Tennessee Will Allow 'Vast Majority' of Businesses To Reopen on May 1

And Georgia will reopen select businesses beginning April 24.


Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) announced Monday afternoon that they are taking the initial steps of allowing "non-essential" businesses to reopen.

The "vast majority" of businesses in Tennessee will be permitted to restart their engines on May 1. "Social distancing must continue, but our economic shutdown cannot," Lee said in a statement. "While I am not extending the 'Safer at Home' order past the end of April, we are working directly with our major metropolitan areas to ensure they are in a position to reopen as soon and safely as possible. Social distancing works, and as we open up our economy, it will be more important than ever that we keep social distancing as lives and livelihoods depend on it."

In Georgia, gyms, bowling alleys, salons, and massage therapists will be able to accept clients beginning April 24, though Kemp added that they will be subject to social-distancing guidelines and will have to conduct temperature screens for employees. Theatres, private clubs, and restaurants will be allowed to resume business starting April 27, with additional guidance to be released later this week. Bars and nightclubs will remain shuttered.

These plans will draw from President Donald Trump's three-phase federal guidelines for jumpstarting an economy that has been brought to a grinding halt by mandated social-isolation orders meant to curb the spread of COVID-19. As my colleague Eric Boehm wrote:

In phase one, the administration says vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter at home, gatherings of 10 or more people will be prohibited, schools would remain closed, and employees would be strongly encouraged to work from home whenever possible. Bars, restaurants, gyms, and other gathering places could be permitted to open, but only if they "adhere to strict physical distancing" guidelines.

To meet the threshold advised to begin phase one, states should show they have sufficient virus tracing, hospital capacity, and testing. Kemp said in a Monday press conference that Georgia was "on track" to meet those three goals, placing particular emphasis on the importance of the latter. "Testing defines the battlefield and aids our long term strategy," he said, noting that the National Guard and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency will work to increase testing numbers.

"By taking this measured action, we will get Georgians back to work safely, without undermining the progress we all have made in this battle against COVID-19," Kemp said. "Today's announcement is a small step forward and should be treated as such."

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  1. Small step. But a step.

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  2. Thank you god.

    1. Rep.
      after seeing news that means American workers will lose their jobs: “You absolutely love to see it.”

      1. The time for worker led mass investments. That’s hilarious. Is that what I’m supposed to do with my Trump bucks?

        1. Cheap gasoline is the key to switching everyone to wind generated electricity.

          1. Now is the time to fund money pits like ‘Green energy’ initiatives.


        You absolutely love to see it.

        This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet. *cough*

        — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) April 20, 2020

  3. Idiots.

    Now they’re all going to die.


    1. Geraje, did you see how Jesse said something nice. Maybe you could try next time there is good news.

      1. I expect that if we see even a small increase in infections in either of these states, others will not only extend their lockdowns but make them even harsher. And it is almost certain that we will see an increase, if for no other reason then increased testing.

      2. The good news: I fucked your mom, and now she’s pregnant. The bad news: the kid is yours.


      3. Sarcasmic, did you see how you’re broken?

  4. I wonder how many businesses will stay closed, or close again due to being hassled over social distance enforcement. That has happened to several places in my neighborhood. The more they crack down, the harder it is to do business.

    I don’t think people like getting hassled by the man when the man reduces their ability to pay the bills by reducing how many customers they can have at a time. It’s stressful. The owner of the pizza place I go to broke down crying and decided to not open for a while. He said it was too stressful.

    1. Here in TN, I have a feeling that companies that are able to will probably still work from home, and those that need to be in store (like retail and restaurants) will have their own social distancing guidelines. We’ve been blessed in having a governor who from the beginning wanted to let this be the people’s choice, not an authoritarian order.

      1. I live in Hsv, AL. My local WalMart requires that customers wear masks before entering the store. A decent tradeoff imo. We still have to reach herd immunity but I think slowing the rate a bit will help at the outset of “The Reopening”. The best strategy is to protect the much smaller vulnerable population than the vastly larger, mostly resistant population.

        I’m a 62 year old engineer who can work from home. I will continue to do that for another month or so then back to the office where all of my geek peers just stay in their dark corners anyways.

        1. The masks do nothing (or next to nothing) for people shopping or otherwise out in public. It’s all for show. “Dance, monkey! Dance!”

          1. You are right there is little solid ‘you can point to this study’ data about the effectiveness of masks outside of hospitals. And honestly very little in it, but there are good studies that strongly suggest properly worn masks in closed areas can help.

    2. That’s not staying closed because you’re afraid of the coronas though. It’s staying closed because you’re at risk of putting a gun in your mouth.

      It’s going to be a grim month for suicide statistics. I already know of one person who has ended their life because of this shit. So far I don’t know anyone who has died from DEATH PLAGUE 2K19.

      iF It sAvEs OnE LiFe…

      1. Black plague 2 electric boogaloo.

    3. It’s simply not sustainable. Social-distancing is a fraud and there is no way to quantify if its working.

  5. We have reached Peak Karen. The Karen Singularity.

    Also, STFU, Karen.

    1. that was quick. self-satisfaction is heroin.

    2. I still have no idea what ‘Karen’ is even supposed to mean.

      1. You’ll know when you meet one. But if you watch The View you’ll have a good idea.

      2. It’s a new way of saying soccer mom.

        See also: suburban housewife, wine mom.

        You know, the cunts who are happy to stay home comfortably and work (or have their husbands home for work), while they advocate for further lockdowns and complain that “those people” who have lost their jobs and or businesses want to go back to work.

        1. Aha

          (Brings over bottle of Reisling)

          “Hi Karen”

  6. Stay home and close your biz if you want. Don’t drag me into your panic.

  7. People don’t seem to get the concept that social distancing, quarantine, and lockdown is only supposed to prevent hospitals from getting overwhelmed at any one time.
    It is not supposed to prevent even one death from coronavirus.
    Why not just open the entire state all at once?
    I would make far more sense to quarantine everybody over age 70 and those with chronic medical conditions

    1. People don’t seem to get the concept that social distancing, quarantine, and lockdown is only supposed to prevent hospitals from getting overwhelmed at any one time.

      People don’t seem to get the concept that social distancing, quarantine, lockdown and the whole idea of “flattening the curve” supposed to prevent hospitals from getting overwhelmed at any one time was mostly a pretext to allow governments to waggle their authority boners. They’ve since moved the goalposts, not just in the name of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, but perhaps to impose a “new normal” on society in the name of preventing the spread of any sort of infectious disease.

      It’s the same old bureaucratic mission creep that turns perfectly good wrenches into a really shitty hammers until that’s pretty much all the government ever has in their toolbox. It’s why government agencies and programs just don’t work – some wise ass is always coming up with the bright idea of “hey, as long as we’re here doing this, why don’t we do that as well?” until you wind up with your plumber re-shingling your roof, your tailor giving you a prostate exam and the FedEx guy fixing your kids lunch.

      1. LMAO

        This was good.

      2. >> some wise ass is always coming up with the bright idea of “hey, >> as long as we’re here doing this, why don’t we do that as well?”

        Sounds like a Porsche mechanic.

    2. It will buy time to find effective treatments and or a vaccine. And yes, that will prevent many deaths. There are also other things discovered about the virus, to who it’s fatal and why, and how it’s spread.
      It’s only been around five months but it’s almost certain to be seasonal and will stick around a few years. We simply cannot close down half the businesses in the country for years and put a high percentage of the workforce unemployed and unable to BE employed indefinitely.

  8. 1. It is not social to stay away from your friends and relatives; the correct term is “anti-social distancing”.
    (As an alternative, “physical distancing”)
    2. Where can I buy tickets to watch the hair stylist working six feet from the client?

    1. Hair stylists could have easily worn masks and gloves. But yeah instead our democratic governors shut down places that employed them.

      1. Clients too.

  9. Has Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) checked in with Not Georgia Gov.Stacy “Tank” Abrams(L)* to get her approval? The MSM demands answers.
    .* Loser

    1. HA. Has she admitted that she lost yet or is she still trying to contest it?

  10. Next panic: not enough temperature testers! Media and Dems: “Why hasn’t Trump supplied them if he expects us to open? Incompetent leadership.” Trump then invokes Defense Production Act. Ten years from now, a century’s worth of temperature testers lies dusty in government warehouses.

    1. I walked into my Chiropractor the other day and they did the forehead temperature test. She then looks and me and says “Did you have your air conditioning blowing?” I responded that I had my top down on my Jeep. She put it down and moved on. Yeah, those are going to be really effective.

  11. CNN and MSNBC will probably splutter “What? No! Not yet! The lockdown MUST stay in place until at least…um…November!”

    1. fairly certain they’re too busy sputtering Chinese propaganda straight from the PRC Commissar’s office.

  12. When these States open up and if the disease numbers don’t rise, that’s going to put a lot of pressure on other States to open up.

    1. Disease numbers will rise. This virus is not going away. Exposure is all but inevitable for the vast majority of us. The only real issues are how much the numbers rise, how much they rise in vulnerable populations, and whether those numbers of people who develop serious illness from infection are manageable.

      This was never about avoiding, it was about managing.

      1. the numbers will rise until we have herd immunity and the only way to get there is to open up with precautions to keep the surge down which may not happen except in bigger cities where it hasn’t even happened there

  13. “In Georgia, gyms, bowling alleys, salons, and massage therapists will be able to accept clients beginning April 24, though Kemp added that they will be subject to social-distancing guidelines”

    How does a massage therapist practice social distancing?

    1. It is OK so long as the massage therapist wears a mask, gown and gloves and the client is entirely wrapped in plastic.

  14. Gyms and bars with six feet of social distancing? Delusional or knowing lies.

  15. The last ‘models’ said eleventy billion will die of we open up. We should be closed for as long as it takes! C’mon we need to beat this virus and everyone should get $20,000 per month until this virus ends. Who needs to go out when My mom can fry up some chicken tenders and I can play video games all day.

    1. ” Who needs to go out when my mom kitchen staff can fry up saute some chicken tenders foie gras and I can play video games Senator all day.

  16. This is quite frustrating. Hearing about testing and social distancing and similar mountains of nonsense.
    Testing and social distancing, as it has been done at least, can not stop this epidemic.
    Here is what stops the epidemic – – halting new infections.
    Knowing who is sick, if you can convince them to be very careful to not infect anyone, could HELP – but it does not stop the epidemic by itself. On top of the fact that people do not do what they are told (correctly in this case) they should, means some sick people will knowingly take risks to infect other people. They just will not care, or “but I have to go back to work” or whatever, choose your reason.

    The claim social distancing works is specious as hell – the virus IS spread by air. It does not magically fall to the ground within 6 feet – it can stay in the air for HOURS. That means you go in Costco, stay 6 feet- no, 60 feet = no 600 feet – from everyone – and get infected from the person who left half an hour before you got there.

    On top of that, think about this a bit – they are going to re-open restaurants and bars, while apparently doing nothing to ensure anyone who works making the food and pouring the drinks is at least asymptomatic while working – being asymptomatic does not make you non-infectious but it is better than nothing, but we have no indication ANY effort whatever will be made to keep sick people from working – this is not brain surgery, require people running any temperature or having symptoms stay home and make a law they can not be punished or fired for doing so – but even that most basic precaution is not taken – in Hong Kong, everyone trying to sit down in a restaurant is tested with a non-contact thermometer.
    So, we will fail to protect ourselves, fail miserably, unnecessarily, contemptibly.

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  18. Reports of new outbreak in 3,2,1…true or not

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