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She Said Anthony Fauci Sexually Assaulted Her. Now She Says Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman Paid Her to Lie.

After failing to frame Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, and others for sexual misconduct, the infamous Trumpster hoaxers tried to go after Fauci. But the woman they hired to play the victim had second thoughts.


I'd just finished Saturday morning's second cup of coffee when an email popped through, subject line: "Exposing Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman."

"Hi Nancy, I hope you are having a nice weekend. I feel very bad about lying to you and others about Dr. Fauci. I took it upon myself to call Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman and record them (see attached)… Many thanks and again, I feel very bad about all this. I apologize to you, the other reporters and Dr. Fauci."

The writer of the email identified herself as Diana Andrade. I had never before emailed with Andrade, but had spoken with her 10 days earlier, when I knew her as "Diana Rodriguez." At that time, Rodriguez alleged that when she was 20 years old, in 2014, she'd been sexually assaulted by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and one of the most visible faces in the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the exploits of Wohl and Burkman, they are pro-Trump provocateurs who've found a niche drumming up fake sexual harassment allegations that end comically badly, including against former FBI Director Robert Mueller (who turned out to have been serving jury duty the day he was supposed to have committed the assault) and Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (the press conference for which took place on Burkman's stoop, and whose supposed victim was a 24-year-old Marine).*

Being on the receiving end of an allegation of sexual misconduct is now a rite of political passage—a perverse sign you've made it. Fauci's star rose in March as he appeared at COVID-19 briefings day after day, outshining President Donald Trump and occasionally knocking the president's pronouncements out of the headlines. Here, then, was an opportunity for Wohl and Burkman to take down the newest of Trump's perceived enemies, to maybe become favorites in Trump's actual orbit. On the chance it would cause their own star to rise, they would move Fauci toward irrelevancy, if not infamy.

The rollout of their latest smear job was a fiasco, a series of "media alerts" announcing press conferences with no start times, never mind that neither the public relations contact nor the company she worked for appeared to exist, and a "statement" from Rodriguez so breathless it seemed intended to steam up the windows. (Not for nothing, Sally Quinn recently confessed she based a thinly veiled D.C. heartthrob in her 1991 bestseller Happy Endings on Fauci, so Wohl and Burkman aren't the first to write this particular fan fiction.)

"He looked rich and powerful, and I love smart men with grey hair. He told me all about his fantastic career in medicine, so I went upstairs," Rodriguez wrote of her fictional meeting with Fauci at the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C. After detailing some ineffective hotel bed wrestling and managing to flee with her honor intact, Rodriguez closed with the statement, "Now, when I see him on TV touted as some kind of hero, I want the nation to know the truth. This is my truth. This is my story."

It was all in a league of its own weirdness, a collision of Harlequin romance and #MeToo. Nevertheless, several journalists called into a conference call to hear Rodriguez's story. We were treated, instead, to Wohl and Burkman on the line, stating they'd on the fly been invited to represent Rodriguez, who haltingly told a story that varied significantly from the media alert and, when questioned for clarification, was talked over by Wohl.

"People come forward against figures that are considered media darlings with very credible allegations and are attacked by the media," he told us. "And you see the same sort of victim-blaming here."

He and Burkman then tried to dissemble past there not being one verifiable fact or person in their latest confection, implausibly invoked the name of Kevin Spacey as someone who would speak for their client, and confirmed for reporters that the original location of the press conference had been at the Chinese Embassy.

"They were kind enough to offer the venue and there's not a lot of open venues these days," said Burkman during the call. (He had "a contact there.") It was all beyond absurd, and when the reporters finally stopped laughing, one asked, "Can you just tell us you're pulling a prank here?"

With the exception of The Daily Dot, which covered the claim only to debunk it, no outlet touched the story. There was no there there, and while it might've been instructive to show readers how the rancid sausage is made, did we want to give these charlatans more sunshine, especially in light of Fauci leading the battle against a deadly pandemic?

And that would have been that—until Saturday's email, which included Andrade telling me, "The reality is that I've known Jacob since 2018 and that he charmed me into taking money to do this (see attached picture of us together)," taken when they were romantically involved. Also, that Wohl and Burkman "had me do something like this…back in January."

Andrade and Wohl together in 2018

"And I understand they're trying to get another girl to do it, too," she writes. "They asked me if I knew anyone to do it."

Andrade was correct. The day before, I'd received another press release, this time from Burkman, citing a new accusation by "Karen Draper," a "former assistant" of Fauci—a person and claim almost certainly as vaporous as the last. Why did they keep trying the same scam when they were clearly so bad at it?

"They are interested in one thing: power," Andrade writes. Sure, but how could such buffoonery be perceived as power? Were they so desperate to catch Trump's eye they would pounce on anyone garnering public adulation, something the president was temperamentally unable to abide? And was there any upside to the rest of us knowing what animates a couple of amateur dirty tricksters, wannabe Roger Stones minus the charisma and connections?

Andrade, having been in the muck with these two, thought people should know. She had not acted nobly—and had taken money for not acting nobly—to try to bring down a man she had never met. Disgust with the enterprise made her want Wohl and Burkman to admit what they'd put her up to. The deciding factor to get them on tape, however, was Wohl asking her to provide another girl.

"I ignored his inquiry about this," she writes. "But it led me to feel like I needed to blow the whistle."


During the nine-minute, 35-second call, Wohl and Burkman do not cover themselves in glory. They hector Andrade when she says she's feeling paranoid and wants reassurance that everything's fine.

"What could be wrong, Diana?" Wohl asks. "You did a good job, you got paid. What's the problem? What seems to be the issue? You're freaking out. You're texting me late at night. What's the issue?"

"What's the problem? What's your problem?" echoes Burkman. "Tell me what the problem is? What's your problem?"

She says she's uncomfortable with the money they gave her, some guy showing up, claiming to be a lawyer, with his face hidden by a cap.

"Is he even a real lawyer?" she asks. "I looked him up."

"Yeah, he's a real lawyer," Wohl says. "He's a good lawyer," and then goes on to brag about that lawyer's White House connections.

It's possible that a White House–connected lawyer might have hand-delivered five figures in cash to Andrade in Los Angeles. It's also possible Wohl made up the whole thing. But she says she did get the money, and Wohl and Burkman are clearly eager to imply that they are intimate with Team Trump.

The cloaks and daggers might have been discomfiting, but ultimately were a distraction from what Andrade wanted on tape. She proposes she give back the cash and instead receive a wire transfer (thus creating a trace), a proposition Burkman shoots down. ("Cash is best," he tells her. "We don't want any records of this nonsense.") She wants the men to admit they are trying to bring down a person who in no part deserves it.

"Let me tell you something, Diana," says Burkman. "This guy shut the country down. He put 40 million people out of work. In a situation like that, you have to make up whatever you have to make up to stop that train and that's the way life works, OK? That's the way it goes."

Andrade counters that he and Wohl are not taking COVID-19 seriously. "It's not just any virus. I mean, it's a huge deal….I think you guys think it's something made up, and it's not."

"Mother Nature has to clean the barn every so often," Burkman counters. "How real is it? Who knows? So what if 1 percent of the population goes? So what if you lose 400,000 people? Two hundred thousand were elderly, the other 200,000 are the bottom of society. You got to clean out the barn. If it's real, it's a positive thing, for God's sake."

"So, what? Survival of the fittest?" Andrade asks, a bit more pique in her voice. (The sense you are dealing with people who have an enthusiasm for eugenics can do that.) But Wohl's not having it.

"Diana, look, can you just do this for me?" he says. "Can you just keep your mouth shut and just…just do it for me."

"Oh Jacob, come on," she says. "You have a way of charming people…and there are a lot of things I don't want to say in front of Jack but I am so done with you. I do not want to deal with this anymore. I think you're actually an evil person…you're just, you're just so charming until you get me cornered. I don't know how you do it, but you find a way to make me go along with your little plans."

At this, the men talk over each other, telling Andrade she "readily volunteered" and asking who cares if she "made up a story. Grow up, for Christ's sake." And those harassing phone calls she's started getting since the conference call?

"Probably telemarketers," Wohl tells her.

Shortly afterward, Andrade ends the call. Then she emails me.


"I'm sure you noticed I wasn't following the script," she says, after our first email, with regard to the story told on the conference call not lining up with the press statement. Yes, I say, it was pretty bad.

There was "no preparation!" she says. Jacob "just told me, because he knows my other story, he just said, 'Use the same stuff.'"

The "same stuff" is a reference to a sexual assault Andrade says she experienced when she was just out of high school, when she was attacked in a car by a much older man. The incident caused her shame, both having been assaulted by someone she barely knew but thought she could trust and also "because I lied to my mom about where I was when this happened."

"For many reasons, I couldn't talk about it," she says, but she had told Wohl, back when they were involved. It had made him angry on her behalf, and this past January, he had made her an offer.

"He said, 'Well, you know you don't want to talk about this, but maybe this could be another way of talking about it.'" He then asked her to recraft her experience into an accusation against an Academy Award–winning actor. He, Wohl, would pay her to do it.

"He said, 'We actually need someone like this, and maybe it'd be good practice for you to be able to talk about this,'" she recalls. "'Just talk about how you feel about the real thing, but take it out against this other person.'" Andrade made the accusation. She never knew why Wohl wanted her to do this, and the story never gained traction. Wohl then had her try again with Fauci. Another strikeout.

As feeble as they are at pulling off these cons, Wohl and Burkman appear to appreciate what a powerful motivator shame can be and how it has been used traditionally to keep women quiet. They have refashioned #BelieveAllWomen into a tool for their own purposes, including in their most recent media alert about the press conference, called for this Friday, for alleged Fauci victim "Karen Draper."

"This is becoming a disturbing pattern, and the left-wing media has no interest in letting women speak their truth," Burkman wrote in the press release. "I'm hopeful that Karen will be able to tell her story and help bring this troubling series of events to light."

"I don't know how they do all these things and why they do all these things," Andrade says. "Also, he tried to frame Mueller…I'm like, how is he not in jail?"

Reached by email for this story, Wohl responded "no comment" and Burkman replied only: "We stand by Diana and her allegations." Even Andrade herself has been vague on some details of her own biography, adding another layer of obfuscation and mystery to an already fantastical narrative.

I ask Andrade if she'd ever considered that Wohl might blackmail her by exposing the assault she experienced. She says she does not think he will, and that despite what he'd roped her into she "still wishes good things for Jacob." But there was one thing she did wonder, in light of his attempts to bring down Mueller and Fauci.

"I don't understand," she says, "how he doesn't get in trouble."


Maybe it was the noncommittal murmurs Andrade had started to make, but a little more than seven minutes into the taped call, something seemed to occur to Wohl.

"You haven't talked to anybody, have you?" he asked.

"Mm," said Andrade.

"No one, no one, Diana," he said. "I think it's the weekend; you're bored, you're worked up. Can you sit on this for the weekend? Don't talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not anyone, and it'll be fine."

"And is Dr. Fauci fine?" she asked. "I mean, is everything going to be fine with him?"

With adversaries as chaotic and inept as Wohl and Burkman, the answer seems to be yes.

*CORRECTION: The original version of this story said Sen. Elizabeth Warren's accuser didn't show up for the press conference. A man did show up and immediately removed his shirt to display scars he claimed to have received from an alleged vigorous flogging by Warren. The video is absolutely incredible.

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  1. Ispo facto, Biden didn’t do it.

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    2. Or he did it & has no memory of it at all, just like he has no memory of what he ate for dinner last night!

    3. why isn’t anyone suing these pieces of shit into the ground? Afraid of giving them more publicity? I hope they die in a trash fire. I fucking hate liars.

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  2. Of course the real headline is that Fauci is a target because he won’t acquiesce to every one of Trump’s murderous retard spasms.

    1. Glad to see you back, Tony. We’ve been getting a lower class of trolls here since you went missing.

      1. Sarcasmic picked up the slack well.

        1. Same guy.

          1. Doubtful. One claims to have a daughter. The other not definitely doesn’t.

            1. I know Tony likes the dick, but these guys change they’re stories all the time with their socks. Just look at Jeff, one of his socks claims he is a Wall Street analyst, another that he does embassy work, but you always know it’s Jeff because the style and substance never change.

              1. Anal-yst sounds right.

            2. Tony’s narcissism prevents him from putting a child before his own selfish interests.

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    2. Actually, Dr. Fakey’s crimes going back to the HIV FRAUD are legendary amongst those who know the Truth in the Medical Community! The man like Bill Gates of Hell is a devil!

    3. There are assholes on both sides. Why hasn’t this one been sued into submission for liable and slander? That’s what those statutes are for.

    4. Personally, I think Fauci is almost as much of a worthless piece of shit as you are, but it’s still just wrong to smear people this way.

      It’s called “having principles”, something your sorry ass won’t be able to understand even if you live to be a thousand years old.

      1. It seems a weak platform to claim principles when you go by the moniker of Weigel’s Cock Ring………………………

    5. Funny…

      Fauci literally said that President Trump has listened to everything he said, done everything he suggested and given him everything he asked for.

      Now, that was a couple of weeks back, so maybe he hasn’t won every battle since then… But it is kind of a stupid talking point that is being tossed around.

      1. So how about your psychotic redneck friends stop turning people such as him into The Enemy because they talk in facts instead of whiny semi-literate quasi-genocidal self-puffery?

        1. Dr. Fauci isn’t the enemy, but assholes like you are.

    6. That sounds more like it, Tony! Thanks for making a good point that’s well taken.

      1. Fuck off Tony.

  3. I don’t understand people’s obsession with Wohl. he’s a charlatan we get it nobody pays him any mind except the chattering class.

    1. Many (though certainly not all) on the right believe Trump is justified by any means necessary. They see him as a pathetic victim whose honor has been besmirched by the left’s incessantly repeating things he’s said or done. Jacob Wohl does what they wish they could: he tries to justify Trump through the only way possible- lying. A lie isn’t a lie if it accomplishes a political goal. He is a hero.

      1. Try projecting less, npc.
        Is Trump attacked by the enemies of the people?
        Is he pathetic?

        1. Nardz : Is he pathetic? No.

          I’m not sure you’ll get the support of a majority of Americans on that one, but what do I know? After all, I’m an “enemy of the people” right?

          I’d like to point out the positives here: Because Burkman and Wohl are so comically incompetent and pathetic, they’ve not been able to damage any of their targets.

          Likewise, because Trump is so comically incompetent and pathetic, he’s only been able to do a tiny fraction of the damage he’d “accomplish” if he wasn’t a baby-man buffoon. Hell, he couldn’t even convince people to swallow UV light and inject disinfectant…..

          1. Keep crying
            Tis enjoyable

          2. “I’m not sure you’ll get the support of a majority of Americans”

            And you seem to think this is a negative.

          3. Your progtarded fagrage is entertaining. Why not top it all off with a desperate cry for attention, and harm yourself? No one will care, but it will be funny.

      2. A lie isn’t a lie if it accomplishes a political goal

        Spoken like a true Republicrat.

      3. To tell the truth, I don’t see that. Even in the extreme pro-Trump side, the default is “anyone saying anything bad against Trump is lying”, not that Trump is perfect. Even then, there is more than sufficient evidence to support the position.

        In fact, there was very little anti-Fauci sentiment on the conservative side. The differences between the two seemed primarily to be ones of opinion, degree, and direction. Things that can easily be worked through by rational adults. You don’t want foolish yes-men in Fauci’s position, and I can’t think of anyone even in my conservative haven that thought that there was any sort of enmity between the two.

        1. “the default is “anyone saying anything bad against Trump is lying”
          Can you blame me? Just look at Boehm’s dishonest big gotcha on hand sanitizer the other day, or when they said Trump’s a Russian spy, or that Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel, or that MAGA-hatted Covington kids assaulted a vet, or that Trump said neo-Nazis were “fine people”, and that MAGA madmen lynched Smollet and that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, etc.

          But you’re right, I don’t think Trump is a good person, let alone perfect. I do however think he’s the first president since Teddy Roosevelt to work for (or even like) the proles, rather than ideology or his class’s interests. I also think he’s done more libertarian stuff than any of his predecessors.

          “In fact, there was very little anti-Fauci sentiment on the conservative side”
          The supposed enmity was ginned up by the DNC/Media complex to try and portray anyone to the right of Pol Pot as “Science Deniers”.

          1. Yes, I can. And tariffs and a border wall are anything but Libertarian. Trump hasn’t done “more Libertarian stuff than any of his predecessors.”

            1. Hmm…

              You must be thinking of Clinton as a libertarian then, which is bizarre.

              George W. and Obama are both disqualified for post 9-11 shenanigans, and you may recall that was 16 years of administration just between the two of them.

              1. He may be confusing “libertarian” and “libertine”. Or he may think Clinton lent books to people.

            2. “Fuck you good, only perfect will do!”

            3. Okay, name a president in the last one hundred years who has achieved more libertarian objectives than Trump.

            4. Trying to get our trading partners to lower their trade barriers, and enforcing immigration law, or negotiate with the Democrats to make immigration law better which they refuse to do, is libertarian IMHO. Taking the position that we won’t enforce some laws, and won’t change them either, is a statist anti-democratic position.

              Trump has deregulated more than any president in my lifetime, via EO alone, thanks to Congress telling the bureaucrats to write the laws, and something that will likely be undone by future statist establishment presidents.

              If you want to point out Trump’s anti-libertarian positions, then we get into the issue of deciding whether the statist Congress (all the Democrats and most of the GOP) is responsible for the spending or whether the president is. One thing I’ll point out, is that it isn’t Trump enforcing lock down rules, it’s mostly Democrat governors and mayors, and they aren’t doing it very well IMHO when you can get an abortion, but not a hip replacement, and can go buy alcohol but not a refrigerator to replace the one you had that died.

          2. I do however think he’s the first president since Teddy Roosevelt to work for (or even like) the proles, rather than ideology or his class’s interests.

            Yikes, this is not an endorsement of Trump given how utterly terrible both Roosevelts were. In fact, T.R. likes to claim the position of ‘First Progressive’. If he ‘liked’ the people, he ‘liked’ them to do as they were told for their own good.

          3. Mother’s lament: Are you kidding. Donald Trump doesn’t like the Proles anymore than he likes a lot of other people. He’s just exploiting them for his own nasty agenda.

            1. And what agenda is that?
              You know, if you stopped believing everything you read in Vox before reading their sources, you may just see how credulous you’ve been.

      4. Liers are a hero to no one on the right! Only a lefty would think a successful lie is a good thing.

        They are scum, because they are not honest, just like a lot of lefty scum that do the same thing and worse.

        By any means necessary is a leftist meme. Only the left believes the ends justify the means, the right knows the means you use are the ends you get! So no, by any means necessary is NOT a Trump thing.

    2. Never heard of him before. However, apparently he got to smash this chick, so he must be doing something right.

      1. Nobody has.

        It’s a common lefty trick to find some erratic and portray them as movement leaders.

        Look at what they did with Richard Spencer. You could fit all his followers in a single bathroom stall, but he was all over CNN and the NYT, WaPo and the Atlantic were screaming it was November 9, 1938 on the streets.

    3. Why were people obsessed with the Westboro Baptist Church even though they only had 30 members? Same deal. “Because they represent something larger *insert more excuses for lame obsession used to distort their importance here*”

  4. While I was reading this, I wondered how these guys were not in jail and then I realized I have never heard any of these supposed scandals. Do you have to subscribe to some special service to get updates or are they so bad that they never get any news coverage? If they don’t get any coverage, why is this a story?
    I’m not defending them of course but I’m kind of baffled that none of this has ever crossed my attention.

    1. And that bit about the presser being so comically inept that the press didn’t bite. Ha! The press bites if the DNC says to. These are “known” (to whom? by whom?) Republican operatives, so of course the DNC ignores them except to expose them.

      1. These kids are clearly being paid by DNC apparatchiks to pose as pro trump provocateurs.
        Super duper double cross coming up.


      2. Are you Elon Musk’s b@st@rd child?

    2. If these happened then one would have heard of them. Well, maybe not since these would have been carried out against the democrats or supporters so the news media would not have published them

    3. Defamation isn’t a crime and I’m racking my brain trying to think of what crimes they could be charged with but can’t come with any.

      1. Their victims could reasonably claim libel. There is no way this doesn’t meet the actual malice standard or the definition of defamation pro-se. However, that’s a civil crime. They weren’t even big enough a bug to bother stomping.

        1. ^ Pretty much this.

    4. Do you have to subscribe to some special service to get updates or are they so bad that they never get any news coverage?

      Probably the latter. Apparently their press conference was so incompetently done that even the media was smart enough to figure out they were full of shit. Think about that. They’re so incompetent they can’t even fool the media.

      1. That alone should have earned them headlines. “Bozos So Incompetent They Couldn’t Even Fool Us.” Film at eleven.

    5. Seriously. What is this shit? What a fucking loser of an article. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it.

      1. “I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  5. “Being on the receiving end of an allegation of sexual misconduct is now a rite of political passage—a perverse sign you’ve made it.”

    People becoming desensitized to these allegations is one thing, but people are actually voting against those who try to capitalize on such allegations.

    When the white, blue collar, middle class of the Midwest handed Trump the presidency, not just despite but because of all the allegations (and video) against him, it showed that middle America was sick of it all. When Elizabeth Warren not only lost New Hampshire but came in fourth in her home state of Massachusetts after making similar allegations of social justice thought crimes against other candidates in the primaries, it became clear that even progressives in the northeast have become blase’ on these kinds of allegations.

    There will always be the social justice equivalent of Joseph McCarthies making accusations, but just like calling people out as communists eventually came to be seen as ridiculous and passe’, so the power of accusing someone of sexual assault has petered away. It’s human nature, and it goes beyond people’s unwillingness to come running when they hear cries of wolf. At some point, the whole subject of wolves becomes obnoxious and boring.


    1. Rape is so boring.

      1. Only if you do it wrong.

      2. People using sexual assault allegations as a political ploy is boring.

        And so are you, Tony.


        1. I think we should only pay attention to essential #MeToos right now, not the hair sniffing stuff.

          1. Do you mean to suggest that the only reason Biden fingered Reade was so he could sniff her hair on his fingers?

            1. The point is, if Reade cared about the country she’d keep her fingering to herself.

              1. Good old Tony, equating the DNC and the country. No, dear sir, if she cared about the DNC she keep her fingering to herself. If she cared about the country, she’d come forward and expose the fingerer-in-chief.

                1. So we should save the country from Joe Biden and leave it to Trump, a sexual predator so famous for his actions it was part of his brand for 40 years.

                  1. You say that as if it’s not part of Biden’s brand for the past 40 years.

                    1. He sniffed hair, Trump stalked teenage beauty contestants.

                  2. You could vote for the libertarian candidate and prove you’ve got some principles.

                    Or, and I know it’s a novel idea for you, but we could not clamor for someone to rule us.

                    1. I didn’t make the rules. Acting on principle when you know 100% that it will have absolutely no practical effect unless it achieves the opposite of what you want is called vanity.

                  3. Biden’s political problem isn’t his rape of Reade, that statue of limitations has run out. Biden’s crime is his hypocrisy and his rejection of due process for others.

                    Trump has been honest about what he likes to do with women and consistent about wanting due process.

                2. Everybody knows who the fingerer in chief really is–and it’s not joe Biden, either.

              2. “The point is, if Reade cared about the country she’d keep her fingering to herself.”

                So you guys aren’t even hiding the fact that you all despise women anymore

                1. I can handle some of them in small doses.

              3. “The point is, if Reade cared about the country she’d keep her fingering to herself.”

                People should keep to themselves for the benefit of the party/country even at the expense of shutting up about sexual assault?!

                Tony would march libertarians up against a wall without hesitation if he could. And he thinks we should be glad to have him march us up against a wall–for the good of the country.

                1. Actually, she did do exactly this.

                  Her own mother’s words on Larry King said as much…

                  1. Yeah, a little hard to ignore that point. Perhaps the most baffling part is why she mentioned it at all given that she’s still going to vote for Biden. She cut her own case off at the knee’s.

                    I mean, is it too soon to mention stockholm syndrome?

                    1. Two different people.

                      Her friend and neighbor said she’d heard the whole story within a year or so of it happening back in the early 90’s. She’s the one voting for Biden.

                      Reade’s mom went on Larry King and said her daughter was harassed by a prominent senator and couldn’t get anywhere with her complaint, so she left Washington. She said she wasn’t going to the media with her complaints because she respected the senator too much for that. (meaning she didn’t want to destroy him politically – probably the same reason you don’t go to the police with a rape charge.)

                2. Says the breathless uncritical champion of the party led by Donald Trump.

          2. She needs to keep her mouth shut for the good of the country.

      3. Which rape are you talking about?

    2. Even the those who actually turned out to be Communists were so milquetoast no one cared microseconds after the panic attacks ended.

      Truth is half of the coastal elite were communists during the 30s, and half the coastal elite were having after-sex regrets back when they were in school. Rape-bating is as boring as red-baiting.

      Fifty years after McCarthy people are still defending him. “There really were communists!” And fifty years from now the true believers will be saying, “There really were students having sex without signed contracts!”

  6. So once again, we learn that there were no criminal charges filed, and there is no case.
    If, and only if, the media stops “reporting” these scams will they stop.

  7. So, in that lead photo, who are the people in blackface?

  8. Long ass story about a hoax I’ve never heard of, no calling out of the ChiRona hoax models.
    Great work, shills

  9. “Mother Nature has to clean the barn every so often,” Burkman counters. “How real is it? Who knows? So what if 1 percent of the population goes? So what if you lose 400,000 people? 200,000 were elderly, the other 200,000 are the bottom of society. You got to clean out the barn. If it’s real, it’s a positive thing, for God’s sake.”

    “So, what? Survival of the fittest?” Andrade asks, a bit more pique in her voice. (The sense you are dealing with people who have an enthusiasm for eugenics can do that.) But Wohl’s not having it.

    So is simply allowing things that are supposed to naturally happen, happen, eugenics now?

    1. “So is simply allowing things that are supposed to naturally happen, happen, eugenics now?”

      The U.S. could save a ton of money and let nature take its course simply by halting all Medicaid payments. Why stop at fighting the Carona virus? Do you have any idea how much money is wasted treating seniors for cancer and diabetes? How about Alzheimers? Those people are walking dead anyway. Why keep those meatsacks breathing? But you’re right- people would start screaming about eugenics.

      1. Sounds like socialized healthcare.

    2. Eugenics is when government manipulates procreation. People dying from disease is not eugenics.

      1. Yeah, generally if someone has kids but dies of some disease that’s still a failure from a eugenics point of view since they reproduced.

        You have to abort a bunch of babies, almost certainly forcibly, to be really be considered outright eugenics.

  10. Performance art. High level parody. Viral marketing. Nothing is off the table.

  11. It seems at some point, people on both sides decided that they’re OK with “the ends justify the means” approach. Ironically, as others have noted – the general public seems to have become desensitized to all of this type of shit.

    This country is being driven off a cliff by both Democrats and Republicans, and the partisan morons think the other guys have caused all the problems. Certainly no need for introspection…

    1. Nothing speaks to a lack of critical thought like blaming both sides equally. Liberals are so no ends-justify-the-means that they keep losing elections because 22 year-old hippies think voting is an exercise in expressing their personal virtue.

      The party of Jesus H. Christ Himself, on the other hand, is willing to accept a few hundred thousand extra dead Americans so Trump will have a better economy in time for election day. That is some fucked up shit.

      1. Way to prove DDGs point.

        1. The other guys did cause all the problems.

          They can’t be equally bad. They believe opposite things on almost literally everything.

          1. You really are borriiiiiinng. OBL is old and getting there, but still far more interesting than you. Get a new schtick.

            1. Stop sucking Republican cock.

              1. Once again proving DDG’s point.

          2. …everything except letting their own sexual predators off the hook.

            1. I’ll grant you that. Republicans did have a kid diddler as a long- serving and powerful speaker of the house, though.

              1. And I was supposed to know how disgusting Republicans are because they tolerated it for the party.

                Those were the days.

          3. “They believe opposite things on almost literally everything.”

            THAT’S THE F-ING PROBLEM. Instead of trying to be honest, they just are in knee-jerk opposition each other on everything. If Trump is for something, Democrats oppose it. If Obama is for something, Republicans oppose it. Democrats think Republicans are evil and Republicans think Democrats are evil. Then “the other side is evil” is used as a rationale for the worst behavior. Both sides say, “we have to fight fire with fire,” because if they don’t, “evil will win.”

            At any one time, one might be more right than the other, but it doesn’t change the larger dynamic. I personally think Republicans tend to be more right because they’re less in a bubble, and are less in a bubble because liberals/progressives still control major institutions in Western countries. When you’re not in an institutional bubble, you’re more likely to understand the opposite perspective and be in a defensive posture. But I still think conservatives just as capable of being idiots as liberals/progressives are.

        2. Like I said – certainly no need for introspection…

      2. “willing to accept a few hundred thousand extra dead Americans so Trump will have a better economy in time for election day”

        So… we’re supposed to oppose libertarianisim?

        Incidentally, this effort to supposedly save a few hundred thousand lives will kill millions in the form of economic harm.

        1. The problem is the economy won’t actually return to good times because there will be an even bigger health crisis than we’re already having.

          Trump didn’t wake up the other day and stop being a moron. It’s good to keep that in mind for any occasion.

          1. I just know you are screaming the same things as you type.

          2. Ah you’re still suffering from the delusion that social isolation is preventing deaths.

            1. We do have evidence for these things. I realize when it comes to matters of health policy you guys conveniently forget other countries exist.

          3. Exactly! It’s like everyone forgot the minor recession of 2018 caused by the 2017-18 severe flu season…oh, wait…that didn’t happen…

            People are fearful because the media reporting, plus ridiculously bad models pumped by people like Niels Ferguson, have provoked and reinforced that fearfulness. Without that intentional folly, I believe we likely would still have had an economic slump, but nothing like what’s going to hit us all now.

            You want to lay tens of thousands of COVID-19 deaths at the other side’s feet while ignoring the tens of thousand of economic deaths (increased suicides, drug overdoses, murders, early cancer deaths, etc.) at your own, purely due to your own partisan blinders. The problem is, most of those COVID-19 deaths are going to occur anyway, no matter what is done to try to curtail it, which makes your position both pathetic and undeserving of any sympathy. You exhibit about as much comprehension of the relevant science as Rep. Hank Johnson does of sixth grade Earth Science. You fit right in with the “Party of Science (when it suits them)”.

        2. Trump created this pandemic with his gross mismanagement of the executive. And now we have to pay the price with an economic shutdown.

          This is all on his hands.

            1. Oooo, a retarded progressive trifecta.

              What do I win?

          1. Trump created and released Covid 19? Are you mentally challenged?

            1. No someone just wandered over from HuffPo.

          2. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, and never did like him at all, but insofar as the present pandemic goes, while he didn’t get us into it, he certainly made it a hell of a lot worse. Not only was Donald Trump’s response to it too little too late, but it was totally irresponsible, to boot. The fact that he knew about it in January, had 4-6 extra weeks to respond and chose to ignore and disregard it was criminal. So was the fact that he fired the anti-pandemic team back in 2018 that might’ve helped contain Covid-19 and at least helped to slow the spread of it before it got to this point.

            1. OK, you’ve posted this drivel before: https://reason.com/2020/05/04/lockdown-is-ending-whether-governments-approve-or-not/#comment-8240556 . That was the first time I noticed you posting it, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt in my response to you then. However, it’s now apparent that you’re simply lying. Most of this response is a re-hash of my prior one, for the benefit of those who aren’t interested in following that link to the first time you posted these two lies (well, the first time AFAIK).

              “Not only was Donald Trump’s response to it too little too late, but it was totally irresponsible, to boot. The fact that he knew about it in January, had 4-6 extra weeks to respond and chose to ignore and disregard it was criminal.”

              On 29th February of this year, Dr. Fauci was on the Today Show telling America that there was no need to change day-to-day activities and that the risks were (at that time) low. [Thanks to JesseAz for pointing this one out.] Do you imagine Fauci was advising Trump differently a full month prior to that? If so, what evidence do you have that Fauci, an obvious fan of the precautionary principle, would steer the public so wrongly?

              “So was the fact that he fired the anti-pandemic team back in 2018 that might’ve helped contain Covid-19 and at least helped to slow the spread of it before it got to this point.”

              This lie is easily debunked, and the link to the facts of the matter can be found in my prior response to you. (For those new to this site, it only allows one link per post – sorry.)

              “I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, and never did like him at all, but insofar as the present pandemic goes, while he didn’t get us into it, he certainly made it a hell of a lot worse.”

              I’ll just point out that this post of yours is just a rewording of the prior one, both structured and phrased in such a way that is intended to be potentially persuasive and reasonable sounding to the reader who is unaware of the facts and unlikely to do any digging to find them. I suppose you deserve partial credit for that. However, you should go back to your DNC paymasters for better lies – these are worn out. Naturally, I assume you’re a paid DNC shill. After all, what sort of pathetic loser would post trivially debunked lies to a site which has so little traffic? Can you imagine what kind of life choices would have driven such a pitiable creature to the depths of utter uselessness? For your sake, I do indeed hope you’re a paid DNC shill who is just awful at his job and not worth the coin. Otherwise, I can’t imagine why you would even bother with…well, anything…

      3. Where exactly are those “few hundred thousand extra dead” supposed to come from? Social isolation is preventing no deaths at all, it isn’t meant to.

        1. Well then, what is it mean to prevent? I’m under the impression that social isolation and social distancing was meant to at least slow down the spread of Covid-19.

  12. So what have we learned in the past few weeks? Anyone who claims that women never lie about these matters, often times for personal or political gain, and that they all should be believed no matter how incredible their story is, is lying or ignorant.

    We tried to explain this when Kavanaugh was being dishonestly smeared, and we tried to point this out when E. Jean Carroll shared with us the story she stole from an episode of Law and Order, but the Democrats thought they had a weapon that could defeat their foes without having to actually engaged in a fair fight. Now we know, and knowing is half the battle! NEVER AGAIN. (who am I kidding, the Democrats will still try to use this over and over no matter how hypocritical)

    1. MeToo’s problem was Believe All Women, not that sexual harassment/assault isn’t a real and pervasive problem.

      The vast majority of women making accusations are telling the truth, it’s just hard to prove because the pigs who commit these acts know to do it when no one else is around.

      1. You say that the vast majority are telling the truth, but how can you possibly back up that claim? We know that, at minimum, 8 to 10 percent of accusations are false. We have no idea what the upper bound could be on that number.

  13. I don’t understand why Reason is wasting our time with an article about something so frivolous. It’s like pointing out that supermarket tabloids are full of lies. These people are not representative of anything.

    1. Rommelmann was assigned to find evidence that it’s not only Democrats trying to leverage false sexual assault allegations for political gain, and this was the best she could come up with.

      Both sides are totally the same, you guys!

      1. Nope

        No one who has accused a conservative of sexual assault has been proven to have made it up. The best you have is she said, he said.

        1. No one who has accused a conservative of sexual assault has been proven to have made it up.

          Julie Swetnick.

          I’d say you’re retarded but many of the retarded people I know work harder than this.

          1. I don’t know that her allegations have been proven false.

            1. I don’t know that her allegations have been proven false.

              Given that she recanted, no more or less than Andrade’s above.

              It’s like I said, a retard would’ve said, “I don’t know who Julie Swetnick is.” you’re not retarded, you know who she is. You’re either too lazy, too willfully and maliciously stupid, or both to know whether she (or any other woman who’s made allegations) were provably lying.

    2. Dr Fauci is a prominent member of the government’s response to this crisis.

      This was a RW attempt to take him down with a dirty trick, that’s not frivolous. What if it had been successful?

      1. This was a RW attempt to take him down with a dirty trick, that’s not frivolous. What if it had been successful?

        Probably something a lot like the Kavanaugh investigation/trial/hearing/job interview.

        1. No, nothing like that at all.

          There is no proof whatsoever Dr Ford made up her accusation. It was a he said, she said.

          1. I don’t think, despite saying it yourself, that you understand what “if it had been successful” means.

          2. She said something unusual to the point of absurdity, including so few facts that the existence of the party that they were at was in question (no location, no time. Multi-YEAR span).

            If we could prove that the party happened and there was a reasonable chance that both of them were there, it would have been elevated to a he-said-she-said. This was a “She half-stated”. As it is, there is no evidence that the two of them ever met in their lives.

    3. Looking at the pattern or “process” by which fringe weirdos become high-ranking officials under Trump, usually based off of either flattery or financial relationships, this is actually NOT a stretch. Change my mind.

    4. Looking at the pattern or “process” by which fringe weirdos become high-ranking officials under Trump, usually based off of either flattery or financial relationships, this is actually NOT a stretch. Change my mind.

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  15. I’ve never heard of any of these people, or any of these allegations. But I’m sure it’s a very important article anyway.

  16. This is my truth.

    Anytime I see this quote it’s usually a pretty safe bet that the person saying it is full of shit.

    1. Yup. It’s a version of,
      “If someone tells you “The art means whatever you get from it.”…it ain’t art.”

  17. I look forward to every other false accusation that’s never been in any other media being the top, front-page story on Reason going forward.

    I absolutely do not look forward to Reason doing a story on the California activists who demand that hotels be seized by the state and used to house the homeless.

  18. They have refashioned #BelieveAllWomen into a tool for their own purposes

    Gee, who could have possibly foreseen the weaponization of #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo?

    1. Gee, who could have possibly foreseen the weaponization of #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo?

      Weaponization is the wrong word and makes the switch seem more creative or ingenious than it is. It was intended to be a weapon against “bad” people from the outset. Who could’ve possibly envisioned people who lived by the sword dying by the sword? Pretty much everyone who’s seen a sword or used a knife.

    2. Anyone who’s observed human conduct? (History is helpful here, but not necessary.)

  19. When it’s obvious that both parties use the unconstitutional meetoo lobby for political, not virtuous ends, what good comes from arguing that one party is worse?

    Shit, if this is democracy, maybe we’re doing it wrong.

  20. The GOP are ratfuckers and Fake Scandal/CT opportunists, you have to give them that.

    Pizzagate, Jade Helm, Agenda 21, BENGHAZI!! etc etc etc are all Fat Rush, Alex Jones and the like know.

    1. Yep, they like to accuse the left of it.

      That’s part of their con.

    2. When was the last time the US lost an ambassador on foreign soil? When was the last time a high profile witness died in federal custody?

      Fat Rush and Alex Jones’ real problem is that Al Gore owns the trademark on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Whether it’s bad luck, malicious intent, or just incompetence, people keep (e.g.) dying in a manner that’s not convenient for Democrats, any scandals/conspiracy theories are mostly superfluous.

    3. False equivocation bud. You don’t get to “flat earth” the rest of that stuff. Our dear leaders squirm and slither out of the hot seat when they have enough goods on the rest of the nwo players…
      and Epstein still didn’t kill himself.

  21. Who is fooling who here it seems like a possible fake faking a fake scandal thats how deep and stupid this has all become. when no one knows who the players are anymore does it really matter

  22. Democrats and progressives are so much better at that crap. But then they have media backup (including Reason’s)

    1. Nope

      I think your problem, and I’m being generous, is you have a worldview that is so far from actual reality you think people living in actual reality are making it up.

      1. Says the guy who says “Imagine if had been successful.” and then, when pointed at a case where a woman more successfully accused someone says, “No, not like that at all, she wasn’t proven unsuccessful.”

        1. You shouldn’t pick on tards, it’s not sporting.

    2. Yeah, having the media backup AND the “to maybe become favorites in Trump’s actual orbit.” type remote psychoanalyzing. That helps a lot. It’s why the progs are so eager to find “code words”, “dog whistles”, white supremacist memes, and “false consciousness”. If your opponent is saying something other than what he is actually saying, or if he doesn’t know what what he is saying actually means…well, that gives you quite a head start in any “argument” dunnit?

  23. “Mother Nature has to clean the barn every so often,” Burkman counters. “How real is it? Who knows? So what if 1 percent of the population goes? So what if you lose 400,000 people? Two hundred thousand were elderly, the other 200,000 are the bottom of society. You got to clean out the barn. If it’s real, it’s a positive thing, for God’s sake.”

    It’s a positive thing.

    We’re dealing with a couple of sociopaths here, Wohl and Burkman.

    1. Oh, f**k that, GenoS. It sounds like you yourself want as many people to die as possible to supposedly clean out the “dregs’ of society? As if they’re not human beings. Wohl and Burkman sound like a couple of real a*sholes.

    2. Do abortion activists next!

  24. If the Democratic presidential frontrunner was a bag of moldy bread, Tony and the rest of our moronic leftist friends would be yelling at the people with allergies that they need to shut up for the good of the country. Furthermore, it would be considered the height of racism to take allergy medicine

    1. It’s just that we don’t want our beloved country transformed into a third-rate antidemocratic kleptocracy run by morons and theocrats.

      1. Have you been following the news on what Obama’s people did to Flynn?

        Or how Schiff invented collusion out of thin air?

        1. In fact I did watch Judge Janine on YouTube today.

          Fucking propaganda junkies. You are useless.

  25. Mourning in America

    Trump having caused this Mourning in America, he and his Trumpies are reduced to these ridiculous false accusations of honorable and distinguished men, while very credible accusations of similar and worse exist against Trumpy. MAGA races in circles with hypocrisy and insanity their vehicles vying in a NASCAR – go fast and turn left – like race for the Trumpy Trophy.

    1. I have yet to see one of you fucking idiots actually show your work on how this was his fault.

      No matter how much you want me to (and by being such disingenuous fucks, I have to assume you’re actively trying to get me to do it), I’m not voting for him in November. But it will be fucking hilarious to watch all your heads explode when someone says they did.

  26. What’s funny is that bottom-feeders like this also help expose the worst journalists.

  27. Who are these people?

    Where was this ‘scandal’?

    Or is this some meta thing? Fake News about Fake News?

  28. Pelosi had the best line. I know Biden and he said he didn’t do it so thats all I need. LOL. No need for an investigation? She was on board for demanding the FBI go after kavanuagh but Joe’s word is all she needs for this one? All this does is expose the “me too” movement for the fraud and garbage it was. Real simple girls, if you have a complaint –make it when it supposedly happened, not 30 years later. Me too, lol, what a Joke, right up there with NOW, where are they?

    1. I really don’t think it needed exposing for most people.

      Although I will say that I had personal experience with a couple of people for whom the Kavanaugh allegation worked. The “some dude assaulted me” part along with “Trump” was all they needed. Never mind that the “allegation” was not even worth mentioning in the first place. There definitely exists a segment for whom any allegation is identical to some dude in a dirty white van kidnapping, raping and murdering some young coed.

      But for the rest of humanity, the whole thing was exposed when the “serious allegation” was “some guy at a high school party was horseplaying on the bed and touched my boobie and it scared me”. The “other serious allegations” mentioned by the media didn’t help either, but when you are pretending that you are being serious about judging a 55 year old man’s career solely by a story about a party in high school where might have touched a boobie over a sweater without permission, most rational humans respond with “I’m out!”

    2. In Reade’s case, she did report it. She was demoted for reporting it. She left the office shortly thereafter, as the word of a secretary was nothing compared to the word of a senior senator. He literally ended her career, and his staff covered for him.

      The complaints against congressmen aren’t even in the public record. We can’t tell if Biden had a complaint because they are sealed in HIS OWN FILES. The public will have to get a court order for police just to verify this story.

    3. Really. And they DID go after Kavanaugh, for weeks, finding nothing. Which repeated investigations were then characterized as being “rushed and incomplete” (also Pelosi). In no way were Ford’s “dunno when, dunno where, but Bret Kavanaugh!” accusations advanced beyond wishful thinking on the Dems’ part, nor was Kavanaugh’s sudden transformation from gang rape leader to 25 year Judge with no hint of scandal explained.

  29. “This guy shut the country down. He put 40 million people out of work. In a situation like that, you have to make up whatever you have to make up to stop that train and that’s the way life works, OK? That’s the way it goes.”

    Pretty much the libertarian ethos (and, hey, at least it’s an ethos, I guess) isn’t it?

    Tell me, how red-handed does a conservative darling have to be before you stop tying yourself in knots trying to defend them or desperately flail away with tu quoque? Are you and your ideals really that sad and pathetic that you’ll defend anyone who espouses them?

    1. Who’s the conservative darling you’re referring to here? The only people caught red-handed were Wohl and Burkman. Literally who? A couple of idiotic nobodies doing an idiotic nothing does not a scandal make.

      1. The best you have are “nobodies” by even your own estimation. That’s sad. Why don’t you hug your Japanese love pillow – er Waifu, sorry, and cry yourself to sleep?

  30. And, are your ideals so pathetic that the only way you can advance them is by lying?

    1. Hey, was I able to keep my plan and my doctor after the ACA passed?

      Hey, was Trump deeply involved with Russia?

      Hey, did Putin want Trump to win?

      1. Was Trump putting his money in a trust, which was managed by a hedge fund, which purchased, among shares in dozens (if not hundreds) of other companies, a 3% interest in a company that used to make chloroquine REALLY AN UNETHICAL ATTEMPT TO BECOME A THOUSANDAIRE???

        Inquiring minds want to know. Progtards listen and believe.

  31. The interesting take that was left to the side here is found in the quote about how nobody in the press took the bait and ran with the story. It is, at its heart, the story of a skeptical press.

    Now, compare and contrast with accusations flung against “not darlings of the media”. Like, oh, let’s just pick someone at random…. Say… Brett Kavanaugh.

    Ok, not so random.

    But these allegations are not any more unserious than “attended gang rape parties … multiple times!” was in the Kavanaugh case. And those allegations didn’t meet a very skeptical reception. In fact, they were repeated for days, ad nauseam before the first serious examination began. And these were laughable allegations, equally worthy of second rate performance art.

    So, although you got the story of the two-bit huxters attempting to trade on the “#metoo” accusation fever, you missed the actual story – the story that the press can be skeptical of spurious claims of sexual abuse when they want to be. Nobody bit on this hoax. And the entire mainstream media was absolutely silent about Biden’s accuser until the NYT had an article up “debunking” the claim (by generally confirming everything that can be confirmed and then calling that “failed to confirm”).

    Yeah, I suppose pitting the story of the rabid coverage of imaginary parties with lines of young men waiting outside the bedroom door for their turn at gang-raping young women against the staid skepticism of the media in the face of accusations leveled against prominent favorites of the left like Biden or Fauci is a bit old hat. Best leave it at “Trumpster’s attempt to perpetrate fake news scam”. Don’t want to muddle the bigger picture of a couple of two-bit hustlers failing to scam the media by running a story about how the media carries water for the DNC.

    1. You’re really reaching here, Cyto. I mean, how far did you all think that bellowing “NU-UHH!” as your one and only battle-cry would take you? Reality will hit you at some point soon and you’ll then need to give out more than conspiracy theories and sorry “but, they do it too!” justifications.

      Hell, I kind of thought that libertarians (paragons of logical and rational thinking, remember) would be above doing what those evil, eeeeeevil, liberals would stoop to.

      1. Yeah, you kinda lost when you characterized his post as “… bellowing “NU-UHHH!”. Weak.

        It had content. Which you failed to address. You went with a little fact-free “argument by assertion”*, and closed with some sarcasm and hyperbole. The only thing you left out was the proggie ace up the sleeve: “Because TRUMP!”

        Not gonna convince me that your side is the one with logical and rational thinking that way.

        *-Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.”
        Hitchens’ Razor. Applicable to sooo many progtard posts over the last couple years, I memorized it.

  32. Well… she IS pretty hot. Can’t blame Fauci for trying to hit that.

  33. God, can you imagine what these fucking Trumpian assholes would be saying if someone like Amanda Marcotte falsely accused Donald Trump Jr. of assaulting a prostitute. Why the fulminating rage would be mighty, I’ll tell you that. Listen right-wingers I’m a libertarian and I’ve listened and learned from you, ok? And the one thing I’ve positively ascertained is that the absolutely, positively worst thing you can do is falsely accuse someone of sexual assault. Why the tens of cases of this every year demands that even the dreaded government do something about that. You know it’s bad then, by golly!

  34. This is leftist, lying (as usual), hypocritical (typical) “journalism” lol. You clowns believed an obviously lying Killary supporter who didn’t even know the time or place that her fabricated story took place and whose “witnesses” didn’t know what the hell she was even talking about, yet you stupid hypocrites disbelieve every inconvenient victim whose stories hold up far better than the lying Blasey-Ford lol. Democrats and libs are such ignorant, hateful, hypocritical fools LMAO!!!!

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    1. Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who utilizes it, including me. Keep up the good work. For sure i will check out more posts.

      An excellent response to a majority of Reason’s articles.

  37. If you can stomach a gaggle of callous sophisticates impugning the service and sacrifice of our nation’s male escorts, the Elizabeth Warren press conference video is truly incredible.

  38. Who are these retards?

    I have never heard any of their names, or read about any of these supposed shenanigans until I read this post.

    They are either the most inept trolls in history, or the Journolist bubble has devolved into literally nothing but recursive navel-gazing failure. Do you realize how stupid writing about these fools makes you seem? Is this just cynical clickbait?

    Seriously. Who are these people? Who ever paid them any mind? What the fuck are they doing? Who cares?

  39. Nancy who?

    FFS, Reason, this is drivel. How low are y’all trying to go?

  40. Geez, if they want something on Fauci, maybe dredge up the old accusations regarding his actions during “The AIDS Crisis”.

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  42. Why hasn’t anyone sued the asses off of Wohl and Burkman? Or have they and the wheels of justice are just turning too slow? They’re busy trying to destroy other people’s lives, why aren’t their own ruined?

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