The Pandemic Has Become One More Issue for Americans To Fight Over

Americans will survive the virus, but American political life is sicker than ever.


Difficult circumstances are said to bring people together. But, if anything, COVID-19 has widened political and cultural fracture lines in the U.S., giving us more to fight over and less reason to trust each other in times to come.

In an election year dominated by two worn-out, mutually loathing legacy political parties, there's no reason to think any of these tensions will be resolved by the outcome of the vote.

Sorted by culture, lifestyle, and political affiliation into two dominant tribes"red" Republicans and "blue" Democratsmost Americans have declining contact with those outside their own camp, less in common with those who live differently, and slumping opinions of one another to match. Urban and suburban blues disdain those who don't share their values, politics, and way of life, and rural and exurban reds return the sentiment.

Last year, U.S. News & World Report pointed out that "Democrats and Republicans don't just disagree, they hate each other." Sad to say, the polling bears that out.

As of last fall, 80 percent of Democrats described the Republican Party as controlled by racists, according to Public Religion Research Institute polling. A similar percentage of Republicans see the Democratic Party as controlled by socialists.

Half of surveyed Democrats and Republicans alike consider each other "ignorant" and "spiteful" Axios found. More strongly, 21 percent of Democrats said Republicans were "evil," and 23 percent of Republicans said the same about Democrats.

Worse, 18 percent of Democrats and 13 percent of Republicans said that "violence would be justified" if the opposing party wins the 2020 presidential election, according to Nathan P. Kalmoe and Lilliana Mason, political scientists at Louisiana State University and the University of Maryland. But the prospect of themselves winning the election actually increased support for violence. And that's before Americans started arguing over the seriousness of COVID-19 and the proper way to handle the pandemic.

Now, we know the disease is just one more thing for us to argue about.

A working paper by economists from Stanford, Harvard, and New York University finds "substantial gaps between Republicans and Democrats in beliefs about the severity of COVID-19 and the importance of social distancing." Specifically, "Democrats were consistently more concerned than Republicans about the spread of coronavirus." The authors link the difference of opinion to the concentration of Democrats in densely populated urban areas, while Republicans tend to live in more lightly settled communities. That squares with other polling finding an urban/rural divide in experiences of the pandemic.

Democrats and Republicans also disagree over whether the worst is over, and over the wisdom of restrictive lockdown orders. Kaiser Family Foundation finds that "four in ten Republicans (38%) say such orders do more harm than good," compared to five percent of Democrats.

So it's no surprise that the resulting protests against stay-at-home orders around the country have become yet another partisan flashpoint setting Team Red against Team Blue. Participants who want to return to something resembling normal life, including making a living, are tagged as "covidiots," while their opponents who prefer extended mandatory social-distancing efforts to battle contagion are charged with "pandemic panic."

"Controversy over lockdowns has drawn people on both sides to demonize one another," writes Arnold Kling, who in 2017 authored The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides. "In Demonization Mode, we divide the world into people trying to do good and people trying to do evil, and we characterize those with whom we disagree as trying to do evil."

And the thing about evil people is that you really don't want to be under their control. Losing an election to somebody you disagree with on a few issues is disappointing. Being defeated by evil, though, is a threat to your very existence.

Politicians, being the creatures they are, have done their best to fulfill all of the fears of their enemies.

President Donald Trump, by his own admission, advised Vice President Mike Pence to ignore calls for help from Democratic governors who criticize administration pandemic efforts.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to steal ventilators from hospitals located in upstate counties where voters tend to oppose him and deliver them to New York City and its suburbs, where his supporters are concentrated.

Come November, in elections across the U.S., the partisans of one side or the other will lose to opponents they increasingly see as evil, ignorant, and spiteful. They will have to concede power to people they consider wrong on every important issue, including the response to COVID-19. And they will contemplate the prospect of continuing to be governed by people they know return the contempt, and who they've recently watched abuse position and authority to punish enemies and reward friends. Forget coming togetherAmericans will be more resentful of each other than ever.

To give those who say disaster brings us together their due, that may be true for discrete events.

"It may be that 'acute' stress, i.e. a one-time stressful experience may lead to social bonding, as shown in the study, but that 'chronic' stress, i.e. repeated exposure to stress over a long period, might wear us out," wrote Emma Seppala of Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education in Scientific American.

America's division into hostile factions isn't a recent occurrence; the fractures have been deepening and the disagreements growing more bitter for years. This year, instead of being a one-off crisis, the pandemic became a continuation of an ongoing conflict. That's as "chronic" as it gets, and there's nothing to suggest that the stress is going away anytime soon.

The United States, write Thomas Carothers and Andrew O'Donohue for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is one of several politically divided countries where "the pandemic has amplified the already dangerous effects of polarization, with serious ramifications for public health, democratic governance, and social cohesion."

Americans will survive and overcome the pandemic, as they have so many other challenges in the past. Whether they can continue to put up with each other isn't so certain.

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  1. //But, if anything, COVID-19 has widened political and cultural fracture lines in the U.S., giving us more to fight over and less reason to trust each other in times to come.//

    It has sharpened the divide between authoritarians, and people who prefer to maintain their civil rights and freedoms even if doing so comes with marginal risks to one’s health.

    And, one side of this divide is very clearly wrong.

    1. Between the Aborto-Freak Bible-Beating conservatives and the lockdown stay-at-home for everyone’s sake progressives which side is “wrong”?

      1. The progressives.

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        2. I’m inclined to think that they’re both wrong, to a certain degree, but the Aborto-Freak Bible-beating ultra-rightwing conservatives are even more wrong.

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          2. Nothing is more evil than a progressive. Look at the hundreds of millions of people they’ve slaughtered globally.

      2. Over the past few years the Republicans have remained center right but the Democrats have lurched hard to the left, crazy totalitarian commie bring back the gulags left. They both suck but the Dems are completely out of control.

        1. Bernie and Liz aren’t “the Democrats”. They lost big if you didn’t notice – to an old uninspiring generic liberal with no money.

          Obama was a deficit cutting, tax cutting, free trade POTUS and look at the Bag of Shit the GOP put in. WE HAVE A $3.7 TRILLION DEFICIT!!!! It double BEFORE the virus.

          The fucking GOP is the insane party. Democrats are just pussies.

          1. Well, I got some news for ya – –
            Bernie hasn’t lost yet, let alone lost big. Remember, he did not ‘really’ drop out, he just quit campaigning. He will have the most delegates if ol’ Joe get the actual #metoo treatment.
            And don’t count Lizzie out either, she is still a woman, and that counts for a lot to that crowd.

            1. Nonsense. If old Joe keeled over this week his delegates would be released and would vote for the next moderate in the pile. Bernie is hated by 70% of Dem voters and nearly all the super delegates.

              The rank and file liberal capitalist that make up most STEM workers and Valley types want another Obama or Bill Clinton.

              The Emo-Progs are in fact nuts like you say but they never win nationally.

          2. I didn’t mention them. What a weird response.

            1. “hard to the left,”

              Yes, you did – just not by name.

              1. Now you’re putting words in my mouth.

                1. Bernie and Liz are not the “hard to the left” ones?

                  I know that in the Wingnut.Com handbook you’re supposed to depict even a Warren Buffett as a socialist but that won’t fly with me.

                  1. You are arguing with yourself.

                    1. “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.”

                      Just let him argue away with himself. Mind find him hanging by his neck with his shriveled pecker in his hand at some point.

                  2. Have you heard of AOC? Antifa?

          3. Holy shit you’re fucking ignorant. Obama didnt cut shit. His budget requests exploded spending.

            Fucking take a civics course.

            1. He’s more focused on fucking eight year old children when he isn’t focused on progressive fan fiction.

        2. Ummm. No. The left policy proposals are ones that have long been adopted in most of the developed world (such as universal health care, better workers rights, better social programs, lower cost college). It is the left that is taking extreme views (no abortion at all, tax cuts for the rich while less help for the poor, less environmental protections, less workers rights).

          1. Fuck off Kirkland.

          2. “… The left policy proposals are ones that have long been adopted in most of the developed world (such as universal health care, better workers rights, better social programs, lower cost college)…”

            Yes, if we follow what this fucking lefty ignoramus is proposing, we too can have shitty medical care, ‘free shit’ to bankrupt the country, worthless college education.
            Stuff it up your ass, shitbag.

          3. Get up off of your knees.

          4. “Less help for the poor……”

            My god, you guys are awesome. Give yourself a pat on the back.

            Cuz that’s what it’s really all about.

      3. Both of them?

      4. Nobody ever said “Blessed be the Child Molesters”.

      5. We can compromise and lower the nation’s speed limit to 5 MPH. This will more than make up for the lives lost to CV-19.

    2. Geraje finally agreeing Trump is an authoritarian? Say it ain’t so.

      1. Fuck off Jeff/Morty/Hihn/Sarcasmic.

        1. Just go with eunuch – it’s shorter and more to the point.

        2. Everything is a conspiracy theory with you. The religious mind at work. Unseen superior forces controlling things at work everywhere.

          1. //Unseen superior forces//

            For a retard, you think very highly of yourself.

            1. I am not the one wasting my time on a libertarian site, complaining about article or people not being libertarian enough, while clearly not being even remotely libertarian. Why don’t you fuck off.

              1. //I am not the one wasting my time on a libertarian site//

                Yes, you are.

                That you’re deluded enough to claim to be a libertarian is beside the point because you’re presence here achieves nothing.

              2. No, you’re the one on a libertarian wite without one hint of introspective thought who sucks the dicks of supposed authoritarian sources instead of thinking for yourself.

                1. Another admitted authoritarian non-libertarian acting like libertarian thought police. Fuck off, dummy.

                  1. Just kill yourself, dude.
                    Nobody likes you, and nobody will ever respect you.
                    That goes for here or anywhere.
                    Your transparent desperation and lack of any real brains cause revulsion.
                    So just end it

                  2. I second Nardz’s motion that you kill yourself. Best thing for you really, your comments are going nowhere.

          2. Do you understand how people call busy bodies Karen? Now apply it to the list including yourself.

    3. I didn’t even bother reading the article. another red herring, straw man argument to continue to avoid addressing what is really going on. Nobody is fighting over the “Pandemic”. What is going is crystal clear. The WHO was lying, When the pandemic hit they put Fauchi in front of the camera and he seized the opportunity to push his personal views of how this should be handled. Starting with right out of the gate that we will need to practice social distancing until a vaccine is found, then he goes on to say that will probably take 18 months. The minute Trump saw the direction it was going he tried to reign it in, somewhat awkwardly but the democrats and the media in collusion seized on this as the next agenda to try to discredit Trump and push him out of office. Right down to outright lying. And the frightened public that is primarily ignorant on the subject just swallows everything being spoon fed to them. When actual doctors come out and say why are we doing this google pulls their videos. So lets stop pretending that what is going on is anything other than what it is.

      This site is another anti Trump propaganda factory and here is another example. Maybe not directly but the fight that is going on in this country has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Pandemic and it didn’t start in the last 2 months. That’s the story a real journalist would pursue. Not this trivial weak attempt of trying to sound relevant.

  2. “The Pandemic Has Become One More Issue for Americans To Fight Over”

    Like the last slice of pie?

    I think you mean “fight about”.

    1. Democrats think the last slice of pie should go to the less fortunate. Republicans think the last slice of pie should go to the one that owns the oven.

      1. And you think the slice should go to the guy who doesn’t want it, or need it, because that proves everyone is wrong.

      2. Libertarians think we should bake more pies.

        1. Yes!! Bingo!!

          Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be many Libertarians in these comments.

      3. “Democrats think the last slice of pie should go to the less fortunate”

        Way to swallow that narrative with enthusiasm, eunuch

        1. [facepalm]
          You fucking tribalist retard.

          1. There are two tribes, one of which is composed of retards. You belong to the retard tribe.

            1. Clearly your brain only has room for two tribes.

              1. Yes. And you’re still in the retard tribe.

              2. Chip, you ARE retarded. He’s got you there.

            2. Plenty enough retards for both tribes.

          2. Hahahahhahshs. Dumbfuck is back to calling everyone tribalist in the very thread he tries to put Democrats and republicans into tribes and calls anyone who disagrees with him a trump worshiper.
            Holy fuck dumbass.

            1. On the plus side, he probably gets 90% off at the mind reader’s.

      4. Which piece counts as the last?

      5. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

      6. No, they think the baker should decide what he wants to do with the pie you statist shitbag.

      7. “”Democrats think the last slice of pie should go to the less fortunate. Republicans think the last slice of pie should go to the one that owns the oven.””

        No respect for the ones that have been feeding you?

      8. That’s funny because the reason we have so many “less fortunate” is directly as a result of democrats. I don’t know if it’s more ironic that you can’t grasp the absurdity of your idiotic comment or are simply trying to sound relevant by rehashing an ignorant unsubstantiated bigoted point of view. In fact actual data shows that republicans are more likely to donate time and money to charities. So what little empirical data we have doesn’t support your idiotic talking point. I would suggest you stick with pop up books. You can’t put together an original thought and we have enough uninformed people in the world.

        1. “less fortunate” – as if the positions of the wealthy and successful are simply a matter of luck and not from making wise choices and working hard.

          1. The problem is, for some being wealthy and successful is the result of making wise choices and working hard, For others, it’s the result of being born to parents who happened to have money. For others, and for some in the first two categories as well, it’s the result of being well enough connected to have other peoples’ money funneled to them by a government that provides American socialism, which is to say, socialism for the rich.

            Boeing’s prior CEO, who presided over the company when they were selling planes that literally aimed themselves at the ground, left the company in disgrace…with a mere $60 million dollar golden parachute. The coronavirus strikes, and the government shows up with an offer of $17 billion dollars, which the new CEO says he won’t accept if there are strings attached, and that they have “other options.” If you have other options than taking government largess, then that’s what you do, you pompous leech! But sucking the government tit, and taking the money and running when times are good, is business as usual now for corporate America.

    2. > Like the last slice of pie?

      Like the last roll of toilet paper in the store…

  3. Just one more issue? So, not really a significant issue, just something like food labeling?

  4. If you leave me alone everything will be fine. If not, we’re gonna have problems.

  5. was wished into a pandemic.

  6. Americans will survive the virus, but American political life is sicker than ever.

    And the biggest reason why is because the lefties are completely amoral scumbags who can never admit being wrong about anything, ever, and whose lust for total absolute power knows no bounds whatsoever.

    Ask yourself this: why are these still jerks still trying to mislead and frighten the gullible sheeple into believing that this stupid virus is akin to the Black Plague, when we now conclusively have MORE than enough hard data to know that this just isn’t true at all? The answer is in the previous paragraph.

    1. I think the entire point of the article was that if this is what you believe, then you are the problem.

      1. The people who insist on continuing this completely unjustified martial law indefinitely are the problem.

        Plenty of European countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark (hardly bastions of right wing nationalism these days) have decided that they’re ready to start resuming their lives.

        If someone can give me a rational, logical explanation as to why they can get on their lives and we can’t, I’m willing to listen. Otherwise, they can fuck straight off.

      2. So believing in self determination and being against lockdowns over low risk events is the problem…

      3. Progressivism and leftism, hardly separable these days, are fundamentally totalitarian.
        They require the participation of all, and are necessarily intolerant of any dissent.
        If there’s a tribe around seeking out any and all individuals to either kill or enslave them, tribalism isn’t the problem. They are.
        And it might be in your best interests to pick another tribe to align with.

  7. I truly wonder if the staff at Reason understands how much they feed into this exact phenomenon? That isn’t a rhetorical question. I have seen a marked change in the tone of articles over the last week or so.

    A couple weeks ago, every article was written from a political “Blue vs Red” angle. ENB could not headline a roundup without it being about how Trump was wrong wrong wrong.

    When every single story is written “How can we pin this on our enemy”, it is no shock that lines are drawn along those political lines.

    1. She is by the worst person here. Any real libertarian outfit would have fired her ass by now for her comical, Weigel-level bias and non libertarianism.

      To their great credit, a couple of guys here, namely Sullum and Gillespie, have dealt with this fiasco far more professionally than any of the others. They’re pretty clearly uncomfortable with the fact that it was their liberal friends who implemented martial law (if it had been Trump who did it their rage factor would be MUCH higher), but they’re trying really hard to at least be somewhat fair and evenhanded and honest and date I say libertarian-ish. Which these days is sadly a VERY low bar around here.

      1. Robbie, who is barely libertarian-ish, has been the only writer here willing to take on the media. He does it in his usual weak-tea “to be sure” manner, but he’s one of only a handful of voices outside of the Rush Limbaugh corner of the universe who has been willing to do so.

        So I give him his due. He at least acknowledges the existence of a problem, which is way more than Welch, ENB or any of the rest of the crew has been willing to do.

    2. A couple of weeks ago? ENB’s been leading the “Orange Man Bad” parade for *years*.

      Weigel’s wrong — Shikha’s the worst person here, but ENB’s only libertarian impulses involve freeing sex workers.

  8. As of last fall, 80 percent of Democrats described the Republican Party as controlled by racists

    That’s called projection.

    1. “Not every Republican is a racist but every racist is a Republican”.

      1. Wow, I never really thought about it that way . . . because I’m neither an idiot nor an ignoramus.

        1. The sad part about calling him an idiot and an ignoramus is that he doesn’t understand the words.

          1. And it’s an insult to idiots and ignoramuses everywhere.

      2. I would say that the progs practice the more subtle racism of low expectations.

        Everything is so terrible and unfair.

      3. You realize it is Democrats convincing minorities to self segregate right?

      4. yes that’s why the Democrats overwhelmingly tried to block passage of civil rights laws. That’s why Democrats founded the KKK. I could go on but you are clearly about as dumb as a box of rocks. Clearly a troll. So happy Trolling loser.

      5. PB, everyone knows that all the real racists are progressives.

  9. There is nothing new in the struggle between freedom loving individuals and those who wish to crush and rule them.

  10. This will be the legacy of the Nam-era boomers. Grew up in an era when disagreement turned into evil v pure. And then – never – grew – up.

    1. Yes! The Boomers act like 12 year-olds when you disagree with them. First denial, then blame, then refusal to participate.

      1. That’s odd. Usually when I see Boomers get frustrated it’s because the current generation seems to have difficulty understanding that substance is more important than style and just because you want to believe something doesn’t make it true. They also think that Facebook and CNN are valid news outlets. So pardon me if I just laugh listening to such an idiotic position. You see, as a liberal, you don’t understand that ignoring facts doesn’t mean the other person is in denial. That means you are. Ironically. Blame is how liberals rationalize not taking responsibility for their own stupidity and as for refusal. My parrot sometimes says “knock it off” to me. I typically don’t respond because he has the intellect of a 3 year old child and will never move beyond that. Same principle.

        I just love listening to people like you. It’s like the other crybaby that was saying republicans want to give help to corporations and democrats want to help the “people”. First of all that’s absurd in theory and practice. Secondly perhaps the Democrats should take a step back and realize that they are the reason for a great deal of the poverty in this Country. Once again, Ironic, But then you don’t play chess with someone limited to checkers now do you?

    2. JFree
      April.29.2020 at 12:26 pm
      “This will be the legacy of the Nam-era boomers.”

      No, it’ll be the legacy of cowardly pieces of lefty shit like you, willing to kneecap the economy in the hopes you won’t catch a cold.
      Stuff your PANIC!!!! flag up your ass, stick first.

    3. It’s actually the moronic college professors that did that but then, you don’t have a big IQ now do you?

  11. “As of last fall, 80 percent of Democrats described the Republican Party as controlled by racists, according to Public Religion Research Institute polling. A similar percentage of Republicans see the Democratic Party as controlled by socialists.”

    In one of those parties, some of the leading candidates openly embrace the label they’re being accused of holding. The leaders in the other party universally condemn the label that’s being hurled at them.

    Do you know which is which?

    I bet you do.

  12. “The thing about evil people is that you really don’t want to be under their control.”

    There’s an explicit bias baked into this when applied to lock-downs.

    Those of us who are against the lock-downs do not oppose allowing people to continue to isolate themselves if that’s what they want to do. Businesses that wish to remain closed should be free to remain closed, and people who would rather not shop in them would still be free to not shop in them. Therefore, those of us who are opposed to the lock-downs are not trying to control other people.

    That isn’t the case of those who are in favor of the lock downs. They wish to control those who disagree with them, and they insist on using the coercive power of government to do so.

    This is clear bothsideism, and it’s bullshit. These two positions are not morally equal.

    1. I mostly agree, but one counterargument is if we believed that 4 weeks of authoritarian lockdown would prevent 12 months of common tragedy.

      I think that’s the “belief” that is driving the conflict. However, I think a more enlightened self interest is that we need to build herd immunity and we should be letting the volunteers do this sooner rather than later.

      1. That counterargument had at least some plausibility two months ago. But not any longer. It has no plausibility left whatsoever.

        If that side really cared about what was best for the country and the overwhelming bulk of the people in it, they would just admit they made a mistake and allow us to move on with our lives already. We all make mistakes sometimes!

        But the lefty fanatics in the government/media complex NEVER do this. They usually do the opposite and double down in their bullshit when retreating would be far more advisable.

      2. “I mostly agree, but one counterargument is if we believed that 4 weeks of authoritarian lockdown would prevent 12 months of common tragedy.”

        The justification for social distancing has changed.

        The original idea was about flattening the curve–which was supposed to be about making it so that the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed and so that people wouldn’t die unnecessarily for lack of care. The assumption with flattening the curve, however, was always that the same number of infected people were under both curves. People could and did isolate themselves voluntarily for fear of infection–flatten the curve was just an additional explanation for why people should avoid crowds.

        Using the “flatten the curve” model as a justification for the lock-downs falls flat on its face if the same number of people will eventually become infected anyway. Now, if they’re trying to use lock-downs to minimize the number of infections until we’re all tested and vaccinated, then that’s bullshit. Four weeks was one thing. You can’t keep the economy shut down indefinitely. People will eventually get really, really angry.

      3. 4 weeks of authoritarian lockdown would prevent 12 months of common tragedy.

        I have yet to see a single authoritarian trouble him- or herself with a cost-benefit analysis of this non-falsifiable “common tragedy”. This isn’t about prevention, it is about unilateral hegemony.

    2. Well said.

  13. Why does no one mention the reason for this divide?

    This is a standard divide and conquer strategy that whoever is pushing for this result, bombarded dems with propaganda to incite hatred from both sides.

    This shit show is ran by the media and nearly everyone is infected with this partisan emotional investment. It’s fucking ridiculous that 90% of our populace has been sucked into this game unquestioningly.

    So ya, there’s gonna be conflict of when we go back to work because the dems have to fuck Trump as much as possible – even if that means they all file bankruptcy and we turn into a failed state.

    CIA needs to be nuked. Then the FBI. Then the entire justice department. Then every congressman. Every lobbyist. Every government worker. Then might as well kill the progs while we are cleaning house. And then finally we can have a civil discussion. Oh wait, nuke China too. Russia’s cool though.

    1. “This shit show is ran by the media and nearly everyone is infected with this partisan emotional investment. It’s fucking ridiculous that 90% of our populace has been sucked into this game unquestioningly. ”

      Yes!!! Can you even believe it?

      But I question the whole supposition by the writer that the pandemic has widened the political divide. Among members of Congress and in the media, yes. But with average citizens, I don’t think it’s so cut and dried.

  14. Masked thugs beating people up to terrorize them into submission to government that looks the other way. Is this?

    A. Antifa in Portland in the 2020s
    B. The KKK in Alabama in the 1920s
    C. All of the above, since they are all Democrats

  15. “Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and education…… “

    Oh boy. I think I see the problem.

    How self important can ya get? Haha.

    1. Stanford University’s Center for Being Better Than You Fucking Cattle.

      1. Moooooo, I say.

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  17. This is the only time Americans have been divided and it’s the worst evah.

    When will this millennial hang wringing end please. When you’re in your 50s and realizing that you got rode hard and hung up wet by the statist and authoritarian democrat party?

    1. Dunno, they’re pretty stupid.

  18. while their opponents who prefer extended mandatory social-distancing efforts to battle contagion are charged with “pandemic panic.

    They are commonly charged with “pants-shitting fear”, but I understand your urge to tone it down a bit.

  19. Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to use lawful means to move ventilators from hospitals located in upstate counties where voters tend to oppose him and deliver them to New York City and its suburbs, where: the need was concentrated.

    1. Well if those up staters weren’t likely to vote for him [4th time around], what good are they? Bunch of yokels, for sure. Not like anyone important [to his political future] will miss them.

      1. Y’all are reaching on this one.

        1. Y’all full of shit.

    2. But he didn’t need them at the end of the day. What he needed was a demonstration of what he is willing to do if you defy him.

      1. Pod’s creaming his jeans.

  20. Such staggering insight into the blindingly obvious! How does ‘reason’ do it?


  21. “80 percent of Democrats described the Republican Party as controlled by racists, … A similar percentage of Republicans see the Democratic Party as controlled by socialists”

    So, which is a worse slight, an allegation of being a racist, or one of being a socialist?

    Or, is “feeling” slighted (at all) by a bunch of racist socialists just a big fat waste of “feelings”?

    1. Racists are not the ones tanking the economy and arresting people over trivial shit right now.

      Wait, I take that back. Most of the socialists seem to be racist too

  22. I was naively hoping the pandemic would be apolitical, since everybody is in the same boat and it’s nature we are all fighting against.

    Boy, was I wrong. The political teams got right on the job of politicizing it.

    1. “”The political teams got right on the job of politicizing it.””‘

      Never let a crisis go to waste.

    2. And both started it equally at the exact same time.
      So says libertarian dogma, so must it be

    3. Nope.
      As is usual, the left acted to bring about their “fundamental transformation” of America by not letting this, media created “crisis” go to waste.
      The right, as they generally try to do, reacted.
      Then the low-infos think both sides are causing the problem.
      Whomever started it is the problem – and that’s the left and their sycophants in the media.

      1. Progressives have to go. Or this will keep happening until we’re Venezuela, or worse.

  23. The only problem is with our recovery is :: Our Economy Is Way More Sick Than Us!

    Our sick politics have facilitated a huge heist!

    “How convenient! A Viral Pandemic to breathe the fear of imminent mortal danger into everyone. So much better than telling us all the top 1% have bled us all dry, and have done so many awful shady deals that they’ve bankrupted the Western world.”

    Read more…

    1. You.

  24. By the time this is all over Obama’s FISA abuses and the corruption in the FBI, DOJ and IRS will have long been forgotten.

  25. Does that mean I no longer have to hear the “we are all in this together” lie?

    1. Well , a guy can dream anyway.

  26. I question the basic supposition of the article, which is that the pandemic has widened the divide between Democrats and Republicans.

    If you are talking about Congress, for example, that could be the case. But they are in their own little world. And if you are talking about the MSM, it’s the same. Politics as usual.

    But when it comes to the average person, their opinions will be influenced by more than politics. For example, someone in a more affected area is likely to take it more seriously. People in areas with few cases are more likely to not want to drag it out. Owners of small businesses may worry about having their business destroyed, be they liberal or conservative.

    So if you want to do a poll, don’t do it between Democrats in NYC and Republicans in the Heartland. It will be virtually meaningless.

    If you are going to do a poll to show how people of different political persuasions react to the pandemic, do it between Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians in NYC or between people of various parties in less affected states. Do a poll among small business owners. Do a poll between those who are sitting at home collecting unemployment, those who are working, and those who can work from home.

    And remember that polls can often be used to mold public opinion rather than measuring public opinion.

    1. Polls are most frequently used to mold public opinion than to measure it.

  27. Oh, and yes, the pandemic has become one more issue for people to fight over. I’m just not sure it’s neatly along partisan lines.

  28. I was totally into the stay at home thing and social distancing but the more facts about fatalities and hospitalizations that come out the more I am coming to realize that I respect other people’s right to stay home and stay socially distant but its for the most part not necessary. Severe illness and death, based on all of the info being release, is the sick and the elderly…not healthy people between the ages of 1 and 60….which by the way is most of the workforce. So I say anyone who identifies as healthy and is under 60…and wants to go back to work…should be allowed to.

  29. Marxists in the vehicle, two of whom self-identity as Marxist by giving the Marxist salute, where the fist is facing front.

    Soon the placards will instead read, “Cancel Marxists Now”.

    On March 24 (2020) The National Vital Statistics System released new criteria upon which to identify cause of death for COVID-19, where now any death can be certified as caused by COVID-19:

    “What happens if the terms reported on the death certificate indicate uncertainty?

    If the death certificate reports terms such as “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19,” these terms would be assigned the new ICD code. It Is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases. If “pending COVID-19 testing” is reported on the death certificate, this would be considered a pending record. In this scenario, NCHS would expect to receive an updated record, since the code will likely result in R99. In this case, NCHS will ask the states to follow up to verify if test results confirmed that the decedent had COVID-19.”

    No subsequent COVID-19 tests required, merely the certifier complying with the need to bolster false COVID-19 caused deaths; if COVID-19 existed, naturally a non-Marxist CDC would want and need to know with follow-up tests, but naturally the Marxist establishment isn’t interested in follow-up tests because it needs to increase numbers to increase panic and the resulting destruction of the economy.

    Since when does a flu bug shut down and destroy a nation? Since Marxists are in control, of course:

    “The influential Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation model is now predicting 68,841 U.S. coronavirus deaths by August. Even if this latest estimate is accurate for once, that would make for a death rate of about 21 per 100,000, comparable to the 21.4 per 100,000 death rate for diabetes in 2018.”

    Let’s take a look at the United States’ flu seasons for 1930 – 1940, where throughout the decade mortality rates spanned 35/100,000 to greater than 150/100,000.

    Was the United States’ economy shut down in those years? Of course not! Why would one destroy an economy because people are dying in larger numbers from the flu? A nation doesn’t exist to guarantee life, it exists to guarantee the nation, and no nation can survive the destruction of its economy.

    Similar shockingly high mortality rates in previous decades (not including the 1918-1919 pandemic), but, of course, the economy must go on. The Republic must survive.

    Now you know the West was long ago co-opted by Marxists, which is why, and you should have known, the West conspired to not verify the ‘collapse’ of the USSR, even though the West knew that the Soviet Bloc throughout the 1980s was under counting communist party membership numbers in order to provide the narrative of imploding Soviet Bloc political establishments, the real numbers located in Party Congress literature, where in the case of the USSR, between the 1986 Party Congress and1990 Party Congress, communist party membership increased by 28%. In the case of Yugoslavia, between 1982 – 1991, communist party membership increased by 40%.

    At my blog, read the articles…

    ‘The Marxist ‘Gender Pay Gap’ – Class Struggle Meets Gender Struggle: Females Earn More Than Their Equally Matched Male Counterparts’

    ‘House of Cards: The Collapse of the ‘Collapse’ of the USSR’

    ‘Playing Hide And Seek In Yugoslavia’

    Then read the article, ‘The Marxist Co-Option Of History And The Use Of The Scissors Strategy To Manipulate History Towards The Goal Of Marxist Liberation’


    The West will form new political parties where candidates are vetted for Marxist ideology/blackmail, the use of the polygraph to be an important tool for such vetting. Then the West can finally liberate the globe of vanguard Communism.

    My blog…

    Google: dean jackson disqus

  30. I know that this is not scientific, however talking to my group of friends and associates who range from hard left to hard right and numerous in between. There does not seem to be a distinct division on continuing versus ending the shutdown in my State. There are liberals who want to end the shutdown and conservatives that want to extend it. Most however favor a relaxing of the shutdown in phases such as the Trump guidelines even if they don’t want to give Trump the credit for the guidelines.

  31. United States could have handled the issue with more care.

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