Trump's Tariffs Weakened America's Hospitals. Then Coronavirus Hit.

Some of Trump's tariffs hit medical equipment and supplies from China. We need more trade, not less, to be prepared for pandemics.


It hasn't been talked about at any of the White House's almost-daily coronavirus press conferences, but the Trump administration acted twice this month to reduce tariffs on imported medical equipment.

It won't be talked about, of course, because those quiet maneuvers amount to an admission of guilt. President Donald Trump's trade policies made it more difficult and expensive for American hospitals to buy the equipment they needed to confront a pandemic like the one now facing the world.

"In the last two years, Trump's policy has forced China to divert the sales of these products—including protective gear for doctors and nurses and high-tech equipment to monitor patients—from the United States to other markets," says Chad Bown, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), "and now the U.S. medical establishment faces looming trouble importing these necessities from other countries, which may be hoarding them to meet their own health crises."

Before the trade war, tariffs on medical equipment imported from China were low or non-existent. More than a quarter of all medical equipment imported to the U.S. came from China, according to PIIE's data.

Trump's tariffs certainly put a dent in those imports. The first round of tariffs on Chinese imported goods, imposed in July 2018, put a 25 percent import tax on hand sanitizer, patient monitors, thermometers, oxygen concentrators, and more. The subsequent rounds of tariffs, imposed in September 2019, added 15 percent to the cost of imported surgical gloves and other types of medical protective gear.

According to PIIE data, American imports of those Chinese-made medical products fell by 16 percent between 2017 (the last full year before Trump's tariffs) and 2019.

The Trump administration had ample warning that tariffs on imported medical gear and equipment would leave America less prepared for a major public health crisis. At the August 2018 hearings that evaluated the necessity of Trump's proposed China tariffs—hearings that, as I reported at the time, consisted of hundreds of American business owners pleading with the government to spare them from this supposed "protection"—multiple members of the American medical community warned about exactly what is now happening.

"Any disruption to this critical supply chain erodes the healthcare industry's ability to deliver the quality and cost management outcomes that are key policy objectives of the country," Matt Rowan, president of the Health Industry Distributors Association, told the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative at the time.

"These products are essential to protecting healthcare providers and their patients every single day," he continued. "The healthcare products on the proposed list are used widely, throughout healthcare settings and are a critical component of our nation's response to public health emergencies."

At a hearing on additional proposed tariffs in June 2019, more warnings were issued. Lara Simmons, president of Medline Industries, told the tariff committee that it was not possible to quickly find alternative suppliers of many health care items imported from China. That meant hospitals and healthcare providers would have little choice but to pay the higher prices created by tariffs—and, therefore, would likely buy less.

"Starting production in the U.S. or any third country would be a time consuming and expensive process due to the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] regulatory procedure that is required for these products," she said.

Trump's so-called "phase one" trade deal with China resulted in the lifting of a few tariffs, but the tariffs on medical equipment and gear remained in place. That Trump has lifted those tariffs now is good, but not imposing them at all would have been far better.

"It reveals the foolishness of the administration's shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later approach," Scott Lincicome, a trade lawyer and scholar with the Cato Institute, tells Reason. The practical (and obvious) consequences of the tariff policy should have been addressed from the start, he says, like the fact that tariffs created an incentive for hospitals and other importers to rely on their existing inventories and put off making additional purchases in the hopes that the tariffs would be reduced before supplies ran out.

"There was clearly no thought given to how this would actually work in practice," Lincicome says, "and now you're seeing the consequences."

Some on the neo-nationalist right are using the coronavirus outbreak and the stressed supply chains it has caused as evidence that a national industrial policy is necessary to ensure America has adequate supplies to counter a pandemic. But autarky would result in less efficient markets and more expensive products. It would leave America with the same results—higher prices and lower supply—that the tariffs did. That's not a good solution.

We need more free trade, not less, to be better prepared for future pandemics.

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  1. jesus.

    1. This is just a straight up hit piece.

      1. They just won’t stop will they? Their TDS is consuming them.
        Even Joe Scarborough told his viewers ‘To Do Everything’ To Ensure This President ‘Succeeds’

        We’re facing a global pandemic with serious economic consequences and they just can’t stop taking every opportunity to attack Trump. Can’t they just shut the fuck up until this is over?

        1. Why belabor Trump’s falsehoods, counterproductive statements, and general weakness with respect to the pandemic? Twenty percent unemployment, a stock market dive, and general economic contraction should take care of everything without any help.

          When will CNN start the countdown to the end of the Trump administration?

          1. Roughly 4 years from now.

      2. Aww, tough shit, Shithead.

      3. ASSlord is offended by the truth.

      4. Yeah, CLEARLY it is WAY better that all our medications and/or precursor chemicals come from China. I am POSITIVE that the tariffs are the reason China has reduced shipments NOT that they have redirected capacity to care for their own population.

        This article is just one more reason (pun intended) that most of the population does not take libertarian thought seriously.

        1. Then why did Trump reverse himself on this issue?

    2. Not Jesus. Keynes. We are all Keynesians now.

    3. “According to PIIE data, American imports of those Chinese-made medical products fell by 16 percent between 2017 (the last full year before Trump’s tariffs) and 2019.”

      This is the only relevant factoid in this entire article. We have brought in 16% less medical equipment over 2 years.

      What medical equipment? Who knows.
      Did we then get the equipment elsewhere, or actually not get the equipment? Un mentioned.
      Was it equipment relevant to COVID? No idea.
      Are we currently short on medical equipment? (Not projected based on hyperbolic scare stats. I mean are we literally telling people to wait because we don’t have the equipment?) Not mentioned (but the answer for now is NO).

      These takes from Reason are SO, SO bizarre. Stop in your quest to poke at Trump for a minute to realize that the entire world has gone off the deep end with hysteria. You are talking about these marginal infringements on our liberty when the world is realigning around the idea that government ought to have the power to regulate every association and transaction among a populace to manage a very very tiny overall risk.

      1. Apparently noticing that information is missing makes you a cultist.

      2. Well, 16% less from China.

      3. I certainly agree about the unfortunate atn even bizarre reporting from Reason right now.

        There are many thing to dislike about Trump. Many many things. So many there is no need to just make stuff up like everyone else does.

        Reason has as many column inches to fill as anyone with as little paid time to actually fill it as almost every other journal or paper. But I sure wish their Trumpmania would take a breather for a while.

      4. It’s amazing how Boehm ignored the fact that China ordered shipments to turn around. Just amazing.

    4. Did you expect anything less from Boehm?

      1. How about Trump? Did anyone expect anything better?

        1. Name one better president than Trump since Coolidge

          1. JFK, he did for the people not the 1%, that’s why he was shot. Trump the chump has done absolutely nothing that he promised, actually did the reverse as all who preceded him. Stores still loaded with communist Chinese junk, wars in the middle east still going on and expanded. He and the congress are nothing more than stooges, court jesters in the palace of the American Wall street oligarchs. It is they who choose the tune Trump dances to.
            The US should have never exported it medicine production to begin with. This is the result. Penecillin is not even made here. Considering the Health Care Oligarchs pay pennies for the medicines made in communist China and India, then charge outrageous prices shows how corrupt the system has become. Greed in the US is unparalelled. Speculators buy up necessary life saving medicines, keep them off the market to drive prices up. Hospitals have no choice but to pay. What has Trump the chump done about it? Nothing. The scientist who invented insulin sold his invention for $1 intending everyone to have it. Insulin is priced so obscenely high by the greedy medial speculators, people can’t afford to buy it and go on suffering. What does Trump the chump do? Nothing. So why would one expect him have reacted any different with the Corona virus? The guy is a bag of hot air who has done absolutely nothing for the American people. His only talent is to fire people, which a monkey can do.

            1. LOL!!! America’s FED BEAST Govt. is like a long time drug addict who has been doing drugs for 100 years and you expect a Prez to suddenly, in the blink of an eye stop them from doing all the drugs & heal them & make them whole in a few years???…It would take decades & Trump has tried to point us in the right direction by amongst other things, reducing FED Regulations, and trying to move us away from China, (I believe that was the main reason he decided on tariffs with them!). I think Trump’s knows why JFK was murdered & I think that is why he hired so many long time DC Swamp Critters at first! Basically for protection.

              Look I love Ron & Rand Paul, but if either of them got in as Prez & tried to do half of what they said they would they would be killed within 6 months! Trump is doing it subtly!

            2. You should consider a remedial English class. It will teach you about sentences and paragraphs.

              Then you should go play in traffic.

            3. Talking out of both sides of your mouth: “They should never have exported medical manufacturing to china” / “Trump is a tool of Wall Street”.

            4. “JFK, he did for the people not the 1%”

              Hahaha… Oh wow.
              That drug-addled syphilitic only ever did for JFK. At least Johnson looked after his family, his cronies and his party, but JFK only had eyes for JFK. Everything from Vietnam to the Cuban Missile Crisis can be laid at the feet of that conman.

          2. Clinton. He actually balanced the budget during good economic times whereas Trump has exploded the deficit during good economic times. Clinton was better. Pretty much every president who opposed protectionism was better than Trump. Trump is one of the worst presidents in history, to be honest.

          3. Trump has also bullied the Fed into supporting easy money socialist policies.

      2. Boehm is always predictable. He probably sprained a few muscles twisting the facts this hard.

      3. Boehm, “The sun sets every day because of Trumps Tariffs!!”

        1. Also Boehm, “And it only rose because of the wonderful economy Obama left him.”

          1. More jobs were created in Obama’s last three years than Trump’s first three. Lol.

    5. “Trump’s Tariffs Weakened America’s Hospitals. Then Coronavirus Hit.”

      Globalism weakened America’s medical supply chains. Then Coronavirus Hit.

      What kind of moronic nation put’s control of its medical supplies in the hands of the world’s most powerful dictator?

      Reason Nation, that’s who.

      1. Oh you’re scared of the big bad Chinese boogeyman. Lol.

        1. Are you TRULY this stupid or are you just jabbing away for entertainment?

      2. Did Trump’s tariffs mean America started making all those medical supplies? No. So the trade war failed. It wouldn’t make sense for China to not sell us the supplies when they can make money off of us buying them. And even if they did, we could buy from other countries. Protectionists are paranoid little dumb fucks.

    6. A tariff isn’t a restriction, a tariff is a tax. For example, an added tax on a yacht doesn’t restrict the supply but does raise the cost.

  2. So now it’s basically (T)Reason magazine.

    1. If thinking Trump is incompetent is treason, then call me traitor too.

      1. If you’ve got nothing, just fuck off.
        I realize you need that fifty-cents, but you’re not really giving Media Matters their moneys worth.

        1. You’re still here after Hihn humiliated you the other day? Lmao.

          1. Hihn eating his own shit isn’t humiliating anyone but Hihn, Hihn.

            1. Hihn and I conversed with each other the other day on this site. Clearly we aren’t the same person. You should try to keep up.

              1. Hihn converses with his socks too. That’s the point of a sock for the trolls…creating a fake consensus.

                But I agree that you’re not Hihn. Hihn is stupid and mentally ill. You’re just a “purist” who doesn’t know enough about any of the topics you discuss to question your own beliefs.

          2. What the hell are you on about?

      2. Yes, you’re a traitor. I think yours is born more of stupidity than anything else.

      3. More like a useless idiot.

    2. Free trade is treason? Lol.

      1. Free Trade is, like all perfect things, something to be achieved in utopia. Most of us (well, the adults anyway) realize that because humans have other motivations beyond material gain, free trade is never going to be realized.

        China reduced exports of medical supplies and medications during the Covid-19 crisis. They did so because even in a dictatorship, government fears an uprising and they needed all of the supplies to meet their own needs.

        Many of those companies in China might well have preferred to ship those goods to the US at higher prices. That option was not a choice for them. There was no Free Trade, and Trump had nothing to do with it.

        There might well be no problem counting on a variety of countries for a large percentage of our medical supplies and medications. Counting on ONE nation is a problem. That nation being a generally hostile power that wishes to replace us as a world power is a big problem.

        This is a demonstration of how Free Trade that works to perfection in an ideal world of individuals pursuing personal gain, does not always work in the real world with intervening governments and motivations other than material gain.

        I assume you will not get this, and will damn me for not being a perfect libertarian. Guilty as charged, I try to apply libertarian ideals to the real world to get real results. Applying them with religious fervor to make myself pure is never going to be my thing.

        In my opinion, libertarian ideas are popular in the US. I see no evidence that libertarian ideas as a religion has any significant base at all. To the majority of the US population, tariffs are sometimes the best solution. An excellent case can be made that tariffs to prevent single countries of supply for things such as medical supplies and medications, represents wise policy.

        1. I try to apply libertarian ideals to the real world to get real results. Applying them with religious fervor to make myself pure is never going to be my thing.

          Exactly this. Another libertarian I used to talk to once pointed out that my viewpoints were less ideological than utilitarian, and that I would often abandon an ideological viewpoint in pursuit of a favorable result. I agreed with him and said I don’t see that as a bad thing…because the only reason I ever bought into libertarianism to any degree was that I believed it produced the best results long-term. And when the best long-term results aren’t achieved by “pure” libertarian policy, I have no problem at all with saying so and supporting a different course of action. I think it’s foolish to assume that the world is so simple that any ideology can solve all problems.

          And that’s become particularly true ever since “pure” libertarianism morphed into leftist-lite globalism. I’m pro-American first…I care about my country and the people in it first. That’s who I’m looking to help prosper. If that helps other nations, that’s great and I’m glad for it. But they’re not who I’m interested in helping first, because I’m not who they’re looking to help first either. They have their own agendas and policies which are often not the same as mine and are sometimes created specifically to be detrimental to me and my country.

      2. No, but encouraging more dependence on an oppressive enemy who is at this moment literally holding supplies intended for the US hostage for political gain is hardly patriotic, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s just increase our dependence on Chinese supply chains, especially for drugs and medical equipment. WTF is wrong with you?

  3. >>”There was clearly no thought given to how this would actually work in practice,”

    nobody practiced for the media to tank the world economy because of a cold.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I’m sure that certain segments of the media practice for just such occasions.

      1. lol i neglected to consider the other team’s playbook.

    2. Make no mistake about it, that Crapola Virus was intentionally made by the Chinese with most likely help from American or other Globalists around the world! There was no Wuhan Joe that ate a rancid bat!

      It was either made to hide the roll out of the 5G in that town that was sickening people or to take down Trump or maybe both!

      1. From talking with my Expat Chinese friends, the most likely reality is that it was developed in the Wuhan BioLab, and accidently released into China when one of the test animals that was to be incinerated for disposal was instead sold into the meat market that the virus appears to have arisen from.

        Apparently this kind of diversion (the test animal) is not unusual in China.

  4. Guess the shithead writer forgot about Trump signing the repeal of the unreason Messiah’s medical device tax?

    SotW’s right, this is a straight-up hit piece. Orange Man Bad-level trash.

    1. Yep- honest criticism always comes across as a hit piece to those who don’t live in reality.

      1. So leaving out the repeal of a tax that was *provably* damaging the healthcare industry is honest criticism in leftist-land?

        1. It was done by black jesus so it couldn’t have damaged healthcare.

          1. Reason didn’t support Obama, moron.

            1. Says the guy who claims he rarely reads or posts, but is actually Hihn.

      2. Suck on my asshole shreek you pedophile piece of subhuman shit.

        1. Harlem Heat: A+ reference!

        2. I think you are the one scientists have been searching for centuries, the missing link between man and ape. Come out and make yourself known. You can make a fortune capitalizing on your primitive ignorance.

      3. “honest criticism”

        There was nothing honest in this article, Jeff…
        There was criticism though, I’ll give you that.

        1. Poor Trumpkin snowflake.

          1. His statement was factual.

      4. Hello!? Chinese holding medical supplies and drugs hostage for political purposes! Trump’s trade war was reversing this trend, leading to eventual supply chains ELSEWHERE!. That’s just so criminal, right, so anti-free market, having alternatives to a single oppressive government controlling all your meds? This entire article could be the most TDS displayed by Reason yet. Maybe you have ears, but nothing connected downstream.

    2. “Orange Man Bad-level trash.”

      Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

      We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

      “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet”
      He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me reality schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!
      All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

      Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

      Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

      1. Crap, you’re back. I was hoping the nursing home that you’re quarantined in lacked Internet. Eh, at least Hihn’s still in solitary these days.

        1. I was hoping he finally killed himself.

        2. Hihn was just here on another comments section and kicked Trumpkin ass.

          1. Remember when you pretended you weren’t Hihn, Hihn.

      2. What kind of drugs are you geeked up on?

        1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

          So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

          Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

          Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

          Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

          At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

          Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

          Thank You! -Reason Staff

        2. Sorry for the mis-thread, Victor Whisky! I meant to respond to Freddy the Jerk… Who, just about the only thing good one can say about Freddy, is at least he’s honest about being a jerk…

          1. Right but you said you eat shit and want to murder babies

            1. Pssst. Adults are talking.

              1. Right, so why are you here WHihney?

        3. What kind of drugs are you geeked up on?
          Imma guess Alzheimer’s meds.

          1. Freddy the Jerk is spaced out on self-righteousness and egomania. Freddy the Jerk has no thoughts, arguments, logic, facts? Let’s resort to infantile insults! Typical Trumpsucker!


            The Trump Presidency Is Over
            It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain.

            1. Right Old Mex but you said you eat shit and want to murder babies

              1. Does Mommy know you’re using her computer?

                1. Yes, your mommy knows I’m “using her computer” Hihn.

            2. I read that article. It was brilliant.

              1. Right, but you told us you want to eat shit.

      3. Nothing here having anything to do with his Presidency. Fixated much?

        1. People who are self-centered, narcissistic, know-it-all jerks earlier in life, are the same, later on. A basic personality is formed by age five! “A leopard does not change it’s spots”.

          Here are “The Donald” quotes, many of recent vintage, to show that “A leopard does not change it’s spots”.

          Quotes from The Donald in the “Anti Gravity” column in August 2017 “Scientific American” magazine follow:
          “I have great genes and all that stuff, which I’m a believer in”,
          “God helped me by giving me a certain brain”,
          “I have a very, very high aptitude”,
          “Maybe it’s just something you have. You know, you have the winning gene.”
          Google the quotes, they are real…

          “I know more about renewables than any human being on Earth.”
          “I understand social media. I understand the power of Twitter. I understand the power of Facebook maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results, right?”
          “Nobody knows more about debt. I’m like the king. I love debt.”
          “I understand money better than anybody.”
          “I think nobody knows the system better than I do.”
          “I know more about contributions than anybody.”
          “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”
          “Nobody knows jobs like I do! ”
          “Nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump.”
          “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.”
          “I know more about ISIS [the Islamic State militant group] than the generals do. Believe me.”
          “There is nobody who understands the horror of nuclear more than me.”
          “Because nobody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B. Nobody knows it better than me.”

          Humility is a virtue, and The Donald has NONE of it!

          1. And that has exactly what to do with “Reason” blaming Trump for some made-up shit?

            Try to focus man!

            1. Trumpist egomania and lies know absolutely no end! As the reported data that I bring above, shows! Reason (unlike YOU!) reports facts, with supporting links! Try using facts and logic instead of infantile insults some time! It might actually WORK for you!

              1. Right Old Mex but you said you eat shit and want to murder babies

            2. It is quite possible for Trump to lack humility AND for these specific accusations to be false.

              Logic Much?


    We have governors and mayors declaring martial law, confining people to boats, and house arrest. They are compelling people to shutter their businesses, and then are talking about how they can tax the rich to give handouts to the poorest people who are impacted by these huge intrusions into liberty.

    But keep beating that Tariff Drum, Reason. Seriously. It is the most important thing to talk about here.

    1. The way it upsets Trumpistas is mighty delicious. I say keep it up!

      1. You’re shallow, dogmatic, and childish… so that makes sense

        1. But he’s not an idiot like you.

        2. Snowflake.

      2. This might come as a shock to those who think you’re either with them or a trump supporter, but you can not agree with the tariffs AND think this article was full on dog shit.

        It didn’t even ask the basic question of if that 16% drop corresponded with an increase from other countries.

      3. “The way it upsets Trumpistas is mighty delicious.”

        Go back to the Tariff articles and you will see me arguing against them constantly. And you will see me criticizing his stance on the borders.

        And by the way, I am also critical of Trump’s joining the fear mongering going on right now- but honestly, I don’t know what else he can do. Whenever he tried to calm the panic, the left tried painting it as not taking the virus seriously.

        1. ABC’s depth of economic arguments is every other actor but the US can do what they want, just not the US. He claims this is a free market. He has completely avoided the discussion on China ordering shipments paid for back to China and its effects (larger than the tariffs) it has on markets.

          1. Readers, beware! Do not be deceived by JesseAZ! JesseAZ does NOT believe that LIES are bad in ANY way! Only ACTIONS matter, ethically or morally! See
            “Words are words dumbfuck. Actions are where morals and ethics lie.”, says JesseAZ. When confronted with offers of hush money, illegal commands (from a commanding military officer), offers of murder for hire, libel, slander, lies in court, yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, inciting riots, fighting words, forged signatures, threatening to kill elected officials, false representations concerning products or services for sale… these are all “merely” cases of “using words”. Just like the Evil One (AKA “Father of Lies”), Jesse says lies are all A-OK and utterly harmless! So do NOT believe ANYTHING that you hear from JesseAZ!

            Also according to the same source, JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
            With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
            “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”

            I say again, this is important…
            “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
            We need a BRILLIANTLY persuasive new movie from JesseAZ to “Wake Up, America!”, to flesh out the concept that “The Triumph of The Will of The Trump, Trumps All”! Including the USA Constitution. In fact, USA military personnel should start swearing allegiance to Trump, NOT to some stupid, moldering old piece of paper!
            Previous Powerful People have blazed a path for us to follow here, slackers!!!

            1. Right but you said you eat shit and want to murder babies.

            2. It is amazing how after a dozen beat downs you still dont understand what unbounded means in constitutional arguments. Are you seriously retarded? Or do you have memory problems? I even used the wording from the fucking anti federalist papers last time.

              1. JesseSPAZ, as a grade-school bully, would steal the other kids’ lunch money. When confronted about it, he would say, “But there is no controlling legal authority above me”, and other oh-sooooo-deep legalese bullshit! And then skitter away, to do it again the next time!

                “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
                Reminds me of ol’ Prez Clinton and “there is no controlling legal authority above me”. Clinton-Gore logic!
                “Gore had no real defense, so he trotted out a phony one: There was, he infamously claimed, “no controlling legal authority.” What he meant was that there weren’t many court decisions interpreting the meaning of Section 607. It was laughable. The rule of thumb for judges, as for the rest of us, is that laws are construed to mean what they say, the ordinary, everyday understanding of the words. ”
                Plain written laws and Constitutional writings don’t mean what they say, unless JesseSPAZ agrees with them. Otherwise, he’ll trot out some Al-Gore-like bullshit, and then skitter away.

                Trumpbots also totally lose sight of the fact that ultimately, written words (laws, the USA Constitution, etc.) aren’t the be-all… Obeying our conscience, and positive outcomes for the human race, matter more! Example: In the waning days of the Nixon administration, people (to include the DoD) worried that a whacko Nixon (while depressed and drunk off his ass every night) might push the big read button, and start WW III, just ‘cause he (Nixon) was totally bummed out. So Schlesinger (Secretary of Defense) didn’t tell Nixon, but he whipped up a kludged-up “bypass” to Nixon’s Big Red Button… Which was totally in violation of the written words of the USA Constitution! But it was the right thing to do! “Right” as in “ethically and morally correct, and benevolent, and sensible”, not FAR Right, as in Trumpbotic minds and Trumptatorship worshippers today!

                1. Right but you eat shit.

              2. JesseAss claims to be against raising taxes yet supports raising tariffs. Lmao.

                1. Right, but you said you want to eat shit Hihn.

            3. Btw, nice that you outed ABC as your sock yet again shit eater.

              1. It’s kind of funny that I got so much crap from his other sock puppets insisting that ABC wasn’t him, and then he pits himself again lolol

          2. I think the current situation is a simple IQ test. If you still think that importing medical supplies/medicines from China, you’re retarded. If you think it’s a bad idea, you’re not.

            And I don’t mean that in a hyperbolic insult way. I mean it literally could be an indicator if your IQ is above or below 70.

            1. “If you still think that importing medical supplies/medicines from China, you’re retarded.”

              If you still think that not-thinking (?!?!? IS WHAT, MORON?!?! Good, bad, stupid, idiotic, meaningless, divine, Godlike?), you don’t even know how to write!

              I think that not-thinking, not even thinking enough to write a coherent and meaningful sentence, shows that the writer is a moron, and has NOT eaten enough smart pills from underneath the rabbit hutch!

              1. Right, but you literally told us you eat shit.

                1. Hes fucking retarded. He doesnt k ow basic terminology of constitutional discussions but jumps in. Hes that fucking retarded kid in glasses at the front of the class the teacher refuses to call on despite him waiving his hand back and forth. Nobody liked him then, nobody likes him now. So he plays with shit. Then one day he molded a shit hamburger and wondered what it tasted like. Now he just eats it for fun, molded or not.

                  1. Hey, who can argue with that when he indeed directly told us he eats shit.

            2. There is nothing wrong with importing anything from China. Trump is a certified moron, btw.

              1. Right, but you said you eat shit Hihn

    2. keep beating that Tariff Drum, Reason

      That’s really all they have left to ensure clique respectability while appearing nominally libertarian, now that the chattering class has temporarily abandoned open borders.

    3. Overt, you are triggered. Lol.

  6. We need to depend on China moar!

    1. Let’s put our lives in the hands of the world’s most powerful dictator.

      What could possibly go wrong?

      If Boehm were paying attention, he’d write an article on how America is going to bring back medical supply chains from China.

      But that makes him cry too much.

      1. That is exactly what I thought the obvious lesson here was. This article is truly baffling.

  7. You might think that China’s exports are way down because of the virus they exported, but no. Reason assures us it is because of Trump’s meanie tariffs.

    1. I wondered about that myself. If China isn’t making anything to export due to a sick workforce, it seems a little absurd to blame that on tariffs. Maybe they reduced supply, but it seems that it’s academic when they halt or slow production.

      I guess if one assumes the United States would have been stockpiling ‘medical devices’ for the past few years in preparation for a pandemic it would make sense, but that’s not really how that works.

      1. “it seems a little absurd to blame that on tariffs”

        You must be new here.

        *Everything* bad in the world is to be blamed on Trump.

        What part of “Orange Man Bad” don’t you understand?

      2. Tarrifs are imposed on Chinese owned companies only. The US, out of pure greed for profits and cheep labor, having built up China’s technology and is now in economic competition. All those greedy American companies that went over there to exploit near slave labor wages are not paying tarrifs at all. Apple pays no tariff at all. It is these American companies who should pay a tarrif and that money should be used to compensate those American workers they put out of work. That would relieve the rest of us paying into their unemployment benefits. As Leona Helmsley said, only little people pay taxes. Trump the chump is working hard for the wall street 1%. He’s got a lot of main street suckers fooled.

        1. Meanwhile in the real world…

          Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Cleaned Out Consumers
          A new report finds the tariffs raised $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion.
          Protect American washing-machine makers from Chinese competition? The FIRST thing that American washing-machine makers do, is jack UP their prices… AND the prices of dryers to boot, too! To SOAK the hell out of all of us consumers!!!
          From the above-linked Reason article about washing machines…
          “All told, those tariffs raised about $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion during 2018 … (deleted). Although the trade policy did cause some manufacturers to shift production from overseas to the United States in an effort to avoid the new tariffs, the 1,800 jobs created by Trump’s washing machine tariffs cost consumers an estimated $820,000 per job.”
          Summary: Nickels and dimes to the USA treasury; boatloads of pain for consumers. USA jobs created? Yes, at GREAT expense! Putting these 1.8 K workers on a super-generous welfare program would have been WAY better for all the rest of us! Plus, you know the WORKERS don’t make super-huge bucks (no $820,000 per job for THEM); the goodies flow to the EXECUTIVES at the top of the washing-machine companies! The same ones who play golf with The Donald, and join him for gang-banging Stormy Daniels! Essentially at our expense!

          And now Trumpsuckers want MORE bonus money for selected AMERICAN fat-cat CEOs whose companies produce hospital beds and face masks!!!!

          1. Right but you told us you eat shit.

  8. Gotta pump out that anti Trump agenda. That Koch money won’t last forever ya know.

    1. Especially if that piece of shit Koch gets Coronavirus and croaks.

  9. Cultists out in full force already to defend dear leader. They’re really just as pathetic as he is. I guess just a tad more so.

    1. LMAO well it’s nice to see that the economy and stock market finally belong to Trump instead of Obama now you nuthugging partisan shill. Hey did I mention you should kill yourself?

    2. Kill your self Kiddie Raper.

      1. Hey Shitsy Shitler,
        I see you’re pimping for the Evil One yet AGAIN! So… HOW MANY people, so far, have you persuaded to commit suicide? Have ANY of these suicides brought you ANY long-lasting happiness, yet? If not, then WHY don’t you give UP your evil ways?
        I really don’t care one way or the other, if you or anyone else believes that the Evil One is “real”, or metaphorical. “Machs nix” to me. What I WOULD like for you, and others, to understand, is that by obeying the “spirit of the Evil One” (whether “real”, or not), you make the Evil One real… Just like obeying (or praying to) the Spirit of Peace and Love, makes it real! Whether it is “real”, or not! Because it is VERY difficult (actually impossible) for me to go off and stab my neighbor in the back, needlessly, immediately after having SINCERELY prayed for peace!
        On the flip side… By lusting for others (who think “wrong” thoughts, in Your Exalted View) to commit suicide, your spread hatred, destruction, and self-destruction. You’re PROUD of that?
        Next time you’re “channeling” the Evil One in Your Self-Esteemed Mind, and dreaming up new-and-improved ways to encourage people to kill themselves, I would like for you to ask the Evil One the same simple question that I just asked you: Have ANY of the suicides that you have solicited and enabled, brought you ANY long-lasting happiness? We already KNOW that the answer is NO! An excellent working definition of evil is “the unquenchable thirst”! So why not give UP on your FAR-worse-than-useless, EVIL quests?

        Evil Shitsy! Is THAT how you want to be remembered, after the worms start crawling through your rotting flesh? Or your cremated ashes are thrown in the dump?

        1. “SQRLSY One
          March.17.2020 at 7:33 pm
          Hey Shitsy Shitler”

          Its always about eating with you.

    3. “Muh TDS!”

      1. Yes, the regular readers know that you have pro-Trump TDS. I am hoping that they can devise a medication for that soon! Meanwhile, please try to struggle with it, as best as you can! Logic and facts might help…

        1. Right but you eat shit.

          1. Takes a shit eater to know a shit eater.

            1. So you’re saying you gained insight about yourself Hihn?

      2. Trump Defender Syndrome.

        1. Cry more shit eater.

  10. Trump’s bailouts are gonna dwarf TARP.

    1. LMAO. Yeah, no. But if they do, can we expect you to suck his cock and credit him for saving the world’s economy for 8 years afterward like you did when chocolate jesus was in office?

  11. My neighbour get infected from coronavirus. I praying that he will get well soon. Also visits my site

  12. Please tell me how foreign governments picking winners and losers through providing subsidies magically does not create distortions in the market that make it harder for the market to weather and recover from downturns. Make sure to pair it with an article about talking about how bad it is when the American government does the same thing. Maybe you can even do it in the same article. You can title it “Chinese subsidies good, American subsidies bad”. No one who matters will point out there hypocrisy of your position.

  13. Eric Boehm is a reporter for Reason. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, but will never consider himself a southerner. He writes about state government, pensions, licensing, regulations, civil liberties, and anything else that strikes him in the moment.

    I see the problem. Someone need to strike Boehm more often so he’ll have something to write about.

    1. I’m guessing that most people living in Arlington don’t consider themselves to be southerners.

      1. Most people living in Arlington don’t consider themselves to be people. They think that they’re demigods and masters of the universe.

        1. I don’t think they’re people either, but ants certainly aren’t demigods

          1. Lizards man, they’re lizards.

    2. “He lives in Arlington, Virginia, but will never consider himself a southerner. ”
      “Just cause I live in Virginia, don’t think I don’t hate flyover country yokels.”

      The Left does more hatred signaling that virtue signaling.

    3. Note that he doesn’t say what degree he received or what experience he gained that imparts him enough expertise to him on those subjects that we should overlook his crap articles.

      I’m going to guess “Art History” or one of the degree programs ending in “Studies”.

  14. Trade is a voluntary action. You can’t trade if someone doesn’t want to trade with you. So, demanding more trade is akin to demanding peace. Neither are things a nation or an individual can unilaterally control.

    So, we only trade with China when they are willing to do so. Reason has its heads so far up their asses that it never occurs to them that depending on one of the most aggressive and totalitarian nations in the world’s willingness to trade with us for our medical and hospital supplies is a really stupid idea. Reason lives in this fantasy world where China would never refuse to trade with us or use its leverage as a single supplier of some vital good in an emergency.

    The tariffs were exactly what we need. They only problem was they were too late and not high enough to bring the production of these items back to the United States where the fucking Chinese can’t extort us with cutting off their supply.

    1. Yeah you could almost be forgiven for thinking that Reason is a Marxist publication that consistently advances Marxism to the exclusion of all else.

    2. Oh by the way, in case you didn’t hear it since none of the western news orgs covered it, China has already threatened to withhold chemical precursors which we presently rely on for somewhere around 90% of our prescription drug manufacturing. MOAR TRADE WITH TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST REGIMES! FREE MARKETS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Even if the Chinese government wasn’t evil, it is absurd to depend on another nation for your medical supplies. Just because they are a friendly nation who won’t extort you doesn’t mean there will never be an emergency such that it has to stop selling you things because its own people need them. You can’t expect other nations to put your needs above the needs of their own people. Reason really lives in a fantasy world.

        1. China already did that when they ordered shipments to return to China.

        2. And I think that’s what Trump’s trade war with China is really about. I don’t think he’s actually trying to make a long-term trade agreement with China that will fix our problems, because he knows the Chinese government simply reneges on any agreement as soon as they find it inconvenient to comply.

          I think he’s working to make China so unpalatable to businesses that want to do trade in the U.S. that they’re going to diversify their supply chains to places like Vietnam and Bangladesh, who have far better trade deals with the U.S. and aren’t in the same position to strong-arm us that China is because of its large population.

          Basically, I think his goal is to kneecap China’s economy and make them a more manageable opponent, because he realizes if he doesn’t that there’s a good shot we end up in a shooting war with China.

      2. China is probably doing that because of Drumpf’s trade war.

      3. Yes, the Chinese government did indeed make this threat. You might almost think they WANTED to maximize the damage the virus does here.

        Key point here, while individuals and companies might well prefer to engage in Free Trade, their governments may have other objectives. Free Trade is not the answer to every trade issue.

    3. “Reason has its heads so far up their asses that it never occurs to them that depending on one of the most aggressive and totalitarian nations in the world’s willingness to trade with us for our medical and hospital supplies is a really stupid idea.”

      In addition to your point, having so many supply single points of failure go through a country that is as susceptible to widespread epidemics as China, doesn’t sound like the best idea either. Even if they were the lowest cost option.

    4. Reason: Enriching and depending on the world’s most powerful dictator is what freedom means to me. What could possibly go wrong?

    5. Reason isn’t demanding China trade with us. It’s actually idiots like you and Trump who are. You are demanding they drop tariffs and insist on punishing Americans who want to voluntarily trade with China until China relents. Fuck you, mercantilist dipshit. No true libertarian supports protectionism.

      1. Ah yes, Free Trade as religion again, you are either PURE, or condemned by your sin.

      2. So, in this case, your complaint is that Trump is demanding that China drop THEIR tariffs and engage in Free Trade with us?

        Followed by “No true Libertarian supports protectionism”

        Consistent much?

        1. I never said China was libertarian.

      3. Well said Vince!

    6. Free trade is a fundamental human right. It’s an activity of individuals or voluntary groups of individuals, not an activity of governments. So when you say “we only trade with China when they are willing” you can only mean “we as individuals” only trade with Chinese individuals when they are willing. And of course that’s true, that’s what voluntary means–both parties must be willing.

      1. Right on.

  15. I’m calling bullshit on this one. Yes, tariffs drove up the cost. That didn’t constrict supply. In the case of medical equipment, that doesn’t change the demand side of the equation.

    Medical providers purchase when they think they’ll need to handle their patient load. What changed was an increase in need due to an unexpected pandemic.



  17. The place we are really has nothing at all to do with trade/tariffs. It has everything to do with the fact that for 40+ years we have eliminated local inventory, spread out supply chains globally, concentrated production/financing towards the big/connected/cartelized/monopolized/established, just-in-time, etc.

    And now – your town needs something specific. And so does every other town. And the only place that currently supplies it also needs it so won’t be exporting it anytime soon. Whoops. Oh well – call back in six months after we get a $10 billion loan to expand our factory

    This crisis is the end of Davos globalism. What replaces it? At this point who knows – but the economics this site adheres to and most of the commenters here ain’t gonna be part of it.

    1. This, jfree, I agree with

      1. Did JFree’s account get knicked? He’s been making some intelligent, interesting comments the last few days.

    2. “This crisis is the end of Davos globalism. ”

      This is the story that a real magazine would be writing.

  18. Love Trump and everything he does, or hate America. Those are your choices. All true libertarians agree.

    1. Get him! Beat that strawman! Hey, you know what would make you look REALLY fucking smart? Post the exact same bumper sticker slogan in every single thread. It demonstrates your consistency and logic and doesn’t at all reveal your grade school level of comprehension of literally every topic you’ve ever endeavored to understand in your entire miserable, alcoholic tailspin of a life you sad sack chunk of shit.

      1. Fuck off Tulpa.

        1. But he’s right you know. No rational comment? Scream Trump.
          Seriously, in the age of Donald Trump, the melodrama of the progs is nearly bottomless.

        2. What did I do? I wasn’t even here.

        3. I remember when you used to have a point to you, sarcasmic. Now you’re just another bitter TDSer, whining that Trump isn’t perfect while ignoring any of his accomplishments as well as the fact that literally every single one of the alternatives is far, far worse.

          Sad. Did you really crawl to the bottom of a bottle?

          1. How many names do you have, Tulpa?

            1. You’ve got the wrong sock, sport. I am a sock, but I’m not Tulpa. And nothing I said about you was false.

              Maybe you should put the bottle down and get your self-respect back.

            2. I’m not a sock, and I agree. I don’t usually fuck with you, and I usually don’t get into the whole tariff arguments because they’ve become so black and white.

              But this article is pure nonsense, and your squirrel like copy paste response is nothing but a TDS straw man.

          2. I acknowledge his accomplishments. Protectionism, via tariffs and immigration, are not among them. In my free minds and free markets opinion.

            But anyone who criticizes anything he does is immediately labeled a leftist. He blew his nose without a tissue. Bad hygiene. YOU HATE TRUMP YOU HATE AMERICA YOU VOTED FOR HILLARY AAAUUUGGHH!

            It’s fucking ridiculous.

            1. Protectionism, via tariffs and immigration, are not among them. In my free minds and free markets opinion.

              So in your mind, Chinese subsidization of steel and other commodities, as well as currency manipulation, to put American industry out of business by undercutting prices represents a “free market”?

              Here’s the problem with your position…you’re going off the standard libertarian trope that “the best way to fight protectionism is to drop all trade barriers”, but that entire position is premised on the arguments of David Ricardo’s comparative advantage theory (which operates on the false premises that a) regaining viability is just a matter of shifting universally interchangeable labor around and b) that equipment and expertise easily transfer from one sector to another). Ricardo’s position only seems smart to people who’ve never actually run an industry and don’t understand that workers aren’t simply plug and play. China realizes that this isn’t the case, which is why they’re targeting critical industries in the U.S. with the goal of destroying them, because they don’t care how much money they lose or how badly it hurts their population if they can hobble us.

              And Milton Friedman, the biggest contemporary advocate of free markets, got questioned about this on the panel of his documentary “Free To Choose” about how American business competes when foreign industry takes that approach to destroying it, and he didn’t bother explaining how they’d cope…he just ducked the question and said that it will all somehow work out, then changed the subject. Because it doesn’t just work out. The primary reason that Reason hasn’t abandoned that position by now is that a) their writing staff is mostly a bunch of bloggers with no relevant education or experience and b) they’re run by the Kochs, who made a lot of money personally off of unbalanced trade with China and don’t particularly care about how it affects America as a nation.

              1. Sarcastic doesnt understand that specialization is a key component of why free trade works.

                1. If you’re gonna attack at least get my name right.. jeez

                  1. Matter more and you might get that.

                2. It’s all lower case.. Because upper case is for things that are proper.

                  I’m not proper… I’m not her.

                  1. No, you’re just bad at English lololol

                3. He also doesn’t understand that several of the industries China is targeting and dominating (e.g. drugs, steel) were specifically chosen because they’re critical industries to our military and that destroying our capacity to produce those things ourselves makes us entirely reliant on and powerless against China if and when they decide to engage in military action against Taiwan, or South Korea, or Japan, or our economic infrastructure.

                  Their goal is not a complicated one to understand. They see us as their primary adversary in the world, and they’re trying to reduce us economically to a subservient position so they can become the dominant superpower and gain control. Their “One World Under China” philosophy is one of global conquest…they’re very open about what they’re trying to accomplish.

                  With their form of protectionism, they see it as selling us the rope to hang ourselves, and their strategy relies on us not retaliating against them because we want to be “free trade” purists.

                  1. I will say that while specialization matters, over-specialization is actually detrimental to an economy long-term. You need manufacturing and industry, not just because it provides jobs in the short term, but because innovation in an economy depends on multiple sectors and industries cooperating and coming up with new products and industries and industries.

                    Our economy has been losing diversity for years, particularly since we voted to give China most favored nation status. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the only industry in which we’ve been dominant (tech) didn’t translate to better employment and prosperity for America overall. And that became especially true once tech companies realized they could abuse the H1B visa program to hire a bunch of cheap, often unqualified, foreign labor and cut American tech workers out of the industry (at least until Trump cracked down on the practice and forced them to actually follow the law).

                    The “pure” libertarian argument will of course be “But we’re getting workers much cheaper, so that means we’ll get the products they produce much cheaper”. To which, if you’re not just a first-stage thinker, the response should be “Yeah, and how does that make your life better when you when you lose your job and can’t find a comparable one (or sometimes any job) to replace it?”. Free market purism is only a smart philosophy if you a) don’t care about what happens in your country in the process and b) assume that whichever country comes to dominate trade will keep abiding by free market practices once they gain power. Since that country, in a world of “no retaliatory tariffs” will likely be China, I’m not willing to risk living under Chinese autocracy to find out.

              2. If the Chinese government wants to tax the Chinese people in order to make the things we buy cheaper, then that sucks for people in China. Doesn’t suck for me. Or you.

                1. If the Chinese government wants to tax the Chinese people in order to make the things we buy cheaper, then that sucks for people in China. Doesn’t suck for me. Or you.

                  Right up until the moment the authoritarian government ruling the Chinese orders a halt to exports in a crisis, and we instantly suffer a shortage.

                  1. Let’s all be self sufficient! You’re so smart! Nobody ever thought of that!

                    1. I like how you admit he won the argument

                    2. Let’s all be self sufficient! You’re so smart! Nobody ever thought of that!

                      The basics of economic game theory aren’t that tough to grasp. If you become primarily reliant on one source for your most critical industries, that source functionally controls you. If you have someone who refuses to honor agreements with you, and you never punish them for it, they’re going to continue to violate those agreements to your detriment and their benefit, and eventually you will suffer for it…until you hold them accountable.

                      You’re throwing out a self-sufficiency straw man. Address the actual topic being discussed, which is trade and holding people to contractual agreements. You’re probably going to find that it fits quite easily into your libertarian outlook if you get past this apparent obsession with needing to “win” against a bunch of people just because they support a politician you despise.

                2. Actually, that depends.

                  It takes time to construct a supply chain. If a nation (as opposed to a company) wishes to capture a particular industry it takes time. China has largely done that with several specific industries, I will chose electronics as my example.

                  Starting in the 60’s, subsidy and low labor costs were used over decades to move first the production of basic components such as resistors and capacitors, and then assembly and most other components, to China.

                  Anytime China wishes to apply pressure the US, slowing shipments, raising prices, etc. can be applied, or even just threatened to get our population and particularly our multinational companies (like Apple) to descend on the government to reach accommodation with China to make the threat or action stop. Free Trade in this context does not exist as the Chinese government controls the trade, and whenever they like, the companies.

                  The time it would take for the US to restart this production as a domestic industry would simply be too painful to sustain in a free society like ours.

                  China pursues control of specific industries for political ends. The power of medical supplies and medications should be obvious.

                  This state of affairs most certainly DOES suck for me, and for you. That you are so blinded by your religion you can’t see it, does not mean it is not so.

                  1. I thought that post was interesting until the last line.

                    So… what is the alternative? Total self sufficiency?

                  2. Where there is a profit there is a way.

                    When the Chinese government restricts trade it hurts their producers as well. It also creates an opportunity for someone else to fill the gap.

                    “The time it would take for the US to restart this production as a domestic industry would simply be too painful to sustain in a free society like ours.”

                    I disagree on that point. If money can be made, someone will make the investment.

                    1. When the Chinese government restricts trade it hurts their producers as well.

                      They don’t care about their producers. They are a centrally controlled economy designed to increase the power of the state. They do not care about the quality of life for their people or their people’s prosperity or well-being. They see trade as merely a tool for enrichment of the state. You’re evaluating them based on a perception that they want generally the same things that you do from trade or follow a Western-ish philosophy towards governance. They do not. Their form of government for most of the last 2,000 years has been very much the antithesis of contemporary Western-style governance.

                      I disagree on that point. If money can be made, someone will make the investment.

                      So if China decides to go to war with us over Taiwan, Japan, or South Korea and they cut off the supply of drugs and steel, how many of our people die while we try to rebuild the domestic steel industry they destroyed and while we try to figure out how to produce the drugs they mostly produce for us? How long does that take?

                      Because people who end up in wars with those kinds of disadvantages don’t have infinite time to address them, and they don’t normally win those wars. They usually end up being conquered.

              3. Whichever sock you are Hoot, thanks for that. Succinctly sums up my problem with Reason’s approach to that question, these past few years.

                1. In that case, yes it was me.

                  1. You make your own sock there, you attempted sock pirate. 🙂

                    Hoot Smawley is my sock…and I’m quite proud of creating that tag to discuss trade issues, given the “pure” libertarians bringing up Hawley Smoot every time tariffs are discussed as if that ends the discussion.

                2. No problem.

              4. So China is implementing the Amazon a strategy of don’t make a lot of profit (or any) until your competition has no choice but bend to your will?

                1. Yes. Because their goal isn’t profit for the sake of profit alone. It is profit for the sake of building their government’s power and reducing the economic power of their adversaries…which is everyone who is not China or not directly allied with China.

            2. And as evidence of my argument that tariffs and protectionism aren’t inherently bad, the Republican administrations of the early 20th century all engaged in tariffs and protectionism, to protect American industry from the same behavior from Europe that China is engaging in right now. And that was a period of great prosperity for the country.

              Europe didn’t care about finding an optimally and mutually beneficial economic arrangement that improved all nations’ standards of living and prosperity. They cared about winning politically and hobbling American industry, which they intended to strangle with their own tariffs and deny American business entry into their markets.

              It’s not about better results, it’s about politics and crushing an opponent…and China is far more aggressive about that now than Europe ever was, and they have a far bigger consumer market backing their moves. And you’re not going to beat that kind of strategy with letting them do what they want. The Chinese aren’t stupid…they’re not following their strategy because they’re too dumb to understand how economics works. They’re following their protectionist strategy because they know exactly how economic works and their end goals aren’t about better economic outcomes.

              1. The dumbfuck literally invoked Reagan the other day not realizing Reagan imported 100% tariffs on Japan at one point. He refuses to acknowledge Smith actually promoted short term retaliatory tariffs.


                  JesseSPAZ comment: “He can fire political appointees for any fucking reason he wants.”
                  Jesse’s over-archingly lusting after the super-powers of the Trumptorship YET AGAIN!!!
                  Trump can fire them for not assigning their entire paychecks to Trump… For not licking Trump’s balls as much as JesseSPAZ does… For turning down Trump’s requests for then to perform personal murder-for-hire… For having fucked Stormy Daniels out of turn, when it was Trump’s turn… For Air Force Captain-Sir-Dude-Sir-Pilot-Sir refusing orders to go and bomb Nancy Pelosi’s house…

                  Just when I was rooting for JesseSPAZ to turn from his evil ways, he doubles down on Trumptatorship-worship AGAIN!

                  1. This retarded comment isn’t even remotely related to the topic retard.

                    1. JesseSPAZ calls everyone stupid, while constantly lying his ass off, and engaging in knee-jerk Trumpsucking. Readers should know that! THAT is how it is relevant!

                    2. Right, but you literally said you want to eat shit and murder babies.

                    3. Fuck off, Hihn. Go lick a doorknob and kill yourself with coronavirus. Do your family a favor for once.

                2. I’m an idiot? That’s cool. What else do you got?

                  1. The fact that you admitted I was smarter and more well read than you, and how you lose your shit now every time I show up.

              2. “They’re following their protectionist strategy because they know exactly how economic works and their end goals aren’t about better economic outcomes.”


              3. Republicans in the early 20th century were wrong. Think of Smoot Hawley, Hoot Smawley.

                1. Yeah, Herbert Hoover was wrong. That’s why the Republicans who preceded him didn’t want him to be President and Calvin Coolidge said he was an idiot who only gave bad economic advice.

                  Hoover took selected retaliatory tariffs that were beneficial to the economy to a detrimental extreme, because Hoover never understood that there is a limit to the amount of medicine one can take before the medicine becomes poison.

                  Tariffs are a far more complex subject than one bad law. Maybe you should learn more about it.

            3. Please tell us how China ordering ships to turn around and stop shipment is a free market principle.

              1. YeA buT DrUmpF fiLeD foR bAnkRUptCy.

                1. Yes, and bribed His Way into making Himself and His Family RICH, by setting Himself up to welch on His Fake Promises! Rewarding those who decided to make STUPID loans to the Trumpster-Scamster-hamster! And now, next, He’ll do that to our whole nation!

                  Here’s the latest about Trump’s history as an arrogant, greedy-pig, selfish asshole…

                  1. Right but you eat shit.

                  2. I notice you never actually address the argument, but rather change topic to make an unrelated attack. I assume that means you HAVE no logical argument to make.

                    1. He’s a raving lunatic unable to think clearly.

                2. Next on the hit parade? Rip off all investors in the “full faith and credit” of the USA, and T-Bill holders!!! It worked for Him and His Family, so why shouldn’t the Great Con Artists do it for our Great Nation! MAGA magic!

                  Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less

                  1. Right, but you said you eat shit Old Mex.

                    1. Is SQRLSY really Old Mex? I used to have a lot of respect for him, even when I disagreed with his opinions.

                    2. Yes, he is. However, a lot of names weren’t claimed after the recent changeover, so he may not be OG Old Mex. But he is the current racist one, 100% no question.

                3. Trump is a socialist, R Mac. He wants to bail out the airlines and give every adult $1000. Lol.

              2. It’s not. Your point being? Retaliation is good because two wrongs make a right?

                1. Actually, in trade and foreign policy, tit-for-tat is absolutely the right strategy to follow. You don’t succeed by letting someone who sees you as an enemy and is set on destroying your economy operate with impunity. If you want them to become a good and reliable actor in trade, you have to punish them when they violate agreements or break laws. And the Chinese are the worst actors in trade at this point…they refuse to honor agreements, they refuse to honor IP laws, and they tailor their actions specifically to inflict damage on other countries so they can control them.

                  Here’s a suggestion for you…go read some books on China’s history. I’d recommend starting with “The Bully of Asia”. And do some reading on their legalist form of governance. I’d also recommend picking up any books on the history of their intelligence services (and you’ll have to do some digging to find those), and looking up information about their Thousand Talents Programs or their Belt-and-Road Initiative, as well as their 2014 hardware hack.

                  You’re looking at this as purely an economic/trade issue. They’re playing a different game than you think they’re playing.

                  1. I’m glad I revisited this thread. Lots of things to chew on.

                    Throw some references to 90’s obscure EDM records in, and it’d be like Gilmore has returned to drop some knowledge in the comments section…

                    “I’d also recommend picking up any books on the history of their intelligence services (and you’ll have to do some digging to find those)”

                    There’s a concerning lack of information available from CCP dissidents. I don’t know who the CCP equivalents to Solzhenitsyn or Sakharov are. Nor slightly more obscure ones like Zhores Medvedev or Ken Alibek. No “Political Journal”, “Chronicle of Current Events”, or “Novaya Gazeta.” I mean, Google helps hunt them down when they pop their heads up, but to have so little inside info available is strange. Or I’m just looking in the wrong spots.

                    1. They don’t have those equivalents. China is extremely good at shutting people down and controlling information about their intelligence operations.

                      Until November, the most recent authoritative book on Chinese intelligence operations I could find was written in 1994. “Chinese Intelligence Operations”, which actually identified several Chinese front companies that it turned out were funneling money to the Clintons. Most of the rest were historic analysis of China’s intelligence apparatus and mindset. And the authors who write those books very quickly find themselves persona non grata on travel to China. If you’re looking for a good place to start, I’d recommend “Chinese Intelligence Operations” by Nicholas Eftimiades. There was a more recent one written in November, but I can’t remember the title off the top of my head and haven’t read it yet.

                      They have quite possibly the most sophisticated and pervasive spying operation in the history of intelligence.

                    2. Otherwise you’re stuck looking up data about some of their programs. If you look up the Thousand Talents Program or their Belt-and-Road Initiative, there’s some pretty horrifying stuff they’re doing with that.

                      The head of California’s public pension plan was a Thousand Talents guy who got caught last year funneling taxpayer money to fund Chinese defense companies…basically using our tax dollars to build their military to be more of a threat to us. And the state government of California has refused to fire him from his position or even to seriously investigate him.

    2. Worship Chinese communist totalitarians, or hate liberty. Those are your choices. All true retarded pricks agree!

    3. Hate Trump and everything he does. Those are your choices. All leftists agree.

      Or ignore both Trumpists *and* globalist “libertarian” “reason” “writers” and their leftist shithead commentariat apologists and do some thinking for yourself.

      1. Funny thing is, Freddy, back when a Democrat was in the White House, and Reason was critical of the guy, the leftists on this board were bitching, moaning, whining and crying about how Reason is a conservative rag full of shithead conservative writers.

        Now that a Republican is in the White House, and Reason is critical of the guy, the conservatives on this board are bitching, moaning, whining and crying about how Reason is a leftist rag full of shithead leftist writers.

        I imagine it will flip back when the Dems regain the presidency. Which hopefully won’t be anytime soon.

        1. Reason is a leftist rag, no matter what leftists said prior to 2017.
          It’s shallow thinking on your part if you don’t see that.

          1. No dude. It’s shallow thinking to be so partisan that you can’t see what I’m talking about.

            1. OK, so ignoring your made-up “facts” is shallow thinking. Got it.

            2. Incidentally, let’s accept your premise that back in the day “Reason” dared criticize the Messiah. So what? “Reason” has pretty much an entirely new batch of writers along with a new editor in chief. All of whom have massive cases of TDS.

              1. “Reason” has pretty much an entirely new batch of writers

                Yeah. Somewhat. The Jacket and The Glasses are still there, along with Purple Hair. They are consistent in their criticism of power. The only thing that changed was the letter next to person with power. When it was a D, Reason was a conservative rag. Now that it’s an R Reason is a leftist rage.

                What-the-fuck-ever-dude. Like, and stuff.

                1. KMW became EIC in 2016.

                  They are consistent in their criticism of power. Huh. That must explain all the Weld puff pieces.

                    1. No shit Sherlock.

                    2. Keep digging, Watson.

              2. Most of the writers who criticized Obama regularly have since bailed for better gigs. Harsanyi now writes for The Federalist, where he’s still cranking out consistently libertarian articles while giving a balanced view of Trump’s performance.

                What we have left here are Ronald Bailey (who is still good on science issues), the geriatrics Welch and Gillespie (at least one of whom has moved into the “socialism isn’t so bad” camp), the shrieking harpies of open borders, and a bunch of know-nothing bloggers whose credentials and expertise don’t hold up to even the slightest scrutiny.

                When you can tell me what job or degree Evan Boehm has ever held that makes him an expert on the effects of tariffs, I’ll take you argument about “partisanship” seriously. As far as I can tell, he’s done literally nothing that qualifies him as a serious journalist on the topic of economics…he just finds excuse after excuse to whine about Trump and bends the facts to fit his narrative.

                1. Ronald Bailey (who is still good on science issues)

                  LOL WTF Name one field of science Bailey appears to have a 200 level understanding of.

                  1. Fair point. Just saying that he’s not doctrinaire libertarian on issues of science, seems willing to consider all viewpoints, and generally presents opposing arguments honestly.

                    That’s a big step up from the rest of the batch here now.

          2. Reason is a leftist rag, no matter what leftists said prior to 2017.

            How is this even controversial? The Reason/Cato vs. Mises split is decades old.

        2. A) I’m not a conservative
          B) No, they weren’t

          1. A) I don’t care
            B) I was there, and yes Reason was called a conservative rage all the time in the comments. Why? Because they dared to criticize Dear Leader. What’s different? Well, I think I explained that already.

            1. Right, but you were drunk the whole time.

              1. When I want your opinion I will take a shit, and then a deep breath.

                1. Lol you can’t stop me any more than you can stop your ex from getting your kids a better dad.

                  1. I should punch you in the face but I’ll settle for buying you a drink.. Boston area. Most of the shows have been canceled, but I will go to one with you. You game?

                    1. I’m out of the US at the moment and won’t be back until April 17th.

                      Hit me up then.

                    2. Alright

                    3. Is it OK if Sparky is there?

                      I don’t want you to get jealous.

                      Ministry… House of Blues… Boston..

                      I’m not buying you a ticket.

                      Just offering an opportunity.

                    4. This is one of those moments. You’ve been an insufferable dick to me for ages.

                      I’m being a man. I’m offering you an opportunity to pretend to be a human being.

                      You game?

                    5. Honestly, I dotn get near Boston much in business, I don’t like either of you, and I don’t want to drink with you. I won’t be back in the US until the 17th of April, and when I get back, I don’t see why I’d spend time with you instead of my loved ones.

                      I don’t hate you man, but no, thank you, I have no desire to spend my time drinking with you either. You seem pretty boring if I’m honest.

                    6. If you think going to rock shows, and putting holes in innocent pieces of paper, and eating at random restaurants, cooking great food, and otherwise having a fun life, then call call me boring. Yawn.

                    7. Ministry? Nigga plz, I’ve seen them up close remember? Back when they were good. It isn’t 1997.

                      Now, I’ve said no, there’s no need to get salty because you got rejected.

                    8. If this is a contest over who is the biggest asshole…. You win.

                    9. Well if that’s the case, stop being a dick. Get us some backstage shit. Be cool for a change.

                    10. “stop being a dick. Get us some backstage shit. Be cool for a change.”

                      Effective argument, I’ll get right on it lolol

              2. Speaking of your latest handle, Tulpa, I’m afraid that concert might be cancelled. I’ve already had three canceled. Sucks. That one isn’t until July. Hopefully it will happen. You wanna go? Ministry in Boston. I’ll be a civilized gentleman and buy you a drink before the show. After I fuck you mom.

                1. Oooh you’re very upset and having your economic ignorance put on display I see.

                  1. I’m upset at having three concerts canceled. If you got out of your mom’s basement and went to show’s you’d know my disappointment.

                    Boston area

                    I will buy you a drink if you show.

                    1. So on top of going to Boston, I have to drink with… You?

                      I’d have to be sentenced to something like that, otherwise no chance.

                    2. Sure sarc, go full Borderline, that’ll work.

                      No means no bro.

            2. The only people that called them that were Tony, shriek, and the occasional drive by.

            3. B) I was there, and yes Reason was called a conservative rage all the time in the comments. Why? Because they dared to criticize Dear Leader. What’s different? Well, I think I explained that already.

              By Tony and Shrike and their ilk.

              Sane commenters were bitching about the Messianic tone the site was increasingly taking even then.

              YOU were bitching about the Messianic tone the site was increasingly taking.

        3. Trump’s a Russian spy.
          Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel
          Trump said neo-Nazis were “fine people”
          Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress
          A dead Iranian terrorist means Armageddon
          Never forget that these lies — and yes, they were outright lies — were deliberately peddled by several writers here at Reason for all the same reasons. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for Robbie, Stossel and Volk this place would be Vox Jr.

          1. Funny thing about the Vox reference: Binion’s bio says he writes for both.

          2. Additionally, they’re perspective accepts progressive/leftist narrative as gospel truth
            – man made climate change is occurring and is an imminent threat
            – welfare has good intentions
            – everything is about racist an white supremacists are a massive, imminent threat
            – there is no such thing as “American”
            – people should have freedom without personal responsibility

            1. Are we reading the same articles?

              1. Are you pretending you read?

                1. Do you have a life? Mine is disrupted by this bullshit.

                  But if you want to go to a show in the Boston area, I’m down. Totally.

                  1. Yes actually and because of my life I’m out of the US at the moment and won’t be back until April 17th.

                    1. “Do you have a life? Mine is disrupted by this bullshit.”

                      Then maybe you should stop name checking me out of thin air every time you run into someone you can’t get over on.

                      Like you did in this thread. I’m not everyone. It may seem like it the way I come down on you like an avalanche, but that’s just your level being too low.

                    2. If this is a contest over who is the biggest asshole…. You win.

                    3. I don’t believe you’re man enough to do face-to-face with people you disparage. Because most of them would justifiably break your nose.

                      You know this.

                      So you hide.

                      I don’t want to (actually I do but I’m a man with restraint) justifiably punch you in the face. I’d rather buy you a drink.

                    4. Go to a show with us in Boston. Or shoot guns with some of us New England folks. Quit being a dick.

                    5. sarcasmic966 at G mail

                      c’mon. stop being a dick.

                    6. Sorry bro I’m just not that into you.

                    7. Alright. I tried to make friends and give you some opportunities to have fun with some cool people, despite your being a dick. One of us is taking the high road.

                    8. Keep being a dick.

                    9. I will share a song.


                      Enjoy, and then fuck off.

                    10. Go home sarc. You’re drunk.

            2. I figured Nardz was a science denying retard. Lol.

          3. Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel … if it wasn’t for Robbie

            Robbie is the only one here I read for more than the lulz, but this was his baby.

        4. “Funny thing is, Freddy, back when a Democrat was in the White House”

          No rational person should be using this as the basis for any decision making of any kind, nor citing it at all frankly.

          1. Your mom likes it in the shower. From behind. Mmmmmm.

            1. She does. So what?

              I’m a fucking libertarian bro, go be sex negative somewhere else you sad drunk prude.

              1. You’re right. I must be drunk to offer an olive branch dripping the concert tickets and hollow points. Only a drunken idiot would ever be nice to you.

                1. That was nice? I can see why you need to beg for company now.

        5. How about just take this article on its own merits? You’ve made no comments about the actual topic at hand.

        6. The tenor of the criticism is different though. I do perceive that the current Reason is fully in the progressive tank.

    4. Is it true that you got cucked by a cop?

      1. 100 percent true.

      2. Only with your mom.

        1. Look how salty sarc got about it. Should tell you all you need to know.

  19. Given that I don’t see heavily-regulated industries like hospitals and insurance companies and banks or big corporations as effectively any different than government-run agencies, I don’t think of this as a failure of not having the right Top Men in charge, it’s just the natural result of having a top-down centralized bureaucracy running things where “procedures were followed” is the ultimate defense against being held responsible for poor decisions being made.

    Every hospital I’m familiar with has a big-ass standby generator for in case the power goes out, why don’t they have contingency plans for their supply chains? Because they weren’t told to have back-up plans and no bureaucrat is ever going to think of doing something they haven’t been given explicit written instructions – in triplicate and signed by at least two of their superiors – to do. Nobody thought of this shit because it was nobody’s job to think of this shit and that’s how bureaucracies function.

    It’s as dumb as some of these companies that adopted the Japanese just-in-time delivery of component parts to save a few bucks on inventorying without thinking about what happens when there’s a blizzard in Oshkosh or a tornado in Wichita or a strike in Akron that interrupts the materials flow, and that the reason this works in Japan is because if there’s an interruption of the supply flow, there are business executives going home and committing suicide over the shame of their failure. No GM executives are going home and committing suicide no matter how colossally they’ve fucked up a massive corporation that tens of thousands of workers are relying on for putting food on their tables.

    Or the argument over using Huawei as a supplier of communications equipment for the government and the military. Are you fucking insane? It’s bad enough they use single-source suppliers for their no-bid cost-plus contracts that encourage massive amounts of waste and fraud, we don’t need to be penny-wise and pound-foolish by giving the Chinese an open door into our government. Anybody relying on the Chinese for delivering anything other than cheap crap with no guarantees of quality control or accurate specifications is foolish. I’ll cheerfully buy Chinese-made socks and lightbulbs, I’m not buying my insulin or my mountain-climbing gear from China.

    1. No GM executives are going home and committing suicide no matter how colossally they’ve fucked up a massive corporation that tens of thousands of workers are relying on for putting food on their tables.

      My bonus was cut by $2 million this year! What the fuck more do you people want from me!!?!?!??!

      /GM Executive.

      1. Boeing’s CEO decided to outsource coding for vital flight systems to $10/hr coders in India, resulting in the crash of several planes, deaths of hundreds, and loss of hundreds of millions of dollars due to putting out a faulty new product.
        He suffered the consequences of losing his job with a $45 million severance…
        But yea, let’s put all our faith in CEOs of transnational corporations to make sound decisions that aren’t completely selfish and short-sighted.
        I mean, of course a CEO wouldn’t sell out his company’s IP purely for immediate personal gain! Think of his legacy..

        1. I’ve got some limited experience with coders from India. In my limited experience they suck. At least the ones I dealt with. Took me an entire year to fix some of the shit they wrote. Fuck. No. Call me racist or prejudiced, but I won’t work with any more Guptas if I can help it. I don’t want to clean up their mess.

          1. Gotta disagree sarc. India tech. schools produce some of the most adequate Visual Basic coders around.

            1. Flight systems dont have a 404 page to fall back on.

            2. Any monkey can do VB. I’m talking about real programming.

              1. Shorter sarc “I was wrong”

              2. Fuck man, grow a sense of humor already!

                1. I apologize.

    2. Here is the thing with planning for the big disaster, until it happens, I am at a disadvantage to my competitors who don’t plan for such a thing. Every dollar I spend planning to be ready for that hurricane or the big blizzard is a dollar my less cautious competitors are using to cut their price or spend on advertising or research or to hire better employees or whatever. Yeah, if the disaster does happen, I am set like Forrest and Bubba with the shrimp boat after the hurricane. But, what if it doesn’t? Or I go out of business before it does? What good does it do me then?

      Most businesses are on a razor thin margin. So, the market really isn’t going to provide much incentive for them to plan for catastrophic disasters that while enormous in their consequences are rarely occur. This is one of the few areas where government regulation is appropriate. You have a regulation that makes everyone plan so that no one gets a short term competitive advantage by not doing so.

      1. Well said.

  20. You know what I noticed today?

    The Portillo’s across the street that usually has cars backed up from 11 a.m. until about 1:30 has 4 cars in line at Noon. The dining room “by law” is vacant. The parking lot is vacant too. The local Five Guys doesn’t have a drive thru and, aside from the lighting, appeared closed.

    McDs and Chick-fil-A both had lines. Both dining rooms and parking lots were vacant. Rather than get in line for the drive thru, I parked and walked in. As I got to the door, the manager was walking out. I asked that it was still OK to order and carry out. “For now.” was his reply. “As long as it’s still a free country, right?” He was going out to get more people out of the drive thru line rather than make them wait.

    I placed my order and the girl behind the counter asked for a name to go with the order. I turned and looked at all the upturned chairs on tables and said, “How about the only guy in here?”

    But, I guess, reporting on the far more direct, invasive, and harmful policies of the governors of IL, OH, NC, NY, CA, WA, MI, PA, and MA is too local and doesn’t adequately articulate exactly how bad the orange man is.

    1. IL, OH, NC, NY, CA, WA, MI, PA, and MA

      You missed NJ. Or do you just take them as a given?

      1. Or do you just take them as a given?

        Unconvinced quarantining NJ is a bad idea.

      2. And Florida Gov is now closing all bars

        1. Florida Man will find a way.

    2. CO too, btw.

    3. Add TX, at least Houston. It’s nuts.

      All of this is conditioning us to the idea of an SF-style 24 hour shelter in place curfew and quarantine. God only knows when that’ll cease.

      1. Houston has bigger problems than totalitarianism or coronavirus…
        Bill O’Brien just traded DeAndre Hopkins and a 4th round pick for David Johnson, a 2nd round pick (#40), and a 4th round pick next year.
        It’s the most one sided trade I’ve ever seen in the NFL, with no rational justification for the Texans.
        Apparently, Hopkins wants a new contract that’ll pay him $20m/yr… and O’Brien doesn’t think he’s worth it… even though he’s 27 with no injury history and arguably the best receiver in football. $20m/yr is the market – exceeded by Julio Jones, and equaled by Michael Thomas and Amari Cooper.
        David Johnson, on the other hand, makes $10m/yr (top of the RB market, a much easier position to replace), is washed up, lost his starting job, and any team (outside the Texans) trading for his contract would’ve made the Cardinals give them a draft pick as incentive. The Texans also signed WR Randall Cobb for $9m/yr to help replace Hopkins.
        The Texans will now be paying a non-top 25 rb and a non-top 50 wr $19m/yr instead of paying a top 3 wr $20m/yr…
        Making it worse, hours after Hopkins was given away, the Colts traded a 1st round pick (#13) for Deforest Buckner (defensive tackle) and the Bill’s traded their first round pick (#25) for wide receiver Stefon Diggs (good, but nowhere near as good as Hopkins).
        Screw social distancing, Houston fans should riot

        1. BoB is a complete fucking idiot as a GM, whose incompetence is only exceeded by the ‘Little Enos’ and Luckiest Sperm winner Cal McNair who now owns the tea,.

          You don’t need to tell me what a terrible trade that was. BoB overpays for lunchpail guys like the Center, Nick Martin. Who, when BoB made him the 4th highest paid center in football with his contract extension, was PFF’s 5th ranked center. In the Division.

          Conversely, if you aren’t a lunchpail guy, like Clowney, and now Hopkins, you get dumped. The motherfucker has zero idea of player value, or how to manage a team under a salary cap. He manages for today, and ignores future effects.

          No exaggeration, with some time to study the CBA, and learn the ropes, I would still be a terrible NFL GM. But I would be better than Bill O’Brien.

          1. He strikes me as an autocrat who only likes players who don’t cause him too many issues in the locker room. Basically, kind of like Belichick. Problem for him is that Belichick is a much better coach and evaluator of talent than O’Brien is…he could handle prima donnas too and figure out how to win with them. He didn’t dump them just because.

            1. Bellichek has rings. He actually has a lot of skill at both jobs, even if any evaluation of his ability is inflated by having the GOAT as his QB.

              BoB has ego. And probably means well. I think he’d be a decent D1, father figure kind of coach. He wasn’t bad at bringing Penn State back to respectability. He is a poor NFL coach, and an abysmal GM.

              This latest revelation from Michael Irvin, where Irvin claims Hopkins told him in a phone call that O’Brien, in a private meeting, compared Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez because Hopkins has a few baby mamas, might be the final straw. I have no idea what ownership will do though, other than find a buyer once this virus business clears up. Perhaps it will blow over by the time teams are allowed to practice again? I doubt it.

              1. Also worth noting that Bill Parcells never won a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick on his staff.

                His coaching tree is filled with misses, though, which to my mind just solidifies his status as greatest coach of all time, because he’s working with guys who have accomplished pretty much nothing without him. Except for Saban, who was only great in college.

        2. Oh, and like the Tunsil trade, Madden’s AI rejected the Hopkins trade in game.

          A goddamn PS4 video game AI is smarter than that shithead.

          I’d get angry, but nothing will change. I am changing how much of my time and money I spend being concerned about sports though. Not like I make any money if they win or lose, and I’m terrible at sports betting.

        3. As a Murray and cardinals fan. Thank you.

          1. As a Seahawks fan, I hate this trade intensely. That’s going to be an evil Arizona offense this year. Fitz will be the worst of their starting WRs most likely. Hopkins and Kirk, with Drake running that backfield and Murray flinging it 700 times over the season? That’s fantasy football gold right there.

    4. “For now.” was his reply. “As long as it’s still a free country, right?”

      Check out McFlyoverCountry here.

      1. It is very reminiscent of the way air traffic disappeared (and arguably never fully recovered) after 9/11.

  21. Trump’s Tariffs Weakened America’s Hospitals.

    Poor Boehm. I was going to remind Boehm that his links fell off but we all know that he is full of shit up to his ears.

  22. Obama’s ACA put a tax burden on all medical equipment and supplies. its Obama’s fault fact and it regulations that forced many manufactures outside of the U.S. also predates Trump.

    1. Beat you to it Ron (see above).

      I don’t remember “Reason”‘s articles about how bad that tax was, but maybe medical device manufacturers closing because of the tax was just too local a thing.

      1. Did it mean they could buy the (ostensibly) same medical device for cheaper? If so, then they don’t give a shit.

        It’s surprisingly easy to follow the logic of Reason’s writing, if you take the point of view that anything which lowers the price for goods and services is good, and anything that could raise those prices is bad. Everything else is ancillary.

        1. Yup. It’s so ridiculously short-sighted that it’s little wonder they can’t stand the idea of Trump cracking down on trade and currency cheats like China.

          It’s the most first-stage of thinking because they don’t understand how trade fits into the bigger picture of geopolitics. This is what happens when you replace the knowledgeable people on your staff with a bunch of bloggers who don’t know anything about anything…probably because the bloggers cost very little to hire.

  23. Some of Trump’s tariffs hit medical equipment and supplies from China.

    Be careful with this proclamation. Be real careful. I’m not saying it’s Not True… nor would I declare it True, but there’s a lot of complexity in how goods get from China to America and how companies dealt with or are dealing with Tariffs, especially if that equipment maker was US based but only manufacturing in China.

    1. You do know you are talking to Boehm, right?

  24. re: that photo. In these trying times, let’s not close ourselves off to all human contact and interaction. Let’s learn to embrace, yes “embrace,” the two-finger handshake. Spread the love and half the germs.

  25. “medical equipment and supplies from China. We need more trade, not less”

    I don’t want imported shit medical stuff from China. Build it here.

    1. Then build it yourself, lazy ass.

  26. Jesus christ, this shill is an idiot. He’s an ass clown. He has the reasoning skills of a child. I could go on.

  27. What weakens America is buffoon millennials like this man child.

  28. We need more trade, not less, to be prepared for pandemics.

    Having the stuff we need to for a pandemic is what matters. All the trade in the world is irrelevant to that.

  29. I’m generally against tariffs, but aren’t these the same Chinese that engage in massive IP chicanery (both non enforcement and straight up state sponsored industrial espionage) and *just recently threatened to cut off medical supplies to the US during a pandemic*? Those Chinese?

    I’m generally against cutting people too, but there are times in which doing so is the best option, preferably by a medical professional.


      Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says he will donate one million face masks and 500,000 coronavirus testing kits to the US

      SOME people are benevolent and helpful! And some are chinese!

      1. SOME people are benevolent and helpful! And some are chinese!

        Nobody, except maybe Harvard, is opposed to the Chinese as a people, race, or culture. By definition, international trade is between nations and lots of people are rightfully and fundamentally opposed to the Chinese and US governments. It would maybe be an understandable lapse of consideration if the magazine weren’t also advocating for borders are a figment of our imagination policy.

  30. Red Friggin’ China is not our friend. Red Friggin’ China is not Libertarian and they are not a friend of any libertarian anywhere.
    Red Friggin’ China believes in “Free Trade” the way that wolves believe in “Open Buffet” when sheep come over for a visit.
    Since I can’t believe that “Libertarians” are stupid enough to actually believe Communists like Red Friggin’ China, it must be that these “Libertarians” are no such thing but are nothing but sock puppets for the People’s Liberation Army Propaganda Machine.

    1. We must ALL do as James Solbakken says, or we are slaves to Mao Tse Tung!

      All hail James Solbakken!!!

      1. Right, but you said you eat shit.

  31. Because the U.S. medical industry doesn’t order supplies until a wave of illness hits, right? They’ve been working with depleted supplies, right?


  32. Did we replace the 16% decrease in Chinese imported medical devices by purchasing more domestic products, or even imports from other countries?

    Why can’t we just cut deals with private American companies to make more medical equipment? We do that for defense, and Virginia would be a lot less useful without their defense contractors.

  33. The author is right. It’s amazing how the simplest of economic truths, the stuff that is taught in Econ 101, is so elusive to so many people, even so-called intellectuals. If you restrict the import of medical equipment you’ll raise its price and have less of it. So how are we better off with less medical equipment?

    1. The Trumpsuckers are better off because this satisfies their anti-China trade-war boners!

      1. Right. But you admit that you want to eat shit.

    2. Hmm, I thought that by putting tariffs on one country, it would raise prices by some amount and supply would come from somewhere else. Perhaps you need to go back and re-read that Econ 101 text again.

      1. You thought wrong. The price will go up and supply from somewhere else (presumably domestic) will also go up but not enough to match the amount no longer imported. This can be shown using simple supply and demand curves. The bottom line is that we’ll have less of whatever is being tariffed, in this case medical equipment. This is undeniable. Please tell me how we’re better off with less…

        People who want us to stop importing medical supplies from China are, in effect saying that hospitals should not be run by the free market, where decisions are made by hospital officials and not by government bureaucrats. There’s a word for you people: Socialists!

    3. If you restrict the import of medical equipment you’ll raise its price and have less of it.

      No one restricted the importation of medical equipment.

      Thank you for playing.

      1. No one restricted the importation of medical equipment? That’s exactly what Trump’s tariffs have done. Read the article.

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  36. If The Bushes and the Clintons and Obama didn’t export all of our manufacturing, there wouldn’t be any shortages.

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  38. Actually no, a tariff isn’t a restriction, a tariff is a tax. For example, an added tax on a yacht doesn’t restrict the supply but does raise the cost.

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