Brickbat: Well, It Is Called the 'Show Me State'


City officials in Pevely, Missouri, have agreed to pay $75,000 to settle a lawsuit by a man who claims a police officer detained him and seized his cellphone after the cop noticed him recording a traffic stop in 2019. Matthew Rankin said Officer Wayne Casey pried his phone out of his hand and threatened him with arrest. Casey went through the contents of Rankin's phone and searched for his information on a police database, according to the lawsuit. The police department later fired Casey after he was caught on video sitting at a desk in a booking area as another officer choked a prisoner.

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  1. The police department later fired Casey after he was caught on video sitting at a desk in a booking area as another officer choked a prisoner.

    What was he supposed to do? Stop that other cop from choking the prisoner? Cops don’t interfere with each other. That’s like rule number one.

    1. It might have been the fact that he was watching the other cop choke a prisoner and he was taking notes. “Oh, okay, I see, that’s where you put the thumb in to restrict the airflow! I’ve been holding my hand like this where it’s kind of flat across the front and not digging in properly.”

      1. Or he was fired for not joining in.

        1. Or for not deleting the video fast enough?

      2. Training day?

    2. He was supposed to help. You can choke a prisoner, but they’re not going to tolerate that kind of lollygagging.

  2. This is all well and good, but what did the police union say?

    1. Don’t worry buddy, we’ll get you back pay.

    2. The police union also had words for the officer who did the choking: “No, no, no! You never choked anybody. What happened was prisoner used his neck to viscously assault your poor hand. Matter of fact, that hand has had an issue with pain and numbness ever since the brutal neck attack, right? We can get you disability pay, you know.”

  3. His replacement will learn how to stay off camera.

  4. Here’s the choking incident. The choker pleaded guilty.

    Check out the photo of Casey in Oliver’s link. He looks like he’s ready to slap the camera away from the official portrait photographer. Either that or the picture taker is between Casey and a box of donuts.

    1. FTA: Watson told investigators his actions were “justified,” adding that they “were a direct result of (the suspect) not listening to his verbal commands,” the report said.


      1. Do you only hire psychopaths or do you have to train them to think that way? “He didn’t do what I said so I beat the shit out of him. What’s the problem? That’s what cops do, right? Isn’t that my job, smacking around people who don’t do as they’re told? It’s not my fault the guy didn’t have a dog I could shoot instead, he should be better prepared next time I arrest him. “

        1. I think it’s a combination of both. There’s definitely some self selection. As a general rule, people who seek power are not the kind of people who can be trusted with it.
          As far as training goes, they are taught to have zero tolerance for non-compliance. As in use force when someone fails to immediately obey. Deescalation is for pussies.
          Good cops, as in those who wouldn’t tolerate bad cops, are either forced out or they turn into bad cops.

    2. Holy shit. He literally looks like a pig.

  5. Don’t meth with Missouri cops – they’ll fuck you up, or take you for a boat ride in the Ozarks without properly securing your life jacket while handcuffed, and then watch you drown without helping you when you fall over the side.

    1. I just read that. That’s seriously fucked up. Cop gets paid two hundred thousand dollars for negligent homicide. Wow. At least he’ll never be a cop again in that state, though I’m sure he’s already been hired in another.

      1. I think they go to Arkansas.

  6. Actually, it’s not called the “Show Me State” because of the cops demanding to look at your cell phone, it’s because of all the random roadside cavity searches. It’s like Bloomberg’s Stop and Frisk program only it’s Stop and Fist.

  7. Still no article on Afghanistan, huh? Too local or something? How about Justice Roberts taking Schumer down a notch?

  8. Missouri was one of the *worst* places to live you are under a radar gun from your driveway to the highway … authority-nut township cops, county brownies, don’t get me started on the highway patrol

    1. Obligatory.

      Highway Patrol, by Junior Johnson

      1. Junior knows.

        1. the closer you get to st louis the worse it gets but the rural areas in the south and central part of the state are pretty nice.

  9. Or if you prefer a group from Missouri singing about their cops:

    Radar Gun, by The Bottle Rockets

    1. yes! they’d stand on an overpass and there would be a line of cycle cops on the onramp … the pics in that youtube could have been STL County.

      Texas is much more pleasant

  10. Missouri is one of the worst of the shithole states.

    1. actually missouri is not that bad. good wages and low taxes in addition to a reasonable cost of living. in my experience, most of the cops in jefferson county are pretty reasonable to deal with. st louis is a completely different matter.

      1. And they have Constitutional carry.

  11. i live just a few miles from pevely, mo. major speed trap.

  12. “Look, Your Honor, when he said ‘I’m going to go choke my prisoner,’ I didn’t think he meant it literally, I just thought it was a disgusting euphemism.”

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