Brickbat: Expensive Lesson


San Francisco officials have agreed to pay $369,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a journalist whose home and office were illegally searched by police. Cops were trying the find the confidential source who leaked the results of an investigation into the death of the city's former public defender to Bryan Carmody. California's shield law protects journalists from such searches.

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  1. Now those cops will certainly never do that again.

    1. Yeah, because everybody knows that money comes directly out of the pay checks and retirement accounts of the cops involved. Even if you are a POS, you tend to care about stuff that affects your own wallet.

      We should be grateful that these lawsuits are not just paid out from money collected from taxpayers, because then the people responsible couldn’t care less and have no reason to think twice before doing it again.

      1. Well, as long as there has not been a case where officers have been personally held accountable, they do not have a clear directive that what they are doing is wrong….. therefore, they cannot be held accountable.

        Joseph Heller wasn’t wrong.

  2. California’s shield law protects journalists from such searches.

    Unless they are investigating abortion mills, of course – – – – – – – –

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