Brickbat: Heck of a Job, Hendrex


A arbitrator has ordered the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to reinstate an officer fired for hesitating to respond to a mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay casino in 2017. Bodycam video showed Cordell Hendrex leading a rookie officer and three casino security officers one floor below where the gunman was. They stopped when they heard gunfire and remained in the hallway for five minutes. Hendrex then led them to a stairwell where they remained for at least 15 more minutes.

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  1. gunfire? Sounds like it’s time to take my union-mandated lunch break!

  2. Hey, he went home safe and sound, so, job 1 was done.

  3. “The truth is, we are not superhuman” the union official said.

    So civilians and the law can feel free to treat you like any other person?

    1. “I said we don’t have superhuman powers to help you, not that we don’t have superhuman powers to punish you.” – probably Police Chief Clancy Wiggum

  4. Poor cop.

    If he had not hesitated he would have been fired for putting himself in danger. He was only following his training which demands zero tolerance for noncompliance (obey or die), and no tolerance for anything that could compromise officer safety (wait for overwhelming firepower).

    Only reason he was fired was because of the publicity of the incident. Otherwise he would have gotten a medal for not compromising officer safety.

    Total catch-22.

    1. “Look, this ‘firing’ is really a suspension until the heat is off, when we’ll have an arbitrator put you back on the job.”

  5. Well, justice prevailed; he was reinstated.

  6. Good thing he’s a civilian. I can’t see an arbitrator reinstating a soldier who behaved this way.

    1. That reminds me of the Monty Python skit with the soldier that wanted out of the army because it’s dangerous.

      Couldn’t find it on YouTube, someone else will have to link it.

      1. Well, the officer was probably only carrying raspberries on him when he should have RELEASED THE TIGER!

  7. Anyone who really believes that all the cops and all the military would crack down on armed Americans to enforce some kind of Martial Law is delirious.

    This armed cop sat in a hallway because someone was shooting hundreds of bullets out of a window.

    Imagine Americans shooting AT YOU and throwing explosives to blow up your government ride.

  8. Huh? I thought cops are heroes who take extraordinary risks and thus deserve more respect and reward than mere citizens. Looks like Hendrex does not have what it takes to be a hero.

    But at least he did not shoot anyone.

  9. There were no dogs getting shot, so why bother getting involved?

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  11. “Grammas noted Friday that Hendrex didn’t “run out of the hotel,” but became part of the team heading toward Paddock’s room.”

    Sounds like he was too terrified to run.

  12. Bodycam video showed Cordell Hendrex leading a rookie officer and three casino security officers one floor below where the gunman was.

    This story could use some more investigation, by my count, four people hesitated but only one got reinstated. Did rookie coward get fired too? What about the two “If I develop some courage on my own I’m liable to get shot in the back.” security guards?

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