Brickbat: The Lost Boys


The legislature of Berlin, Germany, has agreed to pay compensation to two men who were placed as children, at age six and age 14 respectively, by the city-state with known pedophiles. Between 1969 and 2004, the government placed at least nine runaway boys with convicted sex offenders. The program was the brainchild of sexologist Helmut Kentler, who argued that unruly children could benefit from adult sexual attention. Kentler claimed the boys would fall "head over heels" in love with their new guardians. The two men say that, in fact, they were repeatedly raped by the men they were placed with.

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  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    1. Good intentions, my ass. Kentler claimed the boys would fall “head over heels” in love with their new guardians????

      Kentler was probably a pedophile himself.

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  2. The program was the brainchild of sexologist Helmut Kentler, who argued that unruly children could benefit from adult sexual attention.

    Douglas Murray once asked, “As a fun exercise, ask yourself what are we doing today that we’ll look back in 20… 50 years and ask, ‘What in the hell were we thinking’. Because it’s ridiculous to assume that we’re the first generation in human history that has everything figured out.”

    1. 20 years from now I’ll be looking back on that far-left progressive website I used to leave comments on.

    2. The current overreaction to the coronavirus is one thing we surely will say “What were we thinking?” about.

      1. I’ve been arguing with a friend about this panic over-reaction. He brushes off comparisons with similar dire predictions for Ebola, SARS, MERS, says the precautions taken were effective and thus made the predictions looks silly. I say we didn’t shut down the entire country like now; what makes this so special?

        I mention opportunity cost, not just in direct money spent, but in tanked economy and less tax revenue which could have been spent on medical research. Water off a duck’s back.

        1. Well, you might take notice that most of the ‘fixes’ the left is proposing will destroy those individualistic small business while leaving the mega-corporations that love the commies intact, and willing to be nationalized.

          1. Makes me think that’s the whole point.

          2. I was purposely keeping politics out of the argument. That’s too easy to go off the rails. The economics ones alone ought to be enough, and if not, the political ones won’t matter.

    3. Actually, its unavoidable for every generation to assume they have figured everything out–and want to impose that on others.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with Germans!?!

    1. Overbreeding?

  4. Some ideas are so stupid that only an academic could believe it and only a government bureaucrat could fund it.

    1. Underrated.

    2. I was thinking that funding a study of gender among icebergs would be the perfect illustration of exactly that. But this story makes iceberg gender actually look reasonable by comparison!

        1. That has to be fake

          1. If it is a hoax, everyone is keeping a very straight face.

  5. What’s that again about the patriarchy and white male privilege? Outrageous as it is, this is the kind of thing that could probably only have happened to boys.

    Had the same so-called “sexologist” recommended placing young girls in foster homes with convicted rapists, he would have rightly been hauled of to a lunatic asylum.

    1. Are you sure?

  6. This was back before Germany had to import its serial molesters.

  7. So is Helmut Kentler dead or in jail or still running around raping little boys? Because you know damn well the guy wasn’t doing “research” based on a “theory”, the guy’s just a pervert. The people who believed such pure horseshit as the guy was doing “research” were retarded, Kentler was just ahead of his time in trying to normalize pedophilia and should have waited until about 2025 when pedophilia will be a Constitutional right.

    1. It started in 1969, so he’d be in his mid 70s at minimum.

      1. It is behind a paywall, so I can’t read… but it says “from 1969 to 2003” and “at least 9”

        WTF? Does that mean that the last placement under this program was in 2003?? How the hell is that possible?

        And how do you get only 9 in 32 years? A paucity of willing perverts?

        So many unanswered questions……

        1. “And how do you get only 9 in 32 years?”

          As you noted, it says at least 9. I read that as the real number is much higher but they don’t want to admit how many, and they didn’t think they could get away with using a number lower than 9 in that construct.

          1. Only 9 cases have been forced out by the legal process. The Berlin government is hiding as much as it can, under the rubric of “privacy”.

  8. Imma have to go with “fake news”.

    No way this is real.

    Please, someone go do the research and tell me that this never happened.

    1. So I asked wikipedia. His page is in German. He’s way worse than you think.

      Google Translate:

      At the end of the 1960s, in a model test , he housed several neglected 13- to 15-year-old boys, whom he assessed as “secondary weak-minded”, with pedophiles known to him, in order to re-socialize them and allow them to grow up to mature adults. [7] Due to related offenses he did so only after the limitation period more than a decade later publicly. Kentler hoped from the experiment that the youth would be socially re-established by the men. Kentler knew that the men would have sex with the minors. The scandal was publicly debated in 2015, and the Senate youth administration then commissioned the scientistTeresa Nentwig from the University of Göttingen to process the incident and the responsibility of the authorities.

      At a faction hearing of the FDP in 1981, he reported: “These people only endured these feeble-minded boys because they were in love with them, in love and in love with them.” [8] In a report for the Senate Department for Family, Women and Youth he described the results of the 1988 trial as “a complete success”. [7] he had at that time no longer to be feared because of the lapse Criminal penalties. He also maintained contacts with the former participants while teaching in Hanover and recommended in the early 1990s in a report for the Berlin family court that one of the abused adolescents should continue to work with his pedophile foster father, whom he considered to be a natural pedagogical talentdesignated, would remain. [9]

      Not just kids. Disturbed, mentally handicapped kids.

      1. I read the page too. My biggest WTF moment was how some people in the government, academia, and church were ok with this and were still defending him at the time of his death. HOW?!

      2. The Germans know how to do evil right.

        1. The nihilism is the best part. Perpetrate the most evil shit you can imagine and then turn around and, with a straight face, equate it with putting on your shoes in the morning or driving to work. The religious zealots claim to be fighting the holiest of wars and are risking their lives in the service of Allah by purging infidels. The Germans place psycho-socially inept wards of the state with pedophiles because, welp, you’ve gotta do something with them.

        2. “Are we the baddies?”

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    2. Jesus fucking Christ. Don’t be feeding your rabbits more than a little piece of fruit. Fruit is basicly pure sugar. It’s an occasional treat, not ‘a part of their diet’.

      Any ‘rabbit club’ that can’t get that right . . .

      1. Do rabbits even like sweets?

  10. Please tell me that when people found out, they hung Kentler from a fucking street light.

    1. No, they issued a report. And left at least one of the kids with his pedophile sponsor.

      Hard to read through the translation, but it seems like his real objective was to get mentally handicapped people a sponsor who would look after them. Basically, exchanging a life as a sex slave for care and feeding.

      Maybe that’s too harsh of a reading, but take a look at the Wikipedia page and see if you come to a different conclusion.

      1. More detail:

        He published a book on this study in the 80’s. He was lauded as a champion of sexual freedom in obituaries in 2008

        It wasn’t until 2015 that people started “investigating” and working to compensate victims and assign blame.

        1. so he was an academic version of Jeffery Epstein? Instead of politicians, hollywood, and a focus on euginics, it was pastors, professors and a focus on the mentally handicapped. Seems to me that the people who rubberstamped him should be looked at, closely.

          1. Seems to me that the people who rubberstamped him should be looked at, closely, through a red dot reflex sight.

  11. Yeah, so according to the wiki on this asshole, he was gay, wanted to originally be a pastor and work with kids ( he did first work as a youth education officer for the Frankfurt Evangelical Academy), and had 3 adopted sons and 1 foster son. That’s ignoring his open support for pedos taking care of “secondary weakminded” boys. And he didn’t hide the fact he was doing research with this shit, although he didn’t shout it from the rooftops until after the statute of limitations expired.

    This guy was waving the pedo banner so hard, I’m surprised he didn’t have lolis spray-painted on the side of his car

    1. It is worse. Every turn, worse:

      Kentler was also a judicial expert on abuse cases. In 1997, he explained about the almost 30 cases he had dealt with so far: “I am very proud that so far all cases in which I have been active have been terminated with the termination of the proceedings or even acquittals.” Kentler measured the sexual activity of adults with children does not constitute an illegal content, but only the violence that may be used. However, this is atypical, since real pedophiles do not use violence, on the contrary, they are “highly sensitive to damage to children”. [18]

      so… a big part of his career was spent as an expert witness getting other pedos off in court.

      1. getting other pedos off in court

        You’d get fined for contempt if you did that stateside.

      2. Thank you for that lovely mental image. Are germans even able to reproduce without a sex dungeon and some form of bondage?

        1. Sure. There does have to be at least one turd involved though.

      3. “so… a big part of his career was spent as an expert witness getting other pedos off in court.”


  12. How many of you, on reading the headline, thought like me that it was about the accidental placement of kids with pedophiles?

    1. Right?

      Your internal filter says “how bad could this possibly be?” and stops at “Didn’t bother to check if the guy was a known pedophile.”

      I’m kinda glad that I wasn’t able to imagine just exactly how horrific this case is. There are a lot of people who went around checking boxes on the “how to be evil” list in this story.

    2. Yup. My first thought was, jeez, at least you could count on the organized Germans to do a background check.

      Turns out, a propensity for raping young boys was considered a plus.

  13. You could probably get arrested in Germany for bringing this shit up. Would be violating their “right to forget”.

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