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The Myth of the Bleach-Drinking Masses

Plus: states start opening up, Libertarian Party nominating convention on hold, and more...


Thankfully, the bleach-drinking trend is mostly hype. U.S. media seem determined to find an influx of people consuming bleach and other household cleaners because of President Donald Trump's comments. Over the weekend, an array of news reports on calls to poison control centers in March and a craftily-titled New York Daily News article were either deliberately framed to give the impression of a new spike in Americans "drinking bleach" or nonetheless shared as evidence of such by many in the media. I wrote about the discrepancy, which means that people keep sending me every new story related to poison control calls or people having adverse reactions to disinfectants. So let's take a look at some of those…

"Georgia men drink disinfectants in attempts to stop coronavirus," says a headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The paper states that two men, both with histories of psychiatric issues, had "drank liquid cleaning products over the weekend in misguided attempts to ward off COVID-19" (both "are expected to recover").

"The poison center's director, Gaylord Lopez, said he did not know if the men guzzled the chemicals because they heard about President Donald Trump's statements," it continues. "Since the pandemic began, at least two other Georgians have fallen ill from similar attempts to clean their inner organs with household chemicals, even before Trump's remarks."

The Journal-Constitution notes that Georgia's "biggest spike in poisonings from cleaning products has been caused by home-bound Georgians mixing products together to furiously scrub surfaces, then falling ill from inhaling fumes. Last year, the poison center handled 49 product-mixing calls in March and April. This year, since March 1 the center has had 115 calls," according to the state poison control director.

Many have pointed to an April 25 warning from Illinois' public health director as evidence of people intentionally ingesting cleaners because of Trump. But the two-day spike in calls to poison control mentioned was compared not with some time during the pandemic yet before Trump's comments, but the same days in April 2019. And a reported 60 percent increase in calls was for March and April 2020 compared to March and April 2019.

As for the two supposed victims of Trump's comments, Chicago's WTTW says only that "the Illinois Poison Center says it has since received calls on two cases about individuals 'who were exposed to disinfectants from inappropriate use.'" Health director Ngozi Ezike mentioned "some recent examples" [it's unclear from when] including "the use of detergent solution for a sinus rinse" and "gargling with a bleach and mouthwash mixture in an attempt to kill coronavirus."

In Kansas, a man reportedly drank some sort of cleaning product over the past weekend. Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman said at a press conference that he had heard from the state's poison control director about a man who had consumed the cleaner "because of the advice that he received." Norman also mentioned a more than 40 percent "increase in cleaning chemical cases" over some time period.

News outlets have reported on spikes in calls to poison control centers and public health warnings against quack cures since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak (albeit to less fanfare). "The Blue Ridge Poison Center in Charlottesville is asking people not to drink bleach to try and prevent COVID-19 infections," reads one sample headline, from March 13. "No, Snorting Cocaine and Drinking Bleach Won't Cure Coronavirus, Despite Rumors," says a March 12 headline from Rare.

The conspiracy theorists of QAnon were promoting bleach as a cure for the coronavirus back in January. "Can you cure this strain of Coronavirus by drinking something called 'Miracle Mineral Solution?'" some public service journalism from WUSA9 pondered on January 30. "Answer: No. MMS is a type of bleach. Please, don't drink bleach."

None of this is to deny recent reports of people calling government hotlines with more questions about whether household cleaners could kill the coronavirus, nor to justify Trump's public ramblings about nonscientific nonsense or the ridiculous post hoc narratives his supporters and lackeys built around them.

But we're starting to reach moral-panic proportions about a supposed trend for which there's very little evidence of it actually existing. It's frustrating to see huge swaths of professional news media spreading it (sometimes with more satisfaction than dismay).  And, hey, this is sort of good news—no sudden epidemic of American bleach drinkers, everyone! Just a perpetual onslaught of this sort of misinformation and quackery…

Last August, Ars Technica reported on a new Food and Drug Administration warning against bleach drinking. "The warning may seem unnecessary, but guzzling bleach is an unfortunately persistent problem…According to a June [2019] investigation by NBC News, poison control centers across the country have seen 16,500 cases involving chlorine dioxide since 2014," resulting in at least eight deaths.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "the daily number of calls to poison centers increased sharply at the beginning of March 2020 for exposures to both cleaners and disinfectants." Bleach "accounted for the largest percentage of the increase (1,949; 62.1%), whereas nonalcohol disinfectants (1,684; 36.7%) and hand sanitizers (1,684; 36.7%) accounted for the largest percentages of the increase among disinfectant categories. Inhalation represented the largest percentage increase from 2019 to 2020 among all exposure routes, with an increase of 35.3% (from 4,713 to 6,379) for all cleaners and an increase of 108.8% (from 569 to 1,188) for all disinfectants."


States are starting up again, following Georgia's foray into lifting a layer of shutdown orders this week. From The New York Times:

Texas, with its population of nearly 30 million, made one of the most expansive moves toward reopening when Gov. Greg Abbott announced that retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls would be allowed to reopen with limited capacity on Friday. In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine unveiled a more incremental reopening plan that would allow manufacturing work to resume and offices to reopen next week. And in Colorado, businesses tried to navigate new rules allowing some of them to open their doors on Monday….

In states that were hardest hit, leaders have been more tentative. In New York, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Monday said that what he called low-risk businesses upstate could begin reopening by mid-May, but he cautioned that shutdown orders were likely to be extended for many parts of the state.

Although the states around Louisiana have started easing restrictions, Gov. John Bel Edwards said on Monday that he was extending his state's stay-at-home order into next month. "The fact is," Mr. Edwards said at a briefing, "we just don't meet the criteria."

More on Texas' reopening plans here.


The Libertarian Party's May nominating convention is on hold. The party reports that "the Libertarian National Committee has a pre-scheduled teleconference meeting regarding the convention scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd, at which they are able to officially take action(s) regarding the 2020 Libertarian National Convention… The Convention Oversight Committee has already been looking for other venues in Austin and other cities with dates in July of 2020, as a potential contingency."

Update: "The reports of that convention's death are greatly exaggerated," Daniel Fishman, executive director of the Libertarian Party," wrote me on Tuesday afternoon. "It is very likely that the planned convention with 3000 people (including vendors and partners etc) is not going to happen, but there may be a smaller event in Austin that weekend, or something postponed till July or perhaps an electronic balloting.  We simply don't know yet."


  • Trump repeatedly ignored intelligence agency warnings about COVID-19 throughout January and February, The Washington Post reports. "The advisories being relayed by U.S. spy agencies were part of a broader collection of worrisome signals that came during a period now regarded by many public health officials and other experts as a squandered opportunity to contain the outbreak. As of Monday, more than 55,000 people in the United States had died of covid-19."
  • Remote learning "is breaking parents."
  • How restaurants outside urban areas are getting creative to serve socially distant customers.
  • "Regulators in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia are still preventing food trucks from providing hot meals to hard working truck drivers," writes Matt Powers of the Institute for Justice. The group is now trying to change that.
  • Chicago is banning horse-drawn carriages starting next year.

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206 responses to “The Myth of the Bleach-Drinking Masses


    1/ However, without question it is the single biggest media failure ever. Nothing else is even close, not even the failure to cover the Holocaust. The reason is that the media didn’t merely fail to report the truth, it pushed the panic and actually drove government policy…


      1/ Kudos to
      for becoming the first big newspaper to publish a balanced article on the issues around lockdowns. It mentions the risks to food production and skyrocketing unemployment up high, notes that 80% of the state’s deaths are in long-term care facilities…

      1. The media has managed to be wrong in nearly every possible way. At first, it underplayed the actual threat and called anyone who was concerned a conspiracy theorist and a racist. Then when it turned to be a threat, the media fell in the other ditch and called anyone not supporting the most draconian response a conspiracy theorist or a murderer.

        Our media is stupid, partisan and incompetent to such a degree it is no longer possible to have a rational debate in this country. It has become a threat to the entire Republic whose only merit is the cost of destroying it, ending free speech, still slightly exceeds the damage that it does.

        1. And the media is completely gaslighting everyone now. Despite trump acting in late January and the media calling him racist for acting, the media is now actively claiming everyone knew and Trump was ignoring intelligence on the covid spread. And sadly idiots are taking the new gaslighting narrative as fact.

          1. “Trump repeatedly ignored intelligence agency warnings about COVID-19 throughout January and February[.]”

            Gee. I wonder what it could have been that might have had Trump preoccupied during that time.

            1. I got this one! It’s pussy-grabbing, amirite?

        2. That is a distressingly cynical attitude, John.
          Unfortunately, I can not find anything to disagree with. Our media establishments are in a death spiral destroying their own credibility in order to appeal to an ever smaller hyper-partisan demographic. My hope is that it will die of its own accord before we have to make the horrible choice you suggest.


    2. Hello.

      “….nor to justify Trump’s public ramblings about nonscientific nonsense…”

      “…But we’re starting to reach moral-panic proportions about a supposed trend for which there’s very little evidence of it actually existing. It’s frustrating to see huge swaths of professional news media spreading it (sometimes with more satisfaction than dismay)…”

      You played your part in this. I may be wrong but you seem to have taken the stance that in fact Trump did say ‘drink Lysol’ and now you seem to say the ‘UV as disinfectant’ (I assume this is what you’e referring to) is nonsense. Apparently research that Cedars-Sinai has been conducting for years.

      I’m failing to see your angle here. I admit I could be misreading but maybe someone here can enlighten me.

      But forget Trump. The biggest travesty is so-called experts who pumped up inaccurate data in the beginning and politicians continuing to use those same initial faulty assumptions to justify draconian measures. We now know a lot more about this virus and the truth is we likely over-reacted. Wildly so.

      1. ENB is part of the models are the actual science class of journalist.

  2. Thankfully, bleach drinking trend is mostly hype.

    I can still inject it, though, right? Without being a cliche, I mean.

    1. Trump looks like he dipped his face in bleach.

      1. You sound like you sniff it.

      2. Oh wow, just phoning it in today, huh.

      3. Wouldn’t that make him sparkling white instead of orange?

        Even your insults are losers.

        1. He’s very dumb.

    2. Thankfully, the bleach-drinking trend is mostly hype.

      Jan Brunvand can tell you it’s not just hype.

    3. You can inject disinfectants. Yes. I am not saying anything about the results. If you are dead though, you cannot catch covid-19; I’m just saying, Darwin has your back.


    Jesse Kelly

    Our absurd response to this virus is absolutely a symptom of getting too soft. “If it saves one life” would have been laughed out of the room at any other point in our history.

    We are The Scared Suburban Mom Society. Complete with a gallon of hand sanitizer.

    American politics is basically all about making white, college educated, upper class, suburban women happy.

    1. Can Estrogen and Other Sex Hormones Help Men Survive Covid-19?

    2. That is because we used to be a nation of adults who understood that every action has consequences and no action is cost free. Today we are a nation of children who demand perfect solutions to every problem to such a degree we just pretend our solutions are perfect no matter how much we have to deny reality to do so.

      1. John, I couldn’t agree more.

        We’re soft and weak. We ran from a virus like the elephant running from the mouse in the cartoons clutching its skirt.

        I can’t wrap my head around how we thought it wise to quarantine HEALTHY people while shutting down the economy. We in effect, weakened immune systems with the former and destroyed lives (in some cases permanently) in the latter. Micro-Biology 101: Eat dirt.

        This is our enlightenment heritage? No. I say this is what you get with a steady pile of vomit via the progressive education system. We’ve turned people into unthinking useless useful idiots.

        How else to explain insufferable #CanadaTogether shows where musicians sing in quarantine to people. Like a person whose life has been ruined gives a shit about singing songs. Wanna help? Share in the financial pain. Let’s see how ‘together’ we really are. Along with that we have pictures of rainbows on windows here with the caption ‘Ca va bien aller’. This is how we respond. With useless emotional drivel.

        Hence my joke.

        Soldier: My Khan, the horses are antsy today.
        Genghis (assessing the enemy): Itsokay. We won’t be needing them.

        1. Yeah, quarantining the healthy is not how it is supposed to work.

        2. WE didn’t. Keep me out of your hysteria.

    3. I’ve been saying this for years. Trump won on largely ignoring that demo. But they’ve walked it back significantly starting with the vaping bullshit and now this.

      1. I am starting to think that our ancestors were right not to give women the vote. Not that individual women cannot be sensible and more sensible than many men. They can be and often are. As a group, however, women seem to live down to every Victorian stereotype of them. This is especially true of suburban white women, who seem incapable of making a rational decision and reduce every problem to some kind of self centered emotional narrative.

        1. Personally this thing has made me a sexist dinosaur. But still the most annoying thing for me is seeing the “men” who are signalling that they are cowering in fear. I’ve never seen a bigger example of gutless cowardice in my life. This thing has revealed an enormous class divide to me. Many aren’t really scared. This is bullshit social signalling. They are allowed to do what they want to do but the rest of us proles are ruining everything by not locking ourselves in our closets. It’s a divide of middle management office drones whose work is largely paper pushing bullshit regulatory compliance and the rest of us who live in reality and understand how sales work and how they relate to what services we provide. At a certain level it’s just rice bowl stuff. The people who have full rice bowls are for this because they haven’t been impacted yet. They don’t even see the cliff coming.

          1. I am not as pessimistic as many people. Even I, however, have to admit that the cliff will come if we don’t stop this nonsense. The divide you talk about is the result of one group of people thinking civilization runs itself and just magically happens. It doesn’t. You can’t run a civilization with everyone cowering in their homes. Electricity doesn’t come from the light socket. The grocery store doesn’t magically restock itself. At some point, things have to get done.

            Part of this too is the result of people living in a fantasy world where no risk is tolerable. Before the 1940s and antibiotics, there was a statistically significant possibility you could die any time you got sick from anything more than a cold. Most illnesses were just not treatable. Yet, people went out and lived their lives. Today, we have a Chinese Flu that at most kills 1% of the people who get it and the whole country is out of its mind with fear.

            I am just stunned at what cowards people are. I would rather get the shit and die then spend the rest of my life afraid to go out of my house or if I did wearing some ridiculous mask and not coming within ten feet of anyone. Screw that.

            The people in this I hate the most are the “things will never be the same after this” crowd. Yes they will. I am not giving up going to movies and ball games and living a normal life because of some dumb ass flu some Chinamen cooked up in a lab and accidentally let loose. Fuck that. Even healthy people die eventually.

            1. Yeah the “things will never be the same after this” takes are going to make for hilarious reads in August when people are back going to bars, concerts and sports stadiums again. Guarantee the NFL has fans at games. NCAA can’t afford to exist as an entity if they don’t. The cliff is coming because we are going to put up a quarter of zeros. That’s going to lead to layoffs and fat trimming no matter what. There isn’t pentup demand either best case things go back to February levels the sales aren’t going to be their to offset the capital that was lit on fire this quarter. But things are going to go back to normal pretty quick aside from the fact will be mired in the worst recession of my liftetime.

              1. Recessions happen. We were going to have one eventually anyway. And the deeper the recession the stronger the recovery, unless the government steps in and strangles it the way Obama did in 09. So, even if the recession is deep, it won’t last that long and the economy will roar back. The only danger is that the country goes nuts and puts the Democrats in in November. In that case, they will likely turn a recession into a depression like they did in the 30s.

                1. I don’t think it’s going to be depression bad. But it will be 70’s/80’s 10% unemployment noone spending any money lost decade bad. Which I wasn’t alive for.

              2. Honest question: how much did society return to normal after Spanish Influenza?

                I realize it was a period of huge change so it’ll get lost in the shuffle, but after that horrific death toll people seemed to double down on the things we’re being told will 100% end.

              3. “NCAA can’t afford to exist as an entity if they don’t.”

                And many of these soccer moms fail to realize that ALL college sports but mens basketball are dead if football is dead.

                As an aside, with so many professors applauding curtailing of free speech, is it now time to discuss curtailing tenure also?

            2. I am just stunned at what cowards people are. I would rather get the shit and die then spend the rest of my life afraid to go out of my house or if I did wearing some ridiculous mask and not coming within ten feet of anyone. Screw that.

              This is what it boils down to. For people who believe that something better awaits them after they die, they certainly would prefer not to do so. However, they’re probably more well-prepared emotionally to come to grips with their own mortality, than someone for whom death is ends up in nothing more than getting thrown in a hole in the ground and eventually forgotten. They’d probably even see it as a relief, because when you get down to it, life gets to be a fucking grind after a while, especially as you get older and become less physically capable of doing the things you enjoyed doing as a younger person.

              The prospect of mortality has brought out people’s true colors, even though, ironically, the vast majority of the doomers are those whose actual risk of getting put in the ICU for this, much less dying from it, is so miniscule as to be irrelevant.

              1. I think it is that and it is also that we live in such a safe age people manage to live in complete denial of their mortality. Existing at any cost has become an end in itself. They have lost all of the romantic and tragic sense of life. It is a really awful way to live if you ask me.

            3. I’m not wearing no fucken mask that’s for damn sure.

              I’d rather go underground like Edgar Friendly than bow before these ‘never the same again’ crowd.

              Fuck them and that.

          2. Exactly right. Early data had me agreeing that the virus is an order of magnitude more dangerous than the flu. From a public health perspective, I supported an early 2 week shutdown of almost everything to corral and actually quarantine cases. That combined with testing probably would have limited it a great deal. An extended government mandated arbitrary shutdown is just damaging and has had little effect on the spread.
            I make a comfortable living and my wife has been able to work from home. My industry isn’t what I’d consider “essential” but I’ve been working consistently installing equipment in homes. That said, I’ve lived poor most of my life. Many of my past jobs would be considered non-essential. If I held one of those positions during this then I’d be unemployed, unable to pay rent, and going into debt in order to pay for necessities. It is such a sign of stupidity and privilege for people to not understand a young person fears that more than a disease they might not contract and likely won’t notice if they do catch it. It is cruel to force people out of work indefinitely, doomed to accrue untold debt just because some are scared of getting sick. All the Karens out there virtue signalling their quarantine woes while either not having to work or “telecommuting” for an hour can suck my dick. They can fuck right off with their elitist ignorance

        2. Exhibit A: Tara Reade’s former neighbor Lynda LaCasse, who believes Biden assaulted Reade but she supports him anyway.

          1. Yeah that’s pretty mind boggling.

        3. I am a suburban white woman. I have had several arguments with several suburban white men basically trying to tell them the lockdown is silly and basically being told: “I don’t know what I am talking about.” I don’t think any of them were doing it because I was a woman, they had just all been pulled into the hype.

          1. Yeah there’s all kind of hysteria from all corners right now. We are living through the largest most destructive economic hysteria of last 100 years.

    4. I’m starting to see a lot of suburban moms, after having been stuck home 24/7 with their kids for several weeks, changing their minds about the lock down. This whole COVID-19 experience could cause the pendulum to start swinging away from “if it saves just one life” culture.

      1. People have largely lived the same way for thousands of years. they will largely live the same way for a thousand more years. This hilarious and crazy notion that we are going totally change how we do everything after a lifetime of learned behaviors and habits shows a hilarious lack of understanding of human behavior. Any talkinghead who talks like this should be shunned as the town dunce and called out for their retarded takes.

        1. Sorry, it’s hard to follow what your store. It would help if you say what your “this”’s refer to.

          1. “store” -> “wrote”

    5. It all comes down to the pathetic democrat belief in human fragility. This is the peanut scare all over again.

    6. Call her by name.

      Her name is Karen. All of them.

    7. We are The Scared Suburban Mom Society. Complete with a gallon of hand sanitizer.

      That’s what “more women in power” means.

      One feminist actually said that women leaders who imposed draconian lock-downs and social media restrictions on their countries were exemplary liberal leaders, as opposed to the authoritarian male leaders who want to ease restrictions.

      According to her, people should desire the firm, loving, and warm embrace of their female leaders, not the cold, harsh, distant leadership of men.

    8. Luckily Texas is coming back online. Hopefully we can lead the path to common sense along with Georgia and Florida. This is very scary that we are the canaries in the coal mine for NY and California lol.

  4. The paper states that two men, both with histories of psychiatric issues-


    -had “drank liquid cleaning products over the weekend in misguided attempts to ward off COVID-19” (both “are expected to recover”).

    I can’t find Lysol anywhere on the shelves and these doofuses are drinking it away?

    1. Notice how the media all dropped the “injecting bleach” bit and have switched now to “drinking bleach”, once it became evident that the transcript had been cherry-picked.
      They just can’t stop lying.

      If the media wants to stop being seen as the enemy of the people, they need to stop being the enemy of the people.

  5. Harris: ‘I believe’ Biden accusers
    BY MICHAEL BURKE – 04/03/19 09:20 AM EDT

    1. Well, she’s not the VP pick. lol For some reason I saw Amy Klobuchar on TV the other day. Why am I seeing her face on TV? So she’s the one. It’ll be Klobs.

      1. She is likely the pick. She is a woman and the least crazy of the alternatives. Klobuchar will consolidate the Karen vote without offending the big donors from Wall Street and Silicon Valley the way Grandma Warren would.

        1. She’s also an unlikeable bint and white so looks like the proggies aren’t gonna be getting their first disabled black lesbian trans (add other labels of your choice here) woman VP

          1. Candidate – —
            woman VP candidate.
            And she will not be the first.

            1. please, CNN and the democrats are certain they have this election in the bag, so they’ll say VP. Haven’t you heard? The walls will close in on Trump any day now!

              Don’t go telling them the truth now

              1. Wuuuuhaaan!

        2. Eh, I still think it will be Stacey Abrams, but it wouldn’t shock me if Klobuchar getting the VP nod was done as a payoff for being one of the first to drop out and endorse Biden.

          I’m curious as to what Buttigieg was promised for doing the same–replacing Tom Perez as head of the DNC, perhaps? Dude’s far more well-connected within the Democratic dark money network than we thought, after the Iowa debacle exposed his ties to those people.

          1. Creepy Pete seems to have dropped off the planet. Head of the DNC is probably a good guess.

          2. Klobie’s got an entire graveyard in her closet, and, as darkflame said, she’s an unlikable bint. It’ll be Abrams.

            Which means that by this time next year there’s a pretty good chance that Stacey Abrams will be POTUS.

            1. Abrams isn’t all that likeable herself; she has an entitlement streak as big as her ass.

              I’m guessing she’ll be the Veep pick simply because the Dems desperately need black voter turnout, and putting that walking Sassy Black Woman stereotype in the second-banana seat is exactly the kind of move the idpol-obsessed DNC would pull to accomplish that.

              1. If crime were worse, if she had more of a visible power base, and chance to actually win, I could Florida’s Val Demings getting the nod. Retired Chief of Police for Orlando before she got the Congresscritter gig. One of the Impeachment Managers.

                Usually, aren’t rising stars in the party given a big speech at one of the prior Conventions? Course, that would be Warren and Julian Castro, and both of them have already stepped on their dicks this campaign season. Enough to not get picked, anyway.

                Aside, Mark Warner was the keynote speaker in 2008. I wonder why he never got more juice behind him to run? Hillary sucked all of the air out of the room, I guess. That, and it’ll be a cold day in Hell before this Democratic Party nominates a white guy who doesn’t give people hope he’ll be Obama’s third term.

        3. I give Klobuchar 50%, Harris 25%, and that Michigan lady the other 25%. It will be one of those. Warren is 0% since she didn’t give her approval for Biden until it was 100% that Sanders was out of the race.

    2. A year old article and people are just now reading it?

      1. It’s a discussion on her hypocrisy on kavanaugh. Pay attention.

    3. who’s this flores chick? This is the first time I’ve heard of her, I’d only heard of Tara Reid

  6. One month ago….

    The Scientist Whose Doomsday Pandemic Model Predicted Armageddon Just Walked Back The Apocalyptic Predictions
    MARCH 26, 2020 By Madeline Osburn

    British scientist Neil Ferguson ignited the world’s drastic response to the novel Wuhan coronavirus when he published the bombshell report predicting 2.2 million Americans and more than half a million Brits would be killed. After both the U.S. and U.K. governments effectively shut down their citizens and economies, Ferguson is walking back his doomsday scenarios.

    1. So why is the organization or seemingly innocent online mapping tool using inaccurate algorithms to scaremonger leaders into tanking the economy? Politics, of course.

      Founders of the site include Democratic Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and three Silicon Valley tech workers and Democratic activists — Zachary Rosen, Max Henderson, and Igor Kofman — who are all also donors to various Democratic campaigns and political organizations since 2016. Henderson and Kofman donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, while Rosen donated to the Democratic National Committee, recently resigned Democratic Rep. Katie Hill, and other Democratic candidates. Prior to building the COVID Act Now website, Kofman created an online game designed to raise $1 million for the eventual 2020 Democratic candidate and defeat President Trump. The game’s website is now defunct.

      Perhaps the goal of COVID Act Now was never to provide accurate information, but to scare citizens and government officials into to implementing rash and draconian measures. The creators even admit as much with the caveat that “this model is designed to drive fast action, not predict the future.”

    2. I suppose everyone’s conveniently ignoring this?


      But hey,
      says everybody loves his code! And he’s not biased at all!

      (Actually he didn’t even say that, he said the people he’d allowed to see it were “largely positive.” Oh. Talk about a ringing endorsement.)

      1. Fergie needs to release his original code, totally unmodified, now. No “wait until I finish documenting it in the hopes the whole thing blows over”.

        1. He needs to be strung up from a lamppost

  7. …one person who had reportedly gurgled mouthwash with bleach in it as an attempt to treat COVID-19 and one person who tried using detergent as a sinus rinse.

    They’ll be hearing from the FDA for off-label use violations.

    1. Why has no one bothered to mention: if someone drinks bleach because the president (or anyone else) tells them too, this person would surely not have survived the winter anyway?

  8. States are starting up again, following Georgia’s foray into lifting a layer of shutdown orders this week

    God help them if they turn out to be wrong, and God help everyone else if they turn out to be right.

    1. U.S. population: 328,000,000

      France/Germany/Italy/U.K./Spain population: 324,000,000

      Coronavirus cases:

      -U.S.: 1,010,507
      -F/G/I/UK/S: 910,585

      Coronavirus deaths:

      -U.S.: 56,803
      -F/G/I/UK/S: 101,009

      Source: Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center

      1. Seasonal flu avg annual death toll: ~61K.

        Number of people out of work so JFree won’t catch a cold: Priceless

    2. There aren’t going to be politicians left after this no matter what happens.

  9. The Libertarian Party’s (L.P.) May nominating convention has been canceled.

    Nominees stripping to their briefs just won’t have the same impact if it’s via Zoom.

    1. Did you have to say that in front of Starchild?

  10. Broke: We must wait for a vaccine.
    Woke: We must wait for China to develop a vaccine.

    As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the world, identity politics appears to have taken a backseat to fighting the virus. Yet on Saturday, Emily Cousens, a research assistant at Oxford University, said she doesn’t want her university to win the “coronavirus vaccine race” — because it would make Britain proud and might teach the wrong lessons about medical progress. Specifically, she worried about China looking bad and the West — full of those evil “white males” — looking good.

    “The story will be clear: China, once again, has unleashed a threat to civilisation. But the best brains of the UK have saved the world,” Cousens wrote at HuffPost. “If my university is the first to develop the vaccine, I’m worried that it will be used as it has been in the past, to fulfil its political, patriotic function as proof of British excellence.”

    1. I hate it when doing something excellent is proof of excellence.

      1. If doing something well and saving millions of lives comes at the cost of making others feel uncomfortable and left out, you should not do it.

        This is what these idiots actually think. Honestly, the author of that article might be too stupid to live.

        1. …yet she works at HARVARD, whose entire brand is “doing something well and making others feel left out”.

          She could always quit and work for a Chinese firm in China if she is so inclined.

          Their principles seem to stand up to anything except the tiniest inconvenience to the woke.

    2. I’m going to stop posting PJ links, you got it covered.

    3. I’m absolutely not a smackabitch guy. But that bitch…

  11. BREAKING: Federal Reserve will now buy debt of cities with at least 250,000 residents and counties w/500,000+ residents.

    Coronavirus hit those cities so hard they were hemorrhaging money for the past 40 years!


    Except that it’s not really “evidence-based.” It is “studies based,” i.e. your clinical practice has to conform with whatever the latest studies dictate. The problem is that most of these “studies” are weak and done to a predestined result, and are, frankly, irreproducible.

    However, once they are published they are considered “evidence” which must be followed in treating illness. This is, just in case you wondered, why for so long we were told we should be eating all carbs all the time and that this is what would make us slim.

    Unfortunately, this applies to practically everything.

    This ridiculous nonsense is why we have people banning straws, when most of the plastic waste in the world comes from China. Or why we have a generation of kids shaking in their boots because they’ve been told (and shown pretty models “proving”) that in twelve years the Earth will burn up.

    And it is why Trump can’t find anyone to hire with the right credentials – and you know if they don’t have the right credentials he’ll be crucified for it – who isn’t corrupted by a system in which you collect tokens by being a good little boy or girl and parroting back/behaving in the right way. Which, in point of fact, in most establishments, from scientific to political, means the left way.

    Sure, there is still merit out there, but considering how hard the establishment punishes non-conformity, Trump would have to search for people with some very strange credentials indeed.

    I would like to say that we’ve been inoculated to this nonsense after this most ridiculous shutting down of the economy on the word of experts who were probably themselves not badly intentioned so much as trying to look at the work of other credentialed experts, like those at the Imperial College of London, say.

  13. The advisories being relayed by U.S. spy agencies were part of a broader collection of worrisome signals that came during a period now regarded by many public health officials and other experts as a squandered opportunity to contain the outbreak.

    If only he’d closed the borders to international travel, I’m sure every one of us to a man would be praising him right now.

  14. BREAKING: California Doctors Go on Ingraham Angle, Challenge Official COVID Policy — YOUTUBE THEN TAKES DOWN THEIR VIDEOS!

    1. Youtube has become an agent of the government. I am sorry but the whole “but it is their platform” bullshit doesn’t fly when they are using their platform to suppress speech the government doesn’t like and push propaganda the government does.

      1. Not an agent of the government – an agent of the fascists.

        1. Yeah.
          They’re not a neutral actor, and act in the political interests of their management rather than the fiscal interests of their shareholders.

          They also arrived at their monopolies via corporatism rather than free market competition. It’s time for a reexamination of Google.

  15. “…U.S. media seem determined to find an influx of people consuming bleach and other household cleaners because of President Donald Trump’s comments…”

    Should be “…in spite of…”.

  16. Remote learning “is breaking parents.”

    I nice change of framing from how homeschooling negatively affects public schools.

    1. If it were home schooling, it would be ten times easier. I have deeply considered pulling my kids from the local elementary to put them on the same district’s Home School online platform. At least that system has premade lesson plans and common tools. But my kids current system?

      My 5th grader logs into google and prints out a g-doc that points to social studies, math and english requirements. Then he logs onto a different portal to get music assignments. Then he logs onto a different portal for Science assignments. Each of these is turned in using different tools, even for the same teacher. Sometimes it is Flip-grid, and other times Google Classroom. He only talks for an hour each day with his teacher, on a Zoom that is mostly dominated by her going over the previous math sheet for the day. Despite spending only 1 hour a day in “class” with the kids, the teacher has no idea who is missing work in music or in science. Doesn’t even seem to know what those requirements are.

      My 2nd grader gets all of her work in a google presentation. It takes her roughly 30 minutes to finish it all- from math to social studies worksheets. She then reads another half hour and is done before lunch. Her teacher hosts 3 “mandatory” 1 hour classes each week, and 2 “Optional” ones. They think it is neat that she hosts the meetings in her PJs. Neither of my elementary school kids has received actual “Instruction” from a teacher, where that teacher sits them down and explains new concepts.

      My 8th grader in a different district gets about 6 hours of work each day. Mostly reading and taking notes. We have to travel into school once every couple weeks to pick up new packets of homework. At least she gets new instruction via Khan academies or pre-recorded stuff from her teachers.

      Overall, I am super shocked that school districts that ALREADY HAVE online/distance learning schools couldn’t make this change. Instead these kids and parents are forced to cater to every teachers’ different style of accepting work. It is so stupid.

      1. Every person I know who has school age kids is finding out that there kids are actually only doing about an hour or so of work a day and the rest of the time is just wasted and a baby sitting service. I hope that one of the upshots of all of this is people realizing what an enormous waste of time and money the public schools actually are. I think a lot of people who lived in denial about before this are figuring out the truth. What they will do in response to that and how much if anything will change I do not know. But, I don’t think people will look at public schools quite the same way again.

        1. The interesting exception is my 8th grader. She is working her ass off, idependently. However, I talked to the parent of another kid in her school, and that kid only has about an hour of work each day. So I guess it depends on the Teacher, which is in and of itself a huge strike against the schools. Why such a different experience for each kid?

          1. I think the key word there is independently. Your 8th grader is probably pretty smart and does well on her own. And I bet she was doing less work when she was going to class every day. For her and kids like her, going to class likely slowed her down and prevented her from working at her own faster pace because the classes had to suit the slower kids.

        2. It’s laughable that some of these municipalities are lighting essentially all their good will on fire by canceling literally the only visible service they provide. In va fairfax county actually had to shut down their online schooling for the rest of the year and fire their online guru because of how dumpster fire bad it was. They have some of the most expensive property taxes in the country and a massive bureaucracy and can’t even do fucking manage zoom calls. This is going to lead to a ton of pols out on their asses of all stripes.

          1. One can only hope, but from the looks of it, even governors who are doing terribly are being praised by all the Right People, and will likely be hailed as saviors. Beshear in KY has Decisively Led™️ our state to not only the lowest testing per capita, leaving us completely in the dark as to the actual spread, but also the highest surge in unemployment claims in the country with nearly 25% unemployment (as of last Friday 242 per 1000 workers were unemployed due to CV-justified restrictions), but he’s still being praised by a ball fondling media, and fawned over by Karens everywhere.

            1. It’s truly the twilight zone.

        3. This has very big implications for teachers unions and contracts.

        4. An hour?

          My son is done with his fifth grade work within 30 minutes. Every day. And it’s done properly so I cannot say he’s half assing it.

          1. Find a new school. My 1st grader has about 60 minutes of self work and about 2.5 hours of video instruction from her charter school. But then again, those teachers actually care.

        5. “a baby sitting service”

          This, unfortunately, is what public schools are and all most parents care about. The education is irrelevant.

          The clerisy and political class however, also view them as handy indoctrination centers which is why they view independent education and home education as mortal threats.

      2. My kids are actually being taught stuff. I walked in on a math lesson for my oldest yesterday while the teacher was teaching. All new material. The head of the middle school makes a point to video chat with each student EVERY WEEK to not only say hi, but also to check in on their progress and see how they might better cater to what each student needs. My youngest struggles to learn new concepts in math, so he has his twice weekly meeting with the learning specialist just as he did before, where she helps him figure stuff out.

        But my kids also go to a private school.

        1. “But my kids also go to a private school.”

          Way to bury the lede.

          1. Way to bury the lede.

            I knew by the end of the first sentence.

            1. Well la de da.

        2. But my kids also go to a private school.

          Same here. They’re not refunding tuition, so they’re working their asses off trying to show us they’re still bringing us value.

          The public school response has been . . . less robust.

    2. My high schooler that attends a school of around 3500 kids was told if pasted the first quarter of the semester he was going to pass the semester. He has done no school work since. The school district upon realizing that that was a stupid policy has now hinted they might change that policy 4 weeks into it.

    3. My high schooler that attends a school of around 3500 kids was told if pasted the first quarter of the semester he was going to pass the semester. He has done no school work since. The school district upon realizing that that was a stupid policy has now hinted they might change that policy 4 weeks into it.

    4. My kids got up early this morning, helped me frame in a 40′ RV cover. They rigged their own safety strap network rather than just rely on my assurances they probably wouldn’t fall, and backstopped me when my squaring of the building went awry. They were done by lunch, although they each have about an hour of schoolwork, mostly zoom check-ins. Forget “breaking parents”, those people are weak. As far as I’m concerned, summer began 3 months early, and we are getting sh*t done.

  17. How restaurants outside urban areas are getting creative to serve socially distant customers.

    The rural rebellion against our urban masters continues.

  18. Regulators in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia are still preventing food trucks from providing hot meals to hard working truck drivers,…

    Essential workers are heroes, and the state knows that heroes make (enforced) sacrifices.

  19. “No, Snorting Cocaine and Drinking Bleach Won’t Cure Coronavirus, Despite Rumors”

    The NYT starts thinking what it can say to blame Trump for those rumors.

    Though I suppose one could argue that if you do coke and bleach simultaneously, you may beat the virus by dying before it reaches you.

    1. Wait so I shouldn’t be snorting coke like Tom Sizemore on a Tuesday?

  20. Chicago is banning horse-drawn carriages starting next year.

    Chicago has taken to replicating de Blasio’s first year?

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the long face?” The horse replies, “It’s hard to grease the right palms when you only have hooves.”

    1. But remember Chicago was first to ban foie gras, until they became a world class laughing stock and had to un-ban it.

  21. Court rules that Baltimore is financially responsible for the overbearing gun Task Force they created that attacked resident’s second amendment rights. kudos Baltimore courts. THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE USSC.

  22. The woke left is afraid that White Western countries may find a cure/vaccine for Covid because they are white and western.

  23. Florida has a higher population of elderly than New York. their death rate for the elderly is much much smaller. Why? Turns out they targeted their Covid response to the elderly population, such as testing elderly as a priority… and didn’t send Elderly back to nursing homes to infect other elderly people.

    Florida Man wins this round.

    1. Its all the Natty Light #GrayStillPlays

  24. At what point does outright censorship by Social media cross the threshold to publishing or editorial content?

    Twitter, like Facebook, has now deemed itself the arbiter of Covid truth.

    1. Yes they have. Worse, they are effectively acting as an agent of the government at this point. What they are determining is true is whatever the government has deemed true. They are no longer a private company in this context but a government agent to whom the First Amendment should apply.

      1. which, ya know, was the only logical conclusion when the government started hauling them in front of congressional panels. It turns out they can be Big Government Proggy Liberals and censor you too. They just need to somehow, somewhere find Big Government Proggy Liberals in our Proggy, Liberal, Big Government who will give them cover for doing the censorship they wanted to do earlier. Except now it carries an air of legitimacy to it too.

        If Cruz tries hauling Twitter into a hearing to complain about this, Twitter can just say “Sorry, Fauci (or birx, or some other bureaucrat) disagreed. If you have a problem, go talk to them!”

        1. That is a good point. But Cruz can then say “well I am the government too”. If Youtube wants to get in bed with the government, they can live with the political fortunes that comes with that.

          1. The natural endgame here is a Ministry of Truth, responsible for arbitrating what is and is not true. That is, a government department responsible for telling us who is acceptable to censor. If they could plausibly censor these doctors, they can do the same to Cruz. “We aren’t censoring you Cruz- you are free to speak facts. But we are obligated to remove the Untruths that you state”.

            YouTube is so full of shit, it isn’t funny. But getting them under the “watch” of government is ALREADY turning out wrong. It should be stopped immediately.

            1. That is what a company like Youtube wants. Such a system would not only relieve them of any responsibility of their actions because their actions would be dictated by the government, it would also grant them a perpetual monopoly. If only the government truth could be published, any would be competitor would be unable to offer anything new or advantageous over what Youtube offers.

              All of the media would embrace such a system for similar reasons. The media always says they want a free press but as with everything they are saying, they are lying. A free press is messy and competitive and ensures journalism is a risky and generally low paid and little respected career. A state run media, however, is stable and well paid. In free country’s journalists are held in contempt. In a state run media, journalists are paid propagandists for the government and respected and important people. They have secure jobs and are well paid. That is what journalists want. Indeed, who doesn’t want to be well paid and important? All that comes at the price of saying whatever the government tells you to say. And it is pretty clear journalists are not only willing to do that but will do it for free in hopes of later benefits.

              1. +100000000

            2. So you’ve read The Atlantic article huh.

  25. Sooooo…..

    Climate experts keep predicting disaster. Disease experts keep predicting disaster. Am I missing anything or is the only time we got a disaster when one was predicted was when we listened to the experts?

    1. Isn’t there always a government funded expert with a government funded credential threatening disaster if sweeping new powers aren’t given to government?

    2. We need a comparison of climate experts and soothsayers to see who gets it right more often.

      1. That’s unfair as the soothsayer’s have better models.

  26. The big libertarian story of the day is people (all over) accusing Roberts and Kavanaugh of caving to threats made by Democrat Senators in their moot ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York, when the logic of Heller should have been more than enough to rule that even the City of New York’s revised travel requirements were sufficiently onerous to constitute violation of the Second Amendment.

    The important aspect of this to my eye is the not so veiled threat issued by Senate Democrats to restructure the Supreme Court once the Democrats retake the White House unless the Supreme Court came to the “correct” decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. You can read descriptions of what they wrote in their amicus, but why take anybody’s word for it when you can read it yourself?

    “Today, fifty-five percent of Americans believe the Supreme Court is “mainly motivated by politics” (up five percent from last year); fifty-nine percent believe the Court is “too influenced by politics”; and a majority now believes the “Supreme Court should be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics . . . . The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it. Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be “restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.” Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.

    —-Brief of Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal, Richard Durbin, and Kirsten Gillibrand as amici curiae in support of respondents.

    The essence of the argument is that because gun rights organizations advocate for candidates based on whether they support gun rights and gun rights defending judges and because public interest law firms file suits on purpose in order to force the court to make rulings on these issues, the Supreme Court should be restructured (stacked with pro-gun control Democrats) in order to preserve the court’s independence from outside influence.

    My first inclination is to point out that a large portion of the “majority of Americans” who think “the court should be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics” are as likely to want to reduce the influence of politics because they want the Supreme Court to be more supportive of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. However, that is not the most important point here.

    The most important point is that if the Democrats are using the prospect of a Democrat president stacking the Court to scare Roberts and Kavanaugh into declaring issues moot rather than ruling to uphold our constitutional rights, then it may be imperative to make sure not only that the Democrats lose the Senate but also that Joe Biden lose his bid for the White House. It’s not that their masks are slipping either. They’re tearing their masks off because they’re no longer afraid to show their true selves and their true authoritarian intentions.

    The argument in that amicus briefing about why the Court should rule against the Second Amendment could have been used to justify overturning the 2016 election because of outside interference, too. If the Democrats’ enthusiasm for socialism in the form of the Green New Deal and Medicare for All weren’t already enough to chase my fellow capitalists into the arms of the Republican party, their attempt to intimidate the Court into denying us our constitutional rights should send my fellow libertarians in the same direction.

    As the Democrats become increasingly authoritarian and socialist, it is entirely appropriate for libertarian capitalists to become increasingly Republican–and there should no longer be any doubt about the direction in which the Democrats are headed.

    1. Let’s try that link again:

    2. The worst thing the dems could do politically for the Kavanaugh apointment was bring Blasey-Ford out. I personally detested Kavanaugh’s watered down conservative approach(reminiscent of Roberts) especially after Trump hit a total grand slam with Gorsuch. But Blasey Ford ruined all of that with how detestable that strategy was.

      1. Same here. But so far Kavanaugh has surprised me with some of his decisions. I do wonder if all the bullshit he had to go through gave him a new outlook on deferring to federal authority.

      2. I feel the exact same way. I thought Kavanaugh was another Roberts and an untrustworthy, establishment crap weasel who would side with the liberal establishment the first time things got hard. I would have been fine with the Senate turning his sorry, Georgetown Prep, Yale ass down. That was until that stupid bitch showed up. Then turning him down meant believing her slander and forever branding an innocent man as a racist. So, the Blessy Ford stunt in my opinion made confirming Kavanaugh the only option. I think and hope it also make Kavanaugh less of an establishment crap weasel and taught him the lesson that no amount of class loyalty on his part is going to save him or keep liberals from hating his guts. Ironically, the Blessy Ford slander may end up making Kavanaugh into an actual conservative justice.

        1. I remember your posts at the time on this very topic. Time has proven you correct.

      3. Same. He was one of the shittiest options on that list Trump put out. However, I’m fairly certain his nomination was a precondition of Kennedy for his retirement. Once they started the kangaroo court circus trial with an old unprovable accusation that nobody could back up they lost all respect. He had to be put on the court just so this ridiculous tactic wasn’t successful and became the norm (only from Democrats, of course.)

    3. “restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.”

      They put that in a SCOTUS brief?

      That seems like an impeachable offense to me. But if the GOP had the votes, they wouldn’t need to use them…

  27. Federal Reserve will now buy debt of cities with at least 250,000 residents and counties w/500,000+ residents.

    The Fed will also pay par value for any mortgages you hold on bridges in Brooklyn, oceanfront property in Arizona, Holy Grails, or fistfuls of magic beans. I have several of each I intend to sell them.

    1. Hang on to the magic beans. I read the food supply is self destructing – – – – –

  28. I normally just post snarky comments, but was on a video happy hour with friends who live in the Seattle area last week. They invited an acquaintance who seemed to be so freaked out that she avoided most media coverage of the virus. One of her comments was, “And how are the people in Flint washing their hands? I’m afraid to even look it up online.”

    How the heck does a person jump to that? (And for the record, Flint’s water supply was restored years ago, and tests show it’s within limits. The locals don’t trust it, which is another issue, but they have water.)

    1. “How the heck does a person jump to that?”

      You did say Seattle, right?

    2. Sounds like you need new friends.

  29. Politico admits they lied about the report regarding Trump having upcoming loans due in China. Didn’t get a comment from several key contacts or even reach out to the Bank of China itself. It turns out it was all dealt with in 2012.

    1. But remember the media has layers and layers of fact checkers.

      1. And they check every fact that suits their narrative.

      2. More like layers and layers of goose eggs.

  30. Trump’s public ramblings about nonscientific nonsense or the ridiculous post hoc narratives his supporters and lackeys built around them.

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

  31. U.S. media seem determined to find an influx of people consuming bleach and other household cleaners because of President Donald Trump’s comments.

    I suspect there’s 3 main reasons behind this to varying degrees:
    1) “Orange Man Bad.” Anything that can be spun to slag the president will be.
    2) “Look at these stupid rubes.” Any opportunity to point and laugh at those they consider inferior will be taken.
    3) “Wish fulfillment.” They’re hoping that Trump supporters will be stupid enough to do this. Really they’d like nothing more than to be able to put their political opponents up against a wall but they can’t right now, so wish fulfillment is all they have at the moment.

    1. There’s a certain sour grapes aspect to this, too.

      The news media no longer has much in the way of influence on the American people–and look at the results!

      Why, if it weren’t for us in the news media educating the public, the American people would be out there injecting bleach into their lungs and wandering out into traffic.

      1. Why, if it weren’t for us in the news media educating the public, the American people would be out there injecting bleach into their lungs and wandering out into traffic.

        That may be another aspect of “wish fulfillment.” They really do wish that people are stupid enough to go out and inject bleach because the president said something that could be interpreted as implying that could be a valid treatment for COVID, just so they can justify their own smugness.

    2. I find it odd watching ENB slowly become self aware of the medias behaviors the last few months… but not realize she has also done the same behaviors the last few months.


    D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser expressed alarm Wednesday about the harsh impact of the novel coronavirus on the poor, sick and elderly in the nation’s capital, as officials reported 15 new fatalities — including several people who died without being hospitalized.

    Ten of the dead were from wards 5, 7 and 8, the poorest and most heavily African American parts of the city, mirroring a national trend in which blacks have been disproportionately affected. Nine of the dead were older than 80; one was a 100-year-old woman and another a 98-year-old woman.

    The District’s tally of covid-19 deaths is 127, a per capita rate of 18.6 per 100,000 residents that is the highest in the region, according to a Washington Post analysis.

    lmao. This shit is going to make the tsa and 9/11 overreach look like a libertarian moment. Either that or it’s going to become so apparent how stupid and naive this was very quickly. Pretty sure they can’t do this in the post HIV world anyway legally.

    1. There’s a piece up at NYRB complaining that illegal aliens aren’t getting bailouts and stimulus checks.

      “People who use individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs), which permit a person to pay taxes if they work without authorization, are the only taxpayers excluded from the coronavirus stimulus package, the congressional act mandating some $2 trillion of relief for businesses and workers that was signed into law at the end of March.”

      1. lmao.

      2. Was that written by Shikha? Yes, yes /sarc

        But you know it could have been.

  33. Why would people be drinking bleach? President Trump never said anything about drinking bleach.

    1. Let’s not get distracted by silly things like facts and logic here.

      Anything bad that’s happening can and should be blamed on the president–because everything bad that happens could have been avoided if a Democrat were in office and empowered to do so.


      Premise: A Democrat president is the solution to our problems.
      Premise: President Trump is not a Democrat.
      Conclusion: If someone drinks bleach, then President Trump should have told them not to, and if he didn’t, then it’s all his fault.

    2. According to ENB it’s ‘because of his comments’; innuendo will do if the facts aren’t there.

  34. “Trump repeatedly ignored intelligence agency warnings about COVID-19 throughout January and February, The Washington Post reports. “The advisories being relayed by U.S. spy agencies were part of a broader collection of worrisome signals that came during a period now regarded by many public health officials and other experts as a squandered opportunity to contain the outbreak. As of Monday, more than 55,000 people in the United States had died of covid-19.””

    ENB… you do realize the DNI head and the DoD have already both said this is false. including the DNI Director saying they told WaPo this was false before the story was published… right?

    1. Just because it’s false doesn’t mean it’s not true. You just have to want it more.

      1. The old Dan Rather defense, “Fake but accurate”.

    2. Didn’t Trump *checks notes mention the goddamn virus in his state of the union?

      1. Can’t find it. Looks like it got torn up.

    3. Journowhores and Liars don’t care about the truth, Jesse.

    4. Do you have a cite for this?

  35. Have any of you anywhere never sat in on a meeting where the person calling the meeting hasn’t said “Is there a way to….”
    I’ll bet doctors and medical scientists do it quite frequently.
    Of course, they usually don’t do it on national tv in front of a hostile media. But it is, after all, the mother of invention.

  36. Why aren’t you covering the credible accusations of sexual assault against Joe Biden?

    Why are you protecting him?

    1. Because his full name is “Joe Biden (D)”

    2. Robby Soave has made several posts about it.

      1. Including two just yesterday.

        1. But no mentions of credibility.

        2. Compare and contrast with Kavanaugh. How many pieces did he write then based on less evidence? How willing was he to sacrifice due process for a “job interview.” How much of that language has conveniently changed?

      2. How many has ENB? She sure wasn’t shy about Kavanaugh. Why, in the morning links to news has she not once mentioned anything about the credible accusations?

  37. Attention media! Please quit forcing me to defend Trump. I get it, you hate him and will latch on to any excuse to attack him, but saying he he told people to go out and drink bleach forces me into a position of defending him by pointing out he said no such thing. Thank you Reason for your objective journalism in an attempt to sort through the bs to get to the truth!

    1. OMG, another bleach denialist!

      You probably don’t believe he paid Putin to help him beat Hillary in 2016 either.

      Trump told us to drink bleach, he’s a bleach drinking bigot, everybody knows it, and I know it because I don’t watch Fox News.


      P.S. And then they have to gall to call us “elitists” because we don’t drink bleach when Trump tells us to. LOL

    2. Reason lied about it too. Hardly the objective observers here.

      1. Yeah, someone hasn’t been on the site the last few days.

  38. The Libertarian Party’s (L.P.) May nominating convention has been canceled. … The Convention Oversight Committee has already been looking for other venues in Austin and other cities with dates in July of 2020, as a potential contingency.”

    They probably ought to just cancel it permanently. Really, who gives a shit who they nominate? Whoever the nominee is they’re not going to be able to even sniff 5%. Shit, they’ll be luck if they even crack 1% so why fucking bother?

    1. Shhh. The Libertarian Party keeps a whole lot of wonky libertarian who enjoy committee meetings and drafting perfect platform planks busy, so they don’t bother what little effective libertarian movement does exist.

      Don’t mess it up.

      1. True, plus it’s an opportunity to look like a bunch of fools in front of everyone else.

  39. “Thankfully, the bleach-drinking trend is mostly hype.”

    Jesus ENB. Please don’t take this the wrong way I’m sure you’re a lovely gal and I’m only saying this because you’re an awful writer, intellectually dishonest and have zero interest in liberty unless theres titties involved; you are crazy stupid. Like shockingly stupid.

    1. Hit and Run has not been the same since she took over. The tone has shifted.

  40. I think it’s a good idea for administrations to deliberately give obviously bad advice around once a week (in addition to all the unintentional times), preferably something deadly. It encourages people to be less gullible, and culls the herd of those whose stupidity simply can’t be cured. We need #HerdImmunity to stupidity.

  41. sex on the bleach?

    1. Whites only!

    1. St. Olaf would be in trouble if Minnesota had a law against sexual orientation discrimination!

    2. You fuddy-duddy’s need to get over yourselves and realize perverts are just better than the rest of us.
      They Deserve to be treated special.

  42. I wonder how many people actually saw trump’s semi-rambling in a setting where doing that is pretty irresponsible, vs how many saw a stream of headlines stating “Trump Says Everyone Should Drink Bleach” (or snort/inject Lysol, or some variation)?

  43. “Trump repeatedly ignored intelligence agency warnings about COVID-19 throughout January and February, The Washington Post reports.”

    Citing the Post does nothing for your credibility.

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