Kentucky Police Chief Retires in Wake of Breonna Taylor's Death

The federal government is reviewing the department's investigation into the botched drug raid.


Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad has announced his retirement in the wake of the botched drug raid that took the life of Breonna Taylor.

Conrad's final day on the job will be June 30.

In the department's account of the March raid, officers allegedly knocked on the door of Taylor's apartment and identified themselves to Taylor and her boyfriend while serving the warrant in the middle of the night. At least four neighbors have disputed this statement.

Reason obtained a copy of the search warrant, which showed the detective who submitted it requested a no-knock entry on Taylor's apartment.

The department announced an internal review shortly after the incident occurred. After two months of little action, Taylor's case garnered national attention, thanks largely to the efforts of family attorney Ben Crump.

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky are now reviewing the department's internal investigation.

"The resignation, today, of Louisville Metro Police Department Chief of Police Steve Conrad was a significant step forward in getting justice for Breonna Taylor, her family, and the city of Louisville. But this is just the beginning of that journey," Crump said in a statement released Thursday. "We will not rest until everyone involved is held accountable, and Breonna Taylor gets the justice she so deserves."

A spokesperson for the department told the Louisville Courier-Journal that Conrad's decision was of his own accord and that the mayor had not asked him to step down.

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  1. You didn’t mention whether or not he got to keep his pension and health care. If he’s keeping those, this isn’t a punishment. It’s just early retirement with no downsides. Does anyone honestly believe his replacement would have done anything differently?

    1. I know, they get all giddy about these retirements, in reality this is a gift he gets paid and does not have to deal with the BS. It’s like when they got so happy about forcing Brendan Eich out at Mozilla, does any believe he did not get a platinum parachute when he left (and now it turns out he was just looking for a reason to be pushed out). Wish I could get paid for not working.

      1. “Wish I could get paid for not working.”
        ‘Give’ the feds 12% – 13% of your wages for 45 years, and collect social security.

        1. If anyone thinks Social Security is going to survive the Boomers all retiriing at the same time we have multi-trillion dollar helicopter drops to combat the pandemic is delusional. Yeah, you might still get a check, but that two hundred a month will be worth nothing when we go full Zimbabwe on the Dollar’s ass.

          1. Not my problem you young whippersnapper – – – – – – – – –

            1. It will be if you manage to survive the pandemic. It won’t just be SS that will be worthless. Any private retirement savings you have will be worthless too.

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    2. His personal cost is exactly zero. His thugs could kill a hundred innocent people and he’d still retire with a six figure pension.

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  2. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky are now reviewing the department’s internal investigation.

    This will be toothless.

    1. Will the investigations results be justified as “professional courtesy” or “honoring the Thin Blue Line”?

    2. 1. Yes, they did an internal investigation.
      2. Procedures were followed.
      3. Next question?

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  4. Cops botch a raid and kill friendly white pothead: “Cops are out of control!”

    Cops botch a raid and kill a Black family, one of whom has pot: “Procedures were followed, nothing to see here, move along.”

    Crazy how many “libertarians” seek out excuses for police misconduct when the victim is Black. They’re not libertarians, they’re not even conservatives, they’re fucking bigot neanderthals with a police fetish.

      1. What? You’re excusing this gross police misconduct? And what fevered reason can you possibly call it anything other than manslaughter?

        1. He’s probably referring to the fact that your post was makes no sense. Literally no one here was excusing anything, and still as of writing this, no one has. Were you just assuming that someone would take that position ?

          ✔ Fucking retarded

    1. Just got here but haven’t seen any “libertarian” defending cops killing black victims so what the fuck are you talking about?

      1. It’s probably Ben crump in disguise looking for persecution from any venue he stumbles upon. Fuckin low life nigger.

  5. I was on flagship 7th fleet for three years and don’t remember ever seeing so much gold braid on one hat.

    1. the tool thinks he’s a fucking Commodore. sigh

      1. I rather doubt that he personally designed the uniform including the hat.

        1. If I remember correctly, police chiefs do kind of design their uniforms from choices available. So, yeah, he can decide to put lots of extra gold on his hat if he wants lots of gold on his hat. He looks like a pretty small guy to me so maybe he was compensating for his, um, size.

  6. resemblance to Barney Fife is uncanny.

  7. Do you know why things like this do not happen in Canada?
    In Canada police who would do such things are put in Prison.
    Simple solution really. Protects society for repeat police BS, and is a warning to thug’s who thought they could join the police to kill people just because…or for whatever reason”
    Why do Americans allow Police to create “Policies to kill for whatever reason the Police decide”?
    Why are the Police Unions allowed to decide the easiest ways to execute people unarmed or armed in any situation ?


    1. Ya but you let them take all your assault weapons. We don’t need your ilk on our continent – so fix it or leave.

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