The World Must Not Mimic China's Authoritarian Model to Fight COVID-19

Its rulers tried to cover up an epidemic, then declared war on their people to control it.


I visited China on a press junket 10 years ago, before Premier Xi Jinping arrived on the scene and ended his country's brief flirtation with perestroika ("authoritarian deliberation," in academic parlance). Even during that golden age of openness, Beijing's autocrats clearly controlled the messaging about everything. Every official at every level of government we met gave the exact same answer to every question, as if reading talking points from a national memo.

China's talking points now seem to have gone international, if the headlines about its allegedly stellar success in fighting the coronavirus are any indication. The World Health Organization went on a "fact-finding trip" to the country and came back congratulating it on its "unique and unprecedented public health response." Yale University's Nicholas Christakis has dubbed Chinese autocrats' ability to restrict the movement of hundreds of millions of people "deeply impressive." He added that China's "collectivist culture and…authoritarian government" had "allowed this enormous, widespread response." (The Uighurs might have a different point of view.) The New York Times' Donald McNeil has praised China's "enormous success in beating down its epidemic" compared to America's sluggish response.

But China might not be revealing the full human cost of its totalitarian tactics.

It is clear now that authorities in Wuhan, the town of 11 million where the disease originally broke out, kept denying that human-to-human transmission was happening even after 739 people, including 419 medical staff, had become infected (a claim that the World Health Organization, to its eternal shame, endorsed until mid-January). They closed the live animal market where the disease had originated—without any notice or explanation to the perplexed vendors—and called it a day. The doctor who raised an alarm and tried to warn his international colleagues was booked for "severely disturbing the social order" and put under house arrest. (He died in February from the virus.) The scientists who proved this was a new and serious disease were forced to destroy their samples and branded "rumormongers." If researchers in other countries had been allowed access to those samples, we might be closer to a cure or a vaccine by now. All of this allowed the disease to spread freely for almost two months in China and beyond.

Had the Chinese authorities been open even three weeks sooner, a study by U.K's University of Southampton assessed, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95 percent and the world may well have been spared a pandemic. Why didn't they do so? It's not because they wanted to infect the world, as conspiracy theorists are claiming; it's not because they have strange culinary habits, as xenophobes are nattering. It's because the country's closed system blocked the flow of information and thwarted the spontaneous alarm systems that open societies have.

To be sure, President Donald Trump also initially downplayed the threat. And federal bureaucrats repeatedly blocked the University of Washington's Helen Chu from pursuing her suspicions that the disease had made an appearance in her state. But Chu, in contrast to the Chinese doctor, has become a national hero, and the Trump administration has been severely criticized for ignoring such early warnings.

This experience will be a lesson for future administrations. But China, unlike America, has a long history of epidemics and yet seems to have learned no lessons at all. Some of the most devastating flu pandemics of the 20th century—such as the Asian flu of 1957, which killed 1.1 million people worldwide and 116,000 in the U.S.—originated in China. More recently, China generated the bird flu and SARS. Yet its first instinct is to shoot the messenger, given that it imprisoned the doctor who raised the alarm during SARS too.

Why do the Chinese rulers keep making the same mistake over and over again? Because authoritarian regimes care about the survival of their people only to the extent that it ensures their own survival. Opening channels for the hoi polloi to communicate creates too many dangerous possibilities for subversion. But the absence of these channels also means that China's autocracy can use ruthless measures to combat the crisis without fearing public criticism—let alone a revolt—when it so chooses.

And, boy, was it ruthless.

Once Xi woke up to the coronavirus threat, he declared war not so much on the virus as on the Chinese people themselves, using high-tech surveillance and social control to monitor every move, every action. As leaders in other countries pleaded with their people to stay at home and self-quarantine, his Communist authorities moved with lighting speed to lock down 60 million Chinese in the Hubei province—most of who had no idea that an epidemic was brewing, thanks to aggressive censorship. They also mobilized the country's omnipresent army of monitors to keep tabs on every move of every Hubei resident without any regard for individual privacy or human rights.

They required popular apps like AliPay and WeChat, China's Venmos, to install software to track users' movements. China Telecom color-coded phones in traffic-light red, green, and yellow, based on their risk of carrying the virus. This let guards at train station checkpoints know who to let through and who to stop.

Pharmacies were told to take the temperature of anyone who bought cold medicine and notify authorities of the results. Every apartment building and every residential complex implemented something called "closed management." Using private cars was banned, and residents were barred from leaving the complex without permission, which was given for only a few hours a day to one family member to purchase essentials. Meanwhile, 300,000 "grid workers"—paid employees of the Communist Party and volunteers—patrolled the streets and guarded complexes. Those who didn't cooperate were promptly reported to the local police.

Local governments outside Hubei offered hundred of dollars in rewards to those who reported returning migrant workers from Wuhan and family members who hosted them. In other words, neighbors were rewarded for snitching on neighbors. More chillingly, authorities reportedly barged into homes, and hauled away sick patients, and put them in quarantine camps. In one eastern province, they barricaded a family that had returned from Wuhan, essentially imprisoning it in its home.

China has dazzled the world by building two hospitals in 10 days and many quarantine shelters by employing (read: conscripting) thousands of people round the clock. As an authoritarian country, China could single-mindedly focus on one goal—containing the spread of the disease. Its primary purpose in building hospitals and quarantine shelters was separating and isolating patients, not necessarily treating them or helping them. (One of those rapidly built quarantine hotels collapsed, killing 10.)

In democratic countries, by contrast, the policy response has focused on both containment and treatment. Even as states have imposed lockdowns or quarantines to flatten the curve, they have also simultaneously tried to boost their treatment capacity to maintain their standards of care.

Over the past few weeks, the world has been horrified by stories from hard-hit Western countries like Italy and Spain about doctors having to do a grim triage to determine whether to save the young or the old, the healthy or those with preexisting conditions. In America, it's a national scandal that not every patient who needs a ventilator might get one. But in China, the government essentially performed an even grimmer triage with entire towns and provinces. The New York Times' Javier Hernandez reports that there is a widespread sense among Wuhan residents that they were sacrificed to save the country.

The Chinese government is trying to tell us that it heroically stopped coronavirus. Instead of falling for it, the world should question the spin. Only when China's autocrats open themselves to scrutiny—both by a robust domestic press and outside media—will the world have any confidence that they are serious about avoiding the next pandemic. So far, they aren't offering any cause for optimism.

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  1. The World Must Not Mimic China’s Authoritarian Model to Fight COVID-19

    Why? They were actually able to stop the virus. I thought Dear Leader would be able to do this through shear force of his personality and his ability to market his shitcan crazy-ass policies but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Maybe we should emulate what actually works?

    1. I don’t believe anyone in North Korea has the virus. Maybe we should mimic them.

      1. Well, we are both are ruled by cults of personality that are impervious to facts and logic. Maybe we’re on our way? That still doesn’t mean we’ll be able to keep this dirty country with its trillion dollar military free of COVID, right?

        1. “Well, we are both are ruled by cults of personality that are impervious to facts and logic.”

          Right. Please travel to NK and shout “Kim’s an ass!”, you pathetic piece of shit.

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      2. I think we are mimicking now. We’ll soon have their economy and our freedoms seem about the same,. They may actually have more right now.

    2. “Maybe we should emulate what actually works?”

      Lying about numbers and pretending we stopped the virus when we actually didn’t? I’m not sure that works as well as you think

    3. Maybe we should emulate what actually works?

      So you’ve booked your flight to Wuhan?

    4. Maybe we should emulate what actually works?

      Maybe you should actually read past the headline.

      The doctor who raised an alarm and tried to warn his international colleagues was booked for “severely disturbing the social order” and put under house arrest. (He died in February from the virus.) The scientists who proved this was a new and serious disease were forced to destroy their samples and branded “rumormongers.” If researchers in other countries had been allowed access to those samples, we might be closer to a cure or a vaccine by now. All of this allowed the disease to spread freely for almost two months in China and beyond.

      Had the Chinese authorities been open even three weeks sooner, a study by U.K’s University of Southampton assessed, the number of corornavirus cases could have been reduced by 95 percent and the world may well have been spared a pandemic.

      If that’s what you consider “working” I don’t even want to know what failure would look like.

    5. This entire thing worldwide is just round 1. And looks like even if different countries ‘complete’ round 1 cleanly, it’s just going to be playing whack-a-mole until round 2 this autumn.

      Might want to wait until the fights are over to declare a winner.

      Plus – given the different ways that countries have fought it, the only opinions imo that matter are the next generation. Most have been gerontocrats focusing mostly on heroically saving the senescent by imposing permanent debts on the younger and not even allowing the younger to define the terms of their own civic engagement in this.

      Article re China’s millennials. Reactions along generational lines will take place in Europe and US too

      1. Stuff your PANIC flag up your ass, stick first.

        1. Sideways.

      2. It’s killed fewer than SARS. Panic lock downs were not necessary to stop SARS. Why are they necessary now?

        1. JFree wasn’t old enough to read at the time.

        2. Vitamin C while dancing around May poles. That worked against the last alien invasion. Which killed many more people than WW2. So – no soup for you!

          See I can just make shit up to.

          1. He also wasn’t as demented then; see just above.

          2. I actually responded to your comment with real substance and a real question.

            Why are you incapable of doing the same? Is innuendo all you can do?

            1. Actually you responded by simply making ‘facts’ up

    6. You actually believe the Chinese? And you support full martial law to control this virus? What a fucking joke you are.

      1. You actually believe the Chinese?

        Assuming the same person is running the Am Soc sock puppet account as the one who used to troll here years ago, yes, he does. Because that would be same Am Soc who once bragged about “running the blockade” to visit Cuba and then went around telling dirt poor Cubans how much better they have it than people in America do. And no, I’m not exaggerating, he actually said that once.

      2. Democratic Socialists are a cult of true believers. Never forget…
        “Bread lines are a good thing”, Bernie Sanders. Its always, fucking always, the same thing with these people, dysfunctional, brainwashed marxists.

      3. Well, he is a socialist, after all. So yeah, he probably does.

    7. This is a parody account, right?

      1. Seemingly not.
        At one time, the scumbag posting under that handle bragged about running out on a mortgage and ‘sticking it to the man!’, as if ‘the man’ were other than the rest of us with mortgages.
        Like every commie, everywhere and always, he’s a perpetual adolescent hoping someone else will come along and clean up the shit he smeared all over.
        And, sadly, he claims to have progeny.

    8. Emulate free markets and liberty, which raised billions out of poverty while socialism was murdering 100 million?

      Excellent idea!

    9. Anyone watch “Chernobyl?” It’s a great presentation on how communists handle things like disasters; and no, they don’t give a fuck how it affects anyone but the top men.

    10. Are you daft?

      They FIRST denied it and covered it up. Then they arrested doctors for daring to speak the truth. WHILE they were playing petty shithead politics led by Winnie the Pooh, they deliberately neglected to notify the world community thus sparing us this mess which to the very last person is directly impacting.

      Only once they couldn’t lie through their commie asses did they so something and that something was to clamp down on citizens because China.

      You’re not only an idiot; possibly an immoral one.

    11. The most ridiculous words I have heard so far.That would be the same as declaring partial war against Nazi Germany in WW2,or a tolerance for Stalin after.We are at total war here and there must be no going back,just onward !! Literally our whole civilised world ,and the lives of our loved ones depends on it !! Appeasement was tried in 1938,that time only 40 million people died.This time,if we ease up,there will be more than mass graves!!

      1. Sarc or stupidity?

    12. “ Why? They were actually able to stop the virus.”


      Yes they have comrade and they have increased the chocolate rations from 30 grams to 20 grams this week!

    13. Yeah. What a disappointing Hitler Bad Orange Man turned out to be, huh?

    14. They were able to lock down a PROVINCE, not the entire country. IDK how that even worked. According to our own experts there is no way that should have worked, MONTHS after it got serious. Something very fishy here. Either they released in that province only and were containing way before we were told or this is all a bunch of psychological bull.

    15. China’s advice is to isolate patients from their families during the quarantine.

    16. So you are both stupid enough to believe the chinese communist dictator AND desperately desire to drop to your knees for him. There is no such thing as an American “socialist”. If you are socialist, you are a traitor.

  2. Is this the real Shikha ? Congrats this is the best thing you’ve ever written.

    1. it’s not because they have strange culinary habits, as xenophobes are nattering.

      You can tell it’s Shikha by the signature. It’s like Tourette’s. The article is kinda normal and then she starts muttering about xenophobes into her armpit.

    2. Even though I agree with the headline, I’m not going to lower myself to read a Shikha article.

    3. Yes, a sensible and reasonable article. Of course those damned xenophobes; how dare they question the cohort and consumption of critters that spread a virus to humankind.

    4. One of her better ones but she had to give her digs to Trump. As I read I kept waiting for it and it came. She couldn’t resist.

      The TDS virus is pretty persistent.

  3. This reminds me of that Jack Thomas Friedman saying how great China is because they make the trains run on time like Mussolini. What a hack.

    1. Mao ‘did some good things’ as someone told me once.

      There’s no come back for that.

      1. I’d ask, “what good things?” just for the laughs.

        1. 100,000,000 stiffs won’t be laughing.

  4. At least Dalmia did not write another mindless immigration screed.

    China will face a very unpleasant reckoning when this is over. Depend on it.

    1. As long as they produce every thing imaginable on the cheap, and have a big ass nuclear armed military, I am inclined to doubt there will be much of a “reckoning” of any kind. Shit, we cannot even force Iran to bend an inch with decades of sanctions.

      1. We’ll see. I tend to think just about everyone in the world is pissed off with China right about now.

        1. I truly hope we find our lost balls and collectively demand China account but I fear it’s wishful thinking. Already the apologists and the CCP PR machine is in hyper-over drive.

          It’s really a question of us shifting our buying habits. I know I’m going to avoid buying ‘made in China’ wherever I can and where feasible. They cornered the junk-shit-cheap-quality market so it shouldn’t be that hard. Pay the premium you cheap bastards and get of the Chinese drug.

          China is a bigger threat to the world system the Soviet Union was in my view.

          1. True, and in terms of virtually everything but oil, we’ve managed to make ourselves incredibly dependent upon them. This includes many of our pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

            I’m with you on the no buying any thing made there; just learned a member of my immediate family with Covid may not make it; hell yes I’m going to make damned sure I don’t buy as much as a tack from those bastards.

  5. I had to hesitate over reading the article before skipping straight to the comments to see if the article was anything more than bashing China for closing their borders and prohibiting free immigration, I’m pleasantly surprised that there’s only a moderate amount of “to be sure, Trump is just as bad” and if there’s any suggestion that open borders is the obvious cure to the problem I must have missed it. A tolerable piece!

    1. Pretty much same here. This is a nice counterpoint to the current Duranty-style adoration of authoritarianism.

  6. Just like there was no famine in Ukraine or China , no gulags , no red terror , the Viet Cong were just freedom fighters, and the USSR ‘liberated’ eastern Europe. What’s not to believe from the Great Pooh Bear ?

    1. Citizen, your cynical and sceptical thoughts about the Great Pooh Bear have been duly recorded… Now put on your dunce cap, and sit in your Regretful-Thoughtful Spot over there in the corner!

  7. Well, here in the US we just turned over the entire economy to the government.

  8. Hell has officially frozen over.

    The first remotely decent article Shikha has ever written, and it’s actually the best article Reason has produced yet on COVID-19.

    A genuinely good article.

    Does COVID-19 cure TDS?

    1. She fails to mention the WHOs initial responsibility for the global transmission of the virus (remember the early info..”not transmitted human to human”-WHO global bulletin). WHO is a failed bureaucracy. Taiwan, from the onset, knew better. Other than that, good post.

      1. Yes, she did: “…kept denying that human-to-human transmission was happening even after 739 people, including 419 medical staff, had become infected (a claim that the World Health Organization, to its eternal shame, endorsed until mid-January).”

    2. The first remotely decent article Shikha has ever written, and it’s actually the best article Reason has produced yet on COVID-19.

      It merely fits in with her understanding of “libertarianism”, which seems to amount to “anything goes”.

      She’ll still come after you if you try to keep COVID-19 infected homeless illegal migrants out of your neighborhood.

  9. No, Shikha, their shithole culinary habits definitely DID contribute to all this.

    1. Eating bats

      1. tHaTs rAcIsT

    2. No, Shikha, their shithole culinary habits definitely DID contribute to all this.

      And, even if it didn’t, 99% of the world seeing something unusual that the other 1% eats and thinking “That’s fucking weird!” is neither xenophobic, nor racist, nor particularly anti-libertarian.

  10. In times of life and death emergency do you want to be governed by an uninformed democracy or an informed authority?

    Some of you anarchist dipshits probably admire the military.

    Take a lesson from how military units act as one when faced with a common enemy.

      1. Like China.

        1. Now I’m confused. Do you mean how our military is united against China, how China’s military is united against the virus, or how Russel Crowe fights cancer?

          1. Yeah that’s it.

            1. Our scumbag bigot is now fully on board with the tactics his fave dictator used.
              I’m sure, given the scumbag’s bigotry the death camps/delousing centers wouldn’t be more than a couple of months in arriving.

              1. The delousing facilities arrived much faster than that.

                1. And the death camps stayed much longer than that, too; ~ 5 – 6,000,000 murders longer.

                  1. Those tears on your pillow are over a false narrative.

                    Educate yourself bigot.

                    1. “Educate yourself bigot.”

                      Quit lying, scumbag bigot.

                    2. I did. I have talked to survivors and visited the camps.

                    3. “…I have talked to survivors and visited the camps.”

                      Scumbags like Misek are the only ones with the ‘truth’; those people who went through it are just lying about Nazis. Those camps were just delousing stations and the Nazis didn’t get the dosage right, sort of like Von Braun kept aiming at the stars, but hitting London.
                      Scumbag Misek and several hundred equally idiotic assholes are willing to tell the rest of us we’re being mislead!
                      I’m pretty sure that stinking pile of shit really believes that sort of bullshit.

                    4. If you weren’t so bigoted and actually considered the factual physical evidence, you would be forced to consider that the real delousing buildings designed by the zyklon b insecticide company do exist. They are not on any holocaust gawkers propaganda tour because they demonstrate that the narrative is false.

                      The buildings were too small for people as they deloused clothing only.

                      They contained the zyklon b heating activation, air circulation and air evacuation equipment both necessary and absent from the bullshit shower house narrative.

                    5. If anyone wants to share a ressoned opinion they must review the evidence that soundly refutes the false holocaust narrative.

                      Read the book,
                      Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality.


                    6. It requires reading more than the intro.

          2. And by, “China’s military is united against the virus,” you mean up to and including killing the hosts of that virus, because they are harboring a dangerous virus, right?

            1. I was asking Rob.

    1. do you want to be governed by an uninformed democracy or an informed authority?

      Note how all of stormfag misek’s options involve having an overlord.

      1. Like a president.

        1. You don’t want a president, you want a fuhrer.

          Maybe overlord is the wrong word. The last Overlord didn’t go so well for your side.

          1. You’re both a troll and a bigot.

            1. Now THAT’s funny.

    2. Go eat a bag of dicks, bootlicker.

    3. In times of life and death emergency do you want to be governed by an uninformed democracy or an informed authority?

      Neither: neither the mob nor “informed authority” has my interests at heart.

      Take a lesson from how military units act as one when faced with a common enemy.

      I’ll take a lesson from people who are smart enough to say “I don’t need this shit” and desert their military units.

    4. Take a lesson from how military units act as one when faced with a common enemy.

      One part of me would like to hear more about the history of your world where every coherent and cohesive military unit throughout history has stood victorious even when, paradoxically, opposed by units of equal or greater coherence and cohesion.

      The other part of me knows you’re full of shit.

  11. Seems like every week in PA our Grand Wizard (aka Governor) appears and removes more freedoms.

    I’m betting even though here in Western PA we have 2 grand total deaths over the last month, way less than traffic deaths we’ll advance to being arrested for going outside without it being essential enough.

    And the lemmings actually cheer this on.

    1. In CA, it seems the grease-ball does the same, but he is such a wind-bag that no one ever listens to the entire speech, so it’s hard to tell.

  12. The government has declared war on the virus. And the virus is inside many of us. You put two and two together.

    1. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had an ICU bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ virophage. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole ICU. Smelled like victory.

      1. The joker really was ahead of the curve.

  13. That was a good article.

  14. Yes, lying, covering up and losing 21 million plus people is not the way to go. Maybe they decide to get rid of their cell phone in a pandemic? Probably not. Maybe they are dead? Good chance.

    Is China hiding COVID-19 death toll? 21 million cell phones disappeared, why?
    21 million cell phone accounts in China were cancelled after coronavirus
    840,000 landlines were closed in China
    This sudden drop suggests a very high Coronavirus death toll

    1. Tin foil hats, aisle #6.

  15. They killed off a lot of the critically ill people, but didn’t kill the Virus! That’s right, they killed many that were too ill to recover. And maybe some that could, by binding their hands and legs and stuffing them inside 4 body bags! That way, the 70 yr old who already had breathing problems, would suffocate before reaching the Crematorium!

    1. Tin foil hats, aisle #6.

  16. “The World Must Not Mimic China’s Authoritarian Model to Fight COVID-19”

    The World Must Not Mimic the West’s Model to Fight COVID-19 with superstitious “thoughts and prayers.”

  17. Today we kick out all foreign media. Tomorrow our case count and deaths go to zero. Yeah sure and I am about to pop both powerball and mega millions in one week! The world could lose 50 million Chinese and no one would even notice. I believe what they say like I do a French Quarter whore.

  18. The adoration of authority has to be the biggest failing of the human race.

    1. Sorry, its been a mammalian thing for 50 million years. Everyone want to worship (and fuck) the biggest asshole.

  19. it’s not because they have strange culinary habits, as xenophobes are nattering

    Chinese culinary habits, combined with a lousy food inspection record, aren’t responsibly for the spread of corona virus, but they are responsible for the virus crossing over from animals to humans.

    And, indeed, it is rational to be “xenophobic” about foreign countries in this regard with a long history of such diseases.

  20. Shikha is a mostly consistent voice of reason and advocate for individual liberty. It is refreshing to see the often xenophobic commenters who normally criticize her now recognize the value of at least some of her insights.

    1. Confucius say, “Woman who ride bicycle peddle ass all over town.”

  21. what matters most is that it didn’t work. it ran its course throughout Asia, and what worked was massive, widespread testing, tracing potential exposures, and isolating them. blanket lockdowns didn’t work in China, Iran, Italy, NY, CA, or anywhere else. it’s one thing to grant exceptional authority in exceptional times, but it’s entirely another to do it for absolutely no good purpose.

  22. All this panic for so few deaths. And everyone bending over and begging for the govt to take even more freedoms in the face of the totalitarian BS they are pulling now over something with a fucking ONE PERCENT death rate (at best) – pathetic.

    I wish that something REALLY contagious and deadly would hit this planet of frightened monkeys and kill off at least all the fucking government whip-holders.

    1. Jordan Peterson talks in his lectures about how ‘anybody’ could be a concentration camp guard, given an appropriate level of fear. Or a Stasi informant.

      Now I know what he is talking about. People are so irrationally scared, that they are taking it out on groups of kids playing basketball in the park, wanting them arrested. These are the people that would be first in line to act as guards when you got them trembling a little.

      Personally, it’s the saddest part about all of this. Enthusiastic acquiescence to totalitarianism and snitching on their neighbor who just wants to be free.

  23. The US cannot “mimic China’s authoritarian model” for a simple reason: Washington does not have the absolute power over the 50 states that Beijing has over its 26 provinces. Look at the reactions of various governors to President Trump’s mere suggestions, like quarantining New York. Any provincial head who dared question Chairman Xi Jinping would be disappeared immediately.

  24. Just so readers do not get the wrong idea, the only thing I am certain of in politics is that I am anti-communist.
    Criticising China’s actions regarding covid19 is like criticising success while everyone else fails. This reporter is repeating the western propaganda regarding the Chinese response to covid19. My analysis of the epidemiology from around the world makes me doubt that this virus originated in China. The idea that it suddenly appeared in December 2019 is just nonsense. Just for the record my career started working in and later managing a virus vaccine laboratory.
    If Americans can only repeat propaganda regarding covid19 then they are in for a shock this year.

    1. Whose propaganda is it? Why is everyone lying about the origin of the virus?

    2. And this analysis is published and available where?

  25. Just think of the lives that would be saved if we dropped the speed limit nationwide down to 5 mph and instituted draconian licensing and vehicle safety laws and travel restrictions? (and damn the economic and liberty consequences)

    The President should do something!

    More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways. The U.S. traffic fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Road crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 1-54. The economic and societal impact of road crashes costs U.S. citizens $871 billion.
    Road crashes cost the U.S. more than $380 million in direct medical costs. The U.S. suffers the most road crash deaths of any high-income country, about 50% higher than similar countries in Western Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan. Pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities continue to rise in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more pedestrians and cyclists were killed in 2018 than in any year since 1990.

  26. “To be sure, President Donald Trump also initially downplayed the threat.”

    Of course Shikha had to get in a dig at Trump, even in an article about the gross failures of China.

    They can’t help it; it’s like a Tourette’s Syndrome that only affects Lefties and the staff at the Bulwark.

    1. To be fair, that was a pretty natural “to be sure”.
      He reacted a bit slowly just like Mr. Pooh, but his reaction was very different when it did come.

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  28. They need to do a lot more than just open themselves to scrutiny.

    The 2 pillars of civilization are:

    1. Freedom of expression.

    2. An independent judiciary. Freedom FROM the state.

    Without these 2 bedrock principles in place, the good scientists, doctors, lab techs and public health experts have no chance to do their jobs. The information must flow globally, instantly.

    This is going to keep happening over and over until the world decides that the ability to buy cheap crap at the stuffmart isn’t worth the price.

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