Pushy Politicians Make Stay-at-Home Protests Necessary

Government officials’ disdain for personal liberty and economic pain drive Americans to the streets.


Last week, many Americans became sick of life under lockdown and started calling for a more balanced and less-restrictive approach to fighting the pandemic. Or else, as others would describe it, Trump-inspired right-wingers set out to undermine public health efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. As with everything else these days, reactions to stay-at-home orders are subject to partisan interpretation; nobody can hoist a sign in front of a television camera without prompting speculation about the impact on the presidential election. Whatever your interpretation, Americans across the country are taking to the streets to oppose top-down mandates that are meant to save lives, but that also kill jobs and prosperity.

"This week, a rash of well-organized protests against state restrictions broke out—a jolting reminder that not everyone is on board with the new, government-mandated limits on public assembly and economic activity," noted The New York Times.

Are the protests just political theater? They're certainly political, since they target government policy. But the large turnout for some of them points to anger and desperation more than partisanship as motivation.

"Rallies organized through social media such as Facebook and Twitter cropped up this week across the country with a common message to governors: relax the strict stay-at-home orders deployed to combat the novel coronavirus," reported USA Today. "Thousands of motorists gridlocked Lansing, Mich., on Wednesday in perhaps the largest protest so far."

Conservative groups helped to organize at least some of the protests—the Michigan Conservative Coalition enthusiastically promoted the car-based Operation Gridlock in Lansing, Michigan, for instance—but these organizations couldn't evoke thousands of participants out of thin air. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's seemingly panic-fueled flurry of restrictions on business activity, visits between households, landscaping work, travel to second homes, and sale of "non-essential" goods by large retailers may be the most draconian in the country. That's inspiration enough to protest for people watching savings accounts dwindle, businesses disappear, and lives stagnate.

And while President Donald Trump tweeted his support to anti-lockdown protesters in three states with Democratic governors (assuming that's what LIBERATE MICHIGAN!, LIBERATE MINNESOTA!, and LIBERATE VIRGINIA mean) he did so on Friday, April 17. That was well after the protests had already spread across the nation without his blessing.

Protests have targeted stay-at-home orders issued by Republican governors as well as by Democratic governors. That includes demonstrations in GOP-led Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. Those rallies are identical to the ones targeting orders issued by Democrats in states including California, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, libertarian concerns feature in some protesters' comments and much of the coverage of the rallies.

"We seem to be forgetting that we live in the land of the free, not the land of the forced medical tracking or forced medical procedures," Stephanie Locricchio, organizer of a demonstration in Trenton, New Jersey, told reporters.

On the opposite coast, hundreds of people showed up for a Huntington Beach, California, rally that organizers advertised as "for freedom, liberty and reopening the California economy."

"The backlash may be less about fears that the response will cause economic harm, and more about a sense of outrage at an infringement on liberties," mused coverage of the protests in The New York Times. The piece went on to speculate that "something other than libertarian outrage may need to become a central theme. Perhaps fear of undue economic strain could play this role."

If libertarian outrage isn't enough to bring more people into the streets to demand a return to voluntary practices rather then government impositions, there's plenty of economic strain to go around. That's true even if it hasn't (yet) affected journalists in their home offices to the same extent that it's hit people who've been laid off or seen their livelihoods shattered.

Writing at the end of March, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis economist Miguel Faria-e-Castro projected a 32.1 percent unemployment rate for the second quarter of 2020 as a result of stay-at-home orders closing businesses and sidelining workers. That was a prediction, but we appear to be on our way there already.

"The jobless rate today is almost certainly higher than at any point since the Great Depression. We think it's around 13 percent and rising at a speed unmatched in American history," Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, wrote earlier this month.

After more weeks of forced closures to control the spread of COVID-19, and job losses "effectively erasing a decade worth of job creation," as a Bloomberg report put it, the unemployment rate appears to have crept above 17 percent—and to be on its way to over 20 percent by the end of April.

The economic damage we suffer now in our efforts to reduce public health risk may linger for decades. "Significant macroeconomic after-effects of the pandemics persist for about 40 years, with real rates of return substantially depressed," economists affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the University of California, Davis wrote in a working paper on the long-term economic consequences of events like the worldwide spread of COVID-19.

Ignoring such economic carnage while battling the pandemic is guaranteed to inspire more people to protest—including those who may not share libertarian outrage at how various authorities are handling containment measures.

For their part, many of the protesters seem to take the public health threat as seriously as they prize their liberty and fear economic harm. While pundits who mock the demonstrations focus on social distancing violations and conspiracy theorists who deny the reality of COVID-19, organizers in Michigan and elsewhere emphasize car-based protests and good hygiene to minimize contagion.

"We are all concerned for those afflicted with COVID 19," cautions the Michigan Conservative Coalition on its Operation Gridlock webpage. "Yes, many of the personal behaviors we have been reminded to use are good practices. Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home if you are sick."

That's not to say that all of the participants come to identical conclusions about the proper response—nor should they. People live different lives and have varying tolerances for risk. It's nothing less than bizarre to impose one-size-fits-all restrictions on a nation that varies from young and healthy to old and ill, from white collar to blue collar, from well-to-do to just getting by, and in which some people live in dispersed rural settings and others in densely populated cities. That disconnect between cookie-cutter mandates and people's perception of what's right for them is yet another reason to take dissent to the streets.

Government officials might regain a little respect and support if they placed as much faith in the public to voluntarily do the right thing as do protest organizers. If they learned to balance risks to the same extent as the angry people swarming state capitals, demonstrations against restrictive pandemic policy wouldn't be as necessary as they are. Until then, you should expect the demonstrations to grow.

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  1. The best take on this actually came from the Cunt Michigan Gov who basically threatened them with a longer shutdown as punishment for the children not happily taking their medicine. The openly petty tyranny on display would probably make even Ayn Rand consider unrealistic to even include in the final draft.

    1. Petty tyranny is the building inspector demanding you tear down a greenhouse before being issued a permit for an addition because it was built without his permission.

      What’s going on right now is just plain tyranny.

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    2. The media loves to promote women in authority because they make excellent tyrants. NZ PM Jacinda Arden did such a great job grabbing the guns and now the media is gushing over her restrictions on daily life to “flatten the curve”. More proof imo that women belong in the kitchen where they should be kneading the challah bread.

      1. More proof imo that women belong in the kitchen where they should be kneading the challah bread.
        Something else where men excel.

      2. One thing they don’t usually reflect on is that flattening the curve doesn’t significantly change the area under the curve. If there are 200k at-risk people who would almost certainly die if exposed at any time to COVID-19, then there’s still 200k likely to die, they’ll just be spread out over more time. Some number may be saved because of the flatter curve allowing for better utilization of hospital beds and ventilators. But unless some miracle treatment comes about very soon or a vaccine is created followed vast immunization program, those most-at-risk people will eventually be exposed and will die anyway.

        Now let’s hear from the people who will argue this is exactly why we should stay in shutdown/lockdown mode, basically until the vaccine is delivered world-wide. These same people have gladly ignored the fact that 10s of thousands die from common flu every year despite vaccines and treatments–no one ever presumes to say “hey let’s shut down the world for flu season and maybe save a few thousand lives!”.

        1. We have vaccine AND antiviral and more die. Add to this the many reactions from vaccine that actually also kill in some years and this is all beyond insane.

          1. Contrary to that belief, vaccines will save lives. The MMR, Polio, DaTP, and flu vaccines have saved lives. A vaccine for Covid-19 would do likewise.

            1. When can we expect it, before or after the HIV vaccine?

            2. A vaccine for COVID-19 would save lives – if one existed. It does not. And given the pace that the virus is passing through the population (especially given the new data about the high ratio of asymptomatic cases), the odds are strongly against it existing in time to matter.

              In fact, we should probably remember that coronavirus is the family of viruses that cause the common cold. Jokes about how impossible it’s been to cure the common cold are so common as to be their own cliche. Despite all the research and hype, I would not bet on a vaccine for COVID-19 within our lifetimes.

            3. Hey dumbass, 25,000-60,000 die every year despite a flu vaccine.

              This year was the second worst for hospitalizations since the 17-18 season.

    3. It’s funny how all the progs I know bend over backwards to take it up the ass for more government when it comes to the lockdown. I bet they would join the protests too if these governors were to deem wine and craft beer non-essential

      1. I’m almost positive the only reason construction is deemed “essential” is the amount of gun owners represented in that business.

      2. And the media don’t care about 1st amendment violations, because so far no Governor or President has said “in the name of safety, we’ve determined that the production and delivery of newspapers and magazines and TV programs is too dangerous and must be terminated until further notice”. And screw those TV talking heads who are trying to “work from home”…The View is non-essential and exposes people to the virus and forcing the IT staff, etc. to come to their houses to install the upgraded cameras and computers, etc. was just gauche. Just declare all those shows non-essential and take them off the air.

    4. Please come down to New York City and offer your help at a hospital with no face mask and no personal protective gear. They will appreciate you macho bravery and help. You can also have the opportunity to prove your point…it is a hoax.

      1. Notice he didn’t say it was a hoax? He did say the reaction has been overblown. And you just proved his point.

      2. “Please come down to New York City and offer your help at a hospital with no face mask and no personal protective gear.”

        Oh, oh, look! Lefty fucking ignoramus compares hospital ward with someplace in Michigan!
        Fuck off, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.

      3. What, you mean with all the nursing home residents getting sick while the vast majority of the city remains unaffected?

  2. It’s nothing less than bizarre to impose one-size-fits-all restrictions on a nation that varies from young and healthy to old and ill, from white collar to blue collar, from well-to-do to just getting by, and in which some people live in dispersed rural settings and others in densely populated cities.

    Why won’t rural America live by the dictates from Manhattan? Because they’re rubes.

  3. I’m sick and tired of seeing children outside my window playing with each other. They’re definitely not staying six feet apart. I know they’re not in the same family.

    It comes down to bad parenting.

    1. We have a worthy contender for OBL’s place in the troll fundament.

    2. And shouldn’t Widow Jones be told to keep her window shades all pulled completely down.

      1. We need to flatten the curve, and having everyone’s kids play outside together is not proper social distancing.

        I had a friend whose son went to Spring break at the beach. She made him self-quarantine in a tent in the backyard for 2 weeks before coming in the house.

        That’s good parenting.

        If people aren’t going to practice proper social distancing, then we should just have martial law. We’re not going to get through this until people grow up.

        1. The beatings will continue until the virus is gone!

          1. STOP RESISTING!

        2. Not a Jeannie C Riley fan, I take it.

      2. There’s Bobby Taylor sittin there, and 7 times he’s asked me for a date.

    3. And they are starting to talk about “social distancing” will be required when schools open back up. I can just see the increased suspensions, maladaptive behaviors and increased mental illness now…

    4. The parents should be tougher on the kids, make them realize that they’re putting each other, their families, and other friends at risk, and force them to socially distance themselves from each other. Anybody who doesn’t do that, regardless of age, is totally irresponsible.

      1. …and it was signed by the Secretary Harper Valley PTA

      2. Fuck off, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.

  4. It’s nothing less than bizarre to impose one-size-fits-all restrictions on a nation that varies from young and healthy to old and ill, from white collar to blue collar, from well-to-do to just getting by, and in which some people live in dispersed rural settings and others in densely populated cities.

    We’re All In This Together!™

      1. How about we flatten the tyrants instead?
        Oh, wait. Socialists control education, and no one under 30 know what a tyrant is.
        Witness the actions of the Virginia governor while standing under the state flag.
        The very definition of irony.

        1. “Socialists control education, and no one under 30 know what a tyrant is.”

          I know this one!

          It’s someone who says mean things about CNN on Twitter, right?

          1. And don’t forget those wonderful big time entertainers who make “Shelter In Place” videos….Singing songs and playing acoustic guitars….. Jammin’ in their Jammies ! It’s all just for us, cause……
            WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER………bless them…

    1. beautiful how they rolled out the slogan for the New Socialism

    2. The rich people will continue to make sacrifices like taking makeup-free selfies and the poor people will continue to twiddle their thumbs in their hovels while spiraling into debt. Together!

  5. So a month after WA state made it illegal for me to work, they finally fixed their UI page so that self-employed people can claim benefits. Was rejected with no reason or way to appeal, even though the rejection letter outlines the path to appeal. (It’s simply not there!)

    So you’re going to make it illegal for me to work, deny me the benefits that you promised, and somehow I’m just supposed to stand by while I slip underwater? A couple more weeks and people will stop protesting and start rioting.

    1. Since you are a refusnik for insisting on working on your own instead of under the benevolent control of a corporation under the benevolent control of the fascist government, you are expected to shut up and starve to death for the betterment of the rulers.

      1. Yeah, what was I thinking, earning my own way through life?

    2. Not to sound like a spambot, but if you have stuff lying around that you can sell you might try Ebay. I have an online shop that has been doing well. People are getting their tax refunds and stimulus checks and shopping online.

    3. You might then be interested to know that those systems were designed, predominantly by Republicans, to fuck you over.

      1. Yes, I am positive that Washington state has been overrun by Republicans to screw me out of UI benefits when the Democratic governor made it illegal to go to work. Way to focus on the REAL problem!

        1. You’re apparently getting fucked over due to a mistake. I’m telling you Republicans design these systems to fuck over people intentionally. Doesn’t that interest you? And if it doesn’t why should we care about your problems.

          1. “It’s not our fault we’re fucking you over! It’s those damn dirty Republicans!”

          2. Did you not see that I’m in Washington state? The company who did the “upgrade” was hired by the Ds in office, the people who made it illegal to work are the Ds in office, and I’m supposed to blame Republicans?

            1. That’s a sad story. Losing a job is a tough thing to experience. It’s too bad you cant get unemployment assistance. Maybe you should apply a Walmart.

              Yours truly,

              An overweight, overpaid lazy Republican politician.

              1. For the record calling a politician overpaid is redundant and unnecessary.

                1. True that

                2. Calling Axeblood a fucking lefty ignoramus is ditto

              2. I didn’t LOSE my job. I’m perfectly capable of continuing to do it, the problem is that it’s ILLEGAL.

              3. Not even good trolling…

                1. He’s not trolling. That’s Pod, some adolescent ignoramus who *believes8 that shit.

          3. That’s very true, Axeblood. Donald Trump’s initial response was not only too little too late, but totally vicious–and irresponsible, to boot. The fact that he didn’t respond earlier, coupled by his lying about how in control the covid-19 virus was (it was not.) was even more vicious. He knew what he was doing, and screwed us royally!

            1. ^this is why “npc” is a thing

      2. Yeah, it’s been Republicans running Washington state for the last 20 years. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

    4. Anti-quarantine protests being organized through Facebook in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska, are being removed from the platform on the instruction of governments in those three states because it violates stay-at-home orders, Facebook spokesperson
      @andymstone tells @donie

      Well your’re probably right but now they are ensuring noone can even protest. rioting might be the only thing in the cards to voice your displeasure. This little american experiment was fun while it lasted.

      1. Holy fuck, if that’s true, that’s Iran or China-level suppression shit.

        These protests aren’t even that well-attended. They’ve had a few hundred, at the most. If the governments start cracking down on people’s right to protest, you’re going to see some folks get shot eventually.

        If I didn’t know better, the cynic in me says they’re trying to provoke such a thing so they can justify a full lockdown-style police state.

        1. At this point I’m almost fully on-board that this is a giant power grab and economic restructure of the economy to a facist corporate state where we all work for Walmart or Amazon and everyone else works for a gov or qausi gov organization. That however would probably be giving too many of these economic halfwits too much credit.

          1. The Clinton/Blair “third way” between socialism and capitalism. Mussolini used the same phrase for fascism, which he said is best termed corporatism.

            Under communism, the government runs the means of production directly, placing itself in a position to be blamed for failure. Under fascism, the economy keeps the paper facade of ownership, but takes more in taxes than the ‘owners’ get to keep in profits, controls the asset thru regulations, and makes you pay rent to continue to ‘own’ the asset – see property taxes and wealth taxes. This way, you have “private owners” who get a cut of the action to take the blame for failures.

            You can go socialist/fascists/communist in the name of the international proletariat, or just for your country or tribe, hence national vs. international socialism. Your individuality is still to be assumed into the mob.

            1. sorry, “the government keeps the paper facade “

              1. Yep. Government has at least learned that it is bad at running industry, but is very good at stealing the profits from industry.

        2. “Holy fuck, if that’s true, that’s Iran or China-level suppression shit.”

          In China, say 5 years back, we could get BBC Asia on the hotel TV. Unless the word “Tibet” was mentioned, when the screen went to gray with a “technical difficulties” note on it.

        3. Look what happened in Michigan, when people decided to protest! The protestors not only put themselves and each other at risk, but also their families, friends and neighbors, as well as first responders who have to drive or take public transportation to work in hospitals and other healthcare places, thus putting more people at risk than they already are.

          Protestors, in general, imo, really have no business blocking traffic, regardless of the reasons for protesting, but to do that at a time when the deadly Covid-19 virus is still out of control is especially dangerous–for everybody, including the people out there doing that.

          1. Fuck off and die.

            1. Sevo, seriously, you’re my hero dude. More, please.

          2. Jesus, do you really have nothing other than the same 5 stock phrases? The robots on Westworld had a larger catalog.

    5. Inslee- NOT MY GOVENOR
      (I’m also in WA)

  6. Correct headline:
    “Tyrants make internment protests necessary.”


    Zuckerberg earlier on GMA confirms any posts organizing stay-at-home protests will be deemed “harmful misinformation” and will be taken down:

    1. Are we still saying “they’re private companies so the 1A doesn’t apply”?

      Facebook says it has removed promotion of anti-quarantine events in California, New Jersey, and Nebraska after consultation with state governments

      1. Even CNN is reporting that story. Soon there will be the hooray for Facebook hot takes

      2. But Soave (and the usual suspects in the comment sections and a few generally less than usual suspects) are saying this is no big deal, because they are only removing posts that don’t comply with state orders.

    2. Just make your own social network, bro.
      Just make your own credit card company, bro.
      Just make your own ISP, bro.
      Just make your own video sharing platform, bro.
      Why don’t libertarian incels follow their own principles?

      1. Great point! Instead of pointless protesting, these people could #learntocode. Then they could start their own OrangeFaceBook.

        1. Didn’t you used to be a libertarian? When did you become an elitist and authoritarian?

      2. “Just make your own social network, bro.
        Just make your own credit card company, bro.
        Just make your own ISP, bro.
        Just make your own video sharing platform, bro.
        Why don’t libertarian incels follow their own principles?”

        So you’re proposing having the government regulate them? Genius!

    3. Do you want more dark web? Because this is how you get more dark web .

      1. At least 2 of those “make your own” are in heavily regulated industries where the govt can just shut you down.

        1. That’s OK; he’s proposing having the government regulate them all to make them more free!

  8. The key to opening up the economy is testing. I did not notice any of the protesters signs saying we need more testing. How about protesting the Trump Administration for not providing more testing, for not reacting quicker to the problem, and for not taking responsibility. Instead we are just seeing WDS.

    1. Fuck you and your testing that goes with the gold stars on lapels.

      1. Good try, Don’t look. Now, let’s try a response with just a little less anger.

        1. You must have been beaten real hard as a kid.

    2. “The key to opening up the economy is testing.”

      Fuck you, you cowardly piece of lefty shit. Stay locked up if you’re so terrified of getting sick.

      1. That’s OK, Sevo. You lost control of your temper this time, but we’ll keep working on our skills for conversing politely with people.

        1. Your mom and I have a very nice, very civil dinner the other night. She was very, very nice but, oddly, asked me to be a bit more aggressive in my approach.

        2. “That’s OK, Sevo. You lost control of your temper this time, but we’ll keep working on our skills for conversing politely with people.”

          That’s OK, asshole; we know you’re never going to be any brighter than you are right now.
          Expectations properly lowered, lefty fucking asshole.

    3. And if testing shows everyone had it or very few have it, then what? A number of epidemiologist are now stating that the lockdowns make no scientific sense with or without widespread testing. Targeted quarantines (for at risk groups) and voluntary social distancing are what they are recommending.

      1. Nobody gets far in the analysis to answer the question. We test. Great. Now what? Oh, everyone has it? Hmm. More lockdowns!

        It’s a stupid precondition designed to provide a justification for extending the lockdowns, after which they are going to extend the lockdowns in any event, regardless of the results.

        1. Geraje, we talked before about your paranoia. If you are having another episode of paranoid thoughts, you know you can call me and discuss it before you go online and throw another tantrum.

          Remember, for example, that there is the possibility in this case that widespread testing could confirm your intuition that the infection and death rates don’t warrant lockdowns. But, Geraje, let’s say that widespread testing yields more data and shows that the infection rate is higher than we thought, well then it would be good to have that data.

          OK, anyway you are trying. Let’s keep working on trying to see all possibilities. I know it can be hard for you, since you like life to be simple with simplistic answers.

          1. Didn’t answer the question about how does this change anything. Yes it gives us more data but doesn’t address the fact that lockdowns will not stop the spread and testing will just show us how widespread it is. So what would you suggest if it is not widespread? What if it is very widespread? Give us a plan as to address either of these possibilities rather than “just more data”.

            1. He doesn’t have a plan. He is just haunting the comment boards to troll (and, poorly at that) people he thinks are “Trump fellators.” It’s not worth engaging him in any serious discussion.

              1. Testing will help keep asymptomatic folks away from vulnerable populations, help target resources, and potentially squelch hot spots. In the long run, we are just going to have to live with it. We have no other choice. We are about a month or two away from having food issues. The serological tests will reassure people that those at work are more or less good to go.

                1. //Testing will help keep asymptomatic folks away from vulnerable populations//

                  This presumes the lockdowns continue into perpetuity, even with widespread testing. That’s the problem. How exactly, otherwise, do you intend to “keep asymptomatic folks away” from the vulnerable? And, why exactly is the default plan to keep the asymptomatic folks away from the vulnerable, rather than keeping the vulnerable folks away from the asymptomatic?

                  For reasons I cannot explain, or comprehend, people are reflexively shifting the burdens of managing risk from the vulnerable to those that are less vulnerable, as though the people most at risk are incapable of making their own decisions.

                  This has never been the case with any viral outbreak in this country in the past. And, yet, we’ve accepted this inversion without much thought. That’s a problem.

                  1. maybe wearing face masks (either homemade or purchased) when going out in public is the best way to protect oneself.

                    1. Unless you have the ability to pump out N95’s in your garage, “homemade” is going to be synonymous with “useless.” Moreover, being forced to place a rag over one’s face (mandated in many jurisdictions) is a complete joke that everyone is being forced to take seriously.

                      The best way to protect yourself and others is to wash your hands and practice regular hygiene. Taking the hit is inevitable.

                    2. “maybe wearing face masks (either homemade or purchased) when going out in public is the best way to protect oneself.”

                      In your case, I’d suggest a plastic bag, fastened with duct tape around your neck, very tight.

                2. How do you define a hot spot? How many times are we going to have to submit to testing? What if we refuse to be tested?

      2. The plan put forward by the Trump Administration relies on testing. So you have to have the testing to move forward. Now you can come up with an alternate plan or you can go with the plan and get the necessary testing. Voluntary social distancing is still social distancing. You can to restaurant but we recommend you don’t. Can a restaurant do any better under those conditions? I wonder about this. I see long lines at the take out windows, would a few customers inside make a difference?

        1. The difference is voluntary as opposed to imposed. Also, I don’t care if it is part of Trump’s plan or not. It doesn’t make any logical sense that testing will have any impact on reopening things. It is gathering data, but the bigger question remains how they will use the data.

          1. I have always been a fan of data because it tells your where you are at and how to move forward. Look at what testing could do at hospitals. Right now any patient with possible Covid19 symptom has to be treated like they have it. Think of how much easier it would be if the staff knew a patient was virus free. Staff would be less stressed, PPE would be preserved. I can think of dozens of use for this data that would make it much easier for the economy to operate.

            1. Moderation4ever
              April.20.2020 at 7:04 pm
              “I have always been a fan of data because it tells your where you are at and how to move forward…”

              You’ve obviously also been a fan of banal, feel-good bullshit.

            2. Really did you think out that post? Because most of the testing being done right now is being done in hospitals, of symptomatic patients. Therefore you whole thesis of making it easier for healthcare workers is literally what is already going on. We are discussing testing everyone who is not symptomatic and doesn’t require medical care.

            3. They wouldn’t know, at least not when they first sought help. Or are you under the misapprehension that a negative test means you can’t become infected later and symptomatic?
              As for data, it is good but it still doesn’t do anything. It all depends on how you interpret the data and what you do with that interpretation.

        2. Trump’s response was far too little too late. The fact that uncaring people refuse to engage in social distancing, and the fact that there’s still not nearly enough testing is why things are still out of control. A number of places in our area are either closed until further notice, or are limiting obtaining of food to either delivering or curbside pick-ups.

          1. //The fact that uncaring people refuse to engage in social distancing, and the fact that there’s still not nearly enough testing is why things are still out of control.//

            As opposed to the alternative in which a panicked government overreacted, with disproportionate, dictatorial gusto, in response to something that would never have been catastrophic to begin with? You presume, without support, that control over the virus was possible in the first place and, more to the point, that it is now possible to measure how close to our objective we have come.

            The impact of social distancing is impossible to reliably measure. And, assuming they work, how is a lack of compliance with social distancing guidelines Trump’s fault? Trump does not have the power to force individual compliance with social distancing guidelines across the entire nation. So, I’m not sure what it is that Trump should have done differently, in your view.

          2. “…The fact that uncaring people refuse to engage in social distancing, and the fact that there’s still not nearly enough testing is why things are still out of control…”

            You cowardly piece of lefty shit, lock yourself inside and we’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.

    4. I used to think this but I’m realizing now that this will be used to differentiate who needs mandatory vaccination vs who does not and I’m also not willing to carry the Kennkarte.

      1. What vaccine?

      2. And no, no one is going to be hauling around a cart calling for people to bring out their dead.

    5. Good point, Moderation4ever! Bravo! Thanks.

  9. >> “The backlash may be less about fears that the response will cause economic harm, and more about a sense of outrage at an infringement on liberties”

    Says the fucktard with the “essential” job who was already working from home and considers this crisis an excuse to pretend at being under hardship because his grocery store now closes at 9pm instead of midnight.

    1. Indeed, the response should be, “Why can’t it be both?”

  10. >>Ignoring such economic carnage while battling the pandemic is guaranteed to inspire more people to protest

    especially since the numbers are lighter than other flu seasons


    Remember how the social distancing and shutdowns were designed to flatten the curve? And do you remember the purpose of the flattening? That’s right: it was to prevent the number of cases from exceeding our medical services capacity to handle the number of cases.
    And yet now there appears to be a growing trend to require everyone in the country to be tested before we start to open things up again.

    Or there’s the fringe group who thinks we must wait until a vaccine gets developed (note: IF it gets developed). I saw one idjit bleat “I deserve a virus free life!”. The stupidity and ignorance, while stunning, is unsurprising.

    Anyway, getting back to the first tweet in this thread. All of the actions we’ve taken weren’t designed to eradicate the disease. They were designed to slow the infections to a manageable level.

    However, if you slow the number of infections instead of eliminating them, you still get the same total number of infections, or close to it, especially with a high R value virus.

    So we tried to keep Covid-19 from rolling across the country unimpeded. We did so for a little while, but we cannot do it forever. And then the people in charge decided to overreach, which is what people in charge always do.

    Sorry, you can’t buy seeds to grow your own food because that’s considered non-essential.

    Sorry, you can’t go for a run on the beach by yourself because that’s non-essential.

    Sorry, we’re letting people out of jail, but we’ll arrest you for disobeying our edicts.

    And then what a surprise, a country founded on rebellion to tyrannical rule gets a little pissy at the “let them eat cake” crowd and decide to hold some protests about the extended lockdowns.

    The “let them eat cake” crowd doesn’t like being disobeyed and gets big tech to takedown free speech posts about peaceful demonstrations because said demonstrations oppose government edicts. Uh huh.

    I enjoy studying history, but I have no interest in seeing the French Revolution part deux in this country. All y’all who think you can condescendingly lecture people who are genuinely worried about keeping their homes and feeding their families are trying to light that match.

    Things are quite possibly going to get very ugly very soon unless some pull their heads out of their collective asses. Here’s hoping the head pulling happens instead of the other thing.

    1. Good summary

    2. Let them eat cake is so French.

      Let them eat ice cream instead

      1. Well, at the Cold Stone near me you can get cake batter ice cream.
        Or you could, that is, until it shut down this week because they can’t afford to stay open…

    3. “I deserve a virus free life!”

      Even the richest man in the world couldn’t get that. Or is it too soon after Howard Hughes?

    4. “I deserve a virus free life!”

      Unless it’s an immunocompromised 5 year old saying this, they should be immediately sent to an institution

      and even with the 5 year old, you fight back tears and promise to get them an autographed baseball, you don’t impose draconian laws that fuck everyone else

      1. Why is the “boy in a plastic bubble” not a thing anymore? They had a freaking TV movie about it when I was a kid.

        1. George popped it in a Trivial Pursuit dispute

      2. “I deserve a virus-free life!”

        “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    5. Our ICUs in Seattle have not been overrun ever.

    6. People can go for a walk and/or go running or bike riding. In fact, exercise and fresh air is encouraged, and will help people maintain good health. They should still wear face masks and practice social distancing, however.

      1. Fuck off and die.

      2. Depends on the state. Almost once a day there’s a story about someone being arrested while outside and adhering to social distancing. Hell, Oregon and Washington won’t even allow sports fishing.


    These protests and protesters may be dumb, but let’s not pretend these kind of improvised Calvinball quarantine “laws” don’t raise all kinds of serious-ass civil liberties issues

    David Burge
    Replying to
    An obedient public following orders to stay home might end this national emergency faster, but at some point it will just hasten more “national emergencies”
    David Burge
    I mean, you might not like it, but “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is right there in black and white, and you better have a pretty goddamn specific and time limited reason for restricting it.
    David Burge
    and “the protest might result in spread of a deadly virus” is now an all-purpose reason for shutting down *any* protest, today, next month, next year.

    1. I think the horse has left the barn at this point on that one. This will forever be used going forward, problem is people will just disregard it and the gov will have to use it sparingly to so not as to inflict maximum pain at majority parties.

  13. “Progess” report on the “MILLIONS OF US DEATHS FROM THE FLU!!!”
    Number of world-wide cases: ~2.4M
    Number of world-wide deaths: ~166K
    Number of US cases: ~765K
    Number of US deaths: ~40.5K
    Deaths (US) in the last 24 hours: 45
    Damage to the US economy: priceless.

  14. Reason’s dog’s-breakfast of web software is not allowing the link.
    Search WORLDOMETER, COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

  15. Isn’t it funny that as the antibody tests are all starting to pile up and all pointing in one direction “this virus is on orders of magnitude far further spread than we thought” all the doomer experts who have a reputational stake in this are trashing every. single. one.


    1. Down the memory hole!

      1. What memory hole?

        1. You’re hired!

  16. “Marin makes face coverings mandatory to slow virus spread”
    ““We will be looking to educate the public and seek voluntary compliance,” he said. “If we do not get voluntary compliance, violation of or failure to comply with the order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.”
    Violators could face fines ranging from $50 to $1,000, Schneider said.”
    And if you won’t be ‘educated’, perhaps you can be ‘re-educated’.

      1. That’s some really good doublespeak right there from the sheriff. “We will … seek voluntary compliance. If we do not get voluntary compliance, violation of, or failure to comply with, the order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.”

        1. It is voluntary but if you don’t do it we will force you to volunteer. Shit, in the service we call this voluntolding.

  17. I am old enough to remember when this was supposed to be a two week shutdown.

    Then i was told it would be extended to April 19th…

    1. We are under house arrest, unless it helps the Fortune 500, until all disease is eradicated.

      1. “…unless it helps the Fortune 500…”

        Your tin-foil hat’s on inside out.

        1. Lowes is open. Amazon is open, fast food chains can do drive thru, mom and pop operations are shut down as non-essential.

          1. Convenient how the independent competition, who couldn’t afford to take the hit as Lowes or Walmart can, is going to be wiped out.
            Very convenient

            1. Same song, different tune. It is the same with regulations meant to keep big businesses in check. It is amazing how those regulations always seem to harm the small and medium sized businesses the most.

          2. Your tin-foil hat is on inside out.
            Yes, Lowes is open, and even in SF hardware stores are allowed to open.

            1. But small contractors in my area are deemed inessential.. yet the large projects are still underway.

              1. I don’t know about where you live, but claiming a conspiracy between the F-500 and the governors shutting down businesses is ‘third man on the grassy knoll’ populist bullshit.

  18. “Significant macroeconomic after-effects of the pandemics persist for about 40 years, with real rates of return substantially depressed,”
    Does it make any difference that in those other pandemics it was working age people who died and not a bunch of people who had already aged out of the workforce?

  19. mandates that are meant to save lives

    Sorry, these mandates were not proposed to save lives, they were proposed to “flatten the curve”. The area under the curve, which is lives lost, stays exactly the same. It always will.

    That “flattening the curve” has been replaced with “saving lives” once it became clear that the healthcare system would not be overburdened is a clear indication that this is no longer about public health. It is now a social experiment to see if Americans have become as complacent as Europeans about limitations on government. So far, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

    We have gone from “Don’t tread on me” to “Please make sure to disinfect your shoes before treading on me.”

    1. +10000

    2. “Sorry, these mandates were not proposed to save lives, they were proposed to “flatten the curve”. The area under the curve, which is lives lost, stays exactly the same.”
      How quickly the masses have forgotten the purpose of flattening the curve. Now the hospitals have successfully increased capacity across the country, and we have so many ventilators that we are sending them to other countries. Mission accomplished

    3. “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of hand sanitizer.”

      1. Reminds me of George Carlin’s Germs

    4. the boot-wearing robot soldiers will ensure that the politicians can keep a safe social distance while remotely treading on all of us

      1. “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
        If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ”

        ― George Orwell, 1984

        1. Yep. Started calling this Covid-1984

    5. This is why, along with civics, basic statistics should be a mandatory course. All flattening the curve does it reduce the rate of infections not the overall infections but we keep hearing people complaining those protesting are putting everyone’s life at risk. It makes me despair for humanity as a whole.

      1. It should. Fear is far more contagious than any virus.

      2. And business. Students should learn the process of what it is to start and maintain a business. That way, we don’t have to be subjected to the utter stupidity and ignorance this pandemic is revealing.

        The dismissal of the plight of small business owners is frightening. These are usually just families earning a living.

        1. And Logic. Formal logic.

          That way we don’t get retards like Oswalt making retarded Ann Frank spurious analogies like a smart-alec retard.

          1. Not only was it completely ignorant of reality, but in bad taste.

        2. This.

          The image of business owners is that of Scrooge McDuck. White men sitting in their penthouse offices and twirling their mustaches, plotting ways to screw over their employees as they exchange cash for gold to go in their indoor pool.

          In reality most of those business owners are wearing Sears button down shirts and stay up most nights trying to figure out a way to keep the lights on.

          Everyone responsible for shutting down America should be put in the cart, then publicly hung for all to see.

          Instead they’ll get promotions and bigger budgets for next time.

  20. This is a good common sense article. Very helpful to heuteporno

  21. The lockdowns (safe spaces for the masses!) are a result of, in part, incompetence by our public officials (you can’t shut down airspace because racism!). Cheap finger pointing for political points aside, we shouldn’t lose focus where the ire belongs: The full of shit Chicoms and and the full of shit WHO.

    The very fact celebrities are running to defend the WHO (because Orange Man Bad) only adds to the suspicion we should have. Pretty amazing people want to raise money for a corrupted organization and to feed the new heroes du jour….but the millions who have lost their job due to this entirely self-induced fiasco? They can fuck off and do the ‘right thing’ and pay the price for society ‘who follow the science’. Imagine being the sort of person (say Patton Oswalt) who mocks people who are watching their lives whither. Easy to #bakebread; #learningalanguage; #togetherasone when you have a paid vacation like most people doing the mocking.


    What a mess.

  22. These comments indicate why

    1) libertarians struggle to attract more than 1 or 2 percent of the vote in modern America


    2) why conservatives have lost the culture war in America for more than a half-century, with more losing predictable for so long as the eye can see

    Carry on, clingers. So far as your betters permit, anyway.

    You get to whine and sputter and stamp your feet while holding your breath as much as you like.

    1. It has been a while since I have pointed out the jar full of the gall bladders of failed dictators behind the curtain that poses as Kirkland. I have been absent while researching how such a jar of organs suspended in preserving fluid could gain sentience and obtain a reliable connection to the internet without a credit record, but so far, I have not been able to pierce that veil of mystery.

      Fun fact: While Napoleon was not as short as his detractors would have history believe, his gall bladder was, in fact, tiny. It is the smallest in the jar.

      1. I find it cute he thinks himself as a ‘better’.

    2. Yes, increasingly unpopular government dictates that are destroying people’s livelihoods bad businesses will surely make people less open to libertarian and or small government conservatism. Do you lack even a semblance of logical thought?

      1. Just for a data point, the Vietnam War was initially popular, so were Iraqi Freedom and the Afghanistan conflict. The longer they drew out, and the more harm done, the less popular they became. We are seeing this with the lockdown and the economic damage done by it. If it isn’t ended soon, the popularity will continue to dwindle. Expect more protests not less. Eventually, we could very well have a Kent State type event if state governments continue to try and suppress protests.

        1. Only it won’t be against mostly defenseless college kids, but against people who have AR15s at home. Start shooting at those people, and they’re liable to shoot back. And they should.

          1. Are you kidding?!? Those college kids who went to Florida and other places on Spring break were willfully stupid. The idea that these kids didn’t understand is a bogus excuse. They just didn’t care, and it’ll come home to roost, because they’ll put their parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends at risk. I’m through caring about the fact that they put themselves at risk. The fact that they’ll also take others with them is even more disgusting, as is their attitude. Quite frankly, if these young adults are old enough to go to college, they’re old enough to realize that the rules for social distancing have been put in for a damned good reason.

            1. “…Quite frankly, if these young adults are old enough to go to college, they’re old enough to realize that the rules for social distancing have been put in for a damned good reason.”

              Quite frankly, if you are old enough to vote, you *should be* adult enough to look at the risk and realize that cowardice of your level makes you a fucking cowardly piece of shit who should certainly make sure you’re safe by wrapping your head in a plastic bag. Tightly.
              And then, thankfully, fucking off.

    3. I like to sound smart. I masturbate to the word “clinger” because it makes my penis tingle. I eat raw cabbage in the grocery store while I stare at women’s shoes.

    4. You sound like an egotistical neocon.

      1. Huh? How so? By pointing out that once popular policies become unpopular over time as people are harmed by them? Pretty sure that is not a neoconservative school of thought. Or is it because I dared to mention that Iraq and Afghanistan were popular at the beginning of the war? Notice I never said that made them good. In fact, if you read further I stated that as they produced harm they became less popular. Note the word harm, which implies that the policies were not good.

        1. The same could be said by our involvement in Viet Nam.

          1. Which I had already mentioned upthread.

        2. Think April was addressing the rev

          1. That’s the new, troll, rev.

          2. It’s hard to say. It appears as if it was linked to my comment, at least on my cell. The little lines are connected to my response.

            1. Interesting.
              On my phone, its a reply to rev.
              And judging by April’s other comments, I’d guess the two of you agree on most things – including the lockdown

              1. That is why it surprised me.

      2. And my post about draconian dictates from the government was meant as sarcasm. Which seems fairly obvious.

    5. “These comments indicate why”

      Why lefty asshole bigots comment here?
      Fuck off, asshole bigot.

  23. irrationality reigns at ‘reason’. there are around 20% unemployment claims, meaning 80% are working. of those 20% , they get their full unemployment compensation plus $600. so guys who absolutely have to have cash have it.

    we have distribusted $350B to keep people in jobs for 2 1/2 months, so likely some of the protester arefully employed

    50% of protesters seem to identify as trumpistas, by signage and plumage. plus the tell tale shrill braying hateful slogans. “Fire Fauci” holy shit!.so you can easily figure this is not a back to work protest but a campaign rally in disguise. Like Trump’s Press “rally’ every day at 4PM.

    why do some 30% of protester’s were masks? i thought CV was a hoax and the whole point of the rally?

    and then there is the funding of the rally organizers: devoss and others of the far right wing nuttery class.

    1. there are around 20% unemployment claims, meaning 80% are working.

      If only Hoover had tried this line of argument, he might have gotten a second term.

    2. tim koss went to the same economics class as AOC.

    3. Yes because unemployment makes up for losing a business that you have invested your life savings in. Oh and people wearing masks are doing it voluntarily not because of government dictate. Keep pushing and see how much larger these protests become.

      1. Facebook is apparently cracking down on people organizing protests.

        It’s pretty amazing the communism by other means on full display.

        How is this NOT an attack on freedom of speech?

        And they have the gall to claim Trump is a fascist.

        1. The protestors are also preventing people who are first responders from getting to their jobs, which involve caring for sick people in hospitals, and in other places. Come on now!

          1. The protestors are also preventing people who are first responders from getting to their jobs

            No, they weren’t.

          2. “The protestors are also preventing people who are first responders from getting to their jobs, which involve caring for sick people in hospitals, and in other places…”

            Your stupidity ate your cite, liar.

    4. tim koss
      April.20.2020 at 3:39 pm
      “irrationality reigns at ‘reason’. there are around 20% unemployment claims, meaning 80% are working. of those 20% , they get their full unemployment compensation plus $600. so guys who absolutely have to have cash have it.”

      Sarc, or abysmal stupidity?

  24. heh i see florida to allow private yacht owners to be excluded.

    how to you penniless aristocrats feel about that.

    i heard today 2% of companies got 25% of ppp. how do you fell about that?

    1. The bailout of small businesses is as bad for the taxpayer as the bailout of large businesses. At least the government is fucking us over without picking winners and losers among the small businesses. Regardless, you are trolling and should go fuck yourself.

      1. Well, fascist did oppose communism and international socialism (unless they were in charge), ergo anyone who opposes communism and or international socialism just be a fascist. Right?
        And yes that was sarcasm for those upthread who seem unable to understand sarcasm.

    2. Florida opened up the beaches, so why should I give a fuck about the boat owners?

      1. The college students and other young adults who went to Florida were totally and willfully stupid. They not only put themselves at risk, but they’re going to put their families, including parents and grandparents at risk, as well. If these young adults are old enough to attend college and to work full time, they’re old enough to understand that the social distancing rules and the stay home advisories/orders were put into place for a reason: for everybody’s protection, including their own.

        1. Save the pants-shitting for your therapist.

        2. Stuff your ‘concern’ up your ass, so your head has someone to talk with.

  25. Why can’t law enforcement and local governments coordinate with the protesters so they can hold demonstrations in designated areas and observe safety precautions? Several organization did that in the past.

    This is clearly a developing situation, and a more violent demonstration by Antifa and BLM can’t be ruled out. The streets are semi deserted, a dozen people could set cities on fire and disappear.

    The lack of foresight on the part if governors and the lib establishment is predictable but frustrating. I’m their minds, 20 straight weeks of shutdown is entirely plausible as long as “science” says it’s ok. But my god, they cancelled classes and disinvited speakers over fear of inspiring violence.

  26. People have a right to be free. But there is no right to kill others. That is what the lock downs are about. It is about reducing and ultimately eliminating that chance that one’s person’s presence will kill someone else. It is that simple. But, apparently, it is beyond the understanding of some part of our populace.

    1. A bit of a useful idiot with a short-term memory capacity.

      It wasn’t about that. It was across North America meant to ‘flatten the curve’ and not ‘overwhelm the system’. Both have been achieve for the most part. Now the narrative has shifted to ‘save a life’. I’ll let you think this last part as to why it’s foolish and take it to its logical end.

      Based on the raw numbers you DO NOT shut down an economy for this.

      Show your work.

    2. Apparently by your definition we are all killing others by unknowingly spreading viruses every single year. Wow. Imagine the trials. What a goddamn ridiculous premise!

    3. It’s due to the willful ignorance and insensitivity of some of the populace–that’s more like it.

      1. You.

    4. “…But there is no right to kill others. That is what the lock downs are about…”


  27. While I agree 100% to end this shutdown, I also agree that these protests are way too political. If these protesters want more people to participate, they need to put away all the political signs, flags etc away. Nothing is more of a turnoff than politics to a lot of people. Me included. If there is a protest against this silly lockdown and suspension of our rights here in South Florida, I’ll show up but will leave if it’s as much or more a campaign rally than it is a protest

    1. This is what turned me off.

      I was even approached to be a public voice, but by people who insist on yelling about abortion clinics rather than liberty. These people deserve to save their lives financially by working, but I’m not going to help them if their biggest pet peeve is that abortion clinics are allowed to stay open.

    2. Come on now, ErichJohn! The protestors, regardless of whether or not politics is injected into their protests are putting themselves, not to mention friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, etc., at risk, as well.

      1. Just weld yourself in your house for the next two years, you fragile fuck.

    3. you make absolute sense, a rarity on this forum. However, and I guess you knew that was coming, If it were the genuine thing, then those with genuine feelings run 80% in favor of current stay at home policies.

      Its as honest a gathering of concerned citizens as a Gov. Wallace yammering on about states rights. its all a head fake.

      The reason why GA about to open up hair salons and massage parlors is because Kemp has figured out Covid kills alot of blacks and evidently expendable old white folks on Medicaid in the nursing homes. IOW not his constituents.

      1. “…a rarity on this forum…”

        Ever since you showed, up, lefty fucking ignoramus. Fuck off and die.

      2. “those with genuine feelings”

        Fn npcs

  28. Every decent businessman/trader who, if left alone, could come up with a solution to safely carry on with his/her business/trading.
    It’s a pity that so many vote to have their access to free trade limited. Voters catching corona can be nothing but a good thing for the evolution of mankind.

    1. “Voters catching corona can be nothing but a good thing for the evolution of mankind.”

      Really?!? That’s a bunch of BS, EWM! The Covid-19 Virus is more more deadly and even more contagious than common colds and the flu. It seems that you don’t give a rat’s a*s how many people die. It’s disgusting.

      1. Whatever, hide out in your bubble house, nobody needs you anyway.

      2. Fuck off and die; make the world a better place.

  29. If you have the time, i invite alot of you dunderheads to look up epidemelogy.

    the only way to deal with pandemic is to corral large numbers of people till the virus dies a natural death or a vaccine is found.

    any 1 gathering could lead to an entire new outbreak

    our nationwide outbreak probably started with one person in Seattle, and maybe 10 in NYC, resulting in 40k death and $10Trillion in economic fallout.

    the world’s pandemic started with one person.

    1. tim koss
      April.20.2020 at 8:51 pm
      “If you have the time, i invite alot of you dunderheads to look up epidemelogy.”

      If you have the time, I invite you to find a brain cell, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

    2. You’re going to have to show a greater understanding than what you looked up on wikipedia, you moron.

      You could probably stand to look up a bit on immunology, given this Short Bus Black Plague isn’t near what you claimed it was going to be.

    3. “the world’s pandemic started with one person.”

      From this, you know full well that the world’s total load of lefty ignoramuses started with the fucking ignoramus koss.
      Please, the world asks you to contribute to a better, smarter and more prosperous world: Fuck off and die.

    4. Viruses don’t die. And this virus has animal hosts, so it would be impossible to eliminate it by depriving it of hosts. Maybe you should take your own advise and study some basic epidemiology.

      1. Also some basic microbiology would probably be in order as well.

  30. My God, the progs on this are amazing.
    Keep talking and posting to social media, please

  31. BTW, EVEN California:
    “Hundreds gather in Sacramento to protest shelter-in-place order”
    “SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Hundreds of protesters lobbying to ease Gov. Gavin Newsom’s tight stay-at-home orders rallied around the California Capitol on Monday, even as Newsom continued to urge restraint, saying the worst thing state leaders could do is “make a decision that’s based on politics and frustration.”
    He outlined his approval for some counties to gradually relax some restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, saying he approved a plan by Ventura County in Southern California to reopen golf courses and parks…”

    He made the announcement with no mask, but he’s just so dreamy in his efforts to plan our new fair, green economy, isn’t he?

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  33. You’re defending the crooks and frauds in the Democratic Party? Seriously?

    The Democrats will pay for the crap they have done over the past decade. In spades. People are tired and angry.آهنگ های جدید

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  35. What I truly don’t get is whu younger healthy people are being forced to stay home. They aren’t at risk of dying, the stats show that clearly…and if the sick and elderly stay home whats the harm. Add into that, the economy is driven by the 20-50 year olds who are generally not affected by COVID-19. So why aren’t we issuing a more targeted stay at home order for the sick, the elderly, and those that share housing with the sick and elderly? Why is common sense and statics not entering into the domain of decision making?

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