Why Does Trump Want To Stop People From Voting by Mail?

And why does he think he has the power to do that?


Donald Trump, a longtime fan of double standards, conspiracy theories, and imaginary presidential powers, pulled off a trifecta yesterday with his comments about absentee voting.

"Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election," the president tweeted on Wednesday morning. "This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!" In a rare concession to reality, he amended that tweet in the afternoon, replacing "absentee ballots" with "absentee ballot applications," which are what Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson actually sent to registered voters.

Trump is also upset about absentee voting in Nevada. "State of Nevada 'thinks' that they can send out illegal vote by mail ballots, creating a great Voter Fraud scenario for the State and the U.S.," he tweeted in the morning. "They can't! If they do, 'I think' I can hold up funds to the State. Sorry, but you must not cheat in elections."

Since Trump himself voted by absentee ballot in Florida's presidential primary two months ago, you might wonder why he wants to deny Michigan and Nevada voters the same opportunity, especially at a time when COVID-19 fears might make people reluctant to gather at polling places. And why those states specifically, when five states (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) conduct elections almost entirely by mail, while 28 others require no special justification for absentee voting? You also might wonder why Trump views voting by mail in those states as illegal, cheating, or a form of voter fraud. In any case, why does Trump think he has the authority to punish states for election procedures he does not like by withholding federal funding?

Those are all good questions. Unfortunately, there are no good answers.

Michigan and Nevada are both battleground states where the margins of victory were small in the 2016 presidential election. Trump won Michigan by fewer than 11,000 votes, about 0.02 percent of the ballots cast. Hillary Clinton won Nevada by about 27,000 votes, 2.4 percent of the ballots cast.

Are Democrats more likely to vote by mail than Republicans? Trump certainly seems to think so. In a March 30 interview on Fox News, he criticized COVID-19 legislation proposed by House Democrats that would have required states to allow "no excuse" absentee ballot applications and, if an election is held during a national emergency, to send every registered voter a mail-in ballot. "The things they had in there were crazy," Trump said. "They had things—levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again."

Notwithstanding that dire prediction, the evidence concerning the partisan impact of voting by mail is mixed. Pantheon Analytics found that switching to mail-in ballots in Colorado gave a slight advantage to Republican candidates in 2014, while that change in Utah gave a slight advantage to Democrats in 2016. In both cases, voting by mail increased participation in the election, as you would expect. But contrary to the fears often expressed by Republican politicians, that turnout boost does not seem to consistently favor Democrats. In 2016, for instance, 15.5 percent of registered Republicans who voted in North Carolina used mail-in ballots, compared to 8.8 percent of registered Democrats.

Thad Kousser, chairman of the political science department at the University of California, San Diego, notes that mail-in ballots are especially appealing to older and rural voters, who are more inclined to vote for Republicans. He also cites California data indicating that black and Latino voters, who tend to favor Democrats, are less likely than whites to vote by mail. "There are still Republicans elected in many of the areas that have voting by mail," Kousser told The New York Times last month. "Democrats and Republicans alike appreciate this option."

Trump did not explain why he thinks absentee voting in Michigan or Nevada is illegal. "No excuse" absentee voting in Michigan was authorized by a 2018 ballot initiative. "I'm dumbfounded that this is controversial," Benson said on MSNBC last night, "especially because there are Democratic and Republican secretaries of state doing just what we're doing here in Michigan."

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske was similarly puzzled, saying she "lawfully declared the 2020 primary election as a mail-in election" in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She notes that a federal judge, responding to a challenge by a conservative group, recently agreed that she "lawfully exercised authority granted to her by state law to call for a primary election conducted primarily by mail ballot."

What about Trump's claim that absentee ballots enable voter fraud? The issue is a personal obsession for Trump, who implausibly blamed massive fraud for costing him his rightful popular-vote victory in 2016. Even if we charitably treat that concern as distinct from the unsubstantiated fear that mail-in ballots favor Democrats, there is little evidence that voter fraud is a substantial problem, regardless of how people cast their ballots.

While it's true that voting by mail is especially vulnerable to fraud, such incidents are still highly unusual. "Election fraud in the United States is very rare, but the most common type of such fraud in the United States involves absentee ballots," Rick Hasen, an election expert at the University of California, Irvine, law school, told the Times in April. "Sensible rules for handling of absentee ballots make sense, not only to minimize the risk of ballot tampering but to ensure that voters cast valid ballots." The five states where voting by mail is the norm "report very little fraud," the Times notes.

Even if wide absentee voting were a conspiracy by Democrats to get a leg up on Republicans through increased turnout and rampant fraud, would the president have the power to fight back by denying federal funding to states that make it easier to vote by mail? "If the president is able to impose his own new conditions on federal grants to states and localities, it would be a serious threat to both federalism and separation of powers," George Mason law professor Ilya Somin warns in a Volokh Conspiracy post. "The vast expansion of federal spending and state dependence thereon during the coronavirus crisis has made this an even more serious danger than before."

Somin notes that "the extent of mail voting is one of many aspects of election administration that the Constitution largely leaves to state governments." He adds that "the Constitution gives Congress, not the president, the power to allocate federal spending, including imposing conditions on state and local government grant recipients."

In case constitutional considerations do not suffice, Somin urges Republicans to imagine the possibility that their party will not always control the White House. "If the president can get around such restrictions and impose his own new conditions on federal grants to state government, he could use that power to bully states and localities on a wide range of issues," he writes. "Conservatives who might be happy to see Trump wield that authority should ask how they would feel when Joe Biden (or some other future Democratic president) does the same thing. The same tools Trump uses to pressure blue and purple states can easily be turned against red states."

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299 responses to “Why Does Trump Want To Stop People From Voting by Mail?

  1. So voting by mail is only illegal in swing states? WTF? Okay for Florida but not for Nevada? WTF?

    I’ve voted by mail for the past twenty years. Because no reason to be standing in lines when I could just send it in. Trump can go stick his head in a bucket of ice water.

    But no matter, the Trumpistas will be along shortly to explain how the White House has the moral authority to tell states how they can conduct elections. Fuck the Constitution, Trump trumps the law!

    1. Please keep posting comments.
      I enjoy how stupid and emotionally pathetic they make you look

      1. You’re right, it does make you look like a poopyhead!

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      2. There is absolutely no ballot harvesting by democrats. Not ever.

        1. And it never rains in Seattle!

      3. This is the second comment on this article, or will be until and if mine is posted, but I just wanted to say that sadly it’s all downhill from here. I’ve never seen a site where the articles are of such quality and the comments so trashy. I’d like to suggest to the regular commenters here that they stick to the Editor’s Note (“We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic.”), if only to keep from discrediting the site (or is that the point?) and give their writing a chance to be read and taken seriously. And the editorial staff should start doing a little editing – by removing the spam for openers. Or would that be anti-Libertarian? Maybe, but allowing a few “tax consumers” with frustrations to vent and time on their hands to drag a forum down and chase reasonable voices away is an awful good way of curbing freedom of speech.

        So long, you right-wing communist shit-eating sluts.

        1. Gene, I would like to suggest you grow up and learn how to deal with people who have opinions you dislike but are not smart enough to refute. That is really all that is going on here. What you tell yourself is “trashy” and “uncivil” is just people giving arguments you don’t like but can’t refute. My advice is to grow a thicker skin and try to get smarter. Offended and stupid is no way to go through life.

        2. Nah, it already went down that hill. Pretty consistent now.

        3. Welcome to the site where we discuss which public figures (and commenters) should go into literal woodchippers!

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    2. the Trumpistas will be along shortly to explain how the White House has the moral authority to tell states how they can conduct elections

      You’re new here, ain’tcha? Trumpistas “explain” their position by calling you a retarded child molesting shit eating communist who should go drink a bottle of drain cleaner. Fortunately, there’s only two or three of them here (although the most trollish one of them operates a bunch of socks) so they’re easy to ignore. There’s several others who might seem to be Trumpistas but they’re just big Team Red fans who don’t actually have a problem with Big Government and Top Men and collectivism in principle, so long as it’s their team in charge. Keep this in mind when you hear them slamming Reason for being a poor excuse for a libertarian magazine – they’re not even libertarian at all.

      1. Odd that you would claim this, because aside from Nardz, Brandybuck, John and you most of the comments posted so far are by AmSoc and Jeff’s sockpuppets.

        “explain” their position by calling you a retarded child molesting shit eating communist
        Buttplug has posted child porn links, Sqrlsy has proudly stated they’re a coprophiliac and AmSoc is constantly saying he’s communist and mocks libertarianism, so nobody’s wrong in saying that.

        1. I don’t like to wear socks. My feet are too pretty for them.

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        2. No, I’m not mocking libertarianism– an idea I agree with when I pay thousands of dollars of tax money to watch this government kill poor people in the ME because they have oil. What I am mocking is all these garden variety GOP church ladies around here that think they’re all libertarian, but haven’t seen a military intervention or a law limiting access to abortion that they oppose. They fucking suck.

          1. military intervention
            Okay, but I’ve yet to see anyone doing that here, unless you’re referring to the time Trump totally started WW3 when he had a terrorist assassinated.
            In truth Orange Hitler’s been the least warmongery president since Carter, so I’m not sure what you’re on about.

            law limiting access to abortion
            You mean not wanting to squander taxpayer dollars on Planned Parenthood child abattoirs? Fuck off, babykiller.
            There’s nothing libertarian about assisting lazy sluts in murdering their children.

            1. “In truth Orange Hitler’s been the least warmongery president since Carter, so I’m not sure what you’re on about.”

              He’s a lying sack of lefty shit; adjust your expectations.

            2. Yep, all women who have abortions had consensual sex.

              1. Pretty much. The rape angle is a red herring at best, because an tenuous Appeal to Emotion in the only justification you have for babykilling.

                1. I think the number of rape related abortions is some fraction of one percent. It’s such a bullshit argument.

                2. It’s not “babykilling”. Abortion can be performed only during the first trimester of pregnancy, and at that stage the embryo is certainly *not* a human being, even if it’s made of human tissue. It’s not a “baby”, and won’t be until at least the 26th week.

                  After the first trimester abortion becomes dangerous to the mother, and no lawful doctor will do it for any cause less than a direct threat to the health of the mother. If it comes to a choice between the life of an incomplete (lacking a brain, among other vital organs) human being and the life of a complete human being (such as a woman old enough to become pregnant in the first place), which do you think we should choose?

                  1. 26th week? No, it’s a person LONG before that. Babies at least as early as 21-22 weeks have been successfully delivered for at least the last 20 years, assuming sufficient ,jog development, and are otherwise healthy. A friend of mine is an NNP and is a partner in a medical practice that has contracts to run the new natal unit in several hospitals in the Salt Lake City area. She explained all of this in great detail.

                    It’s a scientific fact that an embryo is a real human baby, and a valid person relatively early in the second trimester.

          2. Shut up shreek. You are not doing anything but shilling for the left.

            1. Indeed, because people aren’t allowed to talk if they don’t agree with you.

              1. What about strawmanning and habitually making shit up?

                1. And don’t forget about the kiddie porn links he likes to post here.

          3. American Socialist : “No, I’m not mocking libertarianism..”

            Hell, I’ll mock’em. Because the “Libertarians” in this forum seem like adolescent brats, still seething with resentment because Mommy made them eat brussels sprouts as a child. In addled peevishness, they make hormonally-challenged teenagers look mature. They wouldn’t know a factual argument if it was a thousand pound safe dropped on their heads from a third floor window . I’m sure there are Libertarians somewhere who aren’t sullen little boys, just not here.

            (plus I like brussels sprouts)

            1. Yet we’re not shameless lying soulless pieces of shit. Such as yourself. To my knowledge why also pay our mortgages and are not parasitic scofflaws, such as yourself.

              1. Sweet. I always wanted to be a scofflaw…..

                1. You’ve been one for years. By your own admission.

          4. Only dim lights think America needs oil from the M.E. Old news and wrong then.

            GOP church ladies are not likely libertarians, you expose your ignorance with the comment.

            Why would any caring,loving, considerate person want to limit killing babies , when babies interfere with casual sex??

            Most of Americas interventions over the last 150 years were done by Democrats, it is called history.

            1. We’re a net exporter of oil again, and the largest petroleum producer in the world. Progressives want to change that, so we are dependent on the ME for oil again.

      2. They explain their positions fine. But idiots like brandy dont bother to read the explanation preferring moral argumentation against strawmen theyve created.

      3. Proper voting in a democracy involves two things: Substantive ID and complete voter privacy. I detest the whole concept of Vote by Mail because it is not private. Everybody in the household knows what you’re doing and who you’re voting for. Dominant figures in the household will force their minions to vote the way they vote. Add to that the completely corrupt practice of Harvesting Votes, and you’ve got a genuine disaster on your hands. I suppose there is a third leg to voting: The populace must believe it’s accurate.

        1. “Add to that the completely corrupt practice of Harvesting Votes, and you’ve got a genuine disaster on your hands. I suppose there is a third leg to voting: The populace must believe it’s accurate.”

          Are the citizens forbidden to form committees to invigilate the elections and vote counting? Increased scrutiny and openness will do good things for an election’s image of integrity.

          Voter privacy could be taken care of by having booths much like voting booths at the post office allowing people to pick up their ballots, and vote and mail from a private booth conveniently located in a secluded corner of the post office.

          “and you’ve got a genuine disaster on your hands”

          There are certainly wicked people who game the system to benefit themselves at everyone else’s expense, but, as the article points out, these are fairly minimal up to now, no doubt the incidents will increase when absentee votes grow more important. There will also be new and improved techniques in voter suppression to counter the unwanted increase in voter participation.

          1. “but, as the article points out, these are fairly minimal up to now”

            That’s nowhere near true and you and Sullum know it.

            1. Where IDs are not required it is impossible to know if voter fraud occurs. So saying that voter fraud is rare is merely wishful thinking.

              1. For whatever reason, there aren’t many cases of voter fraud. There are obviously many ways to improve voting and vote counting.

                1. Merely wishful thinking.

                  There are several famous well documented episodes:
                  JFK in 1960 via Richard Daley
                  LBJ in 1948

                  1. Every election and post election is marred by fraud and abuse, there’s too much at stake for those involved to be otherwise. It’s up to citizens themselves to keep elections are free and fair as possible. If your goal is to keep voter participation down to a minimum there is voter suppression, a tradition that goes back to Jefferson’s election more than 200 years ago. It’s not necessarily illegal, either. More severe penalties and diligent pursuit of fraudsters and the candidates that benefit from it might help. Banning absentee ballots is a non-starter. They have a long tradition and look set to play a greater role.

                2. Democrats are the ones who institutionally practice voting fraud, Democrats will not look into fraud when they are the guilty, so that is why you see so little fraud, when it is actually fairly big and constant in our large eastern cities.

                  1. “Democrats will not look into fraud when they are the guilty”

                    If the policing of elections is left to partisans, this is completely predictable. Oversight of elections should be up to citizens, not members of a party that has an interest in the outcome. Just think of baseball. The umpires are not members of any of the baseball clubs. If they were their decisions would likely be biased towards their team.

                    There are lots of ways to make elections fairer without banning absentee ballots. Vote suppression is probably a more difficult challenge if you want to stay legal.

                    1. The umpires are not members of any of the baseball clubs. If they were their decisions would likely be biased towards their team.

                      They work for the league. A scripted season, like all reality TV, if well done will draw more butts in seats than honest play enriching the league, the teams, the cities, and the umpires.

            2. “That’s nowhere near true and you and Sullum know it.”

              I don’t know it. I’m just following the article. If you have evidence to the contrary, please share it. Do you have any ideas how to counter mail voting fraud or are you prepared to live with it?

              1. Or we could live without and prevent democrat ballot harvesting.

          2. So drive to the post office to vote in a booth instead of your local school or fire hall to vote in a booth like we’ve always done?

            Makes sense…

            To a retard.

            1. A booth gives the voter some privacy. This is what Richard L Pratt was concerned about.

          3. As the long as the vote is secret or private there can be no reliance that you are vote is counted after the first aggregation.

            We don’t have a mechanism to follow an individual vote through the process and so even as you pull the lever, your vote is like schroedinger’s cat – it is both D or R until it is needed to be one or the other.

      4. > a retarded child molesting shit eating communist who should go drink a bottle of drain cleaner^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HHydroxyChoroquine.

        There, fixed it for you.

        1. You’ve gone straight up retarded.

      5. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/washington-state-loses-hundreds-millions-nigerian-unemployment-claims-fraud-scheme

        If Nigerians can register for unemployment in Washington and the other states that require minimum verification, they can register to vote.

        Stories like this are why most of us would never trust a centralized system to tally votes properly. If you can’t verify someones identity in your unemployment system, which requires more verification in many states than voting, why would we trust you to verify voters are who they say they are?

        1. “why would we trust you to verify voters are who they say they are?”

          If you don’t trust us to do it, why not do it yourselves, if only to check?

          1. Besides the claims from the Left that doing so is illegal and racist?

            1. You don’t answer to the left. Shitty excuse for accepting fraud. You deserve any fraud that’s coming your way.

    3. Are you sure you’re voting by mail? Because the dems also don’t want you voting by mail if you’re in the service or the zip code.

      1. wrong zip code.!

    4. Lol. Had to beat sarcasmic to the strawman.

    5. Republicans traditionally do better with mail in ballots. The recent
      congressional election in California where mail-in votes allowed Republicans to flip a seat shows that again. However, Putin probably told Trump that mail votes are hard to rig.

      Today in Russia there are probably thousands of Russia’s best engineers working on the mechanisms of every type of voting system used in the USA, in an effort rig the 2020 election for Trump. In many cases, the Russian military intelligence officers will have to physically infiltrate the USA and rig machines in key districts. As long as Trump stooges still control the Justice Department and other agencies, the Russians won’t have much difficulty entering the USA. Trump famously said “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”. That has now been replaced by “Trump could be caught handing America’s top military secrets to Russia and still not have any Republican votes for impeachment”.

      Whatever evidence and proof of criminal acts that Mueller or Schiff could have come up with, it is certain that such evidence and proof could not be as powerful an indication of wrongdoing as the evidence in the public record that Bret Kavanaugh was lying in the senate hearings relating to his confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice.

      Once Ford’s account included three people she said were there AND his calendar had them all at Tim Gaudette’s house on July 1, 1982, AND Ford’s description of the interior of Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD exactly matches that of the actual house, which still exists: the only way that Kavanaugh was not lying is either: Ford somehow obtained access to his 1982 diary/calendar, or Ford has a time machine or Ford stalked Kavanaugh in 1982 and planned for this if he was nominated to the Supreme Court…”

      1. Whatever drugs your on, you should consider trying something else. Holy fucking cow are you a lunatic.

      2. In many cases, the Russian military intelligence officers will have to physically infiltrate the USA and rig machines in key districts.

        Paranoid much?

      3. Russian military intelligence officers will have to physically infiltrate the USA and rig machines

        Nah, the top 3 floors of the FBI will do that for them.

    6. There are numerous examples of mail in voter fraud, but all of you stupid idiots are too damned lazy to search for it. Go to “big league politics” and get the truth there. You idiots always use the main stream conspiracy news media for your news fix. The main stream conspiracy news media hates Trump and NEVER gives a fair and balanced story. But all of you idiots already know that! Please explain why it is only Democrats that want mail in ballots? Just like for all of these years the Democrats were the only ones complaining about voter ID, when voter ID helps protect both sides! With mail in ballots I could fill out 1000’s of ballots with no proof of citizenship, no ID, no nothing! I am a Republican so I intend to flood the mail with illegal ballots and they will have no way of knowing. Is that what you idiots want? If so then I will be contacting all of my friends to send in as many ballots as they can, 1000’s of them in favor of Trump!

      1. We just had a democratic elections officer get convicted in Philadelphia YESTERDAY for accepting bribes to ballot stuff for democrats in various primaries there…

        1. Joseph Stalin – ‘Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.’

          Juvenal – ‘Who watches the watchers?’

          If you don’t keep an eye on these officials, no telling what kind of shenanigan they will get up to.

    7. As soon as I read pathetic, juvenile commentary that incorporates nonsense like “Trumpistas,” I know I’m reading the commentary of an ignorant ass that dutifully regurgitates liberal bullshit.

      If you were not an ignorant clown you’d understand that the major proponent of “fuck the Constitution” is our racist ex-crackhead former President, B. Hussein Obama.

    8. There is no state in the union that does *not* have provision for mail-in/absentee ballots. Why do the Democrats want to pass a *federal law* to solve a problem that doesn’t exist?

      1. “Why do the Democrats want to pass a *federal law* to solve a problem that doesn’t exist?”

        My guess is, one, that one federal law is easier to pass than 50 state laws, and two, such a federal law would give an advantage to their party.

    9. Every election in Florida due to early vote mail in ballots there are controversies in 3 counties in South Florida controlled by Democrats. Thousands of ballots are turned in late on election night instead of being mailed in early and hold up the counting for days. In Broward county the election supervisor was fired for mishandling ballots by mixing invalid ballots with valid which made them impossible to sort out. Once the ballot is removed from the envelope their is no identification or way to know who cast the vote. If a court had not stopped the counting it was most likely going to flip every close election won on election night to Democrat. This happens in other states as well with California especially. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most red states but California and other blue states have passed laws to allow it. That is the problem with mail in ballots.

  2. Aww, come on, Jacob. Its because of the droves of Mexicans who vote illegally in the US election. In 2016, for example, satellite photos from GOP Buttkisser Inc spotted the whole town of Tijuana crossing the border so that they could all vote for some weird white women from New York City. It was so obvious then. Why shouldn’t we do something about it now? Geesch.

      1. Data is not the plural of anecdote.

        1. Actually it is. What do you think data is if not an amalgamation of individual instances?

          Jesus some of you people are stupid.

          1. No, data is collected in a systematic fashion. A bunch of people volunteering anecdotes is not systematic.

            1. Doubling down on your stupidity is, well… stupid

            2. MarkW201 : “No, data is collected in a systematic fashion”

              Let’s demonstrate the distinction by example : Say you take a tin-foil-hat voting fraud freak like Kris Kobach, give him tons of money, a full staff of investigators, and a heavily publicized forum in his own committee to produce voting fraud agitprop. But he still finds nothing and his show shuts down in embarrassing chaos. That’s because he only had anecdotes, and all data disproved his premise.

              Or look across the country : There are fifty states and five territories; political power is dispersed among competing parties; Criticizing the other side is the first order of the day, whether you’re in power or not; and voting fraud cases are a brutally effective way to trash opponents. Yet you still get anecdotes and they’re as rare as hen’s teeth. That’s because the data isn’t there.

              Of course lack of data never stopped someone from pretending, so there’s that..

              1. No it doesn’t. This is why we have the green movement, and every other kook Marxist plan from you and your friends.

            3. *Enough* “anecdotal incidents” form significant evidence. The whole sciences of Meteorology, Geology, and Astronomy depend on “anecdotal” evidence, because it’s rather difficult to fit a hurricane, a volcano or a supernova into a laboratory. They have to depend on “models”, which are not reality, and on “anecdotal” evidence.

              Likewise, enough vote-fraud observed in the wild forms significant evidence. Yes, mail-in ballots are vulnerable to fraud; so are in-person ballots. They all need to be carefully watched.

              1. Nobody denies that voter fraud exists. The question is whether or not it influences the results of an election.

              2. Leslie the Bard : *Enough* “anecdotal incidents” form significant evidence

                Enough anecdotal incidents becomes data, which you don’t have. That’s why Kobach’s farce of an investigation was such an embarrassment. He thought he could collect enough anecdotal incidents to spin as “data”, bogus or not. He failed at even that. Numbers from a PBS story on voting fraud:

                Voter fraud cases since 2000: 44 out of 1 billion votes cast
                Rate of voter fraud: 0.0000044%
                2012 voter turnout: 129,085,403
                2012 voter fraud cases: 4

                Your odds of getting struck by lightning (twice!) are more likely than election fraud at: 1 in 9 million. That’s why you only have


                Of course you’ll want to kill the messenger, but so what? You won’t find other numbers significantly different that aren’t obvious propagandistic fantasy – because they just aren’t there. Again: You had a true Trump toady give it his best – with money, investigators and a pet committee of his own. Yet he made a fool of himself.

          2. Obviously, no, it is not. Not even close. You could create a biased set of samples easily with a bunch of anecdotes that fit your preconceived notions, and it would obviously not lead to a valid analysis.
            I mean, seriously, is this fun for you? What you are saying is so asinine it is funny for me, at least.

            1. It would still be data you half wit. Indeed, whether it is biased or not is the entire question that you just beg and assume the answer you want.

              It is fun to kick around stupid people who don’t understand what words mean and can’t speak or think with any precision.

        2. If there are easy ways to cheat on processes where the potential stakes are high, people will do it.
          There are two groups that stand to benefit if voter fraud is made even easier.
          Firstly the democrats, because people who are not eligible to vote have tended to support them.
          The second group that benefits is foreign countries in competition with the US. As soon as the rubes in flyover country start to feel that they no longer have any say in US policies, destabilization is likely to occur.

      2. So, I’m supposed to show the government apparatchik my papers because some GOP churchlady decided to try to make a stupid point that she probably thinks is brilliant? And, furthermore, its Florida… hardly news that they can’t get their shit straight.

        1. You have to show ID to buy a gun from a dealer. Votes are more dangerous than guns. Votes move armies. Votes start wars. Votes throw people into prison.

          1. “Votes throw people into prison.”

            Not any votes you’re likely to cast. Legally or otherwise. Your vote is fairly meaningless.

      3. The article invalidated its own conclusions with the evidence it presented. Only one person was able to vote, so the fact that the name used to vote was not real was meaningless. Fraud only actually affects the outcome if it increases the numbers of votes for a candidate.
        Please read your sources carefully, otherwise people like me will embarrass you.

    1. American socialist is like saying Chinese democrat.

  3. What a fat fucking idiot. This has to be his dumbest tantrum yet

    1. That’s a bold statement. I think he might have been even dumber.

  4. In my area of California the election board is about five years behind on verifying people who have moved or died. Ballots sent to an address that has someone else living there can easily be filled out and returned. My wife and I got both our mail ballots and the ballots sent to the deceased former occupant of our house for four years.
    Like Pogo said ‘Vote early and often.’

    1. I think that quote was from a Chicago mayor.
      What Pogo said was “We have met the enemy, and he is us”.

      1. And keep in mind that that Chicago mayor was never proven to have engaged in voter fraud, but everybody knows damn well it was going on. Same with a number of other Democrat-run cities where you have “community activist” groups who are given “walking-around money” for “get out the vote” activities. Nobody’s ever actually proven that they’re engaged in paying for votes, but then again nobody’s actually looking too closely. “No evidence” that there’s not wide-spread vote fraud going on is about as meaningful as “no evidence” that any random person you might run into out in public has the coronavirus, and yet we’re still taking precautions, aren’t we?

        1. College kids, as soon as they arrive on campus are set upon by others wanting them to register to vote at their “new” address – even though it is just a temporary one.
          Each of them, who live in another voting district, can also use the “vote by mail” from back home, if they are already registered.
          “One man, one vote”, except lots of college kids get two.
          This only benefits demoncraps, because they’re the ones dishonest enough to do it.

        2. Both my parents have been gone for 7 years, and I’ve actively TRIED to get them off the voter rolls, unsuccessfully, even sending in death certificates. Given the politics in their former county of residence, I have little doubt that they voted for Hillary last time. Still, Dems vigorously oppose taking people off voter rolls for any reason.

          1. I had the same experience, with my brother, who moved out of state as soon as he graduated from college. And my Dad after he died. Every election I’d go in, vote, and I’d see their names listed in the voter roll, right next to mine. Didn’t do any good to point it out.

            Mom they removed, but I suspect that’s only because she’d moved elsewhere in the same state, and for all I know all three of them are still registered to vote back in Michigan. Maybe I am, too, and I moved out 12 years ago.

    2. My city had evidence of harvesters signing up nursing home residents and then showing up to “help fill the ballots” but declined to prosecute.

      1. You get the fraud you deserve. If you incentivize fraud, you shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

    3. California throws out a LOT of mail in ballots because the signature on the envelope doesn’t match the signature on the registration. True fact. When wives can’t even mail in their husband’s ballots, it’s ludicrous to suggest that there is any kind of wholesale mail voter fraud.

      But don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative.

      1. “”California throws out a LOT of mail in ballots because the signature on the envelope doesn’t match the signature on the registration. True fact. “”

        And the ACLU is looking to end that practice.


        1. And California has a plethora of counties where votes cast routinely outnumber registered voters

    4. Everyone tries to bring up Washington state mail in voter system…

      But they neglect to tell you it was a bipartisan effort that required putting voter rolls of dead people, people who moved, people who never voted, etc…

      And that took the state 8 YEARS to do. 1 state, 8 years. How quick you think a state run by retards, like my state of PA, will take to do it?

      Oh sure no problem, well have it done in the next 6 months.

      1. Well, to be sure, WA state is also run by retards, so I’d say PA should take about 8 years.

  5. “Those are all good questions. Unfortunately, there are no good answers.”

    Of course there! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  6. Because he’s a poopyhead!
    Nobody at Reason deserves a paycheck

    1. Because fucking right-wing morons keep gaslighting and bullshitting for all his lies because they don’t like immigrants and minorities. The funny thing is for all of Trump’s asshole bullshit he never seems to accomplish any of the things he keeps virtue signaling about to his Neo-Nazi fanboys. Mexicans are still crossing the border and ISIS terrorists are still living in Dearborn. What are right-wing assholes to do? Maybe another wingnut will do.

      1. Keep building those strawmen like you do and you’ll be able to found a city.

      2. Accuses others of gaslighting while gaslighting their motivations.

        1. Like claiming Trump not accepting the results of the election if Hillary won and then when Trump won they went with #notmypresident

      3. AmSoc, making up lies, as usual. He has no argument, so everyone who dissents is ‘racist’.

        What a faggy douchebag.

      4. Mexicans are still crossing the border and ISIS terrorists are still living in Dearborn.

        So stop complaining.

      5. We have no problems with legal immigrants ….. just illegal ones.
        Why are you LobotomizedLeftistMorons so worried about illegal immigrants ??? We have plenty of homeless people and veterans that should be taken care of before we even consider helping illegal immigrants.

  7. Looks like he’s setting up another claim for vote fraud when he loses the popular vote again (and likely the electoral college too).

    1. He doesn’t claim fraud when he loses the popular vote, he claims victory when he wind the electoral college.
      Winning the popular vote in a presidential election is like scoring the most runs in all the games of the world series – an interesting statistic, but meaningless.

      1. So San Francisco didn’t defeat Anaheim in the 2002 World Series 44-41?

    2. When Biden wins, will he show up for work at the right address?

      1. Doubtful ….. unless his wife puts him on a leash and walks him there.

    3. Trump understands the electoral college unlike you.

      1. They don’t teach International Studies at the Electoral College, so what good is it?

        1. They do have excellent macrame classes though.

  8. What about Trump’s claim that absentee ballots enable voter fraud? The issue is a personal obsession for Trump, who implausibly blamed massive fraud for costing him his rightful popular-vote victory in 2016. Even if we charitably treat that concern as distinct from the unsubstantiated fear that mail-in ballots favor Democrats, there is little evidence that voter fraud is a substantial problem, regardless of how people cast their ballots.

    I will try to stop laughing long enough to eke this post out, but if mail-in ballots don’t favor Democrats and voter fraud isn’t a problem. Why do Democrats do everything they possibly can to make sure voter fraud is as easy as possible? Is it because they just care so much about the rights of the downtrodden graveyard residents and people in cell block E? That must be it, they are just so overwhelmed with pure compassion and meanie Republicans only want white slaveowners to vote.

    1. The most even handed interpretation I read was this:

      The Right cares about the purity of the ballot, that no one who shouldn’t vote votes. This insures that people are being represented accurately, and without fraud from political institutions, or from outsiders crashing the ballot box.

      The Left cares about the representative value of the vote, so that everyone who can vote legally can do so substantively. To remove barriers so that the vote is reflective of the population’s will.

      A more cynical read, the parties are trying to maximize their share of the vote:

      The right is comfortable with restrictions on the ballot because it tends to have more savvy voters, and typically ones with more resources to jump through hoops.

      The left tends to have poorer voters and ones with less institutional/political knowledge so they favor reducing barriers to vote.

      1. The left doesn’t care about poor voters. And these sorts of restrictions do not affect poor voters any more than they affect anyone else. The left cares about fraud. These restrictions make it harder to harvest votes and have volunteers vote in place of people who are either dead or are known not vote.

        That is all that is going on here.

        1. I’m not sure if it’d be comforting or exhausting to always see my opposition as evil.

          1. I don’t always see anything. But the facts are what they are in this case. I am not sure if it is stupid or just naive to think no one ever does the wrong thing. You tell me, are you stupid or just naive? Or maybe just dishonest.

            1. I would vote for Mike being both stupid and dishonest.

        2. Barriers to voting? Now that’s funny! I love it when the left starts presuming there’s this whole group of people who can’t get a free State ID, and they are mostly black. You can’t find them anywhere, but surely they are somewhere because you believe they must be.
          Poor black folks are sure lucky they have you to stand up for them.

          Someone should explain the racism of low expectations to you.

          1. Haha. Yeah, you’d think that the pandering would get insulting at some point.

            That will be a bad day for team blue.

            1. DimmieCraps have no morals, so pandering doesn’t bother them at all. For them, the end results are all that matter, and regaining power is all that matters. They’ve lost their power base of unions and middle class workers over the years, and they’ve been losing “woke” black voters, so they’ve turned to pandering to any splinter group who is willing to sell their vote for some recognition. The Dims are now comprised of a multitude of splinter groups; angry feminists, angry gaywads, entitlement blacks wanting freebies, Hollyweird elitists, academia, socialists, communists and 72 genders of misfits.

      2. If it was only about compassion the left wouldn’t expend so many resources on cleaning up voter rolls of dead voters.

      3. Thats not even-handed, its leftist propaganda.
        Registration and voting is remarkably easy.
        If you want to vote, put in the tiny, tiny amount of effort required.

        1. Any effort required is a roadblock.

          Look, it is just unfair that a significant portion of the population that favors Democrats are also incredibly unmotivated.

      4. This is the first reasonable comment I’ve read. Thanks.

    2. Don’t forget the roadblocks demoncraps put up, whenever an attempt is made to find out if there is massive voter fraud.
      Demoncrap Secretaries of State refused to allow their voter information be scrutinized, when an effort was made after 2016.

  9. The fundamental problem is that a huge and increasing number of net tax consumers are being supported by an insufficient number of net tax producers. The simple solution is restriction of the right to vote to net tax producers, active military, and veterans, i.e., those who pay the piper call the tune.

    1. Why do you single out the military tax consumers?

      1. Service Guarantees Citizenship!

    2. Like the military are not tax consumers? How about letting the tax payers like me get to decide about the wars we get into. I bet I could cut the amount of military tax consumption.

      1. You have both a representative and a senator dumbfuck.

      2. The military and the net tax producers make all the rest possible.

      3. Progressives should never decide anything.

      4. Last I remember, non-interventionist Ron Paul got more campaign contributions from military members than any of the other candidates when he ran for prez. The people who are going to have to fight the damned wars should be the ones to vote on them. If people had to fight the wars themselves, personally, or if they had experienced war, personally, they’d be less likely to vote for war.

    3. While I agree that they who pay the piper should call the tune, the 24th Amendment states otherwise. That Amendment may be a foolish as the 18th ( and 17th) but it is currently the law of the land.

      1. And guess who pushed the 24th Amendment …… LBJ, one of the most corrupt politicians to every grace the halls of the WhiteHouse, and the DimmieCraps. The guy who said “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200-yrs.” Unfortunately, 56-yrs have proven him right. We only have 144 more years to go.

  10. Apparently you’ve not heard of ballot harvesting. Figures that you would ignore the obvious reason for Democrat rats who want to have third parties collect ballots. Nah let’s just pretend that didn’t happen even though it did.

    Also Colorado is nearly blue and likely Gardner will be out of office. It was once a red state but between Cali assholes and mail in ballots it’s now a socialist republic.

    1. We had a ballot harvester come to our house last election. Both my wife and I do mail voting. My wife is early 30s latina. The harvester came to the house and asked if my wife had mailed on her ballot, and if not she would gladly take it. Not a peep about my ballot. Seems like they had a bit if bias in whose ballots they wanted. Wife fit the demographic of a democrat, she doesnt vote that way though.

      But please democrats. Keep claiming every vote.

  11. Libertarians at Reason: The USPS has lost $78 billion since 2007, but could lose as much as $13 billion this year as the pandemic has crushed mail volume.

    Also Libertarians at Reason: Everyone should use the USPS as their only means to exercise their civic duty.

    1. Everyone should use the USPS as their only means

      That’s exactly what they said!

      civic duty

      Fuck off, slaver.

      1. Are you talking to Sullumn here? If you are not, you should be. Sullumn is the one claiming that voting is so important and such a civic duty that states should go to any and all efforts to make it easy to vote regardless of the cost in fraud.

        If your position is “fuck off slaver voting is not a duty”, I don’t see how you could consider making voting easy to be some great good the way Sullumn does here. It is not a duty and not something anyone has to do, so who gives a shit if the ones who do choose to vote have to actually get off their asses and go to the polls and show and ID?

        1. I skimmed the article, so help me out here. Did anyone say that people should use the USPS as their only means to accomplish anything? Did anyone say that voting was a duty before Billy Bones did above?

          1. That is the implication of the article. Sullumn is saying that the states should have vote by mail. Last I looked mailing things meant using the post office.

            1. DimmieCraps figure they can kill two birds with one stone using voting-by-mail. It enables them to commit wide spread voter fraud and they can subsidize the failing USPS indirectly.

  12. Did you see in Michigan a county clerk was just charged with tampering and illegally rejecting absentee ballots from 2018?
    Also, I believe the criticism is that the state laws didn’t allow what Nevada and Michigan’s Secretary of States decided to do by fiat.

    1. They just got done convicting a judge handling elections in Philly the other day. Basically every election the guy touched from 2014-16 was riddled with fraud.

      But voter fraud is extremely rare.

      1. But voter fraud is extremely rare.

        Kind of like it never rains in Seattle.

  13. If we’re going to modify how elections are carried out, how about having the polls open for a week instead of one day? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to get off their asses and go to the poll to vote unless there is some real reason they can’t if voting is so damn important. I’m not generally in favor of making voting easier. Too many people who don’t really bother to think things through already vote anyway.
    And it seems pretty blindingly obvious that it is in fact much easier to vote in someone else’s name with an absentee ballot.

    1. I agree Zeb. The other thing is why is it that the interest of making it easy for people to vote is automatically greater than the interest of having a clean election free of fraud?

      There are a lot of ways to balance those two interests. So, I don’t think it is necessarily unreasonable to come down in favor or making it easier to vote. The problem here is the author of this article and indeed reason in general seems incapable of understanding that there is any interest at all in ensuring a clean election. The only thing that matters is making it as easy as possible for people to vote no matter what the cost to election integrity.

      As you point out, it is not even clear why making it easy to vote is a good thing at all. Reason just assumes it is not only a good but the only possible interest when having an election.

      1. Reason magazine: progress uber alles

      2. IMO balancing the two interests is best served if the weight for having a clean election free of fraud has a weight factor of about .99 with ease of elections coming in at .01

      3. ” the interest of having a clean election free of fraud?”

        There is no interest in clean and fraud free elections. Elections are notoriously crooked and rigged, up and down the system. From the primaries to the final counting. Has been that way for centuries. I’ve yet to see sustained public agitation against it.

        Agitation is all about expanding the pool, whether it’s including 18 year olds, blacks, women, the unpropertied and so on.

    2. Far easier to fill out someone else’s info and drop it in the mail than it is to remember to get up early enough on a Tuesday to insure that you beat the person you are impersonating to the polling place.

      1. Yes. And if you have access to the voters rolls, you then hire a data analytics company to cross reference the public records with other available data to figure out who is dead or has moved but is still on the rolls. With this system, you then just fill out mail in votes for every one of those voters and drop them in the mail.

        This bill is nothing but enabling vote fraud on a massive and national scale.

        1. To echo John’s point, there are publicly available databases that show how frequently you vote and which elections you vote in. Some states give it away for free, others charge a fee. Good and bad things can be done with those data points.

          1. One last point: Who has all this information at their fingertips for free, and can skip bothering the post office?

            Elections workers. Which is a partisan office in most places, so the party in power in an area can almost always commit ballot fraud without any significant risk of being caught… by themselves!

            Most ballot fraud probably just contributes to making incumbents safe, which is why they have little interest in doing anything about it.

    3. Don’t most jurisdictions provide in-person early voting now? Several days before election day at least?

      1. All do, and it’s more than several days. Short of being out of town for an extended period, too frail for the process, or being in the military, there’s just no reason for mailed in ballots. It’s a “fix” that many want to expand to all because it’s easy to manipulate and virtually impossible to detect.

      2. Ours does. Meh, I’m fine with an Iraqi-style (after Bremer), one day, dip your thumb in indelible ink, photo ID mandatory, election at this point.

        Another good start would be gross election fraud being punishable by the same sentence in federal prison as someone else trying to defraud the government of millions of dollars plus.

        1. “…someone else trying to defraud the government of millions of dollars plus.”

          Such as, let’s see… a defense contractor? Or the congress member he owns? Except that it’s billions, not millions.

          1. ^an example of the “thoughtful” type of post this little Karen demands…

    4. “And it seems pretty blindingly obvious that it is in fact much easier to vote in someone else’s name with an absentee ballot.”

      Is that necessarily a problem? If you have that person’s permission to cast that vote, then that’s their business.

  14. If we are going to go to mail in ballots, then let’s do it all the way. Chain of custody from the post office to the counting room and bi-partisan monitoring at all times. You should then receive a receipt within 10 days to verify that your votes were counted. Also since this is so important let’s put some hefty mandatory minimum jail time for voter fraud, say 10 years for each violation. Since it is so rare that should not be an issue right.

    1. Chain of custody from the post office to the counting room and bi-partisan monitoring at all times. You should then receive a receipt within 10 days to verify that your votes were counted.

      You know that jurisdictions which have implemented all-mail elections have those kinds of procedures, right? I mean you wouldn’t be stupid enough not to spend thirty seconds checking around on-line before spraying shit out of your pie hole, right?

      https://www.electioncenter.org/publications /2010%20PPP/Denver_Election%20 Paper%20Submittal_Ballot%20Trace_2010.pdf

      With Ballot TRACE, voters receive messages (see attachment #1) about the election and the status of their ballot: before it enters the mail system, while it is being processed by the USPS,
      and after it has been returned to the Elections Division. Voters can choose to retrieve their updates using the Denver Elections Division’s website; or they can automatically receive (in English or in Spanish) email or text messages.

      1. So what? Your ability to track your ballot if you choose to is not the issue. The issue is having any confidence that a ballot that is supposed to have come from you is actually what it claims to be. The systems you describe do nothing to address that. They only allow you to make sure your vote is counted. Well your vote being counted is not the problem. The problem is the 30 other fraudulent votes that were harvested by some Democratic activist that are being counted along with yours.

      2. Not every jurisdiction has these procedures dummy.

      3. Right so the 500 dead people we harvested IDs from all got their ballots and the associated notices that go with them. And after we filled in the ballots for our guy and mailed them in, they we dutifully traced and we got the notices that they arrived and were properly counted.

        How does this work again to prevent mail-in ballot-box stuffing?

  15. Voting by mail has high potential for abuse.

    Voting should always be in person, with secure proof of identity and citizenship.

    If you can’t be bothered to go to the voting booth or are too incapacitated to go, you shouldn’t vote.

    1. Proof of identity and citizenship? RACIST! Everybody knows that only white people are smart enough to figure out how to get a picture ID and asking colored people people of color to meet the same standards as white people is asking far too much of the poor little helpless pickaninnies.

      1. Which seems to be the default position of liberals.

        1. The funniest thing was last year Montana had a special election. The set the date to early to arrange for in person voting according to a number of counties so they were proposing an all mail in ballot. The ones who protested the most were the tribes. The demanded in person voting on the Reservations.

      2. Ya, but in many states they closed the DMV (where people get IDs) in counties with high minority populations. Voter ID sounds good as a sound bite, but when you look into the details you find that there are many ways that states can make it hard to get the IDs.

        1. Yet there are far fewer ways to make obtaining IDs difficult than there are to make vote fraud easy without IDs

        2. They closed the DMV? Forever? In counties with high minority populations? Urban counties with millions of people have no DMV?

          Wow. That really is terrible and unfair.

          However, if true wouldn’t it be local officials (Democrats) closing the local DMV? Why would they do that?

          Haha. Good golly miss molly, you are gullible.

        3. You do realize that an ID is required to get married, obtain welfare, purchase cigarettes and beer, buy a gun, obtain insurance, and about a million other cases that require an ID. So your sound bite that “states make it hard to get IDs” is total BS. Anyone that really wants an ID can get it with just a wee bit of effort.

    2. “”with secure proof of identity and citizenship.””

      What would you use as proof of citizenship?

      1. At this point, Real ID would work, right? Passport works too.

        1. Real ID maybe later. Not enough people have them.

          This suppose to be the year the mandate kicks in for air travel and entering federal buildings. What’s the odds it will be push back again?

      2. What do I use as proof of citizenship for Real ID? For passport? I have to show a birth certificate, at least and some other forms of accepted ID.



        Born in the United States?

        Fully-valid, undamaged U.S. passport (can be expired)
        U.S. birth certificate that meets the following requirements:
        Issued by the city, county, or state of birth
        Lists applicant’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth
        Lists parent(s)’ full names
        Has the signature of the city, county, or state registrar
        Has the date filed with registrar’s office (must be within one year of birth)
        Has the seal of issuing authority

        Born in the United States?

        You must submit a delayed birth certificate OR a Letter of No Record, AND early public records.

        Delayed birth certificate (filed more than 1 year after birth)
        It must include the following:
        List the documentation used to create it (preferably early public records – see below)
        Signature of the birth attendant or an affidavit signed by the parent(s)
        If your delayed U.S. birth certificate does not include these items, it should be submitted with early public records (see below).

        Letter of No Record
        If a U.S. birth certificate is not on file for you in the state you were born, you will receive a Letter of No Record from the registrar instead of a birth certificate. It must meet the following requirements:
        Issued by the state
        Have applicant’s name and date of birth
        List the years for which a birth record was searched
        Include a statement that no birth certificate was found on file
        When submitting a Letter of No Record, you must also submit at least two early public documents or one early public document and one early private document with Form DS-10: Birth Affadavit.

        Early public or private documents

        Early public or private documents are documents that were created and/or issued early in the applicant’s life, preferably in the first five years.

        Public records should include the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth. Examples include:
        Baptism certificate
        Hospital birth certificate (often shows baby’s footprints)
        U.S. Census record
        Early school records
        Family Bible record
        Doctor’s records of post-natal care
        Form DS-10, Birth Affidavit (this form is for applicants whose birth in the United States was recorded more than one year late or who have a Letter of No Record.)

        1. To show for voting.

        2. Polling stations shouldn’t have to deal with that kind of mess. For voting, there should be only three forms of ID acceptable right now: Real ID, passport card, or passport. Any US citizen can obtain any of those easily.

          1. I will give this to the left, passports are prohibitively expensive.

      3. Currently, proving your identity and citizenship in the US is a mess. That should get fixed. And it should get fixed the right way: with a single, secure, digitally signed ID card, but without a central register of all citizens. We could also fix it with blockchain-based proof of identity and citizenship.

        1. Yeah, but the problem is that it won’t be done that way.

    3. So disabled should not be allowed to vote? The frail elderly?

      1. You are confusing “not allowed” with “unable to”. Try formulating your question correctly and I’ll be happy to answer it.

    4. “If you can’t be bothered to go to the voting booth or are too incapacitated to go, you shouldn’t vote.”

      Can I tell that to my mother? She’s 98 and can’t go out, but has a very clear mind and strong opinions. She’s also a veteran’s widow. She never utters a strong word, but I’m sure she’d have a few things to say to you.

      1. Pity is the pitch of a scoundrel, Karen

      2. She’s 98 and can’t go out, but has a very clear mind and strong opinions. She’s also a veteran’s widow. She never utters a strong word, but I’m sure she’d have a few things to say to you.

        Your mother has no stake in the future of this country because she will be dead in a couple of years. She should have the decency to refrain from imposing her “strong will” on other people long after her death.

        Can I tell that to my mother?

        Sure. Tell her to stop being so selfish and self-righteous while you are at it.

  16. Allowing voter fraud, or pretending it doesn’t exist, devalues the legitimate votes.

    You would think someone who probably votes third party would take that more seriously

    1. It is almost like Sullumn doesn’t really support a third party and is just lying when he says he does. Well knock me over with a feather.

    2. I would think that someone who votes third party would be resigned to the fact that their vote hardly matters anyway. Maybe that’s just me.

  17. This article conflates absentee voting with ubiquitous voting by mail. Absentee voting is where one sends in an application for a ballot with a justification (homebound, on deployment, just lazy, etc.), receive it by mail, then fill out and return by mail.
    The vote by mail scheme suggested by the House Bill would mandate that a ballot was mailed to EVERY SINGLE REGISTERED VOTER. Now if you think that a live voter exists for every name on that role, then you are sadly mistaken. If you think you need to prove you are a citizen to register to vote, you are also mistaken.
    Worse, the bill would legalize ballot harvesting, meaning that individuals can show up with a bundle of ballots and just drop them all off for counting, presumable so that they can help people who don’t know how to mail in their ballot. In actuality, activists can simply collect ballots from individuals who don’t care, from the trash, from mail drops, wherever those 153 million pieces of paper end up. It is mind boggling, if you don’t care enough to actually vote in person or request an absentee ballot, you don’t care enough.

    1. If you think you need to prove you are a citizen to register to vote, you are also mistaken.
      Worse, the bill would legalize ballot harvesting, meaning that individuals can show up with a bundle of ballots and just drop them all off for counting, presumable so that they can help people who don’t know how to mail in their ballot. In actuality, activists can simply collect ballots from individuals who don’t care, from the trash, from mail drops, wherever those 153 million pieces of paper end up. It is mind boggling, if you don’t care enough to actually vote in person or request an absentee ballot, you don’t care enough.

      That sums it up and explains what this is all about. You really can’t overstate how dishonest Sullumn is being here. He knows all that you explain and never touches any of it. He just pretends it doesn’t exist. That a piece of dishonesty hackery like this got published is further evidence of the complete lack of editorial standards at reason.

      1. It will be the highest turnout with over 400 million votes.

        1. Of the 36 1962-1964 Ferrari 250 GTO’s built, only 52 are known to exist.

  18. I think most dems prefer in person voting in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle. That’s usually where the winning margin occurs.

  19. What about Trump’s claim that absentee ballots enable voter fraud? The issue is a personal obsession for Trump, who implausibly blamed massive fraud for costing him his rightful popular-vote victory in 2016.

    From Tammany Hall, to the Cook County Democratic Party’s Chicago Machine, to the Orange County magic boxes, it’s not as if the DNC is unpracticed in massive voter fraud.

    1. As such nope points out above, absentee ballots are not the same as “mail in ballots” in the way they are described in the bill. You have to go down to the county and get an absentee ballot. The bill wants to mail every person in the country a ballot and let them mail it back. And oh by the way, it would make it legal for anyone to show up with your ballot in hand without it being mailed by you or any check to see if you actually filled it out.

      But, Sullumn claims the risks of voter fraud from this are just in Trump’s head. Fuck him. My God fuck Sullumn. What a lying, worthless piece of shit he is.

      1. That’s what Jerryskids doesn’t get above, it’s not that people are “Trumpistas”, but virtually every single fucking time Trump is attacked here it’s by someone who is lying their ass off.

        Big, fat, corpulent, obvious lies too. Not subtle shit but something a toddler would try and pull… “It was President Trump wrote in crayon on the wall, Mommy”.
        It’s infuriating because it means that they think that the readership here are so fucking stupid that they can tell the laziest lies possible and we’ll fall for it.

    2. How many counties had votes from over 100% of their registered voters?

      1. That was one of the best parts of the Obama Administration, watching people make excuses for precincts with, e.g., 506 registered voters go 506 D, 0 everyone else. You can’t get 506 people to agree on anything, but all 506 showed up to vote one way, with no mistakes? LOL.

  20. Why do democrats not want to clean up voter rolls?

    1. Btw… bad timing on the fraud is rare angle.


      Fraud isnt likely to be rare, especially in areas where control of ballots is not strictly maintained. What is rare is investigations of fraud.

      1. ok, questions. 1. Who is the consultant who hired him to do it? 2. Who hired the consultant? 3. Who else did the consultant hire? Because I can guarantee you they didn’t do just one person. If I was Trump, I’d have my justice department see how far this rabbit hole goes, and then see if I can tie it to the DNC proper.

    2. Why does Sullumn pretend there is no reason or interest in doing so? Sullumn acts like elections are fair and clean by magic and there can never be a concern about fraud no matter how they are run.

      Is Sullumn that stupid? While Sullumn certainly isn’t bright, I do not think he is that stupid. He is just lying here.

  21. Voter fraud. My dead parents still get voting notices and my mother has been dead for 13 years.

    1. Who’d she vote for last election?

      1. Her fellow undead zombie of course.

      2. If she voted, you can be sure that it was for the Hildabeast.

  22. A friend of a friend just got 5 absentee ballot applications from MI Secretary of State. One for him, one for his wife, and 3 for the people who lived in his house 24 years ago.

    1. Now think about that in the context of no voter ID requirement and big data. If I have a copy of the voter rolls, I can then cross referenced those names with things like social media and other big data to figure out what names are current and what names are of people who have moved or died or whatever. Once I have a list of all the names of people who are registered but no longer any danger of voting because they are dead or have moved to another state, I then can harvest those votes by either filling out absentee ballots for them or have volunteers show up to vote in their names. With no ID requirement, my volunteer just has to know the name and address of the person they are voting for. Get a dozen or so people doing that multiple times in every precinct, the numbers add up very quickly.

      This is why the Democrats don’t want the voters rolls cleaned up and why they don’t want ID requirements. It would shut down their primary means of fraud.

      1. “If I have a copy of the voter rolls, I can then cross referenced those names with things like social media and other big data to figure out what names are current and what names are of people who have moved or died or whatever…”

        Like if you were to politicize the Census Bureau? That sort of Big Data? Or access to databases at the admin level at Alphabet or Facebook? Nah, that would never happen.

  23. Banks are robbed so rarely, why bother with safes and locks?

  24. I always get a chuckle out of people who bring up the “you don’t want the other side having this power” argument as why not to do something.

    If elected office starts to suck because of some power they’ve handed the other side, most current legislators will just move on to a more lucrative private sector job and leave the mess with someone else.

  25. A Federal study lead by Jimmy Carter in 2003 found that voting by mail was open to fraud. Carter’s commission strongly recommended against voting by mail. Look it up

    1. Carter now thinks it’s a great idea despite what the commission said.

      Having people go through the act is more important than an honest outcome.

  26. Besides the obvious fraud, what about bribery and/or coercion?

    I stand behind you with a $50 gift card or a gun and make sure you vote for my desired candidate.

    That can’t happen in a voting booth. Oh sure, I can offer the bribe or make the threat, but since you vote in private, you can just lie to me.

  27. I live in CA. My ex-wife moved to Texas in 1999. When I moved in 2009 she was still getting an absentee ballot even though she had moved and had been voting in TX for 10 years. Do you think she is the only one?

  28. If you want to ensure 1 vote per registered voter and that the vote is cast only by that registered voter then go with thumbprint. How can there be complaints. After all everyone can afford a thumbprint.

  29. There is no data showing that vote fraud is rare.

    What there is is an absence of data, which results from the fact that the current system makes gathering data virtually impossible. Even when we know a ballot is fraudulent because the voter was deceased when it was filed, there is no way to figure out who cast it. According to mail-in voting advocates, if there is no one convicted, then there was no fraud.

    The absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

    1. A poll worker in PA just plead guilty to accepting payments of $5000 to stuff the ballot boxes. He was an election official, and admitted it in 2012, 2014, and 2016. His method was simple – he simply snuck into a voting booth and hammered in as many votes as he could without raising suspicion.

      Mechanical voting booths opened the curtain acted to registered your vote. Paper ballots were easier to control. These amazing voting machines we had to buy because senior Floridians were confused by the county’s ‘butterfly ballot’ and mid-cast their votes, according to Al Gore’s attorney’s are just horrible.

  30. Personally, I want every single person who is eligible to vote to be able to cast a safe and secure ballot. However, I want to be sure that the person voting is who they say they are, so that they cannot cast multiple ballots. I want to be sure that the person is voting in the correct district, where they legally reside. The person’s eligibility should be verifiable, including citizenship when that is applicable (if some town in California really wants to let illegal aliens vote for Mayor, so be it, but they cannot legally vote for President, House Representatives, or Senators and must be prevented from doing so). Their votes must be cast by them and without coercion, so none of this “ballot harvesting” nonsense.

    I don’t care if someone voting is white, black, hispanic, or orange. Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Communist USA, all the same to me for voting rights. But you get to vote once and only once, and in the correct state and district, per your legal residency.

    Show me a system better than in-person voting with ID requirements for meeting those objectives, then let’s talk. In the meantime STFU.

    A registered thumbprint? I’ve already had to turn mine in for CCW, when I should not have had to, so it’s no skin off my back that every else have to do so for voting. By which I mean, if I had to submit fingerprints in order to be allowed to exercise one of my Constitutionally protected rights (“shall not be infringed”), why is it wrong to expect that you might need to exercise other such rights? Should not have to, but there it is.

    1. Voter ID sounds good as a sound bite, but when you look into the details you find that there are many ways that states can make it hard to get the IDs. In many states they closed the DMV (where people get IDs) in counties with high minority populations, they make it hard to get the required documents to get an ID, and other ways.

      1. Molly, stop with the BS comments. People have to show an ID to obtain welfare, so that covers all the minority populations.

    2. mpercy
      May.21.2020 at 4:51 pm
      “Personally, I want every single person who is eligible to vote to be able to cast a safe and secure ballot. …”

      Congratulations on a reasonable comment. CCW? Not in the polling place, surely?

    3. Agree with every word 1000%!!

  31. Why Does Trump Want To Stop People From Voting by Mail?

    1. Because voting by mail is inherently insecure and so should be reserved for the special situations that its traditionally been reserved for – the invalid, those outside the country that can’t return for an election.

    2. Because the minor amount of effort it takes to actually get off your arse and stand in line for an hour is enough to keep 85% of the morons away.

    1. It doesn’t take anywhere near an hour, usually. Until, L. A. County, CA implemented confusing digital ballot filling out machines, it never took me over 15 minutes if that. Lines less than 5 minutes.

  32. So Michigan sent out 7.7 million unrequested absentee ballot applications. OK.

    So when was the last time Michigan purged its voter registration polls of dead people, people that moved out of state or updated people that moved in state?

    So Michigan is going to manually inspect/verify all 7.7 million absentee ballot applications before sending out a ballot, and will again confirm the signatures on returned primary and general election ballots before counting the votes?

    I doubt they can, so compromises will probably be made, short-cuts will likely be taken, and fraudulent votes will Likely be counted.

  33. I’m reminded of a piece in the WSJ years ago, where a husband had to go out of town on a business trip and he left his absentee ballot–already filled out, in the envelope, ready to go–with his wife of upteen-many years so she could mail it for him.

    She, being a good Democrat, threw his ballot away because she knew who he was going to vote for and she decided he was wrong. So she decided for him.

    20 years later, she finally admits what she did. Almost wrecked their very-long-term marriage and he says he can never trust her again.

    This is the kind of crap that mail-in voting will bring out in people. Especially, it seems, in those oh-so-tolerant liberal Democrats.

    This has all happened before and will all happen again.

    1. Found it.


      As Isaac Pollak, an ardent Republican, kissed his wife goodbye before heading out on a business trip to Asia several years ago, he handed her his absentee ballot for the coming presidential election and asked her to mail it.

      Bonnie Pollak, a Democrat, weighed her options. Should she be loyal to her spouse, respect his legal right and mail the ballot? Or remain faithful to her deeply held beliefs and suppress his vote?

      Her “deeply held beliefs” apparently included voter suppression. She chucked his ballot in the trash.

      1. He could have just put in the mail himself. What an idiot.

        1. Yeah, who trusts their own wife?

          1. Not Isaac Pollak anymore

          2. Not a good idea to marry someone eith strongly held political beliefs different from one’s own.

            1. with not eith

      2. Contrary to popular belief, conservatives are actually the simple, trusting ones. Liberals are cynical assholes.

        1. “Contrary to popular belief, conservatives are actually the simple, trusting ones. Liberals are cynical assholes.”
          And which are you?

  34. I can answer those questions.

    Q: Why Does Trump Want To Stop People From Voting by Mail?

    A: Because the CW is that the higher the turnout the worse Republicans do. While it’s not quite so simple, they’re not wrong. Younger people who’d vote Dem but can’t be bothered to stand in a line for more than three minutes if it’s not for a cronut or new sneakers will be much more likely to vote by mail.


    Q: And why does he think he has the power to do that?

    A: Because he’s kind of a moron. Haven’t you noticed?

    1. So you think there are no issues with fraud in voting by mail. But Trump is the moron.

      Yeah, that makes sense.

    2. “Because the CW is that the higher the turnout the worse Republicans do. “

      California and New York, yes. Texas, Florida and Ohio it’s the other way around. On a national level there’s no real advantage for either party, unless they’re planning tricks.

      As Jesse pointed out, https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/05/21/doj-democrats-paid-pennsylvania-election-officials-to-stuff-ballot-box/

  35. Anything a demoncrap wants is bad and evil.
    That’s all they know.
    If the demoncraps want something I’m almost always against it.
    So should every sane person.

  36. If you can’t get off your dead ass to get to the polls – presenting a photo I.D. when you get there – you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I’m a 74 year old 100% disabled Veteran that is immobile without the aid of a walker or mobility scooter and I haven’t missed a national election yet!

    1. well ya see, that would require people to actually be responsible for their actions, and as we all know, responsibility is fatal to democrats much as light is to vampires and salt is to leeches (literal ones, not metaphorical).

      1. It might work on metaphorical ones also if we encase them in a block of salt.

  37. Democrats are also starting to make noise for “vote-by-app” now, too. As if…well, as if if they were the Iowa Democratic Committee using an app to run their caucus (oops). They must WANT Russia to hack the elections. Or at least to be able to hack the elections themselves and then *blame* Russia.

  38. I have no problem voting by mail. I have done it for every local and national election. I have been doing this at least the past 20 years.

    What I would like to see is the local officials, in each State, to clean up their voting rolls. This would include; removing dead people from the rolls and verifying each voter with the address they have on record.

    I would also like to see some action to prove that when votes are counted, the machines they use are programmed to reflect an accurate count.

    1. “What I would like to see is the local officials, in each State, to clean up their voting rolls.”

      These are your voting rolls, and ‘would like to see’ doesn’t go far enough. Demanding to see is more like it. You get the fraud you deserve.

  39. Everybody possessing a BRAIN knows exactly why vote by mail needs to shut down cold except for extreme cases of disability. REPUBLICAN VOTES WILL BE THROWN OUT, AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. Democrats are desperate to get rid of Trump, and there is NO depth to which they will not stoop to do it. You need to carry your lazy ass to a polling station, and WRITE IN YOUR VOTE, and have it officially tallied, sealed, and counted. Yeah, I said it.

    1. Conan, I hear you.

      I live in a county in California that closed its polling places a few cycles ago and since then, it has gotten much harder and longer to tally votes and the later rounds seem to gather more DEM votes… I’m guessing the GOP and other 3rd parties [sic] don’t have the stomach for aggressive vote “harvesting “. I also don’t put illegal activity beyond the local Dems.

      The county registrar is a prominent DEM and I dream of a day when election day is again a day when everyone shows up to vote in person in a neighborhood place and at the appointed date and time, it’s over, and the ballot boxes are taken to the county to be counted and it’s over at midnight with little opportunity for shenanigans.

  40. I mean, dead people still get their ballots. Dead people got Covid stimulus checks.

    I actually worked at the registrar of voters. One person called to say he moved to another state but his old residence was still getting ballots in his name. There were people who indicated they wanted to be permanent vote by mailers who were listed in multiple residences. Korea already saw instances of fraud in their mailed ballots in their recent election.

    Why would democrats want vote by mail if they’re afraid of Russian interference? That process would be easier to hijack, and Russia likely tried to infiltrate voter rolls. They know it helps them more often than not.

  41. Why does the author of this article choose to act stupid or mislead his reading audience? It obviously is not that Trump wants to prevent any legal voter from voting. The concern is there will be much more fraudulent voting by mail where you can’t check a voter’s ID. Why mislead people with a story like this? It is really unprofessional and reflects poorly on Reason, a publication I like when they do not get into politics.

  42. In many ways I think we could and maybe even should swap to 100% vote by mail. Of course the only way I would support that measure is if we also swapped to mandating vote roll purging. Why? For the same reason that my co-workers dead parents both received their COVID-19 payment….even though they have both been dead for 18 months. Also I was registered to vote in two states for years despite the fact that I notified my old state that I had moved several times. It wouldn’t shock me to find out that someone had voted for me in my old state either…though in fairness I never checked. Elections should be made as easy as possible but also as accurate as possible which means we should use a centralized system of checks and balances…at least for federal elections. If state and local election want to do their own thing that’s great but for national elections this process should be more standardized.

  43. Trump was a better candidate when he didn’t think he could win.

  44. It serves Trump’s purposes to create an excuse for why he will again fail to win a majority of the popular vote, and can only be re-elected thanks to an obsolete US election process.

    1. Would you like some cheese with that whine ??

  45. Nothingburger.

    Every type of ballot can and will be manipulated. Democrats manipulated mail in ballots in MI in ’16, Cook County, IL cooks traditional ballots and GOP has rigged electronic machines (Obama votes getting cast for Romney in ’12). Controlling party in any given level of election can and will rig the results.

    AZ has had mail in ballots for years. No known issues. At the end of the day there’s no guarantee my vote is counted either way.

    1. A republican in North Carolina is in hot water for tampering with the election. The tool? Mail-in ballots.

      1. the difference being that the republicans will actually hold their own accountable, like they did when they found one of them ballot harvesting.

        1. Democrats did the same in MI. This idea that the GOP is more virtuous in this regard is silly. It’s not like either was noble. They have to save face when caught with hands in the cookie jar.

          1. Neither are noble.
            Ds get more cover from the press and institutions

        2. So the same guy did it two elections in a row. Very accountable.

  46. Trump aside, do you trust your mail? USPS is considered as very inefficient.

    1. Inefficient? Really? Putting something into the mail box is pretty generally accepted as having done your share to get it where it is supposed to go. It may be slower than you want, or more expensive than you think it should be, but compared to countries where if you’re mailing someone a pair of shoes, you have to put them in two separate shipments or else they will disappear along the way, it’s pretty reliable.

      1. Amazon should be in charge.

        You get to vote twice with your Prime subscription.

      2. Just because it doesn’t happen to you, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem. Pretty reliable? Maybe. I routinely get other people’s mail and packages. This happens a lot in city environment. And if this is about the election, I don’t trust them even more.

        1. Mail ballots are pretty distinguishable, unlikely to be mis-delivered to election authorities. Postal carriers know where they’re supposed to go. If a voter wants to take the risk, that’s the voter’s choice, just so long as in-person voting is available.

  47. Responding to the collection of arguments above, pushing mail-in ballots is seen by both democrats and republicans as helping democrats because of their built-in organizational advantages. They have unions that they can call upon to do get-out-the vote legwork. That workforce is multiplied if mail-in ballots are in play.

    30 years ago they had to drive around in buses and get people physically to the polls. With easy access to mail in ballots and early voting, this advantage is magnified. Now, instead of having 1 day to push this advantage, they can do it over a period of months. They can go back again and again until they get their votes collected.

    So even absent any overt fraud, both sides see the democrats as having a big advantage.

    The NAACP shows up on the doorstep of a black family in a black neighborhood, they are much more likely to get a vote that the NAACP wants, even if that black family actually leans quite conservative. You see…. in the voting booth the ballot is secret. But absentee ballots aren’t. They can sit there and watch you fill them out. They can even help fill them out, reading the questions and recording your responses.

    The temptation to pressure people into voting your way is pretty great if you have the opportunity to sit there and watch them vote. Which used to be a concern of the left. They used to worry about rich businessmen paying for votes, buying the vote for the company line.

    Now, they aren’t worried about that at all. Now they are worried that minorities are somehow incapable of going to the polls or providing identification.

    The only reason we have “voter fraud is rare” as a thing, is because the winners get to prosecute voter fraud.

    I personally witnessed mass voter fraud in my own district in Atlanta. Operatives for Cynthia McKinney drove a bus from precinct to precinct. In a precinct just down the street from my house, they showed up after the polls closed and escorted the republican poll-watcher into a closet for about 45 minutes as they had the same group vote after polling was closed – a group that had been video taped going into different polling places at least twice earlier in the day.

    No charges were filed. No serious investigation was ever even mounted.

    They were caught on tape. They were guilty of kidnapping or false imprisonment at a minimum, for locking the Republican poll watcher in a closet.

    No charges. If you search for cases of known voter fraud, it won’t show up. It no longer exists. The winners write the history. That case wasn’t going to be pursued at a local level…. and the optics were too rough for the state to take it on. So it fell to the feds. You really think the Clinton justice department was going to take down a democrat congresswoman who was a member of the Black Congressional Caucus? Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

    So it didn’t happen. It doesn’t exist. You can’t google that stuff.

    It existed on WSB TV and on local radio for a few days. Then on local AM radio for a week or two more. Then, when the SBI and Justice Department declined to take the case… it was gone.

    1. If Sullum was honest he would’ve written his article about this or at least examined the issues instead of handwaving it all away.

    2. when you say he was locked in a closet, do you mean they physically forced him in there or he was tricked into a room and then locked in?

      But I believe you. We’ve seen how these assholes work too many times.

    3. If Republicans want to give up their advantage among older voters by forcing them to either stay home or go to the polls in a pandemic, I’ll let them.

  48. because unscrupulous individuals and organisations can and do use themail in system to perpetrate signfiant voter fraud.

  49. “”If the president can get around such restrictions and impose his own new conditions on federal grants to state government, he could use that power to bully states and localities on a wide range of issues”

    Presidents have been doing that since at least Roosevelt. Much of the New Deal was simply Roosevelt and the Democratic Party bullying states and localities on a wide range of issues with the use of federal money.

    1. How quickly Reason forgets the tranny bathrooms i assume they applauded Obama for forcing on North Carolina

  50. Why Does Trump Want To Stop People From Voting by Mail?
    Now if you think that fear is real or unfounded depends on your partisanship. Republicans think that their will be rampant cheating. Democrat think no person would be dishonest in voting. Both sides are probably wrong to a degree.
    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    1. I mean, the Dems were pretty open about the fact they rigged their 2016 primary, and there was some pretty shady stuff going on in places like Broward, FL. If they’re willing to do that then it’s a safe argument that they wouldn’t have a problem with rigging the general as well.

  51. (1) Wants to stop it because it’s rife with fraud;
    (2) Power arguably stems from constitutional guarantee of a republican government; the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment; the various civil rights era laws; the unconstitutional but long upheld FEC. I mean, really, the list goes on.

  52. He’s correct: absentee balloting by mail is really just a way to implement semi-legal vote fraud.

    The only people who should be allowed to cast an absentee ballot are those who have to be away from home because they’re required to be. People like members of the military, the diplomatic service, overseas aid workers, etc.

    For everyone else, if casting a vote is so important for them, then they should just be at home on election day, period.

  53. Here’s a legitimate concern: it’s no longer an anonymous vote in most cases. Other people live with you, and can exert influence. While this is normal free speech, people leaning over you or merely sitting in the same room as you is not.

    We ban campaigning within X hundred feet of a polling place. What if people could not just stand next to you in line, yabbering at you, then follow you up to where you filled out the ballot? Ask them to move away some? You are still intimidated.

  54. Why are you imagining horrid motivations for Trump to want to stop mail voting? He says explicitly why he wants it, because mail voting fraud is a lot easier than in person voting fraud. You can say that it’s not prevalent, but he’s not wrong, and the basic design of our voting system makes that completely impossible to prove. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, especially when there is no possible way to gather evidence outside of the most extreme cases (say, a massive dead vote or more votes than people). You can say that it’s not important, but that’s a judgement call.

    But let’s go the real reason. Vote security has been a Republican talking point for years, and Trump won largely on the perceived corruption of his opposition (“drain the swamp”). He’s trying to rev up his base by looking tough on perceived corruption.

    1. There may be some people who believe there is significant fraud (always by Democrats of course) but the main intent seems to be to enact legislation that would suppress voting by Democrats, similar to the extreme gerrymandering we have seen.

      1. Democrat voters are too stupid to do the easy things required to vote?

  55. So fucking “Reason” who calls themselves “libertarians” is fronting for control freak Demonrats now? Wow, you guys are really desparate to prove your not “Ebil RAYCISSSST Reichwingers” drop it, the left is never going to like you, EVER. Unless you become a brainwashed dolt who is willing to give up their liberties to a omnipotent state.

  56. Why does Jacob Sullum want to promote vote fraud and voter disenfranchisement?

    Yes, the question is legitimate. At least as legitimate as the headline of this article.

  57. Great article, but there is no mystery: vote by mail has a long history of being non-partisan. In places like Oregon, it’s boring, seen as fair by everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike. Election fraud that involves paper — could easily send people to prison for a long time.

    What stands out is simple: efforts to knock people off the voter rolls and have them find out on election day, to force people in specific districts to stand in long lines till some give up, to tell non-driving college students that their vote address in a dorm doesn’t match where their license says they live —> all the efforts to keep unwanted demographics from voting are muddled up by vote by mail. It’s too easy, as in Oregon, to run a clean and simple and fair election. He is clearly targetting states where today’s GOP will lose clean and simple and fair elections. No mystery.

    1. ^ this.

      It is not very complicated. We know why.

    2. The whole system of “voter rolls” and “voter registration” is nonsense and serves to advance political interests of Democrats.

      A clear and simple system for voting would make it a requirement that your home address is on your ID card, that you vote only at the polling station for your home address, and that you show your ID card when you vote. Your ID card should also indicate your citizenship in the US.

      Double votes and illegal votes would be easy to detect based on ID numbers.

      1. And where and how do you get ID cards? I don’t have problem with IDs provided they are easy to get for all eligible voters. Current IDs are easy for some but hard to get for others.

  58. They should do it like the Iowa Caucus. That was awesome.

  59. I really think the primary reason for Trump’s dislike of absentee balloting is that he thinks most of his big supporters are simply too stupid to understand how to do it, and they won’t vote because they are confused and embarrassed.

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