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Gun Rights Groups Sue Over Virginia Governor's 'Emergency' Ban

The governor fears a gun-rights rally might turn violent; a judge refuses to stop him from barring weapons from the demonstration.


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has issued an emergency executive order barring the bearing of arms in the area where a gun rights rally is scheduled for Monday. The state's Democratic-controlled legislature is pushing a series of bills restricting gun owners' rights; among other things, the proposed laws would expand background checks for private gun sales, give localities the power to bar guns from public events, and restrict gun purchases to one a month. The rally—part of a larger "Lobby Day" in which interest groups gather to communicate with the state government—is intended to protest the proposals.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, and various citizen plaintiffs sued yesterday to prevent the enforcement of this order.

The suit, which notes that open carry has occurred without incident at past Lobby Day events, argues that the order violates marchers' right to bear arms and right to peaceably assemble. Since carrying weapons has a specific expressive political purpose when one is lobbying against gun laws, the suit also argues that the order violates the First Amendment. And it points to a 2012 Virginia law meant "specifically to prevent and prohibit the governor from in any way limiting or prohibiting the possession of carrying of firearms pursuant to a declaration of a state of emergency."

That last law includes an exception for orders necessary "to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor" as an "emergency shelter" which the governor claimed he was doing in his order.** You might expect Judge Joi Taylor of Richmond Circuit Court to have cited that when she rejected the request for an injunction against the ban. Instead, she simply ignored the fact that Virginia has a law specifically designed to prevent an emergency order from doing what this emergency order does. She merely asserts, without arguing specifically why, that in her judgment that 2012 law grants the governor "sufficient deference" to ignore its language about prohibiting firearm possession in a state of emergency.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, Taylor also "cited rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts that found the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not unlimited. Because of that, she wrote, the gun-rights groups would not 'suffer an irreparable harm' sufficient to justify the injunction."

Northam is using the arrest of three people who were allegedly planning violence at the rally as evidence that his order will prevent violence. For its part, the Virginia Citizens Defense League is claiming that Democrats "want to portray this peaceful assembly of law-abiding gun owners in the worst possible way. They would love for it to degenerate to 'violence, rioting, and insurrection' in order to smear gun owners. Has the Democrat leadership actually invited violent groups to attend for the purpose of disrupting our peaceful assembly?"

The plaintiffs have appealed their case to the state's Supreme Court.

UPDATE: As of this afternoon, the state Supreme Court also denied the request for an injunction against Northam. Their two-page decision didn't take on the merits of the arguments, merely concluding that granting injunctions is an "extraordinary remedy" and that "the record before the Court is scant" and they are thus "unable to discern whether the circuit court abused its discretions" in the original denial. "The only information we have on which to resolve the weighty issues raised by the parties are pleadings accompanied by cursory attachments. Accordingly, the petition is refused."

**The italicized phrase was not included in the initial posting of this story

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  1. …Taylor also “cited rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts that found the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not unlimited.

    The state’s power apparently is, in her view, unlimited. And they wonder the need for a Second Amendment.

    1. Le loi, c’est moi.

      1. On a related note, there is a claim that this is all a set up, like Charlottesville was……

        Apparently Northam wants to use the Patriot Act to label any dissenters who step out of line as ‘domestic terrorists’. Which isn’t a huge leap. Given the bulls it these people pull all the time anymore.

        1. Yeah, I have a feeling that if Blackface Mcgee tries to crackdown on dissent, he and any cop backing him is gonna have a bad day. These people know they’re in the right, they know they’re not alone, and they know that if the opposition isn’t operating in good faith.

    2. Emergencies should probably cover the First Amendment, too. We can’t have any contradictory talk about this when lives are at stake

      1. Just ask John Adams and Woodrow Wilson.

        It’s just like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, Holmes.

        1. FALSELY shouting fire – – – – –
          It is perfectly legal to shout fire in a theater or other place, crowded or not, if there is a fire.
          However, it that vein, the Governor is FALSELY shouting “GUN!” in his declaration of martial law dictatorship.

          1. From the one who says the ACLU declared civil war, LOL. So sad.

            1. Hihn showing up at 4 am after not posting for several days? I think that means he’s begun a manic phase, and will start shitting all over the place for the next couple days.

            2. “From the one who says the ACLU declared civil war, LOL. So sad.”

              From someone claiming reasoning abilities. Pathetic.

              1. nope, but nice try simple thugs.

                1. Time will tell. I hope you can maintain control.

                  1. I’m the shizz mofo

                    1. You are ‘shizz’, and a “mofo”, Hihn, so…congratulations?!?

                  2. Been around, and a subscriber for a long time

        2. i would have dissented in that case.

      2. Bearing arms is considered a fundamental right, because of government desire to remove it, check.

        Enshrined in second amendment, check.

        Historical knowledge of collapse of democracy occurs when demagogues claim need for emergency powers lead to special law to specifically deny forbidding of guns via emergency declarations, check.

        Let’s ignore all that, check.

  2. Northam is using the arrest of three people who were allegedly planning violence at the rally as evidence that his order will prevent violence.

    Which is odd since the main guy here illegally crossed the border from Canada, where he is already a wanted man, and was found because he brought an illegally manufactured machine gun to a shooting range, where he was noticed by an FBI guy who recognized the sound of a full automatic.

    Now, let’s just assume for a moment for the sake of argument that this guy might have ignored Northam’s wishes and might not have been superlatively concerned with the laws against what he was doing.

    Was that crowd going to be more or less safe if everyone in the crowd were armed?

    1. Which is odd since the main guy here illegally crossed the border from Canada, where he is already a wanted man

      Proof again that Trump is building the wall on the wrong border.

      1. There should be a yuge wall all the way around.

        1. We did quite well without a wall for couple of hundred years.

          It wasn’t until bin Laden figured out how to harness middle American xenophobia that this all became something that was acceptable in republican (small “r”, and large “R” too, I guess) circles.

          Go ahead, start with the name calling, but it did work pretty well (at least until the progies came to power in 1963).

    2. Amazing what you construe! Tell us more of your hypotheticals, and then play ignorance

      1. Hihnsanity!

        1. Ah look, ignorance. Notice how I’m not using bold, or fonts, but yet you need a name. Talking points and propaganda have really sunk into what’s left of the commentariat.

          1. “Notice how I’m not using bold, or fonts, but yet you need a name.”

            Good for you, keep it up. But we all need a name, it’s how we log in.

            1. Went right over your head

              1. Nope. But it did yours.

      2. How long did it take you to extract yourself out of the fetal position when Hillary lost?

    3. Good thing an FBI agent was there.

      1. I bet that made you feel smart, lol.

        1. I bet that made you feel like a lunatic, oh wait, you are, lol.

          1. Maybe Hihn and Misek could fuck each other.

            Is Misek into scat and diaper play?

  3. Northam’s worried about the fourteen-year-old bc orange button?

    >>cited rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts

    Tony and ChemJeff aren’t courts.

  4. ” That last law includes an exception for orders necessary “to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor,” ”

    You just can’t get politicians to support anything without an “emergency” escape hatchet

    1. Doherty failed rather spectacularly in his description of the exception – it is much narrower than implied by the partial quote, only applying to emergency shelters.

      I encourage folks to read (in it’s entirety) what GOA and VCDL submitted to the Supreme Court.

      1. Thank you for making the update.

      2. The Governor declared the entire capitol “an emergency shelter”, and the state supreme court let him get away with it, because guns.

        Basically every part of the Constitution and the law is subject to being tossed out the window “because guns”, if you get the wrong judge.

  5. That last law includes an exception for orders necessary “to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor,”

    No, it doesn’t include that exception. It includes an exception for a place so designated/used *as an emergency shelter*, not just any ol’ place the Governor chooses.

    1. In the new age if words not having any actual meanings, he will interpret shelter to be an open air plaza.

      1. Government swears up and down it won’t abuse words in its own laws. Abuses words in its own laws. This and a dog that barks, “I love meatloaf” at 11!

  6. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has issued an emergency executive order barring the bearing of arms in the area where a gun rights rally is scheduled for Monday.

    Get enough people to show up, armed to the teeth and see if the state of Virginia has the balls to do anything about it.

    1. They’d probably arrest a few, and no one wants to be one of them.

  7. Credit to John, who pretty closely predicted Reason’s behavior on this one. They didn’t wait until Sunday for their weak write-up, but they did wait until right before COB Friday, so same idea.

    1. And went with the most tepid analysis of the issue I’ve seen in any news outlet.

    2. At least they aren’t equating all the gun owners as Nazis like some of the news sites I’ve seen. But yeah, this is a pretty limp dick article on the topic.

  8. Since the governor’s executive order indeed declares the area an “emergency shelter” I did not at first consider that distinction particularly worth spelling out, but since it seems to have confused some readers I have. The point about the Judge’s failure to even try to justify the action remains: she could have relied on claiming that excemption, but didn’t even bother to do so.

    1. Brian…Thanks for interacting with Readership. How is emergency shelter defined in the law? Seems a real stretch to define an open public area as an emergency shelter.

    2. Thank you for updating it.

  9. Commenter, I am not familiar enough with all of Virginia code to know if there is any non-common-sense definition elsewhere, but the code in question linked from piece just says “facility designated or used by the Governor, any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or any other governmental entity as an emergency shelter or for the purpose of sheltering persons;” I don’t think any honest judge could consider the rally area such a thing–which is maybe WHY the judge just went totally vague with her decision as to why the order doesn’t violate the law in question.

    1. The EO defines an area bounded by the four roads nearest to the Capitol and forming a complete loop around it. That is to say, to define a smaller area would require erecting a fence or painting lines on the ground. The rest of the city and the state are not affected. I don’t see how you can call it dishonest to find this area consistent with the definition of shelter (“a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger”) when it is a fairly small, clearly defined area that was going to be attacked by some white nationalists. Sure, some have been arrested but I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider there may be a residual risk of a like-minded nutjob showing up.


        R Mac
        January.17.2020 at 1:30 pm
        Unfortunately I have a theory why they aren’t covering it YET. The MSM is in the process of turning this into a white supremacists rally, so Reason is waiting for that, so they can have “White Supremacist” in the title, with a “to be sure” nod that some involved are 2A supporters in the 3rd paragraph.

        Reason proved me wrong, but here’s commentguy to make an ass of himself.

      2. So does waiting moderation mean my comment won’t be posted? Guess I should have known better using two links while saying someone is making an ass of themselves.


      3. “. I don’t see how you can call it dishonest to find this area consistent with the definition of shelter”

        Simple: Shelters must, at a minimum, supply shelter. No open space can qualify, for lack of meeting that minimum definition of a shelter.

    2. From the guy who wrote Radicals for Capitalism, you sure turned into a useful idiot for the violent commentariat.

      Enable their ignorance some more….

      1. Hihnsanity!

      2. “From the guy who wrote Radicals for Capitalism, you sure turned into a useful idiot for the violent commentariat.”

        As a fucking ignoramus, you give fucking ignoramuses a bad name

        1. I bet you never read that book, or bought it.

          1. It didn’t require crayons, so we know you didn’t either.

            1. Or fingerpaint. Hihn fingerpaints too. With the shit he scoops out of his own diaper.

              1. Sometimes he spits shit out of his mouth onto a wall and calls it art.

                1. Or onto his keyboard. Which presses the keys and form his comments.

                  1. I love how you all try so much, didn’t buy the book. Simple talking points for you all.

                    1. Oh my god I didn’t buy a book that Hihnsanity read!!!! The horror!

  10. Glad to see Reason finally commenting on The Virginia Spring. Every national outlet should be glued to this issue because of the potential for civil conflict. Actual militia groups have been deploying in the area and are planning for possible armed conflict.

    1. My son turned me on to this whole thing about 5 months ago. I have really never seen anything like it before. Meaning, the rapidity of something like this sweeping through an entire state. The state went from just a few (like 3-4) 2A sanctuary counties to 80 counties in less than 6 months. That is amazingly fast.

      I happen to agree. There is real potential for civil conflict.

      1. What if thousands, or even tens of thousands of people show up legally carrying and refuse to comply with the governor’s decree?

        WTF will he do about it?

        1. Look, violent person wants to escalate! Sad man thinks he’s the victim.

          1. Hihnsanity!!!

          2. Look, psycho doesn’t believe in inalienable rights!

            1. Amazing what you say to yourself to feel better

              1. You’re the one proposing escalating things. They need to adjust your meds some more.

              2. Surprise surprise, the lunatic doesn’t understand what’s going on here.

        2. hopefully, recognize he has no power here and fuck off to England like the last asshole.

  11. Poor Virginia – –
    She has gone from the mother of presidents to just ‘the mother’

    1. She’s waiting for Bernie to show up in Santa costume.

    2. I was born and raised in Virginia, which once was a matter of pride but becomes more embarrassing with each passing year.

      1. I moved here from Massachusetts 15 years ago thinking I had left the nannies behind, but they seem to have followed me. Even Maryland is looking better right now

        1. I remember back during the last recession (maybe the one before) there was a map that showed every county in the US color coded by economic loss or growth. Pretty much the entire US was negative, but all the counties surrounding DC were in the positive.

          There’s very little industry in these counties, so it basically showed that tax dollars from the rest of the country, while in a recession, was funding an increase in growth in these counties that was mostly government employees incomes.

          And most of them, obviously, are Democrats. That’s how you change the demographics of a state.

          1. The recession did still hit NOVA, but it went right back to normal about 2 years later in the region. Obama’s expanded fed gov is to blame. Tbh, I have been a firm advocate of moving most government departments and facilities out of DC even though it would have a negative impact on me personally.

            1. Nah, that misses the point: They’re all supposed to be in DC because it’s a quarantine zone. That the federal government spilled out of DC is exactly the problem.

    3. I’m this case, ‘mother’ being half a word.

  12. Eventually, in order to secure our 2nd Amendment right, each of us will have to open carry a realistic looking plastic revolver or pistol. You should probably begin buying several of them in anticipation of the increasing war on the 2nd Amendment. There are videos online to teach you how to paint the plastic ones to imitate a real gun.

    1. Im just going to paint the the tip of my 357 orange, so it looks like a toy gun.

    2. This is a really dumb idea.

      1. (Adjusts sarc detector)

        1. This one, I don’t know that s/he’s kidding.

          Tough, isn’t it?

          1. Poe’s law strikes again :/

  13. Anybody else seen this ad?

    Free 8 foot high strength galvanized steel fencing has an interlocking feature that allows for easy assembly and disassembly
    Please feel free to call prior to pick up 8047862211 my name is Ralph…

    1. That’s hilarious.

      1. It’s been censored

  14. I didn’t recognize Northam without the blackface.

    1. To be honest I am not certain that is Northam in that yearbook photo. I suspect the yearbook editors may have picked that photo of someone else because Northam was white from Virginia.

  15. If there’s a ban it should get violent.
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of tyrants and patriots.”

    1. I flagged your post by error. Apologies. Is there any way to unflag a post?

      1. Nope. Live in shame.

      2. Violence should be flagged, he wants to go out looking for a fight, fixed it for you.

        Funny how gun owners want to avoid responsibility.

        1. We have a right to defend our liberty.

          1. I wouldn’t bother engaging that lefty POS. Try finding a 1st grade kid; you’ll get more intelligent responses.

            1. Sevo feels better now, he got to say lefty. He doesn’t have to think harder.

          2. Amazing what you say to enable violence.

            1. Hurting Antifa isn’t violence, it’s a public service.

              1. Simple minds

                1. Antifa members do have simple minds, well done.

                  1. Look in the mirror

                    1. Take your meds.

            2. Violence in defense of liberty is a virtue.

        2. Hihnsanity!

          1. Each hihnsanity is funnier than the last.

            1. No it’s not.

            2. Are you all triggered?

              1. Pointing out that you’re insane doesn’t mean we’re triggered.

              2. Nope, but you must be considering this is your 5th or 6th username on this site in as many months. Something keeps bringing you back, and its clearly not the articles.

                You cling to us, the commenters, clinger. You’re addicted to us. You slob our proverbial knob hihn.

                1. So sad, and stupid, but whatever you have to tell yourself.

                  1. Ok, clinger.

        3. So now Hihn is anti 2A. He also appears t not like the 1Amtoo much either. Except for his own ravings.

    2. The proposed bans take effect July 1, if passed. If you meant the ban on carrying weapons in the Capitol building, I’m not sure that’s the image you want to give undecided voters. Maybe it is? Civil disobedience in favor of preserving civil rights does have a strong tradition.

  16. I’m sure all it takes is a violent heckler’s veto to shut down any protest at the capital, right? Right?

  17. Yeah, I just checked…
    ‘…shall not be infringed unless some dipshit politico gets his pants in a twist’
    Right there in black and white!

    1. Good thing we don’t have to accept your terminology, or willful ignorance if something does happen.

      Racists went where?!?!?!?!

      1. Hihnsanity doesn’t even understand what he’s reading, lol.

      2. “Good thing we don’t have to accept your terminology, or willful ignorance if something does happen.
        Racists went where?!?!?!?!”

        Just want to make sure this stays here as a prize example of that lefty POS’s reading and thinking ‘abilities’.

        1. Chronology of events, and reading comprehension are beyond most folks like you. But please, feel free to make more excuses.

          1. Sarcasm is beyond most folks like you. But please, feel free to keep looking dumb.

            1. Tall order around here, you all out here put the willful suspension into that ol disbelief.

              1. Shit makes no sense.

                1. Maybe because you’re not well read.

                  1. Alex, I’d like Hihnsanity for 100!

                  2. No, it’s because it’s the incoherent ramblings of a madman.

                    1. Nope, you’re just not well read, and you follow the loudest voice

                    2. Hihn is a wacko piece of shit when claims to be liberated n, but constantly shows his support for Marxism, and his hatred of individual rights.

                    3. You follow the voices in your head.

  18. If individual rights under The Second Amendment are subject to limitations but the acts of elected officials are unlimited, exactly what sort of regime do we have hear becomes an ever more cogent question.

    1. The kind of regime where your betters will tell you how to live, what to wear, and what to say. Those who stand by their old right wing ways will eventually expire. The new order has no place for racists, the religious, and other clingers.

      1. Proof of Poe’s law: a parody post is *almost* indistinguishable from a post by the real post-Hillary loss Arthur Kirkland.

  19. “Three suspected white supremacists arrested in Maryland and Delaware this week had discussed opening fire from different positions at Monday’s planned pro-gun rally in Richmond, Va., in the hopes of causing chaos, law-enforcement officials said.

    Authorities also confirmed they arrested three other men in Georgia this week who are allegedly linked to the same violent, white-supremacist group, called “the Base.” The Georgia men were arrested Wednesday for plotting to murder a Georgia couple, the Floyd County, Ga., police department said Friday.”

    Why would a white supremacist group call itself the equivalent of “Al Qaeda”?

    I saw the bullshit games they played in the media over the standoff in Oregon in 2016, I saw the shooting of LaVoy Finicum on video, and I’m not taking the government’s word for anything on this.

    1. The allegations about the three men in Georgia seem rather damning. I can’t read the wsj article, but there was one where they apparently had records of the men planning to murder a specific couple, and making plans to rent a shitty motel room in order to prep while discussing the precautions they would take, the clothes they would wear, the specific weapons they would use, etc. The allegations about the 3 men arrested in Virginia were much more vague.

      Of course I know the FBI can lie, but I also know that there are people who have murderous intentions. So we’ll see how it plays out. Specific and imminent threats of violence are definitely criminal acts, so if that’s verified, then the arrest of the three men in Georgia is perfectly legitimate. I do have questions about the men in the first case-supposedly one of the men was a fugitive from Canada but I’ve never seen what specific crimes he committed other than being an illegal alien.

      1. Of course I know the FBI can lie […]

        Can lie? Don’t say it like there is any question about this!

    2. Says ken, the guy ok with African americans being shot, or profiled, or harassed.

      Don’t talk about that, he gets outraged!

      1. Hihnsanity!

      2. Ken’s not okay with that at all.

        I’m certainly okay with commies getting the bullet, however. Helicopter rides are another alternative.

        1. Keep proving my point, thanks.

          1. Hey everyone, Hihn thinks black people = communists, and Ken is Red Rocks!

            He keeps getting crazier!

    3. ‘Why would a white supremacist group call itself the equivalent of “Al Qaeda”?’

      They know less Arabic than you do?

  20. So, is the plan for all law abiding citizens to register and/or turn in their guns? Then the only ones that will have guns are the cops and the gangs/criminals. What is the endgame on this plan?

      1. My question is serious though. How does the democrats see the final outcome? Second amendment supporters are not going to surrender their guns. What then? A “grace” period? Ninety days and then house to house searches? A “finders fee” to pay people who let it be known that their neighbor is known to have firearms? Not able to be employed by the state if you are known to be a 2nd amendment supporter? What will be the stopping point by the Governor and where will be the “line in the sand” for the 2nd amendment supporters? I have a feeling this is not going to end well for either side.

        1. Depending on which Democrats, my answer was serious too.

        2. His response was serious, Cindy. That is the end stage, many years down the road.

          Currently, it would be done in a similar manner to other contraband possession: eventual federal-state partnerships, powered by civil forfeiture; tips by disgruntled friends and family; tacked on charges when arrested for some other offense.

          The violence is the point, though. Violence encourages more repressive laws and more government programs to address it. Eventually, programs will be enacted by said government that a plurality of the population would violently resist if still armed. The programs in the Green New Deal, taken to extremes, would be a decent example.

          The object is to make serfs out of the ruled. The ruling class will be doing other things.

          1. See global warming. We serfs need to be re-educated about how to live without carbon emissions, while our betters fly around on private jets educating us.

        3. It’s not going to end well for those who ignore our fundamental civil rights.

        4. I’ve heard they might be looking at going after the finances of anyone they know is non-complying. Personally, I think this needs to come to a head. The democrats are the kid in school that’s gonna keep pushing until you push back. Having an entire state tell you to go fuck yourself and back it up with force is a hell of a pushback.

      2. Don’t forget: loads of re-education and shame sessions too.

        1. They’re called Struggle Sessions. Luckily for us though, China was never the most advanced civilization on the planet, so something like that could never have the effect on us it did on them.

          1. speaking of, CHINA of all people got on a soapbox last week and told us we need to “fix” the 2nd Amendment.

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  22. Northam probably does actually want violence, so he can have his “I told you so” moment. Wonder how he’ll arrange for it to occur.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking.
      Everything there needs to be on video.
      I reccomend cheap chinese GoPro knockoffs.
      You can get some for like $20 on Amazon.
      I got one for $30, works great, 2 hour battery

    2. Ban guns.

    3. McAwful-Ralphy’s predecessor did something similar in Charlottesville with a state of emergency. He ordered the cops to herd the protestors into a crowd of Antifa shitheads, knowing a bloodbath would erupt. If the gun rights supporters can’t go near the capitol with their guns, they are going to be pretty pissed off, and you know that the leftist clowns will be in Richmond too. In fact, there are a lot more of them there than in C-vile. It’s going to be a bad scene.

      1. Antifa has already said they won’t be there. Which makes sense, since when did they pick fights with someone who was more numerous, better armed, and ready to fight? If they can’t jump them from behind 3 on 1, then it ain’t a fair fight as far as they’re concerned.

    4. Careful crowd control,


      Terry McAuliffe

  23. Since when is circuit court review of a legal question an abuse of discretion standard?

    LOL, that’s the best they could come up with?

    Oh, and Trump decided to weigh in:

    Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!

    Better than nothing. Or the help to the Virginia governor that Obama or Clinton would have given.

    1. Damned autocorrect. “Since when is appellate review of a circuit court decision on a legal question an abuse of discretion standard?” Even if a circuit court is the lowest level of trial court in Virginia, appellate courts never take the attitude on an injunction motion like this of, ‘well, fuck it, looks good enough to me.’ I had thought their review was usually de novo? I mean what trial record or trial procedure discretion is there for the appellate court to respect? Just clown shoes.

    2. Well, he’s not wrong: That IS what you get when you vote for Democrats. Even the ones who deny that’s what you’ll get.

  24. They have put up fences, creating pens into which civil rights activists will be herded.
    I’ve seen the suggestion that someone take a banner inside with them, to hold over the entrance: “ARBEIT MACHT FREI.”

    1. Back in the good old days the entire United States was a free speech zone.

  25. But if Antifa breaks a window, whole Hell breaks loose around here.

    As Trump says, Sad!

    1. What? Did someone break a window?

      You’re not making sense.

      1. “You’re not making sense.”

        Don’t be surprised; lefty POS has an IQ number far under his age.

    2. Antifa breaking windows and beating up folks is just free speech, per progressives.

    3. Hihnsanity!

  26. Advance injunctions are not easy to get. Presumably some people will bring firearms to the event, and if any of them get ticketed or arrested, they’ll have a case.

  27. Is gun good or is gun bad? In February 2011 a young me bought a gun after being influenced by a certain libertarian magazine/website. Today I still enjoy the same firearm even after some untold number of explosions and holes punched through matter. Gun good. Guns better.

    Why does the future suck? Does it have to do with Virginia Postrel? I bet it does.

  28. We maintain an equilibrium between the state (any government) and the nation (citizenry) that balances power between the two. In this instance, the state has significantly shifted the balance of power in favor of the state which is a form of oppression.

  29. What words does a VA democrat offer the family of a law abiding citizen who – after being disarmed by the state – dies as a result of their passing SB35?

    It seems the VA intends to empower the state and criminals (who’ll never comply with firearms legislation) to exercise unrestrained power and ability to oppress the law abiding.

  30. Seems to me to be the perfect background for a rally.
    An “executive” ban. A judicial “so what?”, a legislative circus….sounds like every government in the US and most abroad.
    Oh, and NRA/Trump support that is….non-existent.
    Take these gifts and have a rancorous rally.

  31. Will Northam carve out an exception if you bring a firearm to shoot a newborn?

  32. Bring your guns, folks. Unconstitutional edicts ought to be ignored.

  33. Once everyone at the rally is disarmed, anyone who disobeys the ban can have his way.

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  35. Seems to me the local sheriffs should deputize a few thousand armed deputies/police officers/veterans and arrest this governor for felony violations of title 18 section 241 (conspiracy to commit deprivation of rights under color of law).

    Power then cedes to the deputy governor who is reminded that the US Constitution will be imposed.

    Is this not the appropriate action?

    1. Yes
      Yes it is

    2. legally probably not. Then again, possession is 9/10s of the law. At that point, they might as well arrest the Deputy Gov as well and go with 3rd in command.

  36. Hate to say it, but I think the VA Supreme Court got this right, given the totality of circumstances. They don’t have a factual record to examine. They have two cursory briefs. There was no developed case record to look at. They punted, as they should – for now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Governor Ham Hands is wrong, and will ultimately lose in court and the ballot box eventually.

    Big shout out to Brian Doherty who a) kept Readership updated, and b) was willing to engage with Readership. Really appreciated that. I would like to see more.

  37. What’s this now? “The lower court was so rushed and bumbled that we can’t tell from the record what their reasoning was, or whether the ruling was even in their authority to make, therefore we uphold their decision.” Perverse incentives much?

  38. Virginia ratified the Constitution and Bill of Rights (and the Virginia colony approved the Declaration of Independence). So the Gov has to obey the 2nd amendment as does the woke judiciary. End of story…the Gov is in violation of his oath and local sheriffs should ask for a warrant for his arrest immediately. Thousands of well armed peace loving 2nd Amendment defenders should exercise their constitutional and natural rights and carry during the protest. The local authorities will either not stop them or try to arrest thousands which they would not be able to do. The Gov is demonizing peace loving people for political support from the hysteric left and their media friends…

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  40. Would legally armed citizens who lined up just *outside* the fenced areas suffice? Leave the entire “rally area” as designated by the governor’s stupid order empty, but mass outside it.

    1. That’s actually what I was thinking. March through the streets just outside the “shelter”.

  41. I wonder how long the socks can keep up the charade before they revert to form? The studious effort to avoid all the tell-tales is amusing, but the crazy still seeps through in virtually every word.

  42. News2share Facebook page is streaming live at the rally. They wouldn’t allow him to bring his tripod in.

  43. So did anyone else see China trying to tell us how to government? This right here is what I’m worried about if an actual civil war ever kicks off, not that the lefties can fight (they couldn’t fuck or fight their way out of a wet dream), but that other countries/orgs would jump in and get involved like we have in so many other countries (China, UN, etc).

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