Brickbat: Burn It Down


The German parliament has voted to make burning the flag of the European Union or of foreign nations a hate crime. It was already illegal to burn the German flag. Those who violate the law face up to three years in prison. "Burning flags publicly has nothing to do with peaceful protests," said Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht.

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  1. I guess I need to buy an EU flag so I can burn it.

    1. That was my immediate thought too.

      1. my second thought is that the EU might get some of the money, so no.

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    2. Does Reason have a flag?

      1. I think they must; they blow which ever way the wind blows – – – – – – – – – –

    3. Germans gonna German.

  2. “The move followed Social Democrat (SPD) complaints about protesters’ burning of the Israeli flag in Berlin in 2017.”

    So burning symbols of hatred and oppression is outlawed? Would it be against the law to burn a Nazi flag?

    1. Are you really comparing Israel to the Nazi’s?

      1. I caught the irony there too. And I’m very surprised that SPD would protest burning flags, I thought they were the flag burners, and more pro-Palestine than pro-Israel.

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    2. The Israelis are so hateful for not quietly allowing themselves to be driven into the sea.

    3. Well, just having a Nazi flag would be illegal, and since you’d need to own one to burn it, I suspect burning it would be considered illegal.

      1. What if it wasn’t a nazi flag, but just looked like one?

    4. Doubly illegal since it would be illegal to *possess* a Nazi flag – even for the purposes of burning it.

    5. I believe it’s illegal to possess a Nazi flag in Germany.

      Germans gonna German.

      1. It is not if it’s for historical purposes, exactly how that gets parsed is a little beyond me.

  3. Can we still burn effigies of Christine Lambrecht ?

    1. MJ joints are symbols of hippies, right? Is it respectful or disrespectful of hippies to go ahead and burn one, then?

      Boy Scouts in the USA burn flags RESPECTFULLY, in flag-disposal ceremonies, right? OMG!!! What if one of the scouts at the ceremony is secretly, inwardly BEING DISRESPECTFUL at that time!?!

      Good Government Almighty, we need BETTER thought detection and mind control, here, stat!

  4. You know what else was burned away in Germany?

    1. The virus?

      The reichstag?

    2. Dresden?

  5. Why can’t I burn my mattress in the streets as freedom of expression ?

    1. Good question, dammit!

      Why can’t I blow on a cheap plastic flute, WITHOUT the permission of a doctor of doctorology, as freedom of expression?

      In these days of mortal peril, STAY YE SAFE from the dreaded flute police!

      To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

  6. This is why we have a 1st Amendment.

    1. 1st Amendment…

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…”

      WTF is with THAT?!?! What happened to this so-called “right” during all this virus-time? We have our rights… Except when we don’t? Is THAT it? What do our “rights” mean, then, anyway? Since we put shit in the USA Constitution so that our Masters may promptly ignore it anyway, it seems to me, that we might as well turn the USA Constitution into toilet paper, and wipe our asses with it, to extract SOME actual utility out of it!

      1. This is why people are protesting.

      2. I think the standard counterargument is that assembling in a situation where there is a significant chance you’ll give someone a deadly virus is not “peaceable” way of assembling. If you went into a crowd and started waving a loaded gun at people and squeezing the trigger it would be a clear violation of the Non-Aggression Principle, even if you were not targeting any specific individual. Your “right” to swing your fist ends where my face begins.

        In most places, ways of assembling that do not significantly increase your risk of killing somebody, such as drive-in movies, are still going on and are still allowed.

        1. Where is there still a drive-in movie theater? Those things vanished ages ago in most locales.

          1. They are back! In a big way.

        2. Thanks for a reasoned response, illustrating the other side’s argument. It might hold water if the death rate from COVID was much higher than it is. Like, approaching 1/3 of people dead, like the Black Death on old Europe.

          As is… You write a book advocating suicide? You find a willing publisher, or publish it yourself? Book, magazine article, newspaper, etc. … Despite the obvious dangers of publishing such ideas, “freedom of the press” applies. No one will use Government Almighty to shut you down. Think “Anarchist’s Cookbook” as well.

          Ditto religion… Dangerous religions abound… Especially around suicide. Think Heaven’s Gate or Jimmy Jones. No one shut them down… ‘Cause 1st Amendment!

          I can hang with friends who advocate dangerous ideas… ‘Cause 1st Amendment! (So long as there’s no virus around, it seems).

          As soon as I snort some prohibited substance with my assembled friends? NO freedom for me any more!

          And now… As soon as some virus might be floating around, anywhere in the same state of the USA as I am, with my assembled friends? NO freedom for me any more!

          There’s just no sense of balance or perspective or proportionality going on here, as far as goes, when our listed freedoms apply, and when they don’t! I hope it gets fixed one of these years!

  7. Yep, nothing serves the people of Europia, especially Germania, better than enforced obedience to a dictatorial state.

    Its almost like all the people who want to think for themselves left, and only petty tyrants and peasants remain.

    ps. We should encourage Americans who want to be like Euros to be in Euro.

    1. Agreed.
      Instead, Reason tells them to overrun West Virginia

  8. You forgot part of the law.

    The burning of US flags is still allowed.

  9. I assume this is more a health concern. A public burning could injure an innocent bystander should a hot ash fly into their eye. That is why, it seems, that privately burning a flag is perfectly fine and equally fine is posting it on youtoob or having it broadcast on a giant monitor in the public square as the flag was burned privately, not publicly, it should be just fine.

  10. Europe. More like ‘Murica every day!

    1. Just a dumb comment

    1. You’re projecting the left’s cult of personality into the right. People vote for Trump not because they like him as a person, but because they prefer his policies to the alternatives.

  11. Let the punishment fit the crime: Those who violate the law face up to three years in prison. electrical contractors grand rapids mi

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