Brickbat: Bad Grooming


The British government is refusing to release research it conducted into so-called grooming gangs, which sexually exploit young girls. The government says releasing the information would not be in the "public interest." Officials say the information will only be used internally for policy making. "In addition, the information could be misleading if made public and used out of context," the government said in a letter to The Independent newspaper. The Independent reports that authorities identified 19,000 suspected victims of child exploitation just in 2019.

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  1. It is almost as if they are hiding something.

    1. “Uh, well it turns out this isn’t really a thing and we’re panicking everybody for no reason.”

      “Shit, don’t let THEM know that!”

      1. That was my thought. Maybe we are just way too cynical, but I have yet to hear anything rational out of that crowd concerning sex workers.

        This is admittedly a topic of which I have no direct knowledge.

        In fact, I only have questions. The primary question on the profession side is: Why are there street walker hookers out at 9 am when I’m dropping the kids off at school? Most mornings they are out there (on Dixie Highway, which is incidentally about to lose it’s name due to PC culture), wearing not unreasonably suggestive clothing and carrying gigantic purses. Usually 1 or 2, well spaced. Sometimes 3.

        They are way too old for the work, one would think from looking at them.

        Who the heck contracts the services of a burned out street hooker at 9 in the morning? I have never seen one get picked up, or even being spoken to, despite having passed them at least 5 times a week, every week for 2 school years. It is like that mattress store that never has anyone in it, but it is always open….. only for hookers instead of mattresses.

        1. Didn’t you ever watch My Name is Earl? Day hookers are the ones who can’t make it as night hookers.

          1. Excellent TV reference. Fantastic show for its short run.

      2. Or, considering this is England and the ones most accused have been immigrants from predominantly Islamic countries, it could be the information confirms the public perception. Given England (and Europe’s) unwillingness to confront Islamic crime and label it as such, would my scenario be at all unlikely?

        1. You are correct.

      3. Either that or there are royals/government officials involved.

  2. Orwell was an optimist.

  3. “In addition, the information could be misleading if made public and used out of context,”

    The context being that the “Asians” are doing ten times more raping and pillaging than the average Englishman but only one-tenth the amount they’d be doing if they were still back home so it’s a matter of perspective. Sure, Vlad the Impaler was no Shirley Temple, but he was no Genghis Khan either so let’s not blow this thing all out of proportion.

  4. Now, if you want to know who tweeted insensitive remarks, the crown will be happy to give you the perpetrator’s home address.

    1. Cuts to the quick in one concise blow. Well played, as always!

  5. So in other words, if your daughters want to study abroad, go ahead and cross England off of the list.

    1. Your daughters will be fine if they are older than 14, sadly enough. Look at the data on this, its truly shocking and sad.

      1. Where are the fucking parents?

        1. Afraid of getting stabbed to death, mostly.

          1. Have they moved on from tossing acid in your face?

        2. Veeery poor choice of words!
          –The Joker

      2. I thought we weren’t allowed to see the data.

    2. Your sons aren’t safe, either, if they’re young enough.

  6. “It’s not research, it’s an instruction manual.”

    1. “It’s a cookbook!!”


  7. grooming gang

    Nice band name.

    1. Are you familiar with the “Porno Grind” genre? I’d be surprised if that name is not already in use.

  8. I thought Britain had the equivalent of FOIA, but I guess not. In any case, i wonder if the gangs’ victims are mostly fellow so-called Asians (somehow I don’t think they are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or even Indians) or mostly European girls.

    In any case, where are the parents? As much as I think the helicopter parenting paranoia around here that leads total panic about child abductions when a soccer mom sees so much as a white van parked nearby is ridiculous—it sounds like British football/cricket mums could stand to feel a bit of that over-protectiveness.

    1. Doubtful. Look how much the phrase “The ministers decided…” is used.

    2. Well, based on the big sex trafficking ring that was going on in Rochdale for decades, I’d guess it’s white girls. I’d also wonder if the British government is aware of more trafficking rings, but are ignoring them in order to “prevent racism”, just like Rochdale. Seriously, everyone involved in that needs to be locked up for life.

      1. On the one hand, the government (and interested Establishment in general) in the UK stirs up fear of phantom pedophilia at every opportunity. On the other, they suppress knowledge of actual sex offenses, to serve a still higher aim of theirs.

        Perhaps they’re deliberately setting themselves up as the bad guys to instill greater paranoia.

    3. The US has “Freedom of Information” laws. The UK has the “Official Secrets Act”*. Draw your own conclusions.

      *”The Official Secrets Act is to protect Officials, not Secrets”

  9. Are they driving white vans?

    1. I’m guessing taxi cabs.

      1. I’m guess they are white Standard Atlas vans made by British Leyland. The positive aspect is that one out of three mornings, the groomers can’t get their vans to start at all thanks to electrical issues that no one on earth can figure out.

        There’s an old joke that goes, “Why do the British drink warm beer? Because they have British refrigerators.”

  10. Look up the Rochdale case if you want to have a good idea of how these fucks are operating.

  11. “It’s not research, it’s an instruction manual.”

    That could very well be the fear.

  12. Well if you can’t arrest these grooming gangs because of RACISM!!!!!!, then how could a report on it all possibly be released?

    For sure you can lock up entire communities because of phony satanic child abuse scares but those were evil (innocent) WHITE people.

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