Unemployment Claims Hit 6.6 Million. It's Officially Worse Than the Great Recession.

Plus: The feds are still targeting Juul, Call of Duty wins First Amendment lawsuit, and more...


More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 28. That's a record-breaking number of unemployment claims for the second week in a row, and way more than analysts were projecting for last week.

The actual number of claims was "more than double the estimate of 3.1 million analysts expected," points out CNBC correspondent Eamon Javers. "The American job market is in free fall."

In the two weeks ending March 28, 9.9 million people filed for unemployment benefits.

At the peak of Great Recession joblessness in 2010, "there were 7.7 million more officially unemployed people than before the downturn," noted Atlantic writer Derek Thompson."The labor market is contracting at the rate of one Great Recession per 10 days."

Before March 2020, the highest number of unemployment claims filed in a single week was 695,000.


The company behind video game Call of Duty has emerged victorious after being sued by military contractor AM General, which objected to Call of Duty's depiction of Humvees. Call of Duty parent company Activision said it was a First Amendment issue, and U.S. District Court Judge George B. Daniels agreed. "If realism is an artistic goal, then the presence in modern warfare games of vehicles employed by actual militaries undoubtedly furthers that goal," the judge wrote. "The inclusions of Humvees in the foreground or background of various scenes …are integral elements of a video game because they communicate ideas through features distinctive to the medium."


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing vape company Juul, because even in the midst of a real pandemic, bureaucrats can't stop targeting fake problems. The FTC alleges that Juul was not allowed to sell shares to tobacco company Altria and is accusing the company of violating antitrust law by letting Altria own a 35 percent share.


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  1. More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 28.

    Like breadlines, it shows a healthy economic system.

    1. Now they finally have the time to create all that wonderful poetry.

      1. Pants shit and minds lost
        Uncontrolled like a tempest
        Conquered by a cold

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    2. The market was failing by not firing them. That’s why we need shelter-in-place orders.

      1. Well, the market was failing Paul Krugman by not collapsing under Trump. Now things are better.

    3. Change Your Life Right Now! Work From Comfort Of Your Home And Receive Your First Paycheck Within A Week. No Experience Needed,CDv. No Boss Over Your Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open…
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    4. we all gotta duck when the shit hits the fan.

    5. Build the breadlines (CARES Act) and they will come…..

  2. We’re on track to become Italy soon, and the federal government’s “emergency stockpile of respirator masks, gloves and other medical supplies is running low and is nearly exhausted…”

    And supplies of pasta an all-time high.

    1. I went to the grocery store, and noticed that Barilla had a ‘buy three and win a trip to Italy’ on the side of the box. I bought two. 🙂

      1. I’m waiting for the bat soup mix and win a trip to Wuhan offer.

      2. Wow! You barely escaped a horrible death there.

  3. American states are now having to import N95 face masks from China.

    And the Chinese plan comes to fruition.

    1. I am mystified as to why Reason thinks this is a problem. That’s where we were importing them from before this all started. This is just the market at work, no?

      Free Trade is awesome, until you really need something that you can’t make yourself and everyone else wants to buy it too.

  4. The president doesn’t have constitutional authority to issue a national stay-at-home order, so please stop urging him to do so.

    Especially in a crisis, the president is our boss and our dad.

    1. Nice trolling, Amash, you fucktard. If I get busted for driving around, it won’t be the Feds, or the President doing it.

      Also: “The junior Representative from Kentucky doesn’t have constitutional authority to tell my local cops what they can and can’t do, so please just stop doing so.”

  5. Democrats and U.S. Media Star in New Chinese Propaganda Video

    The Global Times, a state-run Chinese tabloid, released a video recently highlighting various U.S. media personalities and Democratic leaders, who have pushed the Beijing-approved talking point that it is racist to refer to the virus by its country or city of origin.
    The video features CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC News’s Richard Engel. The Chinese-produced propaganda also cites failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    1. The democrats love for china is mesmerizing.

      1. Democrat pols will love whoever donates to their personal foundations. They’ve been doing it since before Tammany.

        “Me love you long time Mr. China… fifty million dollar”

    2. We stopped calling viruses by their place of origin years ago. Before this virus was first discovered in China. It’s NOT the “Chinese Flu”, it’s COVID-19, which stands for “COrona VIrus Disease 2019”.

      This has nothing to do with the Democrat Party except your fervent desire for your conspiratorial beliefs to be vindicated.

      1. Who is we? Why didn’t but get this memo? This is just SJW on steroids. Let’s ignore historical norms and tell everyone you can no longer use place names because racism. For fuck sake what is the point?

      2. You win. You’re the wokest idiot here.

      3. “We stopped calling viruses by their place of origin years ago.”

        Wasn’t the Ebola virus named after the African river near which it first appeared?

        “It’s NOT the ‘Chinese Flu’”

        Indeed, it’s not the flu at all.

        1. Not only is Ebola named after the Ebola River, but strains of the virus are named after the locations where they were first discovered: Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Bundibugyo, Ebola Tai Forest, Ebola Bombali, and Ebola Reston (yes, from Reston Virginia).

      4. Brandybuck

        Fuck off

      5. Pray tell, what did we call that camel coronavirus that created such a panic a few years ago? You know, MERS?

        Let’s see, what was it…Massive Emergency Respiratory Syndrome…Modern Economy Respiratory Syndrome…Most Execrable Respiratory Syndrome?

      6. I call it KungFlu.

      7. There’s also Lyme Disease, a name intended as an obvious racist attack on white upper middle class Connecticut residents.

      8. Oh come on Brandybuck.

        – Lyme disease was first diagnosed in Old Lyme, Connecticut and isn’t racist against Connecticans.
        – German measles isn’t racist against Germans
        – West Nile virus was named after a province in Uganda and isn’t racist against West Nilers.
        – The Ebola virus was discovered near the Ebola River and isn’t racist against Congolese
        – Rocky Mountain spotted fever doesn’t slurs Coloradans
        – Calling it Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) isn’t racist to Arabs

        The Wuhan Virus which was first discovered in Wuhan wasn’t racist against Chinese until the Chinese Communist party started its latest propaganda campaign and started paying the press to say it is.

  6. That’s our Constitution. It exists to secure our rights.

    Your right to DIE.

    1. Wait. I though it was NOT a suicide pact?

  7. Did COVID-19 Originate in a Chinese Lab? And Why Is It Crazy to Ask?

    First, the scientists confirmed what scientists around the world have said they believe: the virus mostly likely came from an animal known as the Intermediate Horseshoe Bat. There are no known colonies of this bat within 900 kilometers of Wuhan. Nor is there evidence they were sold in the Wuhan wet market, despite many claims in American media to the contrary. Interviews with almost 60 people who frequented the market confirmed there were no horseshoe bats for sale there.
    So where did the virus-carrying bats come from? The paper says this, quote: “We screened the area around the market and identified two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus.” Within a few hundred yards of the wet market was something called the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to public reports, the center used Intermediate Horseshoe Bats for research. About seven miles away was another facility, called the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The virology institute also conducted research on Intermediate Horseshoe Bats.

    And still, no one addressed the substance of the claims. The South China University paper concludes that the virus probably escaped accidentally from a lab in Wuhan. It says nothing about bioweapons. Yet the NIH, and USA Today and countless others, have devoted many thousands of words to scolding you for thinking the virus may have been a form of biological warfare. That’s a totally different claim. And it’s not accidental. One of the surest signs that people are lying to you is when they answer questions you didn’t ask. That’s exactly what the professional class is doing now, and they’re doing it on many fronts: They’re lying to you. They’re claiming to know things they don’t. They’re dismissing the obvious as impossible. They’re blaming you for their failures. The media are helping them do it. The stakes are too high to let them do this. So no matter what, stay skeptical. Remain rational. Gather your own evidence. Come to your own conclusions. At this point, you have no choice.

    1. The South China University paper concludes that the virus probably escaped accidentally from a lab in Wuhan. It says nothing about bioweapons. Yet the NIH, and USA Today and countless others, have devoted many thousands of words to scolding you for thinking the virus may have been a form of biological warfare. That’s a totally different claim. And it’s not accidental. One of the surest signs that people are lying to you is when they answer questions you didn’t ask.

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

      2. Yep. That article bandied around a week ago, that this virus couldn’t possibly be a biological weapon, ‘because we wouldn’t have built it that way if we were trying to make a bioweapon’, was answering questions no one legit was asking.

        The question is, ‘Was this thing constructed in a lab in China, and somehow got out?’ More and more evidence—like the putative virus host not being found within a few hundred km of the outbreak epicenter—is coming out, looking like the answer to that is, “Yes.”

        The 3 year US funding stop on ‘gain-of-function’ research on SARS-like coronaviruses, starting in 2014. (See, China revealing its first operational BSL-IV lab, in Wuhan, to Nature in Feb 2017. The papers in Nature Reviews discussing the creation of a modified bat coronavirus with a spike protein that could bond to human ACE2 in vitro. With the leading researcher at this Wuhan virology institute as one of the co-authors. The fact China had two accidental releases of the original SARS coronavirus from their lab near Beijing before this.

        I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in human frailty. I believe in fuckups, and attempts to cover them up after the fact. And I believe an accidental release of a laboratory chimera virus is more likely than a bat virus jumping to pangolins, thence to humans, when the bat species host in question can’t be found closer than 500 km from the epicenter. Unless you count specimens in local virology labs.

    2. I believe Jerryskids mentioned the presence of this lab right around the time that China tried to lock down Wuhan.

      It’s not like the ChiComs sacrificing a bunch of their people to cause an economic downturn in the West would be out of the question. People are little more than widgets to the government there, to be used and disposed of as required. With a billion and a half people, they don’t really have to care.

    3. >>Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

      Re-naming ceremony in June.

    4. I cannot find the article (Daily Mail IIRC) that I posted over a week ago.

      The Wuhan Biolab uses animals to test on and some employees sell the animals instead of cremating them to make extra money. If that is true, it would explain why the Chinese government does not want to be made to look like they caused this from utter carelessness.

  8. Joe Biden is calling for a delay of the Democratic National Convention, which is scheduled for mid-July.

    A few extra months to get a suitable body double.

    1. Bernie’s big chance.

      1. Cuomo is waiting in the wings.

        1. sexy in that “I’m at War” jacket

    2. The Democrats have been social(ist) distancing since 2016. Just ask Bernie.

      1. Socialist distancing focuses on the risk that your money poses to you, and so takes your money to a safe distance.

        1. I thought socialist distancing focuses on the risk that other people’s money poses to them and so the good comrades are relieving them of their health burden.

          1. Virologist, maybe you know this? What’s the latest on whether infection with SARS-nCoV2 confers immunity to subsequent challenges with the virus or not?

        2. ^^^LMAO!!! Hularious..

    3. Might as well just forfeit.

      1. Hey Lying Jeffy, who were all the people that said Dr. Fauci committed treason?

        Or were you lying when you said that?

  9. Chinese Backed Company Raids Australia’s Medical Supplies, Ships Them Back to China

    If China is using their foreign-based corporations to raid other countries for medical supplies to be shipped back to China then this should raise quite a few eyebrows about China’s claims of having the virus under control.

    1. Why are you against free markets!!! We should do nothing to China!!!!

    2. What they’re doing is buying up all these stocks, and then selling/”donating” them to other countries to make them appear magnanimous. And the test kits they’ve sent out have been mostly trash, failing at a 70% clip.

      1. Look, the free market will take care of this, pronto!

        It’s all due to Trump’s tariffs anyway. I look forward to the next Boehm article explaining how if Trump had only allowed China to take over all our key medical industries we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

  10. COVID-19 strands Chilean leftist and Castro regime supporter in socialist Cuba, pleads for help to escape

    From Cuba, Chilean actress Carolina Cox called on her government to get her off the island where she has been stranded after flights out were canceled due to the spreading of COVID-19 all over the island.

    “This is a center for infections, foreigners are constantly coming and going, there’s a plague of rats, this is a closed-down hotel,” complained the actress in a video posted on social media.

    Cox, who was participating in a workshop at the San Antonio de los Baños International School of Film and Television (EICTV) was unable to return to Chile when the Panamanian airline Copa canceled all flights due to the spreading of the virus in that country, said the Chilean outlet El Periscopio.

    “We’re trying to protect ourselves because if one of us gets coronavirus we’re not going to be able to return to our country,” she said.

    “It’s super distressing being in a country where there’s shortages of soap, toilet paper, our accounts are blocked because of the blocks on Cuba, connecting to the internet is very difficult, our credit cards don’t work [,,,] There’s people who need medicine, among us are kids, elderly, families,” she explained.

    The actress, who has been an activist promoting the protests against the government of Sebastian Piñera these past months and has declared herself a support of leftist regimes int he region, finished her message with a demand that her government do something about getting her back to Chile.

    1. This story is a true ray of sunshine.

    2. (Helicopter noises intensify.)

    3. hahaha, naw, I think not. After all, Cuba has Best Healthcare. It Is Known.

    4. Another princess in socialist paradise.

    5. Does she need Bernie to lecture her about the quality of health care she is currently receiving?

    6. Get a boat. Miami is only a few hours away.

      1. Or a 1957 Chevy

    7. My spanish isnt great, but doesnt that translate to “Saint Anthony of the bathrooms”?

      1. Well, baths. Probably some hot springs resort town.

      2. Sort of, but a more accurate one would be “Saint Anthony of the hot springs”. The town has (per the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica) mineral springs and associated baths, which made it a vacation destination for Havanans.

  11. Will the D.C. region become the next coronavirus hotspot?

    Maybe D.C.’s bubble can double as a giant ventilator.

    1. We can test the thesis that Covid can be countered by sufficient quantities of hot air!


    Another hitherto unknown skill that the media believes it possesses is logistics. “Why hasn’t Trump commanded a million ventilators to appear?!” the reporters demand. It’s pretty easy to see where they might have gotten the idea that the moment one articulates a desire to possess something that it magically appears. Capitalism has pretty much made that a reality. If you want something, you can go to a store and get it 24/7, or you can go on Amazon and it’ll be at your Manhattan apartment in 48 hours. Since they have never built anything or transported anything or distributed anything, only benefited from the labor of the unhip people who do those things, it’s only natural that the delayed adolescents who make up our media class imagine that material goods can be simply wished into being. After all, for all practical purposes during normal times, because of the efforts of Americans they look down upon, material goods pretty much can be simply wished into being. But prosperity takes work, not that the media would know.

    Rhodes scholar Racheal Maddow mocked our Navy over the idea it could sail a floating hospital up to New York, leveraging her nautical knowledge to insist it was weeks away. It took all those water army people a week. Oh, and the ground army simultaneously built a full hospital in a few days. And, amazingly, almost none of the folks doing it attended Haaaaaarvard. But hey, our media elite has contributed – it’s accomplished…uh…um…shut up, racists!

    The same people who are always telling us how smart they are and how they are morally entitled to instruct us peasants have never designed anything, engineered anything, built anything, trucked anything or assembled anything, except maybe some crappy Ikea bookcase. But they are qualified to insist that – POOF! – a bunch of N95 masks should magically appear overnight. I guess everything is easy if you don’t have to do it yourself.

    1. It’s a good time for the uninitiated to read Atlas Shrugged.

      1. Still think We the Living and The Fountainhead were better examples of objectivism as they showed not giving in to group think to enrich themselves. Basically undoes the greedy selfishness attacks of Rand.

        1. Yep. Roark’s “But I don’t think of you” can be spine-tingling.

          1. Roark was a rapist back when raping was cool. And any chick named Dominique is just asking for it.


    2. +1, Randian!

    3. “except maybe some crappy Ikea bookcase.”

      They’ve got Mexican housekeepers for that too.

    4. I served in a Combat Support Hospital. We could construct a 200 bed hospital, complete with ER, ICUs, ICWs, 2 operating rooms, 2 labs, x-ray etc in 48 hours (the standard is 96). We could start receiving patients in under 4 hours of hitting the ground. The EMT/ER rent, one ICU, one OR, one lab, X-Ray, ICW, CMS were the first things we set up and then while those were manned we would begin constructing the rest of the facility. Everything is designed for quick set up. I was actually in charge of training new recruits on setting up the TEMPERS (64 foot long, aluminum framed tents we used for wards). It took a crew of 16 about half an hour to put one together and stand it up. Then, as we were staking it out, those assigned to that ward would begin setting up the beds and equipment. We practiced all the time (as reservist we actually practiced more often then active duty CSH). Anyone who knows anything about military medicine is not at all surprised by the accomplishments the Navy and Army performed. We were trained and equipped to do this. And I understand the newer equipment is even easier to set up quickly.
      A FST team (a 24 bed Forward Surgical hospital) is even faster but less well equipped. They are designed to set up quickly and begin life saving surgery until the CSH is established. They basically work until they drop, by which time a CSH can take over and provide more extensive care. Anyone who doubts after nearly 20 years of war that the Army Medical Department hasn’t got tons of experience (albeit many of our medical facilities are pretty much established and stationary since 2004) dealing with crisis is just a moron. Army medicine has always been on the cutting edge of dealing with emergency medicine. It is what we do.

      1. Though the squids are pretty damn good at it too.

        1. Dude, Jarheads get pretty pissed off when then the Navy does not take care of them. We owe them hot chow, a ride to the war zone, some corpsmen, and medical facilities to take care of the wounded.

          Seabees are a little known faction of the US Navy that can put some facilities together.

          1. Department of the Navy, US Marine Corps. 🙂

          2. Navy Corpsman are pretty high speed, but don’t tell anyone I said so. Can’t let my branch down by praising the swabbies (or the jarheads or the chair-force).

            1. And SeaBees are impressive too. But I still prefer anyone with a 12 series MOS to get stuff done. :-).

    5. why didn’t they just put beds in the empty schools?

      1. Hotels are currently closed. They are full of beds. Nice ones.

        1. even better.

        2. Rich people aren’t using all their bedrooms. BOOM.

          Instant 4077th M.A.S.H.

    6. “Why hasn’t Trump commanded a million ventilators to appear?!”

      At the same time, Trump would have to “command” at least 100,000 Respiratory Technicians to appear to operate the machines.

      Leftists: Trump is an authoritarian who will transform this country into a dictatorship.
      Also leftists: Trump isn’t being authoritarian enough.

  13. A train operator drove his train off the tracks toward a naval hospital ship, which it barely came short of striking.

    We’re all living in a Michael Bay/Roland Emmerich collaboration now.

    1. I didn’t know trains had steering wheels.

      1. Increase speed through a turn.

        1. +1 Randy Rhoads!

    2. Countless politicians have driven the economy off the tracks and nobody says boo.

    3. “Ships of Fools.” In the style of the Middle Ages.

    4. $80+ Billion dollars later, and this is the most high speed rail California’s ever seen!

    5. I mean the ship has a huge red “+” on it.


  14. The driver, Eduardo Moreno, allegedly told the FBI he had done it because he thought the ship had a secret nefarious purpose related to COVID-19.

    I wouldn’t put it past Trump.

  15. People are inexplicably still booking new cruise ship vacations.

    Voyage of the damned if I can figure it out.

    1. Trying to avoid the death tax by spending their last days in international waters?

    2. Well, there has to be a morning after.

    3. I’m sure there are deals abound.

    4. People like me in their upper 20s and younger don’t have to really worry about dying if we catch this, and some of the deals they’re giving are crazy. One of my buddies got an offer for a free cruise. I can see plenty of folks, especially folks going stir crazy, getting on a cruise that they usually wouldn’t be able to afford, especially if their job doesn’t have them working for the next month or so.

      Not saying its the brightest idea, but I understand the appeal.

      1. Cruises are notorious for being petri dishes to begin with.

      2. beware the rota and norovirusi

      3. Exactly. Reason is always fetishizing the Wisdom of the Market; why is this any different?

        People are seeing cruises as being incredibly cheap, they are comparing the price and relative risk to their own perceived risk factors, and then saying “why not”?

        For a magazine and a movement whose main raison d’etre is to allow adults to consume potentially lethal chemicals for their own pleasure, criticizing people for choosing to go on a cheap cruise during a pandemic is bizarre.

  16. Biden Says He Will Provide ‘a Roadmap to Citizenship for Nearly 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants’

    “Biden will immediately begin working with Congress to modernize our system, with a priority on keeping families together by providing a roadmap to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants,” says the immigration plan Biden has posted on his campaign website.

    1. What about the other 10-15 million?

    2. A “roadmap” instead of a “navigation app”? Joe really is stuck in the past.

  17. More than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 28.

    Fucking state governments and the media. Treacherous hysterics causing our economy to slam on the brakes.

    1. Font forget the free 600 a week on top of normal unemployment.

      1. *Cue Yogi Berra
        “If you get sick and miss work, you get paid to miss work.”

  18. …sued by military contractor AM General, which objected to Call of Duty’s depiction of Humvees.

    The game showed the vehicles too well up-armored.

    1. Yes, how can I help you?

  19. It’s come to this: Liberal San Francisco Bay Area bans reusable grocery bags

    HAHAHA. Any Americans who votes for Democrats is a fucking moron.

    First they ban paper grocery bags. Then they ban plastic grocery bags. Then they ban reusable grocery bags…..


    1. hahaa, thanks for the laugh.

    2. Online juggling classes show 10,000 percent increased enrollment…

    3. The good news is that soon there won’t be any groceries nor money with which to buy them.

      1. There will be lots of money. It just won’t have any value.

        1. Just in time for us to run out of T.P.

          I wiped my ass with a $50 one time and paid a government fine with it. I almost fell on the floor laughing in front of the court clerk.

        2. Not if the whole country is fuloughed

  20. Cruise bookings are on the rise for 2021 despite coronavirus

    You mean Americans are looking for market deals even with this KungFlu virus that will kill 100 million Americans tomorrow?

  21. California engineer derails train over suspicion about coronavirus aid ship USNS Mercy, feds say

    “Moreno stated that he thought that the U.S.N.S. Mercy was suspicious and did not believe ‘the ship is what they say it’s for,’” according to the criminal affidavit.

    Moreno expressed concerns to authorities that the ship had an alternate purpose than to assist with COVID-19 and was potentially linked to a government takeover and he derailed the train to “wake people up.”

    I mean he’s partly correct just he should have don something when his Commifornia state government decided that hysterical lock downs for a cough due to cold was constitutional.

  22. I always wondered: When Treasonous Lefties nuke our economy and America devolves into Civil War 2.0, how do the Lefties in cities expect to get coffee?

    1. Via delicious food trucks.

    2. They’ll share the beans they grow on their windowsills.

  23. Fed Temporarily Eases Capital Requirements for Big Banks

    Doh! Pull your cash out of banks, folks. Buy gold and silver. This won’t end well.

  24. Democrats continuing to exploit the crisis to get what they want

    Newsome also had loathsome interview yesterdaying talking about using the crisis to push liberal policy goals, explains attempted retraction of 2nd amendment in california.

    1. 6 million people will now apply for those amazon jobs.

    2. Effective Thursday evening, the governor of California has ordered all 40 million residents to stay at home.

      “A state as large as ours, a nation state, is many parts,” Newsom announced at a news conference on Thursday.

      1. Kind of weird Amash limited his tweet to just Trump.

      2. A nation state? They’re seceding?

        (Does a quick check . . .)

        Okay, with California’s delegation out, the Republicans now have a majority in the House.

        1. +100

  25. JHU Sick map

    Worldwide 956,588 confirmed cases of Wuhanvirus. 48,583 deaths and 202,728 recovered.

    USA 216,722 confirmed cases of KungFlu. 5,137 deaths and 8,672 recovered.

    2017-18 Influenza had 45 million infected. 79,000 American deaths.

  26. Democratic governor Whitman finally does something not entirely stupid. Unbans chloroquine as a medicine. Granted she did the ban in the first place to get Trump.

    1. Now Whitman says “ Why isn’t Trump sending us chloroquine“?

    2. I live in Michigan. She was complaining about lack of help from Trump during her Covid briefings for about a week…before applying for FIMA relief.

      I also heard a rumor, which I have not been able to confirm anywhere so I have no idea if it’s true, that an ex Republican state congressman was able to get a bunch of masks that he tried to donate to the state that she refused.

      She’s gonna be the VP nominee. Unless she is shown to have fucked up. Then again if the media covers for her long enough, she might get it anyway.

  27. The left also continues to gaslight America, pretending they knew about covid back in January… you know when they were impeaching trump, calling him racist for restricting travel from china, and tearing up his Sotu speech that mentioned a needed covid response.

    1. None of these galaxy-brains were talking about it at all until after Wuhan got locked down. Now they’re trying to re-write history and act as if everyone saw this coming.

      1. The internet is so great. All these Lefty liars cannot hide what they said and did because its forever searchable.

    2. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      I remember non-stop articles from unreason trying to assist in the coup of Trump. Impeachment was the only topic of the day.

  28. China Chases Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s Riches

    I hope that China does not think that they can use biological weapons on the USA and get away scott free.

    1. They were just social distancing.

    2. What do you think should happen to China?

      1. I would condone an act of war by the congress tbh

      2. Do what they do to other nations. Ram their planes and ships. Send US subs to sink Chinese warships in the territorial waters of non-Chinese nations.

        China is not ready for war, so show them what war would be be like right now.

        If the Wuhanvirus is a biological attack after all, then turn China into glass.

  29. Cape Cod Residents Petition To Close Bridges During Coronavirus Pandemic

    Uh-oh, the national Lefty Narrative that all the Sheeple are staying in their homes was lost on local news outlets.

    1. Poor old people. They just cannot convince younger Americans via hysteria.

    2. Love knows no borders.

    3. I guess they never heard of boats?

  30. Some people have to wait until after we get 6.6 million unemployed in a week before they oppose government mandated lock-downs.

    The governor of California making it against the law for a business to open and people to go to work–ahead of a recession–is the stupidest thing I’ve even seen a politician do.

    The only thing that would be stupider would be for Gavin Newsom to make it against the law for particularly vulnerable people to isolate themselves, but making it against the law for people who don’t consider themselves to be particularly vulnerable to go to work is right up there with that.

    There is a day coming when California will seek a federal bailout, and the rest of the country should just say no. Sacramento’s problems are of their own making–with their outrageous pension benefits at the state level being particularly indefensible. Compound that by the governor’s willful decision to make it illegal for taxpaying businesses to open and generate sales taxes, payroll taxes, and for businesses to generate revenue to pay their property taxes, and bailing out California for the decisions of California’s elected representatives is wrong.

    If you didn’t get to vote in California’s elections, you shouldn’t have to compensate them for the bad decisions of their elected leaders.

    No taxation without representation!

    1. Just keep telling yourself “We’re all in this together.”

      1. #flattenthecurve. Basically anybody who is still for this shutdown is still collecting paychecks.

        1. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          I still make money either way and I think the lockdowns are unconstitutional and the worst plan to date.

    2. It’s like you’re never heard of a Florida hurricane. The red states are constantly requesting and relying upon blue state assistance.

      1. Sure we love getting you leftie blue staters to pay for shit. And you suckers keep doing it. We can pay for it just fine, but fuck you that’s why.

      2. “It’s like you’re never heard of a Florida hurricane.”

        How is a hurricane different from elected politicians choosing not to address our outrageous pension obligations and choosing to make it illegal to open for business?

        The answer is that one of them involves nobody’s choices whatsoever, and the other is 100% a result of politicians’ policy choices and the people who vote for them.

        1. It’s like you can’t tell the difference between being shot by a burglar and purposely shooting yourself in the foot.

      3. Considering the hardest-hit places in these states are typically Blue areas, you should be happy to contribute to your fellow tribesmen, Pod-licker.

        1. We also shouldn’t forget the howls of protest coming from California and New York because we took away the ability of their taxpayers to write their state income taxes off of their federal income taxes.

          American taxpayers have been paying more in taxes to make up for all the taxes New Yorkers and my fellow Californians have been writing off to pay to their states for years.

          Since they’re both basically one-party states, I’m glad that there’s finally some political pressure to cut spending taxes in California, but before Trump and the Republicans pushed that through, both Sacramento and Albany were basically funding their pension systems with outrageous benefits at the expense of federal taxpayers in other states.

          It’s appalling that they can still write off $10,000.

      4. Do you mean New York an jersey? Or the blue areas of florida like miami? Maybe the blue city of new Orleans? Oh wait, the blue government of houston? Or maybe you meant blue state california wildfires.

      5. Is Florida really red? More like purple. But you want so badly to feel superior. Too funny.

        1. Florida is run by Republicans who are tolerable to the Blue staters who flood the state throughout the year, including election time.

    3. But what would we do without coastal California? Who would make inane movie sequels and smart phone apps that tell us when its time to stand up?

  31. Extremists see global chaos from virus as an opportunity

    More like Extremists caused global chaos to make an opportunity.

  32. Finland Is Told Its Welfare State Can’t Cope With Virus Fallout

    I am sure that their new 15 year old Prime Minister will fix everything.

  33. I’ve long been of the opinion that protecting the health of the American people was a matter of national security. I didn’t exactly have a pandemic in mind. But people die from preventable, treatable diseases every day in this country not much unlike dying from an infectious disease. This country should prioritize treating and preventing disease in the same manner we prioritize the military. We can’t have a vibrant economy if people are sick.

    1. We can’t have a vibrant economy if people are stuck in their houses.

      1. And they wouldn’t be if we had taken the threat of a pandemic more seriously and taken more proactive measures.

        1. Like racist travel bans?

          1. Trump and other rightwingers were playing games just like you’re doing right now. You fuckers are clowns. Trump is king clown. It’s all surface level with you fuckers.

            1. You’re fucking ignorant.

            2. So what’s Europe’s excuse, OG/Pod?

              You and your entire family deserve BatAIDS.

            3. Good job dodging the question.

            4. It’s all surface level with you fuckers.

              Can we put you 6 feet under the surface?

        2. Proactive like using the CDC to ban guns and focusing on sex changes?

          1. And trannies and if liberals hadn’t started the war on Christmas Trump wouldn’t have been distracted in December! You’re a fucking joke. You can’t even parody a rightwinger these days.

            1. Another bullshit dodge. You’re making an ass of yourself right now.

          2. Vaping! OMG You forgot about the vaping!

            1. Liberals are people too. It’s a human problem.

              1. It’s a human problem.

                We should ban them.

                1. Problems?

    2. You should see how much we pay for medicare and Medicaid you ignorant fuck. It dwarfs military spending.

      1. Because we don’t act proactively and by the time we get involved people are already chronically ill. I think if we did more sooner we would pay less later and overall. You Republicans are so resistant to helping people until it’s a disaster and then you all turn into socialists.

        1. And we have all the firearms. So chew on that leftie.

        2. So we can add chronically ill to the list of phrases you don’t know the meaning of.

          1. He knows the meaning, he misuses it purposefully. We have been witness to the rise of the Leviathan, the Socialist-Marxist-Progressive agenda, and now it slowly rolls over to show it’s disgusting deathly-pale underbelly. PROACTIVE is code for: more abortions, kill the unfit at birth, and invoke measures to achieve negative population growth. The proles who have managed to be born can be educated or legislated into conformity and convinced to sacrifice the kulaks.

            They are exalted at the idea of pandemic. To the proggie-climate cultist it is the glorious wrath of Mother Earth. They are inevitable.

        3. Because we don’t act proactively and by the time we get involved people are already chronically ill.

          Most of the nation’s health problems are due to obesity, smoking, and drinking. Doctors can tell people all day long not to shove fried meats, snack cakes, and beer down their gullet or smoke like a chimney, but they can’t force them to stop.

          1. Yeah but right wingers have made it socially unacceptable to tell fat people they are unhealthy.

            1. Body shaming is a term used by the left.

              Right wingers just believe its your own business if you want to be overweight as long as the left doesn’t force them to pay for it.

              1. I was being facetious.

        4. If only we had a government agency that would do precisely this. We need to create one, some sort of center that is tasked with controlling diseases.

    3. >>protecting the health of the American people was a matter of national security

      ban cookies. and McDonalds.

    4. Throw MAGA into the Woodchipper
      April.2.2020 at 10:08 am
      “I’ve long been of the opinion that protecting the health of the American people was a matter of national security.”


      1. He appears to have gotten jealous of Lying Jeffy being the Chief Liar and wants to give him a run.

  34. Last night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) indulged in a little conspiracy-mongering about Chinese students and studies on U.S. campuses.

    So… read the link and Hawley is talking about the Confusious Cebters which have a fairly open goal of spreading Chinese government propaganda. What conspiracy are you claiming was made?

    1. Conspiracy Theories in modern Proggy NewSpeak are actual accounts of what has happened and is happening

    2. It’s a new rule, evidently, that every roundup have at least one easily refuted lie.

  35. The Senator Who Saw the Coronavirus Coming

    If only Lefties had not fought Trump’s policy of limiting non-American travel for reasons of risk. If only.

  36. People are inexplicably still booking new cruise ship vacations.

    Because tickets are cheap right now. This isnt inexplicable at all.

    1. Why would they not? The boats will be sanitized and spanking clean.

      1. And by 2021, everyone on board will be 55 or younger because everyone else will be dead.

  37. Louisiana church packed for services again despite charges against pastor amid pandemic

    Fuck the government and their hysterical unconstitutional orders.

    1. A few protesters turned out, too, including a man shouting through a bullhorn against those gathering at the Life Tabernacle Church in the city of Central, where pastor Tony Spell has been holding services. Another demonstrator held up a sign reading: “God don’t like stupid.”

      I’m beginning to think maybe we should’ve aimed for 2.2M dead.

      1. In reality, for a Christian who truly believes their religion and isn’t just an “Easter” or “Christmas Christian,” the question of whether they’ll die from BatAIDS is irrelevant. Ultimately, they’re going to die of something at some point, with the promise of a greater reward in the afterlife. They have something better to look forward to.

        I suspect a lot of the heartburn over this is because people are afraid they’ll be put in the ground and that’s it.

        1. The people believing the lying media hysterics really do sounds scared to me.

          They just seem to repeat the same thing. That they are scared to get the virus and die.

          Eating your weight in fried foods and dying of a heart attack- no prob.
          Getting killed by psycho government agents arresting people at wedding for violating curfew- no prob.

    2. Who wants to die alone?

  38. Why is New Orleans’ coronavirus death rate 7 times New York’s? Obesity is a factor

    Wait WAIT wait. I was assured yesterday by unreason sock trolls that the only deaths are Wuhanvirus deaths.

  39. People are visiting graveyards during coronavirus lockdown because parks are too crowded

    You mean Americans are defying government orders? Shocking I tell you, shocking!

    1. Or are they just picking out a spot?

      1. It can be both: “Hey honey, let’s take our walk in the cemetery today and pick out a nice spot in case we get infected.” Win-win.

    2. Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns

      The Socialists of the USSR would have been proud of the snitching.

      1. See something, say something.

        1. Snitch something, get cut like a bitch… something.

  40. Just plotting the points from the CDC, and you see that the coronavirus curve is no longer exponential. Of course, because this is not gloom and doom and omigodweallgonnadie, you don’t see graphs like this presented anywhere in the media.

    This is CDC’s output of “total cases”. It is not necessarily accurate, after the hash they made of the testing; total deaths would be a better graph. A conspiracy nut could conclude the change is because, maybe only enough tests to produce 20K new positives are produced each day, or the CDC is deliberately putting out false data. But it starts 4-7 days after the onset of social distancing being taken seriously, and if the numbers are right, shows that we have actually made a difference in the spread of this virus.

    1. No pandemic curve is exponential no matter what JFree says.

      1. Those jobless claims sure are.

    2. Deaths are still doubling every three days. Probably a better metric for assessing this thing’s spread, given difficulties in testing the population. Lags about two-three weeks from the new cases data. Hopefully it will stop doubling soon.

      Over a thousand new deaths yesterday alone. Ironically so far, AIUI, total deaths per day are down from where they should be. Guess it’s all the driving that people are not doing.

      1. we are 5 days behind in testing results. Who the fuck knows with the deaths.

        1. I’m fairly confident that they’re testing morts at this point for Covid. Even basket cases like Queens and New Orleans. Back in January? Not so much.

          Be nice if we could get that Ab test already, and start sampling to figure out just how many people have already had this damned thing.

          1. Best data on U.S. infections/deaths is here

            Rate of (measured) death growth will naturally lag rate of (measured) infection growth. Deaths do appear to be at a 3-days-to-double pace, but infection growth is moderating.

            Know what I keep looking at? The graphs for cases in the 2002-03 SARS epidemic. April was the heaviest month, with daily cases continuing to grow. The heavy fade came right at the beginning of May. This will be the same.

            1. “Know what I keep looking at? The graphs for cases in the 2002-03 SARS epidemic. April was the heaviest month, with daily cases continuing to grow. The heavy fade came right at the beginning of May. This will be the same.”

              The guy whose modeling I trust the most on this says the same thing: decline in deaths starting in early May. Not using SARS historic data at all, just a simple SIRS epidemiological model. It’s eerie how well such a simple model’s been tracking deaths per day for the US.

              A decline in deaths in early May would be great. Getting to early May might be a real bitch though.

              1. The IHME model (Chris Murphy) indicated that as well, assuming Americans assiduously follow the 30-days to slow the spread CDC guidelines. Are they? Maybe in the burbs, not so much in some urban areas.

  41. Ex-Obama adviser Plouffe predicts ‘historic’ turnout for Trump, says Biden now at a disadvantage

    More and more Americans are flocking to Trump’s great leadership as the best President in US History, in spite of Lefty attempts to destroy the USA.

    1. Wouldn’t it be one of the greatest things ever if the democrats’ evil, wicked attempt to win by intentionally wrecking the economy totally backfired on them? I think a lot of people can see right through their shenanigans.

    2. Certainly this has put a damper on the Biden’s victory tour, and any narrative the Dems were planning on building leading up to the election. The ball is in Trump’s court now- even if most of the media hates him and thinks everything he says is wrong, he’s the only one on TV and in the spotlight. And with the talk of pushing the convention back, that gives Biden even less time to be THE official candidate. And remember Bernie Sanders- what ever happened to that guy? Someone should probably do a welfare check.

  42. EMTs have stopped taking people in cardiac arrest to coronavirus-strained hospitals

    Well, as long as this Wuhanvirus hysteria has no real consequences.

    1. I think taking them to the hospital to keep pounding on them has a 2-5% success rate, in any case. Anyone know better?

  43. I might be wrong but I wonder if the economic devastation caused by the virus and exacerbated by the Trump administration’s epic incompetence will be like a wild fire and in the long make way for the growth of a newer more vibrant economy?

    1. No.

    2. You are always wrong.

    3. Or, it could be exacerbated by the concerted stupidity of lefty fucking ignoramuses like you.

      1. Shut down. Weird autocorrect.

        1. This should be a response to my comment.

    4. Pretty sure it was the Democratic governor here in Michigan that shit down most of the state.

      But you’re a dishonest partisan piece of shit, so that’s still Trumps fault.

  44. Georgia senator recovering from COVID-19 at Florida beach house flees after local outrage

    “He said as long as I was going to waste resources outside his house he was going home,” Mr. Smith recounted. “He said otherwise he ‘would hunker down here,’ like I was wasting my time. I don’t think I was wasting resources; I’m trying to protect my constituents as we’re one of the few counties that doesn’t have coronavirus and we would like to keep it that way.”

    If you want police to do their jobs, get released from a hospital after having KungFlu. They put a cop right there to protect arrest you.

  45. Military memo from 2017 warned of pandemic’s impact on combat readiness and risk of war

    Remember when Trump wanted more money for the military because he said Obama had weakened the US Military? Not that the requested money would only be used for this mission but Congress had to pass more welfare and pork for special interests.

    I hope Trump hammers home all these reasons why Lefties and their Democrat Propagandists in the MSM truly are a direct threat to America’s well-being.

  46. Who didn’t see this coming? If any economist or reporter is surprised by the jobless claims they should be fired or laid off immediately because they are dumbasses who shouldn’t be listened to.

  47. 6 Bay Area counties extend stay-at-home order through May 3, impose new restrictions

    So Commifornia has a scam to prevent their infection numbers from going up- they are not testing as many voluntary testees as possible to even see how many are infected.

    Try calling a Commifornia hospital and describe your symptoms as cough, fever, and shortness of breath. The ER will ask if you can go to your physician. Call your doctors and give those symptoms. Your doctor will tell you to self-quarantine.

    FEW AMERICANS ARE BEING TESTED to keep the total infection numbers low and make the death rates seem higher.

    1. Not to mention the CDC only has “recovered” and “dead” as possible outcomes. If I get hit by a bus an hour after my positive test, guess which bin I go into?

      I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed the recent shift from “Corona deaths” to “Corona-related deaths”, which as anybody who follows DUI stats knows are not the same thing.

      1. True, but on the flip side of that, if they didn’t change the metric, there’d be a bunch of people yammering on about how the patient ‘didn’t reallllly die of Covid; he died from pneumonia. Or of asphyxiation. Or a cardiac episode (which may or may not have been due to the patient’s oxygen saturation being in the 60s at the time…)

        See ‘bro! Totally not as rough as the flu!

        You’re definitely right in how alcohol-related deaths statistics get perverted.

        1. And yet, you don’t see the similarities.

        2. Yes, and in the middle is the truth: Death due to complications from corona.

          Nearly 9,000 people EVERY DAY die in the US. Testing has shown roughly 10% of the population as having COVID in our small sample size. Therefore even just randomly we’d expect about 900 people WITH COVID to die every day. What we’re actually interested in is how many of them died due to the disease.

          1. Closer to 8,000, but go on. Been going up for the last few years as the population gets older. And Covid is killing a lot of those people who might’ve died anyway. And it’s not really a threat for those under, say, 50, anecdotes aside that don’t exceed in frequency similar cases from influenza.

            Still, deaths per day related to this are doubling every three days. Look at it this way: by about the 15th of this month, either we’ll all laugh at people who were scared, or we’ll be looking at about (checks model output) about 20 k dead per day from this bitch. We’ll see. I hope that HCQ/Zith/Zn works. I hope Remsdevir (spelling) works, and can be made in sufficient numbers.

            I’ve said from the beginning of this that even if the death toll got into the 1-2 million I was fearing, that the economic effects from massive quarantines would be worse. Quarantines are for the sick and the vulnerable. Not for most people.

            1. Closer to 8,000, but go on.
              Could be 8,000 daily over the course of the year but the chart looked at showed 9,000 during the “flu” months. Regardless, the thinking remains the same: People who die while having COVID may not die BECAUSE of the virus. Muddying the waters with “covid-related” deaths that might not be covid-related at all just extends the panic. (Much like the 21 year old in the UK that died of a heart attack but was claimed as a covid victim)

              The virus is going to kill who it’s going to kill and there’s nothing we can do about that. We already know it’s impossible to save everybody, flattening the curve is just about preserving the health care system. The one that has been artificially restricted via collusion between congress and the AMA, I might add.

            2. And look at the million of Americans who were obviously exposed to Wuhanvirus and never got a serious case of it.

              We know this because of “how contagious Wuhanvirus is”. Either KungFlu is highly contagious or it is not. IF it is highly contagious then all those infected people infected 2-5 other people easily.

              Then we come to the fact that out of millions of Americans exposed only a few hundred per day are dying.

  48. Care to add just the tiniest bit of context to that 6.6 million unemployed number ENB? how many are net gains in states that have forcibly shut down their economies?

    Guess nuance doesn’t apply when it doesn’work in the leftists favor or help the OMB narrative.

  49. “We came upon some intelligence some time ago that the drug cartels as a result of COVID-19 were gonna try to take advantage of the situation and try to infiltrate additional drugs into our country,” Milley remarked. “As we know, 70,000 Americans die on an average annual basis to drugs. That’s unacceptable. We’re at war with COVID-19, we’re at war with terrorists, and we are at war with the drug cartels, as well.”

    A renewed war on drugs during a pandemic? That’s weird.

    1. I had thought the street prices of a lot of drugs were skyrocketing, due to China being unable to supply as much of the raw ingredients as before? Which should do wonders for the crime rate…

    2. We only want people to die of COVID.

  50. My neighbor is a nurse in hospital, somebody died last weekend because he couldn’t get a stint due to the fact the state has deemed elective surgery nonessential. At their hospital they’ve had two death in one month due to corona and at least one death in two weeks due elective surgeries being cancelled.

    1. My sister run a hospital lab. The hospital had one case of KungFlu and the ER sent them home because they were not sick enough to be admitted.

      The hospital told her and 5 of her employees to take 3 days off as vacation.

      Yup. Hospital in Commifornia who had no inpatient cases of Kungflu and are sending medical staff home for days.

  51. While it might not sound like much, that COD lawsuit is actually a really big deal from an IP perspective.

    Over the past several years, gun manufacturers have become increasingly aware of how popular FPS games are. They also know that there are a lot of games that aim to be more realistic or even simulators, like ARMA. In the past, these games featured all the real gun names. This wasn’t an issue because publishers signed licensing agreements with gun manufacturers. However, now that video games are covered by 1A as artistic expression, publishers don’t feel they need licenses anymore. They’ve been correct thus far, but some gun manufacturers still threaten to sue. Publishers still work with copyrighted material and use licensing agreements. As a result, many games have a mixture of both real and fake gun names. Sometimes the guns will look identical to their real counterparts, but have a slightly different name. The most recent game to do this is COD:MW.

    Do the names really matter? No, but it’s interesting how courts have continued to rule that IP doesn’t give you a blank check to decide how everyone uses your material.

    1. Can they bring back NCAA Football?

  52. Journalists love numbers, but never seem to be able to do math. The EU have a stated population of 446 million. The US probably have 330 million, a ratio of 0.74. There are, as of today, 33,099 coronavirus deaths in the EU and 5,138 in the US.
    Using the population ratios to make a fair comparison (otherwise the headlines could say we passed Andorra long ago) the US should have reached 24, 500 dead today to be even with the EU. Instead, we are about one-fifth the dead as a percentage of the population.
    It might also be noted that almost all of the EU countries have government healthcare.

    1. The experience of Italy, Spain, and it looks like the UK now, should in a perfect world bury the idea that nationalized healthcare provides good outcomes for most people.

    2. We can’t allow this “death gap” to continue.

  53. Oregon’s leadership apparently feels that now is the perfect time for climate change related executive orders. Even if those orders enact legislation that was tabled in the prior legislative session:

    Just plain evil.

    1. Holy shit, even the Oregonians are going to riot over this one.

    2. That bitch is a great argument for why Portland and Eugene should be nuked.

      1. You seem exceptionally cranky. Finally recognize that you spend your entire life complying obsequiously with the preferences of our betters because anti-social right-wing malcontents got stomped in the culture war?

        Look at the bright side. Your pain will ease when you are replaced. By your betters.

        1. It’s hilarious you don’t even change up your wording. The “right wing” people of Oregon told Brown to pound sand, and now she’s invoking the “Fuck you, that’s why” clause to overrule them.

          Is that what winning looks like in your world? Fuck you, that’s why?

          1. >>>Is that what winning looks like in your world? Fuck you, that’s why?

            seems it’s his entire gig.

        2. Open wide, hicklib, BatAIDS and a ventilator are about to shoved down your throat. Sideways.

        3. “Malcontents”? Ok, boomer.

  54. “Unemployment Claims Hit 6.6 Million. It’s Officially Worse Than the Great Recession.”

    But if it saves just one life, right, Hihn?

  55. *A train operator drove his train off the tracks toward a naval hospital ship, which it barely came short of striking.*

    I thought they removed the steering wheels from trains after the 1880s?

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