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The Transportation Security Administration sat on more than 1.3 million N95 masks it did not need even as hospitals and the Department of Veterans Affairs were begging for them. TSA does not mandate that its screeners to wear the N95 masks, which require training and fitting to use. Instead, TSA employees typically use surgical masks, and some agency officials in April began to suggest they send the masks to places that could use them. In fact, that was the direction give to the agency by higher-ups in the Department of Homeland Security. Instead, the agency stockpiled many of the masks in a warehouse and sent the rest to airports, where very few people were flying.

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  1. They should be required to wear condoms though.

    1. On their tongues.

      1. Over their heads.

  2. I’m not sure anyone wants them after the TSA sat on them.

    Look at this… ????

  3. Lack of planning on your part, America, doesn’t constitute an emergency on the TSA’s part.

    1. If only they’d told Rahm Emanuel and co.

  4. If a private citizen or corporation did this, it would be considered a criminal act. But for government, it’s just a .

  5. “TSA does not mandate that its screeners to wear the N95 masks, which require training and fitting to use.”

    Fitting to use? Bullshit. You literally just put it on over your mouth and nose.

    1. But… But… But people might get HURT if they use a mask or a screwdriver w/o proper training! Or… Government Almighty forbid… If they BLOW ON A CHEAP PLASTIC FLUTE w/o being trained and authorized by a properly licensed physician!

      In these days of deadly hazards, STAY YE SAFE from the flute police!

      To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

      1. Just shut up already.

        1. Proud enough of being a jerk, to publically and pubically advertise it by name, “Jerk”… PROUD of being a jerk! What does that say about your character and psychological health? Please, for your own good, read M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie!

      2. What happens if you suck on the plastic flute instead of blowing on it?

        1. Suck or blow, either way, if you have no prescription, Government Almighty will be there on your doorstep, ready to drag you into the “night and fog”, never to be seen again!

          I’m actually VERY curious about the authorized or mandated penalties for this, but I’m not willing to spend the money to consult a lawyer about it… Probably 12,982 pages of laws & regs you’d need to understand, to figure that one out…

    2. “Requires training and fitting to use for TSA agents.” There’s a top and a bottom, a front and a back, it has to go over your nose and mouth, the bands have to go around your head before the mask goes on your face, there’s a metal strip you pinch to form it to your nose, once the mask is on it has to stay on, keep your hands off it, don’t be lifting it up every time you need to cough or sneeze, do not try to eat or drink through the mask, remove the mask with a gloved hand or immediately wash your hands afterward, dispose of properly, the mask is not intended to be used as a flotation device — I could make a two-day seminar out of this.

      1. remove the mask with a gloved hand or immediately wash your hands afterward

        If it’s really an inhalation hazard, you should remove the (presumably contaminated) gloves before mask but, maybe I’m stepping on the latex and nitrile glove training guy’s toes.

        1. Woah! That’s covered in the advanced two-week seminar, let’s not confuse them with too much information all at once.

    3. I used to manage grain elevators, and dust masks and respirators were critical piece PPE. You’d be amazed at the health and safety standards and regulations. Employees had to be trained and fit-tested annually by an outside company.

      To be fair, a respirator is basically useless if the wearer doesn’t have a proper seal on the edges. But usually if someone wasn’t wearing a mask properly to get a good fit, it’s because they didn’t give a shit, not because they were too stupid or naïve to know how to wear it.

      1. During my career in the oil biz, we occasionally had to go through respirator training as employees who might visit a production facility. This was ofter rather strict, and part focused on attaining a good seal. That including mandatory clean-shaven faces, not a happy day for bearded guys.

        On the other hand, wearing a mask for signaling requires much less precision.

        1. Supposedly, Hitler’s mustache was a result of him being gassed in WWI. So he kept it narrow to allow for proper gas mask seal.

          It would be funny if the Hitler ‘stache became a progressive fashion trend for Rona mask seal reasons.

          1. I’ve mused multiple times about what effects on fashion this pandemic will have. For example, I have wondered if the beard fad will be one of the casualties of the mask mania.

    4. Depends on whether you actually want it to do anything or not. Sure, you could slap an N95 mask on your face and walk around looking … well, not cool. But without training and fitting, it won’t make a proper seal against the skin of your face and won’t actually stop the things that an N95 is actually designed to stop.

      So sure, you could wear an N95 improperly and use up an expensive piece of equipment that others actually need. Or you could use a much cheaper surgical mask (or even just a handkerchief tied around your head) and let the real professionals use the real equipment.

    5. Dude. Everyone knows that the only reason people slide their masks down around the neck is because of a lack of training.

      It’s not because they don’t give a shit.

      1. Why do we say take a dump? You are making a deposit, not a withdrawal.

        Now I have to go to the bathroom and give a shit.

        If you don’t give a shit, then you must be full of shit.

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  7. Disband the TSA.

  8. Or, as the Washington Post would have it…

    “Trump, too busy tweeting, fails to distribute unused TSA N95 masks to hospitals, causing death and illness.”

    1. MASSIVE deaths and illness among THE POOR.

    2. You mean that Trump doesn’t get an inventory list every morning from every U.S. government warehouse in the world? What kind of leader/CEO is so ignorant? I bet the NYT editor, and Schumer and Pelosi know exactly how many paperclips are in the desk of each staff member.

  9. spokesman Mark Howell said in an email that the agency’s “highest priority is to ensure the health, safety and security of our workforce and the American people.”

    “Of course, this highest priority also includes ensuring the intelligence, education, happiness, entertainment, and lack of itchiness of our workforce and the American people.”

    1. Our highest priority is surprise. Surprise and fear, fear and surprise. Our two highest priorities are fear and surprise – and ruthless efficiency. Our three highest priorities are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Our four – no – Amongst our highest priorities are such elements as fear, surprise…

      I’ll come in again.

      1. No one expected the TSA!

  10. Of course, the real question is why does the TSA have N95 masks at all?
    If N95 masks were truly necessary, no one would be using air travel at all.

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