Election 2020

Pete Buttigieg Drops Out of Presidential Race Following Poor South Carolina Showing

Promises to fight for Democratic nominee


Joe Biden's strong showing in South Carolina's primary has put an end to Pete Buttigieg's attempt to offer himself up as a more moderate alternative to the likes of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.).

Tonight the former South Bend, Ind., mayor announced he was suspending his campaign, a day after he came in fourth in South Carolina's primary, getting fewer votes than Tom Steyer, who dropped out Saturday night.

"Our goal has always been help unify Americans to beat Donald Trump and to win the era for our values," Buttigieg said in his concession speech Sunday evening. But after acknowledging that his path to victory has narrowed following a poor performance in South Carolina, he announced his own campaign was over. He didn't throw his support behind a particular candidate, but said he would "do everything in my power to make sure we have a new Democratic president in the White House come January."

Buttigieg drew remarkable attention for a candidate who had held no previous federal office, was only 38 years old, and a fairly thin political resume. He barely edged out Sanders in Iowa to win the most delegates in that state, but did not fare as well in subsequent races.

Buttigieg is openly gay and married, and the mix of his sexuality and his unwillingness to rush as far to the left as candidates like Sanders and Warren caused friction with other vocal LGBT activists and writers. He inspired a number of think pieces about whether he was "gay enough," chin-stroking, self-absorbed essays that were barely about Buttigieg at all but really about the person writing it and the gap between the writer's experiences and Buttigieg's. The worst vitriol aimed at Buttigieg came not from religious conservatives but from those who were clearly upset that the first major openly gay candidate for president wasn't some fire-breathing radical looking to smash capitalism and arrest Wall Street. (Spencer Kornhaber at The Atlantic highlights some of the worst here.)

As for his actual positions, Buttigieg was a mixed bag for those who prioritize liberty. His most admirable position was his call for the decriminalization of all drug possession. He didn't go as far as calling for full legalization, but his platform was very clear that he opposed incarceration for drug use.

Buttigieg also used his experience as a military veteran, a Navy intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan, to call for the removal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and the ending of our current wars. He called for future Congressional Authorizations for Use of Military Force to come with automatic three-year sunsets.

And he at least acknowledged that too much national debt was a bad thing (though he didn't really propose how to cut it and had his own plan for massive spending increases), his health care plan didn't call for forcing everybody to give up private insurance into a nationalized system, and his free college proposal had an income cap for participants. That marked him as a "moderate" in this election, which just shows how much that Overton Window has been shifted among the Democratic electorate.

On the "bad ideas" side, Buttigieg pandered to unions, calling for employees in the gig economy be allowed to unionize, even though such a plan would essentially gut the system, cause labor costs to skyrocket, and make it extremely hard for people to work as freelancers.

If his government spending plans and intervention plans seemed modest, it was only in comparison with the extremely expensive, intrusive proposals from the likes of Warren and Sanders. In reality, Buttigieg was very much a big government, big spending guy who seemed reasonable compared to those who insisted that the government could provide everything to everybody by taxing the rich and attacking Wall Street.

Buttigieg's worst proposal is one he shared with fellow failed candidate Rep. John Delaney (D–Md.), a year of national service by young Americans when they reach 18. He stopped short of saying he'd make it legally mandatory (unlike Delaney), but nevertheless said he believed that forcing young adults to work for the government for a year would foster "social cohesion," showing how little he understood many of his fellow Americans.

In the end, his campaign did remarkably well given his initial lack of name recognition or concrete history of success to point to. If nothing else, he shows that there is a good chunk of Democrats out there still who have some hard limits about how much of our economy and personal lives they think government should control. But the open gleeful viciousness in the way he's been attacked by people looking to drag the party further to the left toward more socialism is indicator of a party fracture that's going to last for a while.


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  1. Lol!

    I’m laughing at any and all the small donors to Mayor Pete’s campaign.

    1. I am one of those small donors and I have no regret. Pete Buttigieg is a smart young kid and we will see more of him. I invested in the future.

      1. Lol. Can you name any actual firm positions failed mayor Pete had? He hedged every single soft position he had. He got the love of hollywood because he was gay. But he offered nothing of actual substance.

        1. I’d much rather a blank slate than the known corrupt and liars.

          1. He isn’t a blank slate. He’s a red diaper baby, indoctrinated by his avowed communist college professor father.

            Do you even know the slighted thing about this Marxist loser?

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      2. HAHA. Man, this day gets better and better.

        I wondered why kind of person would donate to a politician that has to use his gayness and was under the delusion thought he could beat the best president in US history.

        1. loveconstitution1789 : “delusion thought” = “best president in US history”

          But we’ve always known LC1789 is a Trump bootlicker to a freakish degree. Also Buttigieg had “to use his gayness” exactly how? I rather suspect that Love saw his “gayness” to a much larger degree than normal people, who only saw a politician doing such things that politicians do

          1. Yeah, “best president in US history” is too obvious a lie. He should’ve gone with media-honest; “best president in modern US history”.

            1. Best President in US history (thanks to democrats)

          2. You’re a communist piece of shit. Your opinion is worthless. Your presence makes the world a worse place to live in.

        2. poor unreason sock trolls.

        3. Best president in history – holy crap, take your head out of your ass.

      3. “I invested in the future”

        You invested in a living, breathing corporate buzzword and the physical incarnation of wine-mom focus group results.

      4. Like every other Dumbo running, Butt-Head is an immoral, retarded, perverted godless Big Govt. POS….His only endearing quality is he looked like Alfred S. Newman!

    2. OT: Chris Matthews is out at MSNBC. No more Hardball.

  2. As for his actual positions, Buttigieg was a mixed bag for those who prioritize liberty. His most admirable position was his call for the decriminalization of all drug possession. He didn’t go as far as calling for full legalization, but his platform was very clear that he opposed incarceration for drug use.


    His preference is for drug diversion in the criminal justice system, such as drug courts.

    And if you don’t show up to “drug court”?

    And if you do?

    1. But it isnt jail jail if you dont use the word jail.

  3. “Our goal has always been help unify Americans to beat Donald Trump and to win the era for our values,”

    I’ll buy the “beat Donald Trump” part; the rest is political bullshit for ‘more free shit’.
    This guy never did mention his dad was a bat-shit-crazy Marxist.

    1. Unity, like…

      Buttigieg said that he “can’t imagine” that God would be a Republican, and said that he would uphold Christian values if elected president, unlike Trump.


      Pete Buttigieg: Anyone who supports this is supporting racism. Eso es racismo, y sencilo.

      Unity. Calling your opponents anti religious racists. Unity.

  4. So what happens to his delegates?

    1. Depends on who’s buying and at what price…
      Politicos claim to be motivated by ‘higher concepts’; that means they start counting a $1M units.

    2. It used to be that, depending on state rules, delegates were bound to vote for their candidate on the first round but were free after that. Generally they would be expected to vote for whoever the candidate endorsed – with a sufficient number of delegates in a contested convention, that would be whichever candidate offers Mayor Pete the best position in his administration.

      1. This.

        It only matters in a contested convention though, which remains unlikely.

        1. A congested convention appears to be the most likely outcome according to almost every one who has studied the issue.

    3. I was kinda surprised that he dropped out so early considering he was in 3rd place, I would have thought he could have waited at least for Super Tuesday… My guess would be that he made a deal to drop out before Super Tuesday in exchange for a VP slot or another juicy role in exchange for his delegates.

      1. Almost certainly. His fallback is probably some paid contributor gig to MSNBC.

  5. Oh, and we also dodged a very badly aimed bullet when Tom Steyer went back to his Pacific Heights home and wrote all those checks.
    Damn! If he’d have stayed in the race longer, he could have enriched marketing folks in several more states. Blow it all on your ego-centric bullshit Tom! You deserve to live among those you’d impoverish by your wet dreams.

    1. Albertans were relieved when Steyer stopped using his money to bully and harass them. They’re terrified that he’ll resume his persecution again.

  6. He inspired a number of think pieces about whether he was “gay enough,” chin-stroking, self-absorbed essays that were barely about Buttigieg at all but really about the person writing it and the gap between the writer’s experiences and Buttigieg’s.

    Cue the writers wondering why and how long we have to wait for our first gay president.

    1. I am pretty sure we already had a gay president.

      1. Wife is a golfer, watches golf. Seems the PGA has no gay golfers! Really!
        The LPGA suffers no such fantasy…
        For NASCAR fans, it’s likely Tim Richmond was a kick-ass driver who was gay.

        1. Jury is still out on Richmond. He was a sex addict, that much is documented, but he had a palette that included both men AND women, and in extraordinary numbers, coupled with intravenous drug use. His AIDS could have come from numerous sources.

          1. IF he had ONE male sex partner, he was gay to the NASCAR audience, regardless of where he contracted the disease.
            He WAS a hell of driver, and I’m sorry he didn’t get the chance to run with the best of the time.

        2. Richmond was banned for testing positive for ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine? What did NASCAR have against Advil and Sudafed?

          1. Maybe he wasn’t really gay, perhaps he just liked to suck some dick once in a while.

      2. Just because James Buchanan had a close male friend from Alabama who was really into whips and chains doesn’t mean…well, maybe it does, but there’s no proof.

        1. I envy Colonel King the pleasure of meeting you & would give any thing in reason to be of the party for a single week. I am now “solitary & alone,” having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well & not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.

          Nope, straight as an arrow, that Honorable James Buchanan!

          1. I’m familiar with that one.

            Here’s the latest scholarship on the relationship (bottom line: the author doesn’t think it’s proven, but it’s not as if they went out of their way to dispel the suspicions of contemporaries or later historians):


            1. Many male friendships of the era were extremely ardent, to a degree that would raise eyebrows today, but it’s hard to overlook that word “wooing” — or “romantic” for that matter. On the other hand, is there any chance he was exaggerating for effect or simply writing with tongue lodged firmly in cheek

              1. Not getting married was fairly unusual, though. And it sounds like he admits not being particularly interested in women in his discussion of his likely future wife. Who knows? Some people just aren’t that motivated by sex one way or another.

    2. There are some nice conspiracy theories out there that he isn’t really gay.

  7. I hope he at least got a nice house out of the deal. It doesn’t make much sense to me that he’d drop out of the race this close to Super Tuesday after so massively out-performing expectations. Even “for the good of the party” to keep from drawing off votes from the “moderate” nutjobs, it would take a lot to resist riding this thing all the way down unless you’ve gotten something out it – or maybe the promise of something on down the road.

    1. You reckon a sizable invoice to Bloomberg Inc?

      1. Either that or a friendly visit from Hillary.

        1. Gross.

    2. Many of those states have early voting. Doesnt matter much.

  8. Well, so long, Pete!

    Obviously, he’s a Democrat and wouldn’t vote for him in a million years. But of the bunch, he was the most decent one. Unfortunately for him, the base is looking to win in November, not to engage in a decency contest.

    1. Like you, there’s no way he’d have gotten my vote, but I’m far more skeptical of his “decency”:

      “Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto”

      You can’t paint the kid with the red color of his dad, but he spent many years listening to that bullshit and never once in his run mentioned that his dad was bat-shit-crazy.

      1. Yeah, it’s hardly a coincidence that no media figure bothered to ask him why he tried to paint Bernie as a radical when he’s an actual red diaper baby himself.

      2. One could argue that the decent thing to do is not to throw your father under the bus because of his political/economic beliefs.
        Unless the son has expressed support for Marxism, I think it’s a big nothing.

      3. He wrote high school paper in 2000 about how them House rep. Bernie Sanders was the person he admired most. Bernie was not famous in 2000. Just a rank and file house member from Vermont.

        One would have to be a huge commie shitbag to single him out to write such a paper. Especially when that someone is a high school kid Indiana.

        1. Do you have the same beliefs as you did in high school/20 years ago? I know I don’t.

    2. No, of the bunch Klobuchar is probably the least crazy but she has no real shot. 20 years ago maybe but not anymore.

      1. eh, I’d have thought Gabbard, but again, no shot. She made the critical mistake of threatening the military-industrial complex’s bottom line.

        1. Which is why she might have been the only person I would have voted for, including the current Shitbag-In-Chief. I have never felt better about not voting in the US presidential elections (last did in ’92)…it’s a damned fool’s errand.

          US elections are all about arguing who gets to hold the steering wheel when the bus drives off the cliff.

  9. The compulsory military service thing was creepy. I mean, I’m too old to be concerned by it. But if applied, it would impoverish us all.

    It’s basically taking people at their prime productive age from the labor and business markets, and make them do barely productive things instead of engaging in wealth production that would contribute to the taxpaying instead of sucking from it, that would increase the supply of goods and services thus making said goods and services more affordable instead of, well, not doing that.

    But Dems never think in those terms. To them, labor and potential business initiative aren’t to be conserved for more efficient use, but to be wasted in some government nonsense.

    1. The only thing I can say about military service is that it convinced a lot of us how fucked up the government is and why it shouldn’t be in charge of anything. How many of those calling for government care would be still for it if they ever had to wait 3 hours at sick call just to get told to change their socks, drink plenty of water and take some ibuprofen? Or ever had to get up at 0300 hours to stand in the rain waiting for the armory to open only to not have the armorer show up until 0730? Or waited at Central supply for seven hours waiting to check out body armor? Only to have the supply throw a fit when you turn it in because he has a barely visible stain under the armor and now they want to charge you for it? Or spent a weekend cleaning the barracks because the battalion SM found a pubic hair in the latrine?

      1. I can make a pretty good bed. I can still strip and reassemble an M16 in about 4 minutes. I developed an enduring hatred for camping outside ever again. I learned that what we call rain is amusing. I learned other things too, but none of it is much more important than what I’ve documented. Count me ixnay on mandatory government service.

        1. “I can make a pretty good bed…”

          One of my barrack buddies was proud to make a dime bounce on the sheet of his bunk; why, I never discovered.
          My ‘service’ was (impressed) during the Viet Nam war; I had little choice and I was happy to put ‘the service’ behind me the day of my discharge.
          It wasted several years of my life, adding to my resentment of the government in general.
          NEVER would any sort of mandatory ‘service’ (draft) be anything that got my support.

          1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am opposed to the draft. My remark was meant half tongue in cheek.

        2. If it ain’t raining we ain’t training.

        3. I lost any inclination towards camping too. Eight months living in a tent in the desert will do that.

      2. I actually thought about this, with disappointment, while watching Tulsi on Joe Rogan.

        One of the (maybe main) reasons she is so anti war is that she realizes what a shit show the military bureaucracy is and what a futile loss of life and treasure all this intervention is.

        But then she goes on to something like health care and unlearns this lesson and thinks the bureaucracy will do a fine job.

        1. “But then she goes on to something like health care and unlearns this lesson and thinks the bureaucracy will do a fine job.”

          Yeah, the assumption that ‘the military’ as opposed to ‘the government’ is the cause of the problem is widespread among the proggies.
          We often get lefty claims that cutting the military budget would solve the problem!

        2. There are no good democrats. That time is over.

          1. Ain’t no good republicans either.

            The biggest difference between democrats and republicans is the damn spelling.

            These days, they all pander to the same corporate donor base, and f*** you and me.

            America is a shithole.

    2. I don’t think much of his particular plan – but when Covid19 hits here like a freight train later this year, you’re gonna see the cost of us not having a reserve anymore.

      1. Explain, please. Show your work, show some citations.

        For instance, explain why paying market rates for emergency help is immoral, but slavery, aka “conscription”, is perfectly cromulent.

        Also explain why exposing all these slaves to a disease for which they need training is a better proposition than hiring already-trained people. Oh wait, it’s because in your mind, “conscription” only snags the least valued members of society, because you’ll make sure the politically connected right people will get all the exemptions necessary, probably by appointing them to well paid jobs managing the poorly paid slaves.

        1. You’ve wrestled all those nasty strawmen into the swamp haven’t you.

          Fact is that ‘paying market rates’ (cash) for something is itself a mindset that someone else will do whatever needs doing. That you can simply pay cash to someone else so the problem will go away. You can ignore the actual problem by throwing money at it. Somewhere out there someone already knows exactly what to do and already has experience dealing with Covid19 and all they need is sufficient pay in order to do that.

          The entire purpose of a militia is to provide a solution to the problem of how does a community deal with a threat to itself? This virus is absolutely as much of a threat to different communities as a hurricane or an earthquake or an invasion of commie zombie Muslims with exploding shoes. The obsession about linking militia solely to guns – or limiting ‘conscription’ to serving in some military venture overseas – is also in fact stupidity because in fact that obsession/mindset doesn’t do shit to deal with this particular threat.

          There are plenty of countries that understand the concept of ‘civil defense’ and link it with active service. So that when an unknown threat emerges like a freight train, people do not panic. They MOBILIZE instead.

          Let me assure you. Those countries that have included natural disasters, disease outbreaks, etc — will be able to deal with this covid19 threat FAR FAR better than the US. Fewer people will die (age adjusted deaths at least since this virus seems to have highly disparate effects by age) in those countries as a direct result of that – and it will cost far less too.

          Like it or not – there are alternatives to viewing every fucking thing as a market transaction paid in cash. Payment in time – or kind – is actually a far more inclusive way for people to contribute to their community when their community needs it. Focusing solely on ‘cash’ as fulfillment of that obligation is in fact nothing but tailoring an entire society towards the way the wealthy (who possess and often control the distribution of cash) view ‘community’. As is defining the obligation solely in terms of who ELSE is going to be cannon fodder outside the community – where an OVERSEAS military is based on ‘conscription’.

          Modern ‘libertarians’ have as much of a generational problem as DeRps. They are still obsessed with Vietnam and the stupidities of the 1960’s.

          1. “Let me assure you …” did not work. Your presumption that I think someone out there already knows how to deal with it and is just waiting for sufficient cash to entice them into helping out …

            Good grief. You couldn’t be more isolated from humanity, could you? You couldn’t have a worse opinion of people, could you? You couldn’t be more ignorant of that which you purport to put down,could you?

            Educate yourself already. Your precious State sure can’t make you any less ignorant.

            1. Nothing could possibly make me as ignorant as you. With your strawmen and your ideological rigidity that attempts to force reality into your vision of what it should be.

              As for what will happen next winter. We’ll see won’t we.

              1. No. You won’t see; you don’t see now. You are willfully blind. You cannot see that forced “payment in time” is slavery.

                1. Wat after are you talking about?

                2. I’m not saying ‘forced’ anything. That is your fucking strawman.

      2. Hope you’re sticking up for your bunker. Corbis is more mild than Sars and swine flu was. New cases in china are already dropping. Almost all deaths were elderly who were high risk.

        1. New cases in china are already dropping.

          Of course they are. Because the Chinese always tell the truth

          1. It’s your precious State, right up your slaver alley. Are you dissing you precious State? How sweet.

            1. Apparently you are defending a commie state.

              1. Pretty sad mental state you got going there, which assumes that everything a commie state does is a lie, or wrong, or evil; yet you defend slavery when a democratic state conscripts health workers who are readily available on the open market, merely to suit your fantasies.

      3. Is your bugout bag ready? Do you have a week’s worth of non perishable good? Stocked up on hand sanitizer? Have you procured you full MOPP suit so you can be at MOPP level 4 during the impending zombie apocalypse?

        1. Do you actually think a society where it is up to individuals to panic and ‘prep an escape’ from that society is better equipped to deal with problems it faces than a society that actually tries to figure out how to deal with problems it faces?

          1. Or maybe I think at this point there is little evidence it will be a major problem come the summer. It is mainly (as with all the other pandemics and coming apocalypses over the past 2+ decades) media hype at this point. From the actual scientific literature, it is reason to be concerned but will not likely be as disrupting as the media is making out. But you go ahead and scream on a street corner as you wear your sandwich boards stating “the world is going to end in June”

            1. No it won’t be a major problem come the summer. I’ve said that repeatedly. It will diminish (except in Australia, NZ, Chile, Argentina) as the weather gets warm. It will disappear from the headlines. The all clears will be sounded.

              And it will come back like a freight train come the AUTUMN. All of what’s happened so far will happen every single day. Minimum.

          2. Definitely time to panic.


      4. “I don’t think much of his particular plan – but when Covid19 hits here like a freight train later this year, you’re gonna see the cost of us not having a reserve anymore.”

        You are so full of shit that if you claim the sun will set in the west, I’ll need confirmation from someone smart enough to know what actually happened.

  10. “Unionize the gig economy.” These bastards want to do it federally now! As if ruining California and increasing the cost of living in it to unbearable heights for the non-rich wasn’t enough. They want to it nationally now, so you have nowhere to run. Like a prison. Statists are creepy.

    And the worse thing is, Pete isn’t even the worst among “moderates” when it comes to centralization of labor and paternalistic laws. Bloomberg got him beat by far.

  11. There’s a Buttigieg campaign ad on this article. The irony is delicious.

    1. And I noticed a Steyer ad on national TV just now! How wonderful he’s blowing his crony bucks on a wasted effort!
      Hey, Tom? Stuff it up your ass!

      1. He probably paid for the time a while back. This hat he should have done oh it……..


    2. No link to the ad online? Bummer.

  12. I wouldn’t say federal legalization of marijuana is a step towards liberty. Decriminalization, yes. Legalization… well, you’re basically forcing the states and their populations to get their faster than their own rhythm.

    I mean, they’re getting there eventually, including North Dakota for crying out loud. So no need to go all tyrannical SCOTUS “gay marriage” on this b*tch.

    1. The controlled substances act is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. There is not enumerated power to ban products or services. Even the Prohibitionists knew this fact and got the 18th Amendment ratified.

      1. Aside from FYTW, think of the children, etc, I was always under the impression that the war on drugs began as a very high tax, not a strict ban, just as the NFA was a very expensive tax for its day, not a ban.

        I honestly do not know now if the core of the various drug bans is still a tax, or if it has morphed into true bans, just as so many gun control measures have.

        1. The core of the most broad-reaching powers in the drug wars is the commerce clause.

          Commerce? You mean interstate commerce??

          Yup. It is the Wickard/Raiche decisions in the Supreme Court. They held that the government could “regulate” a market by outlawing the private production and consumption of wheat, under the ludicrous logic that if you produced it yourself you were impacting interstate commerce – because otherwise you’d have to buy it from somewhere else.

          So this is the core power behind making pot illegal. This is the end run around the logic that required a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol. And this seemingly gives the federal government unlimited powers, gutting the 9th and 10th amendments completely, and basically rendering all of the text of the constitution surrounding the “enumerated powers” moot.

          They can do whatever they want. As Elena Kagan said in her confirmation, the federal government could require everyone to buy broccoli. (that one was based on abuse of taxing authority, but it is so utterly absurd that it really underlines just how far they have stretched logic to give themselves power)

        2. Not completely. They made it illegal to sell without a tax stamp but then refused to issue tax stamps. The USSC ruled that that was okay, because they could issue tax stamps at some point. Maybe.

          1. The Marihuana Tax Act was overturned by the Supreme Court: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leary_v._United_States

    2. Freedom is ok in small doses doled out by government, eh?

      Fuck off, slaver.

      1. I think he is saying that he supports a federalism approach. Let each states’ voters decide. Not a perfect solution, but based upon the current trends one that would result in marijuana being legalized just about everywhere, except possibly Idaho and Utah (then again if the Oregon counties can actually break away and join Idaho it would dilute the Mormon vote and that would leave just Utah).

    3. Federal legalization in the sense of getting rid of federal criminal laws against posession and production and rescheduling is certainly a good and desirable thing.
      And there is nothing anti-liberty about states being forced to stop brutalizing their citizens for their choice of intoxicants. It may be unconstitutional, but there is nothing libertarian about leaving states free to abuse their people.

  13. I know a few guys who will be crying into their pillows as they bite them tonight.

  14. And yet, I admire the cut of his Buttijib.

  15. In Biden’s own words, “this is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”

    1. I see what you did there.

  16. The Demo convention is going to be a popcorn and beer watch fest. Having a short bench is one thing, but this group is sporting a marxist as it’s front runner, with a marxist support staff in congress. I’m silently observing people I know who support this movement, vowing to never, ever trust any of them again, about anything. I think I understand team cheerleading, but this makes me blanche.

  17. So Butt edge edge went down south and choked?

    1. I think we can all agree that by dropping out, Buttigieg proved himself a power bottom.

    2. You could say ….
      …. he chickened out.

  18. If you’re in the Democrat clown car and you’re not polling higher than a geriatric commie traitor prick who praises Castro and Chavez, you should probably reconsider your career options.


    1. +1000

  19. Hmmm Buttigieg is gay. Steyer is a billionaire. They both drop out to benefit the (likely) gay billionaire

  20. As usual, the true news site Babylon Bee has already figured this one out.

    1. Damn. Coulda’ fooled me.

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  22. Mayor Pete Bottoms out.
    Peter Peter peter eater
    had no wife but NTTAWWT .

  23. Buh Bye Mayor Butthurt.

    Honestly, I did not see that one coming. I thought for sure the MSM was pushing Mayor Butthurt for the top spot, for the collective thrill up their legs.

    1. Welchie Boy and the rest of the Reason butt-boy brigade were probably up all night long crying. This guy was by far their favorite of the whole sorry clown car bunch.

    2. same. He was polling at a pretty solid 3rd place, I’d have figured he’d have stayed in. I especially would have expected him to stay in for Super Tuesday, he must have gotten a pretty good offer from someone.

  24. -1 Buttplug.

    There were a few people around here who seriously believed this guy was going to be the nominee too. ????

    1. Moderation4free gave money to this chump.

  25. Of course conservatives seized on Mayor Pete’s low level of support among African American voters. They actually tried to imply that parts of the Democratic coalition aren’t as tolerant as you’d expect.

    Don’t believe that nonsense. In fact, Mayor Pete’s sexual orientation had nothing to do with his trouble appealing to black voters. I guarantee what happened is simply that Democrats of color carefully examined his positions and found some areas of disagreement.


  26. Lara Trump: ‘I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Mayor Pete’

    Only the mentally ill would want to see the end of Pete.

    Was Pete promised the VP position by the DNC to screw over Bernie?

    1. What benefit does that give to the candidate the DNC anoints? Bernie’s supporters absolutely hated Buttigieg. They’ll pull the lever for Trump or stay home if they sense that Buttigieg helped steal the nomination from Bernie.

  27. I find this very odd. He doing better than Warren or Klobuchar, so why drop out before Super Tuesday? Was he mad an offer he couldn’t refuse?

    1. That’s my guess. Besides, if Biden picked him for the VP slot, then he’d probably be president within a year if Biden somehow got elected.

    2. Honestly, he had to realize that he wasn’t going to be the nominee. There is really only room for one “not Sanders” and after SC, it seems that will be Biden. Pete got what he needed out of this cycle- he has national name recognition among politicos and showed he can punch above his weight in a brutal campaign for the highest office in the land. Now he needs to worry about the future. He is young and is now ascendant in Democratic politics. He will have more chances to for president. What he doesn’t need to do is tick off the Dem establishment by overstaying his welcome and helping Bernie get the nomination. So he drops out before Super Tuesday, and probably gets some sort of high level appointment if Dems win which helps prepare him for future campaigns.

      For Warren, she probably doesn’t get another shot, so she needs to ride this out as far as she can. Plus, she’s somewhere between the Biden-Bloomberg-Mayor Pete “moderates” and Bernie. That is, if something major happens to Bernie either personally or politically (neither of which would be a huge shock to me) she can pick up the banner as the race’s Progressive choice and, I guess she would hope, snag a lot of Bernie’s supporters/delegates.

  28. You have to chuckle at a “libertarian” website that celebrates Buttigieg for not being “as far left as” other Democrats while at the same time hating Trump, who’s vastly closer to libertarianism.

    1. +10000000000000000000000

    2. Trump is a moron who prefers totalitarianism, not libertarianism. I had no idea before his election that the man was as ignorant, unread, and full of shit as he has turned out to be, not to mention that his stupidity and complete lack of knowledge of any facts on any subject have made him nothing more than a neocon punching bag on foreign policy.

      One dumbass motherf***er.

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  30. The worst vitriol aimed at Buttigieg […]

    Was from the folks offended that a man was allowed to be openly gay at all. This narrative drum you (Shackford) are beating requires you to ignore the conservatives who are bona fide insulted that men like you and Buttigieg exist at all.

    1. As a side note, if you want to see real “vitriol”, read your own comment section sometime. Those dems have nothing on your readers.

    2. Can you point to this vitriol?

      1. Look for any comment that starts with EscherEnigma.

  31. Buttigieg also used his experience as a military veteran, a Navy intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan

    More like “an appointee with limited useful knowledge or experience who got a commission as a civilian because reasons”

    He came in under the same program as Hunter Biden. He wasn’t really Navy. Nor was he the combat veteran he pretended to be in his speeches. He hung out on the FOB and very little.

  32. Did not take long for the bloom to come off this MSM created ‘Buttercup’. Looks like the DNC has come to the rescue., Petey now embarks on a career that fits his skill set: the BS Speaker Circuit. Colleges and Universities would be able to get en of this current Red Diaper, Mini Barry, spewing euphemisms to mask his twisted leftist ideaology. It’s time to pad the old bank account.

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