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Criminal Immigrant Prosecutions Declined Sharply After Jeff Sessions Left Office

Plus: navel-gazing student protesters, the new emblem of the culture war, and more...


Spike and drop. Last year saw a "sharp decline" in criminal immigrant prosecutions, according to the latest data from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. After spiking drastically in 2018, prosecutions are back down to Obama-era levels (which is still a lot).

The three major immigration enforcement agencies—Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), all housed within the Department of Homeland Security—can directly launch only civil enforcement actions; they must refer potential criminal to the U.S. Department of Justice. At that point, it's up to federal prosecutors to decide whether to pursue charges. "Trends for referred cases have been driven largely by CBP rather than by ICE or USCIS," according to TRAC, which has long monitored month-by-month and year-over-year enforcement of federal law.

In early 2018, CBP referred around 5,000 cases for prosecution. By October 2018, this had jumped to 13,286 referrals. The number started slipping in late 2018, and last year saw further decline.

The number of criminal prosecutions that immigration agencies referred to the Justice Department in October 2019 (the last month for which TRAC has data) was down 4.2 percent from the previous month and 37.4 percent from October 2018.

Immigration agencies are still referring a lot of cases—8,315 last October, to be precise. That's still significantly higher than in Trump's first year or the tail end of the Obama presidency. But it's on par with or lower than many of the per-month referrals from October 2009 through October 2014.

TRAC points out that "the trend in CBP-referred prosecutions does not map neatly onto the trend in Border Patrol apprehensions along the Southwest border. In fact, just as apprehensions began climbing sharply in March of 2019, criminal prosecutions began to fall."

So what can explain this?

We find that criminal referrals were driven not by rates of unlawful border crossing, but by policy decisions directing CBP and federal prosecutors to focus on specific crimes for federal prosecution. On April 6, 2018, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a 'zero-tolerance policy' for those who 'illegally cross over our border'. Criminal prosecutions climbed as a result although they fell far short of their goal of zero tolerance. Criminal prosecutions at their height…were always far fewer than even the number of single adults arrested by the Border Patrol. And when parents arriving as part of family units are included along with single adults, only a minority of immigrants who crossed unlawfully were federally prosecuted.

After the resignation of former Attorney General Sessions who had personally championed prioritizing criminal prosecution of illegal entry offenses, prosecutions fell. Other demands for staffing time competed for attention. With limited investigative and prosecution resources, devoting more resources to prosecuting immigration offenses inevitably had meant fewer resources were available to pursue other types of federal offenses such as drug offenses, weapons, and white-collar crimes.

More here.


Have student protests gotten more inward-facing? And if so, why? Conor Friedersdorf and others offer some theories in this Twitter thread:


Accentuating the positive, for a change:


  • Is it just me, or does the culture war get dumber and dumber?

  • Sigh:

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  1. We are working less while making more money.

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    1. So Reason is hiring?

    2. “My husband wrote a book, and here is an excerpt involving Donald Trump and badgers.”

      Rufk with this whoring?

      1. See: Soave, Robby.

    3. 1950 about 50% of the country is involved in agriculture. Agriculture is not a 40 hr/week proposition and tends to have law return on investment. 2019 1 to 5% depending on how you measure it are working in agriculture. And we are surprised people are, on average, working fewer hours. It’s really an apples to oranges comparison.

      1. Not saying it is a bad thing, because farmers now raise more on less land with less manpower, which is all a good thing. I am just stating the comparison isn’t black and white.

        1. I am just stating the comparison isn’t black and white.

          You’re right.

          It’s comparing black to black. Or apples to apples.

          Because it’s not about jobs worked. It’s about hours worked.

          And we’re working fewer hours and getting paid more, AND we have a higher base standard of living that was possible in 1950

          1. And the hours we do work are less strenuous and cause less long-term damage to our bodies.

          2. Which is what should have been stated.

        2. With the tractors we have, I can harvest more in less time and have less overhead because labor can be very expensive.

          New tractors can cost between $125,000 to $450,000 and that might or might not include equipment. Many farmers just buy used to save costs. There are tax tricks to depreciate machinery that you cannot do with labor.

          We rent out our tractors and equipment operators to neighboring farms which helps them harvest without large capital costs and gets us more revenue per tractor.

          With all the tech in farming, farms almost need their own IT department. The days of Dad and Mom working the field with the kids are pretty much gone.

          1. I’ll bet you slapped a differential GPS on your tractor so it can drive itself while you sit back and troll Reason, didn’t you?

            1. He wasn’t around most of the morning because he was looking up farming on Wikipedia.

              1. It takes you all morning to look up stuff on Wikipedia?

            2. A couple years ago I read a story about a farmer who supposedly made a remote controlled grain cart with over the counter products.
              With auto-steer and GPS you really are just in the cab to monitor. Last year we were swatting my winter grazing pasture (I death graze during early winter to cut hay costs) my friend who was doing the grazing invited me to ride with him so he had something to do. Normally he just text me while he is harvesting. Much like self driving cars, they always are promising that soon it will be almost completely automated. I think you will probably, for the foreseeable future, still need an operator in vehicle (or at least in field) for safety sake. Catching a $450,000 harvester on fire is always a danger as well as other dangers.

              1. Oh, trust me, as an agricultural extension agent and a small rancher I applaud it. I just think the statistic can paint a biased picture that job for job people are working less hours rather than the type of jobs have shifted.

                1. I should state that my operation is small enough I do almost everything by hand, i.e. feeding. I just can’t justify buying a feed wagon for 15 head, fed 30 pounds of DM a day, divided up into two meals. And picking 225 lbs twice a day has helped me lose weight.

              2. These two comments were meant to be in reply to End Child Unemployment. Damn squirrels.

        3. I’d argue it is apples to apples. Does it really matter how society shifted to be able to allow people on average to work less while earning more? The labor saving technologies that allow 1-5% of the populace to feed the rest of us (and then some) are exactly the kind of progress that should be celebrated.

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      1. But how much were people earning with google in 1950?

  2. Sudan reaches settlement with families of USS Cole victims

    Good thing the Executive Branch can work stuff like this out without Congress sabotaging the deal because TDS.

    1. Authoritarian!

  3. I am a habitual last-row-sitter, precisely because I #NeverRecline, not wanting to constrict people’s space. I recognize that others do not share my preference, and I do not punish them for acting on it.

    Matt Welch coming out against defending property rights!

    1. The seat reclines 4 inches. Donr be a fucking dick. Dont recline. People who recline are assholes. Sqrsly reclines. Don’t be like him.

      1. You know Sqrsly leaves his shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.

      2. You must not take many long flights.

        1. The recline issue is in regards mainly to domestic flights, 6 hours cross country. The 4 inches doesnt do anything except annoy the person behind you. International flights tend to have more seat spacing.

          But you probably dont fly so dont get the issue.

      3. DOL puts empty food containers back in the fridge when he finishes them. You know it!

    2. “Matt Welch coming out against defending property rights!”

      Not at all. The front seat is the dominant estate with an easement allowing it to recline into the back seat’s (the servient estate) space. Those who object to reclining are the scofflaws with no respect for property rights.

      1. Exactly. Everyone knows the seats recline. You know when you buy the ticket that the seat in front of you will likely be capable of reclining. You know what you are getting yourself into. If you don’t like it you can either get the front row or sit in business.

        1. That is what I do: Business, or Premium economy.

      2. Forget reclining seats. How about slipping over my armrests?!?!

        1. Armrests are where property rights break down and we revert to the state of nature, red in tooth and claw.

  4. Venezuela moves U.S. oil execs to a harsher jail after Trump hosts opposition leader

    WOW! Almost like Lefty Propagandists in the media and unreason dont want Americans to know about Socialist Venezuela has American hostages.

    1. Venezuela isn’t socialist. It is a failure and thus not socialism, which is defined to be successful. Socialism doesn’t fail people; brown people in Cuba and Venezuela fail socialism. Real socialism is white socialism like in Scandinavia.

      Long story short, Bernie Bros (whose gatherings are as white as an Osmond family reunion) are racists.

      1. So, for years the Left has used “racist” as a debate-stopper – call somebody a racist and they’re forced to defend themselves against the charge and their actual argument gets de-railed – but now that reasonable people have realized “racist” is just a bad-faith argument that deserves no more than a “fuck off” as a response*, they’ve had to expand their repertoire of debate-stoppers. Transphobia and genderism and Islamaphobia have joined the usual “sexist” and “racist” and “Nazi” – but it seems like they’re lacking a good “climate change denialist” epithet. Is “carbonist” going to be the next “racist”? If not “carbonist”, what would be a good term in that vein to mean “people I hate who are smarter than me”? Because I think that’s becoming the next big thing.

        *This obviously does not include members of the Stupid Party who don’t realize that Trump’s verbal counter-punching is so effective because the Left’s attacks are totally bad-faith arguments and Trump’s giving them precisely the amount of consideration they deserve, which is none. You don’t bother arguing or explaining or defending yourself when they talk shit about you, that’s exactly the game they’re trying to get you to play. You just tell them to fuck off and ask them whether they’ve ever settled that lawsuit over raping the 6-year old neighbor kid.

        1. So you’ve completely missed the term ‘denier’?

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  5. Further evidence that straws are the new emblem of the culture war.

    It’s dead turtles all the way down.

    1. Mmmm, turtle soup.

    2. Great A’Tuin might have something to say about this.

      1. Maybe it’s time to launch the Great Wizzard* Rincewind on another deep space mission to get A’tuins opinion.

        *I am aware wizard only has one z before someone who has not read the books points out.

    3. But are they Ninjas?

  6. Judge Voids UNC’s Controversial Settlement Over Confederate Statue ‘Silent Sam’

    V Amendment:
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    1. Repair and restore the statue, put it right back up where it was, institute a new “security fee” on all students and guard it 24/7.

    2. Of all the dumb shit that lefties waste there time on, this is one of them.

      1. Well, trying to get the name of a certain football team in the NFC East changed because it offends Native Americans is another. First most “Native Americans” prefer Indian, American Indian or Amerindians. Second, polling shows they could give a fuck about the mascot name. And, anecdotally the ones I remain friends with from my hometown (on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation) and the ones I work with on the Ft. Peck Reservation, none actually care. They feel the issue is just white liberals pretending to care about Indians. That there are far greater issues that never get addressed (such as the huge issue of sexual assault and abuse on most reservations, drug and alcohol abuse, red on red crime, high unemployment and low educational achievement, Indian apathy, suicide, high rates of unsolved, often uninvestigated, missing women and children – as an aside the number of missing males is equal or greater then females but the women and children, even on the reservation, get more attention- etc).

        1. I am cool with AmerIndian or my tribe for people that know me.

          We all know Democrats dont give two shits about us Injuns and our unsuccessful border patrol since 1492.

          I’m an American and Americans dont have a single race.

          1. Yes. It is amazing how so many who know Democrats could give two shots about them still reflectively pull the lever for Democrats though. Muh treaty rights is almost always their refrain when I point it out.

  7. But @nytimes is happy to make that sound maximally sinister.

    Breaking news: NYT is no less full of hacks than newspapers not of record.

  8. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $60.6 billion

    Still stagnating in the $58,000,000,000 to $62,000,000,000 range. Because Orange Hitler has Mr. Koch’s preferred labor force — highly skilled doctors and engineers from Mexico — locked in concentration camps.


  9. For reasons I don’t entirely understand students seem to have shifted marginally away from outward-looking protests against war or Wall Street to inward looking protests circa 2015 premised on the assertion that their institutions were riven with systemic racism and sexism.

    Well let me clue you in. There is no rush of power protesting war because you’re not going to get anywhere. But that feeling of making your school’s administrators bend to your whim?

    1. Bring back the draft!

      1. Very “special” forces.

        1. <a href=””> Special forces indeed </a>

          1. Nice going stupid phone…

            1. Yeah, much better…

  10. Trump is taking a sledgehammer to judiciary independence

    The British evidently dont consider the past biased against the US Constitution judiciary a problem like Americans do.

    1. It’s like they don’t even know the Department of Justice is part of the Executive branch rather than the Judicial. Or they do know but they’re hoping you don’t. Which is worse? Ignorance or lying?

      1. Jesus Christ… Progtards are so… Retarded.

        The truth is, women LIKE being wives and mothers. They tend to be happier and have more long term durable fulfillment in life. Because it’s what they’re biologically programmed to do! Just as men are programmed to go out and hunt (work), women like being around family and kids, helping everyone they care about in their life. A man who isn’t the breadwinner never feels quite right or like he’s doing his job, and women with no kids and no man to care for feel equally not quite right.

  11. Greek islands should not be migrant warehouses, residents say

    You know who else wanted to send undesirables to the Mediterranean?

    1. There’s an old philosophical adage, even older than ancient Greece.
      I think it may have been something the oracle said to Theseus.
      It went something like, “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

      1. I wish the saying were “beggars can’t be voters”

        1. In the case of voters and politicians, I guess the voters are making the beggars choosers.

          That’s just shows it’s not the way it should be.

          And in the context of Greece, since they’re benefiting from the EU’s charity, they get the short end of the stick.

          Trump’s message to the EU about paying their fair share for NATO is basically saying that beggars can’t be choosers, too.

          I don’t know why it took so long to let them get away with that. It probably has something to do with the military-industrial . . .

        2. The Founders were onto something when they made it so only landowners could vote. The whole “only white dudes” thing wasn’t great, but no one’s perfect.

          That concept needs some tweaking, but yeah you should have to have some skin in the game if you’re making decisions. If you didn’t help make the pie, you don’t get to decide how it’s divvied up.

          1. Every voter needs skin in the game.

          2. I’m all for a basic history/civics test to vote, land ownership would be okay still too, or possible a net tax payer provision. All of them basically just try to lop off the stupidest couple dozen percent of voters, which is a good thing.

    2. You know who else wanted to send undesirables to the Mediterranean?

      Costa Cruise Lines?

  12. Trump repeatedly asked Reince Priebus if Wisconsin badgers are ‘mean to people,’ how they ‘work,’ and what they eat

    Badgers are vicious little shits. My cousin shot one with a .410 shotgun and it pretty much bounced off him.

    1. Im pretty sure only badger fans, UWM students and western wisconsinites know that wiscosnin doesnt have badgers and that it was the nickname for the miners that built (houses?) into the sides of the hills.

      1. “Comparing the American badger to its British cousin (Meles meles), sometimes called a brock, is rather like comparing a high-speed blender to a swizzle stick. The Mr. Badger, of ‘Wind in the Willows,’ is far milder and much more gregarious than his American counterpart. The brock’s face is white with black stripes on either side, and the face and body are slender, more weasel-like. The brock lives in a more or less permanent system of burrows and shares its quarters with others. The American badger is solitary, always on the move, traveling perhaps five to eight miles a night and digging a new burrow each morning to hole up in through the day. Some British householders hand-feed their resident brocks. Anyone taking a notion to hand-feed an American badger would probably be better served by putting his hand directly into a buzz saw.”

      2. There’s also no wolverines in Michigan. The nickname came from the viciousness of Michiganders in a war with Ohio over Toledo.

        Which we really won in the end, because the Feds let Ohio have Toledo, but gave us the UP in return.

    2. Wolverines, the largest member of the badger family, have been known to hunt moose. Live moose.

      Think about that for a second. At their largest they get to be about 80 pounds, are hunting animals that are at least 450 pounds, and can get up to 1500.

      It’s amazing the wolverine can even move, what with having to drag it’s giant steel balls everywhere.

      1. They seems scarier than bears.

        I saw one of those Alaska shows, where a trapper caught one, and he seemed kinda bummed about it. Like, “Oh shit” now I have to get close enough to kill it–and hope it doesn’t manage to tear it’s own leg off to get out the trap because it wants to tear my face off.

        They’re fucking monsters.

        I’ve seen people make pets out of grizzly bears.

        I don’t think anyone’s ever made a pet out of a wolverine.

        They’re like the Chuck Norris of North American wildlife!

        1. They are extremely badass. I saw a documentary about them where a momma wolverine chased off a bear who was trying to get at her young. That bear wanted absolutely no part of the wolverine.

          Your Alaska trapper story reminds me of something that happened to my grandpa. He had a bird feeder, and squirrels kept fucking it up so he put a trap out to catch the squirrels. It was one of those cage traps where the critter walks in and the door slams shut behind it.

          The problem was, he caught a skunk. He now had a very displeased skunk in a confined space that he had to deal with. His solution was to pay my cousin $20 to deal with it however my cousin deemed fit. I think he just got a thick blanket and walked up to the cage and threw it over top, then threw the whole affair in the back of his truck and drove off.

          1. As an extension agent, who has dealt with problem skunk questions, your cousin did exactly the right thing. When trapping a skunk cover the trap (it keeps the skunk calmer, less likely to spray) and move the trap as gently as possible. Avoid startling the animal.

            1. Or shoot it from 50 paces. In the head preferably, so the stink wont spray but leak out of the sacs.

              1. Much less of an option if they are living under your back porch.

    3. Reince , Wash, Don’t Repeat.

  13. “For reasons I don’t entirely understand students seem to have shifted marginally away from outward-looking protests against war or Wall Street to inward looking protests circa 2015 premised on the assertion that their institutions were riven with systemic racism and sexism.”

    Seems like we’re having fun with correlations today. If that’s the case, I’d throw this up against the wall: five years ago, unemployment was up over 12%. At the moment, unemployment is closer to 8%.

    Maybe the economy that has benefited adult unskilled workers even more than their managers has helped unemployed college students, too, and it’s harder to be pissed off at “corporations” when they’re stuffing your pockets full of money.

    1. Right but you’re a known, proven liar.

      1. I’m not sure which is sadder, your strange obsession with KS, or your utter lack of original ideas. Even your name was stolen from a more interesting troll.

  14. The Chaos at Condé Nast

    Since 2009, Condé Nast has gone from publishing 22 magazine brands (including one digital-only publication) to 16 magazine brands (six of which are digital only). In 2017, the company had about $120 million in losses.

    Ken, I think you said you visit Ars technica. I used to check it out until Trump was elected and the writers started banning people for dissent.

    Couldn’t have happened to a bigger bunch of assholes. I hope they are learning to code.

    1. They did that way before trump. Go look at their net neutrality stuff. They’ve been banning any counter voices since they started.

      1. And believe they started banning “climate change deniers” around 2012.

      2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It depended heavily on the author and I stopped reading the climate change and net neutrality authors back then.

    2. I used to be pretty active over there since back when it was more about overclocking your Athlon with the pencil trick. I started going over there less and less as desktop PCs became increasingly irrelevant and being PC became more and more what that site was about.

      Some of the people who started the site, I believe, are still writing there, and some of what they write is still worth reading. It’s always important to do a certain amount of opposition research–but for self-edification purposes, too, I genuinely want to understand what real thinking people who disagree with me think and why.

      There are so many people on the left who simply regurgitate the left’s lines, and talking with them is only interesting in so far as testing theories on how to break through people’s programming is interesting. Over at Ars Technica, you can find some people who still aren’t necessarily just trying to create more NPCs. Maybe Conde Nast is required to keep them on by contract when they bought the site?

      1. George Orwell was a freaking socialist. He was wrong about so many fundamental things–but where we disagree, he’s honest. Christopher Hitchens was a Trotskyist himself. I disagreed with Hitchens more than I did Orwell on so much, especially on his foreign policy. They say neocons graduated from Marxism, which is probably why it appealed so much to Hitechen . I always wanted to read what Hitchens wrote anyway–because you can only find so much that leaks into the public conversation from the left that isn’t solely meant to program NPCs. He was pushing his opinion, but he did it more or less honestly.

        Masha Gessen is like that for me now. She’s a Russian, anti-Putin dissident, who fled Russia for fear that Putin was targeting her for her criticism of him by threatening to take her children away, ostensibly because she’s LGBT. She’s squarely on the left. She has no love for President Trump whatsoever. She even condemns him as a pathological liar at the beginning of the following piece. That being said, in this piece, she’s tearing the media and the left apart for inventing the ridiculous conspiracy theories about Trump collaborating with the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

        “The report sounded damning—unless one knew, of course, that the “language” to which Acosta managed to refer four times in the space of thirty seconds did not exist—no statement on Ukraine was inserted into the Republican platform by the Trump campaign—and that the sentiment ostensibly ascribed to candidate Trump falls squarely in the foreign-policy mainstream and was, in fact, the position held by the Obama administration. The “meetings” that sounded so sinister were in fact public encounters that occurred during a panel and, later, a cocktail party—schmoozing, which is both the ambassador’s and campaign advisers’ jobs. But all of Friday-evening punditry on CNN and MSNBC was from that point on occupied with connecting the imaginary dots of the Russian ambassador-Trump campaign cabal at the Republican convention. CNN also ran with an unsubstantiated report that the Russian ambassador is a “spy master,” an outrageous assertion that mirrored Russian propaganda about Obama’s Moscow ambassador, Michael McFaul.

        A later building block in the story, which has become its virtual cornerstone, is the joint intelligence report on Russian interference in the campaign, which was released in December and is, plainly, laughable.

        I’m not sure anyone in comments here has ever criticized CNN and MSNBC more harshly.

        Hitchens originally caught my attention during the 1990s because, despite being on the left, he was willing to lambaste Bill and Hillary Clinton for their behavior regarding Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky. That’s how credibility is created–by being honest about things, even when doing so makes your own side look bad. There are still honest liberals out there–who know what they’re talking about–but you have to look for them.

        1. I probably should have included this part of the piece:

          “The dream fueling the Russia frenzy is that it will eventually create a dark enough cloud of suspicion around Trump that Congress will find the will and the grounds to impeach him. If that happens, it will have resulted largely from a media campaign orchestrated by members of the intelligence community—setting a dangerous political precedent that will have corrupted the public sphere and promoted paranoia. And that is the best-case outcome.”

          —-Masha Gessen, NYRB, March 6, 2017

          She couldn’t possibly have known about the Ukraine call–because it hadn’t happened yet, but she’s right about everything. She’s basically telling the left that what they’re doing isn’t only dishonest and strategically stupid, it’s also undermining the legitimacy of liberal institutions–as a best case scenario?

          That’s exactly right–and it’s coming from a Russian dissident who has been personally affected by Putin’s repression. She has every reason to write whatever makes Putin look the worst, but she calls it like it is instead. For someone who would rather see Trump reelected, I’m glad the left ignored her–can you imagine how much better off the Democrat nominee would be right now if they weren’t squabbling under the cloud of a bogus impeachment? Peggy Noonan wrote the other day that the Democrats’ biggest problem is that the American people don’t take them seriously anymore–and that problem predates the fiasco in Iowa by a long shot. It goes all the way back to the Russian allegations. Gessen was right!

          1. Holy shit you lie and bloviate so much what kind of fucking loser writes a novella EVERY SINGLE TIME they lost like your lying ass does god get a fucking life man

            1. I find myself wishing you were within ball-kicking range.

            2. Tulpa, what lie exactly are you harping on? Because this is getting almost as tiresome as SQRLSY’s stupid ‘join reason’ response.

              And I know you can do better than that.

            3. Someone with more than a 3rd grade understanding of topics and doesn’t need to resort to stalking their political opposites with the sole purpose of launching ad hominem attacks.

              1. I am sorry… to 3rd graders. My 3rd grade daughter could definitely debate the issues better then this sock troll.

    3. “Editors of glossy magazines had status then because their products seemed important. People went to newsstands or physical mailboxes to find bound pieces of paper dropped by postal workers that would tell them who and what was cool, giving them topics for cocktail-party and water-cooler chatter.”

      Thank God that charade is over. Too bad journalists haven’t picked up on their new position as garbage peddlers.

      1. “Too bad journalists haven’t picked up on their new position as garbage peddlers.”

        Reason seems to be ahead of the curve on this one.

        1. unreason also has Daddy War Bucks to keep this rag afloat.

    1. Vote with your wallet.

    2. For a guy who still wants to play he sure seems to be going about it all wrong.

      1. He does everything he can to avoid playing.
        Which is smart. As long as he can “maintain the appearance” of wanting to play, he’s still relevant and can continue his career as a “martyr”.
        Of course, only the most gullible buy that appearance

        1. The grift he and his handlers are running works a lot better if he never actually plays. Even a lot of his most dedicated apologists are starting to admit that he’s not really serious about it.

          Like I’ve said before, if Kaepernick really wanted to play football, he’d be doing it in Canada or the Arena League, or even the XFL, while pleading his case that he should be in the NFL. The fact that he and his girlfriend have done things to nuke signing opportunities, things that in context can only be described as deliberate efforts to make sure the signing never happens, is evidence that he’s a lot more comfortable cashing Nike’s checks and blaming whitey for his problems.

          1. Yeah, he could have easily signed with the XFL. The fact that he didn’t shows he has no desire to play football and figures he is better off a martyr.

          2. The list of what he’s done to sabotage potential playing opportunities is extensive.
            Signing would kill his value and take away his narrative.
            Playing would expose him as a subpar QB who never had a point in the first place.
            He originally sat (not kneeled) for the anthem because he was pouting about losing his job to Blaine Gabbart. He, at the suggestion of his girlfriend I assume, came up with the kneeling/protest story a few weeks after he’d been doing the sitting thing, when FoxNews decided to make a huge story of it

          3. Yep. If he wanted to play, he’d have taken a backup position somewhere or, if he was really blackballed, signed up for the CFL or arena, not sat on the sidelines three years.

            As it is now, a 32-year-old who hasn’t been in circulation for three years, I genuinely doubt if he could cut it in the XFL or CFL anymore. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could manage it, but I wouldn’t be surprised the other way either. Those leagues have lots of young, hungry players with NFL experience who regularly practice and play against the same, and Kaepernick was never a Michael Jordan-equivalent standout.

    3. The question of whether he is still at NFL QB skill level aside, he thoroughly burned his bridges back in that direction, especially with the fans such that no GM is likely to want to risk that bit of toxic reputation to give him a chance.

      This is what he wanted. If he is disappointed at the result, he has only himself to blame.

      1. This is what he wanted.

        I think you’re right here but for a different reason. He gets way more coverage as a martyr than as a mediocre QB.

        1. Yeah, anyone at this point who thinks he’s sincere about wanting to play is willfully ignorant.

          You don’t wear a Fidel Castro shirt at your Miami press conference when the Dolphins are bringing you in to work out if you want to play. Your girlfriend doesn’t tweet out an image from Djano Unchained, implying that Ray Lewis is a house nigger, when you’re in talks with Baltimore if you want to play. You don’t act obtuse about your social activism plans with Seattle if you want to play. You don’t sabatoge your own public workout for NFL teams if you want to play.

          I have to admit, he’s run a brilliant grift in essentially making Nike his bitch.

          1. I am not a fan of the guy, but I have to respect him for his skill in stealing Phil Knight’s money. Man did he take Nike to the cleaners.

            1. You have to respect his ingenuity in turning getting benched for a terrible QB into making tens of millions as a “cause”

              1. Plus he avoids those concussions.

        2. It is always funny to hear certain people who couldn’t tell the difference between a QB and a LB argue he was an elite QB because he played in a Superbowl.

  15. Attempted criminalization of mean books about liberals comes to canada. Worked out well for Hillary.

    1. That is why Citizens United was such a necessary decision. This is what the campaign finance reformers actually want to empower.

      1. Citizens United is probably one of the most misunderstood decisions of all time. I have so many friends who tell me “that’s when they decided that money is speech.” No, they decided that the first amendment prohibits banning political speech, even if the speech is done by an organized group.

    1. Damn. But this part might be worse:

      “Meanwhile, it emerged that U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson had denied a defense request to strike a potential juror who was Obama-era press official with admitted anti-Trump views — and whose husband worked at the same Justice Department division that handled the probe leading to Stone’s arrest.”

      1. That case is going to be overturned on appeal. The judge has to know that. She basically just didn’t give a shit and figured that she would punish Stone with a conviction and suffering the process of having it overturned. These people are fucking evil.

      2. The same judge put an order on Stone to not speak to the media as well.

        1. She really needs to be disbarred

      3. Yeah, R Mac, that is seriously fucked up.

        Her husband worked at the same division that handled the probe that led to Stone’s arrest?

        That’s an ineligible juror twice over.

        What are the chances she never discussed the case with her husband? Isn’t anything her husband said to her about the case considered hearsay, was not subject to cross examination, and his testimony was not admissible in court anyway?

        How does a juror like that end up on the case, anyway?

        What are the odds that the wife of a Justice Department official who handed the probe she’s on the jury for ends up on that jury?

        1. There was also a third juror who is a donor to Democrats. By itself that’s not necessarily an issue, but as the third example?

          Yeah I’d really like to know how this jury was selected.

  16. Swalwell: Impeaching Trump Over Roger Stone Is Not ‘Off the Table’

    These Lefty dummies just will not learn. Well, good for us Americans.

    Who called this second Impeachment?

    I for one expect Trump to fully embrace being the best President in US History AND a 2+ Impeachment and attempted coup survivor.

    1. The charges against Stone are Federal, correct? That’s why the DOJ can influence sentencing decisions.

      If Trump really wanted to be an asshole about it he’d just pardon the guy. Well within his rights and definitely not impeachable even if the Democrats would try.

      1. First, get the sentence reduced. That bs cannot be allowed to stand.
        Then, pardon

    2. Go ahead and impeach him again, Swalwell. After all, the last effort worked out so well for you. Maybe this time you’ll succeed in having Trump’s approval ratings hit 60%.

      1. OTOH, every time Trump fights off an ill-fated Democrat attempt to destroy his presidency, he insists on giving them new grounds for trying again. The Trump fans here will undoubtedly claim that he is “outsmarting” his enemies by provoking them into acting recklessly. But even people who appear to be flailing helplessly can hit their targets, even if by accident.

        1. He regularly gets the Democrats to do exactly what he wants, whether he’s doing it on purpose or not seems secondary.

        2. I don’t think it’s an issue of him “outsmarting” the Dems or playing “78D chess” or whatever. I do think that he considers them to be the enemy after they and their cohorts in the bureaucracy lied to get FISA warrants issued, tapped his phones, accused him of colluding with the Russian government to get elected, and had some of his advisors charged on unrelated process crimes, all because Hillary said it was Russia that cost her the birthright she to which she felt entitled.

          Maybe some of the Dems just want a state of detente, but considering their loudest, most idiotic cohort has been demanding impeachment from the day after Election Day, and we have actual evidence of FBI employees assuring each other that they will stop him, I’d say it’s already pretty obvious that he, the Dems, and the REEEEEEsistance bureaucrats are in a state of war, and he’s acting like he normally would in such a situation.

          1. Yeah, I figure if I am POTUS Trump, I am saying something along the lines of: Fuck this, now the gloves come off.

            He hasn’t really gone after people like he could. Now he will.

            Team D brought this upon us. May they reap what they have sown.

  17. The Mueller connected lawyers that resigned apparently lied to their bosses about their recommendations.

  18. More local story news about liberals assaulting conservatives. Nothing to see here.

  19. Michael Bloomberg’s campaign suddenly drops memes everywhere

    Have faith in Americans. They wont let a Lefty rich guy buy an election and get special treatment compared to other Democrat candidates who played by the rules.

    1. They’re all in on Buttigieg now.
      The racist comments release shows their hand

      1. Mayor Butthead has his own race problems.

        1. More than one.

  20. Donors set to leave Joe Biden after Iowa and New Hampshire results

    More bad news for the Biden household.

    Get your affairs in order Joe and Hunter Biden. Indictments are coming.

  21. He’s upset, and is punching her seat incessantly – so she records

    These sound like children. Guy is unhappy so he throws a fit and starts punching the seat? Lady whips out her phone and “records” him? “Ha! I recorded you muthafucka!” What the hell is going on out here? Interpersonal skills have gone into the shitter.

    1. This is a perfect snapshot of our culture in 2020: a circle-jerk of passive-aggressiveness.

  22. Schumer wants to ban gun part sales under the view they are whole guns.

    1. Maybe he’ll ban auto and appliance parts sales, too.

    2. It’s interesting, California already banned the magazine rebuild kits that are so popular here in Colorado.

      I don’t know how you legally define “magazine parts” though. Seems like sheet metal and springs would qualify, which makes one wonder how hardware stores in California still operate.

    1. Cause she’s fracking nuts.

  23. McClatchy files bankruptcy to shed costs of print legacy and speed shift to digital

    Couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of assholes.

    These Lefty Propagandists still wont learn. Oh well, make for cheap media companies to buy and reformat when most go bankrupt.

  24. My husband wrote a book, and here is an excerpt involving Donald Trump and badgers

    Nobody cares.

    1. That’s what I do. I post about things I don’t care about, all the time!

      1. Maybe you should. It couldn’t be any worse than when you comment on things you do care about.

      2. I’ve called the waaambulance for you and it’s on the way.

      3. You also tend to respond to people to demonstrate to others you’re an idiot.

    2. Do you think if she caught her husband with a “sex worker” she’d be all sympatico with said “sex worker”s rights?

  25. Lawsuit claims former KU professor used disabled patients in Iowa for sex research

    Before he was hired as acting superintendent at Glenwood in September 2017, Rea, 63, had assistant research professor status at KU from 1999 through January 2015. He did research on topics related to deviant sexual behavior and arousal at KU’s Life Span Institute in Parsons in southeast Kansas. His position was funded through grants and contracts. When those contracts ended, he was an affiliate of the university — associated with and/or providing specific research services to the university voluntarily and without compensation.

    So no Tenure?

  26. this video has the internet legitimately divided

    Not my internet.

  27. “Have student protests gotten more inward-facing?”

    Kids are for more likely to be narcissists now then any time before. The world evolves around them, especially if you’re in the victim hierarchy.

    1. They ran out of real things to bitch about .

      1. There’s plenty of real things to bitch about, the problem is that solving real problems is hard and these children lack the intestinal fortitude to deal with that.

        Much easier to just scream as loud as you can into the void about how unfair it all is, that doesn’t require you to step out of your comfort zone.

  28. “My husband wrote a book, and here is an excerpt involving Donald Trump and badgers.”

    So much journalisming going on while democracy is dying in darkness

    1. It is unfortunate that Reason is the world’s only news site.

      1. Reason isnt going to fuck you. You can stop white knighting it now.

        1. You forgot to change your sock.

          1. Kettle – pot

            1. So you’re also a Jesse sock, makes sense.

            2. Poor $parkY all dressed up as a sock and nowhere to go.

          2. I dont have any socks dummy.


    Now they have Bloomberg saying redlining was good. It is not so much that what he says is entirely wrong. It isn’t. It is just that it is not the entire truth, ending redlining was one of many causes of the financial collapse, and he comes across as such an asshole when he says it. Bloomberg is like a real life Dickens villain. “Damn it if we would have never got into the business of letting poor people think they could be above their station, things would not have gone so badly”. Christ what an asshole.

    1. Yes yes, please comment on people who sound like assholes. It’s like bloomberg is pissing on the american people when he says stuff like that, amirite?

      1. Yeah, it is not like he is pledging to Make America Great or anything.

        You called it dude.

      2. Bloomberg’s elitism is precisely one of the best reasons to reject him as a nominee–whether he seems to be bemoaning the downsides of ending redlining or deciding how big a single serving of sugary soft drinks grown ups should be allowed to buy.

        1. Bloomberg is contemptuous of the choices of average people, and market capitalism is all about people being free to make choices for themselves–without interference from the likes of Bloomberg.

        2. Jcw is dumb enough to believe that elitism actually makes someone elite and isnt just a belief in others being elite.

          1. People who want others to make their choices for them are . . . that’s just pathetic.

            Every choice has a qualitative component. I think of Bloomberg or Sanders or Warren making qualitative choices for me, and it makes me mad. I think of people getting excited about these people making qualitative choices on their behalf, and it makes me feel nauseated. It’s like sticking up for someone who always getting berated and abused by her spouse, and yet always go back for more–and can’t wait to go bail her abuser out of jail because she misses him so much. At some point, you stop feeling sorry for people, get disgusted and start thinking of them as . . . pathetic.

            1. So your choice to be a liar has a qualitative component?

  30. Is Friedersdorf really that stupid? They stopped protesting Wall Street and the war because doing those things is hard and generally doesn’t accomplish anything. Protesting schools that will bend over backwards to their every whim is easy. Only someone dumb enough to be a journalist could find that mysterious.

  31. And youtube removes video of Rand Paul speaking on the senate floor for violating its guidelines…

    1. Well, now with the video gone, it’s only alleged that Rand Paul named the alleged whistleblower, isn’t it?

      What’s with all this make-believe bullshit where we all gotta pretend nobody has any idea at all who in the world the whistleblower might be – why it could be anybody! – but there’s only the one name you’re not allowed to say even if it’s not in the context of outing the whistleblower? Would somebody get a video taken down for alleging the Queen of England is the whistleblower?

      1. That is a great point. And let’s continue to pretend there is any law against naming a whistle blower in public.

    2. Remember: Congress passed a Section 230 spell that should grant this platform warding +5 and shield +100 protection against reprisal at the hands of the government from speech that is not their own. If they don’t take down videos like this, there’s a chance that Congress might rescind that protection.

  32. We lost another Koch BrotherRIP Frederick

    1. He is going to the big gay, Mexican, pot festival in the sky.

    2. That article goes a long way around but never directly saying Koch loved Kock.

  33. Have student protests gotten more inward-facing? And if so, why? Conor Friedersdorf and others offer some theories in this Twitter thread:


    Here’s Douglas Murray on the… ‘inward facingness’ of the millennial generation.

    Short video. 5 minutes watch it. It’s funny and serious at the same time.

    1. In essence, what Friedersdorf and “others” are missing… shockingly, is that the reason student protests are ‘inward facing’ is because the left (which can historically be associated with student protests) has become obsessed with identity politics and power structures between in-groups. This isn’t hard to understand. Any movement which devolves to that will eventually begin swirling around the drain in a continuous state of excommunicating wrong-think.

      Every personal relationship is now about power. This has been pointed out and well-argued for several years now, and if Friedersdorf and “others” haven’t caught on to this rather obvious truth, then there’s really little hope for them.

      “As a woman…”
      “As a black woman…”
      “As a trans woman…”
      “As a gay man of color…”
      “As a lesbian person of color…”
      “As a Muslim trans person of color…”

      When every public statement about politics has to start with one of the above, if you can’t figure out why protests are ‘inward’ facing…

      1. And that sort of thinking is seductive because it is so easy. You don’t have to think or do hard things like offer alternatives or empathize with anyone. You just have to say “as whatever” and that is it. Your view no matter how infantile or self serving is immediately validated and must be respected and catered to by everyone else.

  34. If there’s one thing Americans just universally love, it’s a little needle-dicked Jew with a big mouth and a bigger bank account.

    Mini Mine’s laughable new tough guy democratic Trump affectation will probably play great in New York, L.A., and Miami Beach, but I think it’s.going to be a giant lead balloon just about everywhere else.

    By the way, you have zero delegates, asswipe.

  35. Globally, a worker could expect to work 2,227 hours in 1950.
    By 2016, however, he or she worked only 1,855 hours.

    Total bullshit. I didn’t work any hours in 1950.

    1. It’s a totally meaningless statistic since about 50% of the work force was involved in agriculture, much of it still manually done. This trended downwards as mechanization took over but dropped dramatically in the 1970s as a result of the green revolution which allowed us to produce more on less land.

    2. Hell, there’s a lot of workers in 2020 not working any hours, just working the system.

  36. Happy Galentines Day

    Hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries.

    ROFLMAO! I think women taking this seriously is probably the funniest thing women have ever done.

    1. Valentines day has *always* been about women, so they can have it to do whatever they want with it. In fact, if they deconstruct it completely, straight heterosexual men around the western world will rejoice.

  37. Speaking of illegal immigration.
    So I live in Missouri, and our Republican governor is already running re-election ads. His current one is of course all about illegal immigration. How he stands with Trump, he is pro-wall, he is against sanctuary cities, he’s against those illegal immigrants bringing drugs into our neighborhoods, etc., etc. Thing is, there are no sanctuary cities in Missouri, illegal immigration hasn’t even been in the news, the biggest drug problem in the state is with methheads brewing meth in the sticks, not from some Salvadoran cartel. He is just virtue-signaling to his base while at the same time scapegoating a group of people and demonizing them. He’s trying to win power on the backs of powerless people. It is rather shameful that it’s come to this.

    1. Waaaaahhhhh!

    2. Hey Little Jeffy, where’s your buddy Mike Liarson been?

    3. There are no sanctuary cities in Missouri. And the governor is running on that being a good thing. The horror.

      1. He is running against something that doesn’t exist in Missouri and won’t exist in the foreseeable future (the legislature is overwhelmingly R). He might as well be running against the imminent Martian invasion. He’s doing what demagogues do – pick a scapegoat and play on people’s fears in order to secure power.

        1. He is running against something that doesn’t exist but would if his opponents got their way.

          1. Hey asshole, John was discussing sanctuary cities, not meth in the Ozarks. Do try to keep up.

    4. So I live in Missouri

      No you don’t, you lying scumbag pedophile.

    5. The Sinaloa cartel has been operating in Missouri and Kansas for a while now, goofy.

      1. I am sure there are cartels operating in every state. But that isn’t the big drug problem here. It’s homegrown meth, and has been meth for a while now. He knows this, and he’s dishonestly framing illegal immigrants as the source of the drug problem because they are convenient and powerless scapegoats.

        1. Meth used to be a cottage industry but the cartels have taken it over. Including a lot of the manufacturing. The same with marijuana grown on public land. This used to be Joe Bob but the cartels now control most of it via their subsidiary gangs.

          1. Even in places such as Spokane and Anchorage (urban areas surrounded by largely rural areas) gangs associated with the cartels (such as MS 13) make up a large portion of the meth and marijuana (illegal) trade.

            1. Little Jeffy thinks you’re lying. Stop exaggerating MS 13!

        2. Hey dumbfuck.

          It is amazing how much of your ideology is based on ignorance.

          1. See there you go. More scaremongering and driving up fear based on little evidence.

            OMG it’s Drug SUPERLABS!!!

            Your article is based on an interview of one rural county sheriff in one rural county who himself even admits he doesn’t know where exactly the methamphetamine is coming from. But Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media syndicate turn that weak story into THE MEXICANS ARE COMING! THE MEXICANS ARE COMING! Because they are pushing an agenda, not seeking to inform.

            And you happily play right along, and our Missouri Governor is happily adopting the same tactics.

            If this was a Climate Change Hysteria article that interviewed one single scientist at one rural college saying “the local lakes are rising and we don’t know why”, with some scary headline like CLIMATE CHANGE HITS THE HEARTLAND, you would be the first to bash it as fake news. But the same yellow journalism tactics used on an issue that helps Team Red’s ability to hold power, you’re totally happy to serve that agenda.

            1. Little Jeffy claiming he’s more knowledgeable than a County sherif about illegal drugs.

              You a meth runner or something Jeff?

              1. No, asshole, I am not questioning the sheriff, I am questioning Fox News’ framing of the issue and their suggestive headline based on very thin evidence. They’re pushing an agenda here, is this not obvious?

                1. We’ve always had a meth problem because we’re a rural county,” Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase told Fox News Latino. “But now we’re not seeing the ‘shake-and-bake’ cooks anymore, the stuff we’re getting now is about as pure as it can get”

                  “In neighboring Webster County, prosecutors recently charged five people with the murder of a cartel capo sent to the region to collect a debt.”

                  Are you claiming these statements are lies?

                2. “Your article is based on an interview of one rural county sheriff in one rural county who himself even admits he doesn’t know where exactly the methamphetamine is coming from.”

                  Oops, more lies from Little Jeffy! Surprise surprise.

                  The article is based on information from 2 counties, and DEA statements.

                  But no Little Jeffy, you are probably right. The Mexican Cartels likely had a meeting and all agreed that the Missouri meth market wasn’t worth getting into and decided to drive the long way round to Chicago.

                  1. The interview with the sheriff is the BASIS for the article. I didn’t say it was the only single thing in the article. Stop trying to put words in my mouth.

                    And you are focusing on nits in order to intentionally avoid the MAIN POINT here: this article is an example of taking very thin evidence and blowing it up into something much scarier, in the service of an agenda.

                    You won’t or can’t discuss that point, so you focus on trivial details like one sentence mentioning offhand something that happened in some other county when the BASIS for the article is the interview with the one sheriff.

                    You intentionally cloud the discussion because you cannot argue the main point. That is your rhetorical sophistry.

                    1. “the biggest drug problem in the state is with methheads brewing meth in the sticks,”

                      Your words. Now run around in a dishonest circle.

                    2. You intentionally cloud the discussion because you cannot argue the main point.

            2. “one rural county sheriff in one rural county”

              Here’s where you tell on yourself again by using “rural” redundantly you dishonest bigot.

              Seriously Little Jeffy, admit you’re a global progressive and not a libertarian, and I’ll leave you alone to lie all you want on this board.

              1. Why is it so important to you that I conform to the label you seek to impose upon me?

                I don’t even know what you people mean by “global progressive”. With the way that term is used around here, it has lost any definitive meaning. It’s basically an all-purpose insult. So why would I volunteer for such a thing?

                Are you that incensed that there are liberty-minded people who have views different than your own? Maybe if a liberty -minded person such as yourself has so many disagreements with you, it might be a good reason to reflect a little bit on your own positions.

                1. “Maybe if a liberty -minded person such as yourself has so many disagreements with you,“

                  Sorry, but my dishonesty hasn’t led me to the brink of schizophrenia.

                2. “ Why is it so important to you that I conform to the label you seek to impose upon me?”

                  Why did you stop beating your wife?

                3. “you people”

                  Says the individualist.

    6. I guarantee you there are Hispanic gangs in Missouri. They’re in all states. They might not be as numerous or as obvious as in LA, but the cartels reach everywhere. Obviously drugs should be legal, but until they are the criminal behavior that goes along with that shit will follow everywhere.

      And don’t forget all the “innocent” illegal immigrants merely committing DUIs, their kids petty thefts, and all the other BS that comes with those people. I’m part Mexican and grew up in California… As a whole the entire Hispanic community on average in the USA is basically the equivalent of white trash. It’s not that ALL Hispanics are like that, but their middle class and wealthy didn’t come here illegally, so we only got the dregs to the mediocre working class ones here.

      1. Hey you are right, illegal immigrants aren’t saints. They are ordinary people who occasionally screw up and do bad things, just like all ordinary people everywhere.

        They aren’t an underclass of especially despicable people. They are just people like everyone else.

        1. If they are like everyone else then why do they want to come to America?

          1. He is a bleeding heart know nothing.

            I live in a border state, obviously. The negative externalities of illegal immigration are very front and center here. We have lost the majority of Trauma 1 hospitals in southern Arizona from uncompensated emergency cafe to border crossers. We spend higher than average money on the prosecution and jailing of illegal immigrants. The ESL mandates from the feds to educate non english speaking children is 3x the cost of an english speaker, hem6moraging money in the public school systems.

            Jeff intentionally ignores negative externalities due to his feelz.

            1. Do you want to talk about negative externalities? Then let’s talk about negative externalities of, say, mass private gun ownership. Do you think there are any negative externalities to that? If so, do those externalities justify limiting individuals’ rights to own guns? No? Oh, well then. Maybe negative externalities aren’t a sufficient reason to deprive someone of fundamental liberty.

              The problem is, you don’t actually believe in the liberty of freedom of association. If it’s a freedom of association that helps Team Red, like kicking out the gays from wedding shops and fueling a culture war based on that, you’re totally there with freedom of association. But if it’s a freedom of association that doesn’t help Team Red, such as the freedom of an employer to associate with the employee of his/her choice without needing permission slips from the state, then suddenly it’s all about “negative externalities”.

              You are a partisan water carrier for Team Red who doesn’t have a principled bone in his body. If Trump said abortion was a sacrament and guns should be banned, you’d convince yourself to start praising abortion and banning guns.

              1. “Then let’s talk about negative externalities of, say, mass private gun ownership.”

                Let’s not Little Jeffy.

                1. Look at you with nothing of importance to add yet again.

                  1. Look at you dragging the tortured 2A rights vs open borders analogy around like all the other dishonest bullshit you pull out of your ass.

                    1. You clearly didn’t get the point, so let me see if I can make it clearer.

                      The proper exercise of any liberty carries with it negative externalities. As examples: Free speech means some people will be hurt and offended. Mass private ownership of guns means some people will be shot accidentally. Legal drug use means some people will become addicts. The presence of negative externalities alone however is not reason enough to justify taking away people’s liberties. That some people are offended by mean speech does not mean the First Amendment should be scrapped. That some people are accidentally shot does not mean that the Second Amendment should be scrapped. Get it? Fundamental liberties have higher value than that. They are moral imperatives, not utilitarian artifacts. That is my point.

                    2. I got the point. It was a stupid point, unless you’re in middle school.

                    3. So you are just here to troll. Got it.

                  2. Should we discuss all the negative externalities of the 1st Amendment while we’re at it? The 5th?

                    You want my me to add some importance to the discussion?

                    Nobody should take you seriously because your thinking is sophomoric and you use dishonesty and logical fallacies to hide that.

                    1. Such as the tu quoque logical fallacy? Like that one?

                    2. You mean the one you made that I was responding to in the first place lol?

                      Once again, I think I’ve made my decision if you’re more dumb or dishonest, and you throw me another curveball.

          2. Because there are more opportunities in America.

  38. Who knew Jeff Sessions did something useful while in office? Trump should tell the new tool to ratchet shit up.

    1. +1000

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