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Rand Paul's 'Attack' on Anthony Fauci Was Actually a Reasonable Point the Doctor Agreed With

Plus: Some California universities cancel in-person fall classes, the U.K. extends its lockdown, and more...


Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) attracted national media attention yesterday after he posed a pointed question to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, about reopening schools.

Their exchange came during a Senate Health Committee hearing—attended virtually by Fauci—on whether states can and should begin to relax aggressive social distancing rules. Fauci urged caution, warning that reopening the economy too quickly risked spreading COVID-19.

Paul used his time to criticize the existing coronavirus modeling, which has been "more wrong than right." He respectfully told Fauci, who, along with Dr. Deborah Birx, has been President Donald Trump's top adviser on the science of the pandemic, that the doctor is not "the be-all [and] end-all," in terms of decision making. And he asserted that some schools should be allowed to reopen, depending on local conditions.

"I think the one-size-fits-all, that we're going to have a national strategy and no one is going to go to school, is kind of ridiculous," said Paul. "We really ought to be doing it school district by school district."

"If we keep kids out of school for another year, what's going to happen is the poor and underprivileged kids who don't have a parent to teach them at home are not going to learn for a full year," Paul continued.

Paul's remarks earned him thunderous denunciation from a mainstream media that views impugning Fauci's godlike status as blasphemy, and heaps of praise from right-wing pundits, who have largely decided that Fauci is some sort of anti-Trump operative. In reality, of course, Fauci is neither a god nor a member of the deep state: He's a smart public servant whose guidance is one piece of information that policy makers should take seriously when deciding how to proceed. Indeed, that seems to be how Fauci sees himself: He has consistently stated that he is only qualified to advise the president on the science of the pandemic—in fact, he answered Paul's question by confirming that he is not the "end-all"—and that final decisions will be made by the president, in consultation with other advisers who have expertise on other matters, like the effects of the lockdowns on the economy.

Fauci even appeared to agree with Paul's underlying point, though he was more concerned about the possible negative effects on children's health than the senator. Fauci eventually conceded that in a country as vast as the U.S., it would make sense to have a different policy in different areas.

The point is that Paul and Fauci did not actually engage in some huge clash of conflicting visions, but agenda-setters in the media need something to fight about. This dynamic has become all too common on social media, where #Resistance types routinely treat Birx as if she has sold her soul by refusing to sternly rebuke Trump at the press briefings, and MAGA types continuously call on Trump to #FireFauci for insubordination. Birx is pro-Trump and an enemy of liberals, while Fauci is anti-Trump and an enemy of conservatives; in reality, of course, there appears to be no major difference in the type of guidance given by Birx and Fauci.

In short, Paul's point about allowing some schools to reopen was uncontroversial and reasonable, and Fauci even appeared to agree with it. Apologies to everyone who had wanted a fight.


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  1. The California State University system is canceling fall classes at all 23 campuses.

    That bubble is bursting.

    1. The UC system will probably follow suit. I look forward to a flood of transfer portal athletes from the Pac 12/Mountain West to the Big 12 (or to other, less important conferences).

    2. Hello.

      Sorry. Fauci is an attention whore.

      When someone says, ‘the virus will make the decision for us’ it’s time to witch it up.

      He’s out there like a little twerp peddling panic.

      We opened a Pandora’s Box and one of the worst things we unleashed was messing with people’s psyche. We taught people to cower before a virus. Good luck closing that box. It’ll get worse before it gets better. Reason has fallen before superstition. It’s hysteria now. It’s all about ‘prevention’ in a distorted hyper precautionary principle prism of madness now.

      Go Sweden.

      1. distorted hyper precautionary principle prism of madness

        Sounds like a great album.

        1. The band name : “Prism of Madness”
          The album : “Distorted Hyper Precautionary Principle”

          1. I saw Prism of Madness open for Australian Pink Floyd once.

      2. What happened to the radical libertarians, when we need them most? Rand Paul and Fauci agree?

      3. A thousand swedes came through the weeds, chased by one New Zealander.

    3. Just give everyone a college degree.

      1. “We’re the most educated nation on Earth!”

        1. Judging by our reaction to Coronapocalypse we may want to rethink how we teach people.

      2. I’d only be truly pissed if they started handing out Engineering degrees.

        1. People with engineering degrees have trouble engineering. It’s not a job you can fake.

    4. Also in that article: “while Los Angeles County said its stay-at-home order was likely to be extended by three months.”

      Holy fuck. Good luck with that.

      1. “How many peasants do we have to murder before they get the message?” – L.A.P.D.

        1. We all know the lockdowns will stay in place until all the black people are dead. Unless they decide to lift the lockdowns in order to kill all the black people. Maybe they’ll lift them in some places and maintain them in others, but rest assured their only intent is to exterminate black people.

      2. I’m in MD and this shit will go through the whole summer, maybe into the fall. No shit.

        1. The good news is central PA and West Virginia are going to open up. Just drive to those places. Screw Maryland. Give your money to people intelligent enough to want to take it.

        2. In Florida, everything’s pretty much back to normal

          1. I’m sorry for you, Florida normal is quite the thing.

            1. Drinking beer through a straw is interesting.

      3. *laughs in riots*

  2. “There is no compelling medical reason for people who are exercising outside and maintaining social distancing to wear a mask.”

    The government’s facial recognition database needs fed.

    1. “Wearing a mask outside without permission is henceforth a Federal crime, punishable by a $50,000 fine and 10 years in prison. We are not messing around with this.”

      1. I have a friend (let’s call him Idiot) who reacted in disbelief when I told I’m not wearing a mask to work – when the fuckers allow me to open up. He went off on the usual pant shitting talking points rants of ‘it’s to protect others’ and ‘why would you want to get sick?’ and all that shit.

        This is not living. I’m going to live. I will NOT let motherfuckers like Fauci and Tam dictate my life. They can go shit on each other’s faces for all I care. Fuck ’em both and fuck everyone who suck their tits like mindless sheep being fucked by drunken leprechauns and gnomes.

        1. My work has gone from “wear it if you can a few weeks back” to “where it unless you are in a room by yourself.” The control methods are ramping up indirectly proportional to the risk. It is insane.

          I don’t wear a mask because I’m in the age group that has as much a chance of dying from OTC medication reactions as from Covid. I want my body to get antibodies to diseases, because I actually do believe in evolution. I will treat the mild symptoms, if any, I am likely to get, and move on with my life. The same way I’ve treated colds and Flus since I’ve been alive.

          I am not going to over react, ban peanuts from babies, and cause a spike in deathly peanut allergies for adults. I am not going to have my kid avoid all chicken pox exposure as a child which increases their death chances as an adult. Yet, that is what we are being asked to do.

          1. My employer started requiring masks this week (per an edict from corporate). We are a heavy manufacturing facility- welding, grinding, etc. Of course, the list of tasks where they are not required (due to creating more hazard than they reduce, by some made-up metric) is vast, and includes any hot work, operating machinery, operating forklifts, etc.- basically anything that someone in the shop would actually do in the course of their day, but they are required when you are not actually doing those things, or transitioning between them. So, guys end up keeping them on all the time, even when supposedly the masks are creating greater hazards, because what the fuck else are you supposed to do? And we are supposed to wear them at all times, EVEN IN OUR OFFICES, ALONE. Of course, I keep mine pulled down below my nose at least, and often my mouth too, purposely improperly wearing it as an act of defiance. It’s just insanity. The other funny thing is the masks catch some of the airborne particles (grinding dust, welding fumes, etc.) and emphasizes how filthy the air is generally. Now that is just the way it is, and I’m not crying about dirty air because I choose to work in this industry and don’t really care, but the point is that it just shows that the idea we are all these pristine beings and not taking any risk by the simple act of breathing prior to the arrival of this evil Chinavirus is… stupid at best.

            1. Haha. Nobody cares about blue collar crackers in flyover country. Grinding and welding? Ya gotta be kidding. Learn to code and you will have no problems with obeying orders.

        2. My work requires no mask wearing in the office, thank god. Some people have decided to work from home and we have moved people around to those empty desks to give some distancing. Other then the spraying down of door knobs and other frequently touched surfaces and limiting outside personnel from entering the office and warehouse not much has changed.

          1. I never wear a mask unless I’m alone, in my car, with the windows up, on a lonely Nevada highway.

            1. Music or silence?

            2. Listening to Tequila Sunrise.

              1. Please alternate with ‘Get Over It’

            3. If you keep the windows up, how do you get the wind in your hair on that dark desert highway, let alone the warm smell of colitas?

            4. Soaked in ether I assume?

          2. Wow. You’re allowed to open your office? AND actually go to it and work? WOW! Lucky ducky!

            1. People need to wash their hands. Plumbers the true heroes!!!

        3. Where I walk the gnome has a mask. You are such a brave little boy aren’t you?

    2. Actually, in a substantial portion of the country, it is illegal to be in public while wearing a mask. The Klan-based anti-terror laws were never repealed.

  3. “Herd immunity is the only realistic option—the question is how we get there safely.”

    Difficult to get that omelette made without the willingness to break any eggs.

    1. They’re always willing to break as many eggs as needed. The thing that they can’t stand is the idea that anyone besides them gets to be the ones to select the eggs.

    2. Difficult to get that omelette made without the willingness to break any eggs.

      If it even saves one egg, we need to make an omelette of 99% of the other eggs. Unless my math is off, then we only need to make an omelette of 60% of the eggs to save even one egg and every egg over 60% is another egg saved.

      Either way, point being, there’s some mathematical formula that tells us exactly how many eggs we break in order to save the most eggs in any given set of conditions and, once we’ve broken those eggs, we just have to keep the conditions fixed like that forever.

    3. The fundamental problem with herd immunity is that it assumes the immunity lasts for a sufficient amount of time and that the infection rate is just so. Think of it this way, if it only lasts for 60 days then you can be reinfected after two months. At the same time if any substantial fraction of the “herd” is still infectious after those 60 days you wind up with this oscillating ebb and flow with the number of active infections increasing and decreasing with a period of about 90 days – forever.

      Likewise any vaccine that may be developed will have to have ‘booster’ shots in a span shorter than the immunity period. It would be very easy to wind up with monthly shots needed in order to ultimately eliminate the virus. Oh and bats, don’t forget to immunize the bats.

      1. Think of it this way. There’s no vaccine and there may never be. People are going to die. Are they going to be 85 year olds with asthma or are they going to be working age people from starvation and suicide due to economic ruin? The elderly can be isolated while everyone else continues to make food, shelter and energy. Sorry to sound callous, but that’s the sad reality of our existence. There isn’t a good solution. Every outcome is bad, but one of them is completely lacking in wisdom and that’s the one we’ve chosen.

    4. It seems everyone here is immune.


    Indeed, the pandemic has played out as a time-lapsed rehearsal of the climate crisis. It has revealed that governments that lack any sense of direction of their own are very easily panicked into making impulsive decisions with catastrophic long-term consequences. And as with climate change, the scientific modelling supplies the main tool of fearmongering – the precautionary principle. The scientists themselves turn out to be as petty, vindictive and self-serving – and as hopelessly divorced from reality – as any politician. Much of their advice has been spurious and unscientific. The supranational WHO, which was supposed to see these emergencies coming and to bring the world’s expertise to bear to solve the crisis, instead dragged its feet.

    On this timescale, we can see that far-reaching and regressive political agendas are hidden behind a preoccupation and oversensitivity to risk. And whereas the green agenda has played out in years, we can see in mere weeks that policymakers are indifferent to our lives and livelihoods, and will cynically embrace crises to advance their own interests. There will be no chance of an economic recovery if Britain, the EU and the rest of the world follow their existing climate-change agendas – there will only be a lockdown, or something like it, forever.


      I think a lot of people who lived their lives in a quivering state of imminent ecological collapse-panic have moved those emotions from that [climate] box into this [covid] one, and feel energized because the dread now seems even more imminent, and they have Science! on their side, and their enemies are all the right enemies, and this time they can make a difference. And it requires nothing.

      1. they have Science! on their side

        I am going to need a proper citation before swallowing that turd of an inference.

        1. It’s a joke, referring to the I Fucking Love Science! crowd that has a kindergarten-level understanding of it.

          1. Having to explain that I got the joke is even more boring than explaining that mine was intended as a joke in response to his joke. Absurdum infinitum…

          2. You mean an appeal to authority and Science! aren’t the same thing?

            1. It’s the only way to have an authentic Science! experience.

      2. I misread this as “they have Silence! on their side” the first time around.

      3. they have Science!

        Excuse me, it’s The Science.

    2. Leaked analysis of the impact of the lockdown by a senior official at the German Ministry of the Interior

      The data provided by the Robert Koch Institute used by the ministry’s crisis team as the basis for their decision-making are criticized as being unusable: “The ratings are often speculative, sometimes implausible. Unfortunately, the crisis team’s evaluations rely solely on these data.” It is necessary to improve the data so that the pandemic can “finally be assessed with reasonable accuracy”.

      Conclusion: “The actual crisis management and the actions by the political decision-makers could be causing gigantic preventable damage for our society that could far exceed the potential damage of the coronavirus itself and could in the process cause unimaginable suffering.”

    3. It’s hard not to laugh at your overblown tragedy.

  5. I think the one-size-fits-all, that we’re going to have a national strategy and no one is going to go to school, is kind of ridiculous…


    1. BURN HIM!

    2. “Beware the alien, the heretic, and the mutant. An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.” – People who believe they’re on the science, probably. Either that or imperial fanatics from WH40K

  6. Nothing about how extremist theocrats are using the #TrumpVirus as an excuse to deny access to abortion care?

    Put ENB back on Roundup duty.


    1. Pence is outside right now looking for Zombie Jesus to return and reign over all the little conservatives.

      1. Lol, it’s like a fourteen-year-old who’s been watching too many “Amazing Atheist” YouTube videos, typed that sentence.

        Do you have a fedora that matches your Darwinfish t-shirt, Buttplug?

        1. And a spaghetti monster decal on his car

  7. If we keep kids out of school for another year, what’s going to happen is the poor and underprivileged kids who don’t have a parent to teach them at home are not going to learn for a full year…

    As if that’s the point of the public school system.

    1. “To call something public is to define it as dirty, insufficient, and hazardous. The ultimate paradigm of social spending is the public restroom.”
      -P.J. O’Rourke

    2. He’s right in general. However, some of those kids, the ones who have some smarts and self-motivation, will learn more online than they would at their crappy public school.

      1. All 3 of them.

        1. Doubling the libertarian pool of potential new voters!

      2. The public school system isn’t made for the geniuses. It’s not for the self starters who will grow up into engineers and doctors without help.

        It’s there to ensure even the lowest child of the poorest parent with every reason to dig ditches for a living learns how to read and write a letter, balance a checkbook, and make a meaningful voting decision.

        1. Certainly no ditch diggers at this site.

  8. Fauci explained that “in all likelihood,” those who have recovered possess some amount of protection.

    Those immunity passports almost became meaningless for a second.

    1. For once I am in total agreement with Robby. Watching the Rand/Fauci discussion play out on Twitter was like watching announcers try to make baseball exciting. On the left and right, you had every twit-whore declaring that a mighty rhetorical blow had been landed by either side, when in fact the two of them were having a basic discussion.

      And then it disolved into “Well your side’s doctor is less qualified than my side’s doctor”. Ugh.

      1. What it should have dissolved into was: “man, that beard is manly!” versus “Anthony Fauci is a quivering pile of shit!”.

      2. There were even a large number of people saying Rand Paul was not a real doctor and didn’t have a Medical Degree or a license (both false).

      3. Actually it was Fauci fending off Rand which is simple to do.

  9. Paul’s remarks earned him thunderous denunciation from a mainstream media that views impugning Fauci’s godlike status as blasphemy, and heaps of praise from right-wing pundits, who have largely decided that Fauci is some sort of anti-Trump operative.

    Now it makes sense why wearing a mask is progressive virtue-signalling even though the White House recommends it. Because the doctor is a leftist conspirator!

    1. You are really bad at this.

      Not wearing a mask is a sign of not cowering to a low probability of harm for the vast majority of people on the planet.

      When you put a governor on your engine to not let you get higher than 30 mph, i’ll ask for your opinion about me wearing a mask.

      1. And here I thought not wearing a mask was a sign of being a selfish prick who doesn’t care if they infect other people because they’d rather wave their dicks around and act all tough.

        1. Make sure the mask you wear has a boot print embossed on the side so your new overlords thug’s don’t smash your teeth in when they step on your face. No chance they step on the back of your head, because you always turn that belly up like a beaten dog.

          Mine is black, like a fucking ninja!

        2. And you’re wrong, as usual.

          Have you worn a mask your whole life? If not you’re a hypocrite, because that is what happens as someone lives their lives. Sorry you have a failed understanding of biology, evolution, and reality. But in reality diseases exist.

          I will continue operating under normal conditions such as covering my mouth when I sneeze, washing my hands, etc. But you don’t get to dictate to me how to live my life because you’re a scared ignorant coward.

          1. Scared, ignorant coward? Seriously? You have no idea of whether I wear a mask or not. Oh yeah, I forgot. You’re clairvoyant. You tell me what I think all the time and tell me I’m wrong when I disagree because you’re so awesome and badass that you can read minds.

            1. Everyone knows you prefer ball gags over masks.

              1. Reading your comments is like going back to high school. Aren’t you going to call me a faggot or a little bitch?

                1. You skulk around high schools regularly, don’t you?

                  1. Only to watch you get all teary-eyed with pathetic nostalgia as you watch the kids call each other names and bully each other.

                    1. Still a really weird reason to skulk around high schools, but at least you’ve admitted that much, you fucking pederast.

            2. For fuck sakes. You literally said this ” I thought not wearing a mask was a sign of being a selfish prick who doesn’t care if they infect other people ”

              Seriously. You’re broke.

              1. Yeah, because I’m serious all the time. Sure. Totally.

                1. Either make a good point, or learn to troll better. If you can’t do either of those things, fuck off.

                2. Full Jeff. He’s back to full Jeff folks.

                  At some point you’re going to realize your sarcasm sucks and it doesn’t come across as sarcasm to anybody.

                  1. He’s truly pathetic. If he wasn’t such an ass I’d feel sorry for him.

          2. What am I supposed to do? Fight the grocery store security guard?

            1. Yes!
              We can get a new trend going thats so much better than bumfights

        3. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a finger in your face, scolding you for being selfish–forever.”

        4. Yup, that’s me. Haha.

      2. Oh, oh, I get it! Not wearing a mask means you’re a badass! If you wear a mask then you’re a pussy! So you’re showing off how much of a badass you are by not wearing a mask, while mocking everyone who does as being a pussy! You’re so badass!


        1. Yeap, proving you’re bad at this.

          Usually someone makes a second response for a clarification of a point, or a better response. Yours actually get worse each time.

          But keep claiming you’re being a libertarian when asking others to bow down to their betters on how they should live their lives.

          1. when asking others to bow down to their betters

            Except I never said that. But that’s cool. I just take it for granted that you are a liar.

            1. You’re one to complain. Remember when you said I called everyone “who doesn’t suck Trump’s cock is a leftist maggot,” and then ran off into the woods like a fairy when called out on your bullshit?

              1. Oh, I’m sorry that I actually have a life outside the forum. And dude, you truly are an idiot if you that’s your take on my comment.

                1. Skulking around the local high school with binoculars and children’s panties stuffed in the back pocket of your cargo shorts is not “a life outside the forum.”

                  1. Dude, you’ve got some strange hobbies.

                    1. You just admitted to skulking around high schools ….

                    2. Yeah, I actually meant that. And you call me a moron? Dude, I’m surprised you don’t drown in the shower.

                    3. //Yeah, I actually meant that.//

                      We know. So does your wife’s divorce lawyer, and your daughter.

            2. You’re literally saying that by telling others on this thread to wear a mask.

              My god man. You’re completely broken.

              1. No. Here’s what I said:

                “And here I thought not wearing a mask was a sign of being a selfish prick who doesn’t care if they infect other people because they’d rather wave their dicks around and act all tough.”

                That is how you will be perceived by the majority of people as you strut around with your MAGA hat and nothing on your face. That statement says nothing about what I want people to do.

                1. Always on point with the weird dick references. The one thing you are always crystal clear about in all of your demented scenarios and, I suppose, “arguments,” is that there has to be some kind of ball licking or dick sucking or cock waving going around. If there isn’t some sort of male genitalia somehow being displayed or fondled, your world will come crashing down.

                2. Next time try adding “and you will appear to others as” so as to clarify it isn’t your view. Because the way you presented it, it was your view. And since you often have weird statist desires as long as it is towards f trump, you need to clarify it.

                  Can’t believe I have to give a grown alcoholic lessons on how to make an argument.

        2. Another one of those brilliant “remotely” libertarian things you always say. Are you due yet for your daily tantrum?

          1. Oh, look! The man-child who calls people “faggot” like a bully on a playground has joined us! What are you going to call me today?

            1. A fucking faggot.

              1. It must be sad and pathetic to have peaked in high school. If I had a heart I’d pity you.

                1. You just can’t get away from the high school thing, can you? I’d bet you’re illegally within 500 feet of a high school as we speak. No?

                  1. I’m not the man-child who calls people “faggot” and “little bitch.” So speak for yourself.

                    1. You just call them dick suckers and ball lickers. Classic projection for a little bitch faggot.

                    2. The difference is that I was joking around while you’re dead serious.

                    3. You’re the one who claims others want to murder people.

                    4. Sarcasmic is back to full Jeff. He now claims he was joking when he made all those comments.

                      Fucking broken.

                    5. You’re the one who claims others want to murder people.

                      When you have to bring up that lie then I know I’ve won the argument! Ha ha!

                    6. Lie? you literally stated and defended the statement that I wanted to murder people. That isn’t a lie. That happened sweetie.

                    7. I mistakenly attributed a statement by Nardz to you, and apologized like a man when I realized my mistake.

                      First you would lie and say I deliberately lied when I said you wanted to kill people, and now your lie has expanded to say I did it multiple times about multiple people.

                      That says that one of us is a man, and it ain’t you.

                    8. Most people save their crying for group therapy sessions, sarc

                  2. I am being sooooo serious.

        3. I dunno. What I’ve noticed is a live and let live attitude from the non mask people, and self righteous hostility from the mask people.

          You tell yourself whatever works for you, I guess. My observations could be 180 degrees off! But I doubt it.


  10. Instead Of Dismissing, Michael Flynn Judge Opens His Court To Litigate Russiagate

    Because Flynn had already pleaded guilty to the offense, Judge Sullivan needed to grant the government’s motion to dismiss the charge before the criminal case could end. Instead, however, Judge Sullivan shocked everyone yesterday afternoon by entering an order allowing outside parties to file “amicus curiae” or “friend of the court” briefs.

    “An amicus brief should normally be allowed when a party is not represented competently or is not represented at all,” Judge Sullivan wrote, concluding that “at the appropriate time, the Court will enter a Scheduling Order governing the submission of any amicus curiae briefs”

    Instantaneously, a group of attorneys, self-styled the Watergate Prosecutors, filed a notice of an intent to file an amicus brief. Flynn’s attorney responded by both objecting to the Watergate Prosecutors’ notice, and to the court’s broader decision to accept amicus curiae briefs in a criminal case.

    1. I said it would be better for Trump to grant a pardon based on innocence than to come hat in hand to the courts begging to overturn the conviction.

      Maybe I was right about that.

    2. “Normally allowed when a party is not represented competently”….so Judge Sullivan’s view is that the United States of America is not represented competently by the current Justice Department? I actually that probably is what he’s saying.

  11. The point is that Paul and Fauci did not actually engage in some huge clash of conflicting visions, but agenda-setters in the media need something to fight about.

    I’m not tuning in to watch talking hairdos report on agreement and harmony.

    1. He’s the rugged Senator and he’s the bookish doctor but will they or won’t they become an item?


    I wonder if we’ll hear from the “You want grandma to die!” crowd when we can’t borrow any more money and Medicare/Social Security get carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Cause our “Lockdown and Spend” response has really accelerated that schedule.

  13. What Trump’s refusal to wear a mask says about masculinity in America

    1. So that’s where Sarcasmic gets his viewpoints.

      1. Ezra Klein whispers them sweetly into his ear while he gives him a reach around.

        1. He went full Jeff yesterday, seeing if he goes full JFree today.

      2. It’s cool how you can know what my viewpoints are and where I get them when I don’t actually say what they are. You’re such an amazing, mindreading badass. You know everything.

        1. Your “remotely” libertarian views are well known around here. Seriously, when can we expect the waterworks, you masochistic little bitch?

          1. LMAO! The only views that are well known around here are those of a straw man that you Trumpsters routinely set on fire. You have no idea of what my views are, man-child.

            1. //You have no idea of what my views are//

              Neither do you, dumbass. Now man up and go be a real father to your daughter.

              1. Yeah, I don’t know what my views are or what I think! You’re so right! Why don’t you tell me? Set up that straw man and then set it on fire! Woo hoo! You’re so cool!

                1. You know full-well you’re a moron.

                  1. Haaaa ha ha ha ha! What else do you got, man-child?

                    1. How badly do you wish that “man-child” was a real category of person? Did the judge buy that argument when they took your daughter away?

                    2. Yep! The judge totally bought the argument that you’re a man-child!

                    3. You really need me to be a “man-child,” don’t you? Spank bank running dry these days?

          2. wait, do you actually understand this sarcasmic guy? All I ever see is autistic reeing and since I chose to take French in high school, I can’t make out a word of it.

            1. I just fuck with him.

        2. Your viewpoints are listed in this very thread dummy.

          Please go pull a full Jeff and say you were joking.

          1. Wait a minute! I thought I was Jeff! And everyone else!

            1. He is your mirror.

              1. You’re a towel!

                1. You’re a faggot.

                2. Haha. Ok, that’s funny. Towelie’s awesome.

            2. He is apparently your idol. I have never stated you were Jeff. You just act like him.


    Pennsylvania Health Secretary moved own mother out of a nursing home during pandemic while directing infected patients into them

      This is a smoking gun, shows that they all knew the elderly would die in nursing homes. This is *the* election issue of 2020. Mass murder of the elderly by Penn and also Psycho Cuomo.
      Quote Tweet

      1. That can’t be. They told us that millions of jobs and small businesses needed to be wiped from the face of the earth to save just one life!

    2. “My mother requested, and my sister and I as her children complied to move her to another location during the Covid-19 outbreak,” Levine said. “My mother is 95 years old. She is very intelligent and more than competent to make her own decisions.”

      “Of course, all you fuckers who are not that old, intelligent, and competent had jolly well better follow State Instructions.”

    3. Isn’t the health secretary a tranny? Says a lot about the state of health in Pennsylvania that they have a mentally ill individual in charge of their department.

      1. And got her panties in a wad because some reporter accidentally called her ‘sir’.

    4. that sounds like it could border on criminal right there. Negligent homicide?


    1/ This tweet is the kind of bizarre counterfactual content Twitter should be flagging. A
    paper Monday found a total of 48 children admitted with #COVID to 46 North American pediatric ICUs in March. 40 had preexisting conditions. Two died.

  16. No way they replace Biden. This was their excuse, to avoid mentioning the obvious mental decline. The Dems won’t pay this price now just to ditch him in a couple of months.
    Sen. Chuck Schumer says it is time to move on from the Tara Reade sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden:

    “I’ve heard Joe Biden’s explanation, I think it’s sufficient. I think he will be a great candidate.”

    1. Followed by “We’re also completely ashamed of how we handled that whole Kavanaugh thing. That wasn’t cool and now we see the value of due process. That’s really important to preventing sexual assault allegations from being weaponized by political parties that are psychologically incapable of having a conscience.”

      1. Followed by: “Except for the new guidelines issued by Betsy De Vos. She just wants rapists on campus raping the shit out of women!”

    2. they can’t pull Biden out without Bernie popping up and saying he’s the legitimate candidate since he came second. They’re stuck with their choice now, for better or for worse. Plus, the smarter big name democrats like Michelle Obama & Cuomo (governor, not Fredo), want nothing to do with this election, they know how much a home-field advantage an incumbent president has, and they know how poorly the Dems are doing right now, even if they won’t admit it. And nothing kills a politician’s career like being a loser.


    After denying defense counsel the submittal of Amicus Briefs in the trial of Flynn… Judge Sullivan says it is time to allow those who support the jailing of Flynn a period to submit briefs.

    This includes a wild conspiracy nut named Jill Wine-Banks who hasn’t met an anti-trump conspiracy she hasn’t promoted.

    1. Karen’s full name is Jill Wine-Banks.

      1. Any human being with a hyphenated last name has an immediate credibility deficit.

  18. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $49.4 billion’s benefactor was unhappy with the Drumpf economy a few months ago when his net worth was hovering around $60 billion. Imagine how heartbroken he must be now that he’s below $50 billion.


  19. A new anti-Chloroquine study for our favorite Philosophy major turned scientific Guru to latch on to. Once again… a retrospective study (already an issue) of a non controlled trial (whoops) using a mixture of parameters on chloroquine (umm… guys) that focuses almost exclusively on late stage Covid treatment (yeah… not where it is supposed to help).

  20. Contrary to popular belief, there are schools in poor neighborhoods that are actually good.

    Like Snoop Doggy Dogg’s alma mater, for example.

    1. or USC?


    Big Congressional win in California for Mike Garcia, taking back a seat from the Democrats. This is the first time in many years that a California Dem seat has flipped back to a Republican. Also, Tom Tiffany beat his Democrat rival BIG in Wisconsin. Two great Congressional WINS!

    1. wasn’t Politico or some other Dem cumrag saying that if they win these 2 special elections, it could mean a blue wave? And yeah, this is the first time in 20+ years a Republican has won back a Cali Rep seat.

    2. also, I think they’re still counting votes but 56% – 44%? In a district that went 9 points to the democrats last time? either Cali is gonna be in play this year, or there was some shady shit going on in that last election

      1. Voting by mail is designed to allow the dems to carefully calculate how many last minute ballots to discover in order to get the win at the last minute.

  22. Who destroyed who now?

    1. I just need to know who clapped back.

  23. Huge news you’ll never read at the Washington Post, Vox, or here at Reason for that matter:

    the CEO of CrowdStrike testified under oath in closed congressional hearings that there is not, and never was, any evidence that Russia actually hacked into the DNC servers!! All they know for sure is that data was “exfiltrated”.

    That data was indeed “exfiltrated” alright: it was “exfiltrated” by Seth Rich, which is why the murdered the poor bastard in cold blood.

    1. Welchie Boy, Scott Shackturd, and ENB are going to be seriously butthurt over this one. Lizzie is probably still scouring the internet for evidence to try and prove that the “Steele Dossier” was factual.

    2. RCI has been so great this year. Thanks for the link.

    3. This is truly astounding. It’s slowly coming out that the entire past five years of narratives from the Obama Admin and the legacy media have been complete falsehoods and they all knew it at the time. Unfuckingbelievable.

      1. And yet, for some odd reason, Reason still refuses to acknowledge it. Gee, I wonder why that is?

        Just imagine if George W. Bush had tried to pull this kind of shit on Obama that Obama has been trying to pull on Trump for the last four years. Welchie Boy’s enraged spittle would be flying at us all from every which direction.

      2. They were all just disinformation agents for the deep state and the Obama administration. They all repeated the same talking points fed to them on every story. And the talking points were all lies.

  24. “and heaps of praise from right-wing pundits, who have largely decided that Fauci is some sort of anti-Trump operative.”

    Not quite a “republicans pounce”, but close. Need to work on your delivery.

    And I would love a citation for that assertion. Think Fauci over estimates his own knowledge and over hypes pandemics (something he has done since the AIDs crisis) is not calling him an anti-Trump operative.

    1. At the beginning I thought Fauci sounded reasonable and offered rational guidelines. Haven’t listened to him since, but if he is still claiming we should expect millions of deaths and keep things closed down at all costs then I’ll agree he deserves criticism.

  25. one piece of information that policy makers should take seriously when deciding how to proceed.

    Any chance of requiring “policy makers” to have taken, say, undergraduate courses in probability and logic?

  26. “clear up the misinformation, put forth by the World Health Organization and others, that people who have recovered from COVID-19 may not have immunity to the disease. Fauci explained that “in all likelihood,” those who have recovered possess some amount of protection.”

    Immunity and “some amount of protection” are not the same thing.

    And also saying people “may not have immunity” is a factual statement because the question has not been answered so it remains an open question hence “may not have immunity”.

    And finally Rand Paul looks like shit. The fuck happened to that guy?

    1. 1. We cannot reopen until there is a vaccine, which gives you protection by exposing you to the virus so you create antibodies.

      2. You may not be protected if you’ve been exposed and have antibodies, which is all the more reason to stay closed.

    2. And finally Rand Paul looks like shit. The fuck happened to that guy?


    3. There is such a thing as partial immunity. If you have the antibody, that may not protect you completely, but it will provide some protection and likely ensure that the virus isn’t fatal if you get it again.

      Paul is right here. He is just not being precise in his language.

      1. The flu shot often confers partial immunity. Even if it doesn’t contain the exact right strains for that year, getting the shot increases the probability that if you do get the flu, it will be a mild case, as opposed to a life-threatening one.

        1. Yes it does. Ultimately, human beings do develop immunity at least sufficient to keep it from being fatal to all of these viruses. If they didn’t, the human race would have gone extinct from one long before now.

    4. You do realize that if there’s no immunity from the coof, considering it’s an RNA virus then a vaccine is literally impossible, right?

    5. “Rand Paul looks like shit. The fuck happened”

      Five broken ribs, of which three were displaced fractures and a partial lung removal, incurred by a gentle and heartfelt chastening from a concerned progressive.

      1. … less than 6 mos. after being on the field when a gunman opened fire on the congressional baseball team.

    6. The WHO’s statement is biologically inconsistent. You don’t recover from a(n infectious) disease to which you are not immune. Full stop.

      Again, as with herd immunity, epidemiology and medicine have been infected with the same dumb politico-statistics bullshit that climate science has been overrun with for so long that there’s a considerable “Who’s on first?” going on when it comes to anybody knowing anything at that level. Lots of science is in dire need of some significant epistemological overhauling. Unfortunately, the media who would be charged with such a task is too busy trying to figure out how to rewrite what we know to be more inclusive of women and minorities.

      It’s a very Tower Of Babel/1984 world we live in.

      1. There was a Japanese paper stating this. They did see some COVID re-infections. In short, in at least some people, they did not get full, lasting immunity. I think everyone is quoting everyone else partially and out of context here.

  27. “Herd immunity is the only realistic option—the question is how we get there safely.”

    Anyone remember “Measles Parties”?

    1. Measles parties weren’t exactly safe. Even today, roughly 30 percent of children who contract measles end up in the ICU. That’s not a risk that should be entertained lightly.

      1. “Even today, roughly 30 percent of children who contract measles end up in the ICU.”

        Where? That might be true where measles was never endemic, but certainly not in the USA. I grew up before there was a measles vaccine. Nearly every kid I knew got it sometime or other, and none were hospitalized.

    2. In any case, the term was “pox parties.” The idea was used mostly for chickenpox and mumps, not measles.

      1. This.
        Childhood chickenpox and mumps parties are okay.
        Adulthood chickenpox and mumps parties mean shingles and infertility.
        Childhood measles parties could be deadly.
        Adulthood measles parties would be pointless and stupid.

  28. “…and heaps of praise from right-wing pundits, who have largely decided that Fauci is some sort of anti-Trump operative…”

    The embedded link had exactly this to say about Trump: Zero.
    Stuff your TDS up your ass, so you head has some company, Robbie.


    “Some of the states that skeptics were most worried about, including Florida and Georgia, haven’t seen the rise in total cases that some experts feared.

    Florida’s new cases actually declined by 14% compared to the previous week, and Georgia’s fell by 12%”

    1. The data is already overwhelming, but soon will be undeniable.

  30. Judge imposes question begging language rules in Connecticut Title IX Case on whether women’s sports should exclusive to females:

    “What I’m saying is you must refer to them as “transgender females” rather than as “males.” Again, that’s the more accurate terminology, and I think that it fully protects your client’s legitimate interests. Referring to these individuals as “transgender females” is consistent with science, common practice and perhaps human decency. To refer to them as “males,” period, is not accurate, certainly not as accurate, and I think it’s needlessly provocative. I don’t think that you surrender any legitimate interest or position if you refer to them as transgender females. That is what the case is about. This isn’t a case involving males who have decided that they want to run in girls’ events. This is a case about girls who say that transgender girls should not be allowed to run in girls’ events. So going forward, we will not refer to the proposed intervenors as “males”; understood?”

    1. “Understood?”

      “Could you go over — transition to, if you will — that first part again?”

    2. How about “mutants”?

    3. wow, just wow.

    4. Can we Baker Act an out of state Judge?
      That dude is as crazy as the males in the case.

    5. understood?

      Just to be clear, Your Eminence, let’s say I felt they were victims being persecuted and chose to refer to them as ‘Jews’, you’re saying, ex cathedra that I should be referring to them as ‘Converted Christians’?

      I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be expecting that comeback.

  31. Rand Paul future Unabomber.

    1. Go fuck your daddy, turd.

    2. The Unabomber was an anti-technology environmental extremist wack-job and a far left Anarcho-Marxist, so if anyone’s going to be a future Unabomber my money’s on Am-Soc.

      1. Shreek is profoundly stupid but he makes up for it by being a pedophile and being totally ignorant about nearly every subject. So, he has got that going for him.

      2. So AOC’s god father?

      3. More An-Prim than An-Com.

        Can you be an anarcho-Marxist? since Marxism dictates the need for a totalitarian state, that then magically withers once you have Socialist Man.

        1. It’s arguably redundant. Marx’s ideas about social progress requires revolution whereby the means of production are seized by the working class(‘s proxies). The social structures that bring/brought about capitalism can/could not be preserved and need to be torn down. Anarchy is part of the philosophy. The gradual replacement of capitalism with Marxism is considered ‘soft’.

  32. “California tenants could get 10 years to pay back rent under this Democratic plan”
    Read more here:

    Ten years to pay rent? There’ll be ‘forgiveness’ long before that’s paid.

    1. They could just offer rent forgiveness to ‘people of color’. REPARATIONS, BITCH!

    2. since the present property owner will have gone bankrupt and now living in his car due to lack of renters paying rent. but never mind the landlord deserved it for being a capitalist

    3. In California proggie-minds, the worst crime a person can commit is to own property. Followed closely of course by giving someone a job.

  33. Paul also asked Fauci to clear up the misinformation, put forth by the World Health Organization and others, that people who have recovered from COVID-19 may not have immunity to the disease. Fauci explained that “in all likelihood,” those who have recovered possess some amount of protection.

    I’m kind of curious where the WHO and others were getting that from. I’m no doctor, but the idea that you wouldn’t have some level of immunity after getting the disease flies in the face of what little I know about the way the human immune system works. I would think that in order for that to be true the virus would have to basically be mutating so fast that the anti-bodies that your immune system produced the first time around wouldn’t be effective against the new mutation the second time you were exposed. If that were true, then wouldn’t it basically mean that it’s impossible to ever develop a vaccine? Or is the WHO just pulling shit out their ass to keep everyone in a state of panic and fear? (That last question was largely rhetorical).

    And if that is the case, then why continue with the forced social isolation policies? Seems like it would be better to just go ahead and re-open businesses and let individuals make their own adjustments as they see fit (e.g., if you don’t want to shake hands for fear of catching COVID-19, don’t shake hands with people – just politely explain to them why, if you want to wear a mask when in a public building, wear a mask, wash your hands more often, etc.), but let people get back to some semblance of normalcy.

    1. Lifelong immunity after infection is characteristic of some viruses (measles is the classic case), but it isn’t the rule for all viruses. Immunity can be short lived (weeks to months) or longer term (say, five to ten years), but may eventually need to be restored through a subsequent exposure. We know that there is an antibody spike following SARS-CoV-2 exposure, but we don’t know long long the immunity conferred actually lasts. We simply don’t have the long-term data yet to make those kinds of extrapolations.

      1. That’s kind of what I figured – that there’s some immunity conferred for some amount of time but with this being a new virus no one knows for sure how long it lasts.

        Upon further review, it seems like the WHO has since backtracked on the idea that catching it once doesn’t confer immunity. Apparently they sent out a tweet a while back that they’ve since deleted after the media blew it out of proportion and started incorrectly reporting that there’s no immunity. I suspect that what the WHO was actually saying is that there’s no 100% guarantee that being exposed to the virus once would confer immunity, which is probably true – especially for people with compromised immune systems who are already at higher risk – but not for the vast majority of people. The media just spun it in the most fear inducing, sensationalist way possible because that’s what they always do.

      2. One thing that gives some hope is SARS-1 patients still have T-Memory Cells 20 years on.

        1. That, and SARS has apparently completely disappeared with no vaccine ever being developed.

    2. If you do not get immunity from recovering from a case of COVID-19, that would also imply that a reliable vaccine is impossible, as vaccines operate on the same idea that once the body has developed antibodies for a virus it is immune in the future.

      1. I am skeptical that an effective vaccine will be developed. I think the best we can hope for is a yearly vaccine like the flu shot, and I doubt even that will be worth the effort.

        I say this as someone who is part of a research team whose efforts, much to my shame, have been diverted to SARS-CoV-2 applications, mainly because that’s where the money is right now. I’m still super excited about the therapeutics we’re investigating; I just wish we weren’t distracted by this stupid pan(dem)ic.

        1. this stupid pan(dem)ic

          That is so good, I would shake your hand, if it wasn’t AGAINST THE LAW!

        2. Damn it
          Pan(dem)ic is better than the pan(ic)demic I’ve been using

    3. This drives at the heart of what I’ve been saying about herd immunity and how it makes *some* sense for something like smallpox or polio where a vaccine or contracting the disease confers full and lasting immunity but, when applied to a disease like COVID, is absolute rubbish. If there is no lasting immunity, even if you develop a vaccine, no part of the herd is ever really immune in any sense of any rational definition of (passive) herd immunity.

      It’s a social synergy fairy tale or myth, a stone-soup story that epidemiologists like to tell their kids before bed at night. A story that lets them punt on the science of the bottom line.

  34. Some California universities cancel in-person fall classes

    That means tuition will be falling to better reflect the costs of online learning, right? Right? Ah, who the hell am I kidding. If anything, tuition will jump a few points as institutions “invest in innovative technologies to facilitate exciting learning opportunities in these challenging times.”

    My alma mater medical school has been shut down for months and is only now begrudgingly considering the possibility of reopening in-person classes at some distant point in the future. And even then, they’re contemplating imposing social-distancing measures during lecture. Will tuition be going down? Of course not, though the school has generously agreed to a tuition freeze (after years of increases vastly outpacing inflation). The truth is that this probably won’t affect most students all that much. Medical school has largely become an elaborate self-study board-prep program, with most students only showing up to mandated events and studying from home the rest of the time. It’s a bubble that’s going to have to pop eventually. Sooner or later, there will be an inflection point as skyrocketing tuition meets declining reimbursements, much like what happened with law schools over the past decade. Why should students continue to over fifty grand a year for minimal services, when they can get the same results taking Kaplan test-prep course for less than a tenth of the cost?

    The rising cost of education has almost nothing to do with the salaries of the professors. It has everything to do with the explosion in administration, little of which brings any direct benefit to the students themselves.

    1. There should be no public schools of any kind whatsoever, much less public universities.

    2. The rising cost of education has almost nothing to do with the salaries of the professors. It has everything to do with the explosion in administration, little of which brings any direct benefit to the students themselves.

      And you would think, with classes going full online, that any administration with even the slightest concern for its bottom line would can the shit out of diversity program managers since, absent physical presentation, the only thing stopping students from identifying as attack helicopters* is the FedGov.

      *Seriously, after XÆ-A12, a black female-at-birth named Bell-HU1A that goes by the name ‘Huey’ is only a matter of time.

  35. So remember how it was just some crazy right wing conspiracy theory that Crowd strike had no evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC emails? Yeah well, turns out that conspiracy theory isn’t such a theory but is in fact the truth.

    They have no evidence it happened. They have “circumstantial evidence” which they can’t seem to describe. The only proof they have is the speculation that someone could have possibly taken screen shots while they monitored the email address and in doing so read the emails without leaving behind any trace that they had copied them. I will leave it to others to examine the technical merit of that claim. Even if true, however, that doesn’t mean it happened at all much less that it was the Russians if it did. All we know are three things; the emails were somehow copied and given to wikileaks; there is no forensic evidence indicating that anyone extracted them directly from the server, and that wikileaks claims the information came from an insider not the Russians.

    The lack of direct evidence is consistent with wikileaks’ claim. There is no reason that I can see not to believe wikileaks. Meanwhile, there is every reason to think that crowdstrike is lying when they claim the Russians hacked the server.

    1. I trust Julian Assange more than Brennan or Clapper, that’s for goddamned sure.

      1. Speaking of Julian Assange, I sure haven’t been hearing much about him lately, have you?

        Seems like almost yesterday when the guy was the media’s hero for divulging information about the war in Iraq. The instant he started to hurt Obama and the democrats, he become persona non grata, and now he’s been disappeared into a black hole somewhere in the U.K., never to be seen again.

        1. He was quarantining at home before it was cool

    2. I remember when you were swore that that dipshit NJ US Senator would be forced to resign. That was about 3-4 years ago.

      another fake scandal….

      1. Democrats like crooks and pedophiles. I am not surprised. Meanwhile, you were one of the people who swore that the Russians hacked the emails. Turns out there is no proof or really any reason to think that they did. In fact, there was always a reason to think they didn’t. Intelligence agencies never let it be known what information they have. If Russian intelligence were reading the DNC emails, the last thing they would do is tell the world they were and allow the DNC to stop them from reading more.

        Assholes like you lied about that. And now we know you did.

  36. “In reality, of course, Fauci is neither a god nor a member of the deep state: He’s a smart public servant whose guidance is one piece of information that policy makers should take seriously when deciding how to proceed.”

    Here, let me fix that for you:

    “His guidance is one piece of of information that policy makers should [parents] [might] take seriously when deciding how to proceed.”

    Incidentally, parents, single or otherwise, should be free to continue with online instruction at taxpayer expense–regardless of whether Rand Paul thinks it’s good for them. Giving the parents of “underprivileged” kids the choice to move away from public schools by way of vouchers was a good thing for both taxpayers and parents before COVID-19, and I don’t see why COVID-19 would change that.

    Yes, I agree with Rand Paul that one size fits all is a stupid idea. There is no good reason why the coal mining towns of Kentucky should have the same policy as the worst parts of New York City, but there is no good reason why different people in the same city shouldn’t be free to make different and opposing choices, too.

    Because markets and online instruction allow parents to make different and opposing choices for their children on an individual basis is one of the main reasons why markets are better than local school boards, elected representatives like Paul, or bureaucrats like Fauci. We should all be free to make choices for ourselves.

    1. I’d recommend replacing “smart public servant” with “doctor.”

      1. I’ll go with that, and no one should do anything just because their doctor says so either.

        Surgeons tend to recommend surgery, and internal medicine guys tend to recommend conservative courses of medication.

        Either way, they aren’t the ones leaving loved ones behind to fend for themselves or the ones who have to live with quality of life issues after they’ve removed your prostate or given you a colostomy bag for the rest of your life.

        There’s this thing called an appeal to authority fallacy, and one of the reasons there are so many progressives out there is because so many of our fellow Americans don’t really understand the appeal to authority fallacy.

        There’s another likely candidate in the list of good definitions of what it means to be a libertarian: “A libertarian is someone who isn’t susceptible to the appeal to authority fallacy”. Restated in others ways, there are, “Libertarians are people who don’t believe that politicians are the solution to their problems”, and my favorite, “A libertarian is someone who thinks we should be free to make choices for ourselves”.

        1. I find the appeal to authority is the easy way out, not in hysical laziness but intillectual laziness and it also remove responsibility from the person so that they can do what they want. thats why I often wish I was a liberal because all my problems could be solved by the government while as a conservative my problems are of my own making except for the road blocks of regulations the government puts in front of me.

          1. “I find the appeal to authority is the easy way out, not in hysical laziness but intillectual laziness and it also remove responsibility from the person so that they can do what they want.”

            Yeah, it abdicates our responsibility to make choices for ourselves.

            The appeal to authority fallacy offers freedom from choice.

            H/T Mothersbaugh

            1. Freedom from choice is precisely what the far left considers freedom, if anyone has been paying attention.

          2. You can be a conservative and still believe that government knows better than you how to run your own life just as well as any liberal, the division is more collectivist/individualist than left/right. If you’re perfectly willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions, you’re an individualist, but not necessarily conservative. Although this doesn’t seem to work in the other direction – liberalism (of the progressive sort) almost necessarily presumes collectivism.

        2. Surgeons tend to recommend surgery

          Actually, we tend to recommend almost any other therapeutic modality unless all options have been exhausted. Surgeons practically go out of their way not to cut these days.

  37. If nothing else, stressful times reveal the true character of people. And what do the US people look like in the 21st century?

    Many are easily frightened and eager to cede autonomy for even feelings of security.

    Most are intensely partisan and interpret the world through their tribal ideologies. Even those who disavow religion act like zealots.

    Signaling and rhetoric count for much more than facts and reason. Some people even prefer the heat of argument over the substance.

    Many claim preference for science, but few really know what that is, and fewer can actually do it.

    All this has been noted before, especially by our political leaders. And they have been revealed as ruthless and without shame in taking advantage of people.

    1. My wife works for a federal agency, and when I listen to the online meetings she has with her colleagues, I grind my teeth in rage. A bunch of cowards, the lot of them. You’d think that servants of the people would cherish liberty and embrace the risk that comes with it, but safety is all these lily-livered poltroons care about.

      1. When they have their town hall meetings, I make her wear headphones. I don’t want my kids growing up infested with the paranoia and risk aversion of bureaucrats.

      2. Being blamed for killing people is what they fear most and probably with good reason.

        They tried to bring the INS and the Customs Departments together back during the Nixon administration. Those two departments were in the same locations with the same mandates–it was so obviously redundant. In fact, just about every president since Nixon tried to bring them together under the same roof, but they always failed.

        It wasn’t until the INS renewed the visas of the 9/11 hijackers months after they perpetrated 9/11 that they were finally able to overcome the bureaucratic and political opposition to bringing them together. If only the INS, the Customs Department, the Border Patrol, et. al. were on the ball, maybe all those people on 9/11 wouldn’t have died! That’s the argument that meant two-thirds of the people in those three agencies lost their positions of authority and had to cede that power to somebody else.

        They fear being held accountable for killing people above all else. The fear of being accused of wasting money isn’t even a close second.

        1. First, the INS didn’t renew the VISAs of the 911 hijackers. They failed to have them deported after the hijackers overstayed their VISAs. Now hundreds of of thousands of people overstay their VISAs in this country every year. INS had no idea that the 911 hijackers were dangerous and had no reason to make a special case out of them.

          The reason for that was the NSA refused to share the information they had about the hijackers with the FBI and the FBI refused to investigate them even though they had one of them locked up in Minnesota and an FBI agent saying that we needed to look at his collegues who were taking flight lessons. If the NSA had told the FBI about the hijackers being in the country, the FBI could have then called the INS and had the INS pick them up that day for overstaying their VISA. None of that happened. Yet, somehow the FBI and NSA managed to have the INS take the blame.

          Second, customs and immigration really are two different jobs. Immigration is hard nosed street cop work. Immigration is out kicking in doors and doing investigations and things like patroling the Texas by yourself. Customs is inspecting cargo ships and working with corporations and customs agents to get products into the country consistent with the laws and making sure whatever duties are due are paid. It is totally different than immigration work. It is much more corporate and tony. Customs agents worked for the department of commerce and made more money than immigration agents. They had a totally different mission and a totally different culture. They really didn’t and don’t have anything in common with immigration agents other than they both rightfully hate the FBI.

          So it is not as simple as you make it out to be.

          1. “First, the INS didn’t renew the VISAs of the 911 hijackers. They failed to have them deported after the hijackers overstayed their VISAs.”

            That isn’t what happened.

            “MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Six months to the day after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Immigration and Naturalization Service notified a Venice, Florida, flight school that the two men had been approved for student visas.

            Rudi Dekkers of Huffman Aviation, where Atta, 33, and Al-Shehhi, 23, first trained in July 2000, showed the yellow INS forms to CNN during an interview Monday. Dekkers said he was surprised to get the forms at such a late date.

            The INS had a different reaction.

            “I think it is certainly embarrassing that the letters show up at this late date,” said INS spokesman Russ Bergeron. “It does serve to illustrate what we have been saying since 1995 — that the current system for collecting information and tracking foreign students is antiquated, outdated, inaccurate and untimely.”

            Bergeron said the INS forms made it clear that actual approval of the visas took place before the September 11 attacks.


            I was imprecise about the INS renewing their visas. The INS simply sent a letter to a flight training school confirming that the 9/11 hijackers’ visas were still good–six months after they’d perpetrated 9/11.

            That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

            1. They all didn’t attend that flight school. Some had overstayed their VISAs. Regardless, what reason did INS have to think they were dangerous? The problem was NSA and the FBI didn’t tell INS the information they had.

              1. Whether you think the INS should have approved the 9/11 hijackers for flight school six months after 9/11 aside, this was the ultimately the justification for bringing them all under the same roof. We needed an INS, Customs Department, and Border Patrol that worked together to stop terrorists.

        2. The fear of being accused of wasting money isn’t even a close second.

          There might have been a time when they were legitimately worried about that, but that time has long since passed. Now they know full well they’ll never be held accountable for spending too much money, but if they don’t spend every penny from their budget this year, there’s an infinitesimally small chance they might not get the same amount next year and that terrifies them almost as much as being held accountable for killing people.

    2. Many claim preference for science” I see many claiming actions based on science but they never say what science and the science we have seen lately is easily proven to be highly flawed and useless. One person claimed they had a science degree and no one could then argue with them. I know lots of people with degrees it doesn’t make them an expert on anything not even what their degree is

      1. it’s easy. If they make a policy decision, it’s based on “science”. If you disagree with the policy, you’re ignoring “science”. got it?

    3. All this has been noted before, especially by our political leaders. And they have been revealed as ruthless and without shame in taking advantage of people.

      …and in their willingness to use any “crisis” to justify increasing their own power at the expense of everyone else.

  38. No mention of Judge Sullivan’s order regarding amicus submissions in the Flynn case after Justice moved to drop the charges?

    Amazing. Reason hates Trump and his administration more than it cares about prosecutorial overreach and the FBI undermining the executive branch of the federal government. Or they don’t want to alienate all their liberal journo friends?

    Fuck you guys. Seriously.

    1. The attempted coup by Obama and other assorted criminals is jaw dropping. The shit hitting the fan in the Flynn case is almost beyond comprehension.

      Meanwhile Reason plays another broken record of crickets chirping about Chinky Flu.


        1. RUSSIAGATE! UKRAINEGATE!!!!! MEAN THINGS ON TWITTERGATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Wow, you’re really scrambling today.
          Your house of cards fell down and your “heroes” are headed for jail and you don’t have anything left in your orangemanbad arsenal anymore.
          Nothing but impotent rage and old buzzwords.

        3. Needz moar blOOping.

      2. It’s pretty unbelievable. Hating Trump is anyone’s prerogative and I leave that up to them, but are they not aware that it is in fact possible to hate Trump and the CIA/FBI simultaneously? Can they not see the long term dangers of letting these people off the hook just because it’s convenient to get rid of a hated executive?

        1. Hating Trump is everyone’s prerogative. Every President has people who hate them. IT is how democracy works. What is not anyone’s prerogative is thinking it is okay to frame people for crimes and using the FBI and CIA to undo lawful election and escape accountability and oversight from elected officials. And that is what happened here.

          1. I’m reluctant to make such sweeping statements at the risk of being hyperbolic, but I honestly think this is the greatest political scandal in American history, and most of the our media and more than half of the voting populace just doesn’t seem to care or are complicit.

            1. Does sweeping this under the rug mean that we that we can finally be done hearing about Watergate?

    2. These fugazis desperately wanted all of it to be true, all the “Russian collusion” horseshit. And the man they worship more than anyone, Barack “Negro Nixon” Obama, was (and still is) the bitter, resentful architect of it all.

      The fugazis will probably go to their graves refusing to admit even to themselves that they got played for the world’s biggest fools and fell hard for one of the biggest con artists in American history.

      They’re kind of like the flip side to the lunatic neocons who still refuse to admit that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

  39. Well, here’s an interesting development :

    Looks like the CEO of Crowdstrike testified that they had no proof that the DNC hack was done by Russia.


    1. You got scooped by John.

      1. And JesseAZ for my immediately preceding comment. I really ought to read before posting.

      2. Who got scooped by Jimmy Dore.

  40. Wuhan’s Other Epidemic
    Most know that the Chinese city is the source of the coronavirus—but not that it also fuels America’s deadly fentanyl epidemic.

  41. “Obamagate” is a fake scandal that wingnuts are trying to gin up along the lines of Pizzagate, Agenda 21, BENGHAZI!!!!, and Jade Helm. It is hilarious watching the nut class try to bend Flynn into some kind of wronged public servant when he was fired by the Trumptards after lying to them.

    1. So you’re cool with Trump surveilling the Biden campaign, then? He’s got some suspicious connections with China, after all.

      1. John Kerry, a major member of his campaign team, has been opening violating the Logan Act with respect to Iran. Maybe we should throw his ass in jail, too.

      2. The Con Man has said he has absolute power to do anything and his lawyer argued yesterday that he was immune from investigation regarding his financial records.

        1. Good job not answering my question.

    2. Your hero Obama is really nothing but Chocolate Nixon.

      You don’t have to like it, but you DO have to choke on it, you little bitch!

    3. Well said Mr. Buttplug.

      Drumpf supporters can call us “RussiaGaters” if they want. The truth is, we’ve been correct all along. Putin’s Puppet has, in fact, been a Russian intelligence asset since 1987. Mueller proved it.


    4. Hey pedo, rather than just shrieking “fake scandal” multiple times in these threads, why don’t you, I dunno, maybe give some proof?

      Or just fuck off and die.

      1. Pretty hilarious that real, actual proof comes up from released documents showing that Obama initiated all of this, in conjunction with a fugazi dossier that the Hillary campaign had cooked up by Fusion, that’s all turned out to be the political equivalent of a 3.5-year snipe hunt, the best one of our resident hicklibs can do is offer his typical special pleading.


    CNN promoting teenage activist Greta Thunberg as an expert panelist for its next “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” town hall.


      Mao’s decision to use China’s youth as his vanguard was, by fortune or foresight, instrumental to the revolution’s initial success. The young may be pure in heart, but they are also high on emotion and short on life experience. Simply put, they are natural philistines. Still in their identity-forming years, China’s young had few barriers to a complete identification with the Red Guards. Conformity and intolerance of dissent followed naturally. When students were not attending rallies and struggle sessions, they spent endless hours studying and discussing Mao’s Little Red Book. As Lu Li’an, a former Red Guard, explained, “We were taught only about revolution so when we read the works of propaganda literature we really wanted to be at the head, at the vanguard of revolutionary history.” With undeveloped mental immune systems, their soft skulls were fertile ground for Mao’s secular Manichaeism. Manichaeism reduces society, with all the diversity and complexity of human experience, to a blunt dichotomy: light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrong, radical and reactionary. “There is no middle way!” became a popular slogan. Ideologies like these are intellectually and morally vapid, yet their simplicity and certainty are alluring, especially to the young. Thus, Mao’s child revolutionaries could—with youthful exuberance and clarity of purpose—chain a teacher to a radiator and bludgeon him to death with an iron bar, or force a teacher to eat nails and feces, among other tortures.

      1. So, Bernie Bros?

      2. Yup. I can definitely see Greta strapping the rat-cage to Winston’s head.

        “How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just ‘business as usual’ and some technical solutions, Mr. Smith? What will it take to convince you?”


      Former acting CDC director Richard Besser, former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius and activist Greta Thunberg join
      for a live #CNNTownHall. Coronavirus – Facts and Fears, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET

    3. That Greta is really something. She still hasn’t graduated high school (she missed a couple of semesters while her dingy was waiting for a nice breeze in the Atlantic) and yet she is a completely reputable climatologist AND epidemiologist! She really helps me take the side of Science! completely seriously. Her wisdom cannot be overvalued.

      1. Yep, we have to believe The Experts, because they’re experts and we’re uneducated hicks. We also have to trust the expertise of some dumbass kid who hasn’t finished High School.

      2. Lets say she were a highly trained climatologist that does not give her credibility about epidemiology. I would consider Stephen Hawking having anymore insight into epidemology either and he is the smartest man ever, apparently, if he were on a committee and hence the problem with relying on “scientist” which scientist.

      3. She speaks with a science beyond her years!


            Chain of Command, in descending order:

            Weird Swedish Teen

            TV Potato

            Blue haired sophomore who demands you use the pronouns “zorp “ and “zuff.”

            Quote Tweet

    4. Look at the responses to that tweet. It’s a who’s who of blue journalisming checkmarks applauding Fauci and Biden.

    5. Of course they’d bring on Panic Loli to give credence to the panic.

    6. The only think Greta Thunberg is an expert in is being used by others to push a political agenda.

    7. What is her expertise in virology?

    8. You know, if I were in the 15-30 demographic and thinking about tuning in to CNN for… well for just about anything, this would convince me that it just might be the most quintessentially Boomer communication company and to never turn it on for any reason.

      1. If you were in the 15-30 demographic (not an actual demographic distribution anyone uses, by the way) you would almost certainly get all your news from blogs and YouTube personalities.

  43. “The California State University system is canceling fall classes at all 23 campuses”

    This would be a great opportunity for California to start privatizing its UC system.

    They’re already offering a relatively inexpensive college education to California residents at 23 different campuses across the state, so what’s the point of keeping UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco as public schools–when each and every one of those six schools could easily stand on their own?

    In all these locations, the UC system actually serves the same local population as the CS system! San Diego State University, for instance, serves the same population as University of California, San Diego. Why is it necessary for the state of California to “own” and run both schools?

    UC San Diego is ranked as “most selective” by U.S. News and World Report–they reject 70% of applicants. Their research is financed by some of the biggest and cutting edge biotech companies in the world, many of which have sprung up around the school like tech companies around Stanford (a private university). Yeah, UCSD is among the most elite biotech universities in the world. Why do California’s taxpayers need to support them? Why can’t they be a private institution like CalTech, Stanford, or MIT

    Any shy should average working taxpayers in California be forced to pay the salaries of elite scientists at an elite institution, who are perfectly capable of funding their own operations? Talk about elitism! If forcing average people to pay for the salaries of elite research institutions that can raise funds elsewhere isn’t elitism, then what is? They say they need to provide an avenue for underprivileged Californians to go to school, but we already have a community college system in addition to a California State University system.

    1. the UC system is only inexpensive if your illegal since illegals get to go at a discounted rate for some reason

  44. U.S. Budget Deficit Widened to $1.935 Trillion in 12 Months Through April

    4X the deficit he inherited and The Con Man is just getting started.

    1. Dems pass trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ packages and blame GOP for deficits. Got it.

    2. Now, i’m not on this site as much as I used to be, but I don’t recall many commenters here speaking up in favor of the repeated multi-trillion-dollar bailouts.

      1. in his feverish brain, anyone who doesn’t join the 2 minutes hate against Trump each day, or who fails to fully support any and all Dem actions, this person is a raving Republican lunatic Trump-worshipper.

      2. I’m hard pressed to recall even an defeated, but firm, passive-aggressive dismissal.

    3. Have you considered moving away from Georgia, Mr. Buttplug? I read that your Republican governor has handled the #TrumpVirus worse than any other governor in the country. And you’re an elderly male which puts you in the high risk group.

      1. I’ve considered moving to Kansas. Do you know of any property Charles Koch is willing to sell; I’d love to help him get back on his feet and recoup some of the billions he has lost under Trump.

      2. Not an elderly male, it’s a rubber phallus used by a former vice presidential candidate who’s conservative exterior hides sexual appetites that are a little less than “vanilla”.

    4. If only there were some body of elected officials who could step in and contain the budget deficit!

    5. “4X the deficit he inherited and The Con Man is just getting started”

      Oh wow, you’re seriously trying to blame the House’s spending bill on Trump.

      You’re like a three-year-old blaming the dog for the crayon on the walls, Buttplug.

      1. In at least some fairness, Obama was held to account for Democrats spending during his administration as well. It’s not uncommon, especially when the President signs the spending bill.

        Of course, it is notable that there is zero chance a Trump veto would stop the spending but that doesn’t really excuse Trump on that point.

        Still, it’s hard to care too much about it given that the spending would have occurred regardless of who was sitting in the Presidents chair. Congress was always going to open the spigot wide, and whomever was President at the time was always going to sign it.

        The people basically demanded it, and to ‘do nothing’ is perhaps the worst sin a politician can commit during a panic. At least, that is the view of most people here on Earth no matter how wrong it might be.

  45. With Senators attending public meetings remotely, the American public may start seeing how luxuriously they are living. Lamar Alexander’s home office setup is like a spread out of Southern Living magazine.

    OK, maybe it’s not just Senators. Pelosi’s digs are pretty damn nice, too.

    1. People who have spent decades as elected public servants are often quite wealthy. Strange that.

  46. They just discussed the Fauci/Paul kerfuffle on The View. One of them said they trust Fauci because he’s a doctor and Rand Paul isn’t.

    (Rand Paul is an M.D.)

    The also have Gretchen Whitmer on. This should be interesting.

    1. They do not know what they do not know.

    2. You’re watching that shit?

      I’m picturing you strapped in a chair looking like a certain Clockwork Orange scene…

      1. I exercise by rolling my eyes, and I missed Morning Joe this AM.

        1. You must have an amazing degree of zen like calm. Your ability to watch that stuff without blowing a blood vessel in your brain is amazing. God, knows I couldn’t do it. Bravo.

        2. “I exercise by spinning my eyes”

          Fixed that for you, there’s no way your eyes will merely roll watching those living parodies.


        Whitmer’s connection worked just fine during the slow-pitch questions. Then Megan McCain asked a question and her connection dropped!

        1. award-winning producers gotta win awards.

          1. And the award for most obvious political maneuver in a mid-morning talk show goes to…

  47. Fauci is neither a god nor a member of the deep state: He’s a smart public servant ”

    being a smart public servant is different from being smart about what you are supposed to be doing. Remember the saying. If you can’t do teach, if you can’t teach become a public servant” and the most important public servant is the trash man

    1. Being a smart public servant means covering your ass and avoiding responsibility for your decisions at all cost. When you understand that, Fauci’s actions make perfect sense.

      1. Once you learn to see the world this way everything makes sense.

      2. There’s nothing in Fauci’s history that indicates he knows any more about combatting this virus than he did HIV/AIDS. Back when he was in charge of studying the AIDS epidemic, it started to become obvious early on that the largest outbreaks were taking place at gay bathhouses. Rather than recommend that the bathhouses be locked down and start a full-blown effort to educate gay men on the importance of wearing condoms during sex, Fauci took the “tolerant” approach, chose to emphasize that “anyone” could get the virus, and demanded a full-blown effort to find a vaccine, which likely led to the death of thousands of gay men from AIDS in the late 80s and early 90s.

        The same thing is happening here. It’s been obvious for months that nursing homes are the primary location for C19 infections. Rather than recommend that these places be locked down, Fauci’s fucking around with demands for a vaccine, which has led to thousands of deaths of elderly nursing home residents, due in no small part to these asshole Democratic governors and their health officials demanding that the homes–which contain the one demographic that’s actually the MOST VULNERABLE to this illness–to take residents infected with C19, which has led to thousands of deaths.

        Trump’s biggest mistake was in not putting a muzzle on this autistic goon a month and a half ago, and telling the governors that their states wouldn’t get shit from any federal aid package unless they locked down their nursing homes. In that sense, he’s just as much responsible for all this as they are.

        1. I didn’t know he was involved with the AIDs debacle. Chances are this will work out the same. They won’t ever develop a vaccine but will instead develop anti viral treatments that make it rarely fatal. Doctors seem to be doing that now via trial and error. But they are getting no help from that dumb ass because he just wants to close everything down.

          1. You never heard about him? One of the top level immunologists in the country if not the world. He has authored or co authored over 1000 papers in the field. He has advised every president since Reagan.

            Some of the AIDS activists hated him as well. Yet he and his team contributed to an understanding of the pathogenesis of HIV which can only be seen as one of the greatest achievements in medicine.

            So I get that we are all unhappy that the news is not so good. Me too. Yet I would rather hear the truth as currently understood than unicorns and false hope.

            I do not disagree at all that the shutdown is near the end of what people can tolerate. Such measures, primitive as they are, can only last for a short time. I do not expect miracle cures.

            Every day is an opportunity to learn something.

            Today I found this case series report about neurological complications in Covid-19 positive patients.


            Some things coming out not even guessed at a few months ago. Endovascular, renal, central nervous system, systemic immune responses.


              A summary about HIV from Dr. Fauci.

            2. And here we are 40 years later and there is still no vaccine for HIV. There are however treatments. And is likely what we will get here.

    2. “the most important public servant is the trash man”

      True enough. Talk about being on the front lines preventing the spread of disease!

  48. “There is no compelling medical reason for people who are exercising outside and maintaining social distancing to wear a mask.”

    However, our arbitrary edict errrrr law enforcement officers have recently acquired a taste for putting boots on throats and who are we to deny them the simple pleasures?

  49. >>thunderous denunciation

    choreographed. paula abdul or someone.

    1. She was Straight Up hot in the ’80s.

      1. and quite the choreographer.

  50. So the left wing communist media hates poor school children apparently.

    This is now the time to overthrow the far left in the media and government. 2020 is the year to take back our institutions from the fraudulent and criminal Democrats and their handlers.

  51. So, I get that many governors are just going to pretend they didn’t shift from ‘flatten the curve’ to ‘saving lives’ without any evidence that the latter is even a remote possibility. That is the standard ‘dictator continuing to justify his rule after the event that granted him emergency powers has passed’.

    But what is up with the sudden call for contact tracing as a reopening protocol? With hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases, and every analysis showing there are likely millions more undiagnosed cases, contract tracing is not even a remotely reasonable approach. It would be pointless and a giant waste of time and money. Am I missing something other than the massive expansion of the surveillance of American citizens within America?

    1. so we can be traced?

    2. I’m not sure there’s any intentional malice, just lack of thoughtfulness.

      Since COVID-19 is a medical crisis, the governors consult with medical experts. Medical experts don’t think about economic or civil liberties implications. And it doesn’t occur some of the governors to consult with any economic or civil liberties experts, nor to consider economic or civil liberties implications.

      1. That is true. It is not up to the medicals to be expert in economics, agriculture, manufacturing, or education. Ask for that advice and it is what you get.

        I did not see any conflict in the exchange between them.

        I know Rand Paul is an MD. He also is smart enough to know that he is not anymore an expert in epidemiology or public health than he is in radiation oncology. He is a politician now. So he has a tough job trying to balance things out.

        The last thing you want is a staff of yes men who will tell you what you want to hear.

      2. I’ll bet it occurred to all of them to talk to their campaign managers to weigh how each decision would affect their poll numbers. Odd that they would prioritize that over the economists.

  52. Dear God in heaven, please stop with all the articles about all the evidence revealed over the past week on #Obamagate.

    1. the nonvalanche is deafening.

      1. Is that why I don’t hear about it? Because it made me deaf?

        1. hope your sight is above-average.

          1. It won’t be for much longer if they keep starting articles with close up pics of Pelosi.

  53. The same thing is happening here. It’s been obvious for months that nursing homes are the primary location for C19 infections. Rather than recommend that these places be locked down, Fauci’s fucking around with demands for a vaccine, which has led to thousands of deaths of elderly nursing home residents, due in no small part to these asshole Democratic governors and their health officials for Movies 4k free

  54. Dear God, please stop with all the articles about all the evidence revealed.

  55. Being a smart public servant means covering your ass and avoiding responsibility for your decisions at all cost. When you understand that, Fauci’s actions make perfect sense.

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