Justin Amash

HBO Host Bill Maher Thinks Third Party Candidates Can't Win. Justin Amash Says He's Wrong.

"I think you'll find that I'm the normal guy, the regular guy," Amash told HBO's Real Time host. "These other two guys are the buffoons."


Pressed to justify his potential third-party presidential bid, Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) told HBO's Bill Maher on Friday that he wants to offer voters something they won't get from the two major-party nominees.

"If you spend time with me over the course of this campaign, I think you'll find that I'm the normal guy, the regular guy," Amash told the Real Time host. "These other two guys are the buffoons."

If Amash wins the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party (L.P.), the well-spoken 40-year-old son of Middle Eastern immigrants will have no trouble standing out against President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden—a pair of septuagenarian white dudes who seem to be showing signs of cognitive decline and have each been accused of sexual assault.

But Maher wanted to know if Amash's campaign could "be the Ralph Nader of 2020," and potentially spoil Biden's chances to unseat Trump. Amash responded that he wants to take votes away from both Biden and Trump, and hopes to draw support from Americans who feel alienated from politics. About 45 percent of the country didn't vote in 2016, he pointed out.

"There's a big pool of people out there," Amash said, "and I'm going to reach out to all of them."

Once the "spoiler" argument was dispensed with, Maher and Amash got into a far more interesting debate about the American health care system and the correct governmental response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amash criticized the $3 trillion in stimulus spending approved by Congress so far—the congressman was one of the few "nay" votes against the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—saying that the aid has not gone to the people who really need it.

"You had the government spend $3 trillion and they still couldn't help the people who need the most help," Amash said. "Libertarianism would say, 'Let's help the people who need the help, not the people who are connected and feel entitled to it.'"

When it comes to fixing the American health care system, Amash redirected a Maher barb that criticized libertarians for not having any ideas by arguing that government is often the reason why health care is too expensive. He pointed to certificate of need laws that make it difficult for hospitals and other health care providers to adapt to changing circumstances without approval from state governments. As president, Amash said he would work to remove health care regulations and give states more authority to build "backstops" to provide care for the truly needy.

Whether Amash will earn the opportunity to go head-to-head-to-head with Biden and Trump is still an open question. Libertarian Party officials were meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss plans for their nominating convention, which was originally supposed to begin on May 21 in Austin, Texas, but may have to be rescheduled or moved online in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

However the L.P.'s nominating process plays out, Amash figures to be a strong contender for the ticket—and the spot on the ballot in all 50 states that comes with it.

If nothing else, Friday's interview with Maher demonstrated why the Michigan congressman's presence makes the 2020 presidential election more palatable. It's difficult to imagine either Trump or Biden doing a better job of discussing specific policies—do either of them know what a "certificate of need" is?—while also outlining in broad strokes the principles that would guide their decision-making in office.

"I want people to make as many decisions for their own lives as possible," Amash said, "and get the government out."

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  1. Listen… I went 3rd Party in 2016. I like Amash and think he has principle, but you think I’m going to waste my vote when there’s some butthole as POTUS who raised the deficit from 0.6 to 4 trillion. That an increase of 566%. I mean, thanks Justin, but no thanks. I’ll be voting Democratic. They can actually run things. The GOP can’t, which they’ve demonstrated time and time again.

    1. Not going CPUSA again this time?

      1. They said he was too far left for them.

      2. No, sadly the mission of removing this narcissist asshole and his cult party from any position of power is too important. I mean, I live in California and we booted the GOP out of power so they basically don’t have to show up for work any more. Things run better now than they did when the GOP had the power to veto things. Back then the 2007 budget would come in around March, 2008 because Rep. Dick Jesus wanted us to divert water to his big agri-businesses that chose to open a farm in the desert. They don’t do that in Sacramento any more.

        1. “the mission of removing this narcissist asshole and his cult party from any position of power is too important.”

          But Obama last ran eight years ago.

          1. Oh right, we forgot how Obama said ‘I’ too many times in that speech.

            1. “Oh right, we forgot how Obama said ‘I’ too many times in every single speech.”

              Fixed that for you.

              Adorable. You think Obama wasn’t a narcissist. How cute!

              1. Obama literally had a rant about how he does every job better than his staff members. He wrote 2 books about himself before he did anything of note.

                The left thinks he isnt a narcissist. It is hilarious.

                1. How can you say he wasn’t great? He, like, PRE-WON a fucking Nobel Peace Prize, before he did anything at all! How many Nobel Peace Prizes do YOU have? ZERO. How many did any of his staff have? Unless he hired Krugman to do something, like Doorman or Bailiff of the Senate Restroom, ZERO.

                  1. The fact that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize is rather ironic, given the fact that he chose to escalate, expand and extend our war on Afghanistan, creating an even bigger mess and even more refugees from war, and the fact that he let himself get bamboozled by Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, because he (Obama) didn’t put enough pressure on Israel to withdraw her troops and right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers from West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, allow a Palestinian sovereign, independent nation-state to emerge in those territories.

        2. Things run better in California now? ROFL. That is some good sarcasm!

          1. Four straight years of negative net migration. California is no longer able to attract enough Mexican and Central American immigrants to offset the American abandoning the state.

            1. You nuts are funny. All I know is I live in California, and I would bet dollars to donuts that my house is worth more than yours, even though I live in a somewhat run down 5 bedroom in a suburb. And houses have gone up a lot in value over the past 10 years. I don’t know what crazy news station gives you your factoids, but California is and has been doing just fine. That is why most of us never bought into that MAGA shit.

          2. Really good. I thought “Hmm…like OBL but subtler. A little.”

    2. ….and you didn’t vote for Obama and his, uh, impact on the nation’s finances? You don’t have to answer.

    3. It’s really the only choice you can make. Joe Biden is weak sauce compared to the democratic socialism of Bernie Sanders. But if I’m going to vote in this election, I’m not throwing it away on the socialist party candidate. I’m voting for Joe. And who knows? Maybe he’ll need my state and my vote to win. That would be awesome, since it means the end of the disastrous Trump administration. He’s killled enough.

      1. We know OBL, and you’re no OBL.

        1. Of course not.

          This comment doesn’t mention:
          1. Immigration-above-all
          2. Koch’s net worth.

          1. Still fail.

            1. We can’t all scream insults and profanity like you do, which tells me all I need to know about libertarians.

              1. Why are you here? If you’re a socialist why bother to make an account for the discussion section at a libertarian magazine?
                I can see if you were just drive-by commenting using Disqus, but you had to specifically sign up to discuss articles here. What was the point except to argue and troll, if you dislike libertarian ideas and principles.

                1. He’s hoping to enlighten one or more of you beknighted souls, pehaps? Like, “for your own good”?

                  The same generous impulse that keeps people from dangerously infecting the oceans with the deadly coronavirus. The kind of human empathy that makes sure landlords don’t profit from their devious scheme of providing their property for lodging, for a fee. The simple human decency that has funded educational institutions so that they might swell the number and prosperity of administrators, department heads, advisory committees, etc.

                  The kind of great souls who stand athwart…or rather, beside, the gazebos of history, shouting “They can take our lives! But they can never take our f…oh, wait, that doesn’t work…”

                  But you capitalist pigs are probably too cynical to see that.

                2. Why are you and the rest of the Trump cult here?

    4. American Socialist
      May.9.2020 at 6:40 pm

      Fuck off.

    5. So you’re going to retake 5th grade civics you’re saying?

    6. I like Amash and think he has principle”

      Lol, pretending like you ever gave a shit about principles. Who do you think you’re fooling, AmSoc.

    7. I voted Libertarian in 2016, but I’m considering voting for Trump in 2020. Reasons:

      1. People like YOU.
      2. The absolutely politcal and – I say – criminal – treatment of the Kavanaugh hearings. That was so shameful and blatant on the side of the Democrats. You want to wait several months on a vague accusation and then bring it up at the last minute? Drag a person through the mud for no good reason? That was awful and obvious.
      3. People like YOU. Karen.
      4. This whole Covid Pan(dem)ic. We can’t allow central planners to control much of anything if we want to function well.
      5. People like YOU. Adolf.
      6. I don’t understand why the term ‘socialist’ isn’t as reviled as ‘nazi’ – but it should be. Socialist authoritarian assholes murdered 20x the innocent civilians in the past 100 years compared to the Nazis. We all hate the Nazis. Socialists are arguably worse than Nazis. Terrible, stupid people.

      1. Look in the mirror ignorant thug. I guess you feel special for listening to the loudest voice.

        1. Imagine you calling other people “thugs”.
          Go whale on another trashcan with your black-shirted Antifa chums, you discount sociopath.

      2. Like you, I voted for Johnson in 2016, but am voting for Trump in 2020. Personally I see Trump as the most libertarian president in my lifetime, though the spending certainly isn’t libertarian, but that’s mostly Congress’ doing. A lot of libertarians see his trade and immigration policy as not libertarian, yet he’s stated he’s for free trade. Promoting a presidents’ selective enforcement of laws is no way to run a country, including immigration law. Were you not taught in government school, that the laws should be enforced, and if you don’t like them, then they should be changed? They taught me that governments that selectively enforce laws are despotic and third world countries, run by men rather than by law. Heck, I’d bet Trump would allow lots more immigration if he could get better immigration laws that bring in people who want to produce rather than live off of US taxpayers via free welfare or go into a life a crime while they flee prosecution in their country.

        Joe has already demonstrated he’d sell out the US to get a few million in his crack smoking, stripper impregnating son’s pockets who won’t reveal his income to his child’s mother even though the government has ordered Hunter to do so. That’s how law abiding Biden is.

    8. “I’ll be voting Democratic. They can actually run things.”

      You’re entitled to your own delusions, I suppose.

      1. He’s not wrong…. he just failed to elaborate. Run a scam, run covert anti-American activities, run from anything remotely logical.

        1. Good point. I mean, a lot of them run 5K fundraisers for violent thugs or campaigns to use historical designation to use someone’s property for cute boutique candle shops.

          1. Though not enough of them die in these endeavors for me to consider it really “efficient”, you know?

    9. I went 3rd Party in 2016. I like Amash and think he has principle,

      Well, I think that tells you all you need to know about Amash: socialists like his political program.

    10. You do get that the Dems’ only problem with the spending that exploded the deficit was that is should have been bigger, right?

      There are so many angles from which to attack trump, why choose one in which the party you’re choosing to back in opposition to him is measurably worse?

      The most critical factor for the “2-party system” to survive is for an insufficient number of people to reject it. If you think that voting your actual conscience (whether it’s for the LP candidate, or the Green, or Peace & Freedom or whoever else is on the ballot) is “wasting your vote” and accepting that the proper choice is between the giant douche and the turd sandwich, just because some talking head tells you that anyone else isn’t “viable” then you’re part of the problem, and not the solution.

      All that’s necessary to destroy the 2-paty system is for enough voters to reject both of their offerings and back literally anyone else.

      1. This is the best response I’ve read to “Bill Maher’s don’t throw away your vote” comment. After all, he is a correct to say that the Libertarian candidate has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected, but change takes time, and the only way a third party can make it in the foreseeable future, think decades, is if we start by voting with our concience now.

    11. You might want to take a second look. Congress controls the purse strings and they are Democrats. Remember, during the Obama era 10 Trillion $ was added to the debt. You are right. it’s time to deal with the debt, but people have to go back to work.

    12. The socialist knows how to calculate percentages correctly, I’ll give him that.

  2. Third party candidates cannot win. Not until they build a following. Maybe flip a few congressional seats, more state legislative offices, even a senate seat. Expecting to go straight to the White House is pure hubris, and historically unworkable.

    1. Libertarians have been saying this for 40 years. But it’s easier to get attention at the Presidential race. Most voters don’t even know who their Congressman is, they just vote the party line or the incumbent.

      1. Is it really easier to get attention in running for the Presidency? Justin Amash will get attention for a few weeks but after Labor Day expect nothing but Trump and Biden. State legislature and House seats could be taken if you want to work for it. Its not easy, but changing things never are easy. Question here is are Libertarians willing to put in the work? 40 years is a long time and if you haven’t made any progress maybe its time to change things up. Get a new direction and look where you can have influence.

      2. Also, so many Congressional districts are so deeply gerrymandered that the number of incumbents who run either unopposed or against token opposition is appalling.

        1. They can be flipped. Look how Eric Cantor got primaried when he got too arrogant. Or how AOC sidelined a longtime incumbent in her district. And she was just a bartender who happens to be dumb as a post.

  3. Bill Maher is a clown.

    His interview with Crenshaw was a clusterfuck of loaded questions.

    How this guy is even mentioned in intellectual discussions is beyond me.

    1. Really?

      Palin’s Buttplug is probably the second most principled libertarian here (behind only Michael Hihn) and IIRC he’s a big Bill Maher fan.

      1. most principled libertarian here (behind only Michael Hihn)

        You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        1. What word? “Hihn”?

      2. He loves children too, especially young boys. Once even posting a link to his favorite videos here

        1. Fuck he was creepy. What’s his new sock now?

          1. He’s intermittently gone back to being Palin’s Buttplug.

    2. He seems like a completely different animal without his audience.

  4. “…”Libertarianism would say, ‘Let’s help the people who need the help, not the people who are connected and feel entitled to it.'”…”

    A libertarian approach would have been to avoid causing the manufactured economic disaster to begin with, not try to band-aid it with taxpayer money.

    1. Seems like a much better idea, right?

    2. We don’t need a president who votes “present”. We don’t need empty promises. A representative starts out far behind. A 3rd party candidate starts out far behind.

      It’s never too early to advocate doing specific right things from here on out.

      Dr. Scott Atlas’s plan would be a libertarian recovery:

      1. Protect nursing-home patients.
      2. If you have mild symptoms, stay home for 2 weeks.
      3. Open K-12 schools.
      4. Open businesses without social distancing.
      5. Open public transportation.
      6. Open parks and beaches.
      7. Test nursing-home workers, healthcare workers and first responders, and hospital patients with respiratory symptoms or fever.

      thehill .com/opinion/healthcare/495833-how-to-open-society-using-medical-science-and-logic

      Show you’re different in ways that have real impact:

      – Lobby for Scott Atlas’s plan now.
      – Promise to have your VP preside over the Senate and require constitutional simple-majority voting.
      – Promise to veto unconstitutional bills.
      – Promise to not execute unconstitutional statues and opinions.

      If elected, focus on using your constitutional powers to significantly limit government from the start and right on through.

      1. Looks good from 30,000 feet. Think I’ll copy it, and disseminate it to some doomers I know.

    3. I suppose this is where I have to turn in my Libertarian card. I saw that and just felt nothing but despair. He doesn’t actually object to spending printing 3 trillion dollars. He objects to what it was spent on and proves himself to be no different than the other two parties.

      Seriously question: Should we just give up on democracy? Is it always going to end up as a mad scramble to decide who can send more money from the public purse to which voting blocs? If not even the Libertarians can be counted on to argue for limited government what’s the point?

      1. Seriously question: Should we just give up on democracy?

        “Democracy” just means that the people govern themselves. Anarchy, minarchy, sortition, social democracy, socialism, and majoritarianism are all forms of democracy. Some forms of democracy lead to socialism and totalitarianism, others don’t.

        If not even the Libertarians can be counted on to argue for limited government what’s the point?

        People steal labels. I mean, progressivism is anti-progress, socialism is anti-social, why should Libertarianism not be anti-liberty?

  5. “If you spend time with me over the course of this campaign, I think you’ll find that I’m the normal guy, the regular guy,” Amash told the Real Time host. “These other two guys are the buffoons.”

    I thought reason was anti narcissistic these days.

    1. “I want people to make as many decisions for their own lives as possible,” Amash said, “and get the government out.”

      Unless it involves Trannies. If them Anash promises to rewrite laws by executive redefinition of words.

    2. “Libertarianism would say, ‘Let’s help the people who need the help, not the people who are connected and feel entitled to it.'”

      Pro welfare libertarians… huh. Wonder of he is aware how those welfare programs fund a shit ton of well connected people.

      1. It was a stupid line anyway, and one that every politician would repeat. Completely ignores multiple principles of reality like:
        1) You’re still doing income redistribution, just to a vaguely different group of people… supposedly.
        2) Slams the other guy without actually being specific. Sounds like “world peace”.
        3) You’re still big government, just supposedly big government with a different agenda…. so you say.
        4) Even if you redistribute income, you will always find inequities and examples of how big government failed its mission. Because big government giveaways [or anything else for that matter] can only apply the one-size fits all approach.

    3. It’s like:

      the Democrats saw America go for an older creepy white guy who may be kinda shady on business deals and has a questionable history with respect to women.

      And he won.

      So now they found their own older creepy white guy who may be kinda shady on business deals and has a questionable history with respect to women.

      It’s like they saw how popular Transformers were in the 80’s, and invented a Go-Bot.

      1. Believe it or not, Go-Bots were available in ’83, while Transformers were a 1984 toy.

        Similarly, Hydrox hit the shelves in 1908, while Oreo came along in 1912.

        1. Micronauts date back to the 70’s.

    4. I also thought that libertarians were against the idea of a government messiah, but Reason’s coverage suggests otherwise.

      1. It’s not really a deal breaker so long as he is on the LP ticket. It’s always the other guy that is terrible, never our guy.

    5. But the other two guys are buffoons.

      1. Yeah but…
        Trump: “Certificate of Need”? I don’t need a certificate. She shows up, I point at my dick. I do the best pointing. It’s perfect pointing.”

        Biden: “Well, we need certificates, so of course we need the things that they are…that they certify about, with the things that people need and I will stand for…you know, the trannies, minorities, poor kids and sandwich. Can I have a sandwich?”

        I don’t think claiming to be “the normal guy” in that field is an especially grandiose proposition.

  6. From what was reported above, it looks like Amash is definitely more interested in cutting into the Democrats’ base than the Republicans’. And although he’s seeking the nomination of the Libertarians, he doesn’t seem interested in getting votes from libertarians.

    As president, though, what could he do about state certificate of need laws? And what could he do to help states backstop care for the needy?

    If I knew nothing more about Amash and were presented with him, the incumbent, and the major party challenger without having them named or labeled, I’d think Trump was the Libertarian.

    1. “…If I knew nothing more about Amash and were presented with him, the incumbent, and the major party challenger without having them named or labeled, I’d think Trump was the Libertarian…”

      Amash gripes the money wasn’t handed out to the “right” people; Trump had another idea:
      “Everybody Hates Donald Trump’s Plan to Save the Economy From the Coronavirus”
      “With COVID-19 threatening to slow economic growth to a halt, Trump has argued that Congress should try to stimulate the economy with a large payroll tax cut, in order to boost consumer spending. At a meeting Tuesday with Senate Republicans, Trump reportedly suggested a cut worth $40 billion per month that would last all the way past the November elections. But GOP lawmakers have been “cool on the idea,” according to the Washington Post, which reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “has privately told several allies in recent days he personally opposes” the plan. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman told reporters that he thought “a more targeted approach would be more effective,” while House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he wanted to find a “surgical way“ to help hourly workers…”

      Let’s see; take the money at gun-point and then decide the winners, or simply let taxpayers keep their money?
      The statists (including the TDS-infected) HATES that alternative!
      I think you’re on to something.

    2. The “Republican Base” has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and a huge chunk of people who might have been GOP voters in the 80s and 90s are now registered “independent” or “no party”.

      The Bush/Rove regime in the first decade purged a lot of the “small government” wing of the party and put more emphasis on the “Protestant Theocracy” wing, and most of what survived that has now been expunged with trump’s “right wing” populist agenda which really isn’t all that far from what the Dems were selling in the 90’s; except that so many of the people who drank that kool-aid then are now so deep into “Orange Man Bad” derangement that they have to pretend that they really always believed in free trade now that he’s the one pushing protectionism and tariffs.

    3. Sacrafics 800k L votes, to target 80Mil not L votes? Seems like a better plan to me.

  7. Bill Maher is completely right that third party candidates cannot win. That has already been proven. But Amash is nuts if he thinks liberals, left wingers, or crazy prog socialists are going to vote for him and take votes from Biden. They will vote Green or some other shithead asswipes.

    1. Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes, out of 1.2 million votes cast. Biden, assuming it’s still him in November, polls better among blue collar union types than the bitch did. Polls are jokes, yeah, but RCP has this for Trump v. Biden now: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/Michigan.html#!
      It says Biden +5.5.

      Trump needs all the votes he can get that Amash can peel off. 5.5 is a lot out of 1.2 million ish votes, and Detroit got hammered by this bug, probably second only to the Greater New York City metropolitan area. OTOH, Whitmer is making no friends right now.

      Can Amash play spoiler for 65-70,000 Michigan votes that otherwise would’ve gone to Biden?

      1. Did you bother to look at the rcp polls at this time in 2016?

        National sampling is idiotic for presidencies. Most of the pollsters over sample urban areas.

        1. I presume you have? Were they more or less than Hillary +5.5 at May, 2016?

          I agree with you that many if not most polls aren’t there to survey preferences of a population, their purpose is to manipulate those perceptions. Those polls that try to be honest, screw up the sampling.

          That said, I can see reasons why a given Democratic Michigan voter might go for Biden this time, when they either couldn’t be bothered to vote or voted for Trump. Trump’s margin of victory was slim enough, over one of the most hated candidates in American history, that even though Trump’s done a better job than most voters thought he would in 2016, any candidate less hateable than Clinton is going to cause concern about whether Trump can win that state.

      2. Also, who votes more in Michigan: Urban voters locked into tiny apartments or people who have, know someone who has, or have family who have a lakeside cabin up north going unused because Whitmer?

        Hah! It’s a trick question, because neither of them like Whitmer now, and that bleeds into the Dem party statewide.

        After seeing how the very idea of “journalistic principles” has been shed in less than a generation, I don’t know why polling businesses (who never seen to go out of business despite repeated failures) shouldn’t also be enlisted as shills for one party or the other.

  8. RIP Little Richard…

    1. And Lou Reed.

  9. And now Maher has a #metoo issue of his own. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/rose-mcgowan-accuses-bill-maher-of-whispering-crude-comment-to-her-about-his-c-k
    Liked his show a long time back, mid 90s maybe. Think he was more libertarian then.

    1. Never could tolerate the smug-storm.

      1. I also liked his show in the 90’s because he didn’t let either side get away with bullshit claims.

        Smug was kinda his schtick, so I put up with it.

        1. He sold his soul to HBO.

    2. Didn’t he have like a frequent flyer pass to Epstein’s little Rape and Sacrifice Emporium? Thought he was on something like a half dozen or dozen of the Customs passenger manifests?

      Again, when you are as big, or these days for him, as connected as Bill Maher, you don’t have to fly to the Caribbean to get anonymous hot women to fuck you. There are such things as pussy brokers, though they’re usually called modeling agencies. Different than a legitimate modeling agency. AIUI, that was the occupation of one of the stunning brunettes that was linked to Tiger Woods, a decade ago. Her job was to line up eye candy for various private functions, to walk around, and if the help wanted to make independent arrangements with the guests, so be it.

      Anyway, ordering women (or men) in that social realm is like ordering a pizza, with the pizza agreeing to not poison or disease you, not get pregnant or tape the whole thing for TMZ, and it agrees to walk out in an hour or in the morning, whatever. So what the fuck did these guys need to go to a deserted island to do?

      1. “So what the fuck did these guys need to go to a deserted island to do?”

        Well…the glaringly obvious answer is “something nastier and less legal than what they get up to at such parties”, I suppose.

      2. Probably fuck underage teens, or even children.

    3. It would be more surprising if Maher did not have some kind of sexual harassment problem.

  10. He’s only saying that because nobody has even come close.

  11. Would have a higher opinion of him if the guy didn’t vote to impeach…for nothing. We need more sanctimonious contrarians like we need more Mitt Romneys.

    1. Really. We’ve already got Gavin Newsom and Justin Trudeau.

      I assume you meant “people elected for having nice hair”, right?

      (and yes, I know, Trudeau (D., America’s Hat))

  12. Amash os a Tea Party Republican. Not much libertarian about it.
    Ron Paul was the only true libertarian I would have voted for. Too bad his son didn’t inherit the same values.

    1. LOL. His son is actually successful as a politician at doing more than adding earmarks for his district in a bill, and voting against the bill knowing it’s going to pass the whole time.

      The manlet eye surgeon has my vote for President whenever he wants it. I only regret he’s not in Texas instead of Cornyn. We could do with about a hundred Rand Paul clones in Congress.

      “Didn’t inherit the same values” Jeez. Can you guys at least win something—anything!—before you start the purity tests and purges of the unbelievers?

  13. 1) Win Libertarian nomination
    2) ???
    3) Hail to the Chief!

    1. 2) Only Libertarians go to the polls, since everyone else is scurred of the coronavirus.

      1. Polls show it is overwhelming Democrats that are afraid of covid. You can even tell from just the posters here.

    2. 2) And then a miracle occurs – – – –

    3. 2) Coronavirus strikes down the geezer candidates of the two archaic parties?

      1. the two major parties (at least) can replace their placeholder almost at will anytime after the primaries. They will use this option to replace Joe Biden (due to onset of dementia) with the preferred candidate (HRC or Warren).

  14. No one votes for the individual candidate. They vote for the brand.

    Amash is lying. He knows better.

  15. A third party candidate could win, but he would have to have an actual following and a lot of money.

    Basically someone like Trump

    1. Basically someone like Trump.

      Nailed it. Trump was a third-party candidate, he just saw how weak the GOP was and decided it’d be far easier to take over one of the two major parties rather than form his own Trump Party from scratch. Trump didn’t just win election by defeating Hillary Clinton, he had to defeat the GOP along the way. The Jeb! wing, the Cruz wing, the Paul winglet, the Kasich mushy McNugget middle.

      The thing is, once Trump is gone, the GOP will revert to being a weak and divided party ripe for a hostile take-over and who’s going to be smart enough to seize their opportunity to take control? If the LP were smart, they’d be saving their powder and looking ahead to Battlefield 2024 and 2028, sizing up their enemies and their allies within the GOP and doing their damnedest to push it in the right direction. Pit the Establishment I Got Miners against the Trumpista Barking Chihuahuas against the RINO Say Anythingers and maybe you’ve got a chance to open up some space for the Classic Liberal Fuck You, Cut Spendingers.

      1. Yeah, people always forget that not only has Trump intimated for decades that he’d like to run for President, he actually initiated a campaign under the Reform Party back in 2000 before it ultimately petered out long before the party convention.

        He was incredibly fortunate in that the party base was itching to kick the neocons to the curb in 2016 after gaining the House and the Senate through the Tea Party candidates. After the party establishment stupidly nominated Jeb and pushed him to the front of the pack early on, the base decided they’d had enough and got behind Trump precisely because he wasn’t afraid to talk shit to these ideological grifters.

        You’re probably right that the party will be relatively rudderless after Trump leaves, but the second-order effects of his Presidency, even if he doesn’t get re-elected, are going to be pretty significant. Cocaine Mitch’s judge appointments alone are going to resonate for decades, it’s now out in the open that the press is a pro bono PR firm for the DNC, and we have documentary evidence now that Obama, his administration cronies, and a bunch of self-righteous bureaucrats deliberately tried to submarine his Presidency before he even took office. Basically, the base won’t have time for a candidate who takes anything the Dems say at face value now, and that’s going to have a significant impact on the political and social landscape going forward.

  16. Yeah, right.

    In 2016, the choices were:

    1) A vulgar reality TV star who couldn’t stop himself from praising single-payer healthcare in the Republican primary debates and suggested his Clinton-appointed liberal sister as a model for Federal judges.

    2) Hillary Clinton (enough said).

    And against that pair of dumpster fires, the ticket of two successful Republican state governors didn’t manage to get even 4% of the popular vote.

    I mean, yes, Amash is saying the lie he’s supposed to say on Maher. But if he’s the nominee, he isn’t going to get a whole 2% of the national popular vote.

    (Well, okay. If Jesus Christ, holding Baby Yoda in his arms and wearing a US flag ballcap, personally appeared in a vision to every American, endorsing Amash, Amash might break 2%. But not 3%.)

    1. It’s all up to the voters.

  17. Third party candidates can win.

    Akash can’t win.

    And I wouldn’t want him too either. He would be a disaster as president.

  18. Maher does have the evidence of experience on his side of that question, and there is nothing about Amash that would suggest he can break the pattern.

  19. Amash is like the referee at a boxing match. Yes, there’s three guys in the ring, but nobody pays to watch the one in the striped shirt.

    1. But what if both of the boxers were slightly unhinged septuagenerians, and the referee was in his 30s and an amateur boxer? Maybe they’re watching the wrong guys.

  20. Who cares what Maher thinks?
    He’s right in this one case, but who cares?

    1. Bill Maher is just a comedian. He’s funny and knows how to play to his audience, but he never knows enough about his subject to be an authority. Unfortunately, he’s clever enough to fool a lot of people into thinking that his opinion matters. He skates over a lot of facts, and the left doesn’t go after him for his past sins (prior misogynist and racist comments from their perspective) because he’s helpful in distorting information, and the kids think he’s cool because he smokes weed.

      1. Does anyone younger than 35 even watch his show on the regular anymore?

  21. Didn’t read the article. Just came in to say Bill Maher is an asshole.

    1. If Amash focused on the one issue of stopping government from initiating force he might make some headway.

      1. Sorry Sal I didn’t mean to put that under you.

      2. Not really. Voters want the President to be a bully and intimidate the other side.

        1. And failing that, someone who can remember his own name.

    2. Also didn’t read the article. Just came in to say Justin Amash is an unprincipled asshole.

  22. Ron Paul the antichoice republican REDUCED the number of law-changing spoiler votes the LP could wield, and the effect lasted years. He reduced our vote take to less than half a percent. Antichoice Gary kept us below a percent but zoomed to closer to 4% when he quit talking Army of God girl-bullying. Amish is another mystical prohibitionist mole the Gee Oh Pee is saddling us with to alienate women voters.

    1. More women are pro-life than men.

    2. Ron Paul is the most libertarian elected politician in the history of the United States of America. Plenty of libertarians are pro-life.

    3. Just because the 2% of women who are insane 4th Wave (or whatever ‘wave’ they’re up to now) Feminists tell the 15% of women who vaguely identify as “feminist” that their only issue is ABORTION…doesn’t make it so, Hankie. Nor does it constitute close to a majority.

      I suppose it does have it’s uses as a tool of eugenics, or for the squeamish and/or disingenuous, “economic culling”, but that hardly makes it the sole, or even the most important, “woman’s issue”.

  23. A third party candidate can win. All it would take is for voters to honestly appraise the candidates and vote for the best option. Last time that would have been Gary Johnson. No one can honestly look at Trump or Biden and say that’s the best leader the USA can produce. They’re both bumbling old geezers with a tenuous grasp on reality.

    The only thing preventing a third party candidate from winning is people assuming that they can’t win. When Ross Perot started running for President, people thought it was cute. CBS gave him fawning coverage on 60 Minutes. Then he cracked 15 percent in the polls and people realized he was viable and he took the lead for a while, before acting flaky in response to Republican dirty tricks. (Whether they were real or not, or designed to bring out his paranoid side for the public to see.)

    But if say, Mark Cuban jumped into the race ran a lot of commercials he would have a fighting chance. It didn’t work for Bloomberg because no one likes Bloomberg.

  24. Amash came across as really fucking dumb in that interview.

    First, I don’t like it when third-party candidates say they can win. It’s either a lie or stupidity. Second, I’m so pleased he’s decided he doesn’t mind if Trump is reelected, since he promised to be just as much a spoiler for Biden.

    The rest was some painfully regurgitated libertarianism for kindergarteners. “The only thing anyone should care about is individual liberty, and no that doesn’t involve access to basic needs or even life itself.”

    1. ““The only thing anyone should care about is individual liberty, and no that doesn’t involve access to basic needs or even life itself.””

      Ah, I see you’ve gone Pro Life. Old dog, new tricks, whaddayaknow.

      1. Most people are pro-life. Anyone who’s anti-life might be a curiosity but would you want to have a meal with him?

  25. The world laughs at Amash. Even we laugh at him.

    Third parties are third parties for a reason. You have to be full of yourself, full of shit, or both to think you can go from a <1% party to a national contender just because Trump hurt your fee fees. Most people are not libertarians. The majority of Americans aren't with us at a party level, and I don't blame them considering how dysfunctional the party is. When you can't even give a yes/no answer on something like open borders and the answer changes depending on who is nominated, that's not a party. It's a meaningless fucking ideology that lost its meaning long before the election process ever began.

    Libertarians are just influencers and an ideological check for republicans to try and shift them towards a more pro-freedom, pro-constitution agenda.

  26. If the one-two punch of HIllary vs Trump followed by Biden vs Trump isn’t enough to get voters in the U.S. to question the imporance of the “two-party” system, it’s hard to imagine what possibly could.

    The real reason that “third party candidates can’t win” is that too many people believe that and resign to voting the “lesser of two evils” rather than considering a likely superior option just becuase they don’t have either a “D” or “R” next to their name in the news. It probably doesn’t help that the media can’t (or won’t) process the idea of an election as more complex than a binary choice, but to some extent they’re also playing to the level (or perceived level) of the public awareness.

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  28. Looking at Amash, it seems that he and Trump agree on some things. Libertarians never win. Amash should bail out and support Trump. He may even get a position on the Trump administration. TRUMP 2020!

  29. Third-party candidates can win. Justin Amash cannot win.

  30. You can’t eradicate cannibalism by eating the cannibals; there is no better analog for what voting is.
    The voting booth should reconfigure the ballot lever to a dildo and require the Helots to use their mouths to make the selection of their next master, it also provides a keen preview of things to come for the voter.
    “A ballot is just a substitute for a bullet. If your vote isn’t backed by a bullet, it is meaningless. Without the bullet, people could ignore the election outcome. Voting would be pointless. Democracy has violence at its very core!” ~Muir Matteson, “The Nonviolent Zone”
    “An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
    “Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” Herbert Marcuse
    “Working within the system means to become a part of the system. When you go into the voting booth, the only meaningful significance that your action will have is to show that one more person supports the state”. ~Mark Davis
    “Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.” ~ Oscar Ameringer
    “If the right to vote were expanded to seven year olds … its policies would most definitely reflect the ‘legitimate concerns’ of children to have ‘adequate’ and ‘equal’ access to ‘free’ french fries, lemonade and videos.” ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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