Brickbat: Child's Play


California Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low has introduced a bill that would bar retail stores from having separate boys and girls sections for clothing and toys. It would require that all children's items be sold in a single gender-neutral section and would apply to all stores with 500 or more employees. The law would not apply to adult clothing. A spokeswoman for Low said the 9-year-old daughter of one of Low's staffers told Low that she didn't like how boy and girl items were separated and asked him to make a law stopping that.

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  1. Remember when we watched Kids Say The Darndest Things and all we did was laugh? Today that show would end with every one of those kids proposing some idiotic bill or having their parents arrested for making them eat something they didn’t want to.

    1. Yup. We used to tell stupid kids to shut up or we're leaving the store.

      Now stupid Lefties give government power to stupid kids.

      I heard o buying votes but geesh.

    2. Teach your kid a life skill.
      -vote with their feet; go to a store that suits your whims
      -know that all marketing is designed to influence your actions
      -learn how you react to marketing
      -walking into any store aisle you wish at any time is OK today without any new laws on the books

  2. That's less efficient therefore it's stupid. This is why 9 year olds don't run the world.

  3. Yeah, we might as well dress up little boys like hookers too.

    1. White trash Barbie says 'Meth is hard'.

      1. Ha ha ha...I mean, that's not funny, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Just wait until our Afghan refugees start showing up. I'm sure they'll bring their styles of entertainment with them.

  4. There seems to be no limit to how law makers believe they can micro manage business.

    1. That's because there is no limit.

      1. True, but, the Buckeyes start spring workout today, so warm weather is almost here. I seem to recall your Columbus?

        1. Better not leave us hanging another year. All the pieces are in place with the best recruiting class in the country.

  5. A spokeswoman for Low said the 9-year-old daughter of one of Low's staffers told Low that she didn't like how boy and girl items were separated and asked him to make a law stopping that.

    This is probably the most destructive aspect of this whole business: teaching kids that, if there is something you "don't like", an appropriate response is to seek to have it outlawed. All too many adults seem to believe that. (As for the effects of this law, I expect items primarily for boys and items primarily for girls will still be separated within the childrens' section. They just won't be in separately defined "sections". Which is fine, it just shouldn't be "the law".)

    1. Yep, the new culture embraces that your anger is the truth, and that someone else must be brought to their knees.

      This parent seems to have missed the parenting lesson that says to teach your kid a life skill: vote with your feet, all aisles today are fair game for you to walk, if pink stuff costs more than blue stuff, don't buy pink unless it truly has greater value to you. (and that if it does have greater value to you, then you have not overpaid!)

    2. I can't believe that the parent(s) did not teach the kid not to "like" it.

  6. What are children’s toys segregated into separate stores? Why aren’t they sold in adult toy stores? Or car dealerships?

    1. At this rate, toys wont be sold in Commifornia at all.

      Amazon will tell Commies in state government that their warehouses are gender neutral storage areas.

  7. "A spokeswoman for Low said the 9-year-old daughter of one of Low's staffers told Low that she didn't like how boy and girl items were separated and asked him to make a law stopping that."

    Maybe I should get my 9-year-old neighbor kid to ask my legislator for a law legalizing pot.

    If only I'd known it was so simple.

    1. Legalizing pot means the government gives up some power. This proposed law gives the government more power. That's a big difference - to a power-mad politician.

  8. Well, his daughter is old enough to demand a sex change operation, so why not let her start running all the toy stores in the world?
    I will bet the state will be shocked, shocked, when every toy store in the state lays off all but 499 employees.

  9. ...the 9-year-old daughter of one of Low's staffers told Low that she didn't like how boy and girl items were separated and asked him to make a law stopping that.

    The whims of staffers's children turn into the dictates enforced at the point of a gun. Was there a Twilight Zone episode like this?

    1. It would have been considered too ridiculous.

    2. Believe they saved that for the movie.

    3. I believe it was an episode of Cornfield where Kramer was accidentally elected President. He wound up balancing the budget by collecting bottles in low-deposit states and returning them in high-deposit states but he wound up blowing a big hole in the budget by investing in a national chain of make-your-own-pie pizza restaurants so the voters turned him into a jack-in-the-box.

    4. Yep, "It's a Good Life" starred Billy Mumy as a 6 year old who uses his mind power to put adults or playmates that anger him "in the cornfield" (thus the Seinfeld episode title).

  10. The other underlying aspect of this law is the fact democrats have a vendetta against the rich. Why just stores that employ more than 500 people?

    1. Why just stores that employ more than 500 people?

      Because, in some minds, it's not fascism until you're raiding mom and pop.

  11. Wow, so now legislators are experts in store design, too? There is no upper limit to the intellect these people IMAGINE they have.

    1. Well, if a stupid toy store owner can run a toy store, how hard can it be to run a toy store? If he were smart he'd be in government, but he's not so he's not. Don't want to be treated like a cow, stop lining up for milking time.

      1. Come on, how hard is it to make toys? You just put a toy seed in a hole in the ground and wait, right?

    2. Wow, so now legislators are experts in store design, too? There is no upper limit to the intellect these people IMAGINE they have.

      Technically, he's simply legislating and abdicating the thinking and imagination portion of the job to a 9-yr.-old.

  12. OT: Had a armed standoff last night near where I live with what sounds like a mental disturbed person. Definitely not making a brickbat; below is from the local fox outlet. Good to see my local cops aren't trigger happy.

    With the scene secured and the armed suspect isolated, Lt. Bosley and F/Sgt. Smith continued talking with the suspect. About two and one-half hours later, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

    1. No shots were fired? Sounds like there an internal review to see why they failed to follow their policy and training.

      1. Must not have been any dogs present.

  13. The law would not apply to adult clothing.

    Just wait until the 39-year-old daughter of one of Low's staffers gets wind of *that*!

  14. 9 year olds, Dude.

    1. Note to self: Train 6 yr. old to recommend to assemblymen that we enact a law seeking execution for public officials that violate their oaths of office.

  15. Too bad we do not have a quarantine area for stupid/statist people, where they could safely indulge their bizarre ideas, isolated from sensible people.

    1. We thought we did, it was called California. But it doesn't seem to have contained the spread.

      1. That is because the inmates keep escaping only to spread their contagion to places like Nevada. Perhaps if we had a big enough wall....

    2. Roger Waters called it the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings.

  16. If boys and girls are the same and can be mixed... then consider a hypothetical. What if you randomized the layout of boys and girls items within one section of the store. It is theoretically possible that the outcome would have all "boy" items grouped together and all "girl" items grouped together. Think flipping a coin 10 times and the first five were all heads, and the last five all tails. But since there is no difference in boy/girl items and can be mixed, this outcome would be unrecognizable (how would you know you flipped heads five times straight if it was indistinguishable from tails?). How would you know that a boy's toy is a boy's toy and that all of these boy's toys are grouped together? The only way to notice this, which is a predicate for even being able to comprehend a demand that they be mixed, is to admit a differentiating factor between the two... but admitting such would then approve the reasoning behind separating them into different groups.

    These leftist gender/race philosophies literally devolve into absurdity if anyone thinks about them for more than the 1 second it takes to give an emotional screech (which sadly is as far as the left ever seems to get leaving them mired in operating with a textbook absurdity as a guiding principle).

  17. Associated story running above Mr. Oliver's story regards a 'stop the pink tax'.

    This regards the supposed pricing difference between otherwise similar girls versus boys products.
    How about teaching girls to become smarter shoppers. As long as they behave as sheep to be sheared, then it is the fiduciary duty of any business to obtain as much money for a product as it can. Negotiating poorly is a learned behavior, and is one reason women earn less later in life.
    Life skills are to be learned and taught; they cannot be simply legislated into people.

  18. There ought to be a law to punish anyone who says "there ought to be a law..."

    1. Now my head hurts.

      1. Mind blown.

    2. True: that phrase has eclipsed Reagan's most terrifying words in the English language ["I'm from the government and I'm here to help"].

      1. "Reagan’s most terrifying words in the English language [“I’m from the government and I’m here to help”]."

        Nothing terrifying about that once you understand that it's the biggest lie ever told.

  19. At last someone considers boys equal to girls.

  20. If lefty states can ban straws over the "research" of a 9-year old, why not this?

  21. . . . the 9-year-old daughter . . .

    Oh, the woke 8 year old meme is a year older now.

  22. When my girls were little and escaped my line of sight in a store I always knew where to immediately find them; the pink aisle

  23. Paedocracy.

  24. Grey jumps suits for all children until they decide on their gender.

    1. Not even funny, dude. I was in the boys room yestersay adjusting my knee brace an a little girl just waltzed in.
      I was informed that she is "transgendered". Of course, she's probably about 11 or 12, hasn't had any surgeries, and obviously isn't on a drug regime since she has little preteens breasts.
      So she's not "transgendered"; she's a little girl with short hair.
      I hope that her parents are just letting her explore, and aren't feeding this shit. Anybody who allows children to make permanent, irreversible changes to their bodies before they go through puberty should be charged with child abuse.
      I think transgendered adults are delusional, but I support their right to mutilate their body in whatever way they think will make them happy. To give the power to make that decision to someone we don't let drive, vote, enter into legally binding contracts, etc., is evil.

  25. Why not? Obviously, the people doing the math in Congressional budgets are *less* than 9 years old, or if they *are* 9 they're really developmentally disabled.

    9 years is an improvement.

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