NASA Astronauts Hitch a Ride With Elon Musk's SpaceX

Today's Crew Dragon launch marks the first time a private company has sent humans into orbit.


NASA is back in the business of carrying astronauts into space, and it's relying on private enterprise to get the job done.

At 3:22 P.M. Eastern time today, NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken were carried from Kennedy Space Center in Florida into low Earth orbit inside SpaceX's Crew Dragon vehicle and propelled by the company's Falcon 9 rocket. It marks the first time NASA astronauts have been launched into space from the U.S. since the last flight of the agency's Space Shuttle program in 2011. It's also the first time a privately-owned craft has carried humans into orbit.

"We are once again launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil," said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in a Tuesday press conference. "This is a big moment in time. It's been nine years since we've had this opportunity."

The launch was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was delayed because of weather.

The Dragon Crew vehicle will now carry the two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), where they will stay for anywhere from 30 days to four months.

Since the Shuttle program was axed nearly a decade ago, NASA has been paying the Russian government to carry its astronauts to space, which has cost as much as $86 million per seat, according to CNN.  Today's mission relieves the U.S. of having to rely on a foreign government to get its astronauts into space. It also relieves NASA of having to rely on government-owned spacecraft.

The success of the Dragon Crew mission is a vindication of the space agency's decade-and-a-half long transition to a commercial space model that has spurred private innovation and saves taxpayers money.

Technically, collaborations between NASA and private industry have gone back decades, with big private defense contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin helping to design the rockets and vehicles that carry cargo and crew into space. Those collaborations, however, were typically conducted through "cost-plus" contracts. These arrangements, as Ars Technica's Eric Berger describes in a detailed history of NASA's move to commercial space, were a recipe for cost overruns:

"For big human spaceflight projects, NASA engineers had decided precisely what they needed, selected a contractor to build it, and then monitored every step with paperwork in triplicate. For this, the contractor got reimbursed for its costs, plus a generous fee. If a vehicle ran five years late and doubled its original budget, NASA was on the hook for cost overruns. This tended to not encourage on-time delivery, but eventually the government got what it wanted."

The SpaceX launch that occurred today relied on a "fixed-price" model, where NASA would specify what service it wanted and the price it would pay for its development. Private companies would then compete for those contracts. As part of its "buy a ticket, not a vehicle" motto, NASA would effectively be a customer of these private companies, who would own and operate their craft.

This new approach got started in earnest back in 2005 when NASA announced it would award $500 million to two companies to develop cargo-carrying vehicles to low Earth orbit as part of its Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program. Space X and Orbital Services eventually received the initial contracts under COTS.

In 2012, SpaceX—founded by former PayPal CEO Elon Musk—became the first private company to deliver supplies to the ISS as part of the COTS program.

The success of this program later led to the creation of the Commercial Crew Program (CCP), which would focus on developing systems for human space flight. In 2014, NASA awarded both SpaceX and Boeing contracts of $2.6 billion and $4.2 billion respectively to build and operate crew launch systems. That's a screaming bargain compared to the cost of more directly government-managed space development programs. Berger, at Ars Technica, notes one 2009 estimate showing that it would cost the government $34.5 billion to develop the Ares I rocket and Orion crew-carrying spacecraft as part of NASA's now cancelled-Constellation program.

"We were effectively doing what the Constellation Program was doing with about the same amount of money, total, that they were burning in a single month," said one NASA engineer who was assigned to work with SpaceX on their Cargo Dragon project.

The Space Launch System NASA adopted to replace the Constellation Program, and which is being done on the traditional cost-plus contract model, has also suffered from missed deadlines and cost overruns.

While the free market futurist vision of private moon colonies is still probably a few decades away, the Crew Dragon launch is an important milestone and a useful example of how to successfully contract out government functions to private companies.

Also, check out Reason's interview with aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan on the dawn of private space travel:

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  1. They’re up!

    The Dragon has wings!

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  2. Interesting that they co-opted COTS from its original meaning of Commercial Off The Shelf. How will they do the same when it moves out of orbit, to the moon or Mars? Commercial Outbound Transportation Services?

    1. Same thought here.

      But a great accomplishment for Space X. I can’t wait for their truly commercial manned missions.

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    2. Currently, they don’t have any plans for hiring commercial transport beyond orbit. Those missions are all reserved for the Senate Lunch System.

      1. But that doesn’t matter. SpaceX already has a guy paying for a trip around the moon, and another company is already hiring them for an orbital tourism service.

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  3. Reason is celebrating two white guys flying to the space station on an American vehicle? Isn’t your usual beat wringing your hands over the injustice of some problem negro getting a long overdue tune up from the cops?

    1. When did Reason comments become the go-to place for retarded racist Trump fanbois to gather to try to outdo each other posting stupid insults?

      1. When we started pissing down your throat and you liked it.

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that “Piss Maguire”, “crufus” and “Elon Musk” are all Jeff’s socks for today.

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                1. “No evidence I’m a “proggie”.

                  Perhaps not a proggie, just a run of the mill fucking TDS victim:
                  “Funny how you all get so worked up about Trump supposedly being impeached with “no evidence” or about COVID-19 scientific studies that go against Trump’s latest tweet, but you’ll just make up shit with no more evidence than the contemplation of your own belly button.”

                  1. Guess I’m “living rent free in your head”.

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            2. Wrong-o. I’m not Jeff.

              The hell you aren’t.

              1. I aren’t.

      2. Pretty sure this is a proggie trying to besmirch the name of conservatives and libertarians.

      3. When did Reason comments become the go-to place for retarded racist Trump fanbois to gather to try to outdo each other posting stupid insults?

        About the time The Dotard was elected. The arrival of Trump was a bat signal to bigots, rednecks, Christ-Fags, and Neo Nazis that they don’t have to live in shame amongst country-club Republicans who look down on them,

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            As a white anti-war classic liberal I want to sit it out.

            1. Me, too.

              1. What happened to Elon Musk?

                1. He’s a little schizo since discovering he can continually change his name in the account settings. A trick he learned from “tulpa”.

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          “About three and a half years ago…”

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      5. When did Reason comments become the go-to place for posturing progs pretending there’s anything vaguely libertarian about their woke peccadilloes?

      6. When did Reason comments become the go-to place for retarded racist Trump fanbois to gather to try to outdo each other posting stupid insults?

        The fact that you’ve given that comment as much credit as you have says more about you than it does about them.

  4. The commercialization of space will only increase inequality, as the haves can go to space, while the have nots (women, minorities) can’t.

    I notice that two white men just made history in space, again, proving that little has changed.

    1. Well black men are only 6% of the population so there aren’t a ton of applicants for the job.

      1. Well black men are only 6% of the population

        And yet…

        sorry couldn’t resist

    2. Parody account? If not, fuck off.

      A lot of new handles recently…

      1. No, dyed in the wool proggie account. He’s been around for a couple weeks and always has the worst proggie take on anything, including hating capitalism and worshipping government control of everything.

        1. I wasn’t certain yet; almost too stereotypical.

      2. Hard to tell these days.

        There have been over 65 female astronauts. At least 14 African Americans one of which, Charles Bolden was the former head of NASA and, among other many other accomplishments piloted the mission which launched the Hubble telescope.

        So I don’t know how someone could post something that ignorant without being deliberately provocative.

    3. Eventually, they will go. Somebody has to do the laundry and trash pick up.

      1. Can you make a sandwich in microgravity?

    4. Yup. Bob and Doug. McKenzie?

      Are we sure they’re not canucks? Take off, eh?

    5. Oh, and everything is so terrible and unfair.


    6. Did you forget Elon Musk is an African-American?

  5. How can I see this as anything but a sad day for Space Force.

    1. I rocked the spacesuits, didn’t I? Space Force could learn a few things about space style from ol’ Elon.

  6. Coolest thing I have seen in a long time.

    Go rocket dudes!

  7. I have worked directly with NASA and SpaceX. I have designed machines for both. NASA has been burning money on things that it might need. NASA’s requests were always technically conservative. Insanely inefficient. SpaceX demanded things that worked and they wanted innovation. And low cost. And they would take risks. Elon Musk deserves his spot in history for pushing the envelope and getting us back into space.

    1. Good for Musk. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much my opinion of him has risen lately. This is a great step forward for manned space flight and exploration. The exploration of the Americas and the Pacific by Europeans was largely private, or government contracted private. This was how space should have been explored from the start. Unfortunately, most of our space program was a cover for ICBM development.

      1. I also think better of Musk lately. If he really pulls the Tesla Factory out of California, I will like him even more.

        1. He’s still a grifter, but he doez positive things too.
          People are shades of gray

          1. Fuck that – a grifter is someone with empty promises – like Joseph smith. Last I checked Elon makes good on the shit he sells.

            1. Some of it.
              Remember that investor who he was going to take Tesla private with?
              Neither does he.
              But the short sellers remember

              1. Pretty much every single one of his first-pass promises is technically wrong in at least one dimension. Not that other people are phenomenally better, but to act like Musk is a man of his word is idiot. Especially with the number fo flat out wrong/impossible things he says.

                Are we ever gonna actually get a $30K Model 3?

                Remember in the Mid 2000s when he was gonna buy Russian rockets to send terrestrial life to Mars? Considering the number of rockets SpaceX blew up (with NASA’s, Facebooks’s, etc. payload on board), the Russians were right to say no.

                If nothing else, the guy has unprecedented luck (or skill depending on your POV) in failing up.

    2. Thank you. I’m crazy as a shit house rat sometimes, but I know how to hire engineers.

  8. CNN’s live feed was hilarious today. After “go for launch” they started the countdown at T minus 30 seconds, and the video showed the rocket lifting off at T minus 26 seconds. The announcer lady continued counting down, reaching “ignition” and “liftoff” long after the ship was airborne. It kind of wrecked the drama.

    1. Gives a whole ‘nother meaning to “Breaking News”, don’t it?

    2. Barbie says, “Math is hard!”

      1. You are so going to hell.

    3. CNN can’t count?
      Well, CNN can’t do a lot of stuff very well.

      1. They’re useless if there isn’t a missing plane to find.

        Come to think of it, they’re useless then too.

    4. My guess is the feeds have time delays.

    5. Walter Conkrite would have nailed it.

  9. So glad it didn’t blow up.

    1. NASA has killed how many astronauts over the years, three explosions I can think of off the top of my head, but I am sure as soon as a civilian space service has a similar issue the proggies will be screaming “this is why the government should be the only ones exploring space.” I can already see the NYT editorials of when (it’s never an if, space is unforgiving) it happens. Unfortunately, unless things change, I see to many people buying into it. Hopefully there will be enough momentum by that time that it won’t kill civilian space flight.

      1. It will be part of the Time’s Evils of Capitalism series.

      2. You are way too far your anti-liberal ass. Just relax and stop seeing everything through partisan glasses. Liberals are wrong about stuff, but they are just people. They like space exploration just as much as a red-blooded conservative like yourself.

        1. Piss off, Jeff. You’re not fooling anyone.

        2. They like government space exploration. The free, private kind, not so much. So fuck off.

          1. You are arguing with liberals that exist in your head about something they haven’t actually said. This is the very definition of derangement syndrome.

            1. “…This is the very definition of derangement syndrome.”

              Those afflicted by TDS often project their inability to separate their fantasies from reality upon others.
              Fuck off.

              1. If Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing, so are derangement syndromes against Obama, Hillary, “proggies”, Schiff, “Jeffy”, ENB, Ronald Bailey, “unreason”, “libtards”, “Karen”, MSM, and on and on. It’s non-stop bitching from you Trump ass kissers about your superior beliefs being under siege from a thousand threats, real and imagined.

                1. Damn, dude, your psyche is in a sad, sad state.
                  Maybe try being less emotionally invested in Reason magazine.
                  You’re just going to end up going down with the ship

                2. “If Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing,..”

                  You are the obvious example.
                  You lost in ’16 and as an infantile ego, you’ve yet to come to terms with it.
                  Fuck off and die; make your family proud and the world a better place, you piece of shit.

            2. I am arguing based upon the history of the progressive movement. It is all about government control of every aspect of life. Remember the 2nd place finisher in the last two Democratic primaries is a self described socialist, and every poll taken recently has shown that the left views socialism more favorably than capitalism. And stop calling them liberals, because they aren’t, they are progressives. Big fucking difference.

  10. Anything that lifts the public mood right about now is welcome. It’s pretty clear that everything NASA does, private enterprise is doing better, sooner, and at a fraction of the cost. NASA makes the efforts of profit seeking entrepreneurs seem more like wins for the nation, I guess. I don’t know how good that is over the long run, but for the moment, right now, I guess it’s a welcome distraction. Over the long run, NASA might do the taxpayer better by being folded into the new Space Force. Leaving colonization and science to entrepreneurs and academics (rather than government bureaucrats) is probably better for both colonization and science.

    1. NASA has been doing pretty well with the rovers and probes lately. Galileo and New Horizons were mind blowing.

      1. The SLS is a make-work money pit that would cost the taxpayers less if it was useless and did nothing.

        The sooner they come to terms with that project as a sunk cost, the better it will be for all of us.

        I can’t see past that to notice anything good they’re doing–other than distract from viruses, recessions, and riots.

        1. What a shame.

        2. NASA does good science, for science. I’m less impressed by claims that their materials science work transformed the world and yada yada (these discoveries would have been made eventually; NASA got their first with buckets of money). They have always had all the problems of a government agency doing non-governmental work: mission creep, blown budgets, lack of accountability.

          Eventually NASA is getting shelved. They should not exist: it’s not the government’s job to do science. When the real penny-pinching starts there is no logical reason to keep NASA. When that happens I hope all the talent is adopted by a thriving private space industry.

    2. “Anything that lifts the public mood right about now is welcome”

      Not to those organizing ever more riots

      1. I’ve been assured by Lying Jeffy that no one is organizing any of these riots.

  11. They stuck the landing on the first stage, too. The promise of the Space Shuttle, finally delivered.

    1. And it took private industry to do it. Who would have thunk it? Other than anybody who has ever studied history, that is.

  12. I propose that Musk name his first commercial space freighter the Rocinante.

    1. And make the Captain change his name legally to James Holden (if he can’t find someone already with that name to command it).

      1. You don’t want me naming people.

        1. Did you miss the reference? Because it appears you did.

  13. Government Almighty boondoggle…

    NASA will pay a staggering $146 million for each SLS rocket engine
    The rocket needs four engines and it is expendable.

  14. Here’s another one, about political suppression of promising space tech, for political reasons, which is even worse than the inefficient per-state spreading of jobs goodies…

    Below shows we are FINALLY moving in the right direction, at least…
    NASA agrees to work with SpaceX on orbital refueling technology

    Out-take from there is below…

    The rocket program mostly benefited the Alabama space center and was championed by Alabama State Senator Richard Shelby. The potential of in-space fuel storage and transfer threatened the SLS rocket because it would allow NASA to do some exploration missions with smaller and cheaper rockets. As one source explained at the time, “Senator Shelby called NASA and said if he hears one more word about propellant depots he’s going to cancel the Space Technology program.”

    1. Sigh. Hopefully true commercial space travel and exploration will develop, and the government’s role will diminish.

      1. SLS Is a bane.

        Musk is currently working on building a Starship every week. Imagine integrating all the stuff you learned from testing, and you have those changes within a couple weeks. This is the joy of Continuous Integration and Deployment with software, but it is happening with hardware.

        Imagine what other companies could to if NASA got rid of SLS and instead just gave bounties to reach milestones. Get X tons of payload into orbit. Get X tons from LEO to Lunar Transfer.

        There might be more reusable launch vessles, but there are plenty of other options, like orbital space tethers to get gear from low earth orbit into high with greater fuel efficiency.

        But instead, we are stuck with the SLS that will be a billion dollars a launch, and everything thrown away. When I went to Florida last year and visited KSC, the SLS propaganda was ALL over the place. And yet all anyone- including the people working there- would talk about was the Falcon Heavy getting ready to launch.

  15. I spent too much of my youth building models of cars, ships, plans, and NASA rockets. I wonder if Elon Musk has a deal with Revell for his rockets. Seems like a good way to squeeze a few more bucks out of the program. No a lot of course but might pay for the electricity to run his Tesla.

    1. Estes rockets were fun.

      I wonder if they are still around.

    2. Models don’t seem to be popular with modern kids. Guess it’s easier to play with spaceships in a computer game.

      1. My kids build estes rockets in scouts. It is far easier, because they give you a lot of pre-molded plastic pieces. My first rocket, you spend a lot of time gluing up cardboard pieces to make the engine mount, gluing it into the rocket tube, and then cutting, sanding and mounting balsa wood fins.

        In the new rockets, all of that is done with three pieces of snap-on premolded plastic.

        It is nice that the kids can build their rocket in about 1/5th the time. But they also don’t need any attention to detail.

        1. That’s great. Estes rockets are a blast — literally.

  16. Just for the record, I maintain that we don’t need to colonize the moon or Mars to colonize the stars.

    When Europeans colonized the Americas, there were some wealthy entrepreneurs looking for treasure, but the masses of people who colonized America were also motivated by things like religious fanaticism, they came here unwillingly as prisoners, slaves, and they came to flee the destruction of European wars, etc. Even when I’ve interacted with American expat communities in Latin America, most of the people I knew there would tell me they left to have an adventure, but if you dug a bit, you’d find that they didn’t leave despite things going so well back home. They left America behind because their spouse divorced them and took the house, because there was a recession, because they lost their job, etc.

    That’s good news for space colonization if it isn’t necessary to offer people a colony on Mars to get them to leave the earth behind forever. Maybe we just need to offer a better life on board an interstellar space ship than what they have as an unemployed former factory worker in Detroit. Gattaca may have had it all backwards. Space travel won’t be for the elite. Space travel will be about people leaving the ghettos in order to spend their lives on the Love Boat.

    1. If we libertarians ever manage to take over we’ll finally be allowed into the Galactic Federation and space travel will be for everyone!

    2. But don’t they need some way to pay for the spaceships. Some space product or resource they can trade?

      1. Quite frankly, it should be that way here on earth. We’re all supposed to earn our keep or be taken care of willingly by people who care about us. The idea that people will need to earn their keep onboard a spaceship isn’t a bummer. It’s an enticement.

        “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”

        —-Captain John Smith

        Virginia Colony

        1. Your missing my point. Regardless of the individual motivations and work ethic of space settlers, the entire enterprise of building, launching, and sustaining space habitats will require finance.

          That means seeking something out there that can be traded. “Looking for treasure” of some kind.

          1. And? How is that different than my example of the colonization of the Americas?

    3. There are numerous problems to living in space. One is gravity; no gravity is quite disruptive to normal function of organs and bones, not to mention the inherent difficulty of performing medicine in a zero gravity environment. It’s also expensive; just look at what it takes to keep the ISS supplied. And that is a research vessel with disciplined crews working long hours. There’s also the radiation concerns; micrometeorites; Reavers (someday). It just goes on and on.

      Eventually, yes, life in space is practically a necessity to accommodate unchecked future population growth. There are major benefits to living down a gravity well though, and Mars is pretty nice compared to most of the shitholes in the solar system.

      1. “Eventually, yes, life in space is practically a necessity to accommodate unchecked future population growth.”

        Good thing we don’t have that problem:
        “World’s population is projected to nearly stop growing by the end of the century”

        1. More models?

          1. More bullshit?
            You claim over-population? Terrific! Unfortunately, you are both full of shit and have no evidence.

            1. Wow, that’s quite the jump there…

            2. Wow, you even rage at Nardz, who is your Trump loving ally.

          2. Wow, you even argue with Sevo. Kinda reminds me of Trump going off on Fox for not being loyal enough.

    4. “Just for the record, I maintain that we don’t need to colonize the moon or Mars to colonize the stars.”

      The first step in planning for space is understanding that gravity is debt.

      If you are going to build a colony capable of living in a (near or complete) vacuum, it probably means very little whether it is on Mars or on a near-earth meteor.

      Why would you spend a bunch of money getting a bunch of equipment out of earth’s gravity well (paying off debt) only to kick it down Mars’ gravity well- you paid off all this debt, just to take it back on again. If you are going to have a sustainable colony, it is going to have to support trade for some time. And the more gravity-debt you take on, the less economical any trade will be.

      This is why I don’t really understand Musk’s obsession with Mars. He could be getting humanity a self sustaining colony on water asteroids to produce fuel and on metal asteroids to essentially end all wants for iron for the next 50 years. What could he get off of Mars that is in any way more economical than what is floating near earth?

      1. If you are going to have a sustainable colony, it is going to have to support trade for some time. And the more gravity-debt you take on, the less economical any trade will be.

        Best not to think about it in those terms. It’s not like a bunch of settlers show up to Mars, plant a crop of tobacco and ship it back to Earth for a tidy profit. The initial settlement of Mars (which may take many years, perhaps decades) is going to be a money-losing venture. It is an INVESTMENT in a new kind of life on a different planet.

        It will be a long time, centuries, maybe longer, before a colonized Mars produces something it can trade with Earth. I doubt it will even be a material commodity. Probably something more like research science, or a cheaper launching method.

        The point of Mars for Musk is to make human life multi-planetary. He’s always been up-front that the goal is spreading humanity to another planet, as a check against a planetary catastrophe. This is EXTREMELY long-term thinking; we’ve been living on a benign paradise for a long time, and it will probably be a long time before something really fucks it up. But it WILL happen, eventually. When it does we need an insurance policy, or humanity, the only sapient intelligence in the universe we know of, could be rendered extinct.

        Every Musk does, he does to make enough money that colonizing Mars is actually a possibility in his lifetime. It is a race against the clock.

        1. Everything* Musk does

          I am sure I proof-read that.

  17. How sick are the democrats that they are now blaming rioting looting and burning in Minneapolis to “white supremacists”.

    The evidence is clear, the data shows otherwise, the science doesn’t correlate, but the left wing democrat prog socialist machine cannot stop blaming everyone else but themselves for their failures.

    They are the shitstain pecker tracks of the universe.

    1. I thought you Boogaloo types wanted a race war?


      1. No a civil war.

      2. You thought wrong you ignorant bigot.

    2. Only people I’ve seen blaming white supremacists is a few random people on Twitter comments. Did Biden or any similar prominent Democrat make such a claim?

      1. The mayor of Minneapolis for one

        1. Ah. Seems unlikely. From the photos I’ve seen online sure looks like the usual Antifa gang that shows up for riots. But I am not close to the riots, and don’t want to get any closer.

          1. The important thing is the protesters who were on location during the riots obviously weren’t responsible for the rioting. They would sing kumbaya and cry helplessly as Nazis in blackface appeared out of nowhere to make them all look bad.

            1. Everyone knows that the highest priority for white supremacists is what goes in in the dense urban centers of blue cities

  18. I tell you what, Peanuts. I am disappointed in our white trash Boogaloo race war Trump fans. They are cowards in this race war. If they lined up every Fat Rush Limbaugh (King of the Rednecks) fan outside I-285 in Atlanta they could win the state of Georgia for the Confederacy in 48 hours!

    1. Boogaloo boys don’t want to secede.

        1. The intro to this idiots new book:
          “Like a lot of Americans, Steve Almond spent the weeks after the 2016 election lying awake, in a state of dread and bewilderment.”

          I’m gonna go ahead and slap a TDS diagnosis on him, as I laugh at his tears.

    2. I’m gonna ask nice again, please don’t call anyone “peanut”. It’s very creepy coming from a pedophile.

      Also, stop making shit up. It makes you look stupid.

  19. This was cool to watch.

    I see this as a bit of a ‘eat shit’ to Obama.

    After all he killed the program.

    1. Wait, if Obama cut the Commercial Crew Program, how did today’s launch happen?

      1. “Wait, if Obama cut the Commercial Crew Program, how did today’s launch happen?”

        Wait, how stupid can you be?
        Oh, THAT Stupid.
        Fuck off and die.

        1. So, you don’t have an answer to the question.

        2. Sevo is on the rag again today, like usual!

          1. Notice how prevalent anger management issues are with Trump, and Trump’s fanboys.

    2. Point of fact- Obama created the Commercial Launch program. He killed Bush’s Orion Mars program.

      I don’t like Obama at all. But doing the Commercial Launch program was a rare lucid moment in his presidency.

      1. Meh. Obama was clearly not a fan of the space program. I suspect he saw Commercial Launch as largely a way to wash his hands of the matter (I don’t recollect he was much of a fan of market solutions, either). It may have inadvertently helped, a little bit, but both Musk and Bezoes had founded their space companies over a decade before it was operative.

      2. I love how everyone is glossing over the fact that the Obama Administration was PAYING THE RUSSIANS millions of dolloas, but many of the same people thought Russian trolls posting on Facebook was the end of democracy…

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  21. So proud of our country getting back into space!

    Elon Musk is the greatest American since Einstein. This guy is amazing.

    1. He has accomplished some great stuff, but let’s not overlook that he’s also a whack job.

  22. a useful example of how to successfully contract out government functions to private companies

    Same taxpayer dollars, different pockets.

    1. Fewer tax dollars.

    2. Contracting services is often cheaper. See private fire departments and ambulances for reference.

  23. Elon Musk you made us Proud keep it up.

  24. man that was fucking sweet I was in tears and clapping @my tv like an idiot. the first stage landing on a ship in the ocean was a mind-blower too

  25. Good time to leave earth.

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