Trump Denounces 'Dirty Cops,' 'Leakers,' and 'Liars' in Post-Acquittal Victory Speech

"These people are vicious," Trump said.


President Donald Trump on Thursday gave a very Trump-like post-impeachment speech at the White House, criticizing Democrats for targeting him unfairly after he "did nothing wrong."

The Senate acquitted Trump yesterday of charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, both of which stemmed from his role in seeking to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to announce probes that targeted Trump's political rivals.

Trump honed in on multiple detractors throughout the hourlong speech. "We've been going through this now for over three years," he said. "It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars. And this should never, ever happen to another president, ever."

He began by harkening back to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, characterizing it as a "witch hunt" facilitated to derail him. "It was all bullshit," Trump said.

He then pivoted to attacking Sen. Mitt Romney (R–Utah), who was the only Republican to vote for impeachment. In doing so, Romney became the first senator in history to support removing a president from his own party. According to Trump, Romney used "religion as a crutch" in deciding to convict him.

"Never heard him use it before," Trump said. "But today, you know, it's one of those things. But it's a failed presidential candidate, so things can happen when you fail so badly, running for president."

Trump also took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D–Calif.), the lead impeachment manager. "These people are vicious," Trump declared. "Adam Schiff is a vicious, horrible person. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person." Trump also reiterated that he believes Pelosi to be disingenuous when she says she prays for him: "She may pray, but she prays for the opposite," said Trump. "But, I doubt she prays at all."

Trump also spoke about former FBI Director James Comey. "It's possible I wouldn't even be standing here right now," Trump said, if he hadn't moved to terminate the "the top scum" in 2017. The president claims he was motivated to fire Comey after evaluating his handling of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email server.

"We caught him in the act," Trump said in what was likely a reference to the DOJ Office of Inspector General report that found Comey violated FBI policies when he shared an unclassified memo with a friend who he instructed to leak to the media. "Dirty cops. Bad people," Trump added.

Trump also praised his allies during the speech. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.) "stayed there from the beginning" and "understood this was crooked politics." Of Trump loyalist Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio), Trump noted that he never wears a jacket. "He's obviously very proud of his body," Trump said. "They say where he works out…the machine starts burning."

Rep. Steve Scalise (R–La.), who was shot in 2017 during a practice for the congressional baseball game, also received a lengthy plaudit. "He was not going to make it," Trump said. But he did and is better for it. "You're more handsome now," Trump said. "You weren't that good looking. You look good now." The president also celebrated Scalise's wife. "A lot of wives wouldn't give a damn," Trump said.

Trump came full circle at the end, thanking his family and once again lamenting the Democrats who pressed his impeachment. "I want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony, rotten deal by some very evil and sick people," he said.

Although Romney was the sole GOP senator to support an article of impeachment, multiple other Republicans argued that Trump's behavior was nevertheless improper. Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) originally said that she believed Trump had learned from his mistakes, although she later backtracked and conceded that such a remark was more "aspirational" than realistic.

"The president [asked a] federal government to investigate a political rival," said Collins. "And he should not have done that. And I would hope that he would not do it again."

As Trump's speech indicates, Collins' aspirations will remain aspirational.

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  1. All POTUS Trump was articulate what a lot of Americans think. However inelegantly.

    1. Actually, I like what he said. I like how he said it. Fuck Pelosi and Schiff and Romney.

      Remember when Romney had Trump introduce him and support him in the 2012 election? Seriously, I thought Romney was a decent guy back then. He is proven himself to be full of shit.

      1. Funny how Romney could gets pantsed by Obama and still smile over it, but then get’s all pissy, angry, and offended when it comes to Trump.

        It’s all a Texas cage match and I feel fine.

        1. Yup! Regardless of political ideology, people like Romney (to the extent that he is even sincere at all) and the Never Trumpers, think that politics is a serious business and should be looked at as some religious responsibility to save society. The Dems think it is a street fight to save society.
          Trump gives the lie to both of these. It is one part of life, in which we want to reduce its relative importance, and one way to do that is to say fuck the establishment, and call a spade a spade.

          1. >>>Trump gives the lie to both of these.

            it’s been so much fun.

            1. Had the hag won in 2016, the Dickianesque novels would be something like The Woman in the High Neckbrace or maybe Totally Can’t Recall. What a nightmare we escaped!

              1. Ok, the last was the movie version of the story We Can Lie About It For You Wholesale.

          2. Yeah, sure, just one part of our life. That has charge of our military, a big chunk of our money, all kinds of control over our economy. Wouldn’t want to worry about whether the guy in charge of all that is sane.

            1. He’s not. So don’t worry. Unless maybe you are?

                1. Fuckup. You can’t even get an insult right.

                  1. You’ve taken ten swings and still haven’t connected.

                    You are boring, and an asshole.

                  2. I didn’t pay enough attention to your nonsense and read sane as insane. Good job, you got me. But as far as insults go, good job sweetheart!

                  3. “Fuckup. You can’t even get an insult right.”
                    It’s a shame you can’t get “thinking” right.

        2. Romney was kissing Trump’s ass in 2012 and got his endorsement and probably some campaign cash. Here’s how he repaid Trump in 2016. In 2017 he went to the Trump again to kiss his ass to get a cabinet position and Trump publicly kicked him to the curb. Fuck Romney!

        3. Wasn’t Texas where a bunch of Mormon child molesters got busted?

      2. Who knew the Mormons had a Pharisaic section.

      3. Do you ever get tired of being so predictable? I can pretty much predict your opinion on any political topic. Do you ever think about may be trying to be your own person with your own thoughts?

    2. I loved it.
      Put enemies in their place in the morning, then got his team together for a few hours to praise them individually and share personal anecdotes.
      2020 Trump is crushing it.
      And Pelosi looks like a haggard old lady who’s going to start pulling her hair out on live tv at any moment

      1. Don’t you just love how rude and uncouth he is. Guys like you and me, Nardz, can model our own behavior after him. Maybe teach our kids to act that way, too. What a wonderful world we’re creating here. Groovy.

        1. Lol
          You can’t have kids.
          Too impotent

        2. If you’re using the president to be the moral example for your kids you’re a fucking idiot. And a bad parent.

          1. Certainly not this one. Your behavior ain’t too commendable, either.

            1. Jesse doesn’t understand sarcasm. So don’t be too hard on him.

            2. You’re a paragon of commendable behavior. It’s so predictable of lefties. Act like assholes, but then clutch your pearls when you’re treated like assholes in response.

        3. Poor girl. So upset.

          1. Is it an insult to call someone a girl?

            1. Is it an insult to call someone a retard?

            2. No. It’s the poor part that’s the insult. I assume you’re a girl, but I don’t care either way.

              1. So you like making fun of poor people? How very Christian of you.

                1. So you didn’t know that poor has more than one definition? Sorry you have a poor understanding of the English language.

                  I’m also not a Christian, although that’s a weird thing to have say in a “libertarian” comment section.

        4. The courts ordered you to stay away from children.

        5. What a sad pathetic piece of shit you must be to even want to look up to and model your life after a politician.

          I’m sorry nobody loved you.

    3. So you’re saying, Trump articulates the myriad of confused falsehoods you believe without evidence, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary?

      1. Yes, but he’s not honest or smart or grown up enough to realize he’s saying that.

        1. This from a TDS victim as yet not accepting his/her disease.
          Not smart or adult enough to realize it.

      2. Simon…The words speak for themselves. See you at the voting booth in November. This problem gets solved the old-fashioned way…at the ballot box.

    4. It’s time for some payback. If some democrats don’t awing over these repeated coup attempts then we’re doing it wrong.

      1. And losing out in the payback you and shitheads like you want are all the people who don’t want to be part of team blue or red, and don’t want any part in your dumbass culture war. Fuck your worship of Trump, and the damage he is doing to our country. Fuck your moral bankruptcy.

        1. Now that I’ve realized you’re a joke, I can’t figure out if you’re Tony, angrier and more frustrated than ever, or somebody making fun of Tony.

        2. “And losing out in the payback you and shitheads like you want are all the people who don’t want to be part of team blue or red, and don’t want any part in your dumbass culture war.”
          Oh, LOOK! One more fucking lefty ignoramus claiming to be ‘neutral’ and hoping to hide his TDS! How……………

          “Fuck your worship of Trump, and the damage he is doing to our country. Fuck your moral bankruptcy.”
          Your TDS ate your cites, fucking lefty ignoramus and fuck you with a running, rusty chainsaw.

        3. The ultimate payback will be appointing Ginsburg’s successor in his second term.

          1. Good chance she won’t last that long. Her ‘workouts’ are laughable; she’s dead woman walking, but not well.

    5. “”The president [asked a] federal government to investigate a political rival,” said Collins. “And he should not have done that.”

      Strange, didn’t Obama and Clinton do that? Including asking the Ukraine government to provide dirt on Trump (they provided dirt on Manafort) and Russians to provide info in the dossier, and present it as UK Intelligence on Trump, while hiding who funded it. That was a fraud committed on Trump, his supporters, and the USA. Politicians lie, but this turned the government on their political opposition.

  2. Good old Trump, keepin it classy.

    1. Excellent role model for our nation’s children. Just wonderful.

      1. Won’t somebody pLEaSe think of the chillinz!

        1. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to think about children, and the kind of society assholes like you and your beloved Trump are creating.

          1. You really need to stop thinking about children all the time.

            1. People with obsessions can’t stop thinking about their obsessions. That’s why they’re obsessions. The question for society is what do we do with these sick people?

          2. Is that you Shrike?

      2. Speaking of children, did you know that a toddler could easily strangle Schiff?

        1. Wow, that was a completely irrelevant non sequitur.

          1. No it was a pretty relevant joke. Pretty funny too.

            1. Thank you. And I can only imagine the mortal terror that pencil neck feels whenever entering a room full of surly pre schoolers.

  3. When Trump was elected, I was much more about defeating Hilary than supporting Trump. I knew he wasn’t a “libertarian” and was probably a jerk, but I was stoked that the harpy wasn’t going to be POTUS.
    But, between the Dems, the Never-Trumpers, and the regular media (of which Reason has become a full partner), I am absolutely 100% in the bag for Trump. I still disagree with him on a number of issues, but between cutting regulations, a decent start on federal criminal justice reform, and SCOTUS, he is better than we have had in that office in a long time.
    Fuck the Dems. Fuck Romney. Fuck the media.

    1. Exactly this.

      I was not a T supporter in 16.

      Definitely one now. He’s been mostly about the same as every other president. A mixed bag. But what he’s been able to expose the Democrats SS makes me almost love him.

    2. I voted Johnson in ’16. I hoped, though with grave reservations, that Clinton would win.

      And now? I want FOUR MORE YEARS.

      I’m not happy with his trade policy or spending, but I wouldn’t be happy with those of any of the leading Democrat candidates either. I’ve got a lot of other objections that would be objections to pretty much any president.

      Trump’s been better on judges, deregulation, and criminal justice than I expected. And I would take great joy in seeing the assholes who still are pushing the Russia nonsense emotionally crushed by a Trump victory. Plus it would mean time to actually clean out the felons in the FBI, whom a Democratic president would likely shield.

      1. ^ Yeah, I don’t like the immigration policy either– but basically this.

        1. Whatever my views of the proper immigration policy, de facto open borders though abuse of the asylum rules was going to eventually produce an extreme reaction. Trump’s agreement with Mexico has effectively ended that before the reaction became broadly violent (even if the second-closest Walmart to me wound up the site of a massacre), so whatever my policy disagreements with Trump on other aspects of immigration, I have to give him points for mitigating the immediate crisis.

          1. I suspect if he manages to get the border under control and factor out most of the illegals that he would have no problem backing more guest worker programs and other legal expansions/improvements to our immigration system.

      2. I didn’t vote for in in 2016 (voted Johnson/Weld). When I saw how both sides went after him, I was intrigued and thought he might actually be an outsider.
        After years of partisan investigations, Kavanaugh, and outright outrageous talk of socialism I became angry, and now here I am, planning to vote for Trump in 2020.

        I hate space force, the dumb tweets, and his stance on social security and Medicare. But I love the tax cuts, deregulation, judges, and Trumps attempts to follow through on his promises. I’m ready for the deep state and the entrenched parasites in DC to eat shit and die of nervous breakdowns.

        1. Space force, btw, isn’t the ex nihilo creation of some vast new department.
          It’s just splitting off the commands and responsibilities from where they’re currently being handled – the air force – just as the air force was split off from the army decades ago.
          It makes sense, despite the sensationalist marketing and coverage

          1. It’s yet another bureaucracy and it will grow as they all do. I had the same reaction when Bush announced homeland security.

            1. Exactly, thanks for pointing that out.

            2. It’s a bureaucracy that already exists.

          2. Boy, you’ll defend anything Trump does, no matter how useless or absurd.

            1. Nerd, if he called it Star Fleet, you be running to enlist.

              1. I lose track. Which one of our resident douchebags is this guy a sock for?

                1. Hey! That is an INSULT to douchebags everywhere!

      3. Emotionally crushed is good but actually crushed would be better, however they keep renovating DC buildings.

      4. Yeah, I am gonna call total bullshit on that.

    3. Count me among those in the same boat. If there’s this many just in this comment section…

    4. Ditto here. Add in the shitheels currently vying to be the Libertarian presidential candidate (Lincoln Chafee? WTF dude???) and I will 100% be a) voting and b) voting for Trump. The Reason/MSM complex’s Dem. shilling and outright anti-Trump chicanery is motivation enough to show up at the polls.

      I can’t wait to dial up CNN, MSNBC, Reason et al. the day after the election. Can you imagine the Niagara of tears?

    5. So, the SCOTUS remark gives away that maybe you were leaning a bit on the conservative side in the first place, and maybe not as libertarian as you initially describe yourself.

      1. I describe you as crying like a little child, maybe not as libertarian as you initially describe yourself.

        1. The leftist crying this week has been spectacular.
          Unfortunately, the week is coming to an end. But it’s been amazing:
          Monday – Iowa debacle
          Tuesday – SOTU, and Pelosi tantrum
          Wednesday – acquittal, and D tantrums
          Thursday – verbal smackdown of enemies and praising of allies, plus more D tantrums and Pelosi looking like she’s about to snap
          Friday – ?

          1. Yeah, I’ve run out of storage for all the salty, tasty prog tears. I’ve put a barrel out in the back 40 for the deer.

        2. Based on that description, I’m guessing this is Pedo Jeffy’s new sock.

      2. You’re not libertarian at all. You are like when athiests tell Christians how they should interpret their religion.

      3. His judicial picks are the most Libertarian part of his presidency, that and repealing regulations, and the revised WOTUS rule, and getting us out of the Paris agreement.

        1. The best was the reduction of the corporate tax. Will pay dividends for decades.

    6. Tell us more about how you, as a gay Jewish black transwoman, have now switched to being pro-Trump.

      1. What a strange thing to say

        1. It was actually pretty spot on and funny in response to BearOdinson’s insincere story.

          1. Why would you say it’s insincere? Projecting?

          2. That’s rich. A leftist accusing someone else of being insincere. Maybe you’re one of the people Hoppe was talking about removing.

    7. I didn’t vote for Trump and I never took him seriously as a candidate in the primary. But as much as I hate his need to tweet, I like what he’s done.
      But that doesn’t matter because I would vote for Nick the Dog Catcher over any of the clowns running for the Dem nomination today. And I’m astounded that so many Libertarians apparently would rather have bernie, Warren or any of them get the job and ruin the economy because…well, they’ll tear down the wall.
      Do people not realize how goddamn dangerous they are to the country?

      1. They ought to: The House is regularly originating the sort of bills that a Democratic President and Senate would make law, and they’re horrific.

        For instance, H.R.5383 mandates “catch and release”, and basically forces the entire country to adopt ‘sanctuary city’ policies of non-cooperation with immigration authorities.

    8. I wasn’t a Trump supporter in 16 but I voted for him. I was going to vote for a protest candidate, but concluded there wasn’t a protestier candidate than Trump.

      I’m still waiting for one more thing to completely seal my satisfaction with Trump. We need the Supreme Court to restore the 2nd amendment to the Constitution in California, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland, etc.

      1. I didn’t vote because Trump is an asshole and I had no faith he would be responsible with power. Hillary was a no go because aside from being corrupt as hell she also is the polar opposite of me on nearly every position. I wanted to vote for Johnson, but he did just enough to kill my motivation to register a protest vote. Also, according to allsides Johnson was in line with me 92% of the time and Trump came in at 88%. Clinton was 3%.
        I am not a Trump fan or supporter. He’s still an asshole. While I wish he was more professional in how he speaks I still have to give credit to him for being the only Republican fighting back against an out of control Democrat party. I find most of his actual political actions are significantly better than his opponents would have been. More than anything, I’ve spent 3 years begrudgingly defending this asshole because the media is so dishonest that they can’t even dig in an offer factual criticisms of the man. The excessive lying about his words and actions on top of the overwhelming negativity has forced me to look at primary documents for myself and to my surprise learn he has been pretty decent.

        1. Whay should Trump act more professionally? Public institutions don’t deserve any regard or respect.

    9. Trump is a big poopyhead douchebag! I didn’t vote for his sorry ass then and won’t be voting for his sorry ass this time around! Some of us still have standards.

  4. Just because someone accuses you of being the agent of a foreign power and guilty of treason – which carries the death penalty – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be more Presidential and act like that didn’t happen at all. Even if that person swears to keep up trying to destroy you.
    He talks mean, Mommy.

    1. He was accused of neither of those things, except in your mind.

      1. Well, and Trump’s deluded mind. And Rush Limbaugh’s deluded mind. And Giuliani’s deluded mind.

        1. You can find 57 democrats that will say that. It’s not the same thing as his being officially accused of any such thing.

          1. Ok, you’re a parody. Damn you got me, that was good.

          2. Well just what did Pelosi mean when she keeps saying “All roads lead to Putin”? I take that as an accusation that he is Putin’s agent.

            It’s basically what the John Bitch Society was accusing Eisenhower of in the 50’s. When did the Democratic party get co-opted by the Birchers?

      2. “He was accused of neither of those things, except in your mind.”

        Lefty losers have a problem with reality, facts and truth, lefty loser.

        1. Righty losers also have a problem with reality, facts and truth, righty loser.

          1. It’s going to be fun watching you lose in November. Although judging by your tone and personality, I’m sure you’re already quite familiar with losing.

          2. “Righty losers also have a problem with reality, facts and truth, righty loser.”
            This from a lefty loser who whines about Trump winning. Lefty losers have a problem with READING, lefty loser.

      3. Did you miss the entire fucking Mueller probe?

        What the hell do you think that was?

        They were trying to prove that Trump was working with a foreign power, that they’d collaborated to defraud the American electorate. That’d be treason, bub.

        And, after it proved impossible to make their fever dream fact, they STILL act as if they’d found evidence, tried and convicted Trump of colluding with Russia. With Putin in particular.

  5. Another pointless political spectacle complete. Now if only there were a way to hurry up and get the stupid election out of the way.

    1. Just take a very long nap.

    2. “Now if only there were a way to hurry up and get the stupid election out of the way.”

      Don’t hire Donk operatives to run your caucus.

  6. How many more of these salty tears articles do you think we’ll get?

    It’s getting pathetic.

    1. About 4 more years worth.

    2. I’m enjoying it.
      Almost as good as Babylon Bee

      1. It’ll get old at some point, but it’ll be awhile.

    3. Cry more, Az.

      1. Lol. He’s lost track of who he’s spouting shit at.

      2. Oh you sad, sad child.

        Azathoth weeps continuously, from eyes blinded, sighted, compound and multidimensional. Tears of all types stain the floor of my palace.

        The walls shake with peals of cacophonous laughter at the idea that you think that any one of your piteous thoughts is clever.

        Dream on, monkey.

  7. you may have missed the memo but nobody believes the (R) at the end of Susan Collins’ name … she be a cite-fail

    1. Riiiigght. Because loyalty to Trump is the hallmark of what it means to be a Republican.

      1. You are boring, and an asshole.

        1. Yes, very much so.

      2. Opposition to the socialists, fascists, racists, and kleptocrats making up the Democratic party is the hallmark of being Republican these days.

        The fact that Trump is involved in that is an accident of history.

  8. Trump is prone to hyperbole but what he said today about his enemies was measured objective truth. Why did ya leave out his praise for Mike Lee? That was the best part of Trump thanking his allies.

    1. Objective truth? Like, he knows whether Pelosi actually prays for him? Or whether Romney was sincere in expressing his religious convictions? Of course, Trump has no convictions and a loose relationship with truth, so why would he believe anyone else has integrity.

      1. He didn’t offer those as facts but as opinions, which is obvious from his statements.

        1. This current sock troll is pretty dumb, so it’s not good at seeing obvious things.

      2. I likes when he read the texts between Strzok & Page insulting him and gloating about their ‘insurance policy’ and said ‘these were the ones investigating me’
        Strangely Reason seems indifferent. If Trump was anyone else they would have been outraged at such biased cops.

  9. “The Senate acquitted Trump yesterday of charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, both of which stemmed from his role in seeking to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to announce probes that targeted Trump’s political rivals.”

    Who exactly do you think you’re kidding? They stemmed from the fact that he won the election. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

    1. also the word Force is a flat out lie, he didn’t even try to force anything he did but there was no forcefullness about it

      1. correction
        he did ask but

      2. Loaded language. It’s how you can get away with lying while crying that you’ve been misunderstood

    2. Yes. I was going to say that “…seeking to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to announce probes that targeted Trump’s political rivals” was pure gossip; the transcript showed no such request.

      1. The plural is also false. Biden is the only “rival” (if you believe he is even capable of winning the nomination). If you wanted to make the argument, it is that Trump sought to have Cloudstrike (which keeps being left out) and Hunter/Joe Biden investigated for corruption. The claim that it was “to dig up dirt” is unsubstantiated along with any sense that his motivation was the 2020 election. It’s shameful that Reason continues to mischaracterize the evidence and arguments

  10. Remember, he did it, but even if he didn’t it’s still impeachable.

  11. Billy. It’s over. Pick up the shattered pieces of your life and move on.

    1. Believe it or not, it will never be over. Napolitano is calling for another impeachment to start up. There is no double jeopardy on impeachment. (I assume he’s itching for SCOTUS).

      This has to be about something bigger than “Trump says mean things”. Perhaps the central authoritarian control of the U.S. economy, while opening the gates to democratic voters lured with free shit and housing. Getting the SALT deduction back for NY, California, NJ while implementing crony deals in the swamp on the back side. Getting the fed pick to start purchasing muni bonds on failed blue state and city pensions. Federal control of land development and the housing markets (to house the new democrat voters).

      1. It’ll be over in early November.

        1. They don’t realize yet how few people actually like this psycho behavior.

      2. Let them start it up again. Do you think McConnell is going to take even a single day off of confirming judges before dismissing it this time?

        But that won’t mean Trump won’t get another 5-6 point bump in the polls over it.

    2. Billy loves this stuff! He can sell the same article to HuffPo *and* Reason!

      (Hmm…some kind of joint operating agreement between the two sites might be in order…)

  12. Meanwhile, the DNC wants a “recount” in Iowa…

    1. And they’ll keep demanding recounts until those damned Iowans pick the candidate the DNC wants them to!

      1. It ain’t over till the fat lady is president!

    2. I can’t understand why.

      Chances are a recount will only show that Bernie won by even greater margins than before.

      That is, unless the DNC is cooking the books – which may very well be the case.

      In any event, it is fun watching the Democrats collapse from the inside out. Naively pandering to the lunatics without having foreseen the eventuality that the lunatics will take over will almost certainly go down as one of the greatest political mistakes of the 21st century.

    3. they are still looking for the missing ballot box the trunk of a car in a parking lot somewhere. Funny how they always end up in Trunks of cars

      1. In Trunks of Cars would be a good band name.

    4. They probably need to do so. I’m fairly convinced that Sanders won that and some shifty behavior is the only reason Bootygig is even in the running.

  13. I might actually have to watch this. I can’t stand watching any politician speak due to all the lies and bullshit but this sounds great.

  14. We know who the press and the leakers are. I guess this makes the press the liars. There was a 1963 movies,”Billy Liar” about a day dreaming fantasist. Maybe it needs a remake.

  15. “both of which stemmed from his role in seeking to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to announce probes that targeted Trump’s political rivals.”

    Wait. His “rivals”? Plural? Where did that come from?

    Seriously, you’re just making stuff up at this point.

    1. Haven’t heard? Cloudstrike is also in the Democrat’s primary. Currently polling between Steier and a dozen or so people nobody remembers.

      1. He’s alleged to have asked for Hunter Biden to be investigated. Last I heard, Hunter was both a single person, AND not running for any office.

        But that wasn’t good enough for Binion, so he has to make it “rivals”. Because that sounds worse than what he was actually acquitted of.

        1. The transcript also says jack shit about “announce probes”. It shows Trump said it was something that should be investigated. Nothing about public announcements- that part was introduced by “testimony” that was gossip- second or third hand accounts.

          1. It’s interesting how those claims have become fact for some people. It matters not that in those same testimonies the individuals showed open hostility toward Trump. It doesn’t matter that there is no further evidence to support the claims. It is true because, damnit, orange man is bad!
            All that said, I would certainly like to hear the facts from Giuliani. It might actually be damning for Trump. However, considering how dishonest the dems and media have been on this whole process I don’t want them to even get a sliver of a win

    2. The idiocy of the entire impeachment fiasco is that the Democrats would have been infinitely better off keeping their mouths shut rather than screaming about it. Instead, they tried to get in front of the Biden corruption issue by complaining that Trump was pushing Zelensky to announce a fake investigation … but, as it turned out, all of the attention on impeachment was clearly far worse for Biden than anything Trump could ever have unearthed otherwise.

      Shit, at this point, I am almost convinced that Trump planned this entire thing with full knowledge that the Democrats would drive their clown car straight off the cliff, full speed.

      If so, brilliant play.

      If not, how fucking stupid are the Democrats?

      Trump is either a genius or a mediocrity playing in the sand box with a group of drooling retards. Either way, Trump wins.

      1. how fucking stupid are the Democrats? Read the ‘Green New Deal’ – Mayor Pete endorses BTW. There’s your answer. I can’t help but think that Pelosi is smarter than those leftist idiots. Her ripping the SOTU speech might be frustration among the capitalist democrats for not removing those jacobin morons from the party years ago.

      2. Shit, at this point, I am almost convinced that Trump planned this entire thing with full knowledge that the Democrats would drive their clown car straight off the cliff, full speed.

        I’m having a nice moment imagining that clown car. Klobuchar’s arms waving out of one window, Biden’s ass hanging out another, Warren and “Beto”s heads out the sunroof, full speed ahead. And a cartoon sign saying “Caution, Cliff”.

        1. Just a slight adjustment to the cartoon. Biden’s head poking out the sunroof with a sign saying “Ukraine Investigation” looming at exactly head height.
          Too morbid for a political cartoon?

      3. Great comment. Literally lol.

      4. They more or less had to know this was going to hurt Biden, basically kill his shot at the nomination. Either they meant to do that, or considered it acceptable collateral damage in warning Trump not to investigate Democratic corruption.

        1. No, I really think they felt immune, that the press would not touch Biden.. and that most Democrats are so deeply intrenched it wouldn’t matter. Well they were almost right.

          1. Sadly I think you’re right. But then luckily for us, traditional media would have ignored it in the past, but now they can’t.

            It’ll be interesting how traditional media covers things they don’t want to in the future, as non-traditional media forces them to.

            1. “It’ll be interesting how traditional media covers things they don’t want to in the future, as non-traditional media forces them to.”

              ‘Republicans pounce on allegations of Democrat corruption.’

    3. If there were adult supervision at Reason, Billy Binion would be prohibited from writing about Trump.

      1. If there were adult supervision at Reason Billy would be eating crayons in his mom’s basement.

        1. If this is how KMW runs Reason, imagine how f’d up her kids must be.

      2. maybe Binion is why Shreek still posts here. Don’t take candy from strangers Billy.

        1. A is the ’Eric’ who posts here in reality Boehm?

          1. Certain sock trolls defend unreason and run around attacking critics all passive-aggressive like. Only unreason staff would care about criticism of their shitty articles.

    4. When you don’t have a leg to stand on in an argument, dwell on some insignificant point in your opponent’s wording.

      1. You’re doing a fine job of taking your own advice. And being boring. And an asshole.

  16. He’s maligning those top men!

    1. They should sue him for Definition Of Character!

  17. In the future, this speech will be remembered for being the first time a President of the United States spoke the word “bullshit” on live TV. Or the second syllable of that word.

    Question: Will TV stations be allowed to rebroadcast the section where he speaks that word? Will they be allowed to do so during daytime hours? Or will FCC “indecency” rules prohibit it?

    1. In the future, this will be remember for being the first time Reason clutched its pearls over naughty language.

      Legalize whorehouses! But don’t say shit on television!


      1. Reason didn’t “clutch its pearls” over the language. Didn’t dwell on it at all. I brought it up because I’ll bet news directors at TV and radio stations have been sweating over whether or not they can replay that particular comment of the President’s. The famous “seven dirty words” case went all the way to the Supreme Court, IIRC, and resulted in a large fine for the station (WBAI) that played George Carlin’s routine of that name. I wonder how President Trump would react if the FCC fined a station for playing his own comments.

    2. Joe “Big Fucking Deal” Biden doesn’t think it’s a big fucking deal, so why should Reason?

  18. Wow! I’ve never liked trump, but he has a way of making the right people apoplectic, but this speech sounds fantastic, may have to track down the video.

  19. Someone sent me this clip from CNN earlier and I was wondering if there would be a place to post it. Looks like this article is the perfect place. Enjoy!

    1. This was on Fox Business yesterday – Warren coming off of corporate jet, hiding behind a staffer when she sees a news camera.

      link to video

      1. Warren coming off of corporate jet, hiding behind a staffer when she sees a news camera.

        She was just getting out of the sniper’s line of fire.

        1. All part of Hillary’s plan to get the Democrat Nomination.

  20. As Trump’s speech indicates, Collins’ aspirations will remain aspirational.

    You’re problem, Binion, is that you think men should be pussies. You think Trump should have been ‘presidential’ and ‘conciliatory’, working to ‘heal the breach’.

    Never lean in to give them a hug because that’s when they’ll stick the knife in your back.

    1. That would make sense if Trump were some campaigner for right and good, but he’s a corrupt politician. You are morally bankrupt.

      1. Cry more.

        1. He can’t stop crying.

      2. “That would make sense if Trump were some campaigner for right and good, but he’s a corrupt politician. You are morally bankrupt.”

        We can hope TDS is a fatal disease.

      3. They’re all corrupt politicians. You don’t hug corrupt politicians because that’s when they’ll stick the knife in your back.

        You don’t have to be a ‘campaigner for right and good’ – you just have to be standing in between a shark and what that shark wants.

      4. ‘some campaigner for right and good’
        Ever hear the saying that politics is Hollywood for ugly people? People who really care about right and good are rarely attracted to power and politics.

  21. Looks like the Trump sucking commentators are working up to an insane Romney derangement syndrome.

    Romney doesn’t have to stand for re-election until 2024. He will be in the Senate long after Trump is booted out of the White House and jailed for his crimes.



      How do you pathetic fucked up nolives get out of bed in the morning? Fucking seriously. Kill. Your. Self.

    2. A representative has introduced a bill to recall him in his home state. The Representative is both a fellow Republican and a fellow Mormon. That hardly speaks volumes for his (Romney’s) chances of getting re-elected, if his own party in his state is considering legislation to recall him (the law is likely unconstitutional but it still sends a message). He just assured he will be primaried.

      1. That deluded state representative is a perfect example of the insane Romney derangement syndrome that also infects the Reason commentators that spend their days deep-throating Trump.

        1. crufus, the crying towels are off to the LEFT; keep going after you find them.

        2. One of his natural constituents, a veteran politician in his home state, and a representative of his base, is seeking his removal. You can try and paint it however you want but it is pretty bad when a politician alienates his base support to the point they want him removed from office.

          1. Except recall of Congressmen or Senators isn’t allowed by the Constitution. According to the Congressional Research Service when the Supreme Court ruled that term limits for Congress was unconstitutional, that also nixed recalls: “Even the dissenters in the Supreme Court decision on the Tenth Amendment and term limits, who would have found a “reserved” authority in the states regarding “qualifications” of Members of Congress, conceded that the exclusive authority to remove a sitting Member is delegated to each house in the expulsion clause of the Constitution, and that with respect to “a power of recall … the Framers denied to the States [such power] when they specified the terms of Members of Congress.”

            However I suppose a state vote on a resolution to petition the Senate to expell Romney would be allowed.

            Who knows, Romney being so honorable and all might decide to resign if the voters essentially voted a no-confidence resolution against him.

            1. Note I said it was likely Unconstitutional.

          2. Unfortunately the 17th Amendment states how Senators are selected, so a recall does not appear constitutional.

            There is nothing that prevents Romney from resigning as Utah makes his life a living hell. Utah got what they deserve though. Romney was horrible in Massachusetts, Romney was a horrible Presidential candidate, Romney was a horrible senate candidate for Utah.

            1. (the law is likely unconstitutional but it still sends a message). Did you miss this part?

    3. “…He will be in the Senate long after Trump is booted out of the White House and jailed for his crimes.”

      Losers keep making these predictions and then losing one more time.
      How’s it feel to be a pathetic loser, loser?

  22. his role in seeking to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to announce probes that targeted Trump’s political rivals

    Ah, to be so retarded as to be unaffected by the retardation that sentence induces.

    He was acquitted so it would be his *alleged* role. He was the one on trial so it’s not ‘his role in seeking to force’, it was ‘his seeking to force’ or, better still ‘his (alleged) forcing’.

    It’s a hilarious reversal of the passive voice used to verbally exonerate police officers. He didn’t do it and, even if he did, was acquitted but if you talk about it passively enough, Trump was at the scene when a gun went off.

    1. hahaha. Trump is the best President in US history now, thanks to Democrats.


  23. Remember the story about how Dorothy, her dog Toto, and Trump were in the house that was carried away to the land of Oz by the tornado? After it landed on Hillary, the other witch sent her flying monkeys to get them.

    1. You are on drugs.


      2. Well, his name is libertarian.

      3. You have to be on drugs call Hillary a witch? You can’t stop saying dumb shit.

  24. Trump’s a demagogue, and this comment section is proof that demagoguery works.

    1. Yeah, that ‘you can keep your doctor’ crap was really overboard, wasn’t it?

      1. Just because espresso Mike learned to cut and paste a new word does not mean he knows its meaning.

      2. Ah, the ol’ subject change.

        1. Ah, the ol’ calling out hypocrites.

        2. “Ah, the ol’ subject change.”

          The subject was “demagogue”:
          “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.”

          Was the 1st grade the best five years of your life?

    2. Big you forget Obama had like 30 “Czars” at one point saving the economy and god knows what else. And he had Bernanke and Yellen the two stupid keynesian morons running the Fed who acted like monetary dictators..

    3. That’s what Russian agents do!

      1. Oh thats right, Little Jeffy is a dishonest hypocrite. Calling a political rival a racist, homophobic, treasonous Russian spy isn’t demagoguery.

  25. “AERIAL ATTACK: “Pelosi For Prison” Banner Spotted In The Skies of San Fran”
    “Days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bitterly ripped up President Trump’s SOTU speech, DeAnna Lorraine, the leading GOP candidate running against the bitter impeachment queen, contracted a plane to fly around San Francisco with a banner in tow that read “Pelosi For Prison”…”

    Amazingly, it was not subject to AA fire.

    1. Trump should paint that on Pelosi’s government paid for Gulfstream.

    2. BTW, local TV news didn’t seem to mention it.
      Wanna bet that hag’s staff was on the phone to the local stations claiming that a mention was providing free political ads? And perhaps suggesting that any possible future interviews with THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!!! might depend on their coverage.
      Or maybe it just wasn’t ‘newsworthy’, ya think?

  26. It was an epic scorched earth beat down of the woke elites. As a libertarian I’ve waited a very long time for someone to take down the “liberal art” Ivy league crowd that dominates the media, govt, and academia…i never thought much of the “poly sci” major when I was getting through a hard science degree..later after B school I would have to deal with these people who infected local govt and the school systems (honestly when my kids were in K-12 the more I talked to “teachers” the less I thought of an “education” degree). Instead of liberty..Trumps enemies want control of our lives and liberty. F the neoliberal and neocons…and the Fed and pretty much the entire deep state. I enjoy Trump unmasking the contempt and corruption of the public sector and their media/entertainment friends…today was what I wish Reagan did in 1980. Wokes are just cultural marxists…F them..

    1. And Binion’s of their kind.

    2. It has been my experience that primary school teachers are poorly informed and not particularly intelligent. That’s fine for elementary school because all I expect of them is to be a compassionate babysitter who teaches a few things.

  27. How many editors did “honed in on” in the 3rd paragraph get past before this was published? Shame on you all. (One hones a skill, as in sharpens; one homes in on something, as a homing pigeon does.)

    1. Well, sure, but was that really the biggest problem with this article? Also, I think editors are now more managers than actual editors- that’s all been farmed out to software.

      1. Also, I think editors are now more managers than actual editors- that’s all been farmed out to software.

        The software could use an update that teaches it how to code.

    2. Well, they towed the lion.

  28. The Don really shouldn’t pick on Bishop Romney. Remember what happened when a politician frightened the Reverend Jim Jones at the People’s Temple in Guyana? What a stink THAT raised!

  29. The Ds have themselves in a bit of a bind here; in spite of the R Senate majority, they opted for a ‘must win’ gambit.
    Now that they’ve lost, they can’t just shut up; that would be an admission that they had nothing to begin with.
    But what else can they do? Even the standard-issue SF lib is tired of the constant ‘investigations’ and they stand the chance of making Trump a ‘victim’ for pete’s sake!
    Keep it up, and they could lose the House also. Examples of that s-i SF l are hinting that there’s a very small chance any of the Ds could beat Trump, and dragging out the pro-Trump vote could kick the House to the Rs.

    1. There must be a pony in here somewhere!

  30. Please collect yours and Sudetmans tears, I’m happy to buy them while you’re learning to code

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  32. Man, we sure got a pile of lefty socks, all whining and crying! Trump is doing something right.

    1. Their tears are delicious. Trump’s acquittal is sweet.

    2. +1000

      That is how I rate Trump’s good performance. The more Lefties freaking out and crying the better job Trump is doing,

    3. They are already looking at the next impeachment. Rumor is they will be focusing on Trump telling McGhan to fire Mueller, and charging Trump with obstruction of justice. Never mind firing Mueller is within his Constitutional powers and that the Mueller investigation was all based on a lie.

  33. Dirty cops and liars I agree with but not leakers. I think leakers are needed to help keep people/administrations honest and ethical. I honestly think there’s nothing wrong with leaking.

    1. The problem with the “leakers” is that you can’t really assume that whatever they’re “leaking” is actually true. We’ve had multiple occasions where some anonymous figure would “leak” remarks that supposedly happened during a private meeting, and literally everyone present at the meeting would deny it happened.

      And the media goes with their “leaker”, because the remarks are thought to be damaging. If it makes Trump look bad, we’re just supposed to assume it’s true, without evidence.

      Like Schiff telling us for months, literally months, that he’d seen the proof that Trump was colluding with the Russians, and it would all come out in the Mueller report. And now we’re supposed to just forget we know he was lying like a rug the whole time.

  34. Throught the Russian and Ukrain ivestigations we have often heard the question “what would Republican be saying if this was President Obama”. I ask what if the President on a tirade yesterday had been Obama? Would the headlines be about the angry black man? When Hillary Clinton makes a remark she is said to be an angry bitter woman. Speaker Pelosi tearing up of Trump speech was said to be inappropriate. Yesterday we saw the privilege of being a rich white man, nothing more.

    1. When they bring a knife, we bring a gun.

      THAT President Obama?

    2. Petulant Pe-loser.

    3. MAGA

  35. It sure is fun watching the Democrats and Republicans race each other down the slippery slope of sleaze.

  36. That was fucken glorious what Trump did.

    Everyone was indeed a lousy shit head in this bull shit.

    He called it as we all saw it.

    Fuck them.

  37. I’m glad to see Reason stand up for the reputation of those honest, hard-working G-men at the FBI, and those selfless transparent analysts at the NSC.

    This pernicious Trumpian smear that our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies could be corrupt and out of control must not be allowed to stand!

    Somewhere, the ghost of J. Edgar is smiling.
    Well done, Billy; you’ll get your “Junior G-Man” badge in the mail in a couple of weeks.

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