Brickbat: Soak the Rich


In Solihull, England, Benjamin Lee received letters from the local council warning him he was several hundred pounds behind in taxes on two separate properties he owns. The letters warned the council's agent could remove items from those properties and sell them if he did not pay up.  Benjamin is 2 years old. His father Jeff says the family does not own either of the properties. A council spokesman blamed an "incorrect address" for the error.

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  1. When asked for comment Benjamin Lee replied ‘ the council is a poopy head ‘.

    1. That is hate speech in the UK. Kid better smarten up or will find himself incarcerated.

      1. Which wasn’t much of a threat, since they told him he’d share a cel with the nazi dog… and he’s been begging his parents for a dog half his life

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  2. Doesn’t matter.
    The little bastard is obviously one of the lying elite cheating on his taxes to oppress the downtrodden poor.
    And the councilman is obviously incorrect; the government never makes mistakes, so the address is correct and the kid is a liar.

    1. And he is faking his age.

  3. Nonetheless his credit score is now right fucked.

    1. I knew a guy who would, when he defaulted on his cable or electric bills, open new accounts in his son’s name. Kid wasn’t old enough to be in school yet. What a dick.

      1. Yeah, that’s a serious POS.

        1. …but it’s ok when illegal aliens do it

      2. A research a couple years back investigated the root causes of identity theft. This was right at the peak of the “hackers are stealing your SSN” hype. She determined that 55% of identity theft was committed not by anonymous hackers but by people you know well. She further showed that the majority of those attacks were against either dependent elders (because they have accumulated wealth and are relatively unsophisticated) or against minor children in the thief’s own family (because they have clean credit histories that can be exploited).

        Stealing a family member’s identity is despicable. And disturbingly common.

  4. Lame excuse. That kid needs to pay his fair share.

  5. A council spokesman blamed an “incorrect address” for the error.

    UK bureaucrats are truly incompetent. They can’t even use the “computer glitch” excuse, which totally absolves any person of error.

  6. Here’s your receipt for your son, Mr. Dee.

  7. Well, it’s fine to blame an incorrect address for the error, but are they still demanding the kid pay up? Did they fix the error? If I know government, the kid’s going to be getting the same letter next year, but with a higher amount due figure for the penalties and interest.

  8. Isn’t it wonderful? England replace manor lords with councils! The serfs are happier than ever!

  9. 9am phone call on a Sunday:

    Agent: Mr. Volunteer, I represent *bank I don’t remember* and as I’m sure you’re aware, you are several months behind on your boat payments.

    Me: I am Mr. Volunteer, and I think there’s been a mistake. I’m not behind on any payments

    Agent: Our records indicate otherwise. If you can’t make a payment of $XXX immediately, we will have to send someone to repossess your boat.

    Me: Very well, please come right away and haul off any boats you find.

    Agent: Are you the Mr. Volunteer who lives at *location that isn’t my address*

    Me: Afraid not.

    My last name is actually very common, as is my first name, so I used to get phone calls like this ALL THE TIME. Since the rise of mobile phones, this debt collector activity has gone away, I guess because I’m not in the phone book anymore. I don’t miss it.

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