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Michael Bloomberg Utterly Destroyed Over Sexism Accusations

This was supposed to be the electable alternative?


"I'd like to talk about who we're running against: a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) in her opening remarks during Wednesday night's debate. "And no, I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg."

So began an all-out assault on the latest candidate to enter the fray: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg all slammed Bloomberg over his appalling support for stop-and-frisk policing, his history of making sexist remarks, and the hostile workplace allegations that have been levied against him.

After the former mayor lamely defended his record by noting that his company had been voted the second-best place to work in America, Warren delivered the knock-out blow.

"I hope you heard what his defense was," she said. "I've been nice to some women."

When Warren and Biden pressed Bloomberg on whether he would release former employees who had complained about sexism in the workplace from their non-disclosure agreements, he flatly refused. (Bloomberg: "None of them accused me of doing anything other than they didn't like a joke I told.") The entire exchange is worth watching:

Warren is already successfully fundraising off the exchange. If the argument for Bloomberg's candidacy is that he's more electable than Sanders and Warren—and more energetic than Biden—then that argument has suffered a significant setback. Maybe a fatal one.

NEXT: Joe Biden Is Happy To Talk About Michael Bloomberg's Stop-and-Frisk Record Because It Distracts From His Own Terrible Crime Policies

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  2. “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.)

    It’s the horse-faced part that bothered her the most.

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  3. Sanders and Warren are fighting over the black vote and women in order to win in Nevada. Like I said this morning, if Bloomberg isn’t even caucusing in Nevada, then I don’t know why he’d subject himself to the traps they were obviously laying down for him. Being a billionaire and stop-and-frisk already had Bloomberg just begging to be the subject of shit-blizzard. He should have just stayed out of the debates until just before Super Tuesday.

    That being said, Donald Trump won the primaries with the support of registered Democrats in open primary states–despite accusations like this. When Liz Warren lambasted Sanders with accusations of sexism ahead of New Hampshire, it seems to have hurt Warren and helped Sanders. The moderate wing of the Democratic party may not be quite as sick of the social justice warrior shit as the Democrats who broke for Trump in 2016, but they’re sick of it, too–or they Sanders wouldn’t have enjoyed such a nice bump in the polls after Warren did the same sort of thing to him in New Hampshire.

    Someday, 70+% of the Democrats who aren’t social justice warriors will retake the party back, but I hope it doesn’t happen just because Warren craters in flames after South Carolina. We need them to keep turning off middle America with their obnoxious accusations through this upcoming November at least. And Trump doesn’t necessarily need to be the target of their fury! They can hate on the flag, like the NFL players did, make unsubstantiated accusations against someone like Kavanaugh, . . .

    It isn’t necessary for swing voters in swing states to like President Trump. Despising social justice warriors is probably more than enough to send President Trump back to the White House in a landslide.

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    2. He needed this showing not for Nevada, but for Super Tuesday. So did they.

      His strategy seemed to be laid bare last night. So did the DNC press.

      He’s spending more than you can imagine in Super Tuesday primary states. And then there was the Super Delegate thing. I have not seen any poll of the Superdelegates – not like we did last time around. But I do know that they are the same folk that just changed the rules to allow him onto the debate stage.

      And he’s the same guy who somehow wrangled himself an exemption to term limits in NYC.

      Chuck Todd made a point to talk about Superdelegates and whether the guy with the most votes should win the nomination – and Sanders was the only one to be in favor of that.

      Immediately after that exchange on the way to commercial, Todd looks to his fellow panelists and says “We got him!”

      I have no idea exactly what he meant…. but Bernie was the one who was different from the others on that exchange.

      1. In some of the hockey pools I play in, penalty minutes is one of the categories. Sometimes you’ll see a game coming, where one player hurt another real bad. Maybe it was a legit play. Maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, the code says the next time they play, there needs to be a fight. Suddenly, Ogie Oglethorpe gets called up from the minors by the team that was victimized in the last game. His only job is to beat the shit out of somebody on the other team. You just know there’s gonna be fight, so you pick that player up for one day. He’ll pull a major for fighting, and he’ll be ejected from the game. You score big penalty minutes that way.

        Last night was one of those games. There’s no way that could have netted out as a positive for him. At best it hurt everyone else as bad as it hurt him, but I doubt he comes out the other end in better shape than he was. If he’d stayed out of the debate, Warren’s financing might dry up come Super Tuesday. That’s two weeks. He went from nothing to being the presumed centrist leaders without being in a single debate. He should have stayed out and run advertising instead.

        The other thing he shouldn’t have done is apologize for stop-and-frisk. There are so many first responders out there, from the fire departments to the police, all over California and Texas, and no matter what the SJWs say about it or whether they’re right, they don’t want to see a presidential candidate apologize for having their backs. Those SJW votes were never going to Bloomberg in the primaries anyway. Let the SJWs criticize him for being tough on crime. Bill Clinton executed a man who was effectively retarded just to show how tough he was on crime. It was awful, evil, and disgusting–and it got him elected.

        1. Excellent analysis

          1. True, I must say that I enjoyed reading this Sex Wien

  4. This was supposed to be the electable alternative?

    I don’t know where anyone came up with that silly idea

  5. Wow I forgot there was even a debate tonight.
    I hope Bloomberg the authoritarian nanny got savaged by the other candidates. Maybe he will wise up and realize he would have been better off setting those millions on fire instead of spending it on all that advertising that won’t work in securing him the nomination.

    1. Hey everyone, JEFF DIDN’T KNOW SOMETHING!!!

      Shocked I tell you.

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    2. I love when jeff pretends to not be an authoritarian asshat and doesnt want is to remember him advocating for an unaccountable bureaucracy the last 2 days.

    3. They probably don’t advertise the debates in Toronto, where you live.

  6. If I were Bloomberg, I’d be like, “So?”

    Yeah, so he said some bad shit about women. Who hasn’t? It certainly didn’t hurt Trump. Which suggests that’s not what voters really care about. He should be like, “Yeah, I said some bad stuff, and I’m sorry. But is that what you’ll be voting on?” Basically, shame the electorate about getting easily distracted by secondary character and personality issues rather than the meat of the matter.

    Anyway, when all is said and done, I do hope Bloomberg doesn’t recover from this. I’m hoping for a Sanders nomination, which is The Donald’s best shot at reelection.

    1. But as we have seen with Trump, personality is all that matters nowadays.

      Trump wasn’t elected because of ideology after all.

      1. Your computer must be waterproof.

        1. Lol

          That was a good line

          1. ty

      2. His personality mattered in the sense that he was confident, assertive, etc. But the petty and nasty aspects of his persona like comments about women and stupid vendettas didn’t seem to hurt him.

        And I don’t know about ideology not mattering. “The wall” was very popular. So was “Mexicans bringing drugs and rape”, and “I’m bringing your jobs back.” Those were all well received among the base.

        I personally voted for him because of the promised deregulation, tax cuts, and being pro-gun rights. But if anti-immigrant, pro-life, and economic nationalism talk was what it took to get him to the WH, then so be it. That’s the price to pay for us economically conservative / socially liberal Republicans.

        1. “America first”

          Jeff is unable to comprehend such an ideology when considering the chief executive of America

          1. That is not an ideology, that is a slogan.
            What does that even mean, precisely?
            Bernie Sanders would say that single-payer health care is putting America first because all Americans would, according to him, have quality health care. His claims about health care are wrong, but is his motivation for putting America first incorrect?

            1. “That is not an ideology, that is a slogan.”

              Because I am the arbiter of defintions!!!

              “What does that even mean, precisely?”

              Yes, even when I admit I don’t know what those words mean!!!

              1. Oh, now I made you mad and you’re going to follow me around like you used to do in order to exact some revenge.

                1. “you’re going to follow me around”

                  So, are you actually gaslighting me here?

                  Everyone can see the thread liar lololol

            2. “America first” means that the president’s priority should be America.
              Not China, not Iraq, not the EU, not foreigners, not the climate, not the world, etc.
              It’s not complicated.

              Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, and “citizen of the world” Obama had other priorities.
              Trump was very clear about his priority, and we agree with it.

          2. This is what you and other Trumpers consistently don’t get.

            “America First” means different things to different people, and the viewpoint offered by a lot of right-wingers about what “America First” represents is not the same as what a lot of other people mean by it.

            For me, “America First” means promoting individual liberty first and foremost. America wins when Americans have liberty to pursue their own desires as best as they can, as unhindered from arbitrary external coercion by as much as possible. That is “America First”.

            For the social democratic types, “America First” means a large social safety net where everyone who falters gets to be saved by nanny government.

            For a lot of Trumpers, “America First” is this type of chest-thumping machismo that quite frankly turns a lot of people off.

            1. “For me, “America First” means promoting individual liberty first and foremost.”

              So you were lying when you said tis just a slogan.

              No no, we can see your giant ass covering wall of text proving such.

              1. Here’s your mental illness kicking in.

                1. I suppose such a claim would matter if you handy repeatedly admitted to being a liar.

                  I DO like that you know I’m right here too. Cry about it more.

                  1. Take the pills that the nice doctor gave you, Tulpa. They will make everything all better.

                    1. Why are you sharing your psychiatric history with us?

            2. That’s a you problem, jeff

              1. One among many.

            3. None of that is remotely correct

              1. Quality post. I can see why you’d be upset with spamming when it stops you from posting that kind of invaluable observation.

            4. You dont believe in liberty Jeff. You’re perfectly fine with countries such as china exporting their people and enslaving muslims and even stealing as long as you get cheaper shit. You’ve said as much. You dont believe in liberty.

              1. Exploiting*

          3. ‘Jeff’ is a Cytotoxic. A Canadian.

      3. When you say stupid shit like that Jeff, you are actually just upset the media wasnt able to take down Trump due to his foibles. That’s what upsets you the most. The media king makers lost power because trump had a big enough base prior to their attacks. That is why you’re actually mad.

    2. I don’t want Shouty McMarxist anywhere near the nomination. You get the nom on one of the two big parties and it’s essentially 50-50 you become president. What if Trump has a heart attack in October? He’s old and has a stressful job; it could happen. What if some nutjob in a MAGA hat shoots up a daycare? There’s a million things beyond anyone’s control that could land us with President Socialist. Fuck no.

      1. In that case, do you really think Congress would go along with his nutty ideas? If they did, then the voters have spoken and get a chance again in 2022 to evaluate President Sanders.

      2. It may be true if something like that happens, like some MAGA guy shooting up an abortion clinic or something, it would tip the scale towards Sanders. But barring that, the odds would be far from 50-50, given that the majority of Americans won’t even consider voting for a socialist candidate.

        1. “MAGA guy shooting up an abortion clinic or something”

          Or a school.
          I’ve been worried for a while that the left might try something like this.
          One of their billionaire éminence grise like Soros or Tom Steyer might pay some desperate idiot or scout a mental patient to pull off an atrocity.

          1. Jussie Smollet gave the ol’ false-flag a try…

    3. Team Blue could run ANYONE, and a Trump would still get re-elected.

      There’s no way he loses unless the economy tanks before the election, no matter who they run.

      1. Cry more.

        1. Ah you’re doing a thing.

    4. “”so he said some bad shit about women. “‘

      You know who else says bad shit about women. Other women.

  7. So…
    Bloomberg won.
    At worst, Warren tied him.
    Pete got in some zingers, but got scratched up bad in the catfight with Klobuchar. Plus, he ran out of material less than halfway in.
    Biden is a nonentity, and Klobuchar went down in ugly bitch faced flames.
    Bernie… did not have a good night. He did ok enough to keep his solid 30% enthused, but got beat up pretty good.
    Warren’s warpath was great, but her ideas went nowhere. She was basically a kamikaze, which I hope continues.
    Bloomberg did better than I expected. He solidly represented the (relatively) sane vote.
    Would’ve been nice to see Tulsi and Steyer (and anyone else? can’t remember if anyone else still in it). If the two (or more) of them were industrious, they’d schedule their own debate

    1. Every time Warren opens her mouth, I feel like I’m being lectured by a fifth-grade teacher. She has zero charisma.

      1. None whatsoever.
        America’s mother-in-law.
        But I enjoyed her scolding of the other candidates!

      2. That’s the thing. To pretty much every man, she comes off as a scold, but there are more women voters than men. They dig her act

        1. She’s definitely boner kryptonite. I don’t think even most homos like her.

  8. Bloomberg was somewhat handicapped by the fact that he couldn’t counterattack by pointing to Warren lying about her Indian heritage, false accusations on Bernie Sanders, allegations of toxic environment at her own camp, her double standard on campaign contributions (Buttigieg turned the tables on her by highlighting this), etc.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that Bloomberg’s strategists warned him to pull his punches on Warren lest he alienates the female votes. His defense of capitalism might have scored points from moderates, but it looks like was he pwned so much that it didn’t even matter.

  9. Bloomberg was only “utterly destroyed” if the press says he was “utterly destroyed”.

    Nobody watches these debates, remember? They let the press tell them what happened.

    So if they report “Bloomberg is done after sexism allegations” and then hammer that for a week, maybe he’s done. But if they report “fireworks at the debate” and just give a snippet of the exchange, then nobody is even going to know what happened.

    And guess what coverage I’ve seen so far? Yup! “Fireworks at the debate”. No details. No digging in on the revelations about multiple NDA agreements. Just “accusations fly!”

    He’s got a lot of money, y’all. While that was going on, he’s running Barack Obama commercials wall to wall in my state, trying to paper over his problem with the black community. There are 3 different ads aimed at the black vote running right now. Barack saying Bloomberg is a great leader (showing all sorts of photos of Bloomberg as the top advisor in the Obama administration), Some black lady saying that before Bloomberg you couldn’t run a black owned business in New York, but after Bloomberg came along, he made it super easy for black owned businesses….. now, that has to be nonsense simply based on his place in time, but that’s what the ad says.

    Anyway… That’s where his focus is, and the media has not been resisting. There are no news stories about “stop and frisk” running, no examination of his record on race…. the only problem he faces is talking heads playing audio clips. And that’s aimed at a small group – and mostly seems to be sticking in the right wing media.

    My prediction…. he’s gonna get a pass because the party wants him. And they want him because he’s a machine politician who will play by their rules… and he’s willing to spend a billion dollars or more of his own money to get the job. (which kinda makes you wonder just how much money he thinks that job is worth…)

    1. “he’s gonna get a pass because the party wants him.”

      Trump got a pass because the voters didn’t care. Bloomjob is going to get a pass because the dems NEED him.

      1. Trump had a unique advantage in that everything in his life that even resembled a scandal already played out in the tabloids over the last forty years. So there was never a new tale to tell. Even the pushy grabbing tape wasn’t really new news. Trump is a notorious womanizer.

        I don’t think any other candidate for a national election has been in that situation before.

    2. “Utterly destroyed” is pure clickbait bullshit, which fits perfectly with the debates since they’re nothing but a media-orchestrated dancing monkey circus act. Let’s see who can get off the best zingers and one-liners in one minute! Go! And then we’ll report on this as if it’s actually news, despite the fact that we all know nobody gives a shit because outside of the journalists and the candidate’s families approximately 12 people actually bothered to watch the damn thing.

      I say we shorten the campaign season to about a month and determine the winner by way of a steel-cage battle royale in the Thunderdome.

      1. “”the winner by way of a steel-cage battle royale in the Thunderdome.””

        Maybe Spartacus would have had a chance.

      2. Well said. The questions were idiotic, the candidates acted like circus clowns, and the audience was a troop of howling baboons.

    3. “[W]hich kinda makes you wonder just how much money he thinks that job is worth…”

      I’ve heard it stated elsewhere, but if Bloomberg spent $5 billion of just his own money on the election this year, he would still end the year wealthier than at the beginning of the year. He earns (not a net increase in wealth due to the increasing value of his assets) around $6 billion per year.

  10. I personally think a year or 2 year old flagship model is the best midrange phone. The Galaxy Note 8 is currently about $600 bucks, best midrange price phone out in my humble opinion

  11. The ultimate retard fight.

    But credit where credit is due, Warren took her tomahawk and walloped Bloomberg with it.

    1. Squaw gave him a good scalping.

  12. Bloomberg may well have violated his NDAs with sexual harrasment accusers by disclosing the basis of their accusations and by denying that there was anything else involved.

  13. I got a question. If Elizabeth Warren were being paid by Trump to suppress Democrat turn-out in the event that Bloomberg wins the nomination — how would her behavior be any different?

  14. Do you have a term paper due already Pedo Jeffy? ! It must be awful to be one of your teachers.

  15. Robby Soave, “Michael Bloomberg Utterly Destroyed Over Sexism Accusations”,, 19 Feb 2020.

    Excuse me. Michael Bloomberg is not utterly destroyed until Michael Bloomberg acknowledges Michael Bloomberg is utterly destroyed. His ego and his billions say so. Even if Michael Bloomberg is utterly destroyed, it is not true unless he says so.

    As a side note: What “utterly destroyed” Biden? I hope it was the fallout of the utterly unnecessary and utterly partisan Trump impeachment call. It was as bad and counterpriductive as the Clinton impeachment.

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