Celebrities and the Media Shouldn't Sneer at Coronavirus Lockdown Protesters

The gatherings are ill-advised but understandable given the harms of government-enforced shutdowns.


In their desperation to get back to work, some Americans are taking to the streets to demand that the government end the quarantine. Comedian Patton Oswalt is unsympathetic.

"Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we've been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, 'Open Fuddruckers!'" he tweeted on Saturday.

This is hardly Oswalt's first display of smug liberal condescension: His tweet denouncing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann as a "leering, privileged little shit" was one of the most vile celebrity attacks on the wrongly maligned teenager.

It may be trivially simple for the Emmy Award-winning comic—and voice of Remy in Pixar's Ratatouille—to stay at home, watch Netflix, order carry-out, and play video games for a few weeks. (Writer and podcaster Bridget Phetasy compared Oswalt to Marie Antoinette's apocryphal indifference toward the hungry masses, tweeting: "Let them eat kale!") But many auto mechanics, coffee baristas, and small business owners can't afford this so easily. They are watching their financial situations become more and more precarious with each day that extreme social distancing continues. Oswalt suggested that the uncultured rubes are crazy to want Fuddruckers to reopen; people whose livelihoods depend upon places like Fuddruckers might see things differently.

That's why it's important for those criticizing misguided protesting efforts—including media figures who increasingly appear to be taking the view that you would have to be a deranged right-winger to want social distancing to end—not to resort to sneering at the less fortunate. (For example: A guest on MSNBC recently called the protesters, "the Fox News Nazi confederate death cult rump of the Republican Party.") These are terrifying times, and the prospect of hundreds of thousands of deaths means there is very good reason for policymakers to proceed cautiously with reopening. But both federal and state governments must consider the long-term practicality of their coronavirus prevention plans, including whether people will be willing to obey stay-at-home orders for much longer.

While these efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 remain broadly popular, some Americans are understandably growing frustrated. Protests have cropped up in several states—most notably Michigan, where opposition to the draconian quarantine dictates of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D–Mich.) culminated in a drive-through protest of the state capitol last week. Many of the protesters did indeed maintain social distancing, stayed in their cars, or wore masks, though some of the attendees—zanier right-wing types—did not.

Political protests, be they left-leaning or right-leaning, always invite an eclectic crowd: from concerned citizens motivated by legitimate frustrations to professional activists desperate to attach a pro- or anti-Trump spin to seemingly any cause. Their tactics, goals, and organizational structure often attract well-deserved criticism: Some of the lockdown protests, for instance, seem to be generically pro-Trump in character, disconnected from the reality that thus far President Donald Trump has supported the shutdowns at every critical juncture. Indeed, it's quite odd to hear protesters chanting "Fire Fauci" while waving MAGA signs: Trump has praised Dr. Anthony Fauci incessantly and never fails to heed his advice, the media's attempt to create a narrative of mounting tension between the two notwithstanding.

But there are legitimate grievances for protesters to air. Whitmer's stay-at-home orders were, as Reason's Billy Binion put it, a "hot mess," prohibiting travel between residences (even to relatively uninhabited areas), buying gardening supplies, and motorboats (but not boats without motors). Authorities in New York City have called on people to report each other for failing to abide by the most stringent social distancing measures. People have been stopped, shamed, and arrested for merely going outdoors. Voluntary compliance with social distancing has been remarkable, but forcibly constraining every last person has diminishing returns, and is not a good use of government resources.

That does not mean the quarantine protesters are, as conservative pundit Stephen Moore put it, "modern-day Rosa Parks." But some of them are justifiably upset, and their frustration should be neither mocked nor ignored.

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  1. “Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, ‘Open Fuddruckers!'” he tweeted on Saturday.

    And when she got out, did she have a job to go back to? Oh, wait…

    1. You can’t scientifically prove that we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix.

      /Stormfag Mizek.

      1. “The gatherings are ill-advised”

        Suck my dick you fruit sushi fuck.

    2. The last person to take medical advice from Oswalt, his wife, died because of it. He can STFU.

      1. That might be the most brutal burn I have ever witnessed. And someone needs to tweet this back at him immediately.

        1. That joke is older than Sevo.

          1. So you’re saying youre going to steal it?

          2. “That joke is older than Sevo.”

            Not nearly as pathetic as asshole, here.

    3. Someone I know posted that quote.

      I asked him if he meant to directly compare the effects of being found by the Nazis, 1) certain death or 2) transfer via cattle car to the nearest concentration camp, to the effects of CV.

      His response? Deflection.

      1. And the comment itself is nonsensical. She should not have had to hide in attic. Like, did he read the diary in school and say, “Man, hiding from the Gestapo sure sounds like a lovely time!”

        It’s all the fault of those uppity Dutch people. If they’d just stayed at home and didn’t protest or resist the invading Germans, none of this bad stuff would happened.

      2. I suppose it’s just as logical to compare the effects of poverty with the effects of the coronavirus?

        Because that’s what the economic arguments are all about. People fear the poverty that will result from extended lockdowns. I don’t disagree that poverty causes unnecessary suffering and death. It does that even when the economy is booming.

        Opening the economy back up isn’t an effective cure for poverty. If it was, it would have surely worked by now. It wouldn’t even prevent poverty with as much success as a vaccine would prevent the transmission of the virus.

  2. Reason writers could learn from this, if you’d decide against being jerks more often.

    People against Illegal immigration have a perspective, the same as people against the lockdown. Name calling and finger pointing are the opposite of thinking and understanding.

    Even big government supporters have a perspective, though it seems to be one where none of them learn anything from events.

    Try not being jerks more often. It’s what the world needs.

    1. I echo those sentiments

      1. I do to, to, to ,to,

        1. Too, too, too, too?

    2. Speaking of learning from events, what about the big government responses of countries like S Korea, Taiwan, etc., they worked. Libertarians ignore many government successes.

      Crisis like this are ill suited to be left up the motivations of individuals. Too many will refuse to believe it’s a crisis until they see the effects with their own eyes, and thus their actions will facilitate the spread of the virus making it impossible to prevent it’s spread.

      1. You mean the big-government responses of small-population, culturally and ethnically homogenous Asian countries that aren’t all that fond of your precious diversity?

        1. Yes those.

        2. Not to mention they’re compliant as a culture to authority as well. That shit wouldn’t work here.

        3. Not to mention that SK is 1/7 the population, in a country 1/100 the size of the US, with the vast majority of those people living in a handful of cities, which makes quick deployment of “things” much easier.

          And on top of that, stuff like mandatory cell phone tracking is a non-starter here.

      2. It’s already impossible to prevent it from spreading.

        1. This. The idea that government can beat a virus is absurd on its face.

          1. where’s *this* article ^^?

      3. And you ignore the geographic and sociological differences between those places and America. Namely that nearly 70% of the population in south Korea lives in only 3 metro areas. Nearly 50%, or 25 million, live in the Seoul metro alone.

        It would be very easy for America to test, contain, and trace the virus too if we only had to really focus on 3 cities like new York, la, and Seattle and their surrounding metros.

        1. Yes, we could contain it there … until we lost some VIPs in those cities and had to send in Kurt Russell to extract them.

      4. GenoS!
        King of knee pads! Master of pronouncing “Why of course, Master!”
        Scumbag cowardly piece of lefty shit!

  3. This should not be a left/right political issue and those making it so should be ashamed of themselves. There is a deadly pandemic that is easily spread by close proximity to others. While you can disagree about the specifics of the rules, they are there to save lives. These protesters are putting themselves and others at risk to be out in a large group and their demands would lead to more death. It disturbs me greatly that they don”t care and/or don’t believe the science. To protest for more virus is disgusting.

    1. Bow down to your government overlords.

    2. They’re protesting government coercion. Is that over your statist little head?

      1. They are protesting in a manner that puts the community at significant risk, and their demands would put even more at risk.

        1. Big baby. Stay inside.

          1. You’re the one being immature.

            All you care about is yourself.

            1. Acting like this is the next black death is immature and uninformed.

            2. Have you ever driven above 25 mph? You’re being selfish.

            3. I love that you motherfuckers don’t care about the literally tens of millions of people you’ve caused to lose their jobs/businesses/etc. and then claim anyone who’s not shitting their pants are the selfish ones.

              1. Eleventy billion will die! No wait, whats this weeks projections!?

            4. How about you move out of parents basement before talking about “immature”?

        2. Individuals determine their own level of risk. Is anyone forcing you to attend these protests? Mind your own business, statist.

          1. The only response required.

          2. Except in this case the consequences of their actions do not effect only them.

            1. Who else does it realistically impact? Their immediate family, possibly. But most were in their own cars or wearing masks and standing apart from each other.

              1. Should we ignore the fact that all these protesters are Trump supporters? Like every single one of them? Could it perhaps be because there is some astroturfing going on?

                1. LMAO at you taking anything on reddit seriously.

                  1. Genetic fallacy. Address the facts, not the source.

                    1. Ok no we shouldn’t ignore that you bitch leftists are cool with govt fucking you in the ass.

                      Happy now little bitch?

                    2. Facts from a bunch of Reddit conspiritards? Your jokes aren’t getting any better.

                2. WTF does it matter? That doesn’t answer my question at all does it? No!

                3. Reddit? Really?
                  The liberal cesspool of the Internet.

                4. Haha. Well, that’s about to change, chip. With businesses closing and millions losing their jobs, you can bet that these protests will get more, um, diverse. There’s bound to be some self righteous douchebags like you.

                  Then you can talk down to your own kind.


                  1. Flatten the curve!(tm)
                    Stay-cation for the nation!(tm)
                    Stay Home, save lives!(tm)

                    1. Flatten the curve!”(tm)”
                      Stay-cation for the nation!”(tm)”
                      Stay Home, save lives!”(tm)”

            2. “You can go to the grocery store every day to get necessities, but you can’t get your hair cut once a month because you’ll definitely get BatAIDS and have to go on a vent. It’s SCIENCE!”

        3. I don’t know. Running low on food and money is pretty risky too.

          1. Racis…oops, wrong canned response.

            You just want people to die!

            1. A reduction of the progressive population would yield significant dividends kn the form of increased personal freedom.

              1. not to mention an increase in the general populations IQ.

              2. The progressive (as annoying as they can be) population or even the center population are not putting themselves at risk. The Far Right population is. If there a reduction in the populations. Its not going be the population you think.

          2. Running out if TP is going to cause far more illnesses than the kungflu

        4. “and their demands would put even more at risk”.

          Yeah, because if your family simply starves to death at least you’re not communicable, right?

          I mean, have you seen the lines anytime any food bank anywhere has opened up a food giveaway? There’s a dam out there about to burst. Some people need to work.

          1. This.

            The stress right now is great, and the dam is about to burst.

            Once the 25 or so million people who’ve lost their jobs run out any auxiliary savings they might have, shit is gonna hit the fan.

          2. Well, that was the general idea concerning the tens of millions of people who were living in poverty before the pandemic. Slowly starving to death isn’t communicable.

            Good thing we’ve slashed the social safety net to ribbons over the past few decades.

        5. They’re mostly protesting from their vehicles.

          Now what bullshit narrative are you going to adopt? I can’t wait to see it.

        6. How are the protestors in their cars putting others at risk? How are the ones standing six feet apart, wearing masks putting people at risk? You seem not to understand science. If you did, you would realize your chicken little routine is just pure fear mongering.

          1. In at least one instance, they were blocking the entrance to a hospital.

            1. One instance, so far the whole bunch in multiple cities because of one fucking idiot? Sounds totes libertarian to me you collectivist ass hat. You are worse then any fucking Trump supporter I have ever met for your total lack of self awareness and shame.

            2. That has been claimed but not supported by any evidence.

              1. Of course not, Whitmer was trying to use it to paint the whole Michigan protest as bad. It probably never happened.

            3. Chipper Morning Wood
              April.19.2020 at 11:21 pm
              In at least one instance, they were blocking the entrance to a hospital.

              No. No. No. Everywhere I go, people keep trying to get away with this BS. HERE YOU GO:

        7. Except the science and the numbers show that’s not the case.

          1. The left’s new science isnt actual science, it is deferring to whomever the government mandates an expert. We saw this in both WW2 germany and russia.

            1. And then making excuses for said “experts” when the prognostications turn out to be full of shit.

            2. Yep.

              We’ve replaced knowledge with “experts” and their models.

          2. Come on these people don’t believe in Science.

        8. the unreasonable lock down orders are helping to spread the virus. why dont you complain about that?

      2. No, because we need a state for certain things.

        And you’re proof of that.

        1. Well, you idiots have done a pretty effective job at choking off the state’s revenue stream. Checked how many state and local governments are having to furlough and lay off workers because they’re deliberately cutting off the tax revenue they need to survive?

          When their budgets start imploding, are you going to have the courage to blame yourself when it happens?

        2. Yes, but taking away liberty for a disease now forecasted to kill around 60,000 is not the job of the state.

    3. If you are not health compromised – obese, diabetic, with a heart condition, asthmatic, or with a compromised immune system, or just plain old – there is apparently no more risk to your life than with any other flu. Those people at risk, of which as a 70 year old I am one, can just stay out of circulation until the rest develop herd immunity.

      1. The best part is the people who think that keeping their immune system pristine now is going to save them when the next spike hits this fall.

        The Spanish flu bug is still with us after 100 years. BatCoof ain’t going anywhere, and the people most likely to survive in the long run are the ones who end up being exposed now. With the asymptomatic rates after exposure that we’re seeing, it’s a hell of a lot more likely that Karen Shut-In is going to end up in the ICU this fall when her husband brings it home from the grocery store.

      2. This is not true. Young healthy people are dying from covid at an alarming rate. It was originally thought that young and healthy were ok, but data proved that wrong.

        1. Everyone will eventually be exposed, if they have not already been.
          It is a mathematical fact. Deal with it.

        2. Yes, some young people otherwise healthy die. Just as the genetic lottery makes some people immune to a virus no one has seen before, some are especially vulnerable. Both groups are very small.
          If you believe there is no effort too large to save even one life, then can we suppose you support a national 20 mph speed limit? The virus will go into the background, but traffic deaths are always with us. They especially affect the younger among us.

          1. The goal here is not to save one life but to keep the level of infection manageable. What holding us back is the level of testing. I understand people frustration but the Trump Administrations plans to reopen the economy depends on testing and until that is adequate we are stuck.

            1. The goal here is not to save one life but to keep the level of infection manageable.

              Except that’s not what’s being pushed; it’s no longer “flatten the curve,” which assumes a steady, yet low number of cases for the hospitals to manage. The panic-mongers like Fauci successfully implanted the notion in the nation’s hysterical Karens that we have to get down to zero cases and zero deaths before we can actually open the economy back up again.

              If that’s the route they want to take, fine–I’m going to have a huge laugh watching state and local governments implode over the next few months because a bunch of idiot wine moms demanded a zero-risk environment. And when they demand to shut everything down again this fall because of the spike that will inevitably take place due to the lack of herd immunity, things will really start to get fun.

              1. Wine moms are the biggest threat to the Republic.

                Without question.

        3. No, young healthy people are not dying from covid at an alarming rate. That is completely inaccurate and refuted by loads of data and news reports which show that upwards of 95% of all deaths have had at least one underlying medical condition, and anywhere from 25-50% or more of the deaths, depending on location, are from nursing homes.

          Even in New York City, only 50 out of over 8800 deaths have had no underlying conditions. Over 6500 have had at least one of the following, copy/pasting directly from their daily data summary: Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease, GI/Liver Disease, and Obesity. The rest are pending, but I can say with confidence that the pattern is going to continue to hold.

          You need to stop parroting idiocy that you’re picking up on social media and reddit. Those places are mental AIDS.

        4. No, no they’re not. Unless by alarming you mean at a lower rate than they are dying from depression induced suicides during lockdown, or texting while driving in general. Then yes, it is alarming that Covid is so much less deadly than so many other things and yet it has closed the US economy (in an election year).

          1. Coronavirus has now killed more people than the whole 2018-2019 season

            That’s in less than two months, with the most extreme lockdown measures in history.

            1. So basically, the lockdowns didn’t work?

              1. Yes, they did. The drastically reduced the number of deaths.

                1. Prove it.

                2. How did they reduce deaths? Did they eliminate the virus? Are they going to stop people from being exposed and dying as soon as the lockdowns are lifted? That is the most illogical argument that you totalitarian asshats make.


                4. ya know, some of the most recent studies are showing that it’s better to be outside and getting fresh air then being cooped up all day while still social distancing. There might be a case for lockdown actually increasing this shit.

                5. Dumbshit, you literally stated that a crap-ton of people died despite massive lockdown measures.

                  Fuck, Sweden is a real-time example of why you’re full of shit–their curve is basically the same as the places who locked their countries down.

                6. It looks like the models worked….

                  “ The chief reason the IHME projections worry some experts, Etzioni said, is that “the fact that they overshot” — initially projecting up to 240,000 U.S. deaths, compared with fewer than 70,000 now — “will be used to suggest that the government response prevented an even greater catastrophe, when in fact the predictions were shaky in the first place.”

                  That could produce misplaced confidence in the effectiveness of the social distancing policies, which in turn could produce complacency about what might be needed to keep the epidemic from blowing up again.”

                  It’s clear CMW certainly has misplaced confidence in social distancing.

              2. No, Chipper thinks they should have forced lockdowns in December.

                1. Chipper the retard who everyone mocks?

            2. Chipper Morning Wood
              April.20.2020 at 12:09 am
              Coronavirus has now killed more people than the whole 2018-2019 season

              Yea, but not more than the 2017-18 flu season. Only about half way there for that.

              1. and some of the deaths from corona actually had the flu but since the gov pays more for corona and a lack of testing, everyone is a corona death

        5. You can download case data in Ohio from

          Of 217 confirmed cases in those under the age of 20, there have been zero reported deaths. That’s a fatality rate of 0%.

          Of 3,392 confirmed cases in those under the age of 40, there have been three reported deaths. Even if you could prove those people were healthy (you cannot), that’s a fatality rate of 0.09%. Unfortunate, sure, but “alarming” no.

        6. Define alarming rate

          1. I think he meant “alarmist.”

          2. But people could potentially maybe die! WHY AREN’T YOU PANICKING?! WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE KIDZ!1!

        7. No they’re not. Almost 50% of deaths are those over 80. 75% of all deaths are those over 70. Do you read any statistics at all? Or do you just clutch your pearls and wag your finger.

        8. NY City data on ages and percent of fatalities, and that is probably skewed because younger people that are more socially mobile are more likely to get the covid:

          0 – 17 years old 0.04%

          18 – 44 years old 4.5%

          45 – 64 years old 23.1%

          65 – 74 years old 24.6%

          75+ years old 47.7%

        9. Young, healthy people? Really? Like those sailors on the Roosevelt? 4800 people and one death. That’s sad for him and his family, but one out of 4800 isn’t “an alarming rate.” North of 98% of corona fatalities had an underlying medical condition that would have made them susceptible to just about any complication: a cold, the flu, or pneumonia, to name three out of many. Stop hyperventilating, get your head out of your ass, and try developing a nodding acquaintance with risk assessment.

        10. No. No they arent. Stop lying.

        11. “alarming rate” is one of those nonsense phrases people use when they don’t have any real facts to quote.

          1. Well, yeah, it takes a lot less to alarm some, than others. My wife thinks insects bug us at an alarming rate; I’m never alarmed short of a tarantula.

        12. There have only been 163,000 deaths worldwide out of 7.5 billion people. No one but people in a few specific nursing homes and hospitals who are already comprised are dying at alarming rates.

        13. Data that you claim exists but didn’t post.

          Because you’re lying.

        14. Make it up as you go along. Young healthy people are not dying from covid at an alarming rate.

      3. “If you are not health compromised – obese, diabetic, with a heart condition, asthmatic, or with a compromised immune system, or just plain old”

        Unfortunately this covers quite a large segment of the population.

        1. And even then, they’re not getting hammered nearly as bad as you think they are. A plurality of the deaths at this point are nursing home residents.

    4. Life is a deadly pandemic, Molly, and you’re being really selfish not avoiding it

      1. People are selfish for not wanting to spread a deadly virus? Covid is now the leading cause of death in the US.

        1. People are selfish by being so self-righteous as to use their votes, and the power of Government Almighty, to have the cops (on their behalf) put guns to the heads of others… To prevent pot-smoking… To prevent the use of un-prescribed cheap plastic flutes… And now, to prevent people from going to non-socially-distant church, or parties, or protests, or to WORK to earn a LIVING, fer chrissakes!

          To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

          1. You’re damn right you should be prevented from going to your non-socially distanced church.

            If your idiocy would only kill you, that would be one thing. But in this case it will kill others because after you catch in your church, you’ll come out and spread it among the community.

            1. Actually, it probably won’t kill others. Look at the statistics it is about as likely to kill you as the flu according to the latest research.

            2. Who appointed you the tsar? Last I checked basic human rights don’t disappear because the government overreacted to a pandemic )which simply means an infection that has spread to the whole world). Sheltering in place will not reduce deaths in the end, because people are still being exposed when they have to get groceries etc. And unless the virus completely disappears before the quarantine is lifted, even those not exposed will be exposed after the lift. So basically we have just delayed the inevitable and destroyed the economy in the process. And it is not just me saying so, a number of well published and respected epidemiologists are stating as much.

            3. If I get infected by being in public, I can only infect others if I am in public with them. Unless I turn into a home invader criminal, that’s not possible, is it?

              Please think just a little more. It will do you good.

              1. Geno can’t think, just emote and shit his pants.

            4. not if they are home socially distanced

        2. Living is the leading cause of death. It is 100% fatal.

          1. Indeed. And 100% of all divorces start with marriage.

            1. That’s… not a suitable response. It is not a guarantee that all marriage ends in divorce even if all divorce begins with marriage. All life ends in death… no matter what.

              1. That’s false. Some life ends in fission.

                1. Retard.

        3. Sorry Molly. Heart disease.


        4. Those who criticize people whose livelihoods and businesses have been destroyed are selfish yes.

        5. You are full of shit. Flu and pneumonia have killed over 85,000 Americans already this year. Coronavirus doesn’t come close, especially when you consider that its alleged death toll includes people who die *with* it as well as *of* it. There’s a big difference. 880,000 kids under the age of 5 died of pneumonia in 2016. Were you wetting your pants over that? Sheltering in place and drinking Purell? Here are your leading causes of death in the US and the number of deaths attributed to them, straight from the CDC:

          Heart disease: 647,457
          Cancer: 599,108
          Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
          Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
          Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
          Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
          Diabetes: 83,564
          Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
          Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
          Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

          Take your “Covid is now the leading cause of death in the US” and suck it.

          1. You’re missing one very big thing – we don’t do social distancing and stay-at-home for the flu every year.

            If we were to allow the coronavirus to spread freely like the flu, deaths from it would dwarf those of the yearly flu. We’re talking millions here because it’s death rate is 10x higher and it’s very contagious.

            1. Actually the latest estimates are that the numbers are not going to be drastically different then a bad flu year.

            2. You’re missing one very big thing – we don’t do social distancing and stay-at-home for the flu every year.

              That’s right–we have “vaccines” that the flu bugs need to get through to get people sick, and it still ends up killing 25,000-60,000 people every year.

              If we were to allow the coronavirus to spread freely like the flu, deaths from it would dwarf those of the yearly flu.

              It’s hilarious that you didn’t actually catch the contradiction there.

            3. Which of the models showed those millions of people dying? The bullshit one from Imperial College thst had to be revised down to 200k-250k.

              And that 200k revision was with social distancing.

              You are full of shit.

            4. Yes, of course. Just invoke the counterfactual. It’s the perfect out because it’s unfalsifiable. “Without the bailouts, the recession would have been so much worse!” “Without shutting down all of society, the Commie Cough would’ve killed us all!”

            5. You really need to stop getting your information from CNN man. It makes you say the stupidest things.

          2. Oh heck, should have reloaded! 🙂

        6. I fucking doubt that! Just as with your “alarming rate” nonsense. Not even 40K deaths yet in the US. Top ten causes of death, from the CDC:
          * Heart disease: 647,457
          * Cancer: 599,108
          * Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
          * Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
          * Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
          * Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
          * Diabetes: 83,564
          * Influenza and pneumonia: 55,672
          * Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633
          * Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

          1. They are doing the ignorant thing where they compare a weekly peak to a yearly average. Many on here have done that and dont understand the dishonesty.

            1. They aren’t even doing that, because heart disease and cancer each kill more than 10,000 every week. They are just ignorant and so flagrantly statist that facts are immaterial to their statist agenda.

        7. Molly, are you a trollbot? Or just daft? Leading cause of death, according to the CDC is heart disease 647457 annually. Suicides 47173 and I bet there will be an uptick after the dust, or corona, settles.

        8. You are an idiot. Hustle back over to CNN for best results.

    5. See below for science that contradicts this.

    6. If you are not carrying/sick with the virus, you are a danger to nobody. At most, the government has *estimated* that 1-3% of people have been infected. Prove that we are sick before you suspend our liberties.

      1. The problem is that the virus can be spread by people who are carrying it, but asymptomatic. And according to antibody testing, at least 80% of those infected are asymptomatic.
        So open businesses AND use caution. The most important thing you can do to avoid spreading Covid is wear a mask.

        1. This is true of virtually all viruses and disease. This is true of the flu every year.

          The problem is we have some people who have lived in a sheltered and ignorant bubble finally paying attention.

          Likewise people who see 30k deaths and break down on tears not knowing the yearly death rate and how many people are in the country.

        2. Do you understand how viruses work? Or any infections? With any infection there will always be a fairly decent number of asymptomatic carriers. Geesh, the ones freaking out accuse others of being unscientific yet don’t even understand basic science.

          1. Do you know how to read? You sure didn’t read what you are responding to.

            1. My comment, while maybe not pertinent to the original comment, is still true. Geno S and Molly are scared everyone is going to die. And how often have you heard people like JFree cry the big danger is all the asymptomatic cases. BTW, yes I misread the comment, not making excuses but I was up until 4 this morning with a heifer that had dystocia and ended up pulling a stillborn calf. And then I got about three hours of sleep before heading back out to feed and graft a bum calf onto the heifer.

    7. It disturbs me greatly that people like you can’t understand your solution is destroying people’s lives. Also, it has been reported a study in England has found a significant jump in deaths from preventable causes because people are afraid to leave their homes to go to the Dr and are afraid of being arrested for breaking quarantine. Also, there is evidence suicides have increased significantly as people have lost their jobs and or businesses. So to save lives you are destroying lives and allowing more deaths. Who is the selfish one again?

      1. //It disturbs me greatly that people like you can’t understand your solution is destroying people’s lives.//

        This is fully understood. They just don’t care that they’re destroying people’s lives.

        “We have to take away some people’s rights to save others.”

        It’s socialist logic, and they understand exactly its implications. It applies to finance, economics, religion, and – now – basic freedom.

        1. It is far more they like the fact Americans are now being conditioned into compliance and acceptance of more authority of purpose lives.

          1. I think most of these individual tyrants understand full well that the safety they are being promised is illusory, but they also believe that by signaling their compliance, and destroying the lives of their neighbors, they will be promised favorable treatment in the aftermath.

            Solzhenitsyn wrote about this phenomenon extensively. Some of it is certainly malevolence, but not most. Most of it is the result of people cynically buying into the government absurdities in order to secure a material advantage for themselves. This is quintessential socialist maneuvering. It’s despicable.

            1. It’s all about their inebriation on the vicarious feeling of power

              1. True.

      2. Soldiermedic76, I like your common sense replies. And you’ve got a real world experience with farming and agriculture. There’s a UK website it’s great. Exactly that, my estimate is that globally, whether a Level 1 or 4 country, we will see collateral damage deaths surpass those of Covid-19.

      3. they’re ok with it because they want the economy to crash. They think it will help them in November.

    8. It’s no more deadly than any other virus, you supine bootlicker. The science is that Wuhan flu is as much a risk as seasonal flu. People who drive cars “put themselves and others at risk,” but you don’t give a rat’s ass about the 40,000 people killed in car accidents every year because that doesn’t translate into political hay. Neither do the 250,000 Americans killed by medical mistakes every year. Get back to me when you start whining about how doctors “put others at risk” by screwing up medical care.

      1. Yes. Meanwhile in Level 3-4 countries maternal and preventive health is submerged under the Covid focus, which will lead to….many more deaths.

        1. We’re going to be a lot more likely to know someone who lost their job as a result of the panic than we will someone who got sick from bat-coof, much less died from it.

    9. The science is that there aren’t enough N-95 respirators, the ones designed to stop viruses, to go around. Tying a rag over your face is about as effective against a virus as using a screen door is to stop a flash flood. If you’re scared, stay home for the next year and a half and don’t let anyone in. The people who are willing to risk it can go back to work.

    10. Looks like you are (like me) fortunate that we still have our jobs/livelihoods intact and not at risk of losing our healthcare and homes.
      So we can criticize those protestors from our ivory towers.

      BTW, it is not that getting infected by the CV is a death sentence.
      It is deadly only to very few. Less than 1%. The 1% should be protected and they can voluntary isolate themselves at home and set certain protocols of the loved ones and those who assist them.
      And it is not just that CV is deadly to this risk group, but any viral or bacterial infection can be serious for them.

      1. That 1% includes people in nursing homes, people in hospitals, people over 80, people with preexisting medical conditions and Chinese doctors who speak out about the Chinese government.

        1. Well, i don’t have a solution for chinese doctors.

          But older people can voluntarily isolate. Nursing homes can adopt better sanitary practices. The lockdown has actually made nursing homes worse for elderly people, even without coronavirus. Limiting visitation and establishing heightened sanitation at nursing homes would have been a much better response.

    11. Are we talking about the flu? Pneumonia? Measles? You do know we have dealt with this shit since the creation of man right? Stop being a frightened child believing in human fragility.

    12. Nobody is protesting “for more virus” you fucktarded twat.

    13. Protesters are working toward heard immunity which will have to happen eventually. Shelter in place only delays and causes more damage

      1. I mean, I think starving people would just break into them. When people can’t get food, things tend to get bloody. And yes, I know you’re not in favor of it

    14. MollyGodiva: Is that the test? To save lives? How many? Will you be here every year to protest people going outside during normal flu season? Life is a bunch of risks. Everyone has a different view as to whether it’s too risky to get back to our lives. But to pretend that there is an obvious answer, and worse yet to suggest that the goal is to save lives at all costs, is uninformed and childish.

    15. “that is easily spread by close proximity to others. ”


    16. As a medical doctor on the front lines, I can assure that it is not a horrific pandemic.
      It is a bad flu, with 10 times the mortality of ordinary flu.
      No one goes insane and shuts down the country when 60,000 people die of ordinary flu in a bad year.
      And don’t fort that all these measures are not meant to prevent a single death.
      Social distancing and quarantine are only to prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed at any one time.
      The same number of people are expected to die

    17. It’s not that deadly. It’s not as bad as the ’57 and ’68 pandemic flus, based on the best current evidence, and no one shut down society for those.

      It’s dangerous for old people. They can and should take precautions. Fine. But most working age people will suffer no real consequences and should be able to go back to work.

      It’s people claiming we should panic who are ignoring the science. Try reading it instead of listening to the media fear-mongers.

    18. I agree, this should not be seen as a left vs. right political issue. It’s about the value we place on our liberty, pure and simple, and whether that liberty is subject to the whims of government or innate as suggested in the Declaration of Independence.

      If the government can impose restrictions on our lives otherwise reserved for communist dictatorships without consequence, this should be alarming for everyone. For those saying “it’s only during a crisis,” if the same government that gets the power decides what constitutes a “crisis,” they can give themselves that power whenever the Hell they want, which should be even more alarming.

      Anyone who lets them use this crisis to assume more power than is their due under the constitution without resisting in some way, even if it’s just with a vote in November, is contributing directly to the end of the Republic. Then again, Ben Franklin did give the Republic 250 years before its predicted downfall. I’d say we’re right on track.

    19. Excellent point, MollyGodiva! Brava! Thanks for your good post. There are enough people out and around who really don’t give a damn who they end up making seriously ill, or even killing. These people with an attitude are of all age ranges. It’s disgusting!

  4. And Robby talks trash on his twitter feed!

    Some of them work at Fuddruckers, or places like it. Not everyone can afford the luxury of staying home, ordering takeout, and watching Netflix for two months. We can’t all be wealthy overrated comedians.

    1. I’m broke, and can’t afford to order food from Rudd-Fuckers, dammit!!!

      I am now starting in on eating roof-rabbits!!!

      See …
      … To learn about the delights of eating roof rabbits!!!

      1. It doesn’t matter because shit probably isn’t on their menu.

  5. Also, masks outdoors and social distancing outdoors are more-or-less irrelevant. Covid is almost impossible to spread outdoors. Here’s an article and a link to a study of where cases were spread. Researchers tracked the spread of 7324 cases. Only 2 cases were spread outdoors.

    1. You’re hanging your hat on a Chinese study?

      1. Got any information at all, from anywhere, that tells you Covid is easy to spread outdoors? Please post it. If not, this is something versus nothing.

        It also confirms common sense. Even a slight breeze disperses smoke or odors outdoors. Why would viruses be any different?

        1. Wearing masks indoors is probably the best way to stop the spread of Covid. I think the false information that masks were ineffective and that washing your hands was the most important thing you could do has caused the tremendous rise in the disease we see in New York/New Jersey.
          Riding a subway or taking the el train shoulder to jowl for a couple hours every day but washing the hell out of your hands when you get to work is a great way to rack up thousands of deaths.

          1. You’ve made a good point about wearing masks when going out in public, and washing one’s hands for 20 seconds frequently to help minimize one’s chances of catching Covid-19, but neither of them is a substitute for practicing the necessary social distancing that needs to take place until this virus is contained and/or put under control.

      2. There is also a laboratory study showing the virus dying in sunlight or high humidity. Probably missed it from hiding under your bed

    2. Most cases now are not able to be traces to the source. The study is looking at a very narrow sample of people whose infections can be traced.

      1. So? It’s information. Got any information that tells a different story?

        Are you suggesting we should disregard the only research we have? Why? Because being afraid and taking ceremonial precautions are emotionally satisfying?

        1. They have models. Models so accurate they are constantly revising them down.

  6. They’re is nothing to be gained from being on Twitter. Stop reporting tweets.

    1. +1000000

    2. studies show that being on twitter is very useful for showing me that I’m right and everyone who disagrees with me is a poopiehead

    3. Twitter-reporting shows journalism is not “essential business”.
      Firings, furloughs and layoffs all around. Cancel my subscription.

      1. Think it is Tim Pool who constantly points to a study that shows 80% of tweets are from 10% of its users or something like that. Journalists bring the biggest single group. It is all group think.

        1. yep, I’ve started watching him recently. He had a good video the other day on these media fuckwits realizing that THEY might be affected

  7. “though some of the attendees—zanier right-wing types …”

    Why isn’t the adjective “left-wing” ever used by the media?

    1. Nor is left wing ever described as zany or any other descriptor they always give to the right. The left is always assumed to be Put in a positive light

      1. they care too much

  8. It’s been rather instructive watching left-wingers who like to puff about how kind, compassionate, and empathetic they are, demonstrate that they’re actually the opposite of that as the protests have taken place.

    1. apparently you have no empathy if you think we shouldn’t force people to stay home. Worrying about people putting food in their kids plates and keeping a roof over their heads isn’t empathy, it’s being a selfish asshole.

      Reading some of the Twitter comments just proves to me that progressivism is fucking brain cancer.

    2. I made a comment to a rather progressive “friend” that I’m not being cavilier because heaven knows I don’t want to get sick but I can’t spend the next year sitting at home or I’ll starve to death. They told me that I better just stay at home and die when I get the Wuhan and not take up any precious hospital beds with my selfish attitude. I was a little confused as to who was being selfish there.

      1. I’m really looking forward to these idiots dropping over in shock this fall when they end up catching it, too, and wondering why hiding under their bed didn’t preserve their precious immune system.

        At this point, it’s looking like herd immunity is the only real shot we have to get things back to normal, barring some vaccine getting to market that’s going to cost an arm and a leg due to the patent. I don’t foresee the company developing it to be as magnanimous as Salk was with the polio vaccine.

        1. “At this point, it’s looking like herd immunity is the only real shot we have to get things back to normal, barring some vaccine getting to market that’s going to cost an arm and a leg due to the patent. I don’t foresee the company developing it to be as magnanimous as Salk was with the polio vaccine.”

          Patents don’t come down from Sinai on stone tablets. They’re grants of exclusivity by individual governments, and most if not all of those governments carve out mandatory licensing, or outright exemption from the patent system, for things like lifesaving medicine or vaccines. Martin Whats-his-name’s patent trolling notwithstanding, the patent system isn’t going to restrict research or development of a Covid vaccine. At the most, the rights-holder is going to be able to ask for some licensing fee, probably through a suit at the Court of Federal Claims.

      2. bear in mind that these asshats are brainwashed. Tim Poole had some interesting statistics where moderates and republicans are more likely to view news outside their comfort zone, but democrats are less likely.

        But I’m seeing plenty of the same, where anyone who goes outside is evil and selfish.

  9. If a conversation I heard this morning is any indication, I’m getting a sense that even normies are starting to think that maybe gov has gone too far, even in a state that hasn’t gone full on house arrest.

    1. C’mon now. Weve been told by multiple libertarians here that the government is only strongly suggesting to people the actions they should take. Ignore reality.

  10. “The gatherings are ill-advised”

    Fuck off

  11. Not sure why folks seem so willing to curtail the liberty of “high risk” individuals. As free people it’s their right to determine what risks they will take, whether it’s cycling without a helmet, snorting cocaine, or going down to the neighborhood bistro. As long as they are not exposing others to an unreasonable risk of harm it’s not the government’s business. IF there were evidence that hospitals in a given area had actually been so overwhelmed that they ran out of space or equipment for COVID19 patients, then one could argue that high risk individuals might exacerbate that problem by venturing out — but absent evidence of that occurring it the pertinent area there’s no basis for discrimination.

    1. Excellent points.

      And this, in my opinion, should be the crux of the debate. Are individuals ultimately responsible for managing their exposure to risk? I think the libertarian answer should be a resounding “yes.”

    2. Yeah, there seems to be the suggestion in the language of some anti-lockdown arguments that locking down the people truly at high risk is OK, just let everyone else go about their business. Which is not acceptable either, of course. And there is even less logic in locking down those kinds of people, since the only reason there would truly be to protect THEMSELVES, where at least the argument for large scale lockdowns is to protect the general population. An argument that no one has the right to put themselves at risk is insane. If you want to set up programs (subsidized delivery of food and other items, etc.) to help facilitate their decision to remain isolated, that’s fine. But you can’t mandate it for them or anyone else.

      I’ve got to wonder, does the modern left support assisted suicide? Remember in the 90s, when that was a big thing? Or even Terry Schiavo in the 00s, which was a little less straightforward, since it was more about who decides to pull the plug and when- not really the decision of the dying person themselves. But anyway, I thought that for a time the general “progressive” opinion put assisted suicide/euthanasia right up there with abortion as fundamental rights. Which was something I thought they actually had right- it would seem that assisted suicide is infinitely more defensible than late term abortion (and that’s not even to say that abortion is indefensible). But now, IDK… it seems like now the general opinion is that once they escape the abortion doctor’s tongs, every life MUST be prolonged as much as possible, no matter what the cost, and every single death is a preventable tragedy that government must be working on legislation to address.

  12. Mr. Soave is entitled to his politically correct, partisan opinion that anti-social, selfish, immature misfits should not be mocked or ignored when they engage in reckless, boorish tantrums.

    1. I hope your really a bot. The idea your walking around and can reproduce is frightening.

    2. Oooo, some hicklib’s indulging his inner vindictive child.

      The hilarious irony of all this is that you’re probably going to end up in the ICU this fall when BatAIDS spikes again, because you think keeping your immune system pristine through one spike makes it better able to withstand getting coronaviruses for the second time.

    3. Anti-social, selfish, immature misfits? Reckless, boorish tantrums?
      You just described antifa, jackass.

      1. More than that he nailed himself. To a tee!

    4. You need to get in a good rip at us clingers, and point out that most of us will be dead by the election in November because we aren’t taking this as seriously and good statist should.

      However there were 20 Blue states +DC in 2016, they are averaging 145 deaths per million population (not a weighted average, I don’t have that much time on my hands), and the 31 Red states are averaging 46 deaths per million.

      But of course since that is actually 0.0145% of the population in Blue states, and 0.0046% in Red states, it won’t make any difference in the election. Its not even as much as the 0.040% of CO2 in the atmosphere that is really whats going to make us all die.

    5. So you’re upset becase you’re being mocked got it.

  13. They are what we always thought they were. Smug , self centered pricks that look down on anyone who doesn’t think, live, or eat like them. They think only of themselves. Take away their comfort at home and they wouldn’t last a minute . Their also top down thinkers who worship government. By the way, what’s this talk about possible hundreds of thousands of deaths Robbie? Seems that’s been disproven here on these pages this week.

  14. OK, Robby, here’s the challenge.
    Pretend you are an out of work employee of Fuddruckers.
    Do not write another article, or publish anything anywhere until the internments are ended.
    Return all paychecks you receive until that time.
    Cancel all of your streaming subscriptions, and your cable service, because you can’t afford them.
    Have your car repossessed.
    Get evicted or foreclosed, whichever applies to your living situation.
    Then write one article on whether or not demanding basic freedoms are worth it.

    Hint from Saint Barry: (no not him; the other one)
    “Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed.”

  15. People have been stopped, shamed, and arrested for merely going outdoors.

    Let the lawsuits begin. (Attorneys are now advertising that they work remotely.)

  16. “Celebrities and the Media Shouldn’t Sneer at Coronavirus Lockdown Protesters”
    Sneering actually increases nostril area thus increasing the risk of infection. So the title is true.
    On a different note, If an FBI lawyer has to be retrained to not lie to a FISA judge, what should the training classes be named?

    1. The commercials they are running saying they are an in it with us are even worse in my opinion (oh and their stupid all in it together self fellating concert last night). How tone deaf do you have to be as a millionaire star to make a commercial trying to act like you are experience at all resembles a lower middle class worker who just lost their job and doesn’t know how they will pay bills now?

      1. Who do you think is asking them to star in these commercials?

        1. Some is the networks, others are the government. But unless the government is forcing them to do it, then it is still tone deaf. They could tell the government to go piss up a pole.

          1. Government is a good friend to have. When they come after the millionaires, there will be reprieves for the actors that assisted in the finessing of public opinion. Of course, ultimately, there will be no reprieves for anyone. Totalitarians do not bargain.

            Their shortsightedness is the anchor of their compliance.

  17. The first thing they should do is open up the bathhouses.

  18. When you see someone reporting on tweets think ‘lazy journalism’. Like NPR interviewing it’s own reporters. Incestuous.

  19. Facebook has become a 24/7 mocking of anyone who is not a white coastal elite. It’s not openly bigoted, but it’s still the soft bigotry the left so often accuses the right of. The presumption that working from home is just a matter of logging in. The presumption that everyone has enough savings to hold them over. The presumption that only crazy people don’t dutifully follow every suggestion of their government.

    Who the fuck decided to divide all of mankind into “essential” and “non-essential”? How long until the non-essential are required to wear yellow stars on their clothing?

    I hate Trump, I really do. But he’s going to win in a landslide in November. Because there are more electoral districts between I-5 and I-95 than not. I think the “salt of the earth” crap is just that, crap. But you don’t spend one election cycle calling the voters deplorables, and then the next declaring them non-essential, and expect your elitist candidate to win.

    1. You touched on one thing I have noticed about POTUS Trump. When you said,

      But you don’t spend one election cycle calling the voters deplorables, and then the next declaring them non-essential, and expect your elitist candidate to win.

      my first thought was that POTUS Trump understands that lesson well. Team D does not. You’re right, they’ll malign half the electorate all the way to the election.

      1. Yeah. The whole idea of deciding what goods and services people need, while taking it for granted that someone has to offer them is why they are Democrats.

        After all, their idea of being compassionate is suggesting that Doctors owe unemployed layabouts healthcare, or Christian bakers owe gay people cakes, or banks owe everyone a loan, landlords owe everyone free rent, etc etc etc.

    2. Fair points.

      Those living in coastal enclaves rarely venture out to see the rest of the country. Their disdain stems not so much from a genuine belief that people in flyover country are deplorable losers, but from a reaction to caricatures of people they’ve never even bothered interacting with … coupled with the mistaken belief that there are more of them, numerically, than the bucktoothed idiots chewing sunflower seeds on some random farm.

      “If there’s more of us, why should we care about different views? That’s democracy.”

      Kirkland encapsulates that attitude perfectly.

      1. It’s funny they hate the places food comes from.

        1. Stop being silly. Food comes from the organic supermarket down the block.

          1. Sure, but before that it comes from Brooklyn rooftop gardens

            1. 🙂

          2. They aren’t that naive, they know that the organic produce comes from the community garden down the block.

      2. Technically I’m a coastal elite. But I grew up a east of I-5. So coastal elite is not my culture. I have high school friends who may not be permanently unemployed, and when some fucktard quips that all they need is to get some unemployment it really cheeses me off.

        The left half of the spectrum is more numerous. Because urban areas tend to vote in a leftward direction. Hillary did win the popular vote after all, even after a significant chunk of her “base” stayed home in disgust. But they do not have the majority of electoral votes. There’s more to America than just California and New York.

        1. I spent most of my life living in NYC. I wasn’t born here, however. I was born in a former Soviet bloc. So was my family. We were refugees. We are all familiar with the dysfunctional absurdity of totalitarian life. There are many people in this city that are fed up with the shit. NYC is an immigrant city and many people came from fucked up places, with fucked up governments … and they know better than to go down this rabbit hole.

          The disheartening part of it all is that the immigrants understand the socialist bullshit is nothing more than a ploy for power, while the Americans that have been here for several generations are tempted to experiment with something “exotic” that, frankly, doesn’t fucking work and will never work.

          I am disgusted by NYC. I grew up here and I have to balance the weight of my memories and life against the disgust I feel for the masochistic politics spreading among the people. I am disgusted that the Americans we idolized surrendered everything to the evil we escaped.

          1. It’s wonderful that you have found a place where you can let out those feeling of disgust, over and over again multiple times a day, seven days a week, months on end.

            Boy, you must have a lotta disgust, bro!

            1. Trump’s giant orange cock must feel good in your mind’s asshole. Faggot.

              1. Huh? How is that even remotely a pertinent reply?

                1. Sorry should have scrolled down. Now I see it.

          2. And it’s so clear now how your disdain for dysfunctional government has led you to strongly support Donald Trump, our least dysfunctional President ever!

            And your immigrant experience really explains your disdain for immigration.

            Thanks for opening up.

            1. lc1789’s not going to fuck you no matter how many variations of his name you use in admiration.

            2. When you picture Donald Trump fucking your ass, does he spit on his dick first, or just spit in your face after he’s done?

  20. “These are terrifying times, and the prospect of hundreds of thousands of deaths means there is very good reason for policymakers to proceed cautiously with reopening. But both federal and state governments must consider the long-term practicality of their coronavirus prevention plans, including whether people will be willing to obey stay-at-home orders for much longer.” You fucking pussy. That’s your consideration? Whether depriving people of their rights over germs is “practical”? Not whether it’s a massive violation of logic and morality? The only terrifying thing about any of this is the supine willingness of twats like you to piss yourselves and run screaming to the nanny state to protect you. There was never any reason to close anything, no government at any level had the right to close anything, and it’s not their fucking job to come up with “coronavirus prevention plans.” There’s no flu prevention plan, or pneumonia prevention plan, or common cold prevention plan, or dengue fucking fever prevention plan. Why the fuck not? If it’s the government’s job to force people to wash their hands and stand an approved distance apart at approved times of the day and in approved locations, then hasn’t it been homicidally negligent all these years? Can’t we lay the millions of deaths from all kinds of viruses at the government’s feet? Or maybe, you pathetic pussy, you should grow a set and consider the long-term practicality of sucking authoritarian dick.

    1. Totalitarianism is never sold to the people as totalitarianism; it is always sold as necessary humanism.

    2. Hundreds of thousands of deaths isn’t terrifying times. Not that we were likely to crack 100k anyway, even without the lockdown.

      With nearly half the population, the ’57 pandemic flu killed 116k in the US. Nothing closed. Not broadway, not schools, not businesses. Nothing. The economy didn’t notice. It affected young people far more than covid-19 does. (Pandemic flu skews much younger than seasonal flu).

      Even if Covid-19 killed 200k in the US, that would be acceptable. And it was never going to kill that many.

  21. We don’t need or want girl reporters reporting on what they read and post on twitter, Robbie.

  22. But many auto mechanics, coffee baristas, and small business owners can’t afford this so easily.

    Auto maintenance & repair is an essential business.

  23. I know you are quoting a “tweet” here (see above). Still, the Turning Point USA guy should use the uppercase “C” for Confederate:

    (For example: A guest on MSNBC recently called the protesters, “the Fox News Nazi confederate death cult rump of the Republican Party.)

    1. There is a cult about Confederate deaths?

  24. It would be a shame not to allow celebrities and the media a bit of sneering, they have so little to sneer about and so very much for which to be sneered upon. I mean, c’mon, Patton Oswalt? What’s that little lumpy troll got to say that’s worth listening to and who gives a shit what he thinks? Well, I suppose the media, perhaps – but they’re in the same sack as Patton Oswalt.

  25. A guest on MSNBC recently called the protesters, “the Fox News Nazi confederate death cult rump of the Republican Party.

    Why didn’t sarcasmic tell us he was a guest on MSNBC?

    1. “the Fox News Nazi confederate death cult rump of the Republican Party.” – A ‘My Little Pony’ reference?

    2. He is so unaware of how he comes off. I almost pity him at this point. Look at today’s earlier thread. He was like 5th to post and immediately on the attack.

      1. Yes but that was your fault.

        1. Yeah I know. I broke him. Have a bit of a record of breaking people.

          1. And thats what we love about you, Jesse! If you can’t break someone at first, you give it your all and keep trying.

            1. Trump broke into your ass. Really cream pied you good. Faggot.

            2. Worked on your mom.

          2. Wait, YOU broke him?



    3. R, that was very clever how you made a joke about sarcastic.

      1. Mentally ill faggot.

  26. I am not going to worry myself with the drivel coming from the mouths of celebrities. Most of them are dumb as a box of rocks and just speak in memes.

    What bothers me is the politicians like Cuomo and Lightfoot that won’t follow their own dictates. Lockdowns and quarantine are for the people only, not the ruling class.

    1. Politicians have special privileges. They are indispensable, and essential. The more established they are within the party, the more privileges they have.

      Once the discrepancy between the privileges of the ruling class and proletariat are noticed, the people will be granted the option of purchasing “out-of-the-home” credits, which can be redeemed for a walk around the block, or a trip to the grocery store.

      They take your freedom away and then sell it back to you.

      1. Geraje, I love how you’ve taken current events and built on them to imagine a dystopian fantasy! Very creative!

      2. Maybe you could work Donald Trump onto the story. He loves selling things.

        1. Faggot.

  27. “The gatherings are ill-advised”
    “misguided protesting efforts”
    “the prospect of hundreds of thousands of deaths means there is very good reason for policymakers to proceed cautiously with reopening”
    “federal and state governments must consider the practicality of their coronavirus prevention plans”
    “Many of the protesters did indeed maintain social distancing, stayed in their cars, or wore masks, though some of the attendees—zanier right-wing types—did not.’
    “Their tactics, goals, and organizational structure often attract well-deserved criticism: Some of the lockdown protests, for instance, seem to be generically pro-Trump in character, disconnected from the reality that thus far Trump has supported the shutdowns at every critical juncture.”
    “forcibly constraining every last person has diminishing returns, and is not a good use of government resources.”

    So these are Soave’s accepted sneers at protestors? (And his views of our governments’ proper scope and clinical skills?)

    As far as the swipe at being pro-Trump, I think that many voters still support the Trump they heard campaigning and thought they were voting for, not the Trump who’s in office. And in any case, it’s not at all disconnected from reality to seek to influence an elected representative.

    On another note, there is a degree of organization to these protests, as indicated by the involvement of Stephen Moore, Trump’s tweets, and this site:
    conventionofstates .com/open-the-states?fbclid=IwAR2TK_PQfXjFk7NlVg0ORcOZ9RyyAHd2meP0u3FReOgJIQEI53sJS-qKB6c

    Disclaimer: I’m positive that a convention of states won’t fix our problems.

    But I would think that Reason might have zero condescension towards these protestors, and more than a little self-interested interest in the processes going on in these protests.

  28. 24/ drone surveillance is clearly a precaution to protect public health.

    //J. Christian Bollwage, the city’s mayor, responded to the criticism by insisting that the drones could save lives.

    “My answer to those people is, ‘If these drones save one life, it is clearly worth the activity and the information that the drones are sending,'” Bollwage said.//

    The script has been written.

    1. *24/7

    2. If being pro-life can save one life – – – – – – ?
      Oh, wait. The fascist that wants to rule rather than govern is a lying, self-serving, baby killing democrat.

    3. Geraje, you work so hard to dig up obscure articles that show how our liberties are being trampled! Good work on your hard work! Other libertarians could really learn from you how to spend more time searching for things to fulminate against.

      1. I’m honored.

  29. “ but forcibly constraining every last person has diminishing returns, and is not a good use of government resources.”

    No Robby, it’s an immoral and unacceptable use of government resources. I would think that would be the libertarian argument against the governments over-reaction response.

    1. It’s wonderful, Nate, how you really dramatize your libertarian concerns. You really put passionate expression into it!

      1. Gun to your head:

        Trump’s balls in your mouth, or Trump’s dick in your ass? Be honest.

  30. This article could script an infomercial for misanthropy. No one in it is sympathetic or worthy of respect.

    Trolling Demi-celebrities: Oswalt and Trump
    Biased “Journalists”
    Wannabe Tyrants
    Statist Drones
    Wannabe Typhoid Marys
    Trump Cultists
    Some that are all-of-the-above

    1. Are you jealous they left out those like you with raging cases of TDS?

  31. Mr. Soave is entitled to his politically correct, partisan opinion that anti-social, selfish, immature misfits should not be mocked or ignored when they engage in reckless, boorish tantrums.

  32. Sorry, I will continue to sneer at people with “Social Distancing = Communism” signs as morons. And I will continue to sneer at people with signs saying in effect that “Jews are the real plague” as bigoted morons.
    ttps:// I think the First Amendment also protects my right to sneer.

    1. You are so much better than the worst of us.

    2. well there’s proof for ya right there

    3. And no one will care.

    4. DavidS-T
      April.19.2020 at 11:56 pm
      “Sorry, I will continue to sneer at people with “Social Distancing = Communism” signs…”

      Of course you will while you’re on you knees, you cowardly piece of lefty shit.

  33. Patton Oswalt not exactly a “once in a century” talent. He could be replaced by any one of a thousand out of work members of the Screen Actors Guild and he knows it. That’s why he wants to show that he’s “in with the in-crowd” with his every tweet.

    Robby, when you’ve been out of work for a few months with a wife and three kids to feed, then come back and see if you want to re-phrase that “ill-advised demonstration” remark.

  34. What’s especially disturbing are all the positive articles and news about the side effects of the lockdown – fewer deaths from car accidents, less pollution, etc….

    The left is going to look at this and think “Hey, we should do this all the time

    They are also salivating at how they are going to remake capitalism once the depression this causes really hits.

    1. Well in that case they can all move to California and play ‘Martial law’ every year from March until May. And thy can shut off the electricity as an added affect. They can pretend to be like their Mecca Venezuela.

  35. Credit where credit is due, I’m honestly impressed that Robby can recognize Nick Sandmann was “wrongly maligned”. It’s probably the only time he’s ever recognized such a thing, because he certainly didn’t see it when talking about figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos or Carl Benjamin.

    1. Kavanaugh says hi.

  36. This article could script an infomercial for misanthropy. No one in it is sympathetic or worthy of respect.
    Trolling Demi-celebrities: Oswalt and Trump
    Biased “Journalists”
    Wannabe Tyrants
    Statist Drones
    Wannabe Typhoid Marys
    Trump Cultists

  37. It’s amazing how many liberal bigwigs, from Pelosi on down have gone full out “let them eat cake”. This isn’t a good look for them and not everyone out there is a conservative or Trump supporter. But come November I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be, considering the treatment they’re getting.

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  39. “desperation to get back to work”

    That is a moronic statement. It’s not a desperation to get back to work, it’s desperation to make a living, earn money to pay for goods/rent/food, and the freedom to live one’s life in a non-totalitarian state.

    One word think a Libertarian would understand that, but alas those are not to be found among the Reason writers. Just more progs peddling propaganda.

    1. The professional fake libertarians of Reason understandably don’t like talking about the fact that their fellow liberals in government and media put 86% of the country under martial law on the basic of a vastly overblown hysteria created by a combination of Chinese duplicity and western scientific incompetence. So they’re trying to change the subject to pretty much anything else.

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  41. Why is it ‘ill-advised’ Robby?

    People are seeing their lives slowly disappear. How are they to voice concern? You want them to sit home and wait for jerk offs in government and piece of shit celebrities to give them the o-kay?

    You’re no better than degenerates like Oswalt when you say stuff like that.

    Do better.

  42. Just went to Oswalt’s Twitter. Wow. The smug, illiberal ignorance of he and his fans is something to behold.

    His Ann Frank analogy is wrong. She was hiding from Nazis who were systematically looking to kill people and the JEWS.

    How in his twisted little mind does this remotely equate to a virus that isn’t the plague and will not ravage society?

    Spurious analogy. But what did you expect from an ignoramus?

    He probably obsesses over Trump while never giving a moment’s thought to keeping the blame where it belongs: On China and the WHO.

    1. so here’s a thought, you know how the USA is really gung-ho about its laws expanding outside its borders? Once this virus goes down a bit and we can look into who did what, what do you think the chances are that the Fed tries to extradite the head of the WHO for assisted homicide or whatever the charge would be? Not saying we should, but I could see Trump doing it

  43. “The gatherings are ill-advised…”

    Paging JFree and Hihn!

    1. I much prefer overt finger wagging to the lukewarm Reason approach.

  44. As we observe the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord, I would like once again to suggest to “liberals” (i.e., tax-happy, coercion-addicted, power-tripping government humpers and State fellators) that they start their own protest group called the Major Pitcairn Society. Major Pitcairn was the British officer who, just before the shooting started, yelled at the Minutemen on Lexington Green, “Damn ye rebels! Disperse ye rabble!” That’s a sentiment our modern Tories can get behind.

  45. Robby Soave should not be smug, judging the motivations of others from on high. It is not for him to decide whether “some of the protestors are justifiably upset,” or to determine that “some protesters” have legitimate grievances, implying who knows what about other protesters. His condescension is just as bad as any other. That kinds of “superior” attitude reeks of disrespect.

  46. Most celebrities and the media are communists who want to see the west destroyed. So, for them, sneering at coronavirus lockdown protesters is essential.

  47. Modern day Rosa Parks seems pretty apt.

  48. Small correction – a quarantine is when you isolate sick people or people who show symptoms. Martial law is when you make it a crime for healthy people to leave their home for “non-essential” reasons.

  49. Honestly, Patton Oswalt isn’t funny since 2014.

  50. Patton Oswalt is as funny as a hospital fire. He’s just a nasty diminutive troll.

  51. My God talk about a bunch of selfish Americans.

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