Trump's Budget Plan Is an Economic Fantasy

The president’s plan calls for modest cuts made easy by unlikely growth.


When President Donald Trump's budget proposal landed yesterday, Democrats were quick to denounce it as savage and inhumane.

The budget, which Trump officials say would balance in 2035, would "inflict devastating cuts to critical lifelines that millions of Americans rely on," according to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.). Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, called it "immoral," "shameful," and "profoundly unethical." Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.), another presidential hopeful, tweeted out a bunch of numbers purporting to show the dramatic cuts to entitlement programs Trump's plan calls for. 

There are at least a few problems with these responses, among them that Warren's Medicare numbers are wrong. 

As the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget notes, the budget calls for about $600 billion in Medicare cuts, not $750 billion. That's because some of the funds are not actually cut but reclassified, taken from one part of the Medicare budget and spent elsewhere. In addition, the cuts that Trump proposes aren't exactly radical overhauls: Similar proposals appeared in President Barack Obama's budgets, and in the proposals of Democratic presidential candidates. They would affect payments to providers, but would not directly reduce benefits, and could even lead to reduced costs for seniors in the program. 

But there is an even deeper problem with these attacks: None of these cuts are ever going to happen.

The president's annual budget proposal has about as much impact on the budget process as the lunch menu in the Rayburn House Office Building cafeteria, possibly less, given that one actually impacts the disposition of sitting members of Congress. No serious person, which admittedly excludes some presidential candidates, thinks otherwise, which is why virtually every news story about the budget has some version of a to-be-sure-this-does-not-matter caveat buried somewhere in the warnings about budget cuts and secret limited government radicalism. ("The White House budget is largely a messaging document," reports The New York Times. "The proposal is unlikely to become law," notes The Wall Street Journal. "What ultimately gets passed may show little resemblance to what the President has proposed," explains CNN.) GOP lawmakers are treating it with the sort of respect they usually reserve for protesters wearing sandwich boards: "In the end," Sen. Mike Enzi (R–Wyo.) told The Wall Street Journal, "they are just a list of suggestions." 

Acknowledgments that the president's budget plan won't pass are usually paired with an insistence that the budget is a "statement of priorities," or, per Pelosi, "a statement of values." The underlying argument is that even if the White House budget won't ever be passed into law, it's a guide to what the president would like to do, and it's reasonable to criticize him for it. 

This has certainly been true of administrations past, and it is fair up to a point. A presidential budget plan certainly tells us something about the president and how he believes the government should spend its—rather, your—money. 

But in the case of Trump I would argue that it is at least partially, and perhaps mostly, something else: a guide to how the president and his advisers want people to think he'd spend money. 

Hence the Medicare "cuts" which don't directly touch benefits; the elimination of Obamacare and the savings it would offer with promises to replace it but only vague hints as to what that might be; and, most of all, the assumption of super-charged economic growth over the next decade, well beyond what the Trump administration has accomplished so far, and well beyond what rival forecasters project. 

That projected boom doesn't just make the budget's hypothetical future economy look good. It makes the relatively modest cuts Trump calls for much easier to swallow by boosting tax revenues to the tune of about $4 trillion over the next decade, making the budget picture look far rosier than is remotely realistic. 

Trump's budget isn't a plan or a rough guide for Congress. It's a fantasy of economic boom times in which a soaring economy makes real fiscal challenges go away. It's an exercise in wishful thinking. 

That doesn't mean Trump's budget doesn't have some good ideas (fantasies sometimes do) or that it isn't worth arguing about (any major presidential document is worthy of serious and substantive analysis). But it does mean it's better understood as a sort of campaign flyer, a politician's gauzy vision of unlikely economic prosperity, than as a meaningful to-do list for lawmakers. 

As for Trump's true priorities, it's worth examining his record as it actually exists, in the form of the budgets that have passed and spending that has occurred under his watch. As Chris Edwards, a budget scholar at the Cato Institute, notes, with the help of both Republican and Democratic leadership in Congress, Trump's promises of spending cuts and debt reduction have been largely hollow, and that wouldn't change even if Trump's budget plan were somehow to pass in full.

Notably, the trajectory of federal spending under Trump has been upwards in both domestic and military spending—in contrast to Obama, who spent a little less on both during the same time. 

As Edwards writes, "Trump has been a big spender across the board." 

That's due at least in part to a series of temporary budget deals Congress passed under his watch, in which Republicans demanded increased spending on defense, and Democrats demanded increased spending on domestic programs, and the two sides compromised by agreeing to spend more on both. 

Over the coming year, you can expect more of the same. As The Wall Street Journal reports, lawmakers will likely "punt final decisions on 2021 spending until after the November presidential election, and instead fund the government with temporary spending measures for the first few months of the fiscal year." This sort of crude congressional dealmaking has been the reality under Trump, and it is this—not the president's fantasy budgets—that is all but certain to continue. 

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  1. To be fair, the last few years have been an economic fantasy and I’m quite enjoying it.

    1. http://www.multpl.com/us-real-gdp-growth-rate

      Both the mean and the median real GDP growth rates over the last 70 years are over 3%. Will the economy hit 3% every year? No. But some years it will be better. I don’t think assuming a 3% growth rate over a twenty year period is unrealistic much less a fantasy.

      But Suderman is butt hurt and even under normal conditions expecting him to be honest is a very big ask indeed.

      1. “Specifically, the [Obama] Administration forecasts average annual growth of 3.6 percent from 2010 to 2017, compared with 3.1 percent for CBO.”


      2. Where’s my 5% growth, bag holder.

        1. We have the lowest employment rate in 50 years. And real wages for the bottom third of the labor market are growing for the first time in decades.

          And even worse, black unemployment is at an all time low. It must really burn your sorry racist white savior complex ass to see all of those black people making a living on their own without the help of benevolent superior white people. Leftists like you are just disgusting people.

          1. Where’s my 5% growth, bag holder? That’s where Dear Leader said it should be. What’s the labor force participation rate, John?

            1. That was just asinine, and demonstrated that your only rejoinder is sophomoric trope.

              1. Poor shriek just can’t get his tongue out Obama’s asshole.

                Well, at least until the next democrat wins the presidency.

          2. Funny thing is I made crazy money in the stock market after the crash by going in hard at the bottom of the market (well very close to the bottom). I remember being all smiles during O’s time “running the economy”. Of course any rational adult knows they dont run it, they merely try and hold on and help steer the business cycle ever so slightly; though its much more heavily influenced by outside factors than any actual prez.

            At that same time, and after seeing massive return on my investment (and happily continuing to this day, at a similar rate) I remember constantly being reminded by the conservative zealots that this was the worst economy ever, even though stock market was up, unemployment down, returns constantly escalating, it was dismal and the end of real economic growth. It was always comical to hear. And any gain in unemployment was not real, it was people leaving the labor force, as it plummeted lower and lower. The economy was terrible, despite the dow more than doubling. Partisan goggles.

            Now those same folk, even as early as 1 year into the trump presidency, tout the same numbers, the same dow/SP trajectory (actually, call me when it doubles under the fat orange slob), the low unemployment, the same economic growth (1-3%, sometimes 4, no different than under the evil black man) as god’s gift toward economics. Anyone with the smallest sense could step back and see the trend, but the retarded dems want to think it was all black messiah that did it, and the retarded R zealots (you and your friends on this board) think its all trump…further proving you are both just the opposite sides of the same tribal, partisan, predictable coin as the low watt kids on left wing twitter and the media.

            You are the same: same IQ, same faults, you just pray to a different god. None of you are libertarians.

            1. amen

    2. It’s like it’s 2014-2016 all over again!

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    3. As we have discussed on here before, the ideal situation is a Democratic President and a Republican Congress. That’s when the government spending is slowed the most.

      1. Small sample size (2: Clinton and Obama) and the Obama example is complicated by not exactly being accurate. $9 trillion added to the debt in 8 years, 6 of which had R Congress.
        So what exactly are you basing this conclusion on?

        1. Republicans are only fiscally responsible when they don’t have the presidency.

          1. So… “faith”
            Maybe sit this one out

            1. No, facts. Undeniable facts.

              1. Obama equaled the debt of all previous presidents combined.
                So what are your facts, eunuch?

          2. Fair enough; but what we don’t see much of during a Republican presidency is American’s heads getting chopped off, ambassador headquarters getting invaded all the while just ignoring it and sending more and more American ‘bribe’ money to the root evil in hopes they’ll stop terrorizing. Or maybe the D-party subsidizes them just so they will chop American heads off; who knows. There’s a heck of a lot more than one element in which Democrats are undeniably enemies of America especially when it comes to the very definition being the Constitution..

    4. Trump’s First 3 Years Created 1.5 Million Fewer Jobs Than Obama’s Last 3

      New Labor Department statistics show that despite Trump’s repeated boasts, job creation was a lot higher during Barack Obama’s final years.

      1. Obama inherited an economy at the bottom of the business cycle and a lot further away from full employment than Trump did. So of course he was going to create more jobs. He inherited high unemployment. He had nowhere to go but up.

        My God you people are fucking stupid. Just dumb as fucking posts.

        1. John, Obama “inherited an economy” from a Republican. Furthermore the comparison was between the LAST THREE years of Obama’s presidency. You’re just an easily triggered dishonest person. It’s no wonder you like Trump.

          1. Poor sock troll. No citations.

      2. Poor <a leftist sock troll. citation fell off.

        1. You’re fucked up un the head.

          1. Poor sock troll.

  2. As I recall Obama clearly spent trillions more, not even county the quantitative easing moneys, so where do these numbers in the graph come from

    1. counting not county

    2. Chris Edwards at Charles Koch’s Cato. Proud “Never Trumper” and fabulist.

      1. “Charles Koch’s Cato”


        1. Mike Bloomberg on line 2. Says “duuuuuuuuuuuh I get it done.”

    3. W had the $700 B TARP in 2008 (that was actually repaid, IIRC)
      The 2009 Stimulus technically happened in W’s 8th fiscal year.

      Makes the baseline really sweet for Obama.

    4. I guess you remember wrong.

      1. Tarp was done by Bush. Quit trying to twist the facts to fit your agenda.

        1. Which part of “Obama voted for it in the Senate and it was executed when Obama was President with his support” do you not understand?

          Quit being so fucking stupid. Of if you can’t do that, try and comment less and stick to posts that are simple, use small words, and that you might have a chance at understanding. I really have long stopped having any sympathy or patience for your low fucking IQ and inability to understand simple points.

          1. John, John, John. Just submit. These sock trolls will say anything to post that Obama and Democrats are the best. It works for Lefty Propaganda sites that still have comments.

            1. Fuck that.. they want to come on here and spew bullshit and try to tell us how libertarians should act or think. It’s fun to knock them down a few pegs and show them for the retards they are. Besides it’s usually fun watching John blast these guys.

              1. I agree = Besides it’s usually always fun watching John blast these guys.

                1. +1000

        2. Tarp costs 1/4 the price of AARP(The full-on Democrats Plan) and Tarp actually didn’t cost taxpayers a damn penny in the end as the loan was paid back in full and then some.

          How do we know the media is full of lefty propaganda – when everyone knows what TARP is and no one knows about the AARP.

    5. He’s pretty transparent about where the numbers come from.

      The data comes from Table 6.1 here with one exception. I’ve adjusted spending for 2009 to remove TARP and the stimulus bill. That affects the calculations for Bush II and Obama, as I explain here.

      Only partially out of his ass.

      1. LOL… I think everyone saw some lefty cherry-picking going on in that graph.

  3. But Elizabeth Warren is a serious budget wonk. Right?

  4. Sequestermaggedon II: The Catfoodastrophe

    1. Will be less of a hit than the poorly received original.

  5. Wow, that last graph doesn’t even pretend to be honest, huh.

    1. It’s honest. Just disingenuous.

    2. The last graph pushed Tarp onto Bush. This despite the fact that Obama voted for Tarp while in the Senate and that the Tarp money was largely spent while he was President.

      Suderman is a shameless liar.

      1. The 2009 stimulus is usually assigned to W as well. Obama’s first budget would have been 2010, since he didn’t come into office until after there was a 2009 budget.

        1. The stimulus was passed in the spring of 09 and was one of the first things Obama did while in office. Everyone knows Suderman is a liar, but why does reason allow him to lie so brazenly in their publication?

          1. Yeah, Obama spent a couple hundred billion in the midst of a looming economic depression with the catastrophic results that right-wing people hawking gold on the radio predicted. For your sake, Bubba, I hope you didn’t take any of their advice seriously. I crammed as much money as I could in the stock market in 2008-2009.

            1. Obama $900 billion dollars claiming it was for “shovel ready” projects when in fact the vast majority of it went to shore up state and local government pension plans.

              So, why don’t you go lie somewhere where everyone is as pig ignorant as you are and might believe you. Understand, here people are not pig ignorant everyone is smarter than you. So, all you are doing here is embarrassing yourself.

              1. Obama spent $900 billion over what was already being proposed by Bush, John. Where’d you get that number, John? El Rushbo?

                1. That is how much the stimulus cost originally. Try and state something halfway intelligent sounding, rather then batshit crazy partisan.

                2. “…El Rushbo?…”

                  Fucking lefty ignoramuses spend at least half their lives coming up with ‘clever’ nicknames which embarrass 1st-grade kids.
                  Given LTAL’s idocy, nearly his entire life; he sure doesn’t spend any time writing mortgage checks.
                  Fuck off and die, scumbag.

                  1. “Fucking lefty ignoramuses spend at least half their lives coming up with ‘clever’ nicknames which embarrass 1st-grade kids.”

                    How does one become this self-unaware? Amazing.

                    Trump is the king of the childish nickname. Pure projection, just like last time; just like every time.

                    1. Really? So the left wasn’t calling their fellow Americans tea-baggers in 2009? Admit it, this has been a long term strategy of the left. You are just pissed that Trump decided to use your tactics against you. And don’t try to pretend you aren’t a dyed in the wool leftist. Everyone is well aware of your bullshit claims.

                    2. Trump is the king of the childish nickname.

                      What the fuck ever, Stolen Valor.

                      He treats people like you exactly like you’ve treated everyone else for years…and exactly as you deserve to be treated. If Trump is insulting someone, odds are he wasn’t the one who made the first dig, he’s just returning the favor. What really pisses leftists like yourself off (besides getting treated like the human garbage you are) is that he’s a lot better at the insult game than you are and he makes you look just as horrible as you actually are.

            2. I see you’re still slinging the same shit you were in 2009, eh shriek?

          2. On Wednesday evening, October 1, 2008, the Senate debated and voted on a revised version of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA 2008). The legislation was framed as an amendment to HR1424, substituting the entire bill with the newly revised text of the EESA 2008. The amendment was approved by a 74–25 vote, and the entire bill was also passed by the same margin, 74–25 (R: 34-15, D: 40-10)

            The revised HR1424 was received from the Senate by the House, and on October 3, it voted 263-171 to enact the bill into law. Democrats voted 172 to 63 in favor of the legislation, while Republicans voted 108 to 91 against it.

            The EESA created TARP bailouts.

        2. “”The 2009 stimulus is usually assigned to W as well. “‘

          Both were passed by democrat controlled congress.

          When we credit or blame the president. It should have an asterisk

        3. It would have been, if the Democrats had passed a budget for the three years they had control of the purse.

    3. The Bush Sr. and Obama drops in spending were a function of events beyond their control.

      Part of the drop during the Bush Sr. term was because of a recession, which is why he lost that election, and some of it was probably peace dividend spending cuts. You just don’t need to spend as much on defense when the Soviet Union isn’t there anymore.

      The Obama drops were almost entirely recession related. It had nothing to do with his intent to cut spending. He spent every penny he could.

      The cuts during the Clinton years were inflicted on him over his objections and against his will when Gingrich shut down the government. Perot deserves more credit for those cuts than Clinton.

      1. And the cuts in Obama’s second term were also inflicted on him via sequestration.

        1. +1000

          The GOP controlled Congress owned Obama’s ass.

      2. Clinton used the line item veto to reduce spending.
        I wouldn’t say anything was inflicted on Clinton. He was well adapt in negotiating with republican legislature to get a balanced budget from his days as Gov in AR.

        1. There is no “line item veto” for Presidents.

          They have repeatedly asked by Congress has not authorized that.

        2. He tried to use the line item veto and the courts slapped him down.

          1. The Republicans supported a line item veto when Clinton was in office, and passed the Line Item Veto Act in 1996, but the Supreme Court shot it down in 1998 in Clinton v. City of New York as an unconstitutional overreach.

            Basically, you’d need a constitutional amendment to make it happen.


        3. He also stole $4T from Social Security funds and presided during the dot com bubble.

  6. Everything is a fantasy before it’s enacted, and Trump’s enthusiasm for cutting entitlement programs like Medicaid is in sharp contrast to the reality of Bernie Sanders’ insistence that cutting socialist programs like Medicaid is, “immoral,” “shameful,” and “profoundly unethical.”

    The other thing that isn’t a fantasy is that if and when Bernie Sanders (or any other Democrat) is elected President, without Trump’s fantasies about cutting eligibility and spending on Medicaid, libertarian capitalists will need to rely on the principles of Mitch McConnell to stop Medicare for all.

    Mitch McConnell’s capitalist principles are made of glass and have already been shattered repeatedly.

    That’s fucking reality.

  7. “”Congress passed under his watch, in which Republicans demanded increased spending on defense, and Democrats demanded increased spending on domestic programs, and the two sides compromised by agreeing to spend more on both. “”

    Neither are worth a damn on cutting spending.

  8. Warren’s Medicare numbers are wrong.

    With all due respect, are *any* of Warren’s numbers correct?

  9. This is why we can’t have reasonable conversations about … anything.

    This article is a classic example of what it purports to report on. The budget is a political fiction, but here’s a very serious graph about spending under each president. As opposed to under each legislative party.

    Add in the “obvious” fact that a President doesn’t submit a budget for his first year in office. Therefore Obama’s baseline is the 2009 spending. W is the president that submitted the budget for 2009, but it was immediately changed by Obama, Pelosi et al in February 2009.

    And then there’s $700B TARP, that W did support, but was later repaid by the banks (I think).

    Another giant chunk of federal spending was the unemployment funding. That isn’t budgeted in a meaningful way. Congress sets a program/formula for spending and it runs on autopilot. It’s as bipartisan and spending could possibly be. And it’s a huge fraction of the 2009 spending that again raises the Obama baseline without being “his fault.”

    Now, this is just the bullshit that I can remember off the top of my head that fundamentally undermines the core of this article. What about all the prior administrations?

  10. I wonder how Suderman squares his years long skepticism with Trump’s attempts to cut Medicaid with Suderman’s criticism of cutting taxes because it’s bad for the deficit.

    (Not Cutting Medicare) + (Can’t Cut Taxes) = Libertarian Capitalism?

    I don’t think so.

    Here’s my formulation:

    From each according to their ability, to each according to their need = authoritarian socialism.

    From each according to the ability = taxes.

    To each according to their need = Medicaid

    (Taxes) + (Medicaid) = socialism.

    (Opposing Taxes) + (Opposing Medicaid) = libertarian capitalism.

    I’ll take any tax cut I can get. I’ll take any Medicaid cuts I can get.

    I remember when gay marriage was a fantasy.

    I remember when recreational marijuana was a fantasy.

    Cutting Medicaid isn’t any more of a fantasy than those were, and they both became reality.

  11. what budget plan *isn’t* economic fantasy?

    1. When it’s a Low Budget. Then it’s a Rock and Roll Fantasy.

      1. only to Celluloid Heroes. Paranoia’s the destroyer.

        1. One this is certain. If we don’t get the budget under control, sooner or later we’ll be saying “Where Have All The Good Times Gone”, and living like an Apeman.

          1. Good Times was an excellent Van Halen cover too. wish I could fly like Superman.

  12. “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.). Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, called it “immoral,” “shameful,” and “profoundly unethical.”
    It would be interesting to see how Trump’s budget proposal stacks up with what the spending was in, say, Obama’s 2009 actual budget. Sometimes the “outrage” is simply b.s. because spending has increased well beyond what one’s particular hero actually spent some years before.

  13. Hey, look, put a graph up which questions the budget priorities of all the GOP fanboys around here and everybody wants to start ripping up their subscriptions. You guys must have problems with high blood pressure, right?

    1. Priorities: only what is constitutionally the realm of the federal government, e.g. national security, maritime security, immigration, etc. Nowhere does it say retirement accounts, public education, welfare, medical care etc. At best, those would be the realm of the states, under the 9th and 10th amendments.

    2. GOP fanboys aren’t quite as immune and accepting of lies, deception and flat-out crooks as the other side is.

      1. Ha! Good one. The party that hates scientists and expertise in general is the party for truth. The party that nominates the most dishonest American public persona there is for president is the truth party. Sure thing.

        1. “GOP is the party that hates scientists and expertise”

          Funny statement from a supporter of the party of anti-GMO, anti-vaxx, crystal-wearing, chakra-feeling, birth-canal-fairy-believing, astrology-loving, witch-larping, holistic-medicine-practicing, homeopathic fantasists

        2. Now do the Russia hoax

        3. An entire post that is nothing but am appeal to authority? And considering all the anti-science bullshit I see from the left, I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

  14. Shorter Suderman:
    Trump’s “modest” budget cuts aren’t really much. They probably won’t happen anyway.
    Dems think these are “shameful” and “immoral”.
    Obama cut spending and Trump is an asshole.

    FFS why don’t we just rename this The Nation and drop the whole pretense.

    1. why don’t we just rename this The Nation

      The Nation is too conservative. Izvestiya and the Daily Worker are too populist and lowbrow to match up with our urbane Reasonistas.
      Maybe Jacobin mag?

  15. Pete, you have read the constitution, right?
    The president has nothing to do with the federal government budget and spending; it is ALL on the legislature.
    Just because they pass a law claiming the president has to propose a ‘budget’ doesn’t mean that ‘budget’ has any force at all.
    A president could propose a budget that eliminated all federal spending outside the military and courts, and raises taxes 500%. Doesn’t mean a thing.

  16. What does it matter, what Congress says the budget will be? Trump will ignore Congress, and divert who-knows-how-much of it, to building His Big Beautiful Walls, instead! WHEN are the Mexicans going to pay for it, as we were promised?

    Trump planning to divert additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall

  17. $756 billion in Medicare cuts
    $920 billion in Medicaid cuts
    $24 billion in Social Security cuts

    Since these were on Warren’s twitter, can I assume it’s a total lie?

    1. You may so assume.

  18. Presidents propose budgets each year, but Congress usually declares them Dead On Arrival.

    The deficit and national debt has less to do with a particular President, but rather how poorly the Legislative branch does addressing either the deficit or national debt.

    A good article would be how the Legislative branch has failed to do it’s job and address the deficit and national debt. We could elect a inanimate object as President and the deficit and national debt would still grow exponentially.

    I agree that someone or anyone in Washington DC should do something about the lack of fiscal responsibility, but at best we would get lip service and not actual concrete actions.

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  20. We’ll never get out of this mess without wholesale gutting of the government… But people are too dumb/comfortable for it now.

    It will take a major crisis before we will ever straighten shit out. At least he’s throwing out proposed cuts that will never happen… Do you know what the budget would have looked like with Hag or Sanders in there???

    1. The Dems will think your cruelty makes Genghis Khan look like a gentle, forgiving soul.

      1. In truth, if given the power, I WOULD make Genghis Khan look like a gentle, forgiving soul.

        But the progtards have it coming, so I wouldn’t feel bad about it. Free helicopter rides for all!

  21. National debt 23 trillion dollars. Federal government net worth when figuring including unfunded future obligations 75 trillion dollars.
    Name the Federal budget in the last 40 years that has not been an economic fantasy?

  22. If Trump’s budget is fantasy does that make the Democrats budget Epic High Fantasy?

  23. Trump budget is a complete fantasy. Only the realism of Bernie Sanders communism can save us.

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  25. Trump isn’t doing enough because he signed a budget passed by a veto proof majority, but his proposing cuts is pure fantasy and he is a dangerous demagogue if he threatens a veto that will result in a government shutdown?

    1. Sounds about right according to Reason!

    2. Right?

      I think Trump lost the last round of let’s play government shutdown. So why would he want to play it again?

      1. Republicans always loose the government shutdown, rather they have the presidency or not.

  26. Of all the things that disappoint me about POTUS Trump, spending is close to, or at the top of the list. To his credit, at least he is proposing a very modest spending reduction. I know it will be DOA, but at least now he can credibly say he proposed something.

    Is it worth a government shutdown to hold out for spending cuts in an election year?

    1. It would be great if Congress gave Trump a short term spending bill to last until he is reelected. That wont happen because Trump probably wont risk the turmoil of a federal shutdown during an election year. Republicans in the Senate helped stall any budgets from the House and that is risky in an election year. Democrats wont let Trump have that kind of power after he is reelected. It will be a full FY spending bill or nothing.

      Anything can happen though.

      I would bet on a government shutdown for FY2021 as more likely and winnable for Trump. He has nothing to lose.

    2. Not if you don’t get re-elected. And as the ragin’ cajun stated on MSNBC the other night (though referring to the Democrats) “winning is what it is all about.” If you can’t win, you can’t implement your policies. Pragmatism is a bitch!

    3. He proposed even bigger cuts in his first budget, only to see RINO squish Paul Ryan shoot them down immediately.

      Until we hold Congress responsible, any President is incapable of doing anything to fix the budget.

  27. Trump’s Budget Plan Is an Economic Fantasy

    Sadly, nothing new here. Name a government since 1900 that had a budget that wasn’t based on fantasy.

    1. Might go back even further then that.

  28. “…But in the case of Trump I would argue that it is at least partially, and perhaps mostly, something else: a guide to how the president and his advisers want people to think he’d spend money…”

    Isn’t it great to have a source for a view into Trump’s mind?

    1. Wanting people to think how he’d spend money and as a guidepost for presidential priorities, how are these two different?

  29. Nothing has, or ever will change. All politicians if any stripe can do is promise us all sorts of economic greatness if only we will adopt their view and give them more of our money to spend. Government creates nothing, except more government jobs. Private industry cracked the human genome, eradicated many diseases, built out the internet, gave us cars, planes, ease of communication, etc., etc. In fact, where would noisemakers from Mr. Trump to Hollywood celebrities be without that private business invention Twitter? All of this pointless cheering for one team or another is really just a lot of noise.

  30. So the President requests budget cuts and Reason immediately blames him for not being “realistic” in his requested cuts, even though the fault lies with Congress’ (and especially the Democrats’) refusal to support any budget cuts at all. Trump gets blasted the same as if he’d requested no cuts at all.

    You’re a fucking shill, Cuckerman.

  31. Another Reason satire column?

  32. why is Obama domestic spending left out of the chart? The 800B stimulus spending was enormous…wtf?

    The reality is after Nixon ended Breton Woods there was NO reason to keep deficit spending low..bond vigilantes were murdered by the Fed. When you can’t cut 10B from a 4T budget without “throwing at risk groups into the street” u have entered the total FU zone. End Medicare and Medicaid…make SS paid from the general fund and make it means tested…problems ended. Ron Paul was the last hope for an economy based on limited govt and liberty…honestly it just doesn’t matter anymore until the interest crowds out the goodies..then it will get interesting…massive taxes? No..more likely the Fed rolling over the debt at zero percent or just a debt jubilee.

  33. This is a traditional budget not anything new thinking or inovation.

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