Nancy Pelosi Uses COVID-19 As an Excuse to Call Donald Trump a Big Fat Load

The president is always in her prayers.


"I pray for the president all of the time," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) declared in December, two weeks before she and her Democratic colleagues voted to impeach him. Pelosi reiterated her concern for Donald Trump's welfare after she made a show of tearing up his State of the Union address in February. "I pray very hard for him," she said, "because he's so off the track."

Last night Pelosi showed that Trump is still in her prayers, especially since he revealed that he takes the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 preventative. "He's our president," she said on CNN, "and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and his, shall we say, weight group: morbidly obese, they say."

To be clear: The speaker of the House is not calling the president an old fart and a big fat load. She just wants us to know that she worries for him, because his age and his weight place him at elevated risk during the pandemic.

It is true that Trump is 73. It is also true that the danger of dying from COVID-19 rises dramatically with age, although that correlation may have more to do with health than age per se, since the elderly are especially likely to have serious preexisting medical conditions, which are strongly and independently associated with vulnerability to COVID-19.

And yes, obesity is one of those preexisting conditions. A study of more than 4,000 people with COVID-19 who were treated at NYU Langone Medical Center found that obesity was more than twice as common among patients who needed to be hospitalized. "The chronic condition with the strongest association with critical illness was obesity, with a substantially higher odds ratio than any cardiovascular or pulmonary disease," the researchers reported. They added that "obesity is well-recognized to be a pro-inflammatory condition." Another NYU Langone study of COVID-19 patients found that the odds of being admitted and of requiring ICU care rose with body mass index, although only for patients younger than 60.

But is Trump "morbidly obese," as Pelosi claimed? According to the White House physician, no. "In his February 2019 annual physical, Trump, who is 6'3″, tipped the scales at 243 pounds," CNN's Chris Cillizza notes. "That gave him a BMI of 30.4—just over the edge of obesity but far from the technical definition of 'severe' or 'extreme' (or 'morbid') obesity. For Trump to be considered 'morbidly obese,' he would need to weigh 320 pounds—or more."

William Howard Taft, for instance, would have qualified as morbidly obese. But Pelosi was not around to make fun of him.

Pelosi's claim about Trump's weight class is not only false but seemingly irrelevant. First, the NYU Langone research suggests obesity is not a predictor of COVID-19 severity for people of Trump's age. Second, Pelosi ostensibly was talking not about the risk posed by COVID-19 but about the risk posed by hydroxychloroquine.

Maybe Pelosi was thinking that the false assurance provided by the unproven preventative might lead Trump to engage in risky behavior he would otherwise avoid—say, wading into a sea of COVID-19 patients without appropriate protective gear. Or maybe she was just using faux concern as a cover for a childish slur.

"I don't respond to her," Trump said today when asked about Pelosi's comment. "I think she's a waste of time."

Trump himself, of course, has never been shy about hurling personal insults—especially against women, whom he has publicly called "slobs," "dogs," "fat pigs," and "horseface," among other things. At least his nickname for Pelosi—"Crazy Nancy"—has to do with something other than her physical appearance. Yet Pelosi seems determined to surrender whatever moral high ground she might once have claimed in this territory.

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  1. I’m not sure I’d want the favor of the deity Nancy prays to…

    1. If your deity has *any* tentacles, particularly if it has more than 50, that may be a problem.

      1. I’m a libertarian so I pray to Beelzebub and Baal. I thought that was a given.

        1. You’re about as libertarian as Tony is a scientist.

          Bootlicking commie toady’s what you actually are.

          1. Libertarians for authoritarian china is a big part of the party…

            1. JesseSPAZ is for MORE AUTHORITAH for Dear Leader! Libertarians for the Trumptatorshit!

              Demented Pro-Trump commentors here (like JesseSPAZ) think themselves to be Constitutional Scholars, and bless the idea that the Trumptatorship has “absolute rights”. ‘Cause Trump says so!!!
              Donald Trump’s Strange and Dangerous ‘Absolute Rights’ Idea
              This is a profound misunderstanding of the American constitutional system.

              END TITLES IMPORTS

              Yet Trump can’t bring Himself to go on a much-needed head-chopping (douchebag-firing, layoffs) spree at the FDA, until such time as the USA has as much freedom as ALL OTHER NATIONS ON THE PLANET have, to blow on OTC cheap plastic flutes! Super-Trump, where are you now? North Koreans have more cheap-plastic-flutes freedoms than we do!

              Libertarians for JesseSPAZ!

              1. Everybody hates you, sqrlsy

                1. Have you interviewed all 7.8 billion people on the planet concerning this… With your tin-foil hat? Or your tin-foil hate? Or both? Or did your favorite Trumptatorshit tell you this, along with all his other brain-dead lies?

                  BTW, where’s your period? Are you pregnant? When is the baby due?

                  1. Yes. They all hate you. All of them.

                  2. EVERYBODY hates you, you pethetic piece of shit.

                    1. You all haters wear tin-foil hats and tin-foil hates, and think that you have God-like powers to read the minds of everyone else on the planet! Humility is a virtue, and you are overflowing with vice!

              2. Who made ABC look stupid again?

                1. Who didn’t.

        2. “ I’m a libertarian so I pray to Beelzebub and Baal. I thought that was a given.”

          What is a given is how much Hillary Clinton cock you sucked last election. When do start sucking Joe Biden cock? I guess you’re going to wait for the convention and the formal nomination. I can’t wait for you to get shit on like you did in the last presidential election.

          1. Is Pelosi a Girther?

            1. You used the wrong AmSoc.

        3. Haha that’s funny.

          1. Unlike R Mac, for instance, who is always less funny than a sliced dead, roasted human baby found, post-blender, spread on and over your Big Mac…

            1. Lol. I’ve broken you too. Now any random comment sends you into a fit of lunacy.

              1. Not funny. Brain dead, rotted, and full of maggots!

                1. Don’t worry you’re the one being funny rn.

                2. Wow you did break SQLSRY

        4. “I’m a libertarian”

          You’re a fucking lying lefty ignoramus.

      2. So that’s a no to Cthulhu 2020 then?

    2. I mean, she has made the transfer to diety already, hasn’t she?

      She has encased her heart in a stone box bathed in the blood of one hundred virgins and deftly hidden so that her desiccating corpse may never die. The next step is merely for her to absorb the power of luz and she will ascend to the greater pantheon, right?

      1. “diety”

        Good typo

    3. Moloch is pretty nasty.

  2. Well let’s talk about Nancy’s appearance. Not getting her hair done amidst the lockdown? Manicured nails? All during the time those businesses are shut down? Yeah, ok Madam Speaker. Must be hard having to rough it with gourmet ice cream in the Viking freezer, just to wile away the time in isolation?

    Could Nancy Pelosi possibly be more hypocritical and elitist? We’ll see.

    1. She can, and she will.

    2. She makes up for it by being completely unselfaware.

  3. >>Trump himself, of course

    whatabout …

  4. To be clear: The speaker of the House is not calling the president an old fart and a big fat load.

    Sheesh! Then why is in the title?

  5. Yeah well she’s a skeleton in a scarf. Crazy fucking bitch.

  6. Semantics.

  7. Politics. So noble.

  8. Well she’s overseeing a 3T spending bill. So she knows about big fat loads.

    Of course the Ds will want you to forget Pelosi’s gamesmanship to get such a bill passed in the house when they trying to blame the 3T on Trump.

    1. Trump can claim to be the biggest spending and biggest deficit POTUS of all time by several orders of magnitude without the Pelosi bill. He asked for the last bill and signed it.

      “Libertarian” my fucking ass. He is just another Big Gov thief.

      1. 3 days in a row, still refuses to learn here spending originates. And 3 days is being generous.

        1. I know goddamn well where the CARES Act originated. The Con Man and Mnuchin said they needed a Yuge handout to save his ass in the November election then went to Mitch and put it together. They let Nancy have a few scraps to push it through the House.

          1. You’re a fucking lying lefty ignoramus.

            1. Shut up you bitter old San Fran fag.

              1. Where does spending originate?

                1. President still has to sign off on the bills. Why does Trump get a pass?

              2. “Shut up you bitter old San Fran fag.”

                Your homoerotic fanatsies are of interest to you and your daddy, turd.
                Go see if he’ll fuck you tonight.
                And please make your family proud and the world a better place: Fuck off and die

        2. JesseAz : 3 days in a row, still refuses to learn here spending originates

          What about when Trump trumpets his yuge tax cuts? Where does spending originate then? We’ve seen this “spending originates” shtick from the Right ever since Reagan, and it’s usually just another way to excuse debt. This presidential two-step runs like this: The things I like and want to take credit for? Those are my policies. The things I want to shun and ignore? Where does spending originate anyway?

          Now an honest reckoning is like this : Are we following the presidents priorities and policies? If so, then he owns it. But there’s next to no honesty in today’s Right, is there?

          PS : When Trump exploded the deficit with his tax cuts, more than one commentator noted the irresponsibility of running trillion dollar deficits at the top of an economic expansion. What will happen when bad times come, they asked? Needless to say, our baby-man president wasn’t troubled by such concerns, but damn if they haven’t come home. (of course there’s next to no responsibility in today’s Right)

          1. +100

          2. I can’t help that you’re as stupid as your pedo boyfriend.

          3. “What about when Trump trumpets his yuge tax cuts?”

            Same place as everything else.

            Seems like you wrote a wall of desperate text because you can’t accept that and need to excuse it.

          4. “What about when Trump trumpets his yuge tax cuts?”

            To lying fucking lefty ignoramuses, allowing people to keep the money they’ve earned = “spending”
            They’re well beyond stupid that way.

          5. If I’m not mistaken, tax cuts can originate in either chamber.

            Of course you and your partisan piece of shit brethren spent a week bitching about Trumps actual proposal of a tax holiday so your bleating now is disingenuous as fuck.

      2. Whereas you are that rarest of species, an internet troll.

        1. Since the Trumptards took over SPB has been, well, sane by comparison to the majority. Shows how fucked up this forum has become when a joke becomes (drink!) reasonable.

          1. So broken

            1. He’s really become quite pathetic. He should have just stuck with the bad comedy.

          2. You’re a miserable know nothing.

          3. So speaketh the Trumptards.

            1. Side with the child porn lover. Lol.

              1. Sarc is a drunk loser.

                No that’s it, pointing out reality is worse that an insult.

          4. I hope sarcasmic realizes he thinks a pedo who posts links on how to get child porn is better than someone who may support Trump.

            Hes broken.

            1. Well yeah, he drank until he lost his family, and this forum was part of why.

              Yet here he is.

          5. “Since the Trumptards…”

            Why do lefty tards spend half their lives making up nicknames which embarrass 1-st grade kids?

          6. Hahahahahaha that was a good one, sarc.

            I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic because nobody should think this place is pro-trump any more than they should have thought it was pro-bush (which shriek constantly accused us of for the eight years of Obama.)

    2. Surprise surprise, shriek shows up to parrot the Dem talking points.

      What a predictable little demfag.

    1. Don’t forget he also has a #TinyMushroomDick!


      1. #StormyKnowsDicks

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              Drink less. It’ll help.

              Or more. To forget.

        2. #StormyKnowsDicks

          Go fuck your daddy, turd.

  9. Nancy prays and prays, yet Trump still hasn’t turned into a toad.

  10. Has Nancy ever seen J.B. Pritzker?

    1. Or Chris Christie?

      1. Oops, my bad, Steve. I forgot we’re only supposed to insult Democrats here. The GOP is perfect.

        1. If the GOP were a woman you’d be in jail for peeping her.

          1. No he wouldn’t, it would be well above his preferred age bracket.

    2. Um, excuse me. When you make fun of a fat prog it is “fat shaming” and will not be tolerated, unlike when a prog grabs a pussy, which most definitely is not sexual assault. Oh, and progs wearing blackface and kkk costumes is not racist, but progs are never obese.

  11. Reason uses Pelosi as an excuse to call Trump a fat load.

    1. JesseAZ uses Reason as an excuse to call Trump a fat load.

      1. Pathetic as usual. Start the weekend early or you still non essential?

        1. You tell me. I wouldn’t dare contradict the straw man you’ve painstakingly constructed.

          1. Only because you don’t have a quote from someone else to do it with.

    2. Seems like that is the point. Pelosi insulted Trump with probably the laziest smokescreen of politeness that anyone can see through. I honestly don’t care and didn’t see where digging into whether or not he is obese matters. It’s an insult. She might as well have called him a poopyhead.
      The only interesting takeaway here is that Trump is taking hydroxychloriquine as a preventative drug. I keep hearing vague concerns that the drug is dangerous (despite people with lupus using it for disease management.) I’m curious to see if it causes the man any complications and if he gets the virus. Tbh, the studies being reported about this are so methodologically unsound that I’ll take a single piece of anecdotal evidence over much of the reported conclusions

      1. “…She might as well have called him a poopyhead…”
        But she’d get sued by CNN!

  12. I want to talk about why she said “something that has not been approved by the scientists”. HCQ has been safely used for decades. Many doctors are prescribing it for CV.

    1. You and I both know she did so simply to poke at Trump; Pelosi’s only other goals in life at this stage are limited to three:
      1) Poke at Trump in the hopes someone other than her base buys that bullshit.
      2) Remain upright during interviews.
      3) Use taxpayer money to buy votes for Ds.

  13. The president is always in her prayers spells.


    1. “… with eye of Gingrich”

  14. What a cunt.

  15. Why are her eyebrows 3 inches from her eyes now?

    1. Dude. It’s called Botox, and she’s nearing LD50 toxicity.

      1. My guess is at this point they’re just painting her entire face onto her bare skull.

      2. Doctors have been prescribing it for decades.

  16. I’m sure Gramma Nancy knows all about taking big fat loads.

  17. Trump is taking the drug to remind the public that he is a true dumbass.

    1. He’s got an injection of COVID antibodies so why should he care? He gets the health care that the poor unwashed he pretends to care about don’t.

      1. As opposed to your commie masters?

        In China the poor unwashed get free healthcare, especially when they “decide” to donate organs to their betters.

      2. “…He gets the health care that the poor unwashed he pretends to care about don’t…”

        As opposed to:
        Every other scumbag USSR dictator?
        Pol Pot?
        Sorry, you pathetic excuse for humanity, anyone in the US can walk into an ER and get care. Free.

      3. Haha. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

    2. Taking a widely used generic drug is the height of idiocy…

  18. Yikes! If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t call Dear Leader it’s a fat tub of goo. That makes fat tub’s of goo very upset.

    I love it when Nancy gets that twinkle in her eye

    1. Luckily for the people that live in socialist countries, they don’t have to worry about getting fat. You know, cuz of the starving.

    2. I’m sorry it makes you upset tubby

    3. American Socialist
      May.19.2020 at 6:18 pm
      “…I love it when Nancy gets that twinkle in her eye”

      That’s the only suggestion that your homoerotic fantasies may have limits, but fag-hags are attractive to fantasists, right?

  19. Gee… look at all the sexism from Dear Leader’s fanboys. Maybe that’s why women make up false allegations of rape. There’s just a certain type of male you can’t seem to get to without knocking him in his head with a sledgehammer or taking his sorry ass to court.

    1. >>>a certain type of male you can’t seem to get

      man-up. ask him. no I’m not offering.

    2. Sarcasmic already called this thread to offer nothing. Move to the next one.

    3. “Gee… look at all the sexism from Dear Leader’s fanboys.”

      Yeah, all we get from you is your homoerotic fantasies.

    4. I love when we make fun of a woman it’s sexism but when we make fun of a man it’s just good fun.

      Hey fuckface: You’re the sexist piece of shit if you don’t think women can handle being made of fun of like a man.

  20. You know what the country needs? The return of Celebrity Death Match. You can update it with current feuds and exclusively use real quotes and tweets. The only way that our politics could get anymore entertainly gonzo is if it was in claymation.

    1. They already did that with “Team America: World Police”, but it was puppets. The “celebrity death match” with the F.A.G. members was epic.

  21. Personally, I think it’s hilarious. Trump has the Speaker of the House, who’s been involved in politics for decades, acting like a scorned teenage girl.

    1. Constantly too.

    2. And to think she once had the moral high ground. Sad.

  22. Sort of telling that when the Pelosi calls Trump “morbidly obese”, we have to get a fact-check on the charge but when Trump calls Pelosi “crazy” there’s no need for a fact-check.

    1. I like that you called her “the Pelosi”.

  23. Nancy Pelosi calls Trump a fatty and Jake writes a column about it. If Jake wrote a column every time Trump said something personally insulting, or slanderous, about someone, his fingers would fall off.

    1. Cry more bitch lololol

  24. The leftist freakout over Trump taking hydroxychloroquine has to be one of their more hilarious beclownings.
    “It’s dangerous!”
    “He doesn’t believe in science!”
    “Two studies showed it wasn’t effective!”
    “He’s fat and I have to pray now!”
    And just because Trump said he was hopeful about it a few weeks ago, leftists now have (added) an all consuming hatred of… a chemical

    1. The bigger irony is the left calling out the rare side effects of the drug while crying and yelling whenever someone points put the side effects of abortion. For the latter it is nobody’s business but the woman and the doctor. For the former it is everyone is the doctor for the president.

      1. You’re confusing irony with your personal obsession.

        1. He’s obsessed with hypocrisy?

  25. What a pathetic little courtier column. I hope it does you some career good.

    Whining about calling a Trump names is like complaining that someone else is complaining that shit stinks.

    I mean, sure. But is that really the best use of your time on this planet? Although if I’m being honest, we’re talking about Sollum, so… it may just be.

    1. And what is your whining like whiner?

    2. Imagine being so fucking stupid you think Jacob Sikkim is in any way a Trump supporter.

  26. Only one as bad as Trump could make one as bad as Pelosi right. She owes Trump much, including the return of her Speaker’s gavel.

    Enjoy it while you can Speaker without the soon gone caricature come to life that is Trump. you Democrats will, again, be forced to use the fictional caricatures of Libertarians and Republicans against which you have always ran and argued. That Trump was a living, snorting, even worse version of your caricature was a one time windfall to you as a person and party.

    America was on to you and that all that you had was that wholly fictitious caricature, and had very nearly run you out of electoral politics. You had lost both houses on the Hill, most governor’s offices, most state legislatures, and most local partisan offices; and Hillary was doomed from the start. Then came Trump, an even worse version of your caricature; and he is quickly giving it all back to you and your party.

    1. Stuff your TDS up your ass; your head needs company.

    2. Blah blah blah. Can you come up with anything better? Talk about fence sitting.

      1. Trumpy and many of you Trumpies were Democrats until, almost, the day before the 2016 election, and you all still spend like them. If I thought that he / you were remotely bright enough, I’d think that you were all conspiring with Pelosi to regain all of the Democrat losses of the Obama years. Trump and his Trumpies couldn’t do worse, better for Pelosi, if it were a big plot:

        Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” Transcript from 1965

        1. Fuck off SQLSRY.

        2. Stuff your TDS up your ass; your head needs company.

        3. I dunno. From what I see, the dems look far worse. It is entertaining, but I wouldn’t count on the d’s capitalizing on this show. They’ve been baited, and they lost their minds. Funny stuff!


  27. Nancy has overdosed on Botox. And injecting it directly into the brain is off label.

  28. Not a huge fan of Trump or his uncivil behavior, but I loathe Pelosi and her fake-ass use of Catholicism a political tool of convenience. Isn’t she like 80 years old herself and been nothing but a political hack for like 40 years? Why don’t these people ever just go away?

  29. Pelosi has been giving her husband government contracts for years. It’s a huge a scam but nobody in the fake press will investigate it. They are too beholden to the abortion corps.

  30. This just in from Reason headquarters… politicians behave badly. Film at 11.

  31. Most of the Presidents in my life time have been slim to normal weight. I am including Bill Clinton in that group although he was heavy normal. I can not help but wonder if Trump is the heaviest President since President Taft? Anyone got the data?

    1. “Most of the Presidents in my life time have been slim to normal weight. I am including Bill Clinton in that group although he was heavy normal. I can not help but wonder if Trump is the heaviest President since President Taft? Anyone got the data?”

      Lemme guess:
      You’re hoping to hide your TDS under a bullshit claim to be looking for information, right, you pathetic piece of shit?

  32. What are the possible negative health affects/dangers of cosmetic surgery at her age?

    1. Looking like a grinning animated corpse is an obvious risk, as demonstrated by the women herself

  33. There is also Pelosi’s implication that “scientists” have a monolithic judgement that must be obeyed. That scientists are omniscient and issues are never unknown are partially known. Apparently, Pelosi also thinks the White House physician is not a medical science expert.

  34. Headline: “Nancy Pelosi Uses COVID-19 As an Excuse to Call Donald Trump a Big Fat Load”

    Third Paragraph: “To be clear: The speaker of the House is not calling the president an old fart and a big fat load.”

    Journalism in 2020!

  35. Talk about selective outrage. Have you seen his Twitter account? Give me a break. This article is mindless filler.

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