

                No program made people openly weep like the engineering program, and if someone made it out of those programs in 4 years they were a damn masochist in my view.

                1. Can’t say I ever saw anyone cry, but I threw my hands up in disgust more than a few times.

                  1. I enjoyed seeing a friend’s ChemE classes exams, where 14/100 was the high score, and there were a bunch of negative scores. I never did get a straight answer about whether that meant your grade was better off if you’d blown off taking the exam…

                    Tough course of study, that’s for damned sure. Doesn’t mean that graduating with the degree meant they were now experts on things not ChemE, but it did look incredibly rigorous.

                  2. A guy in my electromagnetics class read the exam, turned it in, walked to the admin, and changed majors. I asked him later what happened his responece was “I read the exam and didn’t understand a single question”

                    1. I aced Emag. I don’t know exactly how, but I did it.

                    2. In my intermediate E&M class final exam, one guy looked at the test, yelled out “fuck this,” slammed the test on the teacher’s desk, and walked out. I think the average for that class was around 30%.

                    3. Yeah the class was pissed at me I got a 92% on the first exam and the prof didn’t count mine when averagi g the class

                    4. I learned my calling was rf engineering… Covid 19 spreading by 5G?… Your welcome! (just kidding)

                    5. My brother, a mechanical engineer, took heat transfer at NCSU from a Pakistani guy who helped design the heat protection tiles on the space shuttle. The guys would regularly explain a concept with the phrase “you will just see it, intuitively”-geniuses are often not great teachers.

              3. That’s fucked up.

            2. In my undergrad, it was about 50% of 1st and 2nd years. They didn’t all drop out, just moved to other majors (most of them business).

              1. Physics majors also have an insane drop rate.

                1. I personally thought physics was harder than engineering or math. The math needed for a physics degree is harder than the math needed for a math degree. Higher level math is just proofs, so if you are good at logic, you are fine. Sure beats calculating Hamiltonians.

                  1. Hamiltonians? He owned slaves!!!!!! I won’t do racist math!

            3. “there is at least a little reason to be smug about graduating with a degree in ‘real no shit engineering’.”

              Engineers always say this. No one cares lol.

              1. Jesus Christ I make a joke and the “engineers” come out of the woodwork to bore the fuck out of everyone with how hard they found their college classwork.

                God damn guys, don’t be stereotypes

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  6. How, after defunding the police?

    1. But this will be the fireworks task force. Completely different.

      1. If Warren Wilhelm Bill de Blasio is creating it they’ll probably have nice brownshirts and search for contraband in likely places, like Borough Park and Crown Heights, or maybe inside synagogues.

  7. This will blow up in his face!

    1. BOOM!

  8. only five people died from fireworks-related injuries in 2018. That included a man who tried launching fireworks off of a football helmet he was wearing.

    Tim Tebow?
    Colin Kaepernick?
    Eli Manning?

    1. Johnny Manziel!

    2. It was Bradshaw. Back up, Terry! Put it in reverse!

    3. Jason Pierre-Paul.
      Lost a finger
      Still pretty good

    4. Deaths resulting from illegal fireworks may be rare, but serious injuries, such as the loss of an eye or two, or fingers, or even a hand, or serious burns are not.

      The guy who tried launching fireworks off of a football helmet that he was wearing was beyond stupid–and irresponsible, to boot.

  9. “We’re cracking down on this activity at the source to ensure … the ability of our neighbors to get some sleep.”

    Oh, FFS! Have you ever even *been* to New York City? It’s not called a “city that never sleeps” for no reason.

    1. Much better than it was before they cracked down on everyone blowing their car horns. Which brings up a point – why didn’t Mr Mayor call the cops and get all those hornblowers fined?

      1. Admittedly, wrt horn-blowing, NYC pales in comparison to say, Saigon. But who needs that when you can enjoy more-or-less continuous “emergency vehicles”?

    2. Oh, very well then. All police will be issued silencers so neighbors aren’t kept awake when they spray wildly or shoot someone in their own living room.

    3. There’s been the same sort of problems in a number of Boston neighborhoods, as well. People have protested, and rightly so.

  10. “”The fireworks task force, according to a city press release, will “target suppliers, distributors and possessors of large quantities of illegal fireworks by conducting investigations and sting operations within and outside of New York City to disrupt supply chains.” “”

    Outside of NYC? I wonder how that’s gonna work.

    1. They will probably try to get undercover BATFE agents to buy some fireworks.
      And get blown up in the process.

    2. No. NYC cops have done this in the past, operating upstate and in neighboring states. In 1998 they closed down the Fireworks Festival of America in Weedsport NY and destroyed the fireworks on suspicion that they were being bootlegged.

      1. how is that anywhere near legal?

        1. I tried to find an article on any followup. I would think the NYPD would get sued over it.

        2. What has THAT got to do with deBlasio and the NYPD?

        3. In NY at least, when the state empowers you as an officer, said empowering covers the entirety of NYS. Jurisdiction is mostly a gentleman’s agreement and agency policy/procedure question.

          This has advantages: jumping over a town/county line doesn’t magically make a fleeing suspect safe from pursuit. Officers can respond to assist outside their usual jurisdiction in emergencies.

          And it has disadvantages: the NYPD can technically show up in town and do cop things whenever they want to.

      2. That’s such a Giuliani move.

    3. Oh, easy. Its not like the NYPD have ever shied away from running intelligence operations in other *states*.

      Its only a short step from there to running actual law-enforcement operations.

  11. In a viral tweet thread

    FFS Christian. Try this…

    In a tweet made viral by the NYT Pulitzer Prize winning 1619 editor, as called out by our very own Robby Soave and Matt Welch,

    There’s a fucking important reason it became viral.

  12. Unpopular Fact: BANNING STUFF DOESN’T WORK!!!!


    2. Other than speech, guns, drugs…

      1. Where has banning drugs worked?

        1. Ask Dennis Tuttle.

  13. Of course She says the American Pyrotechnic Association encourages everyone to know and follow their local fireworks regulations, and is therefore supportive of de Blasio’s task force rochester electrician

  14. So what’s this year’s excuse for encouraging people not to set off fireworks?

    We’re anticipating a shit show in Myrtle Beach this year. The city firework display has been canceled, so there’s probably going to be more dumbasses than usual rushed to the ED with burns and dangling appendages.

  15. “Illegal fireworks are both dangerous and a public nuisance,” said de Blasio today.

    Legal fireworks, on the other hand, are never dangerous and are a joy to everyone who sees them, hears them, or inhales the smoke.

    1. If people want to have firework displays in their backyards, or wherever, they should pay a professional Pyrotechnician who’s licensed, competent, and knows what the hell he’s doing, to put on the fireworks show for them.

      1. You sound like a fun guy.

  16. “Will the Next Eric Garner Be Killed Over Black Market Fireworks?”

    NO! The next Eric Garner will be killed for blowing on a cheap plastic flute without first getting the permission of a degreed, credentialed, and licensed Doctor of Doctorology, as certified by Government Almighty!!! Dammit! Listen UP, willya?!?!?

    In these here days of STRANGER DANGER from STRANGE and dangerous “medical devices”, stay ye SAFE from the Dreaded Flute Police!!!

    To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!



    2. The next Eric Garner will be killed for blowing on a cheap plastic flute

      Everything is a fetish to somebody, I guess.

      1. I just wonder how hard you have to suck on a flute to get poop to flow through it?

        1. R Mac the poop-sucker WOULD wonder about SUCK things as this!

          1. He was asking you because of your stated experience with eating shit.

            1. “Dear Abby” is a personal friend of mine. She gets some VERY strange letters! For my amusement, she forwards some of them to me from time to time. Here is a relevant one:

              Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
              My life is a mess,
              Even Bill Clinton won’t stain my dress,
              I whinny seductively for the horses,
              They tell me my picnic is short a few courses,
              My real name is Mary Stack,
              NO ONE wants my hairy crack!
              On disability, I live all alone,
              Spend desperate nights by the phone,
              I found a man named Richard Decker,
              But he won’t give me his hairy pecker!
              Decker’s pecker is reserved for farm beasts,
              I am beastly, yes! But my crack’s full of yeasts!

              So Dear Abby, that’s just a poetic summary… You can read about the Love of my Life, Richard Decker, here:
              Farmers kept refusing to let him have sex with their animals. So he sought revenge, authorities say.
              Decker the hairy pecker told me a summary of his story as below:
              Decker: “Can I have sex with your horse?”
              Farmer: “Lemme go ask the horse.”
              Farmer: “My horse says ‘neigh’!”
              And THAT was straight from the horse’s mouth! I’m not horsin’ around, here, no mare!

              So Decker the hairy pecker told me that, apparently never even realizing just HOW DEEPLY it hurt me, that he was all interested in farm beasts, while totally ignoring MEEE!!

              So I thought maybe I could at least liven up my lonely-heart social life, by refining my common interests that I share with Richard Decker… I, too, like to have sex with horses!

              But Dear Abby, the horses ALL keep on saying “neigh” to my whinnying sexual advances!
              Some tell me that my whinnying is too whiny… Abby, I don’t know how to fix it!

              Dear Abby, please don’t tell me “get therapy”… I can’t afford it on my disability check!

              Now, along with my crack full of yeasts… I am developing anorexia! Some are calling me a “quarter pounder with cheese”, but they are NOT interested at ALL, in eating me!!! They will NOT snack on my crack!

              What will I DO, Dear Abby?!?!?

              -Desperately Seeking Horses, Men, or ANYTHING, in Fort Worth,
              Yours Truly,
              Mary Stack / Tulpa / Mary’s Period / “.” / Satan

  17. The next Eric Garner will probably be killed for defending himself against a gang of rampaging chimps burning down his business while Reason calls for his public execution without trial.


    What in the world?

    Lincoln County in Oregon has exempted non-white residents from a new order mandating mask-wearing in public in an attempt to counter racial profiling.

    Last week, health officials declared face coverings would be required in public settings where individuals may come within six feet of someone outside their household after the county saw a spike in coronavirus cases.

    On Tuesday, the county said “people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public” will be exempt from the order.

    1. Can’t wait for the Reason thinkpiece on how this is a perfect example of equality before the law. Ilya Somin? David Kopel? Maybe even the big man himself? The suspense…

    2. Exempting black people from a supposedly contagious disease control measure means either A) you actually want black people to die for real or B) the disease you’re talking about is about as lethal as the god damn cold.

      Pick one.

      And, for what it’s worth, imagine a world where white people were exempted from a regulation demanding face masks be worn under penalty of law. You know, effectively an order that black people must always wear a mask?

      *sigh* But then, it’s Oregon. They’ve gone full retard, and now serve only as a warning.

      1. Adam Carolla @adamcarolla
        It’s too dangerous to bring my dog and a frisbee to the beach but you can tear down a statue, torch it and then light your cigarette off the flames and cops will just watch.

        Fucker has a point.

        1. Adam Carolla is more libritarian than about 99% of reason

        2. Well, yeah, there’s a mob torching statues on the beach. That’s way to dangerous for Fido.

    3. What the actual fuck? Let’s make sure this got signed off my scientists and experts. Check? Well who are any of us plebs to question the wisdom of The Science!?

    4. Glad to see one state honoring a religious exemption.

    5. 46,000 people in the county, 0.4% AA. Or, about 185 or so. Hell, everyone probably profiles them by their exact names…

      Don’t ever stop virtue signaling, Oregon.

    6. Director of ACLU’s Racial Justice Program ReNika Moore

      *** scratches head ***

      You know, some people might be offended by the Director’s name.

    7. watch blackface incidents skyrocket

  19. Yeah New Yorkers can cower before their masters as they always do. Or they could move to Texas or Missouri or Alaska or hundreds of other places that aren’t total shitholes.

    1. Why would you do that to those other places?

    2. What Unicorn said, we don’t want the bastards, they can stay where they are and unfuck themselves.

  20. So the NASCAR noose turned out to be a hoax. Well, not exactly a hoax. It was a loop in the cord for the garage door just like all the other garage doors had.

    And this is where I take issue. There is no chance that there is a grown man who looked at that and I saw a news. It did not happen. There is no such thing as a grown man who works in a race car garage who does not know what a noose looks like. And even if there was one hysterical person who made an honest mistake, there is no chance that anyone else who came along did not understand that there was no news. Nobody is that stupid.

    We have got to stop tolerating this. And by not tolerating this I don’t mean nooses or hoax nooses. I mean pretending that we are taking this seriously. I mean listening to someone say something so ludicrous and not calling them out.

    I am talking about all the other people who work in that garage. I’m talking about all the other NASCAR employees. I’m talking about NASCAR executives. And more than all of those, I am talking about the media. There was plenty of press at that event. Any one of them could have simply walked down to the garage and had a look for themselves. And if there were greater than room temperature IQ they would know that it wasn’t a noose.

    Our first clue should have been that nobody ever saw a picture of the Noose. Just like in the Oakland case, there is no chance that a sane human being could look it the ropes in a tree in Oakland and see nooses. And in this case, one simple look at all the other garage doors in the area would have told you that it was a loop in a pull rope. But even if you didn’t have that much common sense, a noose is a very specific knot. Everyone knows what it looks like. And there is zero chance that you were going to mistake a loop tied in a rope for a noose.

    And how did the Press cover the hoax? Well, they all use the same phrase. They say that the Rope fashioned into a noose had been there since last fall.

    The Rope fashioned into a noose that was not fashioned into a noose in any way shape or form. This is just lazy and dishonest. You cannot give them this kind of credit. By not calling out people for this kind of behavior, we are allowing toddlers to be in charge.

    1. One of these days there will be an actual noose found and the good upstanding people of the community will form a mob then capture the first racist they see in order to string him up as a warning to the others. Then we’ll be free of prejudice forever!

    2. Has there ever been a real hatin’ noose? My impression is that nooses are like blackface — anti-racist memes that actual racists don’t care about.

      1. Having watched some video now, I think it could be a 3 wrap noose. I can imagine that the old knot came loose and somebody retied it as a noose as a goof or because that’s the only way he knew to tie a strong loop. Either way, it very fucking obviously wasn’t done to mimic a real hangman’s noose.

        1. The problem with that theory is that a noose knot slides. It would not work as a handle. Every time you pull on it it would tighten up.

          1. I just saw another shot and came here to update 4 minutes after this comment LOL.
            The knot is tied off close to the bottom, not at the top like a noose would be.

            Every time you pull on it it would tighten up.

            I don’t think it’d tighten up enough to matter if the door is on pulleys that give leverage like the ones I’ve used. But this is all besides the point.

    3. If NASCAR were a stock, now would be the time to go all in on shorting it.
      They just spent 2 weeks shitting on all their fans

      1. Yep. Sure would be a shame if someone with a ton of money started their own circular racing league and let the fans know that they won’t have to worry about a bunch of virtue signaling circle jerks at THEIR race track

  21. There is something going on with fireworks nationwide. We were in a medium sized town for the recent protests, and the rioters pelted the police with commercial grade fireworks for hours. That seems to be a tactic for most or all of the recent sites of unrest.
    It may be that people on the left normally have hundreds of such fireworks in their possession. That seems unlikely to me.
    So there has to be funding or at least logistics involved. And certainly transport across state lines.

    1. Either that or hobby firework-making has finally caught on big. I gotta ask Skylighter (supplier of materials to the hobby) if business is, uh…booming.

    2. They did not. People don’t understand how powerful commercial grade fireworks are. What cops are being subjected to is consumer fireworks, and as kids, we used to do that to each other. Bottle rocket and roman candle fights.

      OTOH, the bigger rockets could be dangerous. Almost burned out a neighbor’s house with one. But still consumer.

      1. I am a big fireworks enthusiast. I am the sort of person who, on cross-country drives, divert to travel through a state with very lax consumer fireworks laws. I am also old enough to know what a roman candle fight feels like.
        What I saw a couple of weeks ago was way beyond that level of old time fun.
        And there were hundreds of them.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few truckloads of the stuff got looted by the crazies, and then offloaded to kids for a quick buck. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were some commercial-grade fireworks amongst the rest.

  22. Well, that’s it. Will the last person leaving western civilization please turn out the lights?
    Seriously, at the beginning of the lockdowns, I said that the only silver lining was having a front row seat to the suicide of a civilization. I guess I really should arm myself. The craziest thing is that the best case scenario is that Trump gets (re)elected. That’s the best case scenario. We are well, and truly, fucked.

  23. Display fireworks do require special equipment to set off. For instance, a 3″, 4″, or 6″ aerial shell requires a pipe of that diameter or the type of cardboard roll that carpets and roofing material come on, plus a bucket of sand to hold it up, and a plug of some sort such as a turned piece of wood or poured cement.

    1. They are lighting and throwing those sorts of shells. The launching charge goes off first, followed after a few seconds by the bursting charge.

  24. “The 42-member task force will be comprised of officers…”

    “Comprised of”? Really? Professional writers and editors…

  25. Oh Boy another category of “Nannie Sez NO” activity for the coppers to get snarky over And here I was thinking MAYBE they will tur and go the other way, reducing the ways coppers can get chuffy with their underlings. Sigh….. one more reason to leave NYC.

  26. With the drug war possibly winding down the storm troopers need a new excuse to kick in your door, this could be it. They invariably claim to be going after the big fish, but there are always more small fish to fry. That forgotten vintage pack of firecrackers in the back of your cabinet could give them the access they want to your bank account or possibly even be your death warrant.

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