CPAC Promised To Take on Socialism but Couldn't Even Take on Trump's Spending

There was a deficit of debt talk at the conservative conference.


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a large annual gathering of the American Right, promised to wage war at this year's event: "America vs. Socialism" was the theme. It's a strategically savvy move when considering that democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) is leading the delegate count for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. But notably absent from the CPAC agenda was anything pertaining to the debt, deficit, or current levels of absurd government spending—an odd choice for a conference that sought to position itself as a banner carrier for responsible fiscal policy.

There was plenty of time allotted for main stage performances by incendiary characters like Diamond and Silk, Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens, who do more to caricature the Right than provide constructive policy ideas. Also present were panels on immigration restriction, impeachment, social media, and a live reading of FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers, a new play about the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page FBI scandal. And there were a few meetings on the ills of socialism. But if you wanted to hear people talk about our immediate slide into deficit hell, you were at the wrong conference.

Perhaps that's because President Donald Trump is part of the problem, despite campaigning in 2016 on a promise to eliminate the $19 trillion debt within 8 years.

Trump has "fully embraced the idea that deficits don't matter," writes Steven Greenhut for Reason, with fantastical budget proposals that fail to right America's fiscal ship. His 2021 budget, for instance, requests $4.8 trillion in spending—a 21 percent increase from when Trump took office.

Republicans have often criticized Democrats for their expensive policies and rallied behind spending cuts, but now that Trump is in the White House, many conservatives seem to have abandoned the idea entirely. Rush Limbaugh, the inflammatory right-wing radio host and recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, regularly railed against former President Barack Obama for his reckless approach to fiscal issues. In July, he appeared to have changed his position.

"How many years have people tried to scare everybody about [the deficit]?" he said on his show. "Yet here we're still here, and the great jaws of the deficit have not bitten off our heads and chewed them up and spit them out."

"America vs. Socialism," it turns out, was real-life clickbait.

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  1. So Trump actually cannot make the cuts he proposes because the House will not permit such a budge to move forward … but Trump – yes, the orange man – is the asshole that refuses to rein in spending.

    Fuck yourself, Reason.

    1. Didn’t he along with the Dems blow up the sequestration agreement to get more military spending for Trump and more domestic spending for the Dems? I do blame him for giving away that hard fought policy. Perhaps I see too many defense contractors living in million dollar homes by me but I really didn’t see the need for more military spending; I could see giving the Pentagon more leeway to prioritize the spending but not more money.

      1. Military spending (though I agree it is out of control) is a fraction of Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security spending. Even if military spending were suspended entirely, Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security would continue to drive deficits indefinitely.

        1. I agree. He still blew up the sequester that was hard fought. I hold him accountable for that and now we are farther away from the goal of getting a balance budget.

        2. Everyone wants to cut spending. Just not the spending that affects them. But since all spending affects someone, any spending cuts are political suicide.

        3. Medicare and social security should be considered separately as they are paid by a separate tax. They are not discretionary spending which is where the focus should be. Not just because of the deficit but because it is the path to smaller government.

          The entitlements can be made a separate argument. I agree they are crappy but you have to either replace them or phase them out somehow.

          1. Gut social security, medicare, and Medicaid.

            1. Yeah, good luck with that. Lol.

              1. I love how you admit that cutting spending is impossible but that you also want to wait on cutting taxes.

                1. Won’t you think of the fucking grandchildren?!

              2. Well, unreason is against cutting those welfare programs.

                1. Citations needed.

        4. Another evening, another thread Hihn’s sock Vince Smith embarrasses himself with stupidity and bitterness.

          Poor Hihn.

          1. Yet you couldn’t refute one thing I said. Lol. It’s good to see you support Trump’s spending increases.

            1. Lol indeed Hihn.

      2. Citations needed.

        1. Go eat a turd, ihateconstitution1789. Libertarians don’t support trade wars.

          1. But apparently you think they support raising taxes.

            1. Raising tariffs raises taxes. Lol.

              1. Now all you have to do is find some documentation that demonstrates I’m for raising tariffs you moron

                1. Incel, I wasn’t talking to you. Did you just slip up and admit you and “Chipper Friday Night and Alone” are the same person?

                  1. No motherfucker I wasn’t hiding it ahahahahajajajaajaj




                    1. Yet you accuse me of being a sock account. Lol.

                    2. And? You are.

            2. I only support raising taxes to balance the budget if all else fails. All else seems to be failing. But I guess you’d rather pass that debt onto your grandchildren.

              1. You really seem to think they’re stealing from people for the children is a winning argument

                1. So you support larger deficits. Typical phony. I bet you bitched and moaned about the deficit when Obama was president, though.

                  1. Is the text not right there? It’s quite clear what I think

                    “You really seem to think they’re stealing from people for the children is a winning argument”

                    Read boy.

                2. BTW, most Americans, including most Republicans, support raising taxes on the rich. Trying to spin that as “stealing” won’t change that many minds. If that is what it will take to balance the budget, then let’s “steal.” It’s better than running up the debt.

                  1. Most Americans support all kind of stupid shit. That’s even dumber than your normal arguments.

                    1. Debt is dumber than raising taxes.

                    2. We get it, you’re pro stealing from people, you made the point already.

                    3. The interest added to the debt actually means our grandchildren will owe even MORE. So either steal a lot or even more later.

                    4. Right youre a thief and ok with it we get it already.

                3. I’m all for cutting spending, but there are not enough votes in congress for it, and Trump doesn’t care either. If Biden wins and raises taxes on the rich, I’ll be just fine with that. Balance the budget.

                  Trump actually said he was going to wipe out the entire national debt in eight years, and his inbred followers believed him!

                  1. ” If Biden wins and raises taxes on the rich, I’ll be just fine with that”

                    Well of course you would, you’re a prog. What you think it’s not obvious?

                    1. I’m anything but a prog. When Ronald Reagan became governor of CA, he raised taxes to pay off the state debt.

                    2. All your prog arguments say otherwise obvious prog bigot.

                4. Ooooh wow three shitposts, I hit a nerve pointing out how stupid your argument is.

        2. Poor unreason. Vince is their goto sock troll.

          1. Feel free to go to Breitbart if you don’t like it that not everyone here kisses Trump’s behind.

            1. FAUX NEWS!!! Breitfart!

            2. You seem to be the one doing most of the crying there guy. It’s like Trump stole your husband or something.

              1. Did you just call Trump gay? Lol.

                1. I did. And? You are clearly interested in ball tasting and man fucking because you keep talking about it.

                  Oh wait, you’re a BIGOT I forgot, you hate blacks and gays. That’s why everyone thinks you’re trash.

    2. He just proposed farm subsidy cuts, in an election year yet. But Reason bitched that “they don’t go deep enough”.
      If it had been the lightbringer that had done it, they’d be cooing about how it was a libertarian moment.

      1. Oh no! Reason didn’t lick Trump’s balls! The were critical of him! That means the entire staff voted for Hillary! There is no other explanation!

        1. If you were honest you’d admit farm subsidy cuts in an election year is brave shit…
          But like Binion, you’re just here to say whatever Media Matters is paying you to.

          1. That’s what you’ve got? You’re so correct that the only paid employees of leftist outfits could disagree with you? Talk about ego. Holy smokes.

            1. No, hes right. You’re not honest.

              1. I’m not honest? Dude.

                1. Hi. Please keep pretending you haven’t spewed dishonesty my way.

                  Here’s one of my favorites

                  “I didn’t actually mean you were more well read than me”

                  Remember that? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

                  1. fuck off Tulpa, or Mary Stack, or whatever. nobody cares but you

                    1. Hello, haven’t chatted in a while.

                      How have you been?

                      I read that some here continue to propagate the non-sense that military spending is “just a fraction of Medicare / Social Security / Medicaid.”

                      In order to believe such rubbish, one would have to take as gospel the numbers promulgated by the federal government and its deep state mandarins.

                      One would also have to believe that the totality of military spending is set forth in the Pentagon’s budget.

                      One would also have to have an irrationally restricted conception of that which constitutes “military spending.” One would have to have taken leave of one’s senses to think that outlays for the TSA, FBI, CIA, TSA, Secret Service, USAID, etc., are not part of the defense / military / security complex.

                      Plus, one would have to be a moron to think that there are not hundreds of billions allocated for anti-terrorism / military / security measures that are off the books.

                    2. Look how much the truth hurts him. He didn’t even try to deny it because he knows it true and everyone saw it.

                    3. $parcasmic “I’m honest”

                      Me “Here’s a direct example that everyone saw where you weren’t”

                      $parcasmic “FUCK YOU WARGARBLAHGAHAGAAGJAAGHA *SPITTLE*”

                      Lolol I so fucking win

                    4. FBI and CIA are part of the justice system and the foreign “diplomacy” system respectively dumb ass. Military isn’t a catch all term for anything you don’t like.

                  2. Chipper is alone every Friday night. What a loser!

                    1. Yes Hihn, that’s the joke. That, and you Á àß äẞç ãþÇđ âÞ¢Đæ ǎB€Ðëf ảhf

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                    3. “Fuck off, Hihn.” Looks like I made someone mad.

                    4. You’re the one crying though Hihn.

                  3. Tulpa, you’re irrelevant.

                    1. You said you didn’t know who Tulpa was. Oops again Hihn.

                    2. 1) I’m fake Tulpa, get it right

                      2) Ken didn’t think so when he was begging Reason to get me off of him this morning.

                    3. “You said you didn’t know who Tulpa was. Oops again Hihn”

                      Yeah, I think he’s basically stopped pretending not it be Hihn at this point.

                    4. sarcasmic called him “Tulpa,” so I followed suit. I’m a quick learner.

                    5. incel, so you were having sex with Ken this morning? Lol.

                    6. And by quick learner, you mean obvious liar lolol

                      “so you were having sex with Ken this morning?”

                      lol what is with you and all the ball tasting and man fucking you talk about, just come out already

              2. “You’re not honest,” says the guy who claims to be against raising taxes yet supports Trump’s trade war. Lol.

                1. Good one Hihn.

              3. Funny that sarcasmic, vince, and liberyhihn show up to boost unreason web traffic.

                1. Aww, tough shit. This website isn’t just for Trump sycophants, asshole.

                  1. Of course you’re welcome here Hihn. Just ask Ken…

                  2. I always suspected you were an asshole, vince. Thanks for admitting it.

                    1. Calling you an “asshole” means I admitted I’m an asshole? Lol. God, you’re as stupid as Trump.

                    2. You’re an asshole because you called yourself an asshole.

                      I will take your word for it.

                    3. No, I called YOU an asshole. Learn to read.

          2. Mother’s lament Trump’s trade war has led to tremendous increases in farm subsidies. Whom are you trying to kid?

            1. You even commented in the thread on cuts to farm subsidies, you gibbering moron.


              1. Trump agreed to pay off farmers hurt by the tariffs. Have you been living under a rock, idiot? Some of those subsidies went to Brazil. Lol.

                1. Citations fell off.

              2. Those particular subsidies DID NOT EXIST prior to that.

                1. Your default should be citations because you lie.

          3. It’s not brave in 2020. The agriculture sector doesn’t employ 50% of American workers anymore. That figure is only about 1% of American workers these days.

      2. Trump proposes minuscule cuts that are more than made up for with defense spending increases. He also is the king of farm subsidies, bribing farmers with the tariff money.

        1. Oh the Hihnsanity!

          1. That’s not a refutation. Lol.

            1. Lol indeed, Hihn.

        2. The irony of the lefty, “bribing farmers” claim is that the left COMPLAINED/PUSHED Trump into it, voted entirely to support it (0-D against, 13-R against) then ran around and complained after it went through.

          Now they’ll run around with their lynching-mob false narrative right in the face of Trump cutting those same farm subsidies.

          Lefty supporters really are insane “mob-mentality” driven psycho-paths.

          1. So the Dems outsmarted Trump. That’s not too hard.

            1. Yes, yes they did… Trump as well as many Republicans give Democrats WAY more credit than they deserve. Democrats are very gifted in deception and manipulation.

    3. Nothing wrong with a symbolic veto or two or dozen or hundreds.

      1. Hi Vince.

        1. No, I’m Vince. And I agree. Trump should make symbolic vetoes. Republicans always seem to listen to Trump. If he made the deficit an issue, Republicans would follow his lead.

          1. No Hihn, you’re both Hihn.

      2. I thought we proved the Amash method didnt actually work.

        1. Hypocrite JesseASS says raising taxes is bad, YET he supports raising tariffs. Tariffs are a tax. Lol. What an idiot!

        2. You lied when you said every budget sent to Trump was veto proof. He made a deal with the Dems in 2019 to get a budget passed.

          1. “You lied when you said every budget sent to Trump was veto proof.”


            “He made a deal with the Dems in 2019 to get a budget passed.”


            1. If a budget is passed by a veto proof majority, there’s no need for the president to “make a deal” to get it passed, moron. I’d rather Trump let a shutdown happen then make a deal with the Dems for more spending.

              1. Ahahahhaha OMFG he still doesn’t understand ahahahahahahahaaj

                1. You want somebody to “explain it to me because apparently you can’t.

                  284-189 is not veto proof. You lose.

                  1. Ahahahah no I want to keep laughing at you for it ahahahahaahhaahah

                    1. Lol. You just admitted you and Chipper are the same guy. Lol, idiot.

                    2. Ahahahaha I love hi ow stuoid and oblivious you are that you think that.

                      Let me explain it to you Hihn, because you’re stupid. I am mocking Chipper. By stating that he is home alone. Like you are.

                      You’ve been insulting him for me too, because you’re fucking stupid.

                      Its like if my screen name was “Vince Smith eats human shit”

                      I’m not Vince Smith. I’m insulting him. Because he’s incredibly stupid and eats shit.

                      Now you understand why we laugh at you, shit eater. Thank you for being so immensely stupid. It’s like gold.

                    3. No. I’m saying that you and CFNAA are the same guy. Duh.

                    4. NOW you are because i pointed out how fucking stupid what you WERE saying is, it not being a secret or even remotely hidden. Duh.

              2. Uh oh, Hihn is about to lose it again!

      3. I’m with you — but I fear our “wimpy” society will squirm when they see the government shut-down going on over a year.

    4. Trump’s budgets do not propose net cuts. Every budget he has proposed (even before congress made changes) would have busted the budget. So enough of that Trumpmoron lie.

      1. No citations again.

        unreason does not need supportive citations in articles, why put citations in sock troll comments either.

        1. How do Trump’s balls taste?

          1. Lol asking you for cites really triggers you

            1. Seriously, how do Trump’s balls taste?

              1. Why are you so interested in tasting balls Hihn, take that shit to 4chan.

              2. I couldn’t tell you.

                I’m sure you know how Hillary’s balls taste.

                1. Right. Everyone who criticizes Trump must have voted for Hillary. Lol. I didn’t vote for either.

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    6. Blowing up spending on defense boondoggles does not make Trump a convincing deficit hawk.

  2. Well, Reason managed to go 8 years without writing a syllable about the trillion dollar deficits under chocolate Jesus so I guess you’ve got something in common.

    While you were nitpicking CPAC Trump signed a deal to end the war in Afghanistan after 18 years.

    1. Reason managed to go 8 years without writing a syllable about the trillion dollar deficits under chocolate Jesus

      It’s very easy to look these things up, you know.

      While you were nitpicking CPAC Trump signed a deal to end the war in Afghanistan after 18 years.

      I actually agree with the pro-Trump crowd here, Reason really should be covering this. Not even a mention in the Roundup? Really?

      1. And if they’re going to cover the budget, why focus on Trump? The budget is in Pelosi’s court right now.

        1. Whenever legislation is held up or deformed, it’s Congress’s fault. Whenever it does something good, it’s Trump’s credit.

        2. Even the budgets Trump proposes increase spending. Furthermore, it’s a lie that every budget sent to him was veto proof. The House passed the 2019 budget 284-189 (not veto proof). Most Republicans voted AGAINST that budget due to deficit concerns, but Trump decided to make a deal with the Dems.

          Trump constantly brags about all his defense spending increases. Does that sound like someone who cares about the deficit? Lol.

          1. No citations because unreason chooses not to support its shitty work.

            1. Hey look. It’s constipated1789.

              1. Hey look you’re still crying at people who ask you for citations because you dont have any lolololo

      2. As Justin Amash has pointed out on his Twitter timeline, there is no peace deal.

        1. But it is a “leave Afghanistan” deal which is the main point.

        2. Still no citations. Poor unreason sock troll.

          1. Well, it’s Hihn. And he’s a raving lunatic.

            1. R Mac never has anything of consequence to say. Totally irrelevant in here.

              1. If he were really irrelevant and didn’t trigger you, you wouldn’t be crying about him

            2. Hihn is getting there. I’m sure he will bold up any day now.

          2. Actually I linked to Amash’s Twitter on another thread you were on. That’s one more citation than you have ever provided. You lose. Lol.

            1. So you’re saying you’re incredibly lazy and stupid, not dishonest.

              Ok that tracks.

              1. Sock puppet says what?

                1. Yes you do keep saying what Hihn.

      3. “Trump ends the war in Afghanistan after 18 years. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.”

        1. Except he hasn’t.

          1. Yes, Trump didn’t do shit in Afghanistan go with that.

            1. He should have brought the troops home on Jan. 20, 2017. Fuck him.

              1. Oh well then, what he did do doesn’t count.

                You got the TDS BAD Hihney.

              2. Poor Vince.

                When Trump was inaugurated on Jan 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm EST, it is 9:30 pm Afghan time. By the time Trump was done with the inauguration and gets to where he can give military orders, it was easily Jan 21, 2017.

    2. Unreason the Propagandists just spee nonsense and then send on sock trolls like vince to back it up and attack critics.

      Im glad unreason is circling the drain.

      1. Then why the fuck do you comment here?

        1. Cry more!

          1. I’m laughing, actually.

            1. Your tears are nectar!

              1. Admitted sock puppet. Lol.

                1. And? Jesus fucking christ is there ANYTHING you don’t cry about?

                  I bet you’re so fucking stupid that you think I’m Vince Smith because that’s in my new screen name lololol

      2. Poor unreason and the horrible sock trolls.

  3. Perhaps that’s because President Donald Trump is helping drive up America’s debt despite campaigning in 2016 on a promise to eliminate the $19 trillion debt within 8 years.

    I’m starting to think Donald Trump is full of it.

    1. He was a fool to count on RINO support to cut the federal budget.

      Oh well, hundreds of new federal judges, gutting the Executive, and getting the USA out of Afghanistan will have to do.

      1. No it won’t do. The budget is probably more important than all those issues, and he hasn’t gotten us out of Afghanistan. If he had wanted to, he could have just sent all the troops home on the first day of his presidency, you moron.

        Gutting the executive? Lol.

        1. Poor unreason. So desperate and nobody believes you.

      2. Trump made a deal with the Dems to pass a budget back in 2019 that increased spending over GOP objections. Lol. Trump is the RINO.

        1. Fuck off, Hihn.

          1. Nah. Fuck yourself. Lol.

            1. Cry more Hihn.

        2. No citations still. Poor unreason.

          1. Since you need citations, you are readily admitting you aren’t well informed about politics.

            1. Ah you have excuses, but still no citations. Because youre lying.

              1. Name one lie.

  4. CPAC Promised To Take on Socialism but Couldn’t Even Take on Trump’s Spending

    That’s right Binion, because wasting money is totally the same thing as Socialism. That Trump, he’s practically Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao in one orange funpack.

    1. In response to a budget suggestion that Pelosi will ignore, and forward an even bigger budget, Binion will vote for Bernie/Biden/Bloomberg. Who will rubber stamp Pelosi’s budget.

      1. But they will raise taxes to balance the budget.

        1. Poor vince. Massive cuts to the fed coming after trump reelcected

          1. I have a bridge to sell you if you actually believe that, hateconstitution.

            1. “hateconstitution”

              Lol, good one Hihn!

              1. At least it’s not trip N bombs.

                1. Give Hihn time.

              2. Everyone commenting on this site who doesn’t worship Trump is Hihn. You have it all figured out, R Mac.

                1. Well you are. We have that figured out.

                  1. Sock account.

                    1. Ahahahahaha EVERYONE KNOWS THAT DUMBASS AHAHAHA

                      Why are you crying about it? You’re doing it too Hihn lololk

          2. Poor Lefties cant own bridges.communism does not allow private ownership.

            1. Hilarious! You called me a leftist and a communist even though I am neither. Bravo!

              1. Except we can read your posts which prove you are Hihn.

                1. Hihn is a libertarian, to my knowledge.


        2. Libertarians for higher taxes and spending!!!

          Forget of course that cutting taxes actually raised revenue lololol

          1. 1. You support higher tariffs. That’s higher taxes. Moron.
            2. I’m not for more spending. Show where I said there should be more spending, liar.
            3. Cutting taxes likely raised revenue simply due to inflation. If taxes were raised, revenue would still be more than that. Duh.

            1. “Cutting taxes likely raised revenue”


              1. No checkmate. If raising taxes raises revenue MORE than cutting taxes does (which it, in fact, does), then you have no point. You lose. Every time in recent history taxes have been cut, the deficit has gone up. When taxes were raised, deficits went down. Simple math. Checkmate.

                1. “No checkmate”

                  Ahahahah proof he knows it’s checkmate ahahahaha

                  1. Sock account.

                    1. Ahahahahah how are you still crying about something I’m not hiding are you crying about ahahhahaahahhahaha

                      You’re fucking lying about being a sock Hihn, so seriously what the fuck are you crying about ahahahahah

            2. Inflation Hihn, really?

              That’s dumb even for you.

              1. Not at all. As time goes on, more revenue is ALWAYS collected by the government whether taxes are raised, cut, or stay the same. That is due to inflation. Raising taxes, however, takes in more revenue than cutting taxes. Take your Art Laffer gibberish somewhere else, okay. He’s a joke.

                1. Laughing at you is so easy when you get everything wrong like that.

                  1. Sock account. Lol.

                    1. Cry more Hihney!

  5. I would like to hear Reason’s suggestion on how to lower deficits and pass budgets that aren’t fiscally insane …. oh, one caveat, the proposed budget has to have House approval.

    Let’s hear it.

    1. Got an aversion to vetoes?

      1. Vince, you did this already.

        And every time they vote, costs are incurred. Stop spending my money on your fucking virtue signaling, thanks.

        1. No, I’m Vince, you moron.

          Not every budget sent to Trump was veto proof. Stop it.

          1. Look again dumbass.

            1. House passed 2019 budget 284-149. Not veto proof.

              1. I love that you STILL don’t get get it lololl

              2. Poor vince cannot calculate veto proof majority on 435.

                1. Or provide citations.

                  1. Hihn is stupid, so he posts stupid things.

                    1. R Mac is loveconstitution1789’s sock puppet/butt boy. Notice he always adds on to lc’s lame insults.

                    2. loveconstitution1789, r Mac, and Chipper Friday Night and Alone = same person.

                    3. We can see you running from citation requests guy. Insults just make it look worse for you.

                2. 290/435 is veto proof. Learn math, idiot.

                  1. Ahahahha he still doesn’t get it ahahahahhah

                    1. Sock account.

                    2. AHAHHA and now he thinks crying about me will make people forget he’doesnt get it ahahahaj

                  2. Poor Vince thinks 290 votes is a veto proof majority in the House.


                    1. That’s 2/3.

        2. Every time they vote, very minor costs are incurred. That is not a legitimate reason to not veto. Go eat a turd.

          1. “Spend money on pointless virtue signaling to satisfy me and PROTEST SPENDING!!!”

            1. Signing a budget means he agrees with it. Period.

              Maybe Trump should have waited for spending to be cut before he cut taxes. Now he wants another unfunded tax cut that will skyrocket the deficit. That’s debt our grandchildren will have to pay off, derp.

              1. “Keep stealing from the people!!! For the GRANDCHILDREN!!!”

                1. Chipper Friday Night and Alone thinks it’s okay to run up huge deficits as long as he pays less in taxes. Lol.

                  1. You think he gives a fuck about your financially ignorant offspring.

            2. Of course you don’t care about your grandchildren.


                1. Raising taxes isn’t pointless virtue signaling. Are you retarded?

                  1. We’re talking about voting fuckboy, try to read for comprehension

              2. I’m gonna throw your grandma off a cliff too, Hihn.

                1. charge admission and you can cover this spending he’s crying about

                  1. Incel says what?

                    1. How did you know my screename was about you?

    2. Oh, so now you want Reason to play the Progressive Potomac game?

      How about the President growing a pair instead of growing the deficit?

      How about shutting the mother down and refusing to open it up until Congress agrees to slash both the warfare and the welfare cookie monsters?

    3. I would like to hear Reason’s suggestion on how to lower deficits and pass budgets that aren’t fiscally insane …. oh, one caveat, the proposed budget has to have House approval.

      Wait, you want to know what libertarians would do? This is really a very easy problem. You may be thinking of mainstream D/R folks if you think this question is a stumper.

      1. “Wait, you want to know what libertarians would do?”

        Not get elected?

  6. Trump is a centrist, and that includes being a centrist with respect to the libertarian/authoritarian axis. His bargain is not to cut the state down to size, but rather to stop its growth. In a country teeming with young socialists, this is the best we’re going to get right now.

    If you want to vote for a state cutter, you’re out of luck. If you want to vote for a 1990s/2000s Democrat, you’ve got today’s Republicans. If you want to vote for the state to grow dramatically, you’ve got the Democrats.

    Vote, America.

    1. He isn’t stopping its growth.

    2. Trump isn’t a centrist. He’s just a moron.

      1. Nobody responds to himself like Hihn!

        Don’t ever change Hihn!

        1. Mr. JD and I are the same person? Read what you just typed. Lol.

          1. You’ve done it before Hihn, and your attempt to deny it looked exactly the same then too.

    3. +10000000

  7. meh. dude’s a rock star I’ll take the swamp draining in exchange.

    1. I don’t see the Swamp draining. Construction in Northern VA, DC and Maryland suburbs is booming and it isn’t because manufacturing jobs are returning.

      1. Paul Ryan went home.

        1. TKO.

        2. Fair rebuttal.

        3. Oh Paul Ryan went home. Our job is done. Lol.

      2. “Construction in Northern VA, DC and Maryland suburbs is booming and it isn’t because manufacturing jobs are returning.”

        It’s booming in Atlanta and Jacksonville too.
        Damn swamp!

        1. We have had less than the 3% annual growth Trump promised, and Obama created more jobs in his last three years than Trump has in his first three. Lol.

          1. Citations required.

            1. Nope. I’m not going to give citations for stuff that is common knowledge.

              1. You have no citations, got it.

                1. And he refuses to support his lies, even if he had citations.

                  I knew unreason was getting desperate but geesh.

        2. All the Lefties from Blue states are flooding into Georgia. That indicates the shit storm about to hit Blue states. The smart ones just found idiots to buy their shitty houses on .25 acres and move to Georgia on 1.5 acres with low taxes overall.

    2. Trump is as dumb as most rock stars.

      1. Vince knows dumb. He cannot even rock star let alone Trump.

        1. “He cannot even rock star” makes no sense grammatically. Trump loves you poorly education dimwits.

          1. OMFG thank you so much ahahahahahahha

          2. Its so fun to fuck with sock troll bots. Their coding cannot compute American English turns of phrase.

          3. “Trump loves you poorly education”

            Probably shouldn’t post this, in a post making fun of someone’s poor English Hihn.

            1. I obviously meant to say “poorly educated.”

              1. Well yeah, but you’re poorly educated, so you made a fool of yourself.

        2. I love how you and everybody else get triggered every time I mock your orange God.

          1. Ahahahahah cry more, youre so triggered ahahaahhah

  8. Liberal: What is “fiscal policy”?
    Conservative: How the hell should I know!

    1. To a conservative “fiscal policy” means cutting taxes and increasing spending on tough-guy shit like borders and drug warriors and anti-terrorism.

      Liberals want to tax the rich (with the wrong politics, Soros and most movie stars are exempt) not for revenue. No. As punishment. And like conservatives they want the increase spending without paying for it.

      1. So you are pro tax?

        1. I’m pro “cut-spending.”

        2. After thought, I wonder. Read this from Bastiait. Or don’t. It won’t confirm anything for you… So you may as well by like lc and ignore it.

          Citizens! In all times, two political systems have been in existence, and each may be maintained by good reasons. According to one of them, Government ought to do much, but then it ought to take much. According to the other, this two-fold activity ought to be little felt. We have to choose between these two systems. But as regards the third system, which partakes of both the others, and which consists in exacting everything from Government, without giving it anything, it is chimerical, absurd, childish, contradictory, and dangerous. Those who parade it, for the sake of the pleasure of accusing all governments of weakness, and thus exposing them to your attacks, are only flattering and deceiving you, while they are deceiving themselves.

          1. That’s just a bunch of shit from an old economist. Trump knows better. He is a god!

            1. We get it, you read Bastiat, it’s the only book you seem to have consumed ever you sad dishonest crybaby fuck.

              1. Willing to bet Trump has never even heard of Bastiat. Trump has probably never even heard of Milton Friedman.

                1. Cool story bro, could you maybe not bring your Trump fetish into every convo, thankee

                  1. Hihn suffers from a strong case of TDS.

                    1. Most Americans disapprove of Trump. Looks like I’m in the majority.

                    2. “Most Americans disapprove of Trump. Looks like I’m in the majority”

                      MAGA: Trump Tops 50% Approval Rating

                      Looks like you’re an idiot again haajajajajajajajaj

                    3. Unlike you I go by the RCP average, not just one poll. Trump’s approval has never even gotten to 47, much less 50.

                    4. “Unlike you I go by”

                      No one fucking cares bitch YOU WERE WRONG AHAHAHAHAHAH

                  2. I think it’s funny you’re okay with the president being a fucking idiot.

                    1. Right but no one cares what you think.

                    2. You cared enough to reply, sock puppet.

                    3. Having fun at your expense /= caring about what you think lolol

                      You fucking losers always make that mistake lololol

                    4. You’re okay with the president being a fucking idiot. Lol.

                    5. Cry more!

          2. Enjoy your third system and keep calling me names like a child.

            1. “keep calling me names like a child.”

              March.2.2020 at 7:38 pm
              fuck off Tulpa, or Mary Stack, or whatever. nobody cares but you”

              1. Being alone every Friday has sure made you bitter. That’s why you only call names instead of actually debating.




                  1. Like I said before, I am not a regular here. The only “Chipper” I’ve ever seen is you. So I see your s/n is simply a joke at someone else’s expense. All you seem to do here is insult people. I don’t see much in the way of talking issues. Therefore you are irrelevant.

                    1. “All you seem to do here is insult people.”

                      Pot, kettle.

                    2. “Like I said before, I am not a regular here”

                      And of course we destroyed that idiotic lie Hihn. Your oblivious and moronic That’s why you don’t notice shit.

                    3. Incel says what?

                    4. Yes, you do keep saying what Hihn.

                2. Yeah Vince that Chipper sure is an asshole, keep giving him the business.

                3. Orange Man Bad!

                  1. Most Americans seem to think that he is bad, as well as a fucking idiot.

                    1. No. Right again, motherfucker!

                    2. Am I commenting on Reason or BreitFART? It’s hard to tell with all these Trump ball lickers commenting here.

                    3. Again, you seem really enamored with ball licking, meanwhile I posted a link and shut you the fuck up lolol


                    4. Again, quoting one poll means nothing. daily wire? Lol.

                    5. Rasmussen? Lol. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

                      Son, this isn’t BreitFART.

                    6. Ahaahahha you were wrong and now you cant stop crying ahahaahhaah

        3. So are you, Jess. You support tariffs.

          1. So are you Hihn. You support tax increases.

            1. You support debt and are irrelevant.

              1. Then why do you keep crying at me?

                Oh right, you lost. And can’t fucking stand it.

                1. Lol. You just admitted again that you and Chip are the same person. Sock account.

                  Yet you have the gall to accuse me of being a sock troll.

                  1. I love how stupid you are, and also, I am Vince Smith.

                    1. I mean, fuck I MAKE IT OBVIOUS, and his idiot sock ass thinks that because HE is hiding it, that I was too ahahahahahaahah

                      God damn HOW STUPID ARE YOU HIHN AHAHAHAHAHAH

                    2. Replying to yourself? Lol.

                    3. Wait, you posted 5 times in a row and you CRY ABOUT THAT AHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

                      God i have so completely owned you ahahahahaaha

        4. JesseAz notice how unreason gets desperate and the sock trolls try to boost web traffic? Vince are sarcasmic are funny.

  9. OT: Remember, if society as we know it grinds to a halt because everyone is sick, we must focus on the most important thing: Not offending anyone when we talk about it.

    WHO on twitter: When talking about #COVID19, certain words & language may have a negative meaning for people and fuel stigmatizing attitudes

  10. Why not focus on actions that voters could take and that Trump could take that would matter? People like Glenn Beck and Daniel Horowitz provide good evidence that Trump goes with the flow when genuine conservatives and libertarians don’t clearly advocate for what they want, Trump listens and changes his actions when genuine conservatives and libertarians speak up.

    Trump could have endorsed liberty-minded Republicans in these primaries and Trump still could in the next. Trump can veto, powerfully. Trump can take as his own any and all proposals from genuine libertarians to responsibly eliminate small wars and eliminate exposure in forward bases; and to executively stop and legislatively repeal unconstitutional programs from agriculture to veterans healthcare bureaucracy.

    A megaphone is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. Trump now wants another UNFUNDED tax cut. In eight years, Trump will most likely add more to the national debt than Obama. Unlike Obama, he didn’t inherit a terrible recession either. Trump is a fiscal nightmare.

    1. “not stealing your money makes Trump awful!!!”

      1. Lol. If tax cuts are not offset with spending cuts, Trump isn’t “stealing less of our money.” The stealing is just being delayed. Eventually the debt needs to be paid off.

        Fake libertarian Trumpmorons are now okay with deficit spending. Lol.

        1. “not stealing your money still makes Trump awful!!!”

          1. You’re irrelevant.

            1. And yet you cannot stop trying to refute me.

              1. Trying AND succeeding, sock troll.

                1. So I’m not irrelevant, and you lost.

                  1. You’re always wrong. Therefore you are irrelevant.

                    1. Says the guy who lost and cant stop trying to refute me

    2. lol… Obama “inherit a terrible recession”?? No… Obama CREATED a terrible recession just like FDR CREATED the Great Depression. The projection of the left is almost too much to handle.

      1. The economy tanked in 2008 before he became president.

        1. No… The economy was headed downward as it has many many many times in the past – it took Obama to really TANK it and FDR to create a Great Depression.

  12. Unreason is pretty desperate. Buttgag is out and bernie is on a Nazi invasion of the low states.

    1. Desperate for what? They’re simply reporting the truth that Trump is the debt king.

      1. Thats not too local?

      2. FYI: The “debt king” is running 1/2-the deficit of your beloved Obama’s Administration.

  13. Trump said he was surprised to learn that thousands of Americans die of the flu each year.

    What a fucking God damn moron we have in the White House!

    1. Obama is visiting the White House?

      1. Wow! That comeback was sad, even for you. We get it. Trump not knowing basic facts doesn’t bother you.

        1. Trump sure seems to bother the fuck out of you though Hihney.

          1. You’re irrelevant. Lol.

            1. If that were true you would keep trying to refute me and crying at me HIHNEY.

              1. No crying. Just laughing, sock boy.

                1. Your tears prove otherwise crybaby.

    2. Actually I don’t care much what presidents or other political types have to say about it. They don’t control the flu. When it hits the fan “help or get out of my way”. The best they can do is listen to the pros and give them what they need to do the job. These comments from the White House just confuse people.

      How does Trump meeting with the pharm people help anything? It is just grandstanding. They should be back in their labs administrating or whatever.

      1. Wait, you think the people he met get ANYWHERE NEAR a lab?


        1. Trump should just keep his fat mouth shit about the corona virus since he knows nothing about it.

          1. “shit”

            You wouldn’t make such stupid mistakes if you were better educated and not totally triggered.

            1. He should keep his fat mouth BOTH shut AND shit.

              1. Ahahahah you fucked up ahahahaha

                1. The fact that you took the time to create another sock account with my name in it shows you’re obsessed with me. Lol. I win. I certainly don’t give a shot about you enough to do the same thing; you’re irrelevant.

                  And yeah, I “fucked up” and made a typo. Big deal. Trump is still an idiot.

                  1. Oh look, I fucked up again. I typed “shot” instead of “shit.” My troll will start screaming at me now. Lol.

                    1. Ahahahaha I’ve got him so scared he calls himself out and cries in advance omfg ahahahahahh

            2. Excuse me for using “Trump” and “shit” in the same sentence. Those two words just seem to go together so well.

              1. Ahahahha look how butthurt you are because I caught you fucking up ahahahahaha

                1. Butt hurt? Lol. I made a joke at Trump’s expense.

                  1. “Butt hurt? ”
                    Ahahaha irrefutable proof he’s super butthurt ahahahahah

                    1. Citations needed.

  14. Well, lets face the facts here – Socialism IS WHAT created the debt in the first place!!!! Pretending that Duct-Taping the root-cause is a better cure than actually fixing it is what this article says to a T.

  15. The president proposes, but congress disposes. And congress has spent many decades expanding programs that disburse taxpayer money to the people in exchange for votes.

    Now those programs have swelled so large they threaten to swallow the whole budget. Social Security, Medicare, servicing the federal debt, federal pensions, federal grants, and so many other “welfare” outlays are growing uncontrollably.

    There is no will in congress to slow that growth. Any attempt to reduce the rate of growth is met with partisan cries of “the president wants to end your [insert program here]”.

    If you aren’t willing to accept slower growth in programs, then you have no right to bleat on about the other Party blowing up the budget.

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