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The New Great Depression? Unemployment Hits Levels Not Seen Since 1930s

Plus: tax revolts, Mrs. America, sex-worker comedy, reopening poll, and more...


Crap. In late March, U.S. jobless claims hit a number not seen since the recession of 2007–09. Now we've reached what The New York Times describes as "devastation not seen since the Great Depression."

April job losses overall reached 20.5 million, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor. That means nearly 15 percent of the country is now unemployed—compared to just 3.5 percent back in February. Yahoo Finance calls it "a jobs report that will live in infamy."

In April alone, U.S. job losses exceeded the 8.7 million lost during the Great Recession, "when unemployment peaked at 10 percent in October 2009," the Times notes. "The only comparable period came when the rate reached about 25 percent in 1933."

And "if anything, the report understates the damage. The government's definition of unemployment typically requires people to be actively looking for work. And the unemployment rate doesn't reflect the millions still working who have had their hours slashed or their pay cut."

Some senators are proposing another round of checks for all Americans. The latest plan, from Sens. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), Kamala Harris (D–Calif.), and Ed Markey (D–Mass), "would send a monthly $2,000 check to people who make less than $120,000," reports Politico. This "would expand to $4,000 to married couples who file taxes jointly and also provide $2,000 for each child up to three."


Kurt Loder reviews Mrs. America, a superb show about the 1970s battle for and against the Equal Rights Amendment, focused around the conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly and a handful of famous feminists. The "unusually even-handed" program presents a "clear-eyed assessment" of Schlafly, thanks in large part "to the series' creator, Mad Men veteran Dhavi Waller, and to its incomparable star, Cate Blanchett, who carefully negotiates all of Schlafly's contradictions," writes Loder:

[Schlafly] was a tireless campaigner for female submission to husband and home (and had six children herself), but also an author (of 26 books), a congressional candidate and a national-defense expert with a law degree and a steely determination to project her uncompromising views….

But it's Schlafly's opponents who receive the series' most detailed examination. We see that Ms. magazine editor Gloria Steinem (glowingly portrayed by Rose Byrne) is a casual bohemian with a painful secret in her past and that she's resisting calls to become the pretty, press-friendly face of the feminist revolution. We meet the abrasive Betty Friedan (a fierce Tracey Ullman), author of that movement landmark, The Feminine Mystique, who's been cast aside by her husband for a younger woman; and the flamboyant congressional activist Bella Abzug (Margo Martindale, superb yet again), who's determined to convince fiery black Democrat Shirley Chisholm (a rousing Uzo Aduba) to give up her presidential bid against George McGovern—the preferred candidate of the movement's middle-class white feminists.

For a look at earlier feminist battles, check out my review of the book Suffrage: Women's Long Battle for the Vote, from Reason's June 2020 issue.


Sex workers are funny. "Like all forms of popular entertainment, comedic performance has a long history of using sex workers as rhetorical devices…but they're seldom permitted to tell their own stories," writes Sascha Cohen. But this is changing "as more sex workers become stand-up comedians themselves." She cites Kaytlin Bailey, Karmenife X, Chase Paradise, Sovereign Syre, and Jacq the Stripper, among others.

Sex-worker comics want to expand the kinds of voices that find audiences; they aren't out to censor offensive jokes or force political correctness. This is a community, after all, that constantly fights censorship of their own content. "I never tell people that they can't use certain words," says Vee Chattie, a comedian based in Seattle. "But I always tell people if you write a joke [about a job], somebody with that job should laugh at it. You want to make the most people laugh possible in an audience. And you don't know how many of the people in the audience are sex workers." In 2017, tired of "seeing the same shitty bit a thousand times," Chattie curated a monthly competition called Your Hooker Jokes Are Lazy, which encouraged comics not to rely on hacky, stale routines that punch down at sex workers. He says that type of humor is ultimately "a cheap way to make a mean joke about somebody who you don't think is in the room."

Read the rest here.


  • The NYPD's violent COVID-19 arrests show it hasn't learned much in the six years since Eric Garner's death, writes Reason's Zuri Davis. (See also: "Is de Blasio's Posture on Outdoor Protests at Odds With the First Amendment?")
  • In a new ABC News poll, "An overwhelming 92% of Democrats and only 35% of Republicans oppose an immediate re-opening, citing the effect of the deadly virus. Independents trace the outlook of the country, with 36% supporting opening up the country now, and 63% opposing such a move."
  • Making U.S. nonprofits pledge not to support prostitution decriminalization is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court ruled in 2013. Yet the issue is now back before the Court, with the feds arguing that it's OK to compel speech from foreign affiliates of U.S. nonprofits fighting HIV and AIDS.
  • After reportedly struggling to find a lawyer, Tara Reade (the woman accusing Joe Biden of sexual assaulting her when she worked for him in the '90s) is now being represented for free by Douglas Wigdor, an attorney who has previously represented five women with claims against Harvey Weinstein. But it's Wigdor's $55,000 donation to Trump's 2016 campaign that is making headlines.
  • Surveillance reform is finally back on some senators' agendas.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy looks at the Supreme Court's decision in the Chris Christie "Bridgegate" case (and what that has to do with Trump's impeachment).
  • Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman paid a woman to lie that Anthony Fauci sexual assaulted her.
  • COVID-1984 alert:

NEXT: It Took Georgia Officials 2 Months To Arrest and Charge Father and Son With Ahmaud Arbery's Murder

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  1. The obama toadies who went on to MSNBC to talk about proof of russian collusion later told the House investigation they had no evidence.

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    1. And one of the transcripts shows Obama knew about the Flynn and Russian conversation before deputy Yates. Biden was also in the room. Why was he pushing the investigation? Makes the Rice memo saying obama said to do things by the book even more suspicious

      1. How does Barr keep from pouncing?

        1. Lulz.

          There is a terrible article on the Atlantic this morning (in common with most mornings) pushing Barr as completely political and how obviously Flynn was actually guilty.

          1. The left has fully embraced jailing political dissidents or, failing that, merely destroying their livelihoods. Do not ever forget that. These people have gone full-on authoritarian, and it’s not just idiots on the internets. This was led by the Obama Administration.

            1. Then it is time to pay back in kind- with usurious interest!

              1. Yeah….that’s not going to end well for anybody.

                Sure makes you fell good though, huh, thinking about the next time the Democratic Party grabs the Presidency and both Houses?

                This country runs on trust. We trust that the cops won’t just grab us and shake us down for a bribe. Political leaders trust that they won’t get thrown into jail for specious reasons when they get replaced. We trust that the lights will stay on and that the roads get paved, and the water is clean to drink.

                When the trust goes away, we end up with Third World style governance, and it’s coming.

    2. Democrats think/know their constituents are blind partisans.

      Adam Schiff
      By dropping the case against Flynn, the Justice Dept lost 50 years worth of ground in maintaining its independence post-Watergate.

      Once again, Bill Barr is doing Trump’s dirty work.

      And once again, Barr has undermined the legitimacy of our justice system and the rule of law.

      1. The Justice Department was never independent.

      2. There is a lane 8 miles wide aching for a journalist to report this bullshit honestly. Reason could slam dunk this in the face of the entire world of journalism.

        Instead, crickets.

        1. And get Sharyl Attkisson’s career? Though she seems to have landed on her feet. Or worse yet, Gary Webb’s?

          No thanks. Not when the reward for groupthink is an MSM specialty show seat, or feature article byline.

          It’s a big reward though for someone willing to do the work and condense the details down to something a layperson can grasp in a minute.

    3. Hello.

      All you assholes who support the lockdown.

      You stupid fucken assholes. You fucken retarded sheep. You immoral, pant shitting shitheads who babbled about Trump. YOU did this. Not the virus. YOUR idiocy and useful idiot low IQ mind unable to process with any sane and sound judgment created this carnage.

      YOU destroyed lives unnecessarily because of your fears.

      And when people say ‘open this up and stop the destruction’ you sick pieces of shits double down and call this ‘selfish’ and ‘irresponsible’. This is how the Soviets and Nazis reasoned when they were kill Kulaks and Poles. They spun their serial killing into blaming the victims. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE DOING YOU SONS OF BITCHES.

      I do wish ill on your souls. At first, I thought you were just misguided and would come to your senses after buying into all the bull shit and faulty data and premises. Bu now that we know so much more (information that point towards it’s safe to open up) you maintain your idiotic ‘stay scared’ original stance. You have not evolved with the data and yet claim to ‘follow science’.

      No you’re not. You’re illiberal illiterate morons being led over the cliff by fuckhead politicians who couldn’t run a lemon stand like Cuomo and Newsom and incompetent medical bureaucrats and experts who continue to pimp the lies.

      That’s why I think you need to lose your jobs. Because of the harm you inflicted on people. The cure is waaaayyyyy past the disease now.

      And Cuomo and his ilk should be arrested.

      1. + ∞

      2. You just want to “kill grandma”.

        1. So be it. I was a racist and misogynist before this so whatever.

          Fuck ’em all.

          1. Grandma’s racist too.

        2. Grandma hates the lockdown with an even greater passion than Rufus.

          1. That’s the thing. The older generation aren’t weak. They must look at this with disgust. I know I’d be all ‘are you fucken crazy to shut it down for me? GO TO WORK.’

        3. I could not possibly care less about all these people’s grandmas. People love to virtue signal in times like these, but tons of grandmas die every day from all sorts of causes and no one loses a wink of sleep over it so let’s just drop the charade here.

      3. Good morning Rufus. Sleep well last night?

        1. Not bad.

      4. Fucken well put Rufus.

      5. Pretty much that. This is not a “great depression”. Depressions are the result of business cycle. This is not the result of the business cycle. This is the government forcing people into poverty and unemployment. This has nothing to do with the market or anything other than government overreach and blundering.

        1. Sounds like something Kim Jong-Il would appreciate.

      6. Amen, brother.

      7. No, you did. For your belief of force for Capitalism. Your violence, or get another job, and your inability to analyze outside your violent feelings.

        Shut the fuck up. You know why? Cause you never gave two shits about why someone lost a job, or struggled. You just got violent, and blamed the victim. So you go ahead and scream some more, but your ignorance is on display.

        To top it off, I bet you don’t want them getting that unemployment money.

  2. We must vote everyone out of office.

    1. Better yet, vote away the offices.

    2. Invert it. Make offices closest to the person have more power than those offices farther away. Practice actual federalism.

      1. *** meekly raises hand ***

        Could the person have the most power?

        1. That is the point of the inverted method. Although that awkwardly gives a lot of power to HOAs… may have to refine it a bit.

          1. Replace all states with voluntary associations only.

            1. “Gentlemen’s Clubs”, as it were?

              1. I find your ideas intriguing and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        2. “Could the person have the most power?”

          You’re not Qualified.
          You don’t have the machine that goes “Ping!”

      2. As the pandemic response has demonstrated, both the state and the federal governments have decided that they have ALL the powers.

      3. For what it’s worth, you might note the offices closer to the people (Governors in this case) are actually the specific actors fucking things up in this case. So while I might agree with you, that point proves the opposite of your rant.

        Now, the Fed’s spending as a result of governors locking things down amounts to a state bailout to offset their economic retardation which is it’s own set of foolishness.

        Letting the idiot governors off the hook, in this particular case, seems to be a grave mistake to me. Congress is, in effect, rewarding tyrannical behavior on the part of state governments.

        And, I suspect, the state governors were always relying on the Fed coming to bail them out of their idiocy. One might wonder what would happen if it never materialized, but Congress never lets a crisis go to waste.

      4. This might be your best post yet Jesse.

  3. Now we’ve reached what The New York Times describes as “devastation not seen since the Great Depression.”

    With an R in the White House and it being an election year, the NYT is dedicated to giving you an honest assessment of our economic ills.

    1. Has the NYT addressed Cuomos nursing home orders yet?

      1. I think they’re still trying to come up with a way to blame it on Trump.

        1. Trump wasn’t Fascist enough to order Cuomo to not do stupid things.

    2. And clearly Trump’s fault, since, as we will read in the Times in coming months, his administration over-reacted to the health threats and destroyed the economy.

      1. Nah the smart framing is to point at the continued economic woes, because things won’t bounce back by the fall, so you frame it as a “worse of both worlds”.

        “Reopened the economy so poorly we didn’t even get out of this, AND more people died”

    3. The Great Depression was caused by a deflationary cycle initiated by a price bubble bursting in the stock market, followed by the government being unwilling to allow the economy to correct itself normally.

      This is something different. This has been large sectors of the economy shut down by social distancing due o fears of disease, followed by governments ordering even larger segments closed. None of this is caused by economic imbalances. We have no idea how markets are going to react once fears of the pandemic dampen. This is new territory and we do not know what the aftermath is yet.

  4. In a new ABC News poll, “An overwhelming 92% of Democrats and only 35% of Republicans oppose an immediate re-opening, citing the effect of the deadly virus. Independents trace the outlook of the country, with 36% supporting opening up the country now, and 63% opposing such a move.”

    So which one is the Pussy Party?

    1. “An overwhelming 92% of Democrats … oppose an immediate re-opening, citing the effect of the deadly virus”

      “in helping to bring that fucker down!”

      1. Which fucker? Corona or capitalism?

  5. During the Great Depression, many Americans simply refused to pay their taxes. But that can’t happen again, can it?

    No, it can’t. Someone has to pay for these checks we’re sending out!

    1. Liz has a plan for that.

    2. Meh. Just include those check-senders in the morning pot-banging.

  6. Battle of the models. Just not the hot, nearly naked kind.

    Time to remember: “all models are wrong. Some are useful.”

    The pandemic models were not useful.

    1. Is that from before the CDC suddently changed their definition of a C19 death in mid-April, after the deaths, cases, and hospitalizations had dropped for a week and half, in order to keep goosing the numbers?

      1. No, this model is the opposite side, the millions of deaths from economic harm. Wither way we get millions of deaths.

    2. Au contraire! Those models were (and continue to be) very useful to those who want to instill panic and consolidate power.

  7. The NYPD’s violent COVID-19 arrests show it hasn’t learned much in the six years since Eric Garner’s death…

    They’ve reaffirmed they can pretty much get away with anything up to and including murder.

  8. In a world of equivalence.. Biden would be done after 1996 documents come out showing Reade telling her husband of the assault.

    1. Anyone still think she didn’t file a report at the time with her employer? Anyone still classing this the same as Blasey-Ford’s claim?

      Go ahead DNC. Run a demented, serial groping, old white guy who couldn’t be more of a Washington insider if he was born in the Capitol Building. Show every independent voter what hypocritical, mean, venal grasping sacks of shit you all are.

  9. a monthly $2,000 check to people who make less than $120,000,” reports Politico. This “would expand to $4,000 to married couples who file taxes jointly”

    Hey, looks like we’ve finally abolished the marriage penalty!

    1. Just how jointly do they have to be when they file tax returns?

      1. Six feet apart, I guess.

        1. So not really “joined”.

  10. ENB actually called this description of Schafly “unusually fair”….

    “[Schlafly] was a tireless campaigner for female submission to husband and home (and had six children herself),”

    Did you even spend 5 minutes looking at the criticisms of the series representation of her ENB? Did you even bother actually reading her statements or what she was advocating? It wasnt submission to a man.

    1. For example… listen to a discussion with her daughter…

      Does ENB even understand her bias?

  11. Are there really people seriously comparing the sudden disruption of the Coronavirus with the long running systemic failures of the Great Depression?

    Do these punditz look at nothing but over-simplified statistics?

    1. No, they look at Barbra Streisand concerts also.

      1. Someone call Robert Smith.

        1. “Disintegration is the best album ever!”

        2. the “Wobert Smif!” theme song is an earworm that never dies.

    2. No, they look at the opportunities for personal political power.

  12. In late March, U.S. jobless claims hit a number not seen since the recession of 2007–09. Now we’ve reached what The New York Times describes as “devastation not seen since the Great Depression.”

    April job losses overall reached 20.5 million, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor. That means nearly 15 percent of the country is now unemployed—compared to just 3.5 percent back in February. Yahoo Finance calls it “a jobs report that will live in infamy.”

    Your fucking lockdown, sunshine.

    1. Liz wants it both ways. And also wants a lockdown and flourishing economy.

      1. She doesn’t want a flourishing economy until after Trump is gone.

      2. The President just needs to waive his magic wand to make everything in the country function. No one needs to actually work. We can have full employment while locked down. Trump has refused to do this because he is Literal Hitler.

        1. Like I said yesterday, there are people who literally think that if this can keep going just a few more weeks, they’ll get the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communist utopia they so desperately want.

          1. It’s starting to look more like ‘Elysium’ rather than ‘Star Trek’ though.

    2. At this point, it’s obvious that every person who supports keeping this shit locked down indefinitely is either an autistic doctor, doesn’t have to worry about losing a paycheck, is a NEET who’s living off of someone else’s work, or actually wants to see the economy implode because they think it will help their political party in November.

      If these fuckers actually try to keep things locked down through the summer, you’re going to see some politicians get shot, guaranteed.

      1. If these fuckers actually try to keep things locked down through the summer, you’re going to see some politicians get shot, guaranteed.

        To a large degree, I honestly hope this happens. Otherwise, it seems completely reasonable that the next lockdown, or attempt, is going to be more brutal and the response more violent. 15% unemployment will pass from unintended consequence to acceptable loss and things like active responses that kill people or elevate the death toll will be the next set of completely foreseeable unintended consequences. Even that assumes Cuomo’s actions don’t already fit the bill.

    1. I liked Trump’s push to suspend all payroll taxes through the end of December.

      It doesn’t only let people keep the money they earn, but also makes it less expensive for employers to keep them employed–and makes it less expensive for companies to hire the unemployed.

      The only reason the Democrats opposed it was because it doesn’t benefit illegal immigrants and people who will never get a job.

      1. Well, there will be fewer SS and Medicare recipients next year.

        What? Too soon?

      2. And the PPP doesn’t even cover the employer portion of payroll taxes. So I get a government loan to rehire my workers but can’t use that money to pay government-mandated expenses I incur from hiring the employee.

      3. can’t have that because people might come to the realization that employment taxes hurt the employed.

  13. “Some senators are proposing another round of checks for all Americans. The latest plan, from Sens. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), Kamala Harris (D–Calif.), and Ed Markey (D–Mass), “would send a monthly $2,000 check to people who make less than $120,000,” reports Politico. This “would expand to $4,000 to married couples who file taxes jointly and also provide $2,000 for each child up to three.”

    This is redistributive socialism, plain and simple, and it should be rejected out of hand–and that may not be the worst part of the bill congressional Democrats are getting behind.

    They’re pushing a bailout package for the states, which is purely about shoring up those states’ pension benefits and protecting the jobs of state employees as their tax revenue dries up.

    When California and New York start cutting state payrolls and slashing pension benefits, it’ll be the best thing for average working people in those states in generations.

    President Trump standing in the way of that will be an excellent reason for libertarian capitalists to vote for him in November. If it weren’t for Trump being in the White House, the only thing standing in the way of Democratic socialism in this country would be the willingness of Mitch McConnell to stand on his principles, which isn’t really anything at all.

    1. More than just socialism, it is banana republic economics. And that reveals either intent or stupidity, as well as the distinction between those on the left who want to emulate Scandinavian “its not really socialism” socialism, and those who look to Venezuela for inspiration.

      1. They want everyone to get $2,000 a month whether they work or not.

        The last step is to guarantee everyone a government job and then make it against the law not to work.

        Fuck that noise.

        1. We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.

    2. That would be great if Trump did. Doubt he will. Better to pay off the electorate* before the election then loss on principles that I am not convinced he holds as strongly as a libertarian capitalist.

      *all politicians do.

    3. This is redistributive socialism, plain and simple, and it should be rejected out of hand–and that may not be the worst part of the bill congressional Democrats are getting behind.

      They’ve been waiting for this moment and to be honest it was only a matter of time.

  14. Slurp….slurp….slurp….

    Double standards over Neil Ferguson’s resignation

    Matt Hancock said he was “speechless” to hear that Neil Ferguson had broken lockdown rules (Hancock says he backs any police action against Ferguson, 6 May).

    However, the Imperial College scientist’s warning that 250,000 people could die without a lockdown is widely credited as being the catalyst for Boris Johnson’s belated but necessary decision to take more drastic Covid-19 action. In short, Ferguson’s intervention may have been directly responsible for saving thousands of lives.

    Even more significantly, the UK, with already the highest death toll in Europe, needs all the expertise it can get in dealing with the next stages of the pandemic.

    Clearly, the scientist made a huge error of judgement. But he is only human. Surely he deserves a second chance.
    Joe McCarthy
    Dublin, Ireland

    • Re your report (Neil Ferguson: UK coronavirus adviser resigns after breaking lockdown rules, 5 May), Prof Neil Ferguson’s epidemiological modelling played a major part in moving government policy away from the misguided “herd immunity” scenario. Despite suffering himself, he worked tirelessly and his group’s research had a major impact on the handling of the epidemic.

    Ferguson’s resignation from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) because of a breach of the physical distancing rules shows him to be a man of honour who does not wish his error to get in the way of the UK’s fight against the coronavirus.

    Contrast this with the behaviour of Boris Johnson, a man significantly lacking in honour, who boasted about gladhanding everyone, whether infected or not – and subsequently suffered the consequences.

    Johnson’s attitude throughout his career resembles that of Sir John Falstaff (Henry IV Part 1): “What is honour? A word … I’ll none of it. Honour is a mere scutcheon. And so ends my catechism.”

    Do we want to live in a country led by Boris Falstaff? No, we do not. He should resign or be replaced immediately.
    Dr Chris Newall

    1. These “doctors” all deserve a soft-nosed bullet to the back of the head.

    2. He doesn’t deserve to canned for breaking quarantine to go bang his colleague. He absolutely does deserve to canned for that pile of shit he called a computer model.

      Your cites on this, Ra’s, have been really illuminating.

      1. To get canned, duh.

  15. Cops Appear to Stand Down after Marine Vet Calls Them Out for Harassing Protesters: ‘I’d Rather Lose My Job Than My Soul’

    Williams then gave the officers a refresher course on the Constitution. “What’s a lawful order?” he asked. “When you’re given an order you’ve got to say, ‘Is this a lawful order, or is this a bullsh*t order?’ When something is a bullsh*t order and it doesn’t pass the sniff test, that’s when you say, ‘Sergeant,’ that’s when you say, ‘Colonel,’ that’s when you say, ‘General,’ that’s when you say ‘Governor, I’m not doing that. I didn’t sign up for that!’ That’s what it takes.”

    Williams continued, “I want every one of you to do a gut check right now. And there’s guys over there that are lieutenants and there’s political games happening right now…but now is the time for you to decide. What side of history you want to be on?” At this point, the crowd cheered loudly. “There’s some of you here who are going to hit somebody…and that’s going to be on your conscience”. Williams referred to an earlier detainment of a pastor who police threw to the ground unnecessarily.

    1. Good speech. Except doe the use of “which side of history”. Hate that term. Implies a moral superiority. Just stick to the argument.

      1. So, not bashing in protesters heads isn’t morally inferior to letting people exercise their constitutional rights?

        Seems to me that the guy used the phrase perfectly, and furthermore it seems to me that his position is indeed morally superior by just about any moral measure I can think of.

        1. *facepalm*

          Should read:

          Bashing in protesters heads isn’t morally inferior to letting people exercise their constitutional rights?

          But you get the idea. Double negatives are bad, mkay?

  16. “The New Great Depression? Unemployment Hits Levels Not Seen Since 1930s”

    Yes, and this one was purposely designed to be horrible by the our elected officials.
    Unless you want me to believe they are so fucking dumb they thought shutting down most of the economy really wouldn’t have this effect.
    Are we supposed to believe that, or, pace the cowardly pieces of shit JFree, Hihn and the lot, is this just what it costs to save a couple of lives?
    So, evil, stupid or mendacious? Or all three.

    1. Yes, all of the above.

      Some people, including (especially?) government officials, are easily dumb enough to not even think about consequences. (In fact, there is a political party dedicated to eliminating consequences.)

      Some people, (certainly) especially government officials, are motivated by power, and even if they have some motivation to help people, they do not hesitate to manipulate if not outright fuck people over.

      And some people can’t help but live in a world of fear, and strive above all else to eliminate risk. Of course, people who have uncontrollable fear of risk are clinically insane, right?

    1. Imagine going down in history as the first incumbent governor in California to be primaried.

      1. For most people that would be shameful, but Gavin Newsom is incapable of shame.


    In the past six weeks we’ve seen a large percentage of our law enforcement community go as insane as our political leaders. They have become brain-dead power-hungry totalitarians, interested only in enforcing the orders of their superiors, without thought or common sense, while bullying innocent and very harmless citizens.

    I don’t want to give the impression that all the police have behaved in this ugly manner. Fortunately the chiefs for a number of police departments have publicly come out and told their governments that they will not enforce these pig-headed lock downs. I am also sure that a large number of ordinary cops have simply looked the other way when they saw a “violation.” Such decent actions of course are not recorded, so of course we can’t document them.

    Nonetheless, it is the bad apples that we do see, and they truly leave me with a very very bad impression of the police. I also suspect that I am not alone in this, and that many ordinary Americans will no longer view the police as allies but as enemies. If anything, they have confirmed the accusations of many black leftist activists in the past decade, that many police abuse their power.

    1. Just being the SS to back up (and suck up) to the new Nazis. Human nature is human nature.

    2. this whole thing has blackpilled a shitload of conservatives.

      1. Really bad move on the part of the PoPo. Raiding churches is attacking your biggest political supporters. Stupid move.

    3. The law officers in the Houston area did publically stand up to the County Judge(not really a judge, think county mayor). They basically said no we won’t enforce the mask order and you’re an idiot in writing.

  18. NY officials allowed COVID-positive workers to stay on the job at nursing homes — the facilities account for 25% of deaths in the state

    But that’s not all. Aside from allowing infected workers to continue on the job, state officials in New York also raised eyebrows last month by issuing a directive forcing nursing homes to accept infected patients from hospitals. New Jersey and California also issued similar rules.


      “We now have enough data to feel pretty confident that New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country,” Nathan Grubaugh, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Public Health, told The New York Times. While travel from other cities like Seattle also sparked infections across the country, New York City was the primary launching pad of the coronavirus in the U.S.

      “It looks like most of the domestic spread is basically people traveling out from New York,” Dr. Kari Stefansson, founder and chief executive of deCODE Genetics, a leading genome analysis firm based in Reykjavik, Iceland, told The Times.

      Overall, Dr. Grubaugh estimated that viruses spreading from New York account for 60 to 65 percent of the infections identified across the country.

      1. How many of these other countries have single payer/nationalized healthcare?

        Yet if the New York City area were its own country, it would rank high at the top, both for cases per million and for deaths per million. In terms of coronavirus cases per million, America drops to eighth place without the New York City area.

        1. NYC: 17,552 cases per million.
        2. Ireland: 4,477 cases per million.
        3. Spain: 4,407.
        4. Belgium: 4,285.
        5. Switzerland: 3,766.
        6. Italy: 3,482.
        7. Britain: 3,151.
        8. U.S.A.: 2,682.
        9. Portugal: 2,672.
        10. France: 2,564.

        In terms of deaths per million, New York City again blows other countries out of the water — and without the New York City area deaths, America no longer ranks in the top ten.

        1. NYC: 1,196 deaths per million.
        2. Belgium: 701.
        3. Spain: 517.
        4. Italy: 483.
        5. Britain: 465.
        6. France: 380.
        7. Netherlands: 312.
        8. Sweden: 304.
        9. Ireland: 281.
        10. Switzerland: 226.

        The U.S. would rank eleventh, with 153 deaths per million.

        1. Yet they kept subways open as they cried for the rest of the country to shut down.

          1. NY matters. It is the center of the universe. Media lives there.

            1. So, the second most-despised city in the US?

              1. 1st being Shelbyville? Damn cousin fuckers and lemon tree thieves the lot of em.

                1. ‘I tell you, I won’t live in a town that robs men of the right to marry their cousins! They’re so damn attractive!’

          2. And forced nursing homes to take C19-infected patients.

        2. New Yorkers’ approval of Cuomo’s handling of Virus is over 80%.

          1. New York is full of retards.

            1. Truer words have never been written.

          2. They fucking deserve each other.

          3. It’s the ‘rally around the leader effect’. Same thing happened in Italy with their premier, high poll numbers during the crisis. Now Italians are angry that the shutdowns didn’t need to be that harsh and they are turning on him. But governments collapsing in Italy is a time honored tradition.

  19. “they aren’t out to censor offensive jokes or force political correctness… But I always tell people if you write a joke [about a job], somebody with that job should laugh at it.”



    We are weeks past the peak of coronavirus hospitalizations, yet the reported national death numbers keep rising 2,000 or more every single day. It made no sense to anyone who has followed the curves in any other country, but now we have our answer. The Hartford Courant reported that 90% of all deaths in Connecticut last week were in senior care facilities. This explains why these increased deaths don’t make sense with the reality of empty hospitals in most places.

    This revelation should change everything we know about the current state of affairs with coronavirus. Governors are justifying the continued lockdown by pointing to rising deaths, sometimes significantly, in many states and counties. But it now appears, using simple arithmetic, that in most states, the overwhelming majority of deaths are in nursing homes, and in some states and counties, nearly every new death is in a senior facility. And in fact, even in nursing homes, it appears that while numbers are being recorded now, the actual deaths occurred earlier during the peak. Nothing else matters until this fact comes to life.

    80%-90% of new deaths, 50%+ total deaths are in senior care facilities


      The new Health Department info released late Monday adds 1,700 presumed coronavirus deaths to the grim total, suggesting that COVID-19 complications have killed 4,813 residents of nursing homes and adult-care facilities — and that doesn’t include those who died in hospitals.

      Cuomo downplayed the count Tuesday: “I would take all of these numbers now with a grain of salt,” since “what does a ‘presumed death’ mean, right?”

      So why on earth did his health commissioner, Howard Zucker, force nursing homes to take in virus-positive patients starting March 25?

      States that have taken better precautions have seen far fewer nursing-home deaths. With a nursing-home population of about 70 percent of New York’s, Florida has seen about 10 percent as many nursing-home deaths — albeit with far fewer COVID-19 deaths overall.

      Florida opted for a less-stringent lockdown than New York — but Gov. Ron De­Santis focused attention on nursing homes from the start, and has strengthened those protections as the state begins to reopen.

      1. Remember the left cheering on the deaths of the Trump and Brexit voting elderly pre-C19 so they will eventually win? Saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote because idiot millennial socialists have to live w/o socialism longer than the old folks?

        I do.

      2. Cuomo downplayed the count Tuesday: “I would take all of these numbers now with a grain of salt,” since “what does a ‘presumed death’ mean, right?”

        Hahahaha, holy shit. That’s right, Andy–better inform the CDC so they stop artificially inflating the body count like they’ve been doing for close to a month now.

        1. You’d have to cut that line from a movie because nobody would believe it.

      3. 84 percent–84 FUCKING PERCENT–of Minnesota’s deaths have been from nursing homes. The lockdowns didn’t do shit to save people.

  21. Someone actually defended locking up that Salon owner in Texas. Yes… the defender was a journalist.

    1. Yesterday they penned an article where they found his pals to swear what a principled and swell guy he is.

      Yeh. No. The law is an ass, and he’s an ass.

      You saw it in the flesh. He wasn’t upholding jack shit. He was flattening a citizen demanding she submit.

      And called her ‘selfish’. He goes in my rant up top.

      1. His words that implied fealty to elected officials is disqualifying by itself.

        1. His words imply that he is a fan of prosecuting Rosa Parks.

          1. Gotta uphold rule of law. Bitch deserves prison, amirite?

        2. this^

    2. lmao. Fuck this bootlicking piece of shit. He should be donating his salary to charity and than I might give him an ioda of respect or give him a click.

    3. Are you talking about the author? That appears to be an attorney, not a journalist.

      That makes it seem even worse to me.

    4. The original douche is a governor Abbott who issued orders shutting down businesses. What did anybody expect to happen?


    Pramila Jayapal
    That is exactly the point: How do we respond to the scale of the suffering if we are just responding to one piece of it? If we are giving away the thing that Republicans are hanging their hat on, then what brings them back to the table for negotiation?

    So I think it depends on how you use the word leverage. For me, the leverage is that there is enormous suffering, and if we do not respond with the boldness and the scale that this crisis demands, then that suffering will continue. I think it’s important for us to not allow ourselves to be pulled into a place where we don’t define the agenda, given that we are the ones that seem to be put in the position of really defining what the solution is going to land on.

    Ezra Klein
    For people not as deep in the Congress stuff here: The Freedom Caucus only has 32 seats in the House, which is nowhere near the 95 members that the House Progressive Caucus has. But what I understand you to be saying here is that almost every single one of the members of the Freedom Caucus is willing to nuke the place; meanwhile, the House Progressive Caucus has had a more inclusive approach to membership and includes many members who are not comfortable with the more obstructive tactics needed to create leverage but which could also cause blowback.


      Sophie Lewis, a so-called feminist theorist who says she’s interested in “queer communism,” came right out and said it in an article published at openDemocracy: “In short, the pandemic is no time to forget about family abolition.”

      “We deserve better than the family,” Lewis declares. The coronavirus pandemic “is an excellent time to practice abolishing it,” she adds, echoing Obama wingman Rahm Emanuel who famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” (Emanuel trotted that terrifying statement out again in a recent discussion about COVID-19.)

      “We do not know yet if we will be able to wrench something better than capitalism from the wreckage of this Plague and the coming Depression,” says Lewis. “I would only posit with some certainty that, in 2020, the dialectic of families against the family, of real homes against the home, shall intensify.”

      1. I’m guessing the only difference between ‘queer communism’ and communism is the word queer. And mandatory the septum rings.

        1. I think you get to exclude cis-heteros from queer communism. That money needs to come from somewhere, after all.

      2. So what children need is not the loving embrace of family but cock rings and drag queen reading time.

      3. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.

        I happen to agree with Rahm. You could probably shoot a politician or two and be regarded as a hero. If you’re going to lose your job or die of COVID anyway, why not?

    2. Ezra Klein–like Molly Knight, another gaslighting mass media bobblehead that deserves a baseball bat to the face.

  23. “Unemployment Hits Levels Not Seen Since 1930s”

    That’s terrible.

    But there is a silver lining. The Koch / Reason open borders agenda — which was already gaining support before the #TrumpVirus — is undoubtedly even more popular now. Because when a country’s unemployment rate skyrockets over the course of a few weeks, that’s the best time to implement unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


  24. President Trump is facing a growing rift with Senate Republicans who are siding with Democrats on the need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency aid for states and cities that have lost tax revenue during the coronavirus pandemic . . . .

    Illinois’ unfunded pension liability is $241 billion,” Mr. Cruz said on CNBC. “That was caused by politicians that were just buying votes, and they were buying votes by making commitments to the public employee unions that they didn’t have the revenue to sustain. I don’t see any reason why Texas should pay higher taxes to bail out states that have been irresponsible, so I think that is going to be a major issue of disagreement in the Senate.”

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said cities and states can’t reopen for business if they can’t pay for essential services. He said his city has lost $7.4 billion and will need to lay off municipal workers without a federal bailout.

    Bold added.

    The massive layoff of state and municipal workers in California, Illinois, and New York can’t come soon enough.

    1. If we repeal the law allowing government workers to unionize, does that invalidate the pension contracts since the organization that made the agreement no longer exists?

      1. The principle of free association prevents me from restricting the ability of others to associate with whomever they please, and no one is about to repeal the right of public employees to unionize anyway–because they’d all lose their seats–in red states as well as blue.

        Rather, the politicians who approved those pension deals should pay with their seats for it, and as the states are starved of revenue, they and the unions they negotiate with should renegotiate those pension benefits as an alternative to layoffs.

        They want bailouts so that they won’t need to make tough choices about layoffs and so the public employees unions won’t need to make concessions on pension benefits. That pressure is the means to smaller government, which is why we should oppose alleviating it with bailouts.

        1. “Rather, the politicians who approved those pension deals should pay with their seats for it, and as the states are starved of revenue, they and the unions they negotiate with should renegotiate those pension benefits as an alternative to layoffs.”

          There is another alternative:
          It took the Dills Act (thanks, moonbeam) to *require* governments to negotiate with the unions. Remove that requirement.

          1. In a one party state, these thins are decided in back rooms.

            The reason for that is the same reason we get to choose between two Democrats for the Senate.

            It’s a one party state and so long as it remains a one party state, it will behave that way.

            The only chance we have for substantive change is when reality and economics kick in. When Trump limited the amount of money people can deduct from their federal taxes to pay state taxes, it brought that into play. Refusing to bail out the states is another great way to do that.

            When the the unions’ demands can’t be met, they’ll find a way to stop requiring government to negotiate with them. In fact, that’s probably the only way that law will be changed.

            1. That is definitely the case here in the People’s Republic of NJ, Ken.

              We got bled dry from public sector unions, bloated goverment, and an infection from cronyvirus (as opposed to coronavirus).

    2. oh fuck off. These people are disgusting. #inthistogether you fucking piece of shit slavers.

      1. This is exactly how starve the beast really works.

        There will never be a time when the state governments in these three states are so flush with cash that they decide to cut spending.

        They will never cut spending until they have no other choice, and bailouts give them another choice rather than to cut spending.

        Refusing to bail them out during a recession is the only way they will ever cut the size of government and slash their outrageous pension benefits.

        Theoretically, the people in those states could start voting for fiscally conservative Republicans, but despite the city of Detroit losing most of its population, things never got bad enough to make the voters vote for anyone but Democrats.

        The voters in these states are basically Moonies. It doesn’t matter how badly they’re treated, they’ll keep giving their livelihoods to the Democratic Church of Progressive Government anyway. In fact, the worse things get, the more Democrat they seem to become.

        Like an abused wife who keeps bailing her abuser out of jail over and over again, at some point we should start losing sympathy for them.

    3. No fucks given. People here have been calling it from the beginning that these Democrat assholes were going to use the conscious strangling of their own economies to get a bailout on their unfunded pension liabilities. Trump and the Republicans need to tell them to fuck off and open things back up if they want to dig out of this mess.

      1. Yep.

  25. Urban areas are harder hit by the virus and heavily Democrat. The rural Republican areas are not nearly so hard hit by the virus, yet suffer just as much by the shut downs.
    Almost all government workers are Democrats – if you know someone who works in government and aren’t sure is a Democrat because she won’t talk about it, you have probably found a Republican or Libertarian – so they support the shut down and are still being paid.

    1. Has anyone in government lost a job, other than Ferguson?


    More lockdown madness: a pulmonologist points out one reason #COVID may be associated with stroke is that keeping people inside and thus off their feet is a known clotting risk – especially in the elderly.

  27. The right to an attorney goes out the window with the rights to protest and worship:

    Dallas County “Judge” Clay Jenkins (
    ) is so butthurt about Abbott overruling him on throwing citizens in jail that he’s now trying to ban attorneys from protecting the people.

    What are you so insecure about, Little Clay?

    1. How. The. Fuck. are law offices considered non essential when they are busy locking people up?

      1. You answered your own question

    2. I think this judge would be a good example of bringing back tar and feathers.

      1. No, he needs to be hanged.

        1. Careful, John, Preet is watching.

          1. woodchipper sales on the rise..

        2. Keep in mind the Governor shut down businesses, thus giving this douche-judge a foot in the door.

          1. True enough.

  28. Simple exercise.

    Canada just announced 2 million jobs lost in April. America is 20.5 million. That’s 22.5 million North Americans out of work.

    The politicians are acting like this was the virus but it’s not. This was self-induced and could have been avoided. The people were forced a false dichotomy (we have no choice) and then were traumatized with fear. A toxic combo courtesy of our low IQ fake leaders.

    There are 3 million cases world wide.

    270 000 deaths.

    If you factor in the UN report of people out of work we’ve DELIBERATELY put around 150 million out of work for…..a virus that is not an existential threat and 3 million cases.

    On what planet do people live to think the trade-off makes any sense?

    1. not to mention that the UN is also saying that we’re looking somewhere around 250m people suffering from famine due to the collapse of the economies, with 50-60m dying from that. The words they’re using are “biblical famines”.

      1. The 10-year Treasury is paying 0.666%.

        1. That’s a beastly return.

  29. We should add to this that the unemployment is substantially worse in states that implemented lock-downs. South Dakota had among the highest infection per capita rates in the country and yet their unemployment claims per capita are relatively low.

    That’s the price you pay for willingly choosing to lock your economy down ahead of an impending recession. Why should taxpayers in states that chose to tough it out be forced to reimburse states that shot their own economies in the foot?

    1. Because “We’ll All In This Together!™”.

      1. fuck off, slaver

  30. Karen alert.

    Can We Just Be Honest About The Philly Suburbs?

    A Havertown caller into my radio show said it best discussing the disconnect between working class Philadelphians and their suburban, upper-middle class expatriate peers.

    “There’s no greater tyrant than the white, suburban soccer mom. They move out of the cities, and as long as they’ve got bike paths, Whole Foods, and SUVs — everyone else can burn in Hell.”

    So many of these people have jobs already based out of their homes. Six-figure incomes tied to some large corporate entity that still operating as they always have. One parent brings home the handsome direct deposit while the stay-at-home parent posts on social media about every day being a holiday now that the “kiddos” are home full time.

    Their biggest challenge is making sure everyone else is doing their part in the Starbucks drive through by wearing masks and thoroughly cleaning the cart handles while they scout home décor at Target.

    1. Yeah they are the most destructive force of evil in this country.

      1. Bill Burr – White Women AREN’T Oppressed

        1. There is no more priviliged class of people in history than American upper class white women, especially ones that are physically attractive. Those women spend their entire lives being taken care of first by their parents, then by various doofus boyfriends and finally by their husbands. They have no idea what hardship, risk, or responsibility actually are. They live entire lives in a fantasy world where they are “empowered” and “oppressed” but always know they have mummy and daddy or some guy to take care of them should anything go wrong.

          1. Nearly every lockdown harpy on FB that I’ve read is either some retired Boomer collecting a pension and social security, or a “self-employed” wine mom whose husband is the primary bread-winner (by a lot, in most cases) and has a job that hasn’t been cut yet.

            The guys are typically overgrown manlets who don’t want to go back to work because it might cut in to their subsidized staycation.

            1. The boomers are the worst generation this country has ever produced. Not Millennials . Fucking goddamn boomers they were handed the richest most powerful capitalistic engine of all time and have contributed nothing but filling peoples heads with cracker jack wisdom and soft pussy notions of what life is really about.

            2. This suburban white woman spends just as much time telling the white suburban males that the lockdowns are silly as she does suburban white females. The majority of the females are teachers and the males have varying careers but all of them still employed.

              1. hey don’t let facts get in the way of our vast stereotyping sexist dinosaur conversation. I hate being made of aware of anecdotes that invalidate my claims.

                1. Curious how the other two demos I pointed out there were bypassed in your fit of sanctimony.

              2. Every rule needs an exception or it isn’t valid. My wife is one of those suburban wives and she is not like this either. But you and she are the exceptions who prove the rule.

          2. They are heaped with zero societal expectations, they can have their cake and eat it too. I really think our society has fucked them up and made them terrible directionless shrews. I blame men.

            1. Actually that is not true. Feminists have taught them that they have a right to “have it all” and are failures or victims if they don’t. Of course, no one ever has it all. Life is about choices and opportunity costs. So, these women wind up bitter and feeling like failures no matter what they do. The truth is most women don’t want to go have a career. Careers suck for the most part. Men didn’t go out and work to support their families for all of history because it was the great privilege bestowed on them by the patriarchy. They did it because they had to. It was always a sacrifice. But feminists told women that having a carreer was this great thing that evil men had denied to them. So they all go out and have a “career” thinking it is going to make them happy and find what men have always know, the world is unfair and mostly toil. Meanwhile, they did this at the cost of staying home and having a family, which is what most of them really wanted and would have been content with anyway. So, they either work and are miserable and feel guilty about not having kids or being away from them if they do or don’t work and have kids and are made to feel like a failure for that.

              Feminists were a bunch of ugly, maladjusted harpies who were jealous of the women who were attractive enough and pleasant enough to have husbands and families that could stand them. So feminists concocted “feminism” as a way of making other women as miserable and awful and they were. That was my mother’s theory on feminism and the older and wiser I get the more I realize she was like she usually was spot on in her thinking.

      2. The Victorians were right to deny women the right to vote. The suburban, married, white woman confirms every negative stereotype about women being too emotional and irrational to be trusted with the vote or any kind of authority outside the home.

        1. “Islam was right about women.”

        2. >>The Victorians were right to deny women the right to vote.

          word. they’re out in force driving 30 in a 40 this week now too. the last two months I could go 60 in that 40

          1. nothing made me happier the last 2 months than tearing down the once crowded DMV highways, smoking a ciggarette, drinking a beer with my seatbelt off going 30 over the speed limt.

            1. my fave moment was some DPD guy beating me off the line and doing at least 75 in the 40 … pulling away from me down a city street it was lolz

            2. I have done some very fun motorcycle and car driving over the last few months. I fully understand the harm this is causing and the lunacy of it all. This nonsense has to stop. So, don’t take this the wrong way. For me personally, this whole thing has been a boon. I don’t have to commute to work, the roads are open and available to enjoy and drive fast on, and everyone stays away from me. I sort of miss eating out, but most restaurants in DC are overpriced mediocrity anyway. So, I really don’t miss that either. They are not worth the prices or the calories. I have saved money and lost weight as an added bonus.

              1. >>a boon.

                My Own Private Dallas. single-handedly tried to keep Big Oil in business … sad it’s over

              2. I miss the bars and hitting on women. The food you’re largely right on.

  31. Obama’s been connected to the Flynn debacle, he was supposedly aware of what the FBI was up to. #thewallsareclosingin?
    Tim Pool’s take:

    1. It has been obvious for at least 2 years that an attempted coup was planned and later attempted starting in 2016 and which has not yet stopped.

      “Coup” is the only word that perfectly describes it.

      This piece of shit rag, Reason, has conspicuously avoided not only the word, but even more than a cursory mention of this historically infamous behavior.


      1. it’s been obvious, but now there’s hard evidence, they can’t pretend much longer. And there better be some fucking punishment metted out

        1. yeah dude bars in front of the correct people’s faces will be nice.

        2. Reason literally used apologist language yesterday when they claimed the DoJ always had wide latitude to decide what is material to an investigation in order to justify the Flynn stuff.

          1. Cocksuckers. Really can’t say it enough.

            1. One more time please.

              1. absolute cocksuckers

                1. Amen.

  32. Crap. In late March, U.S. jobless claims hit a number not seen since the recession of 2007–09. Now we’ve reached what The New York Times describes as “devastation not seen since the Great Depression.”

    It seems that these lockdowns are not such a good idea.

    1. Depends on whether you’re pitching free shit laws; worked for FDR!

      1. Bernie dropped out too soon, this is the time to be pitching free shit to the 30% of Americans without shit in their wallets!

        Why do you think Trump insisted on signing all of those checks? He wants his brand on every haunch of pork!

  33. “The New Great Depression? Unemployment Hits Levels Not Seen Since 1930s”

    Small difference; this unemployment was caused by fascist dictate, and can be (largely) ended with the stroke of a pen. It has already accomplished the primary goal of devastating individual business owners. A few more weeks to cripple everything but large corporations ready to kneel, and it will be over.

  34. > “hat means nearly 15 percent of the country is now unemployed”

    And that’s after fudging the numbers so the permanently unemployed don’t get counted! “Oh, you have a six hour a week part time job? I’ll mark you down as unemployed!” “Oh, your six month unemployment ran out? We can’t count you anymore”.

  35. To keep COVID-19 patients home, some U.S. states weigh house arrest tech

    Let that sink in for a minute. The serious contemplation of house arrest for an illness that is proving to be, in the majority of cases, so mild that you have no inclination to stay home while infected. That doesn’t even describe the flu. What the fuck are we doing to ourselves?

    1. Finally crushing the goddam individual in favor of glorious state power.

    2. This is not going to end well. Watch.

      Those numbers? They’re going to be adjusted downwards just like companies do with earnings. Watch.

    3. To make it even worse, think about the incentives that creates. No one in their right mind is going to go to the doctor or ever get tested if testing positive means going into house arrest. Doing this will just result in people avoiding testing and treatment at all costs and going on with their lives as normal even if they are sick.

      Yeah, that sounds like a solid strategy for stopping the spread of a contagious disease.

      What the fuck are we doing to ourselves? Allowing ourselves to be ruled by a class of malevolent retards. That is what.

      1. We’re lead by a ruling caste of pussy whipped Trevors with hyphenated last names who got in Stanford or Harvard because their mothers blew the tennis coach.

        1. We want sick people arrested.

          This disease shows America’s racism because it is hitting minorities hardest.

          We don’t want minorities overrepresented in arrests, that shows America’s racism.

          Arrest sick white people and leave sick nonwhites alone.

          This disease shows America’s racism because it is hitting minorities hardest.

      2. >> ruled by a class of malevolent retards. That is what.

        yeah dude exactly.

      3. You on the anarchist train yet John.

        1. I will never be one of those. Not because I like the government. I just realize that it is always going to be there in one form or another.

          1. At this point I don’t even care who or what the next form is the current lot have no business running or having a say in anything. They deserve a Robespierre type character.

            1. You need to have a cleansing every generation or two whereby the existing governmental class is thrown out and replaced by a new one. Our nation is long overdue for such a thing.

        2. I don’t know if it’s the anarchist train, but I’m with him if it means giving some other group a try at running things besides the Ivy League/HYS law school set. Let’s give the kids from the Land Grant schools a shot, shall we?

          Our ruling class is incestuous, globalist, authoritarian, and worst of all, incompetent.

  36. >>An overwhelming 92% of Democrats

    when *everybody* knows it’s “Get. Trump.” it’s kinda over.

  37. “An overwhelming 92% of Democrats and only 35% of Republicans oppose an immediate re-opening, citing the effect of the deadly virus…”

    Yep, the party with the welfare of the common man in mind firmly supports a preventable economic disaster.


    Court documents from 1996 confirm that Tara Reade told her husband at the time about Biden sexually harassing her. Reade now has more proof against Biden than Anita Hill and Ford had combined. The fact that she told other people about it but never took action at the time is actually fairly compelling proof. Why would she lie to people about it if she didn’t intend to pursue a case against him? She wouldn’t. You only lie and tell other people it happened when it didn’t if you plan to bring a suit and make money. Since she didn’t do that, it seems very unlikely she was lying.

    1. Russian collusion! Putin!

  39. In late March, U.S. jobless claims hit a number not seen since the recession of 2007–09. Now we’ve reached what The New York Times describes as “devastation not seen since the Great Depression.”

    Maybe not a fair comparison — during the depression, I don’t think the government was paying people $600 a week to stay home.

  40. How did Maggie find it?

    Coronavirus found in men’s semen
    By Maggie Fox, CNN

    1. seriously. “please don’t make me put my name on that.”

  41. “Unemployment Hits Levels Not Seen Since 1930s”

    Gee, I wonder why. Couldn’t have anything to do with da Rona and governments shutting down any business they consider “non-essential”, could it?

  42. We don’t need more handouts. We need to be let back to work. Stop the political posturing and face-saving. Admit that the comparison of disease progression through jurisdictions with and without varying degrees of lockdown shows no evidence that the lockdowns actually make any difference. Let at-risk individuals and their families protect themselves as they think best. And let the rest of us get back to our lives.

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