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Welp, at Least New Hampshire Counted the Votes on Time

Plus: FTC goes fishing for tech company ammunition, changes coming to Utah polygamy laws, and more...


New Hampshire complicates things for Democrats. Andrew Yang is out. Establishment and leftist favorites are faltering. The Klobuchar moment may finally be upon us. And an old socialist and an Indiana mayor continue to compete as the front-runners right now. So, the New Hampshire primaries were weird and discouraging in many ways.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) was the winner of this round, with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg taking second place and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D–Minn.) taking third. With 96 percent of precincts reporting, Sanders was the top choice for 25.9 percent of New Hampshire Democrats. Buttigieg got 24.4 percent of the vote and Klobuchar 19.8 percent.

Sanders is projected to get nine New Hampshire delegates. Buttigieg will likely get nine and Klobuchar will likely get six delegates.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren earned a mere 9.3 percent of the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, and former Vice President Joe Biden just 8.5 percent, placing fourth and fifth respectively.

Rounding out the New Hampshire Democratic primary were Tom Steyer with 3.5 percent, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard with 3.3 percent, and Andrew Yang with 2.8 percent.

Yang, who finished sixth in Iowa and eighth in New Hampshire, announced that he was ending his presidential campaign. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet also dropped out.

"The likely prospect now is that Sanders and several other candidates will divide the vote and delegates the rest of this month and into March, when more than 60 percent of the pledged delegates will be chosen," writes Dan Balz at The Washington Post.

With support among the center-left candidates divided, Sanders could emerge from Super Tuesday with a lead in delegates. He would then be in a position to do what few Democrats thought possible before the campaign started, which is win the nomination—but not without a major fight.

In the New Hampshire Republican primary, President Donald Trump got 85 percent of the vote and Bill Weld—who was Gary Johnson's Libertarian Party running mate in 2016 and is now running for president as a Republican—got 9 percent.


Utah considers lessening penalties for polygamy. "If SB102 becomes law, polygamy among consenting adults would be reduced to an infraction—a level below many traffic offenses," reports The Salt Lake Tribune. "Infractions in Utah carry no jail time. Punishments can be fines of up to $750 and community service."


Trump tells companies they have MAGA as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launches investigation into them. "For 144 days, we set a record stock market," Trump said on Tuesday. "Four trillion-dollar companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft. You have MAGA. The trillion-dollar club."

CNBC points out that "MAGA has also been used on Wall Street for the group of stocks that have led the market higher," in addition to being a Trump slogan.

Meanwhile, the FTC announced yesterday that it will review prior mergers, dating back to 2010, for all four of those companies, plus Facebook. The move is in keeping with a bipartisan wave of anti-tech animus in Washington.

Read more on the new tech trustbusters from Thomas Hazlett here. "Antitrust was recently pushed to advance consumers' welfare. That was part of the liberalization trend," Hazlett writes. "Now it's being tugged back to form a support system protecting 'competitors'—guarding against low prices, escalating quality, and market rivalry."

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  1. Andrew Yang is out, but the Klobuchar moment may finally be upon us.


    1. Hello.

      You can vote your way into Bernie’s Hotel Socialist California paradise but you’ll have to fight your way out if you want to leave.

      Welcome to the Hotel Venezuela….such a lovely place….such a lov….are you eating a dog?

      1. It’s zebra. From the zoo. I’m just trying to do the next cool thing before everyone else does it and makes it uncool.

    2. “Welp”

      Aahahahahah what a dumb cunt!

  2. If SB102 becomes law, polygamy among consenting adults would be reduced to an infraction—a level below many traffic offenses…

    And the way the ladies drive, having more of them going for groceries… Am I right, fellas?

    1. There’s no better way to eliminate Bernie Bros than to allow men to have an many wives as they want.

      1. In polygamist societies, it’s the richest and most influential guys that get all the wives. A Bernie Bro would be lucky to get employed as a gardener in a polygamist household, although he would probably quickly be fired for laziness.

        1. I fired that one off too quickly. I meant to say something similar, in that the Bernie Bros would not be procreating anymore.

    2. This is beyond stupid.

      What will be considered a single count of the polygamy infraction?

      Are you just fined $750 on your wedding day and then you’re good for the remainder of your lifetime?

      Is each day of polygamy a separate infraction?

      Or will this be like the bestest of laws, where it just sits on the books waiting for an opportunity to be abused to hyper-punish an undesirable?

      1. Looks like cohabitation will still be a felony, so its an infraction to become someone’s second wife, but a felony to live with them

      2. I wondered the same thing. The exact wording of the bill is “the individual purports to marry…” defines “purport” as “To claim or profess”. So I think you could make an argument that the penalty applies every time you make the claim (that is, each day) until you stop making the claim.

        Yeah, it’s probably a bill with a lot of potential for abuse but given that it’s a modification of Utah’s existing law which had much the same wording, it’s a little lower potential than the status quo.

      3. you forgot all of the above. (It’s gonna be all of the above)

  3. Sanders is projected to get nine New Hampshire delegates. Buttigieg will likely get nine and Klobuchar will likely get six delegates.

    I’m beginning to suspect Democrat primary voters have no idea how to beat Trump.

    1. Or they realize there is no way to beat Trump, and are voting for how far into fascism they want the party to go?

      1. +10000

  4. Yang, who finished sixth in Iowa and eighth in New Hampshire, announced that he was ending his presidential campaign.

    Where my money???

    1. So, Yang, you’re out, you’re free, you’re rehabilitated. What’s next? What’s happenin’? What you gonna do? You got the money you owe us, motherfucker?

      1. He’s getting the band back together.

        1. he’ll never get Matt “Guitar” Murphy

    2. $1000 early withdrawal penalty. Per American.

  5. Trump Proposes 16% Cut To CDC As Global Number Of Coronavirus Infections And Deaths Rise

    I noticed the Propagandists in the MSM are latching on to Trump proposed Presidential Budget. They have nothing else, so the plan is to scare old people and Black Americans who are bureaucrats into not voting Trump.

    Nevermind that Trump’s 3 proposed Presidential Budgets have never been implemented.

    1. I’m still waiting for Reason to release an article about how unchecked trade with China is a good thing and definitely wouldn’t result in infecting us all with the coronavirus

      1. Viruses only survive on surfaces for about 30 minutes. I believe a flight from China to the US takes longer than that, so trade will not result in infecting us all with the coronavirus.

        1. This virus lives on the Corona, smarty pants.

        2. I believe you need to provide a citation for that Virus life span guess.

        3. As a pediatric anesthesiologist I can assure you that viruses live inside people.
          It will be transmitted from country to country by people traveling , not by fomites (as they are called) on inanimate surfaces.
          You can try to stop this kind of transmission by quarantining all people who arrive with a fever.
          There still a time period between when a person is infected and he develops a fever. These persons will go on the have a fever and spread the virus.
          Plus, you’ll be quarantining probably 50% of all children who arrive because children routinely have fevers.

      2. You mean, unreason, amiright LC?

        1. What sock troll retard?

    2. 16%? I’d cut it all and re-privatize the CDC back to the Bureau of Mosquito Control.

      1. Sure. But I will take a 16% cut of any federal department rather than nothing.

        The media is already screaming about cuts, so Congress wont lower anything.

  6. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet also dropped out.

    Who?? Literally have never heard of this guy.

    1. I honestly have no idea why he stuck around long after candidates with better name recognition faced reality and dropped out.

      Wonder if he’s planning on not running for Senate again due to his cancer treatment, and wanted the thrill of running for office one last time. Or, he was just operating as a glorified voter contact farm for the DNC.

      Either way, the guy is a total mediocrity that never had a snowball’s chance in hell.

    2. “Hey, Bennet, let off some steam.”

      1. ha, nice!

  7. Google didn’t invent YouTube. Facebook didn’t invent Instagram. And the list goes on and on.

    You. Didn’t. Build. That.

    1. So they got big by swallowing other companies? As in, they were small before and that’s the only way they got big?

    2. The people who owned them, sold them to the highest bidder, who now owns them.

      What’s hard about this?

  8. Roger Stone isn’t worth the dramatic exit Justice Department prosecutors just performed

    You will notice that at least one of the 4 US Attorneys that resigned from the case (not from the DOJ) worked on the Mueller team.

    1. This story must be too local for reason.

      The prosecutors (3 of the 4 on Team mueller) recommended 9 years for obstruction. The general recommendation is 2-3 years. They tripled it. This is after they declined to prosecute McCabe and Comey for lying to Congress. After they ignored Clapper for years. They wanted almost a decade.

      And now Schumer wants to start impeachment 2.0 based on the DoJ overturning this ridiculous ask from the prosecutors.

      Why Reason is not on top of this is mind boggling.

      1. They will as soon as Schiff starts up impeachment on this. Then just like Amash, their focus will be saying that Barr is engaging in such abuses of power and not the exorbitant prison time suggestion.

        1. Reason gets the most excited when people try to defend themselves.

      2. I saw an article too about how its OUTRAGEOUS that Trump has any input on any criminal case and we should always default to career federal bureaucrats.

        I cant find it again but will post it, if I do find it.

        Normally, I would think a President has too much to do to focus on regular federal prosecutions. However, the Lefties used Roger Stone and others to go after the President, so Trump watching the criminal case makes sense.

        Voters really need to let Lefty bureaucrats know (by reelecting Trump) that Executive Branch bureaucrats do in fact work for the elected President. They are also subject to oversight by Congress.

        If the bureaucrats don’t like that, they really should not be working for government.

        1. But you’ve told us many times Trump is a helpless victim of the Executive Branch, not in charge of it.

          1. unreason sure is desperate.

      3. let’s fucking do it. Biden’s reputation has been destroyed from the last impeachment circus, let’s destroy the fucking alphabet boys Clapper and Comey. The Dems are out in the open with this fucking stuff, what do they think the longterm ramifications will be if they actually succeed in booting Trump? The entire Republican party backs Trump and a good chunk of moderates will see this for what it is, they’ll have no reason not to do the same to any democrat. The next democrat president would have half the country not recognize their authority.

        1. You are the only other person I have seen who says this.
          Do the Democrats never think the Republicans will come back in the office?
          It was Democrats who lowered the threshold for approval of federal judges from 2/3 majority to 51%
          Trump and the Republicans have use that to their advantage for years now.
          Now the Democrats have cheapened impeachment to any time the other party has the house they can impeach you for anything.
          Do they never see a time when there will be a Democrat president and a Republican House?

  9. The FTC should review the federal contracts these companies have to support the CIA and the military industrial complex. Then they can peruse all the new regulations these companies supported in an effort to snuff out competition.

    Then the FTC can conclude that the only threat these companies pose to the American people were brought on by the federal government. Then they can bury the report and release it in 2040.

  10. It’s time for us to decide what kind of nomination we want: politics as usual, a revolution against equality, or embracing the diversity, proving that anyone can be president, regardless of how gay their Native American vagina is.

    How will we balance these competing values?

  11. Polygamists may not face jail time under Utah bill

    Her proposal to make bigamy an infraction rather than a felony has gathered significant support. It was unanimously approved by a legislative panel Monday, despite resistance from former members of polygamous groups who said it could embolden abusers.

    I’m not an expert on the Utah state Constitution but IIRC, a condition for Utah becoming a state was making Polygamy illegal.

    1. That was then, this is now.
      There is no way a state can pass any law attempting to define ‘marriage’ that will stand up the supremes logic on homosexual marriage.

      Of course, a real libertarian site would include several paragraphs on why there should not be any governmental rule or regulation (*cough* tax code *cough*) referencing a religious institution.

      1. The issue in this case isn’t the definitions of “marriage”, but a regulation on how many marriages you can have at a time. I’m opposed to legally redefining “marriage”, “spouse”, etc. (as in same-sex), but I’m also against a law limiting how many marriages you can be in at a time.

      2. And marriage is not a religious institution. It existed before religion. All religions and governments have done is deal with the existing institution of marriage.

        1. “marriage existed before religion”

          Yeah, I’m going to need a cite.

          1. Some of the first marriages were recorded in ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon as far back as 2350BC. The relationship between marriage and religion is not necessarily clear. Marriages were more of a bonding of families than the religious convenent that the christians believe.

            1. With that being said, the early Mesopotamian civilizations had religions.

    2. resistance from former members of polygamous groups who said it could embolden abusers.

      Abusers of what, exactly?

      1. Pussy grabbers.

        1. they let you do it.

          ~~Harvey Weinstein

    3. That condition’s probably expired by now. Besides, they decriminalized, didn’t legalize.

    4. “I’m not an expert …” But yet you had to comment, even though you had nothing to add.

  12. The anti tech movement on the GOP side is that the platforms are biased for progressive speech and suppress other points of view too much. The Democrats complaint is that they are not suppressing anti-progressive speech enough.

    1. this is a perfect summary of the controversies afflicting Big Tech.

    2. Good luck getting Reason to acknowledge this rather than “both sides!” Just because they both view big tech as a problem doesn’t mean that they consider the same thing a problem or have similar solutions

      1. Those unreason guys is the worst. Amiright, LC?!

      2. This new sock troll was programmed to accuse everyone of being my critical self.

        Just goes to show how desperate unreason is and unhappy their staff are at all this factual exposure.

  13. Google didn’t invent YouTube. Facebook didn’t invent Instagram. And the list goes on and on.

    Spot on. Somebody invested in roads and bridges–if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.


    1. Just be sure Al Gore never finds out – – – – – – – –

  14. We Koch / Reason libertarians shouldn’t be nervous about a self-described socialist President. Even Bernie Sanders would be an improvement over Orange Hitler on our fundamental, non-negotiable issue — open borders.


    1. It’s only a matter of time until Suderman or one of the other clowns makes that case.

      Can’t wait.

      1. I’m surprised McArdle doesn’t beat his ass. She probably should.

  15. Jussie Smollett Indicted Over False Hate Crime Attack By Special Prosecutor; Ex-‘Empire’ Star Back To Court

    HAHA. This guy is going down and so is the local district attorney who let him slide.

    1. He should be charged with a DOUBLE HATE CRIME.

      1. Conspiracy to lynch oneself.

        1. Self-hate crime.

      2. Crime of very bad acting.

        1. Sentence: Life acting gig on Empire.

    2. Meh. I thought he should have been prosecuted back in the day. They let him off. I’m not really comfortable with the state turning around and trying to nail him for the same shit again, even if he does deserve it.

      1. A corrupt prosecutor let him off and it was NOT for lack of evidence.

        Let a jury decide whether he is guilty or not. Prosecutors take criminal cases to trial with less evidence than they have against him.

        The main point is that Smollett himself would have demanded a literal lynch mob if some white Trump supporters (In Chicago HAHA) really did attack him like he claimed.

        Fuck this guy and make an example out of him that falsely reporting fake crimes will NOT be tolerated.

      2. If he’s being prosecuted now, then they didn’t let him off. Are you claiming he is a victim of double jeopardy?

      3. Derp-o, cases get reviewed, people get re-arrested. It’s not the same as if they re-tried him after an acquittal.

    3. UNPOPULAR TAKE: Chicago, you hired/elected people who can be bought, and he bought them off fair and square. You wanna deal with someone, deal with Kim Foxx.

      Smollett got cleared (even though he’s obviously guilty) so lick your self-inflicted wounds on him and the Michele Obama aide that facilitated this (although I doubt they were ever in danger of scrutiny) and clean your house to prevent a repeat.

      1. How did he get cleared?

      2. Small quibble, Fist. Smollett didn’t get cleared, as in acquitted. They just decided not to charge him.

        I have no problem with cases being reviewed.

        1. They kept his bail and let him skate. Bust a deal, face the wheel.

          1. Damn, as usual, you’re right. He paid the bribe, should have got a free ride.

      3. Too much White Flight. Illinois has to try to stop the fleeing of taxation targets from the state.

        I am surprised anyone who is not a criminal still lives in Illinois but this kind of blatant corruption out in the open will scare off the remaining people they want to tax into oblivion.

  16. Welp, the guy with a demonstrated record of opposing wars in the ME, reduced defense budgets, and strong support of a women’s right to choose won so there’s that.

    1. And the destruction of capitalism, healthcare for the entire world, and the elimination of cow farts but w/e at least he’s not orange right?

      1. The revolution against inequality can always count on the support of the lower half.

    2. “a women’s right to choose”

      Didn’t you hear? We’re phasing out that term because it erases transmen and non-binary people. From now on please say “reproductive rights” or “access to abortion care” or something similarly trans-inclusive.


      1. “Choose death” – t. Planned Parenthood

    3. None of those promises would see the light of day in the USSA. Except for maybe we would see fewer wars in the ME because we’d be fighting them all over here. As for the right to choose, sure, as long as the choice is the same as what the government wants.

    4. “Welp, the guy with a demonstrated record of opposing wars in the ME,…”

      Support from a dead-beat scumbag is really helpful, I’m sure.

  17. Universal will release controversial ‘Hunt’ film in March

    Universal Pictures said Tuesday that it will release the social satire “The Hunt,” a film it canceled in the wake of criticism about its premise of “elites” hunting people for sport in red states.

    Social satire, huh?

    I think Lefties misspelled “unbelievable Lefty fantasy”. Whatever gets you Lefties through Trump’s reelection victory Election 2020.

    1. Unless they’ve changed the movie I don’t think it will be a Lefty fantasy. The trailers I watched showed rich Lefties smugly hunting deplorables who ended up turning the tables on them, somewhat like The Most Dangerous Game and its variations.

      1. Except you cannot stop White people from being evil no matter how hard you fight back.

  18. At least Romney got his consolation prize, huh?

    1. The free time to work at Burger King?

      1. Almost-legal polygamy.

    2. Ukrainian government stopped investigating the firm where one of his top campaign advisors is on the board?

      Oh, Reason isn’t discussing that?

      1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  19. U.S.-Mexico border crossings continue to drop, but Mexican migrants surging

    Thank you Trump! One of your many strategies that worked like a charm.


    2. Poor unreason staff hacks. Only they would get this upset.

  20. Vice Media Raised Money at a Sky-High Valuation. Now the Bill Is Coming Due.

    The priority for co-founder and then-chief executive Shane Smith was to secure an eye-popping valuation, some people close to the company say. He got his wish when private-equity firm TPG invested $450 million, valuing Vice at $5.7 billion, far higher than any Vice rivals.

    But the cash infusion came at a cost: Vice agreed to guarantee TPG substantial payouts down the road. Under the terms of the initial deal, Vice anticipated making payments worth up to nearly $400 million to TPG in stock and cash dividends between 2020 and 2024, starting last month, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

    Damn! Another media outlet that unreason staff wont be able to work at when unreason starts laying people off.

    1. Fuckin’ LOL. Vice should have gone on Shark Tank with their request, they probably could have gotten a better deal.

  21. Growing Risk to America’s Seniors: Themselves

    So, I wonder if Boomers are finally reaping what they sow in old age. That generation by-and-large treats other people like shit and then surprised when family abandons them in old age.

    I’m not saying all old people deserve to be abandoned but makes you wonder how so many old people are abandoned when they still have family that are alive. I wonder if the Boomers are the first generation to have large numbers of their own purposely abandoned.

    1. Maybe we can make assign every 2-3 young working class Americans to befriend someone over the age of 65, so they aren’t lonely?

      1. It’s ironic that a generation which, by and large, made Peter Pan syndrome a way of life and “FUCK YOU, DAD!” a motto, is going to end up being kicked to the curb by today’s youth.

        Newsflash to today’s young people–the young don’t “inherit the earth,” they just get old, and a lot sooner than you expect.

        1. You can usually tell the old people who made bad life decisions.

          They tend to be pissed off and try to push others away so they can claim superiority or act like being completely alone doesnt bother them.

          Then you have the nice old people that are grateful for visitors and are respectful of the people caring for them.

    2. so many old people are abandoned when they still have family that are alive

      As if you don’t have firsthand experience.

      1. I haven’t abandoned my family members. We have more Greatest Gen than we do Boomers in old age.

        1. Whatever you say, gramps.

          1. HAHA. $parkY is so funny. First I’m a kid, now I’m a gramps.

            Boy, I really upset unreason staff to make this kind of impact.

            1. Whoever thought you were a kid is kinda dumb. I know for a fact that you’re a 90+ year old delusional pervert.

              1. “Whoever thought you were a kid is kinda dumb”
                Pot – Kettle

  22. Still nothing on the draconian Roger Stone persecutors?

    Hey Reason, how does it feel that right-wing douchebag Tucker Carlson is suddenly better on criminal justice than a supposedly libertarian magazine?

    I guess it doesn’t count if Orange Hitler is involved.

    1. This place has become a fucking embarrassment and a disgrace to the concept of liberty and small government. The past three years have been dominated by abuses by law enforcement and the security state at the highest levels of our government, an organized group of individuals actively working to subvert our democratic institutions and the constitution and Reason is alternatively burying its head in the sand or actively cheering it on because Orange Hitler Bad.

      This is what happens when you give in to hatred. It consumes you and allows you to rationalize any evil in the name of accomplishing your ends.

      1. Well put, Derp-o.

        I can’t remember anymore…why do we put up with this crap? Is it just for the chance of inducing seizures in Hihn?

      2. +10000

      3. Reason has given into hatred and fear. And since they have, I say they should go all in:

        Palpatine/Vader 2020
        For a safe and secure society!!

        1. Pbbbt. Crusty/Steve Smith 2020
          Don’t turn your back!!!

  23. Trump’s Enforcer: Meet the Man Who Holds Hollywood and Silicon Valley’s Future in His Hands

    Steven Spielberg was said to be pushing the film Academy to ban from eligibility any movie that premiered on a streaming service rather than in theaters. At the time, Netflix had just won three awards for Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, and the company was forced to defend its Oscars.

    That seemed unfair to Delrahim, 50, who in addition to leading the U.S. Department of Justice’s powerful Antitrust Division also happens to be a former movie producer. He says nobody associated with the streaming giant pressured him; he simply felt compelled to do something, so he fired off a letter to Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and warned her that the discussed restriction could amount to a violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act, which prohibits “collusive” agreements aimed at suppressing competition.

    Oh-uh! Here comes Sherman (Act) plowing through the Democrat rear lines…again.

    1. Spielberg can get off his high horse. The only reason movies were “made for the big screen” was because it was the only way to provide the product at volume: you couldn’t let everyone watch a movie individually in 1925.

      Turns out that watching a movie on a big screen far away is a lot like a smaller screen really close. And it’s why theaters are trying other innovations like 3D. Unfortunately, 2D films can also capture depth and perspective.

      End the end, it’s just grandpa hating the new world he helped create. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to suffer.

      1. The other thing that movie theaters offered over TV was the higher definition and the ability to show the film in its proper landscape view. Back in dark ages before flat screen TVS, movies shown on TV had to be cut to fill the more square TV screen rather than the wider rectangular landscape view that they were shot and were shown in movie theaters. It did some strange things to movies.

        Now you can get full high def and the full screen view of the film at home. When having a 24 inch low def television was living large, movie theaters really offered a lot. But now that pretty much anyone can have a high def 55 inch or larger flat screen, theaters don’t offer much other than an excuse to go on a date or get out of the house.

        1. If Trump gets another term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go after Disney with an antitrust suit, given how voracious they’ve been in acquiring intellectual properties while keeping their own copyrights locked down tight.

          1. I think there needs to be a rule that they all should have to sell their content via other streaming services. Certainly, they should be able to charge Netflix or Amazon to stream Disney properties. They can even charge a lot. But, if you allow Disney to own their own streaming service and make that service the only way to stream their properties, that is monopoly behavior. It is no different than the studios owning theaters, which was long ago declared to be a violation of anti trust laws.

            1. I think there needs to be a rule that they all should have to sell their content via other streaming services.

              found on a libertarian discussion board no less…

              1. Draconian copyright rules and subsidies are Disney’s life force. If they won’t eliminate those first, then libertarian sentiments are irrelevant.

            2. Or you could just not watch the movie.

        2. plus at home you can drink beer have any food you want cheap, stop the film to piss and you don’t have to sit in a chair someone spilt their soda on while the crowd makes to much noise to hear the movie and control of the volume. I quit going to the movies because they turned the volume way to loud so that explosions sounded like real explosions.

          1. WHAT!?!

        3. Air conditioning.

          Movies became the real American pastime, especially in the summer, because they were the first buildings to offer air conditioning to the public

          1. the more you know! Fun fact, the ticket prices only pay for the day to day upkeep of the theater, they only make profits off of what they sell at concessions.

  24. Inside Mike Bloomberg’s big play for black voters

    HAHA. Most of the people in the AP image in front of Bloomberg are WHITE people. HAHA.

    1. There is a shit ton of bloomberg marketing on the local black media stations. Its all tripe, but the tenor of it probably plays well with the black karen crowd.

      1. We will certainly find out come election 2020, as Trump is reelected.

  25. School district scraps traditional ‘A-F’ grading system for kinder, gentler model

    America is so fucked if we cannot get our basic schooling back to being Satisfactory.

    1. Looked to see where this was at, was not disappointed.

    2. What happened to E, anyway?

      1. nvm, was in the article. Incorrectly, but, still. B-


    Guardian writer notices Mayor Pete’s white privilege. I wouldn’t vote for any of these clowns but if you put a gun to my head, I would vote for Booker or Patrick before I would vote for Pete. The idea that a small town mayor from Indiana is qualified to be President is absurd.

    The writer only gives half the story. Pete isn’t the nobody he should be not just because he is white but also because he is gay. He has a presidential campaign because a bunch of rich gays gave him the money to have one. They did that because he is the sort of upper glass white male who most benefits from and generally runs the gay rights movement. You occasionally see a prominent lesbian but you never see a minority who is prominent in the gay rights community. The whole thing is run primarily by and for the benefit of upper class gay, white men. That is one of the reasons why the movement has bent over backwards to let transgenders be a part. Transgenders are a threat to women and their spaces not men. So the gay men who run the movement see no problem with letting them in and are happy to kick the lesbians out of the movement who object.

    The Guardian writer can’t say any of this because gays are a sacred victim group and can’t be criticized even by other leftists. So, she just talks about his being white.

    I think Pete is trying to set himself up to run in 2024. And he probably has a decent chance to do well with four more years of campaigning and name recognition. If he does, however, it will lay the long simmering conflict between minority voters and gays within the party wide open. Boy will that be entertaining.

    1. OT: Hail to the Chiefs!

      Do you remember last off-season you had articulated that the NFL was not going to let the Patriots win again? Well, the Patriots saw to it that they would not win again.

      BTW, the Chiefs were victims of several bad calls in their win against the Patriots in Foxboro.

      3-2-1….Sparky bitches about a sports reference.

      1. It is great. I never thought I would see it happen. Mahomes is amazing. And the butt hurt coming from people like Skipp Bayless who doubted Mahomes and Andy Reid is absolutely delicious.

        And I think they can repeat. This team is ascending. They could win two or three Super Bowls over the next five years.

        1. Yes, Mahomes is amazing. He is the best player in the NFL.

          Hopefully, the Chiefs do not overpay him thereby preventing the team from keeping other players.

          Just think – if Dee Ford had not lined up off-sides in last year’s AFC title game, we could be talking about back-to-back Lombardi trophies.

          Good for Andy Reid. He is a quarterback whisperer. Look how he convinced Matt Moore to come out of retirement and look how Moore performed when Mahomes was hurt.

          1. I am a college football guy more than NFL but looked up Mahomes to see what all the hype was.

            Mahomes is a rare talent. That guy has skill and it was missed by all sorts of other teams. Guy is a modern Comeback Kid according to his stats.

      2. 3-2-1….Sparky bitches about a sports reference.

        Hey, if you want to comment on the only thing you’re qualified to comment on, don’t let me stop you.

        1. Touche.

        2. Explains why all you do is bitch lololol

          1. $parkY is not even good at bitching. Have you seen his posts?

    2. movement has bent over backwards”


    3. eh, if I had a gun to my head and had to choose from the current list of Democratic failures, I’d choose him second after Gabbard. All of their policies suck, but the difference between Pete & Tulsi, and the rest of the clown show, is that they have actual leadership experience. Both were in the military with Tulsi being a Major, and while mayor of a small city isn’t a huge deal in the political world, Pete was still the spot where the buck stopped. Not the case for folks who’ve only been House Reps and Senators.

  27. Sanders might have won New Hampshire, but the primary season is a long, arduous trek and Deep Vein Thrombosis is a real thing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Sanders didn’t win it by much. And he won nowhere close to a majority. I think Sanders is pretty close to his ceiling. I doubt Sanders is the second choice of many of the voters who voted for other candidates. So, candidates dropping out is unlikely to benefit Sanders very much or as much as the candidates who survive.

      My guess is that Warren and Biden are going to drop out in the next month and enough of their voters will go to Klouchbar, Bloomberg and Buttigieg to deny Sanders first place. Sanders only hope is that none of those three drop out allowing the anyone but Sanders voters to coalesce around one candidate to give them a majority and prevent a brokered convention. I really don’t see how Sanders wins a majority of delegates in the primaries.

      1. The real issue with Sanders is if he can win in the South. Hillary beat his ass there, but his numbers are a lot better this time because black voters aren’t that excited about Buttigieg.

        1. Black voters are not excited about anyone. They were supposed to be excited about Biden. Now that Biden has gone tits up, where do black voters go? My guess is that a ton of them just stay home. And the whiter the electorate the better chance Bernie has. It is funny as hell how lily white the woke left actually is.

          It is an insult to socialists and communists to call the woke left socialist or even communist. It is a cult at this point. It cares about none of the issues that socialism and communism traditionally have claimed to care about. The whole thing is about the neurosis and overactive imaginations of mostly upper class white people who can’t seem to handle life in a post Christian America. Actual minority voters don’t give a shit about any of that stuff. And none of it has anything to do with why minorities were attracted to the left in the first place.

          1. John, do you think that black women will fall all over themselves to vote for Mayor Butthead? I just do not see that one happening.

            I can envision a small, but meaningful percentage of black women sitting one out if Mayor Butthead is the nominee (which the MSM seems to be pushing). I mean, if just 5% of black women decide to sit out the election, the electoral math starts to get dicey for Team D.

            I think The Bern Killer issue is the elimination of private health insurance. Telling 160MM+ people you are eliminating their health coverage in favor of M4A (medicare for all) is not a winning strategy. A lot of Team D voters have private health insurance and they don’t want to eliminate it. Their parents (of the 160MM+ voters) bitch about Medicare B. I am pretty sure most people are not signing up for that.

            Klobuchar is the wild card, to me.

            1. I don’t think so. They won’t vote for Trump, although I think more black men will vote for him than the Democrats realize, but they will just stay home.

              1. Yeah, my thought is that there is a small subset of STRONG black women who simply won’t vote for Mayor Butthead no matter what. They will sit this out. And I am not saying that to be critical or racist or anything like that. It is just reality. Their culture and their belief will not let them support Mayor Butthead.

                Black men…that will be interesting how this turns out. I thought Candidate Trump made an interesting proposition, “What the hell do you have to lose?” in the 2016 campaign. Now POTUS Trump can answer: You have a lot to lose now if you vote Team D. You might not like me, but I got it done, economically.

                1. Trump was an unknown in 2016.

                  Trump has made sure to put Americans first and he can claim victory on a strong economy partly based on tax breaks and good deregulation.

                2. Another Black culture thing is strong comebacks. If you can comeback with a good put down, you get some street cred.

                  Trump fights the Lefties and wont let up. He owns the Lefties.

                  People have voted for Presidents based on good looks, so anything can happen.

        2. I’m trying to picture Bernie winning in Texas, and I just can’t get there.

          It’s like trying to picture Sanders in a cowboy hat–and, yeah, plenty of Tejanos wear cowboy hats.

          I mean, they were wearing them where I lived in Mexico. Why wouldn’t they be wearing them in Texas?

          1. >>I’m trying to picture Bernie winning in Texas

            stop it. lol

          2. Im trying to picture you being honest.

        3. Sanders did not win Southern states during the 2016 Democrat Primary with Hillary. Bernie won many of the Northern states.
          2016 Democrat Primary

      2. As I understand it Sanders effectively tied in New Hampshire, as he and Buttigieg get the same number of delegates from NH. That he got more votes is only moral victory and has no meaning beyond a bit of trivia.

        Kind of ironic from the Party that now hates the Electoral College system.

        1. The contest was between Bernie and Warren. Warren got clobbered both by Bernie an d Klobuchar. To whatever extent identitarians were voting on the basis of sex, they broke for Klobo over Warren.

          The contest was between Biden and the other moderates, and Biden got clobbered. He’s dropping like a rock in Texas, too. His main argument was that he was the guy most likely to win. If he can’t even win in Iowa or New Hampshire, how can he hope to win an national election.

          I keep hearing that when we get into more diverse states, Biden will do better with black voters. I’m not sure that association with Obama has carried over the last four years. If Biden won as Vice-President with the help of the black vote because Obama was black, why assume that black people turn out for Biden?

          The only reason to donate to the Biden campaign at this point is if you want a government contract to run a gas pipeline through Ukraine. I understand he’s got some pull over there.

          1. P.S. It’s also interesting to note that while Sanders won the popular vote, the socialist side of the equation failed–if you consider Sanders and Warren socialists and The Unspellables relative moderates.

            Sanders + Warren = 35%

            Buttigieg + Klobuchar = 45%

            Socialism appears to be a loser–even among “undeclared” + registered Democrats.

            1. The fact that Sanders did not cleanup delegates in Iowa and NH, like Trump smacked down Weld, then the USA is not totally on board with Socialism.

              Buttgieg is probably a Socialist too but he’s new to national politics and can be molded to do what Special Interests want. Sander is a die hard Communist and only compromises to get others to later back him on Socialist policies.

              In other words, a vote for Sanders is almost guaranteed Socialism. A vote for Buttgieg might or might no be for Socialism.

  28. Full-page ad in the Chron this morning claiming (with evidence) that the NYT is a biased, lefty rag putting out fake news.
    Not sure why it was in the Chron; not like there’s areal audience for NYT critics here, but good to see anyhow.

    1. It may be about Bernie supporters vs. establishment social justice warriors–per my comment below.

      The establishment Democrats are treating Bernie the same way they treated Trump–for fear that neither Biden nor Warren will win–and I think non-social justice warriors in the Democratic party are rallying around Sanders because of that.

      1. Are they really, though? They seem to be splitting their votes right now between Klobuchar, Biden, and Buttigieg. If that’s the case, it’s a big mistake because that’s how Trump became the nominee for the Republicans. The establishment couldn’t figure out which candidate to support after Jeb went tits-up, so the vote got watered down and Trump built momentum off of his victories from that.

        If the establishment Dems don’t want a Democratic version of the 2016 Republican primary, they better get their shit together and coalesce around Bloomberg, Klobuchar, or Buttigieg, and fast. Bernie’s base is large and enthusiastic enough to ensure that he becomes the de facto candidate if one of those three doesn’t start racking up victories.

        1. remember also that the Dems were pushing for Trump in 2016, similar to how some Trump supporters in open vote states are pushing Sanders, they view him as a guaranteed loser if matched against Trump. The big difference, in my opinion, is that the GOP isn’t as willing to try to rig a primary, or at the very least they aren’t as transparent about it.

          1. Any Republican who votes for a Democrat in an open primary this year, with the intent of pulling some kind of “Operation Chaos” silliness, is a total dumbass. That shit didn’t work in 2008 with Obama and Hillary, and it wouldn’t work this time. The Dems are doing a fine enough job fucking themselves over right now with their SJW claque starting to rack up losses in the culture war, they don’t need the help of Republican voters to do it.

    2. I would say that San Francisco is WAY MORE SOCIALIST than New York.

      Nobody reads the SF Chronical outside the Bay Area. NYT is Worldwide.

      But yes, the NYT is a Lefty rag putting out fake news on a daily basis.

      1. THat’s why we love and only believe Breitbart and its ilk, amiright, LC?

      2. Poor unreason staff.

  29. We’ve known for a long time that being denounced by the media and by social justice warriors actually improves the popularity of Republican candidates. After all, that’s how President Trump managed to win the primaries and the White House in 2016 without hardly spending any money. You can’t buy the kind of positive advertising the media and the social justice warriors gave Trump for free by denouncing him!

    The most interesting thing we may have learned from last night is that a candidate’s popularity rising because he or she was denounced by social justice warriors in the media, is that isn’t just a feature of Republican voting dynamics. In the privacy of the voting booth, it appears that plenty of Democrats are so disgusted with the news media and the social justice warriors in it that they’ll vote for a candidate–because Bernie Sanders is being denounced by them, too. In addition, they’ll also vote against a candidate like Warren because she leveled social justice charges against that him!

    I didn’t watch the New Hampshire debate, but a female progressive voter (in California) who did described a question by a CNN moderator, I believe, in which she first asked Bernie Sanders whether he had told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t become President of the United States. After he said, “no”, the CNN moderator then asked Warren how it made her feel when Bernie Sanders told her that a woman couldn’t be president–a typical social justice warrior bullshit maneuver. The progressive woman who was telling me about this (and has been a Warren supporter for a long time) was soooooo disgusted by it and Warren’s response–although she couldn’t remember Warren’s response at all. It may have been guilt by association. Regardless, she said she’d have voted for Sanders last night after being treated so unfairly.

    I don’t know how representative of registered Democrats in New Hampshire her reaction was, but seeing Bernie beat the hell out of Warren last night is certainly consistent with the interpretation that New Hampshire voters who watched the debate may have been disgusted by the way CNN treated Bernie Sanders, to the point that they voted for him and Klobuchar and against Warren–because she used typical social justice tactics, like trying turn voters against each other by way of an identity group by making unverifiable accusations.

    Republicans hate social justice warriors in the media. Democrats apparently hate social justice warriors in the media, too. For all we can tell, blacks, Hispanics and women hate social justice warriors in the media–to the point that they’ll for a candidate specifically because he’s been targeted by social justice warriors in the media.
    And if they’ll vote against someone like Warren who seems like she’s trying to benefit their tactics, too, then . . .

    What we we learned from the results last night may be that hating social justice warriors in the media is what bring us together as a nation.

    1. Everyone hates the MSM except members of the MSM and losers like most of the current reason staff who desperately want to be part of that wankfest. The approval numbers of the legacy media are about on par with those of Congress. Lower, by some surveys.

      1. The Gallup opinion poll of trust in the media sank to an historic low a couple of weeks before Trump was elected in 2016–it’s probably a contraindication of popular opinion.

        In the run-up to the election, the news media was all about Donald Trump. How could that poll not be about the way the media was covering candidate Trump? I maintain that Trump wasn’t only elected in spite of the negative way he was covered. Trump was elected to some extent specifically because of the negative coverage.

        I don’t see why we should assume that trend is confined to voters who vote Republican.

        Trump won the Republican primaries by trouncing his opponents in open primary states. The only open primary states he lost (when it still mattered) were to native sons, Kasich in Ohio and Cruz in Texas. The Trump coalition was in many ways like the Reagan coalition, which also featured registered Democrats from the rust belt. Point being, the disgust with social justice people in the media may have been what drove plenty of Democrats to vote for Trump in 2016 (both in the primaries and the general election), and there’s no reason to think “undeclared” or registered Democrats in New Hampshire are any different now than Trump Democrats were in 2016.

        People change their voting patterns before they change their party identification. People only change their party when they register to vote, and they may only do that when their drivers license expires or they move residences, but even more than that. If you self-identify as a Democrat and you’re disgusted with social justice warriors in the media, you will find yourself voting for a Republican like Trump in the general election and against someone like Warren in the primaries before you start thinking of yourself as a Republican.

        The idea that voters in Democrat primaries are walled off from the rest of America and don’t share the opinions of average Americans is an elitist fantasy–one that probably cost Warren the election. Regardless of whether her allegations regarding what Bernie Sanders said were true, airing them out may have cost her the primaries. If New Hampshire, being half way between Bernie’s Vermont and Warren’s Massachusetts, is any indication of who Democrats and open primary states will split the difference between them, then Warren might do well to find another way to win–without resorting to unverifiable claims of social justice thought crimes.

        If Warren had accused Yang of sexually harassing her, he probably would have done better than he did.

      2. You are right Derp. Everyone hates the MSM. But such are the wages of becoming an agent of one side in partisan politics. Had the media kept trying to be objective, neither side would have liked them but both sides would have been forced to at least respect them. Instead, the media allowed itself to become completely partisan. This ensured that everyone on the right hated it. But, more than that it also ensured everyone on the left hated it because they were never going to be partisan enough to satisfy whatever side they took. So, now both sides hate them and no one respects them.

        1. See, that is exactly it = Had the media kept trying to be objective, neither side would have liked them but both sides would have been forced to at least respect them.

          The MSM traded away their objectivity for partisanship and lost our respect.

    2. A sense of fairness is a very American trait.

      Even Lefties want “fairness” they just consider it okay to take from people and let the state dole the money out.

      Any moderate Democrats left in the Party of slavery might be so turned off by “unfair” SJWs in the media that they stay home. I just don’t see the universal support for any Democrat candidate yet. Maybe after a candidate is picked, they will all coalesce around the Democrat nominee.

    3. We’ve known for some time that you’re a bloviating liar.

  30. I know a lot of Republicans who are cheering on Bernie because they think he’d be an easy opponent for Trump. This line of thinking terrifies me. I don’t want a socialist anywhere remotely close to the White House. You get the nomination from one of the big 2 parties and there’s essentially a 50-50 chance you’re in. We don’t know what could happen between now and November and there’s a ton of stuff outside of anyone’s control. The stock market takes a dive following something in the Middle East? Some nutjob in a MAGA hat shoots up a bunch of civilians? The president has a health scare? Boom. Now you have President Sanders.

    1. I agree. You never know what is going to happen. What if Trump dies? What if the coronavirus really is a pandemic and causes a depression and the media mange to get the public to blame Trump?

      Bernie would be a long shot as the nominee but it isn’t impossible that he could win. I don’t want that commie bastard anywhere near power or to take any risk he might get it. I do not want him to be the nominee.

      1. DNC will take care of Bernie for you

        1. I don’t know if they have the balls (or the desire) to do it.

          1. the 2016 model worked that’s all I have

          2. The DNC might survive 4 more years of Trump to fight again in 2024.

            The DNC wont survive a landslide victory by Trump because that means that millions of Democrats left the Democrat Party probably forever because of Sanders being an open Communist.

            Sanders likely wont survive 4 years more let alone 8 years. The only way that I see the DNC on board with Bernie is if they get to pick his VP.

      2. John, do you really think The Bern could possibly get his program through the House and Senate? I just do not see that scenario at all.

        1. The executive branch has plenty of authority it can exercise unilaterally, and a wannabe dictator like Sanders would have zero qualms doing so.

          1. and he has already stated that he would use his authority with executive actions

          2. No, it still requires a Congress to pass the legislation. DACA was one thing. Try doing something like Obamacare that way – not happening. It required Congress to vote. No way The Bern gets that through.

            1. Obama ordered Treasury to pay subsidies to insurance companies without any authorization from Congress. This is in direct violation of the explicit and unambiguous language of the constitution. No one stopped him.

              1. Yes, but my point was this: What The Bern proposes is so huge, it cannot be done by Executive Fiat.

                1. And you are clearly wrong as was demonstrated.

        2. Exactly. If Bernie is elected president in that long shot, I would be loads of money that Congress goes securely Republican.

      3. “You never know what is going to happen.”

        John, I swear to God I’ve never heard you say those words before.

    2. I’m not rooting for Bernie either because I fear a freak outcome, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the best possible outcome.

      It’s not enough for the Democrats to lose. They must lose because they’re socialists.

      There isn’t much difference between Sanders and Warren on the economy, really. It’s just that Bernie is willing to call himself a socialist, and Warren is still reluctant to be seen that way by swing voters.

      Medicare for All is socialist, however, no matter whether a candidate is willing to call themselves socialist. The Green New Deal is socialist–regardless of whether the candidate in question is willing to call themselves that.

      This is what I oppose–regardless of what the candidates call themselves. Maybe the worst outcome is that we end up with a president who signs off on this–specifically because he or she doesn’t cal themselves socialist:

      1) “Guaranteeing a job with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all people of the United States.”

      2) “Providing all people of the United States with – (i) high-quality health care; (ii) affordable, safe, and adequate housing; (iii) economic security; and (iv) access to clean water, clean air, healthy and affordable food, and nature.”

      3) “Providing resources, training, and high-quality education, including higher education, to all people of the United States.”

      4) “Meeting 100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”

      5) “Repairing and upgrading the infrastructure in the United States, including . . . by eliminating pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as much as technologically feasible.”

      6) “Building or upgrading to energy-efficient, distributed, and ‘smart’ power grids, and working to ensure affordable access to electricity.”

      7) “Upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximal energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability, including through electrification.”

      8) “Overhauling transportation systems in the United States to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector as much as is technologically feasible, including through investment in – (i) zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing; (ii) clean, affordable, and accessible public transportation; and (iii) high-speed rail.”

      9) “Spurring massive growth in clean manufacturing in the United States and removing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing and industry as much as is technologically feasible.”

      10) “Working collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector as much as is technologically feasible.”[51]

      —-The Green New Deal

      I wish it were only about greenhouse gases. The candidates who have promised to support this–and don’t call themselves socialist–may be the greatest danger of all.

      1. It’s not enough for the Democrats to lose. They must lose because they’re socialists.

        Exactly Ken.

        Its worth the risk to let Bernie be the Democrat and then Trump get a landslide because Bernie is a Commie. We will never let Lefties forget it. We are in the home stretch to put the death nail in the Democrat Party.

        1. And they’re gonna lose big if they keep going like this.

      2. Ah! The Communist Manifesto.

  31. Punishments can be fines of up to $750 and community service.

    Is that a one-time polygamist fee or an ongoing polygamist subscription?

    1. Being married to 4 chicks isn’t community service in itself?

      1. I’d argue that’s cruel and unusual punishment.

    2. You’ve heard of consumption taxes?

      This is a consummation fee.

      1. Consummation taxes or GTFO.

  32. please run Amy Klobuchar against T. please.

    1. Any Democrat is gonna get slaughtered by Trump’s reelection.

      Biden is the only person who might have close numbers but he still would have lost. Biden might have gotten some Obama cult excitement.

      I think Bernie will be strong in all but the South and Biden will pickup some decent votes in the South and do poorly all other places.

      1. I don’t see how the (D) Establishment lets Bernie have the nom. I guess if he steamrolls the Never-Bernies with the delegate count so they can’t steal it from him again … I don’t see it

        Doesn’t matter. T wins 49 states this time …

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  34. Andy….We hardly knew Ye.

    I’ll miss Yang. At least he was genuine and had a sense of humor. I did not agree with his policies, but he spoke his mind openly. I hope more people like Yang – meaning non-politicians – throw their hat into the ring in the future.

    1. Yeah, genuine idiot.

      1. No, he was reasonably intelligent. And relatable. Look, I did not agree with his policy positions; but I did appreciate his genuineness. That came though in his JRE podcast interview I watched.

  35. “Establishment and leftist favorites are faltering. “

    Let’s call it what it has become: corona-liberalism.

  36. So, the New Hampshire primaries were weird and discouraging in many ways.

    Why are they discouraging?

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  38. Bernie is a devout Capitalist , to hear him tell it. AND he is a devotee of supply and demand economics. His version, however, is “I demand and you supply.”

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